Author: jaken,

Story involves sex, domination, joy and satisfaction!

If you are offended by those you should read something else ;-).

I wish everything was from life experience!

I am 24. Nice looking, cut short (always less than 3mm), 175 tall, 62 kg. Nice hairy body.

If I am with younger boy, I feel submissive. I will do what I am asked or even better when told to.

We first met at a party. I was taller than him. Maybe 10 cm. He had dark hair, short, slim body. Nice and demanding look.

"You want a drink?" was first I asked of course with a submissive look and voice, but music was loud so I hoped he noticed it in my eyes.

"Energy drink."

I brought it to him, handed over, standing, wanted to look like a waiter as much as possible.

"Here you go."

I sat beside him and looked at him for any sign I should sit somewhere else. I was dressed nice, trousers, Tshirt. I started opening my fly. I had no drink myself. I was thirsty, but wanted to see him drink what I bought him.

We started talking a bit. His name is Jor, started attending high school. I left the fly half open for him to see. I even crossed my legs and turned the fly towards him. I had different color of underwear so it could be visible. He noticed it but said nothing just looked at it for a few seconds. He wanted me to notice where he was looking at, I think.

I looked at him "would you please give me some of your drink?" quite submissive, wanting him to realize I only bought him a drink. It didn't seem he was pleased by it so I lowered my eyes giving him the power to decide.

He drank it and handed it to me. It was almost as empty.

I drank the remains "thank you".

I was getting hard fantasizing how to please him. I also opened my fly almost all the way letting the zipper be shown.

When I was done he didn't mind looking at it "Bring me a bottle of water".

I got up turning towards him, trying to hide the fly as much as possible. My boner was quite secure, coz I had sort of baggy shorts of very thin material. At the bar while waiting I was turning to him, putting one leg higher so the fly would show. Not many people could have seen my fly but it was obvious if u turned towards me. I saw a friend of his sit down where I was sitting, taking one of my cigarettes, both did. He pointed a finger towards me. I pretended as I had no idea my fly was open and moved so I hid it.

I gave him the water he ordered "Here you go."


The other one also looked at me. They must have been same age. I had no time to think about it really. I silently sat on a free chair.

"Thanks for the cigarette" said the other.

"No problem. Take another when you want. I'll have one myself." And looked both in the eyes thinking `thank you'.

I was now on the other side so my fly was not seen by them but other people at the party so I started closing it. When I was almost done I took the can of the energy drink, stood up and went to the toilets where I poured fresh water inside, took a leak and went back. I passed him and went dancing on my way back. I checked how much water he had in the bottle. `What else can I do to please him?'

After 10 minutes or so I went back and sat down beside him. I saw he had no water "You want me to fill it up for you?" He nodded.

"You can have mine." and put my can on the table.

When I returned he was gone so I sat down and waited with his water. I didn't drink it at all. After 10 minutes he came back, and took his water leaving the can. I took it in my hand and noticed it was empty.

"Thank you." and looked into his crotch.

I took a sip tasting his saliva. I filled it up again and returned. I opened my fly and waited for him. He came with his friend and told me to move to the left side of the chair so they sat next to each other. The friend sat next to me.

"Yes." was all I said.

"Give me a cigarette" said Jor. I had it in my pocket.

I watched where they look will go and it did; they looked at my crotch.

I handed it to them opened the box "Here."

I leaned back and took one. I filled both of their bottles with fresh water and returned with some spots from water on my trousers. They were light gray and it was seen.

Smiling I said "It splashed."

Jor got a wicked smile on his face.

His friend was Mark. He was a bit taller than me, nice figure. We talked about the party a bit and so.

I was so full with thoughts I forgot about the fly when Mark said "Your fly is open."

I felt embarrassed and looked down. Trousers got dry by now but as I was sitting the fly got open wide. I had red poliammid tight boxer shorts which showed perfectly. They started laughing.


"Sorry for that!" I said and zipped up.

"Bring us a beer!" said Jor.

"Right away, Jor." He again smiled wickedly. They looked at each other.

I got up and brought each a can, again nothing for myself. I wanted to kneel before them but couldn't.

"You a queer or something? Having red undies like a whore." Said Mark when I sat down.

"Yea! They are funny. Got them for a present."

They laughed and got up talking to each other. I was red in shame for those two youngsters but wanted to please as much as possible. I also went dancing.

After half an hour or so our eyes met on the dance floor. My look was submissive at once. Jor smiled and came to me and showed two fingers like holding a cigarette so I took it out and gave it to him.

"Put the undies in your pocket!" and left.

My heart bumped. I stood frozen when he turned to me again "GO".

I went to the toilet in a stall and started undressing. The floor was dirty so I had to be careful. I put them in a side pocket and went to have a sit. I didn't know if this was some kind of test or something. He was not sitting anywhere so I went to have a look if he was dancing. He spotted me and I sort of nodded and he started smiling and turned away.

I was ashamed. `Surely he knew why I nodded.'

