Run Away Boi


D. Clark


K. McLean

Chapter One


"Why can't you stay for my big game dad, all I'm asking is for one day, and I'm the star quarterback," Corey asks his dad, while his dad packs for another trip with his mom.

All he wanted was the love and attention of his parents, and especially his dad.

"I've told you son that we have our lives also, and we are committed to Stanley and Gloria Thompson for this trip. Now be a good sport, run along and let me pack," he father says. "I'll have Martin come and record the game for me, and I can watch later," he says.

"Well someday I'll be gone, and then you'll be sorry that you missed me growing up," Corey says, but his dad is to preoccupied with his packing and doesn't hear him.

"Beth, where is that shirt I bought in St. Thomas, you know, the one with the large wild flowers on it," he asks his wife.

Corey leaves his parent's room, and wanders back to his room. Martin is leaving their room also, and he feels sorrow for the boy.

"I'll be more than happy to record the game for you Master Corey," Martin says just before Corey enters his room.

"Don't bother Martin, he'll never watch it anyways," the boy says, and he slams his bedroom door.

"Was that Corey throwing one of his tantrums again," he mother asks his father. "That boy is way too spoiled," she remarks, "and with all we do for him, you would think that he show us some respect."

"I suppose, and he was mumbling about something, but I wasn't paying attention, you know how he can go on so," he says as he closes his suitcase. "Almost ready love, Corey set me back with his rantings," he asks.

"Yes dear, Gloria and Stanley should be arriving shortly," and Martin returns for the suitcases.

His mom and dad arrive downstairs, just as Stanley arrives to pick them up for the airport.

"Gloria is in the car waiting, and our plane leaves in less than two hours, so we had better get a move on Jim," Stanley says, as Martin follows them out with their luggage.

"Be a sweetheart Martin, and tell Corey goodbye for us please," she asks him as she gets into the car.

"Yes ma'am," he says as he rolls his eyes, and looks up at the window.

Corey is upstairs watching out his bedroom window, as his parents leave for yet another trip. Corey sits at his computer and cries, another missed event in his life, and it doesn't seem to bother his parents. James and Barbara McLean have lives wrapped around each other, and one wonders why they ever had children.

"Why the fuck did you have me, if you weren't going to be bothered with me," he shouts out, as if someone might hear, as his chat line pops up with his girlfriend's invitation to chat.

Hey handsome r u there

Yeah sup `rents just left on another fucking vacation

Sorry babe wanna come over `rents r gone babe and we can make out

Nah gotta get rest 4 the game tomorrow... at you later babe

Luv u Corey

Luv u 2 Beth


Corey closes down his computer; because he doesn't feel like chatting with anyone. Martin knocks on the door, Corey tells him to enter, and Martin can tell that the boy has been crying.

"Are they gone," he asks, and he knows the answer before Martin even tells him.

"Yes Master Corey and they send their love to you," he tells him.

"Yeah I bet, like they even care," he says and throws himself on his bed. "Please tell Delores that I won't be down for dinner, I'm not hungry Martin."

"Very well Master Corey, I shall relay your message," Martin says as he is about to leave. "Sir, I am really sorry for the way that you are being treated," he says.

"Thanks Martin, and Martin, please stop with the master shit, it gets really irritating," he tells Martin.

"Yes Corey, if you need anything just ring me," he says.

"Yeah how about a mom and dad that cares and loves me," he says and buries his face in the pillow crying, and soon drops off to sleep.


The next morning Corey was up early doing his stretches as he prepared for the big game. It was his schools championship, which was riding on this game, so he wanted to be in top form for it. He was in the gym's bathroom, having just finished showering, and was standing before the mirror, as he looked at his young body. A light dusting of hair covered is legs; his balls were shaved and tight against his body. His cock was fat and lay against his balls, his pubic area had a light brown coating of hair that was trimmed and had a trail that leads to the cutest inny belly button. His chest was smooth and defined, and you could see the beginning of a nice six-pack developing on his abs. His long blond hair, hazel eyes and long lashes, made him the perfect babe magnet he thought staring at his reflection.

