Warning : this story contains graphical depiction of sex and violence scene between consenting adult males. If this turns you off don't read it. this is a fiction the cahracter are not depoiction of any real person living or dead. This is only for your enjoyment, contains some bondage depiction also.



    Eric is the  regular leather gay guy. Having a steddy job, going out into the leather gay bars everyweek-end. Picking up sex partners or being picked up for a quick blow job, for the night or even for a hole week-end. He has  a wide collection of leather toys, dildos, harnesses, plugs... everything needed for a leather scene, which for sure he did not hesitate to use  alone everyday as well as with a partner. He usualy wear a chastety devide  during his solitary week-end when he is home alone trying to enjoy  a hardcore porn movie .

    He never had a preference in roles, he can be a bottom or a top depending on the situation and his partner. The most important issue is to always have something new and exciting. Eric has a very well built budy especially his tits and chest having one nipple ring and an extremly smooth body. He does not hesitate to shave twice a week all his body specially his balls and ass.

    his curiosity for new experience drove him to trying almost everything in the leather and Bdsm scene, he liked everything from long bondage scene, to cock and balls torture, gold shower... but the only thing he did not like was the squating or human toilet. He would appriciate both to be abused and also to abuse. A nice scenario for him is to abuse a bottom torture his balls, lick his nipples suck spank his ass... be in the middle of the scene and then allowing the bottom to become top and reversing the roles.



    The add

    One day in the many gay leather magazine he has he saw an add that reads

        " Slave School for gay men.       The first Slave school that will teach you to become a slave then will hand you to a master for a limited period of time..and you get paid!"   Now for Eric that was something intresting, he had tried some master and slave scene but for a maximum 5 days period and it was something he liked. He sent them an e-mail  requesting  more information, and the response was very quick :

    "Dir sir, we at the Slave School for gay men  only accept grown up men 25 and above who are willing to beomce slaves 24 hour a day 7 days a week for ONE whole year. We do not accept anyone without interviewing him and let him visit the coumpound where he will be spending 3 month for his training. At the end of these three month the school organizes a slave auction , where all the graduating slave will be sold for one year. The school will visit the slave every other month to check on his well fare. and at the end of the year the slave will cash the same amount that he was sold. starting biding price is around 20 000$.  two years ago one slave was sold at 100.000$. The school has a ranking system and the 1st slave will be sold at the highest price!

    Think about us and do let us know to be able to fix an interview"

    The seriouness of the letter could not but make Eric more envolved , the money was very good for him, the experience would be perfect, he did not think twice and sent back his application letter with 3 or 4 pics of his naked body with some leather outfits.

    The next day he received the letter and the interview was fixed in 10 days. In the letter there was also some instructions not to touch his genitals for till the interview, to always have a but plug even at work, to keep all his body hair grow for the next 10 days, and for the day of the interview to come with  a leather harnessround his chest , cock ring and the butt plug all under his cloth. and at the end of the letter , they mentioned that this might be a sexually oriented interview, be aware.

        The Interview


   The arrival

    The next 10 days were very annowing for Eric, he was very excited about the interview and the more he though about it the more his cock was getting harder and harder but he could not touch it and the but plug in his ass was not helping him at all but his will to get to the interview made him pass the test succesfully.

    On the day of the interview he slide his cock ring inserted his but plug and his body harness all over his chest and headed to the interview. The Schooll was located outside the town on an isolated hill top , controled through only one opening , he gave his name and was promted to enter, he continued all the way inside the road was still long and he still did not see anyone nore anybuilding untill after a turn he got head to head with a group of about 20 naked men running,wearing all a butt plug with a huge black tail, reaching almost the ground, a metalic cage around balls and cock , very thick black colars , and a mouth gag . All were sweating and it seemed that they have been running for hours. Eric continued his way and just after the second turn he saw a men wearing a black leather pans with an large x harness round his chest and in his hand a very thick leash , at the end of with was a beast : a very charcaol dark man, with a huge red tail out of his ass, his head covered by a black leather head-gear, knees and hands covered with leather bags. It seems that his balls and cock were in a sort of container, but Eric could not see it clearly . Eric was first shocked by what he saw but it made him he has been missing something in his life, and he was starting to get a hardon.He continued his way hoping to be the one on the leash or the one runing in the near futur.

