Warning : this story contains graphical depiction of sex and violence scene between consenting adult males. If this turns you off don't read it. this is a fiction the character are not depiction of any real person living or dead. This is only for your enjoyment, contains some bondage depiction also.


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last time Eric went to a sex interview for a slave training school, at the end of the interview he had 10 days to think about it 10 days having a chastity cage round him cock and balls...


Eric did not have any problem dealing with the idea of joining in, he was convinced by   everything he saw and heard back at the school. he even wished the 10 days would be less. The more he tough of the school the hornier he got, but it was impossible to even touch his cock, but he planed not to do so and he had the will we wanted to be the perfect slave the slave that will be sold at the highest bidding, he had to wait 10 days before he can go and sleep in the cages with the tail up his ass...

During these 10 days Eric finished all his civil duties we resigned for his job, told the landowner he would be away for the next 15 months and prepared himself to the excitement and the joy to being  a dog slave.

    The first day

    On the tenth day Eric was so excited his cock was hard all day long, his body hair had grown a little and it was not pleasant specially  between his balls and his tights but he took it as an obedient slave and managed to handle the uncomfort.   Near the main school gate where maybe some 20 men waiting outside the gate, Eric joined and waited , no one was talking there was something strange in these men, as if they were all excited but at the same time they are afraid of the new phase of their new life, it was obvious that all were new slave recruit. At noon the gate opened automatically but no one showed up, the slaves were hesitant first to enter, but then the saw that the gate was closing again so they rushed inside all together at once, once in they followed the road, until they saw 4 other slaves with there big tails and thick collar and a mouth harness blocking the road, then these 4 slaves surrounded them and as if directed the way to go. The group did not have any other choice but to be directed by these 4 slaves, guiding them through paths and trees until they reached an enclosed place surrounded by high metallic walls , once all the slaves where inside, the 4 guides stayed outside and slided a metallic door to close the enclosure. They were kept here for more than one hour until a much smaller door, where only one men can pass at a time, opened, the slaves entered on by one and followed the path once they were all in, the door closed behind them, and they continued following the path, it was becoming more and more narrow , and every while an enclosure would close behind them, at one point it was impossible to move frontward they could only move sideways unlit they arrived at a dead end and even a door closed next to the last slave. Here there were, 20 men trapped in a a very narrow pathway, with metallic walls on both side In front of the first slave was a round opening in the wall almost as big as a head, and there was no way one could see what is behind this whole, while the first slave took  a lot of time to put look inside, once he had his head in the whole, he activated a mechanism and was pushed into an  other place, the remaining slave where first hesitant to put their head into the whole, but then one after the other they would insert the head and activate the mechanism and be pushed into another place

Once Eric's turn to put his head , he did not had any second tough directly he inserted his slave head in the hole and activated the mechanism and moved into another room

In this other room Eric fell on the floor and he was rather knocked out, directly he felt someone grabbing his ankles and wrists and putting a leather restrain, Eric noticed that he was moving, in fact he was on a moving mat, and he would be moving from one post to the other:  Next someone grabbed his ankle restrains and attached him to a metal chain hanging form an axe in the ceiling, same thing for his wrists hence Eric was hanging from all four on a rolling rail in the ceiling. On the next stop a dildo mounted onto a   mouth gag was inserted into his mouth and closed behind his head. The next stop the standing slave took a cutter and cut off Eric cloth , shirts, pants as well as boots. and on the next one Eric was completely naked with his cock cage .

Later on an enema tube was inserted into his ass and he continued his way with it into his next stop where his wrists were freed, hence his upper body fell down he was now held by his ankles only . The Enema bag was removed to only have a big didlo up his ass. On the next stop his wrist were again tied but now to the floor, and 3 slaves started shaving all his body. Special attention where given to his ass and cock and for this exercise the chastity cage had been removed, at the end of the shaving Eric was lifted and rehang from all four, and continued his way, until finally reaching the end of the rail.

