Author: jaken,

Story involves sex, domination, joy and satisfaction!:) If you are offended by such you should read something else.

Names are fictional! I want everything to be true!

It was a morning. I had no sleep that night. I was wearing olive green military trousers, no underwear, black boots, black Tshirt with no sleeves. I removed all but one button on the fly and made its hole bigger so it was easily opened. I went to the part of town where romes (people with bit darker skin, dark hair, they are nomads, Gypsy) live. I am attracted to them by instinct (that is so great!).

I went there to buy cigarettes. No one was there so I opened my fly. My cock was not totally soft and I knew it showed. I went for some stairs and there were two of them. One was older, around 30 maybe and the other was under 20 for sure. They noticed my cock at once.

The younger one was dressed in long gym trousers and tshirt, the older one, too. They have this habit of touching their cocks and it usually shows through the material. The younger one approached.

"Can we help you?"

"Hello. I would like some cigarettes, if you have, please."


I looked in his eyes, his torso, his crotch, his sneakers.

"Come with me."

"He'll have some cigarettes."

"I had no sleep yet. Feeling a bit dizzy."

He just smiled. I like the look on their faces. Like telling me: `You are lower'.

He opened the back of his car and I took the cigarettes I wanted. They usually bargain but I didn't want to. I went in my pocket to get the money exposing my cock more. He looked at it with interest. I saw him touching his and then mine started getting hard.

"Here." I gave him the money trying to think of something else. "You can help me carrying a few things. If you don't fall asleep." He laughed a bit.

"Of course!" `Just tell me what to, Sir'

Wow. That made me so happy!

"Leave the cigarettes in the car. I'll give it to you when we're done."

`I payed for them already and gave them back. I should not leave before we're done.'

"Yes. I am jaken." "Mussim."

I held my hand but he didn't shake.

"Let's go!"

He started walking and I followed. We went to a garage and there were lots of things.

"Take these wheels." There were two car wheels, used, dirty. "Put them outside." "Yes." "You have something on your forehead." He pointed to his head and I automatically did the same. He just smiled "and here" putting his palm on his cheek. I did just as he. Then he just smiled when I realized my hands were all dirty from those wheels.

"Gone. :))))" He laughed

"Thank you." I had to thank him. I liked how he was starting to humiliate me. "Now get under this table and get those two boxes out."

I lowered myself to see what was under there.

"You better get on your knees."

I kneeled and got on all fours to get to those boxes then he pushed me with his sneaker on my ass.

"Seems you need help." I knew my back was dirty now. I took one out and wanted to get up when he kicked my ass.

"No just leave it there and get the other one. And we don't have a whole day!" Then he kicked me again. This time a bit harder.

His phone rang and he started talking in their language. I brought the box out and remained on my knees. When he finished talking, he looked down at me.

"Put everything back inside. My brother is coming and he does not like a mess."

I knew my face was dirty, my cock was showing and crawling on the floor helped dirtying the pants. When I was done he pushed me where those two wheels were.

"Be silent!"

Then he closed the door. I was trapped. Couldn't move actually when the door was closed it almost touched my nose. He locked me inside.

First I had mixed feelings. A lot of fear, a lot of joy. Too many thoughts ran inside my mind. I always have this natural fear with these people. It comes with the instinct and I think that makes it so real. While being afraid of them it gives them the power over me which they usually are aware of.

I recalled some of them I had sex with. They all have very nice cocks. Nice shape thick and long enough to drive my mind crazy. I actually had the biggest cock up my ass with one of them. Well they were two of them. When the bigger one fucked me in the ass the other one fucked my mouth and they started talking about the condoms, where they buy bigger ones. That was quite an experience then. :)

I realized where I was. I was thirsty, tired and full of various drinks. Beer, energy drinks, vodka, water... The urge for taking a leak was also in my mind.

`How long will I be here? What is he going to do to me if I wet myself?'

