story codes: M/b, oral, anal, sm


This story is fantasy and should be treated as such! The behaviour of the protagonists is pretty unrealistic: something like this is unlikely to ever happen and that's probably for the best.

I don't condone or encourage the actions depicted in this story whether legal or not. This story depicts sexual acts between a grown man and a young teen boy, if this offends you, do NOT read on.

Salvino's Court Case

“It was a hot night and I had left the second-floor windows open. I know that my neighborhood is a magnet for thieves since most of the houses are expensive – if mostly dilapidated – villas so I slept lightly that night. Not difficult: in the moist heat you couldn't do much more than slumber. So I wasn't that surprised to hear the tiny but unmistakable noises of someone climbing in the window. I got up and armed myself with my gun (I have a license) and went to investigate. Soon enough, I spotted a remarkably tiny shadow creeping across the wall illuminated by the yellowish light of the street lanterns. I turned on the lights in the room and immediately pointed my gun at what turned out to be smallish boy, some eleven years of age, by the looks of him, although people here mature a little later so I reckoned he may have been older, like twelve and therefore legally responsible for his own actions. He started and froze, big, dark eyes alternating between my face and my gun, slender arms spread out against the wall. Through his too-small t-shirt, I could see his narrow chest heave. I noticed that his long, brown legs sticking out of his cut-off little jeans subtly shifted beneath him, shifting the weight and getting ready for a dash – was he consciously doing that or was it some reflex long-established in slum dwellers who have nothing to expect from regular justice and are thus better off on the run? From the corner of my eye I could see that the door leading to the hallway was open, so his options were the window or the hall. The window would be risky, since there was nothing between it and the paved garden, some ten feet lower, so I assumed he would go for the hallway. I started for him, dashed toward the door but I cut him off before he reached it and squashed his button nose with the barrel of my revolver. He froze again, real fear in his eyes that were beginning to fill with tears.

“No, no, seņor, please, don't shoot me! I will do anything you say!” He said.

“You came to rob me, didn't you? How old are you? Twelve? I can call the police on you and they'll be happy to deal with you. Very happy.”

His eyes grew even bigger and he protested that he was only eleven but as I scrutinized his face, he averted his eyes, indicating to me that he was twelve or near enough twelve to be on the police's radar screen. As I pinned him into place with the gun, pushing his head against the dark wooden door post, my other hand started to wander, feeling his back and his chest. The boy swallowed and seemed to look even more scared, but something else was appearing in his eyes, too. His cheeks went red and he averted his eyes again, but his breath quickened.

I changed tack:

“You know, I could punish you myself... We wouldn't need to get the police involved”

He blushed deeper, but nodded.

“O... OK..., what do you want to do with me seņor?”

I went for broke:


He gasped, looked at me and almost fell over. More or less the reaction I'd been expecting, but something in his demeanor was off. There was something he tried to hide and his reluctance wasn't the usual reluctance of a kid being asked to shed his clothes by a strange man. He swallowed again, took off his shirt with almost seductive slowness and hesitated. I motioned down with my gun, indicating he'd have to go the whole hog, although I hadn't decided whether I'd let him keep his briefs. The point turned out to be moot: as he stripped off his shorts, he revealed his flawless, brown skin. Furthermore, the removal of the rigid cloth allowed his stiff member to break free and point proudly upwards from his belly, throbbing with the rhythm of his rapid heartbeat. The source of his embarrassment was now clear: what was less clear was whether this was an expression of lust or simply nerves and blood racing though his lithe frame. I commanded him to spin around to get a good look at my stunningly beautiful prey: he obeyed and as his narrow hips obscured his penis from my sight, they revealed his perfect, narrow, bubble butt, two globes, sweaty and glimmering, pushed together by his visible but not overly defined muscles. As he completed the turn, I checked out the flat abdomen and heaving chest accentuated by two lovely brown nipples. His look by now was curious and astonished as he showed off his body. He couldn't help but ask:

“You really like the way I look?”

I told him truthfully that he was about the sexiest creature I'd ever seen, certainly in the flesh. He gasped and smiled, but still looked apprehensively at my gun, loosely held in my right hand but still pointing toward him. I moved in and lay a hand on his chest. As it moved toward his left nipple, I intimated:

“You know, I will still have to punish you...”