At the end of the rail path 3 slaves were waiting for the new recruit and as Eric arrived , they directly undid all four bonds and Eric fell on the ground. And before even being able to move the 3 slave grab him and inserted a new metal chain into his restrain in such a way so that he can no longer stand, he can only move on all four. and as a final touch they attached a black leather collar with a leash and pulled it so that Eric would follow.

Following his leader for some time they finally entered into a room and to Eric surprise and excitement the room was more of a theater like and in the middle of it there was 12 or more naked dogs on all for attached to a leash held by a slave or a master standing next to the dog, as soon as Eric entered the room he was welcomed by applauds and he continued his way till reaching the middle where his leader stopped him. Then every two minutes another dog would enter the room until soon there was some 20 dogs the number that where waiting outside the School. Once all the dogs where  inside there leaders connected the leash into a ring in the ground and they left, then like previously a naked slave form the school stood up and in a loud voice:

Sir the new dogs are ready to join the school, please feel free to inspect them and use them as you wish we are here for the next two hours Sir.

Having said that all the audience went on stage there was more than a hundred for the 20 new dogs in the school, hence every dog had more than five master next to him, they started by feeling the new dogs checking their skins, muscles, nipple , some would   put nipple claps, they would remove the didlo and put a bigger one, fondle and grab the dog's genitals. As for Eric after examining every square inch of his body, one master insisted on examining his mouth and inserted three fingers deep into Eric's mouth and checked his teeth and his tongue he almost choked, then it was the genitals where both his balls where checked and felt with few hard squeezing and of course his ass specially after his enema it was very  easy and fast to have a few finger down his ass, whish he had later to lick clean .After this first inspection the Masters started getting their cocks out. and soon every whole in Eric was being invaded roughly, he had two cock to suck in front of him and his ass was being invaded by three other masters one after the other . Eric's ass was on fire and he started moving his ass to get maximum tension while he was sucking two cocks  at the time and every time the master fucking his ass would change Eric would get some ass spanking but his cock did not get any attention it was becoming harder than ever and it was about to explode and as soon as the first master removed his cock and cum on Eric back and directly his ass was plowed by another master, Eric could not handle it and his cock shut load after the other of cum like he never cum in his life and without even touching his cock, and while he was cuming he was sucking on another cock like he never did before. the master did not even noticed that he cum , they just continued fucked the hell out of him and they all cum one after the other but no one cum into Eric Mouth nor Ass . At the End Eric cum twice without even touching his cock and he felt his ass on fire and his back and face were now full with cum

Once the master's finished with Eric once of them garbed Eric's Face and inserted his soft cock into his mouth and soon he was pissing into his load inside of him, and soon Eric felt the hot fluid onto all his body, the other masters where pissing all over his body. Soon after one by one the master regain there places and the Slave announced the end of the inspection

Soon after the room was empty and the  dogs where left alone, attached to the floor all drained in piss and cum before that one of the slaves had inserted a mouth gag into dogs mouth and a but plug , and left them alone in the room , they stayed there for a long time, every while someone would come in and check on them soon the dogs started falling on the ground not being able to stand on all four  after all what they had been through and  by now it was past lunch time and no one had eaten yet .Time passed and they where still locked in this room it should have been now late afternoon ... they could see that the sun was setting by now they are exhausted hungry and dirty . one by one they all fell on the ground and slept to waked up only in the morning on the sound of some slaves holding some dog bowls, it was their breakfast, as soon as they would come near one dog and remove his mouth gad that he would through himself on the bowls and lick it clean without even asking what is inside .

    Soon after breakfast the theater was soon filling again and as soon as it was full the same slave that announced the previous excercise, announced

    "Sir the 20 dogs here present are waiting to be claimed"

having said than one by one the dogs were released form the ground and moved into the front of the audience, where the Slave would remove the leather collar put a thick metal one instead with four d-rings  then  he would remove the small but plug to put a long black tail attached to a 8" didlo into the ass and he would fit the dog's cock into a downward curved tubes that the cock could no longer get hard and before finished would ask who would want to own this slave and then would add a metal tag onto the collar with the master's name. Eric was owned by hardmaster, at the end the master ordered the drillSlave , this was his name, to show them the kennel before assigning them for the new wall job.