I was always afraid of the overpower I felt. I remember this one guy who used me to drive him round town. He would tell me where to drive I would also get him drinks. When we came to desired location he usually left me and went talking to his friends. Mostly girls. I was always hard when driving and removed my underwear so it was obvious.

No sleep this night was showing the power now. Thoughts were so fast. Jumping from one situation to another.

`Is he coming back? What if someone else opens the garage?'

I was trapped inside standing but have a little space to lean back. I started falling asleep thinking of him taking control over me. I heard some footsteps and the lock. The garage had two doors that closed together. The one he opened was not the one in front of me.

"Here you have something to drink. And put these on!"

He threw some clothes at my head and the door closed. I had no chance to see what it was. I tried to reach the bottle but couldn't get to it. I started fingering and smelling the clothes I had to wear. One was a shirt, I think cotton one, thin material. It surely was worn out coz it felt a bit rough and some kind of shorts of smooth material. I had to get myself some space so I pushed things round me a bit to each side then I put my new outfit on with quite some effort. I had to leave my clothes on the floor. The shorts were quite big with no inner material and the shirt smelled of somebody.

`What is he planning to do with me?' I felt like a prisoner. I knew I will obey his commands.

I could get the bottle now. It was not just water. It had some salt inside and some sugar, too.

`When I drink it up I can have a leak in the bottle!'

I drank everything in a few minutes. Then I started pissing inside the bottle. My clothes were on the floor and everything that was spilled was absorbed by my clothes. I was being careful, but still didn't have much space and no light so I spilled some.

I was totally his. I wore what he gave me and was waiting for him to come when the sleep again overpowered me.

I woke up some time later. It was dark and cold now. My hands were tied over my head probably to a ceiling. My eyes were tied and I was totally wet. I felt dizzy and hardly realized I was woken up by a splash of cold water. I heard some voices. Two or three guys maybe, talking in their native speech. My mouth was gagged so I just made some voices.

"Oh, you're awake? You didn't finish the job and fell asleep."

A hard slap and laugh followed. I felt moire hands on my body. One squeezed my neck from behind, one slapped my face.

"You will be a good boy and as told!" I wanted to nod but I was slapped. This happened a few times when the guy behind me moved my head up and down holding me by the neck so hard I couldn't breathe and speak.

"Yes you will, won't you looser? Yes you will!" he held me like that for 30 seconds or so and repeated once more I agreed.

`These guys are tough. I will be rally good!'

It was like I didn't matter at all. They were playing a game using me as a toy.

When he released the grip I nodded two times trying to say "yess".

I was kicked in a stomach, but not too hard.

"You may not speak! You got that? Mussim, It thinks!"

They laughed and removed the gag and blindfold. The other boy was much younger. When I looked at him it seemed he had some sort of unexplainable joy and lust. Then he kicked me in my crotch.

"Will you be good?" he squeezed my balls hard and I nodded.

"Let's untie it."

My legs were weak and I sort of felt to the floor and they each grabbed me by a hand and pulled to my knees.

He took piece of a hose and pushed it in my mouth and down my throat while holding my tongue.

"You better don't throw up unless you want a meal!"

There was a funnel on the other end.

"You left a drink for yourself!"

I saw the bottle I filled before. The size was similar and the color of liquid seemed quite convincing. He pushed the hose a bit deeper and poured it inside. I felt it run down my gullet. I had hard time breathing.

The kid laughed "like a urinal!"

He pulled the hose out and I inhaled.

"Oh, it liked it!"

I was barefoot, blue flannel shirt with long sleeves and baggy white shorts. The shirt was too small for me and the shorts too big. Maybe it would fit the kid.

The kid was all in white clothes, Tshirt and shorts. My clothes stick to my skin as I was still wet. The kid grabbed me by my ear and pulled me up to my feet.

"Let's go!"

I was pushed forward and almost felt then continued walking. I had some confidence in them, coz till now they did not hurt me. I did not know where my clothes were. And I my head spin. We came outside of an old house. I knew where I was. It was quite near the garage so we were in the middle of the town. Compared to them I looked miserable, dressed in worn out clothes, barefoot and dirty face.

