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Sixteen Candles (well, Spanks)
PJ Franklin <>


A little tribute to honor one of my favorite movies of all times by the late, great John Hughes, "Sixteen Candles"

The door to my bedroom burst open, "Mom!" I shouted grabbing a handful of bedcovers to cover my naked arousal and shoved the porn magazine under the covers next to the purloined hairbrush.

"Jonas! What are you doing? … Why are you home? I thought … " my mother stammered holding her light blue plastic laundry basket.

"No school today Mom, I told you! Remember? Now get out!" I rudely interrupted sitting stone still.

No way she was going to see the red paddle marks that I had put on my own bare bottom with the wooden brush just a few minutes earlier!

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry, I … "  she meekly sighed and retreated, closing the door.

I hiked my knees to my chin, my stomach swirling with the usual nauseating regret,

"Why do you talk to her like that!? You should be horse-whipped!!" my broken voice shouted into the empty room as I trembled head to foot from the sudden trauma.

What boy of any age much less my puny fourteen years dares to talk so disrespectfully to his mother like that and gets away with it? Well, you don't really get away with anything.

Instead, you suffer, silently and with guilt, loads of it, just like Mom. It was not her fault that her husband turned out to be a useless loser that had left nine years earlier, nor that her son had turned out to be a pervert! Just two weeks before I had shamelessly lied to her when she had asked if I knew where the old family heirloom hairbrush had disappeared.

And speaking of perversion, my dick took over from there. I found my white underwear, lay on my side with my bare red ass daringly exposed to the room and furiously one-handed myself with the underwear, the fingers of my other hand digging at my still tingling bottom cheeks. I messed the undies in unusually short order.

It all seemed easier before my body developed. I was mostly a people pleasing mommy's boy before puberty, but no longer. Hormones had seen to that and even if I was a late bloomer, when I finally did grow some decent sized balls, I used them enthusiastically if not always discreetly.

Mom's extreme guilt over my father's absence in my life made her unreasonably long suffering with my self-serving habits and behaviors. Unlike most any other mother who would have said some strict words and perhaps done something very physical about it, my mother simply laundered my semen stained white briefs with no complaint. Not exactly the stuff out of an old fashioned parenting magazine now is it?

Worse, two years before I even caught her staring at my porn magazine. I grabbed it from her complaining,

"I found it on the sidewalk today, it's not mine!" I lied, terrified to the depths of my soul that she would have me committed to an insane asylum for having harbored magazine pictures depicting obvious erotic male on male bare-ass spanking.

She sheepishly handed it back to me, meekly stating,

"Dinner will be ready in a little while honey." My own chagrin and shame in her discovery was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife.

Mom actually did try to spank me once when I was twelve after I talked back to her. I was pretty big for my age but she was just a slight woman and even though I knew I deserved a hard spanking, it would have to be from a male to have any effect on me.

The spanking did hurt, but I gritted my teeth with bitter determination against her effort and did not cry despite wanting to be able to just cut loose with a river of tears. She never tried again to spank me; but despite all, Mom did not stop trying to find me what it was that I needed and even wanted in life.

After my father left us, she worked hard doing laundry for others for years. It was a barely adequate income, but she finally caught a break when I was fourteen. She got a good job at our local two-year community college, North River, in the counseling center.

Enter Rylee Burkhart. Rylee was twenty-years-old at the time, enrolled at North River on a work-study program in Mom's counseling center. He helped to run a mentoring program mostly for local illiterate adults on his way to a degree in community service or some such.

By the time she unexpectedly introduced Rylee to me one night having invited him home to dinner, I was only a month or so short of sixteen years. His good, no, great looks and outgoing cheery attitudes scared the shit out of me and it was all too obvious that Mom had been talking to Rylee about me for months.

I didn't blame her at all, but assumed that now he must know all about my years of filthy habits and disrespectful behaviors. Worse, my dick had fallen in lust for him. I popped a boner between my pressed together thighs right there under the dinner table! Disgusting!

"Jonas, we were thinking maybe that you would like to spend some time with Rylee, you know, as a big brother kind of thing?" Mom smiled sweetly at me.