    Welcoming committee

    Eric finaly arrived infront of a building, where two naked very muscular, completly smooth bodies stood at the entrance gate. They had a think steel collar round their  neck and a small tail in their ass. One of them approach Eric and in a very  polite way : "You must be Eric, we were expecting you , Sir. Please Sir you need to take off your cloth now, and follow me. You are wearing what was requested from you SIR ?" Eric had everything on, and he got rid of his shoes, pans and t-shirt, his body hair had grown in the last 10 days and he was not comfortable, he got use of having a smooth body. " Now please Sir i must put this bandana round your neck Sir. Starting form now you are "new recruit" you will only response when ever someone will call you new recruit, you may no more speak unless spoken to,  and only to answer by a negative statment, if you agree you just don't say anything. You'll be here for the next couple of hours. Do you have anything you want to say ? Eric understood quick enough that a positive answer  silent will do...  "That's good new recruit, you're learning fast." Than Eric's guide grab him by his cock and sdragged him back to the road , Eric was following him and his cock was rather hurting him and it started to get harder and harder, then suddenly there was this voice yelling,          "On your Knees Slave" bringing a new recruit hen, how many times should i tell you to have a solid grip on the balls and cock "

    Hearing this , Eric droped directly on his knees, but then was surprised to see the Slave -his guide- also on his knees,and Slash, Slash the slave's back was hit by a whip 7 whips to be more precise.  Then the voice came to Eric, as for you new recruit, i did not order you to drop on you're knees, didn't the Slave here tell you the instruction! and while saying this the man was grabing the slave's head and trying to hurt him. Eric got only a small hit on his balls, and had to lick the man's boot. "That's ok for now Slave, now take our new recruit to the shaving table"

The Slave grabed Eric's Balls and Cock this time very firmly and they continued into a building, and directly in the main entrance , there was on one of the walls10 butts   completly exposed, the feets were restrained , but the busts where in an other room. Next to every butt is a toys, or a note, suck as, fuck here, insert this in here... hit here. some of the Butts had dildos, and vibrator, already in, other had some very deep scars. On the other walls, also 10 cock and balls dangling as if they are trophies, soem with beads, rings, etc.

The shaving

The slave gave Eric ample time to look but did not comment about anything. and they continued, into a dungeon room where there was a solid vertical metal frame with numerous, leather and chains straps. The Slave then released Eric's genitals, he grabed a leather wrist and ankle restains, and fixed them on Eric, he than reached the straps and attached then to the restrain and pulled on Eric's  hands and feet untill having him in an X- shaped in the metal frame.

Having completed his task the Slave took a long look on Eric's Body, he findled his genitals and as well as his nipple ring. then he went outside the room.

Eric was there all alone now, he though he was managing  quite fine now, and untill now everything he saw and witnessed made him eager to join the School no matter what it took him .  a few minutes later the Slave comes in followed by 6 other men: 3   wearing  leather pans, a wide harness round their chest and holding each a leash on the end of it are  3  completly naked, with  think collar round their neck, and a chastety tube round their cock and the inevitable tail up their ass.   Once they are all in , The Slave stands, infront or  Eric, and  shouts very loud : The new recruit is ready for inspection SIR.

The 3 Masters sit  , and they released  their 3 slaves, directly jumped onto Eric, stared to lick his body , fundle his Genitals kiss his mouth lick his ass, untill one of the master said Stop, Butt blug, and directly the but blug was removed from Eric's Ass and inserted into his mouth. Now Shave it. and also directly the three slaves got the shaving cream and the rasors and strated shaving Eric body .