"You walk in front of us! Ten meters!"

I felt low. Waiting for their next command. I felt my cock getting hard and it showed. When walking it moved left and right so I tried to concentrate on something else. I couldn't. I was to please the boys any way they wanted. We came to a street near a river and there were some people. They noticed me being barefoot. Some smiled, some looked with interest, some with disgust. I looked if there were pockets on the shorts and yes. There were once pockets. They were ripped away and the sides were a bit torn, too.

When I walked my hips showed. I got a bit frustrated and wanted to hide it. Then something hit me in my neck. It was a box of cigarettes and the boys laughed.

"You can have one!" said Mussim.

"Thank you!" I had no fire.

"Go and ask those for fire!" He looked and a group of boys and girls.

"Yes Mussim!"

I went to cross the street where they were sitting by the river. They saw me and the girls started making comments on what I had on and laughing.

"Hello. You have fire?"

A guy threw a lighter at me, hit me in the chest and felt on the ground. I picked it up lighted the cigarette then thanked and returned it to the guy.

"Go away you freak!"

They all laughed. I was so embarrassed. I turned away and looked for Mussim and the kid. They did not wait for me. I ran after them. It was quite hot and I was getting sweaty. It was not pleasant running barefoot on the pavement.

When I catch up with them I said "Thank you for the cigarette."

The kid looked at me "yea. Give it to me!" They laughed.

I felt being there to satisfy some needs for them. I was used like a toy and I was happy for the humiliation I was receiving. They showed me my position and made it obvious for anyone that I was nothing compared to them.

Only then I realized my face was probably still dirty. Something twisted in my mind. I had two possibilities: either to run away or remain humble to the boys. I had no car keys, no money.

`I will be good. I am under your mercy. I will follow your instructions.'

The final part of my free will was broken to pieces. I was getting sort of hypnotized. My mind split and all there was left was silence in my head that awaited the next command. I had no more fear to what they will do to me. Confidence was complete and did not exist. I don't know if they realized that. The urge in me to do something was gone. I was there only to follow instructions.

They laughed at me pointing to the shorts I wore and making comments in their tongue. I lowered my head in shame and tears were coming to my eyes when Mussim slapped me.

"You are to look at us! Got that! You look like a freak, so show respect!"

"Yes Sir. Sorry!"

He noticed there was some change in me. He saw my eyes wanting to make tears. I was feeling so terribly weak and so proud to be guided by the guys. Human instincts in me were gone. I may not say I was becoming a dog or something of sort. I was more like a cybernetic object that follows instructions, fulfills the functions it is aimed to. I was internally satisfied.

The kid looked at me.

"He is fucking sick. He's not worth the clothes. He spited at my face. You obey me and maybe I won't be too rough with you." 2nd

We were by the river and there was a footpath. Some trees and bushes were on the right side. Some people were approaching from the opposite site. I continued walking and passed by. After a few moments some dirt was thrown at my back so I stopped. I was to return. The kid clasped his fingers and pointed at his feet.

They were some friends as they were talking. I stood still hands on sides.

"Hello." No one even reacted so I remained silent. They were two guys. About 1.8 meters tall, slim.

"Spread your legs! Hold your shorts by the waist" said the kid.

The two guys laughed. I think they did not believe I was to obey, though I did not understand what they were talking about.

The two guys made comments.

"He looks so funny! He could clean the toilets! Did he piss himself or why is he all wet?"

"Fucking crazy, man!"

"Let's call him Sick!"

"Yea!" said the kid and grabbed the shorts at the pocket and tore that side.

Musim came to me and stood just a few centimeters from me. He looked me straight in the eyes with overpowering look. He was my Master. For me the central point of my mind's rotation.

"Sicko!" and slapped me.

I looked back into his eyes then he slapped me again.

"You are to thank the kid!" and slapped me again.

I looked at the kid "Thank you, Sir."

"Maybe we should take his clothes. What do you think, Mussim?" said one of the guys.