And tweaked the hard little bud between two fingers. His reaction was astounding: he let out a yelp but extended it into a long moan as he closed his eyes. By that time I was convinced that he really was horny and that he was enjoying the attention I was giving him. Of course, later he intimated that he'd been trying to get men to notice him for almost a year, but that nobody seemed to want him. Their loss, I guess. By the time we met he'd become convinced that men would never want to do to his body what he wanted them to do. Pushing him along with my gun on his lower back, I led him into the study, toward the big, wooden desk. For purposes I never quite understood the desk has an iron bar running across the entire breadth. I positioned Salvino, as his name turned out to be, at the other side and locked handcuffs around his slender wrists, then ran a rope between the bar and the handcuffs, giving him some room to maneuver but making him stand slightly bent over all the same. His hips only barely reached to the top of the desk so I couldn't get him to bend over much more. I noticed with satisfaction that during all this, Salvino's hard on remained, purple, throbbing and at times seemingly ready to explode. I then reached into a side cabinet and produced my favorite implement for punishment: a bendy, whip that stings noticeably but leaves only minor marks. Salvino's little perfect ass looked far to precious to ruin completely, but it could certainly do with a few marks, I thought. His big eyes followed me across the room and stayed fixed on the whip I was leisurely waving about, occasionally making slight whooshing sounds until I was standing behind him, so I had to sternly tell him to face the front. Salvino gasped and jerked his head around. I could hear his breathing become shallow and fast as he was anticipating the lashing. Without prompting, he pushed his ass back, offering it for my whipping pleasure. I waited until I saw the boy tentatively turning his head to check what was happening, then struck. He yelped and jerked forward into the desk with a crash, but immediately pushed his ass back again. I checked for a second that he hadn't injured his stomach in the crash because I wanted his pain to come from me, not from accidents. He gave me a trusting smile that moved me greatly but didn't persuade me to stop the punishment, not that Salvino would have wanted that anyway. To stop him from crashing into the desk again I made the boy stand back some more, head resting on the wooden top, hands outstretched before him. This had the added effect of offering his ass up even more, while slightly parting the ass cheeks. I took the opportunity to inspect the sweaty valley between them and concluded with relief that it was remarkably clean and untainted. His puckered little hole had obviously never been fucked before, but his moans when my fingertips touched it suggested that he didn't intend that to be the case much longer. I backed up a little and swung. Then again and again, whacks and Salvino's yelps filling the room that is fortunately isolated from the street. By the fifth stroke I could hear a soft sobbing coming from the boy, giving a satisfying indication that he was really feeling this punishment. At the same time his penis remained rock hard, throbbing between his legs and pointing toward the desk. I lashed out five more times for good measure, then threw the whip on the desk beside his head to indicate that the punishment was over. Salvino turned his head and looked at me though tear-filled eyes above wet cheeks, smiling and sobbing at the same time. I looked back a second, then started removing my boxers – which had been tented obscenely for quite some time now – and t-shirt. He swallowed as he saw the size of my member pointing at him and equated that with the size of his little asshole. He still expressed a certain amount of astonishment at my obvious lust for him, but nodded his head vigorously as I asked him in a slightly hoarse voice whether he wanted me to fuck him. Frankly, I hardly noticed his “yes” as I was becoming overcome with raging lust at this small boy with his perfect brown ass covered in eleven neat, red welts. In something of a haze, I moved in and managed to take the time to finger his ass for a few seconds before lubricating my throbbing cock which was prodigiously leaking pre-cum and positioning it at his almost obscenely narrow ass cheeks I gave no quarter and plunged in. Salvino screamed as the rigid pole thrust a few inches into him. I started, surprised at the intensity of the scream, and pulled back. The boy whimpered a little as my dick vacated his ass, only to position itself at the little hole once more. I told him to relax, and push like he was about to shit. Salvino took a few deep breaths and nodded. I built up pressure again and broke the resistance of his sphincter a little more gently now. The boy whimpered and sobbed and moaned mightily, but held on bravely. After a while, the resistance of his sphincter clamping down on the intruder diminished a little and I immediately pushed further, looking at his ass obscenely stretched out, trying to accommodate my dick. I pulled it back a little and thrust back in, watching it disappear in the slender boy. Slowly but surely, I pushed all the way in as Salvino kept whimpering and moaning but all the time pushing his ass back at me. Then, just before I bottomed out, the moans got louder and Salvino started to shudder and wriggle. The contractions in his ass made me feel quite clearly that this young boy was having an orgasm with my big dick buried in his still-reluctant ass. I showed no mercy and fucked right through the boy's climax, taking advantage of his orgasm to increase the pace and fuck him vigorously. I wanted to let him feel the rape I was putting him though even as he was recovering from his orgasm and his moans indicated that that was exactly the case. I managed to hold off on coming myself for almost fifteen minutes, alternating the pace and depth of my fucking. Eventually, I came as a had seldomly come before, filling his bowels with my hot cum. To my dismay, Salvino was a mess: sweaty, sobbing, my sperm leaking from his stretched-out ass, but when he looked round, it was with a grateful look in his eyes and a reassuring smile round his lips.”