I blushed so fast and so hard I started to sweat,

"Um, sorry, not interested!!" got up and hiding my shame with one hand, raced from the dining room down the hallway to my bedroom and slammed the door shut,

"Jonas you fucking rude lame-ass!!" I vocally chastised myself as I threw myself onto my bed. I quickly buried my head into the pillow wanting so much just to cry and bawl like a baby, but only managed a few hard sobs.

About five minutes pass and then there is a solid hard knock on the door. Mom never knocks that hard, it must be that Rylee guy! I sit up, wipe my face and wait, heart pounding with fear hoping for him to go away!

No luck there, the door opens. There stands Rylee a moment and then he closes the door,

"You are a very rude boy, Jonas! Your mom is sick and tired of your behaviors and attitude and by the way, she knows all about her stolen hairbrush as well as that porn magazine Jonas. Hand both of them over to me, right now!"

"What? Fuck you! Who are you anyway!? MOM!" I yell and complain with a high-pitched cracking voice protectively backing myself into the bed's headboard.

"That won't do you any good Jonas. Your mom has given me permission to put you in your place and that includes a really hard bare bottomed spanking just for starters!"

My mouth flies open, "A spanking!? No! No! You can't do that!"

"I can and I will, last chance at any mercy Jonas, hand over the magazine and the brush, now!"

"No!" I reply as he now strides up to the bed, grasps my arm firmly and effortlessly drags me off of my bed and onto my feet,

"The magazine and brush, now! Last chance Jonas!" he admonishes me as I struggle to free myself from his firm grasp on my arm.

"No! Screw you!" I say defiantly and instantly feel his hands rush down to my shorts and he pulls my pants and shorts down and then throws me helplessly over his big knee.

"No! No! I'm sorry, please don't spank me!" my hands rush to cover my bared bottom but to no avail. Rylee easily pushes up and holds my hands at the small of my back and even pushes his knee up to elevate my helpless backside!

"You've needed this for a very long time young man!" and Rylee raises his hand to spank me and …

I could no longer stand it, my mind's hot fantasy about Rylee had my dick about to explode in my grasp and then it does. A fountain of hot semen pulsated up out of my slit and onto my chest as I writhed with a hard long moment of body-wide pleasure.

Then I lay there on my back, panting breath, slowly sopping up the mess with yet another pair of white undies. I wondered if Rylee was still in my house. I waited a few minutes before I slowly got up. I walked to the door and opened it and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen.

I looked in, no Rylee in the kitchen, in the dining room or anywhere. There was Mom, cleaning up. I felt like a complete and utter heel and shameful fool. She looked at me, I thought sadly,

"Don't worry, Rylee has left," and then went back to cleaning. I slumped back to my room, the inevitable weight of self-defeat extra heavy on my shoulders that night.

Everyday for the next two weeks, I fantasized about asking Mom if I could still spend some time with Rylee as was suggested, but the thought of him actually knowing that I am a pervert overwhelmed my making it a reality. At least I had benefit of great masturbatory fantasies about Rylee punishing me for my tawdry perversions and immature bad behaviors.

I also mollified my guilt some by returning Mom's hairbrush to her bedroom. I reasoned that I was too old for the brush anyway and should be getting hard belt whippings instead to assuage my constant guilty feelings.

I had a decent belt of my own that I could use on myself and pretend it was Rylee giving me lick after lick after I confess to him both real and imagined poor or disgusting behaviors. Soon, Rylee Burkhart was on my mind day and night.

* * * * * * * * * *

"It's your sixteenth birthday in a week Jonas, do you want a party? Invite some friends?"

I had been looking forward to this birthday for months, but most of my friends were nerdy girls and a few equally as nerdy boys. I shrugged weakly.

"You know, Rylee asks about you all the time, do you want to invite him?"

She had no idea how badly I would like to,

"Um, no … I mean, why would he want to come to my stupid party?" and then cringed with how ungrateful that sounded.

"Could you maybe invite him for me?" I softly asked.

To my great surprise Mom declined,

"No, you need to invite him yourself Jonas. That way he knows that you really want him there," and she handed me a small invitation in an envelope telling me the hours he could be found at the college's counseling center. I took it as she got up and walked away.

