by Beachmas

I was instructed not to ejaculate for 48 hours before our meeting.  I was also told to swim a 4000 yard physically exhausting workout from noon until 2:30pm.  Leave my house no later than 3:30pm and shave off all of my body hair from my torso and legs.  I was told to leave all of the hair under my Speedo.  The master had his plans for that.  One odd request he had - bring a jock that used a center strap instead of the usual side straps.  And don't forget my 5 inch dildo.

The main purpose of this month's visit was to test my manhood.  All aspects of it.  To experience every masculine emotion and physical sensation.  To steal something from STAR TREK :  "Go where no man has gone before."  Or atleast go where this man had never gone before.  My libido was aching, my heart pounding, my COCK was dripping all day.  I had a tough time swimming with a semi-hard cock but I got through that killer workout.

I got in the car and started the 90 minute trek to the master's house.  My hands trembled as I pulled off the parkway to finish the last 20 minutes of the trip. As I pulled up in front of his house I put my head down and took a deep breath.  Most everything in this physical rollercoaster ahead of me was not negotiable.

I've never been fucked before so I asked that everything be safe including cock sucking.  The master told me he had no trouble wearing a rubber.  I also told him how spent I am after he straps me and how I always feel like his monster cock gets the short end of the stick, or should I say the tongue.  So I will probably be trained on cock sucking soon after I get there.  As far as the fucking issue, we made a trade.  He wouldn't fuck me but I would have to take his large and I mean very large dildo in the final lesson of the night.  I feared it and craved it at the same time.  Fearing it because it is so fucking thick, but craving it because it is so long.  I've heard guys tell of the ecstacy of being penetrated past the 2nd sphincter.  In agreeing to meet this time I turned over total ownership of this outer shell of me and my erotic soul.  Surrending control - at least for one night.

I walked up the walk and rang the bell.  After a second the door opened.  The master looked and smiled.  Although he was ten years younger than me he's an expert trainer in discipline and sexual training.  A former water polo player he stands  6'5", weighs in at  230 pounds,  and has steel blue eyes and a short jet black hair.   He spends an hour a day on a vacuum pump to increase his 9 inch cock.

"You made it.  I had a feeling you were going to chicken out."

I shook my head no.  I did not utter a word because slaves are not allowed to speak without permission.  This is rule #1.

"You can respond BOY."

I took another breath.

"Speak freely, I need to know what frame of mind you are in.  This is your last chance to change your mind."

I stammered and then he took my hands.


I sighed.  "I'm glad I came, I really need to know what I'm made of."

"You will... you've made the right choice.  Do you want anything to drink before we get started?"

I shook my head "no".

"Rule #2?" the master probed.  I started to unbutton my coat.

"You may respond BOY."    I undid another button.

"A slave never wears clothes inside the home.  This includes his own home."

The master nodded and helped me off with my coat.

"Rule #3?"  he asked.

"The master owns the slaves body."  I nodded again and proceeded to strip, placing my clothes in a neet pile on the floor beside the sofa.

As I turned around and looked at the master he was suddenly naked except for a bulky University of Calfornia, Berkeley sweatshirt.  Our eyes met, he looked down towards his crotch.

"The condoms are on the tv stand."   he whispered.

I opened a packet of Magnums and started to slide one on his cock.  He was almost rock hard.

"I stayed on the milker for an extra 20  minutes, so I'm pretty pumped up."

The master sat down in his easy chair and I knelt down in front of him.  I put my tongue right on the tip of his monster cock and teased the head.  Making little circles right around the head.  Slowly I slid the head into my small mouth.

"Take it farther into your mouth."  So I did.  "That's it deeper."  he was moaning now.  "How did your pool workout go today... you may respond."

"Very well sir I'm kind of tired."  I licked the head of his cock again.

"You should be exhausted."

"I worked very hard Sir... I'm not exhausted because I'm running on nervous energy."  The master started to moan again.

"Take it in your throat."  I did and I began to gag.  "DEEPER BOY"  I tried again and again each time I gagged even worse.  The master pulled my head off his cock.