Shaving Eric's Body was not an easy task for him. The slaves were handling an old cloth... although they used the shaving cream , Eric tough his hair was pulled form his body, special interesr was given to his chest hair, were the slaves could'nt resit fondling a little with his nipple rings, and soon it turn to be pulling on his tits, two of them continued shaving his ass, they started with  spanking Eric's cheeks, and when it begame a litle red , one of the slaves, pulled both cheek appart, allowing a good focus on Eric's ass. Eric was expecting to get a forced invasion into his ass, instead he got a straight hand parallel to his ass line and it hit directly his whole. The surpise and the pain, were enough to make him jump to the front, and let out a  groin form under his mouth  butblug  . This was enough for the slaves to fucus more on his ass spanking, and every strok would hurt more than the previous one, and here Eric was controling himself as much as possible, he felt he would have tears in his eyes, just before the last stroke hit. and still the ass had not been shaved yet. After the spanking Eric's ass was hot red, and the shaving cream was felt like a blessing specially that the slaves took their time to smirk it all around his ass, and ass cheeks. But then the rasor's stroke were not as bad as the spanking. After shaving his sor ass they moved to his balls, but curiosly enough they were doing it the easy way, on of the slave took Eric's cook head from the tip of his finger and pulled it gently allowing for the balls to be shaved. withnessing this Eric was relaxed, but then without any worning just when he tough it was over, one of the slaves get a grip of his balls form under his ass,and pulls very fast and very strong, alsothe one holding his cock pulls it real hard, and the third slave gives some spanking to Eric's pulled appart cock and balls. At the end of the shaving the slaves lick all of the remaining shaving foam frorm head to toe,and also now each of the slave stops at the cock/ball, the ass and the tits . Even the ass was tongued fucked but not one lick on his now hardening cock. Once the licking was over and Eric's body wsa completly smooth and net, the three slaves stood at attention near Eric, and the Main or the Big slave came and as he introduced Eric to 3 master, shouted : The shaving is complete Sir. Ok work the Ass now but it is not allowed to cum.

The ass work

As for the shaving , the three slaves jumped on Eric's Ass started licking it reall deep from the hole to the cheeks out, then without any notice, the licking stoped and it was the spanking again, Eric tried to count them some 30 strokes maybe that torne his ass cheeks appart, how he had tears in his eyes and felt real hot his cock was standing at attention and it was starting to hurt. as much as with sore ass. Then the spanking stoped and a tougue was licking the hole again until in one stroke Eric felt something huge invading him all the was till his prostate. Here also he couldn't but try to escape the moment and tried to move uselessly. Eventually he was enjoying it althoug it was hurting like hell, but his cock seems to have it's own logic it was harder than evern, screeming to get released. The fucking strokes continued, faster and faster, stoping sometimes all the was inside his ass or sometimes outside, with some spanking on his cheeks. At three time the paste was becomming very fast Eric tough he would cum . But then the Dildo would be completly removed and few spanks made it back to case 1. each set after the other, Eric.s cock would become so hard, it would explode if only a feather touched it... but no.. he was not allwoed to cum , and after what seems like hours , everything stoped, and the Big Slave announced that the Ass Play was over.

    Then one of the Big Master stood up Approach the big Slave ," what do u suggest we do with this dog here? Any suggestion Slave?" while he was grabbing  the slave's balls . Sir it has still not been whips Sir. Youre no worthy slave sir migth suggess to whip the new recruit at least 10 whips and then the dog can be taken out for a ride and on the way asked the specific question. Sir"

The slave's reward

" That's a good slave we have here gentelmen, The Master told the 2 other masters, you don't belong to any of us! that's a pity, i'll allow you to cum right now, but u'll get your punishement from your master later ..."

    in the school the slaves wher not allowed to cum unless their own master's allowed that, this did create a lot of conflicts: every slave beloged to one master, but all the slaves had to be obedient to all the masters of the school and hence once a master allowed a slave to cum, he should obey directly but them he should report to his master and be punished.

    The BiG slave looked at the 3 other and ordered two of them to start whiping Eric's back while he orderd the third one to stroke his cock. At the end of the command the Big Salve spread his feet wide appart, put his hans on his head and looked unto the ceiling, only then one of the slave came infront and strated stroking his cock with gentle strokes , while Eric's back was beeing whiped by  15 strokes, at the end of which Big slave , still looking at the ceiling shouted for the Masters to hear that the whiping was completed, and he gave the oreder to the two oder slave to let Eric loose and prepare him for the ride.