"Corey, your friend Brian is downstairs waiting for you, shall I send him up," Martin says to him through the intercom.

"Yes please," he says to Martin, as he looks for his uniform and jock.

A few moments later, his bathroom door swings open, and his best friend Brian comes in.

"Yo bud, you ready," Brian asks catching his friend pulling up his jock strap, as his cock lies over the waistband, and he turns slowly to look the other way. "You could have told me that you were dressing Cor," he says.

"You could have knocked also, this is my bathroom," Corey says slipping the jock into place. "You can turn around perv, I'm covered now," he says, Brian turns back towards him and glances down at his crotch, and when Corey turns to pull up his game pants, he stares at the boys tight bubble ass.

"We are going to kick ass today Cor, and the Colts aren't going to know what's hit them," Brian says, as Corey finishes dressing, and they leave for the game.

The ride over to the game, Corey tells Brian about his dad's reaction to coming to the game, and Brian shakes his head, because his dad never misses a single game.

"I'm tired of being just a tax exemption for them, I have a good mind to run away, and see how long it takes them to miss me," he says to Brian.

"I'd miss you bud, and so would Beth, she is so hooked on your cock. Without you around to fuck her, she would be totally lost," he says chuckling.

"Yeah she does love my cock doesn't she," he muses as the two of them laugh, and Brian's dad chuckles to himself behind the wheel. "She wanted me to come over last night to fuck, but I was totally wigging at my `rents," he says.

"If you decide to ever dump her please don't send her my way," Brian asks. "Amelia is on another one of her fucking `I'm a diva' kicks, and I really don't want another bitch like her."

"Your girl is a real bitch to you Bri, why do you put up with her man?" he asks.

"Cus she's a good cocksucker," he says, and the boys laugh hysterically.

"TMI Bri," his dad says from the front seat, "but then again, like father like son," and Brian rolls his eyes.

"Yeah whatever dad," he says.

The game is a run-away as the Panthers end the game twenty-eight to seven. Corey had pulled off some good plays, and his team wasn't blind to it. The locker room went wild when the coach named Corey, MVP for the season.

"Here you go son, the game ball, it's signed by all of your teammates," and the team roars with applause. "You earned it son, and you made me proud this season," the coach says and he gives him a manly hug.

"Thanks coach and thank you also guys for being there this season and helping me to bring home our well deserved championship," he says to his teammates.

"So did your dad get to see the game," the coach asks, and by Corey's expression, he wishes he hadn't asked.

"No, but his man servant Martin, was recording it for him," Corey says looking down at the floor. "As if he'll ever watch it," he mumbles.

"Well you made me proud to be your coach, son," and just the word, son, tugs at his heart.

"I wish my dad felt like you did coach," Corey says and he hugs his coach hard. "Thanks for being there for me this season, and," he looks around the locker room, and no one is near him so he whispers, "I love you coach."

"I love you too son," he whispers in his ear.

Corey heads to the showers, and most of the team has showered and left to celebrate. Brian is nowhere around, as he enters the locker room.

Corey sits on the bench, and he's crying silently, as his young heart, breaks because of his dad. He wishes his dad had been here to see him and the team win, and he stands and opens his locker. He strips down, grabs his towel from the locker, and heads to the showers, still feeling disappointed. When he turns the corner and enters the showers, he catches two of his teammates having sex.

"Whoa Brian, what the fuck are you doing man," he asks catching one of the school's gays, Kyle, blowing his best friend. "What the fuck Brian, are you a fucking fag also," he asks as Kyle stands up.

"Ah... yeah Cor, please don't tell the others," a whimpering Brian asks. "Could you just pretend that you didn't see this," he asks.

"I'll blow you too Cor," Kyle asks as he grabs Corey's cock.

"Listen you fucking fag, remove the hand or I'll bust it," he says, shoving Kyle hard, and with the water and soap mixture on the floor, he slips and falls. "Now take your fucking shit elsewhere," he says turning on his shower.

The boys leave, and he plunges his face under the shower, letting the water hide his tears, as he cries softly to himself.

"I'll show you dad, I'll run away and then you won't have to bother with me anymore," he says to himself as he washes the game's soil from his young body.