I took the envelope to my room and lay down on my back on my bed. Rylee at my sixteenth birthday party? In my fantasies, he would give me playful birthday spanks in front of the other girls and guys, clothed of course; but after the others have left, he takes me to my bedroom and lays on sixteen not-too-hard birthday licks on my bare ass with my own leather belt. Needless to say, my dick took over for the next little while over that hot thought.

Days pass and I did nothing about the invitation. I did manage to invite four girls and two boys, peers that know me, but not all that well. There would be some older relatives as well, but no other friends.

My birthday finally arrived and the party was the next day, Saturday. It was Friday afternoon and I had not slept well for a week obsessed with trying to force myself to take the invitation to Rylee.

Finally though, the need to visit him overcame my fears and I went to visit Rylee at the college counseling center, very nervous. Maybe he would think I'm a jerk and would turn me away and if so, it would be well deserved.

I sat in the waiting area fidgeting like mad, trying to act cool and it got so bad that I was about ready to run out the center's double doors when he appeared and beckoned me into his small office. I walked in, shuffling my feet like a prisoner going into a cell.

"Jonas! What a nice surprise, have a seat," he offered, but I chose to stand. My tongue got tied up a few moments and I silently offered out the enveloped invitation.

"What's this?" he asked and taking it, opened and read the colored piece of paper as I looked down at my shuffling feet, then suddenly thought to look up,

"You don't have to bring me a present or nuthin' " sounding like a pathetic dweeb and immediately looked down.

"I'd be honored to come to your party Jonas," he said quickly.

I finally looked up, "Um … thanks … um … I'm sorry about last time over … you know at my house," and I must have looked kind of emotional, I certainly felt so,

"Jonas, your Mom loves you a great deal. She's told me a lot about you, a lot. But, it's all cool, OK?"

I just looked at Rylee lost for words and bit down on my lower lip. I really just wanted to jump into his arms or onto his lap or something. Naturally, I didn't.

"Um … I gotta go, see you tomorrow!" I said and he nodded with a smile and a quick salute, two fingers to his forehead, "Sure thing Jonas."

I rushed out of his office door and then out of the center's double doors, my feet never having touched the floor.

I hardly slept that night, my mind (and libido) went nuts over the fact that Rylee Burkhart was coming to my birthday party! I flew around the house that Saturday morning helping my mother clean it before the guests came and I never offered to do that before. I was so excited!

Several old aunts and all of my same aged peers made it to the party by starting time on that Saturday afternoon time, but not Rylee. He called and said he would be late. That was OK.

Then he called again and he was still delayed, but then he called and said he couldn't come until later that evening. Well, that would be OK too. I kind of wanted his company all to myself anyway and I waited and waited and finally he called my Mom and I anxiously watched her talk to him looking for any positive sign that he would be coming over.

She handed me the phone. I took it, "Rylee?"

"Jonas. I feel awful. I've had to spend the day helping out some people down at the community center and it's so late now."

"Um, it's OK, I understand," but I didn't understand or I didn't want to. I felt heartbroken and let down.

"How about tomorrow, Sunday, I can come over tomorrow, OK?" he offered.

When you don't have any history of trust with older males, it's hard to believe them,

"It's OK, you don't have to, I get it." I said and handing the phone back to my mom, ran to my room, slammed the door shut and flew onto my bed, pounding the bedcovers as hard as I could.

* * * * * * * * * *

Strangely, I slept like a rock that night and as usual slept in Sunday morning. I didn't open my eyes until there was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Go away! I'm still sleeping," I yelled at the door thinking it was my Mom. The door opened. There stood Rylee Burkhart holding a large box wrapped in bright red paper and a huge blue ribbon bow.

I sat up, my stomach churning and covered my nakedness. I had my usual morning hard-on of course.

"Mind if I come in Jonas?" Rylee asked quietly.

What was I going to do, tell him to fuck off? I nodded but allowed myself to feel the disappointment of the night before.

He came over and sat on the side at the end of my bed, setting the large present between us and patted my legs,

"I'm really sorry about yesterday Jonas, it was a part of my job. Did you have fun?" and pushed the box to me.

I sighed and ran my hands over the box, "Yea, it was fun."

"Go on, open it, I hope it fits."