I went to have a sit and got myself a beer. After 5 minutes or so he came and sat looking down at me. My heart was beating and I was semi hard. If I stood up I had no chance to hide my cock. It is not a small one, not big either but it surely knows where to move.

"Is this your beer?" I nodded and he took it.

I started talking some about the music coz it was not satisfying.

Mark came by, looked at me "Move."

I moved to the other side of the chair that was for two people. Jor was sitting on a single chair. Mark was sweating a bit from dancing. I made some comments when Jor touched the side pocket where I had my undies.

"Oh you have something for him to wipe off the sweat."

"No!" I said terrified.

"What is it then? Show it!"

"Please..." was all I could say when he started opening the pocked. He took the undies out and both started laughing knowing I had them on earlier. I looked around in a bit panic if anyone saw that and I noticed a guy at a bar smiling but I did not want to believe.

"It's his underwear! You think now you are less whore?!" Said Mark laughing, took them and wiped the sweat off his armpits and gave them to me.

They had total power over me. I was willing to obey anything they wanted.

"No, Mark."

"Come with me." said Jor.

I followed him into a stall where he put one foot on the toilet

"Clean them. With your undies!"

I took them and started cleaning. He spited on the shoe.

"Make it shine!" and also on my face.

I started cleaning with the inner side where the material was beter, absorbed more.

"The other one now. Lick it so I wont waste my saliva!" he pushed my head down with the clean shoe but I did not clean the soles and toilets were quite dirty at parties toward the one on the floor.

I used one hand to kneel on and cleaned with other. When I was licking he spited on my head. I am cut very short so it started running down on the right side. When I was done he kicked my head a bit so I almost fell over. He step on the undies and wiped the soles like it was a carpet.

"Put them on!" was all he said when leaving the stall.

I quickly closed the door. Undressed, put them on and left. There was a guy waiting to have a leak and I even forgot to flush so he must have suspected something. I wiped my neck and looked in a mirror. He didn't mind dirtying my Tshirt.

When I came back I wanted to pass them slowly, but Jor called me.

"Tell Mark what you just have done!"

I didn't want to answer but I thought maybe this was a punishment for not showing my undies before not trying to figure it out if Jor really was thinking that way.

He showed a shoe to Mark "I cleaned his shoes...with my undies!"

"Which he is wearing now!"

Both started laughing.

"I don't believe it! Show them!" said Mark.

I didn't even try to think. I just opened my fly showing the dirty undies. Mark laughed even more than Jor when I lowered my head and pointed to my neck "here was his foot."

I don't know why I did that. They stood up and left. Jor took my bear and I just sat there.


I did not want to move coz they were wet and I just realized that my trousers are now also wet. Jor must have noticed that coz he came and gave me a bottle to fill it up with water.

"be fast!" he said. The hole was dark so I hoped no one noticed. When I came to the toilets I was terrified. I went into a stall and dried everything with toilet paper. When I got back I looked for him coz he left...

He found me and took the bottle out of my hand making it splash over me.

Some people noticed but didn't look in a weird way.

"Wanted to make your front wet! Now go outside and dry off. Stand still at a wall till further. You may return in one hour in case I forget!"

`I was not fast enough!?'I had mixed feelings. Happy to obey but still I wanted to see him, feel submissive near him, maybe touch him dancing.

Some people were outside, talking. They saw me being wet but I didn't mind. It's nothing unusual for something like that to happen at parties. I leaned against a wall, light a cigarette and waited. I checked the watch. After 20 minutes he came out with some friends, 3 girls and 2 boys. Mark was not with them. He saw me smoking and approached. I stood at position.

"Did I tell you to smoke? Give me your cigarettes!" I handed him the box.

"You may go inside and have fun!"

"Thank you, Jor!"

He smiled and left.

I was so horny. I went jerking to the toilets and there was Mark taking a leak. I was getting hard seeing his piss flow into the urinal. I went into a stall and opened my pants. I didn't mind locking. When almost done he opened the door and pushed me forward. I pissed on my pants and shoes a bit.

"Turn!" he said holding my by left ear and pulling on a side, my cock was still out a bit, pissed pants and dirty underwear all at his disposal.

He checked me and pushed me down telling me to lower the toilet seat.

"Look at yourself. You don't even know how to use a toilet. Open up!" holding me with his left hand by my jaw

"Tongue out!" he watched me for a while and slapped my face.

I turned my head back looking at him, with my tongue out. He spited in my face

"Lick it up!"

I tried to reach as much as possible with my tongue. His face was demanding, with no smile but showing the joy.

He opened his fly.

"You want that, right? Kiss it. Yea. That's it. Suck it through my jeans!" he was holding me by my ears and pushing my head in his crotch.

I put my hand on his firm but squeezing it softly and caressing it. He started moaning took out his cock and pushed it in me and started fucking my mouth all the way. He had a nice cock coz I felt it in my throat felt his balls touching my chin. He never ever shaved his crotch. I smelled his pubes when he grabbed back of my head and pushed all the way inside me then hold it like that and giving me small trusts. I felt his cum flowing down his cock with my tongue.