He finishes his shower, and heads back to his locker. Kyle and Brian were just finishing getting dressed, as he caught them kissing, and he gives them a dirty look. Kyle quickly hurries away out of fear, and Brian comes up to Corey asking...

"Cor, we have been friends for what... like forever," he begins, "and I'm sorry that you had to find out this way, but could you not tell the rest of the team, bud? I was so afraid that if I told you I was gay, that I would lose you as my best friend," he says, and Corey sees the tears in his friend's eyes.

"Why Brian, and of all the fags in our school, why did you have to pick Kyle Hibbard, he the biggest flamer there is," Corey says looking at his friend.

"He was convenient bud, and I was horny after the game," he says.

"Ok it's a reason, not a good one, but a reason," Corey says. "Bri, for you only and I mean it, I won't say a word about what I saw," he says, and Corey extends his fist and the boys knock knuckles together, "and we're cool man."

"Thanks bud, I really owe you a big one," he says, he can't help himself, and he looks down at Corey's boyhood as he removed his towel.

Corey is gifted as his dad is, and his cock is hanging a good six-inches down over his tight balls.

"Fuck Cor, sorry for saying this, but you have one hell of a cock man," he says and Corey just smiles.

"Thanks, but I'm not letting you suck it, owing me or not bud, now get out of here, before I change my mind," he tells him smiling, and Brian leaves.

It bothers Corey that his friend hadn't trusted their friendship enough to tell him that he was gay, and it just added to the shit that he was feeling. Instead of going to the party, Corey decided to runaway and he heads home to pack his football duffle bag with some clothes, before he leaves. He carefully watches as he sneaks out of the house, not wanting Martin to see him, walks across the side yard to a neighbor's driveway, and he bolts for the street. He sticks out his thumb, once he clears his neighborhood, thumbing for a ride, and a teen in a truck pulls over to pick him up.

"Bri," Corey says as throws his duffle bag into the back, and he gets up in the truck, "whose truck," he asks as he closes the door.

"I got it today as a gift from my mom and dad," he tells him. "I just got my license and they gave it to me."

"Whoa... nice fucking gift," he says to Brian.

"Cor, I thought that you would be at the celebration party," he says as he looks through the rear window at his duffle bag.

Brian Bradford and Corey have been friends for years, and now that friendship would be tested yet again.

"What's with the duffle bag Cor," he says looking at the bag and then Corey. "Football is done for the year," he says glancing over at him, as Corey takes a deep breath and says.

"Brian, you asked me to look the other way today, when Kyle was blowing you, and you said that you owed me a big one," he reminds his friend. "Well now I am calling that big one in," and Brian's face lit up when he smiled and looked down at Corey's crotch. "Not that you fucking perv, I'm talking about something else."

"Oh sorry... sure bud anything," he says disappointed that Corey didn't want to have sex with him.

"I'm running away to get back at my `rents," he says and Brian slams his breaks on, as a car swerves to miss the truck, honking his horn.

"Are you fucking crazy Bri," Brian asks. "Where are you going to go buddy," he asks driving on.

"Boulder, Vale or maybe even Denver," he says, "Now what I would like from you for my silence, is a ride there," he says to his friend.

"That's an overnight ride just to Boulder Cor, and I don't know if I have money..."

"I've got money, and I'll give you an extra hundred for gas also, but I really need to do this bud," Corey says. "I'm tired of being nothing more than a tax exemption for my `rents," and his eyes begin to cloud up.

Brian gave it some thought as they drove along the road, and he figured if he was ever going to have sex with Corey it had to be now.

"I tell you what Cor," he says looking over at his friend. "I'll take you to Boulder, but you have got to have sex with me," he says and he reaches over and feels the boy's crotch, who is now staring at him.

"Pull over Bri, I'm getting the fuck out," he says angrily at his friend as he shoves his hand away. "I hope that you get caught you bastard," he says as Brian pulls to a stop. "I ask you for a simple favor, and all you worry about is how you can get in my pants, well fuck off asshole," he says as he opens the door.