Just as they finished the drillSlave, with some other slave took the dogs into the kennel where every dog was assigned a cage on the first row  directly on the ground, above it where two rows of cages without any floor, as the slaves had already sow   during the interview. After this DrillSlave took them into a building where every dog had a special whole in the wall, some whole were for the ass other for the heads, and every dog was fitted into one it was also what they had seen during the interview. They where all kept here and from time to time an ass would get fucked, spanked or a mouth fucked. At lunch time the DrillSalve would bring them bowls to eat.  and this until the evening where they are returned to the kennel , and here for the first time they could have an earned sleep in the cage, nevertheless in the cage their upper partners had there way  in disturbing them during this first night hence without any warning they would feel hot piss cuming into them . Eventually they got used to that and managed to have some rest.

This was the second day and for the next week the same daily the dogs had only to go form the kennel into their hole, and stay for the whole day. They all experience the the ass wholes for the fucking , spanking as well as dildo plays. The mouth would also have the same treatment.. Although they had hands and legs well restrained and the usual cock tube the first few days where hard for some of the dogs, while being fucked up in the ass, their cock would try to get hard, and the more they tried to have it hard the more pain they got, and it was no way the cocks could be freed. Many dogs managed to cum after a non stop fucking for couple of hours, having their cock soft, but the intensity of the fucking allowed their prostate to explode without any cock touch.

After the first week  drillslave had tough them to line up for meeting just before they started the day, and at the end of this first week all the dog lined up and some of the masters came to check on them drillslave announced that it was time to give the dog the first ranking:

" This first ranking is at the performance of the dogs, all have had their ass plowed and mouth fucked,almost the same amount, some of the dogs did cum through their chastity tube other still did not cum. The best performance is not to have cum as well as the best suck and fuck that the dog gave to any of its users.

As for you dogs you will start this new week of training now just after receiving your ranking, dog number one will be allowed to cum today and tomorrow , dog number two will be allowed to cum only today. As for dog  number 20 it  will be exhibited on the central pillar of the school and dog number one will be allowed to fuck it and give it its punishment of whipping and spanking.

dogs this is the usual procedure for every ranking every week , you will be given metal tags with your number and they will be put on your collars. "


        Eric was so nervous for the first time, he wanted to be the first but as he recalls he had cum once during this week so he missed it so he waited for the ranking, drillslave started by dog number twenty and went on , Eric was number 6, and it made him very happy, as soon as number one was declared   drillslave called dog1 and dog 2 for him and started explaining how they were supposed to make themselves cum in these two days, before doing that he released their cock from the steel tube, but instead he placed a think silver ring round their balls and cock . "Dogs see your winners how they will make themselves cum learn from them now next time it might be you who will need to cum...

"dog 1 and 2 stand straight legs wide apart left hand behind your back , head upwards, right hand on your abs. this is the standing position, and then you wait till your master gives you the order to cum or play, Mater might also give you a specific period of time, you need to respect that too. Now at my signal you only move you right hand and crab the cock and make it cum. Once you cum , you drop directly on your knees and lick all your cum, stand up again and declare that the dog has cum."

and as soon as he finished drillslave gave them the signal to start, and dog 1 and 2 grabbed their cock and started stroking it like crazy it was hard not to move their body but they managed and soon dog1 was shooting spurt after spurt his load as soon as it stooped he directly dropped on the floor and licked it clean , while doing so dog2 had cum to and started licking his cum , they both stood up again and declared that both dog had cum ...