During the account, the room had stayed quiet, apart from a few coughs. The man looked round as if he'd only just realized where he was: in the witness stand of a court room. The few people looked at him directly, although nobody seemed repulsed by the story. Behind the desk of the prosecution, Salvino sat motionless, eyes fixed on the table, cheeks flushed a deep crimson.

The judge coughed and took control again:

“Right, thank you for this detailed testimony. I would like to ask the prosecution if they dispute the account we just heard.”

The prosecutor leaned in, conferring with the young boy, who, eyes fixed on the table, shook his head.

“Uhm... Your Honor, we do not dispute this account.”

The defense took over:

“So, you are saying that, although your meeting was by chance, Salvino enjoyed the treatment you gave him.”

The man replied in a clear voice:

“He did, he thanked me afterwards and asked if he could stay with me. And he specifically asked if I could be strict with him. His tear-soaked face looked up to me as I untied him and he immediately sank to his knees and took my penis in his mouth to clean it, although he'd kept his rectum so clean that there was little for him to clean up. He slept with me from that night onwards. The first night, he told me to rape him anytime I felt like it, even when he was asleep next to me. I had my doubts but couldn't restrain myself one night and plunged my dick into the sleeping boy. He woke up moaning and panting and came in seconds, but encouraged me to keep fucking him. He thanked me every time I did that and frequently woke me up by giving me head. He quickly learned to deep throat me, too. After a while he started doing exercises to keep his sphincter tight.”

The judge interjected:


“Yes, it makes it feel almost as if I'm fucking him for the first time.”

The defense lawyer was the one to interject now:

“But doesn't that make it extra painful for the boy, too?”

“Yes, unfortunately, for him it feels almost as the first time, too.”

“Your honor, I would like to point out that this clearly illustrates the commitment this boy has to his lover, a commitment that is of his free will and choosing.”

The lawyer motioned toward Salvino who was blushing mightily still and seemed to want to disappear from view altogether. The judge wasn't going to let him off the hook, though:

“Isn't it so that this state of his rectum is clearly visible? We need to be able to compare an er... untrained rectum with that of this boy. I am adjourning the session until such a comparison can be made.”

There was some muttering in the room as the judge, prosecution and defense all got up and left.

A few hours later, the material had been obtained and the session kicked off with clear photographic evidence of an untrained rectum. It was shown both in its 'normal' state and while being fucked. Salvino felt an uneasiness come over him that blossomed into a panic when the defense brought out a large, black dildo and two video cameras, hooked up to the big tv screens on the walls and in front of the judge, who looked at the blushing boy sternly:

“In order for us to ascertain if there is a visible difference, the court needs you to undress and present yourself in front of the camera. You will need to... penetrate yourself with this dildo to clearly show the difference.”

The prosecutor looked at him and nodded:

“We need to do this, Salvino, you have no choice.”

The boy's head spun: he hadn't quite understood why they were in this court room in the first place and had felt very embarrassed by the detailed accounts of his adventures with this man and especially at the inquisitive looks from the judge and the public. Now they wanted him to show himself in this packed room in front of all these people and fuck himself with that dildo? He felt he was about to faint, but managed to get up. He started pulling at his clothes, feeling every single gaze upon him as he revealed his slender body, still slightly marked by some of the punishments he regularly received. Naked, he walked to the middle of the room, right in front of the judge and the camera, which was displaying its images on the enormous screens mounted on the walls. To his shame and an occasional suppressed giggle, he was already sporting a stiffy. His cheeks were crimson again and tears were forming in his eyes. The judge seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then made his mind up and asked in a soft voice:

“Please bend over towards the first camera, Salvino, and pull your buttocks apart to give us a view of your... er... sphincter.”