"I only wanted to blow you Cor," he says as Corey gets out of the truck, and he grabs his bag from the back. "That's it bud, you wouldn't have to do nothing but enjoy it," he says as Corey gives him the finger.

"Fuck you man, the first test of our friendship and you fail," and he slams the door.

Brian sits watching his best friend walk away, and he peels out, throwing gravel and dirt behind him as he leaves doing a U-turn. Corey throws his bag over his shoulder and walks on down the road, and sticks out his thumb whenever a car approaches. He has walked quite a distance, when he saw another vehicle approaching, so he sticks out his thumb as the vehicle breezes by, and it pulls over just up ahead.

"Oh my God... it's Kevin," the stranger says to himself, as he looks at the boy running toward his jeep.

Corey runs towards the jeep, he notices just a lone man at the wheel, and he asks which way he is heading.

"Castle Rock," he says wondering why Kevin would even ask, when he knows that they have a large ranch there.

"Denver sir, so can I ride as far as there with you," Corey asks.

"Sure kid, hop in," the man says and he can't get over that Kevin has returned to him after all this time. "That hair shit isn't you Kevin, but we'll take care of that at home," he thinks to himself looking closer at the boy.

Corey tosses his bag in the back of the jeep, and gets in the front seat, buckling up his seat belt, as the man looks over at him.

"Corey, and thanks for the ride sir," he says shooting a look at the shirtless man, and Jakes wonders about why he's changed his name.

The stranger is a man of just 36, give or take," Corey thought, "an ex-marine, because of the marine tattoo and also by the way he wore his sandy brown hair, high and tight. Corey could tell by his tight upper body that he worked out regularly, because his pecks were smooth, but extremely hard, and they protruded nicely. His nipples jutted out from his pecks, hard as rocks because of the cold, as like the Washington monument, proud and tall.

"Jake Michaels," he says glancing over at Corey, deciding to play his game for a while. "I always ride like this with the wind against my chest. It's invigorating and keeps me tough," he says to Corey, as he shifts gears.

"I guess, but damn it's cold out so you must be freezing, I know I would," Corey says as he pulls his jacket tighter around his neck.

"So why are you running away Kevin," Jake asks, and Corey is surprised by the question and the name.

"It's Corey sir, not Kevin, and how'd you know... and does that make a difference," he asks looking at Jake.

"It might make a big difference, so let's talk Kev and you tell me why you are running," Jake says to him and again the name, but he lets it slide, and Jake decides to play Kevin's game.

"Not much to tell really Jake," and Jake cringes from the disrespect that his son has by using his first name.

"I don't appreciate kids, much less my son, referring to me as Jake, I reserve that privilege for my close friends," he says authoritively to Corey. "You call me dad or sir, got it," and Corey now doubts his decision of taking a ride with him.

"Yes sir and I'm sorry for being so informal," he says, apologizing to Jake and worries about this son stuff.

"That's fine boy, from now on remember who you are speaking to," he says, and again Corey worries about his decision. "So finish your story of why you ran away from me, Kev," he tells him.

"I've changed my mind sir, and if you don't mind, I'll get out up ahead," Corey says as he decides it's safer if he got out.

"I don't think so Kevin, you just sit back and relax," Jake says as he steps on the gas, and they speed off. "You ran away from home and me once, and you aren't going to do it again," he says looking at the boy.

"Jake, I don't know..." and Jake slaps him across the face with the back of his hand, and now Corey is scared for his safety.

"You will show the proper respect to me, your father, do you hear me," he says sharply, as he gives a quick glance at Corey.

"Please stop and let me out," he begs, and again the backhand.

"You sit there and if I hear another word, you'll regret that you have ever been born," he says and Corey cries silently.

For the next several hours, Corey sat there in silence, as Jake drove toward Castle Rock and his home. He thought of every reason he could to get the man to stop, but gave up once he knew it was fruitless.

"Here we are son, home at last," Jake says as he stops at the gate to enter the code.

Large iron gates swing open, and Corey looks up at the name over the gates. Circle M Ranch, it read, and his heart sank as the gates closed behind him.