I opened the box. It was a grey hoodie with the North River college's logo in bright red and a matching red baseball cap. Now I felt ashamed of my attitude, but not so much so as not to grin ear to ear.

"Put it on!" he urged me.

I didn't even think and flung the covers off my nakedness including my hard-on.

"Oh oh!" I said looking down at myself.

Rylee laughed, "Don't worry about that, put on the hoodie and cap!"

I slid out of bed, buck naked and slipped on the hoodie and the cap. They fit great except my hard-on was pointing at Rylee.

"Sorry," I said blushing.

"Looks healthy Jonas. Say, did you get a birthday spanking yesterday?"

I blinked, "No! I didn't!"

Rylee patted his knee, "Come on, bend over my knee. Sixteen spanks for you young man!"

I looked down at my hard willie. He sure liked the idea, but a spate of guilt hit me just then,

"Rylee, I don't suppose Mom has told you that I've been … well poorly behaved and worse," and then flashed a not so fake little frown.

He smiled knowingly, "As a matter of fact, I know all about the stolen hairbrush and … the porn magazine."

I didn't know my blood volume could support a double blush, but it did. I sighed,

"I returned the brush to Mom's room," and then I went to my closet and then without thinking bent over and mooned Rylee but it was too late to take it back.

He chuckled as I fetched my belt and then stretched across the bed and got my precious fading and crusted porn magazine from under the mattress. I handed both to Rylee,

"As you can see, I'm a pervert. I switched from spanking myself with the brush to my belt."

I swallowed anxiously with furrowed brow as Rylee checked out each page of the magazine,

"Hmm … very nice Jonas, very nice indeed, you are a very bad boy aren't you!" and lay the magazine to the side.

He took up my belt then, doubling it up and then looked at me, "Sixteen, Jonas?"

I swallowed hard, this next part might be challenging, but I wasn't going to give up on what I wanted, ever again,

"For starters, but I guess I deserve a lot more maybe?" I asked.

He grinned at me, "Jonas, no maybe about it. Sixteen to start and then some more just to start to make up!"

I smiled a little and then a lot when he rummaged around on the floor and found my tightie whities from the day before and held them up,

"Don't worry, you won't be lacking satisfaction around me Jonas."

I nodded and then flew across Rylee's knees.

The sixteen birthday licks with my belt were firm and damn sexy too. Rylee was playful and we laughed during them. My cock was livid with desire right after and he even favored me by slipping the underwear under my hips and grasped my cock!

I let him. It was after all the first time another boy had touched me and I loved it, but not as much as when he jacked me off,

"Just relax and enjoy it birthday boy!" Rylee grinned and I did enjoy it, every second with gusto!

But when I went to get up he said, "No, you're not finished boyo. Remember, your mother has some coming back to her does she not?"

I sighed and relaxed, my somewhat reddened bare backside frighteningly cooperative,

"Yea, I guess I do," I said quietly and not moving a muscle.

"You can do better than that Jonas. If you don't think you deserve a really good whipping, I won't do it."

A large lump formed in my throat, me emotional over a dozen or more different times and reasons that I should be given a really hard and long whipping for my mother's sake alone. I looked back at my new friend,

"Look Rylee, so you want to be stuck here all day long whipping my tail until your shoulder falls off?"

He smiled and nodded, "Good point, but I'm going to make a very serious impression on you Jonas, so don't hold back if you need to."

I nodded. I knew what he meant and steeled myself for something I had never really experienced before. The belt started to fly across my young ass and it was no pleasant birthday spanking …

A while later, I won't say how short the time (it's too humiliating) I found myself sitting chest to chest on Rylee's lap, me still sobbing into his shoulder, my arms tightly wrapped around him and him hugging me just as tightly into himself. My ass was still on fire crown to sit spot. I reached down to rub it a little.

"Where did you learn how to whip tail like that?" I asked. Rylee chuckled,

"From the best, my own father."

"Yea, it's like you knew what to do and how long."

"I'll introduce you to him sometime Jonas, you'll like him, we're a lot alike he and I … so how do you feel Jonas?"

"Better, a lot better Rylee."

"Good, good. Happy sixteenth birthday then Jonas."

"Thanks Rylee!"

The End

© Copyright PJ Franklin January 15, 2012

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