"You haven't done much breath control in the water this week have you?"    I shook my head no.  I started to speak but the master put his cock across my lips.  "You don't have permission to respond."

The master got up from his chair and motioned for me to stand in the corner facing the wall.  I obeyed.  The master went over to a desk and took out some rubber bands and some duck tape.

"Come over here."  I obeyed.

First he took a large rubber band and twisted it around my cock and balls.  My cock was held facing the floor.  Then he took a long, wide strip of duck tape and placed it length-wise at the base of my cock.  He took the other end of the tape and yanked it between my legs -

attaching the other end to the crack of my ass.  Essentially my cock and balls were stuffed between my legs.  Next the master lied down on the floor, face up.  I was then instructed to assume a push up position with my mouth directly over his ever growing cock.

"You will now learn breath control."  I was then ordered to do pushups over his cock.  At the very end of the exercise, when I am almost to the floor, I am to take his cock in my mouth and go down to the base.  I was ordered to do push ups until absolute complete tricep failure.  The last 5-6 he ordered me to slow down to a snails pace.  I collapsed on his legs with his cock still in my mouth.

"Now that's more like it."  he groaned.

The master left me panting and grunting on the floor.


Fifteen minutes later the Master summoned me to his back room.  Sort of a den/workout room.  In the middle of the room was a black and decker workmate.  Basically a portable table complete with vices and clamps.  The most interesting thing about this table is that the middle of it opened up and was strong enough to hold about 250 pounds.  I was ordered to to get on top of it and lie face down with my head hanging over the edge and my butt just off the other end.  My feet rested on the legs.

Next the Master took surgical tubing and tied my hands and feet to the legs.  In the corner a fan blew cold air just hitting my butt.  He then took some adhesive tape and closed my eye lids shut.

"Sh, sh, you'll be fine."  He stroked my spine as he moved away from the table.  I lie there for what seems like an eternity and then I hear a buzzing sound.  On and off.  The sound gets louder and softer, on and off.  Then the Master put his hand through my hair and then grabbed my head and pulled it back forcing me to arch my back.  Suddenly I feel hair falling to my back.  He was shaving my head.  One pass and then another. Then silence.  After a second I hear what sounds like a hair dryer. If he was shaving my head what did he need a hair dryer for?  The heat from the dryer was a nice contrast to the cold air blowing up my ass and cock.  He released my head and then untied my legs.  He spread them far apart and pulled my knees up towards my chest.  Next he retied my feet to a different part of the workmate.  My ass cheeks were really spread now.  He put one hand on one cheek and the other hand on the other cheek.

"Your ass is mine... inside and out."  he whispers. He squeezes my cheeks like his working his hands with hand grippers.  I start to shake.  Suddenly the clippers snap on again.  He begins to shave my ass.  Up and down even strokes.  Then nothing, completely still.  All of a sudden intense tearing and ripping - he yanks the duck tape off in one pass.  I scream.

"We're going to have to work on your pain level, aren't we?"  He reaches under and shaves my pubs.  After a few strokes I feel wet then I hear shaving cream being sprayed on.  He begins to shave me clean, over and over again.  He flattens my ball sac and strokes it over and over with the razor.  He even shaves the base of my throbbing cock!  Then he wipes me off with a dry cloth.  Then I lie there for a few moments.  I hear something pouring.  I smell something familiar, something from when I was a teenager.  All of a sudden he pours something on me and I see STARS.  I scream.  He douces my ass with SEA BREEZE!  He grabs my ass cheeks and pulls them apart.  The sea breeze trickles down to my ball sac.

"Quiet... TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!"  he commands.

After a moment of fire he wipes my ass off with what feels like Aloe vera.  Now I'm in heaven.  I hear a snap, the snap of rubber gloves going on.  The I feel a hot sensation on the head of my cock.  The Master put his tongue in my piss slit.  I arch my back.

"Now don't come on me." he whispers.