after they finished drillslave continued the lesson to explain the inspection position, legs wide apart, both hands on the head and torso inclined into a straight angle. And while dog1 and 2 assumed the position it was possible to inspect both the dogs, ass and well as the dangling balls and cock, drill slave did not hesitate to fondle a couple of finger into the exposed ass and give the balls a solid grip. DrillSlave continued the on your knee position and the on all four, and the floor position, it is from the all four but with the body completely lowered on the ground. finally was the happy position, which consist on standing half a position, on the toes, knees bent, straight upper body and head raised and hand exposed near the torso, with the mouth wide open and the tongue exposed. Drillmaster explained that this position is one of the best you can be sure that your master is proud of you and want to reward you when he order you to such a position, you can usually expect  to suck a didlo or even to some cookies. where as the floor position is more for a punishment.

    Just when he finished explaining all the positions he ordered dog1 and 2 to the standing position and reordered them to cum. I has just been less than 5 min they had cum, this time it took both of them longer it was even tough to get the cock erect , but soon after they managed to have a full erection and soon to spurt shorter load of cum.


        As they declared that they had cum , drillslave gave the order for the entire kennel to move toward the central pillar of the school where dog 20 was hung ass exposed, and the first punishment was for him to get fucked by both dog one and two until they both cum . Them DrillSlave explained to dog20 that he is not allowed to cum before both dog would finish by his ass and not to express a sound.  Dog1 and 2 both had just cum twice and it was not easy to get their cock to erection yet, so drillslave gave them the possibility to start by spanking dog20 before starting the fucking... and this is what they did, first very slowly and softly until reaching a speedy rhythm dog 20 started by taking it very good, but as soon as the spanking became more intense and his ass became red hot tears started flowing from his eyes and at every stork he would try to move, and soon after he started crying and begging them to stop, the more he cried the more dog1 and 2 got excited and continued until they got a huge hardon and dog two without warming plowed his cock into the burning ass, dog 20 jumped from pain and let escaped a loud cry his ass cheeks were on fire, inside his ass was being invaded and his cock was trying to get hard but he could not and it hurts. But this time he was convinced he did not want to cum before his invaders. Dog 1 and two took part in fucking his ass regardless of his cries and tears, they took like an eternity before cuming into his ass. but this time he did not cum although he transgressed the order and cried out but he managed not to cum. At the end DrillSlave dropped a cold bucket of water over dog20 and left him on the pillar and the kennel went on.


    During this second week every dog got to train more with his master Eric was now dog6 and his master was hardmaster. The hole kennel would sleep the night in the cages, in the morning they would have breakfast and have half an hour for toilet, shaving and other, and then start training till lunch time , then continue training this time it was the physical training, mainly running, push ups, abs, and some weightlifting. till dinner before having an extra hour of free time in the kennel and them bed time.

this second week was for getting used to the order, and the dogs got to spent some time with their masters practicing on what they have learned: always in the house the dog is on all four, if master forgot to chain them in this position it is their obligation to be kept on the four, once master enter a room they will go directly to his feet and lick his boots, until he give the order to stop, the dog is not supposed to have his head raised from the floor.

    hardmaster had black leather boots and everytime he entered the house dog6 -Eric- would run to lick his boots clean and as he would be licking hardmaster would move to the couch and keep his dog licking his boots, and slowly he would remove his boots and give the order to lick his toes. Eric had his way in licking toes, he would start by kissing master smelly feet and  tongue lick it before his mouth would eat one than two then the 5 toes, the ritual would usually continue and hardmaster will give the order to stop and he would guide Eric mouth onto his soft mouth and inserted inside to piss his daily load, and Eric as a proud dog would not even let of a drop.

    At the end of the second week Eric became dog 3 and this week he did not cum at all, as for the new dog 1 and two they went into the same procedure similar also to dog 20 but this time much less crying .



    The weeks passed by rather similar in the training schedule but of course always new things, the dogs experience all long term bondage scenes, the longest was for 4 days which only 2 dogs managed to make it through and one of them was Eric how for 3 consecutive week was dog 1, and he was very proud as hardmaster was proud of him . near the end of the training period a new rule came to be applied for the looser, and ironically the first to get the new rule apply was Eric, he had a bad week and came to be dog 19, but the new rule said that the last two dogs would be kept together in a large cage and they have to 69 each other and the first to cum would  be first spanked by his partner and then will be whipped and this for 24 hours on the clock.