He just filled me with his juice not letting me taste it. He was smiling then took it out and wiped it under my nose and on my neck then again slapped me once, twice.

"Don't you dare wipe that of!! Got it, sucker?"

My cock was rock hard and out. He squeezed it a bit and spit on it. "get out!"

I started dressing fast "yes, sir! Thank you."

I was so happy. I had him inside me!


I felt like his bitch. I waited at a bar. I didn't know if the sperm was showing. It was dark anyway. I wanted tot taste it but did not dare. Jor and Mark came together. Jor was so hot!

They came to me and "Tie your shoe!"

I looked down and Jor sort of slapped me and laughed! "follow!" we went outside to some bushes and he pushed me so I felt on dirt.

I tried to get up and he kicked me in the ass so I fall again. "he he! Look at his ass! Let's grab him!"

They grab my arms and pulled me more inside the bushes. I was turned facing the ground. My trousers went down to my ankles while they pulled me. My face was in mud, hands on my back, legs spread a bit. They started tickling me.

"Quiet sucker!" And one of them pushed my face in the mud.

It was pure joy for them. They laughed.

Jor started spanking my ass with his hand. "You are a bad boy."

He slapped me hard at least 20 times.

"Put your hands on your head!" my tshirt was pulled up.

Then I felt it. I was being whipped with a birch some sort. For a second I thought it was too much! I wanted to scream but my face was again pushed in the mud. I was being tormented by two youngsters and did not dare to move.

It really hurt me. He hit me hard!

They didn't laugh but just saying "yea! Look at this bruise." I was turned around ad then Jor did my front.

"Thank me now you piece of shit!" he stepped on my cock and balls squeezing it.


"Thank you." I got on my knees and with one hand I touched the bruises.

"What? Feels good? Need more of that?" He kicked me in my crotch.

`Was he punishing me coz I sucked Mark off?'

I didn't make a sound, just gasped.

"Open up!"

I opened my mouth and looked in his eyes `Yes Master'

"Lick my hand!" It had dirt on it.

"Look Mark, he's like a puppy." For a second I stopped licking and he slapped me real hard! "Do what you are told, homo!"

I was so humiliated. I continued licking. Then he grabbed my tongue and pulled on it so I had to crawly on my knees for a few steps.

"ha ha, that was good, Jor! Hey homo, take your cock out!"

I did as I was told. Then Jor started cleaning his fingernails on my teeth. They both laughed. I had to clean his other hand the same way. Then He took a bottle of water, turned my head up an purred it in my mouth.

"Wash your mouth and drink it!"

He was not careful when purring it into me so my tshirt was wet now. He did it 2 times. Then he took out his cock.

"You want it? Is that what makes you humble?"

I was just nodding coz he held a hand in my mouth and held my tongue. He spit in my face.

"Answer when I talk to you, homo!"

I sort of mumbled "yee" .

"He can't even talk. You should wear diapers!" Jor then pushed me to the ground.

"You will clean my ass now. And be real good!" he sat on my face with that beautiful butt.

I started sucking on it, pushing my tongue deep inside. He was quite empty, but the taste was there. He started squeezing my nipples an humping on my mouth. I held his ass cheeks apart and was sniffing and licking his but clean. I heard him moan when he farted in my face and started cumming on my cock and stomach. When he was done, he just sat on my face for a few moments then moved and wiped his ass in my tshirt.

"You liked that fart? Did you?!"

"Yes Sir."


Mark stood over my face and pushed his shoe on my mouth. "You know what to do!"

I licked the dirty sole. Jor pulled my trousers and undies down. Also my sox.

"You are dirty like a pig, homo!" Turn over. I did as told.

"Pull his tshirt down." I was totally naked on dirty ground with two dominant boys under their command.

"Fuck the soil, homo. You need a hole?" they laughed and I started pumping. It hurt me doing so.

"Yes, good boy. Till the end, you hear me??" he then started spanking my ass with something. Maybe that birch.I was really bumping then.

"Count you pig!" Mark pushed his sneaker under my mouth.

"One, Sir. Two, Sir...10 sir, eleven, Sir..."


I came while kissing Mark's sneaker. I realized each bruise on my skin. Jor had no mercy but pure pleasure making them. I didn't know what to do. I just laid there and put my hands on my head.

Both laughed "turn over, homo!" he pushed me with his foot so I didn't even use my hands.

Jor moved my cock with his foot between my legs and stepped on it, not very hard but still painful.

"mark, give me his trousers. ... Let's see."

He took out my money and looked at it then put it into his pocket.

"You will go home now. Dress up!" he threw trousers at my face.

I got up and started dressing. All my clothes were dirty. I looked miserable I guess. He approached me and slapped me hard in my face. Then the other side. He smiled doing it for a few times more with both hands.

"Your face was not red! Now you may go."


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