Just after finishing his word the strokes on his cock made their way and his cock was spurting cum he did not even move an each all through the stroking and the other slave move form the wasy thus allowing  the cum to fall all on the floor.  Just when the last drop fell , after 7 or more jets, Big Salve knelt on the floor and licked cleaned all his cum. then he rose and announced that the Slave cum and the new recruit is ready for the trip.

The trip

Eric was loosen from his position byt he three slaves, they rubes his hands and feets in order not to fall and then inserted a giant butt tail in his ass and connected his wrist and ankle restrain in such a way that he can no longer stands up but he need to move on all four. The added an extra collar and a leash and removed his butt blug from his mouth. That was the outfit for the ride. After what the Big Slave gave the leash to one of the master and they all disapeared.

Then the 3 masters stood and moved into the door Eric was following on the ground. They were talking about Eric as if he was not there: i find it more than average for the first interview, one said. yes it is very true, and it seems it knows what it wants, the nipple clips are good, the genitals are sound  and the ass  loocked to be fine. We still need to try this one as well as its blow job qualities. So untill no it's ok it still need to be proved on the ass and blow job, and most important all this and it should still not cum.

So gentelmen should we start now. They had been walkingfor about 20 minutes, Eric had been waiting to have his skills tested, his cock was again hard as never before, and he wanted to taste these strong man's cock . But to his surprise the 3 masters called the Big Slave again, it seems he was following them and it is his cock that needed to be sucked and not their, since Eric is not worthy of sucking them . While he was focusing on   the Slave's cock who similar to the previous stood spread leged and hand on his head, one of the masters took out his cock and without warning forced into Eric's ass and strated pumping it real hard,  he continued for a while unutil without worning removed it and cliped his fingers, Big Slave directly jumped on Masters cock and sucked it all the way into his mouth where master's cum.   Big slave was also about to cum but Eric was not allowed to continue sucking him.  After this break they continued their trip wher Eric lurned that the slaves here in the school where not allowed to cum , and whenever they are allowed it most be in a very automatic  sensless manner, and in both cases they will get punished. The slaves are for the only pleasure of the Masters, they are nothing , worsless creature. Less than dogs. They had know arived to the dorms

The Kennel

Once they where inside, there was a huge space , all the slaves that could move, stood at attention, the other could not move at all .

Dorm contains two lanes of cages every lanes having 3 cages over the other. the cage are small made of steel bars on all sides, hence no bottom for the upper cages. In the cages are the slaves some have their ankle and wrist constrained, soem are free, but in both cases it is the same the cage does not allow any movement one can only sit on his butt or knees on all four. All the slaves where weiring a think collar a chastety device and a big tail in the blug, it seems that this is one of the most important element of the school and if one looses his tail he might go for castration. And as one progress in the world of slavery the tails get smaller until disapering for the masters. Some of the slave where eating, directly form a bowl either in the cage or outside.

In an other room of the dorm was a dungeon like room where all kind of equipement where exposed and also exposed where more that a douzen slaves, either hanging from the ceiling, or in slangs. The view of all this was making Eric harder and harder he had  a need to cum , he was only focusing on how to cum , when he felt a strong pull on the leash and one of the Master asked him: who have seen some of the aspects of the school , The program is for three month training then one year or servitude, at a master's place. you would be sold at an auction at the end of the three month training and the money will be given to who once the contract finished. the better rank you have the better chance you have to get sold at a high price. If you are willing to join the school, we have no negative points regarding your interview, hence if you want to join go home now pack your stuff and be here in 10 days. Now one of the slaves will put you a chastaty cage round your cock you'll be able to piss and that's it , if you don't wish to join , you still need to come back here in order to remove the cage. Think well Mr and good luck.

bye bye

as the Master finished his speach Erics felt someone grabing him and turning him on his back and wihtout knowing how he had a cage round his cock and ball, he was no longer able to even touch his cock. All the other restrains where removes and he was driven to his car near the gate, where he wore his cloth and went back home.... he had a lot to think about

The end

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