    Eric was sucking lick hell he did not want to loose, but his partner was also on the same path and in the first round Eric came first he got to be spanked 50 times the second round dog 20 cum Eric spanked him 75 time, they both got it one by one, for the 6 round at the end of which it was some 250 spanking that Eric got. They continued and they had became such professional sucker that they managed to let any cock cum in the shortest time possible, and  at the end of the 24 hours they had made  15 round and the score was 6 times Eric won and lost 9 times at the end his back was all red and his ass hot he barely managed to walk . He had lost and lost big time this week.

    one week before graduation Eric had regain the dog 1 position and it was now time for the dogs to meet their future owner, it was like an open house day, all dogs were dressed in the best leather outfit, a leather harness, the regular school tail and a leather head gear with of course the collar,  the chastity  tube had been removed as well as the chains. The leashes were locked onto the ground like in the first day, and the dog stayed all day long. Many visitors came and check them out feeling the bodies, the muscles, the genitals, the teeth, and every master would describe with dog and try to sell it. Eric had the most attention he was now ranking in the top 3 and his body could not go without noticing, he actually got the most attraction, his genitals where checked so many times, his tail was removed  to check his ass, his teeth , nipple , every inch of his body, even one guy insisted on mounting him, and licking his ass... by now all the dog had learn to  stay still, and during all the inspection no one moved an inched, Eric's ass was being plowed and he did not emit a sound nor flexed a muscle. All dogs felt the difference since they joined the school how much better slave they have become.


    The auction

    During the auction the dog where dressed similar to the open house day, and every master would introduce his dog to the audience before starting the biding , some short notice about the dog's past life at the school might be said.  Eric ended up dog 2.

    The auction started by dog 20 with a starting price of 20 000$   it was finally sold at 55 000$ which is a rather high price for the last dog, the dogs followed, and at each time the price would go higher and higher, dog 10 started at 50 000 and was sold at 150 000, then dog 5 started at 100.000 to be sold at 500.000$ the prices where become incredible, Eric was so excited he almost got a hardon just by hearing the price, but he had learned better to control himself, it was now his turn the biding started at 250.000 at the prices kept on going higher and higher, it was impossible to believe, in few minutes Eric price went over a million dollars, and kept on rising, and finally Eric was sold at 2 million dollars, it was the highest price ever paid in the school's long history , Eric could not believe he got such an amount...

Eric was so excited to see his  new master, then he came to take him  ,he was a young men younger than Eric, muscular fit body , blond and tall ,  wearing a black leather pans and a chest harness, as soon as he came cloth to Eric , Eric fell on his boots and started licking them, he grabbed his leash strongly and pushed Eric's face away, "someone grab this dog and chain him onto the desk" he said in a very authoritative way, and once this was done, with Eric on the desk feet apart, the young master said "please take your share of my new slave I'll keep it for the whole year, so you might as well enjoy it till the evening"  As soon as he finished Eric was surrounded by men his ass was directly invaded , his cock and balls played with his mouth and all of his body was being used by hands , cocks, feet, tongues, they kept on fuck him one after the other, fuck his ass and his mouth and soon they started cuming all over him , on his tits, on his ass, in his mouth and as soon as one would cum he would piss on Eric.   As hot as the moment was , Eric new now how to control his cock which was now being played by numbers hands but he knew better not to cum , and he managed to keep his cum for his new master.  Actually his cock was most of the time soft. Eric had turn into some real slave that allows his master total control of his emotions,

As soon as his master came back , all the other master, where exhausted, they had been fucking for a couple of hours, and it was hard for them to believe that the dog did not cum yet!

the master, he was called  Topmaster, garbed Eric cock and took him to his new life....

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