After a short, pleading look to the judge, Salvino bent over and pulled his ass cheeks apart as instructed, revealing his indeed very tight and puckered sphincter. The first camera was behind him, registering his ass, the second wandered in front of him, eventually zooming in on his stiff penis and once again eliciting suppressed giggles and gasps from the audience.

“Right, thank you, Salvino. I note that this sphincter indeed looks tighter than the first one we saw. Now we need you to penetrate yourself with this dildo, to show the difference when the rectum is being penetrated.”

The judge's voice trailed off a bit when he spoke that last sentence, obviously embarrassed, but the look on his face and that of the defense lawyer left no room for doubt: the boy was expected to comply. Carefully, Salvino placed the dildo on the floor, dutifully checking whether the camera could get a good shot. He sat on his knees and for a second hovered over the black pole. The second camera mercilessly registered the doubt and despair on his face as he slowly lowered himself, holding the dildo with his right hand and still occasionally checking the shots the camera was getting. They were excellent: his brown puckered hole stretched almost obscenely to accommodate the big invader. Inadvertently, the boy let out girlish whimpers and moans in an almost angelic voice. The second camera showed his face contorting as Salvino felt the familiar feeling of a large pole painfully invading his tight sphincter, then panned down along his narrow, heaving chest with the brown, erect nipples, the flat belly and ended up showing the boy's hairless, quivering erection which was clearly leaking some pre cum by now. Salvino caught a glimpse of this and felt mightily ashamed for being so horny while having his ass ripped open by a huge dildo. Through the shame, though, he felt his lust rising and his whimpering was getting louder. Tears of shame and pain were flowing down his cheeks and by the time the dildo nearly bottomed out, there was no stopping the boy: Salvino shuddered and moaned loudly and a small amount of liquid shot from his rigid penis, narrowly missing the second camera. Knowing his duties, the boy kept on lowering himself until he bottomed out. Crying, Salvino sat there, the first camera registering the big dildo invading his slender frame. Still following his instinct, he started to slowly fuck himself on the big black rod although his own penis was by now limp from the recent orgasm. After a few minutes, the judge put an end to the show by ordering a recess.

A few days later, Salvino was sitting in his chair again, blushing mightily, rigid willy straining against the fabric of his pants as he listened to the murmurs from the audience. The defendant had just finished another account of their sex life: this time describing how he tied the boy up and tortured him – as it were – to a climax. The defense, prosecution and judge agreed that a video of one of these sessions would be most enlightening and before long, Salvino and the entire court room were gasping at the scene of the slender boy suspended from the ceiling. The man was applying nipple clamps to the crying, whimpering boy who was – once more – sporting an erection. He then broke out the same whip he'd used on that first evening and proceeded to mercilessly lash the boy's ass, ball sack and penis. Although the boy yelped and cried, he at one point raised his legs to allow the man to whip him between the legs. The man then got a bendy piece of smooth plastic wire and slowly eased down the boy's urethra, having carefully placed the camera closer to document the procedure thoroughly. The shot panned wide again, the camera steadied on a nearby table. The man now produced a burning candle and poured hot wax over the boy's nipples and penis, once again eliciting cries and moans. He then grabbed the whip again and whipped the boy's ass and penis at a certain rhythm. The boy moaned louder and wriggled harder until he froze up and the camera zoomed in just in time to watch a bit of clear liquid forcing its way past the plastic wire that was still sticking out of Salvino's throbbing willy. When the man untied him, the boy got on his knees and enthusiastically started deep throating the man's hard dick. The judge asked:

“Did you do all this out of your free will, Salvino, by which I mean that you really wanted to be there when this happened and not somewhere else?”

With crimson head, the boy couldn't bring himself to look at anyone, or to say anything. He just nodded, and nodded again when the judge repeated his question. Following on a tip from the defense, he also asked if Salvino could repeat what he said to his lover when they went to bed every night.

“Er... I say... Er... I say: I have done my exercise and my ass is very tight. Please, sir rape me tonight. Please...”

A day later the verdict was that Salvino was obviously sleeping with his lover of his own free will, and enthusiastic about it too, the judge added with a certain amount of jealousy. So there was absolutely no reason to take him away from his lover.