"I don't know. Not today. He looks funnier dressed anyway!"

"I know what I want Sicko to do. Come Sicko."

I followed the kid into bushes.

"Watch this, guys! Get on your knees! And open up!"

He started unzipping and I looked with delight. The scent of his crotch was obvious coz it was hot outside and he sweat.

"Close your eyes Sicko!"

A stream of hot boy piss hit my mouth. Also my chin and nose. I heard them all laugh as I tried to drink as much as I could. He did not stop pissing while I swallowed and the piss ran down my neck soaking me.

"Clean your dirty face with your hands. Wipe the dirt off. Yes. That's right!"

I wanted to please them all. I felt happy they laughed and enjoyed humiliating me. What did they think of me?

Someone kicked me in the crotch and I realized it was Mussim.

"Thank you, Sir." `I should not forget to thank. The punishment will increase. I should be very good to satisfy Mussim's demands.'

My eyes were still closed and I was pushed back so I hit the ground with my back. I felt sneakers on my head. Someone was cleaning his soles on my face. My shorts were torn on left side and I felt the fabric being pulled up by someone's foot and pressing on my balls and cock.

"Sicko is hard. It needs a treatment." With that he rubbed my cock with his foot.

"You have one minute to cum" said Mussim.

"Thank you, Master!"

It did not take long the white juice to stick to his sole.

"Open your eyes!"

Mussim was now standing above me with his foot about 10 centimeters from my mouth.

"You know what to do."

I did not dare to say anything but to thank. I was a lower being. I started licking. To reach the sole I had to get my head higher and couldn't use my hands much to lean on. It made me sweat. I was proud.

"Hey. We must go. See you later, guys."

Mussim and the kid stayed.

"He's too dirty to even clean my ass."

It was darker outside. I was all dirty but still the dark helped.

We returned to the garage and the kid took a hose and Mussim told me:

"Go behind the garage and undress."

The water was so cold.

"Turn around. Lean forward. That's it. Now lay on the ground."

The kid stood above me than sat on my face. "Lick it clean, Sicko. Here comes a fart. Yeaa. That's it."

He bumped on my head twisting my arms inside. He rode my face and I was licking like crazy. His ass was so sweet. The fart showed me more what I was for(!) them.

"Put its legs under your armpits. Yea, that's it!"

I felt something cold up my ass. It was water! He started fucking me right after he filled me up. He just pushed it inside with one trust, not very fast though and equably(?) but it hurt like hell! My body started shaking from pain. `Thank you, Master'

"Steady! Is it too much for you? Squeeze your ass tight, Sicko!" He slapped my ass a few times.

I squeezed and was so thankful for him using my ass. The kid started tickling my feet. I was to explode. My cock was rock hard. One touch and I would explode on the kid. He turned and started jerking over my mouth, slapping me with his cock. He was close, so was Mussim and so was I. They both started moaning the trusts increased in speed and power. Mussim scratched on my stomach with his fingers very hard and cumming while giving me the last hits up my ass. The kid also started cumming. He pushed his piss slit to my nose and cummed up my nose. He held my head steady and was laughing. It was too much for me. I came spurt after spurt.

"Hey Mussim! I filled his nose! Now be good and push it out!" Mussim pulled out and brought my clothes I wore before.

The kid held my mouth open, grabbed my tongue with his thumb and sort of helped for all cum to get inside my mouth. He didn't stop laughing just started slapping me on both sides when there was no more cum coming out.

"Lick it up under your nose. That's a good boy!"

"Dress up!" said Mussim.

My ass was still full with water and I tried to squeeze. But well, my hole was wide from that cock! Mussim blindfolded me and I was led inside the garage. I lied on the table and they tied my hands and feet together on the back.

"Don't make a mess of yourself!"

"Thank you, Master."

He gagged my mouth.

The door closed.

`I thought I could go home. No, Master is to decide. I am his toy. He has the power over my mind and body. I should thank him for not throwing me to garbage.'

Can the pleasure be avoided?

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