"Grab you bag boy and get in the house," Jake says, and Corey freezes where he's sitting, fearing that this is the end of the line for him. "Are you deaf boy," Jake asks as he pulls Corey from the jeep, and tosses his duffle bag at him. "Now move it son," he snaps and Corey picks up the bag, and walks towards the house.

Once inside the house, Jake looks at him without the coat on, and he shakes his head in despair.

"You have let yourself go son, now come with me and I'll take care of the hair for you," he says but Corey stands there in fear. "I see that I am going to have to punish you son for not obeying me," he says as he pulls off his belt. "Now drop `em," he says folding his belt in half, and he's now holding by the buckle.

"Please don't do this mister, I'm not your son," he cries and Jake pushes him to the floor.

"You do as I say son, or so help me God you'll regret more if I have to pull them down," he snaps.

Jake reluctantly stands up and undoes his pants, and then pushes them down his legs to his ankles.

"You know the drill... the shorts also," as he places his thumbs in the waistband and shoves them down. "Now bend over and hold your knees," he says and Corey bends over hesitantly, but he bends.

He lets out a horrific scream as Jake's belt crosses his bare ass, and his tears begin to flow like rain. Three more times the belt strikes his bare bottom, before Jake tells him to pull up his pants.

"That hurt me more son, than it did you," Jake says as he puts his belt back on, and notices Corey's tears. "What is this... tears, and he backhands him for crying. "You're a man so stop the fucking tears... got it," and Corey nods yes as he wipes his eyes.

Jake sits the boy down on the toilet seat in the bathroom, as he gets his buzzers out. He wraps a towel around Corey's shoulders, and begins to cut his hair.

"Now that is a man's haircut," he says standing Corey up, and he turns him towards the mirror, showing him his new haircut.

He has given him the exact same haircut as he is sporting, and Corey stands there aimlessly looking at his reflection, as he sees a miniature copy of Jake.

"Now that's better, right son," and he hugs the boy tightly to him. "I guess we can live with the hair color, because it'll grow soon enough," he says.

"Yes sir," he mumbles and his heart is despairing over the fact that he is now being held prisoner.

"You know where your room is, so off to bed, it's already late, and we have a full day tomorrow," he says to Corey, who hasn't the vaguest idea as to where his room is.

"Yes sir," and he leaves the room.

As he enters the living room, he bolts for the front door, and is almost out it when Jake catches him.

"I am sick and tired of giving you chances boy, now you have left me no alternative," Jake says as he slaps Corey's face hard, and Corey falls to the floor crying.

"Please sir don't hit me again," he begs. "I'll obey you," he says cowering before Jake with his arms over his face.

"Ok but I want you to promise me that you'll obey me blindly as before," Jake says to him.

"I promise sir," he says but to himself he says until I get a chance to run again.

"Kevin my dear son, I'm your father so enough of the sir, you always called me dad or daddy. I long to hear you say it again son, and I hate having to discipline you," he hugs his boy, and kisses his head softly. "Now come, lets get up to bed," he says and he picks up Corey's bag and with his arm around the boy's shoulder, leads him to his room.

"Thank you... dad," he says and forces a smile up at him, and Jake smiles back at him.

He escorts him to his room, and sets the bag down on his bed, and turns to leave the room.

"I'll give you a few minutes to get ready son," and he leaves, closing the door behind him.

Corey looks around the room, he sees a picture on a bureau, and he can't believe his eyes as he looks at it. There is Jake with this boy of around fourteen, and the boy, other than having brown hair looks exactly like Corey.

"Oh God I'm fucked," he whispers to himself softly.

Corey opens drawers and finds clothes that the boy left behind, and he, after much searching, finds Kevin's diary. As he opens the book randomly, he reads words the causes his blood to run cold.

Monday September 4:

Dad and I made the most awesome love today, and we were lying there together when mom caught us. She stood there in shock as she looked at her boys naked and holding each other and she ran from the room crying. Dad got up and, dressed, he follows her, and I could hear them fighting in the other room. I was going to go talk to her but I heard a gunshot, and


"What happened damn it, why did I read this fucking thing," he says and throws the book back in the drawer and closes it.

He turns around and is just about to run off, when he sees Jake standing there naked...

To be continued:

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