He releases his mouth from my cock and starts to massage my ass cheeks.  Then I hear another glove going on.  He fingers the area around my hot hole.  My opening twitches and tightens.  After a moment he spreads them apart.  Then with his mouth he blows into my opening hole.

"What a tight little CUNT... very fuckable."  he laughs.  "You may respond."

I sigh.  "Sir I don't know about-"  He slaps my ass with the back of his hand.

"I know our agreement, I will not FUCK YOU."  I relax for a second.

"Thank you SIR, thank you."

"But I will train you to be FUCKED!"  He slowly works one finger inside me.  I moan.  He spreads my opening again and then inserts another finger.  He spreads the two fingers apart stretching my FUCK HOLE.  I moan again.  Then with the other hand he slide a third finger inside me.  He slides it all the way in and touches my prostate.  I twitch and arch my back.  He rocks his finger over and over that spot.  I drip like a faucet.

"You will not cum, do you understand.  If you cum when you are not supposed to I will milk you dry or atleast until your prostate bleeds." I tighten up.

He stops for a moment an then I hear one glove come off.  The he reaches under and strokes my throbbing cock.  He puts some kind of crean on it.

"This is Mentholatum... to warm you up."  Then I feel something really cold going up and down my spine, it feels like ice.  He then runs it down my ass crack.  Then with both hands he takes my balls and craddles them.  He frees up one hand and then I hear a glass with ice rattling in the background.  I hear it pour into something.  He lifts up what feels like a bowl.  ICE cold.  I yelp.

"We still need to do something about your pain threshold, don't we.?  I swallow.

"Sir yes, I'm sorry SIR."  He dries off my ass and balls.  I lie there for a few minutes.  Suddenly I hear a strap whipping around and then CRACK right across my ass.

"You did not have permission to speak."  he teases my hanging cock with the strap.

He leaves the room and I lie there still and quiet.  My neck is now aching from holding my head off the table.  My cock twitching from the mentholatum.

He returns.

"How are you  BOY... you may respond."

"Fine SIR."  I hear the workmate squeak and I feel like I'm moving or falling.  I resist it and fight it.  Suddenly I'm upright in a strange verticle squat posiition.  The Master moves close to me.  I feel his pecs against my back and his cock against the small of my back.  He slowly begins to to HUMP me.  Humping me like a dog.  Faster and faster with wild abandon.  He moans and groans.  I fee his sweat on my shoulders.  He screams.   Strangely I don't feel like he came on me, then he puts his hands on my shaved shalp.  He caresses my now bald head.  I smell CUM.  He licks the back of my neck.

"My CUM is salty today... I haven't cum in four days.   I've saved it up for today."  He takes his finger and puts it in front of my nose.  Very strong CUM smell.  I put my tongue out to taste it but I can't reach it.   "Oh no, saftey first... remember."  I nod.  "Someday you'll have my cum inside of you, if you are the ONE."

After a few minutes I feel like I'm moving again.  The falling feeling returns.  Now I'm horizontal.

The Master leaves the room.  Minutes later he comes back with what sounds like a metal bucket.  He puts on a new set of gloves and spreads my cheeks.  In goes one finger, then another.  Then he slides something in.  Suddenly something warm fills me up.  It's so fucking hot I can't believe it, then the PAIN.  Cramping.  I whimper and almost speak but I remember I don't have permission.

I feel his fingers on my eyes.  He slowly pulls off the tape.  I open my eyes.  He unties my limbs and orders me to stand up.  I catch a glance of myself in a mirror.  My belly sticks out like a beer gut.

"25 deep knee bends, NOW."  I comply.  Around the 22nd one I feel like I can't hold it any longer and beg him to let me release the water.  He agrees and escorts me to the toilet.  Before I sit down he makes me put on a condom.  I sit down and-

"Arch your back and force it out as fast as you can."   I do and my cock feels like it will explode.  After I expell the water he takes the condom off.  It's full of pre-cum.  He orders me to lick it clean.

"Get in the tub and bend over"  he orders.  I do.  On the wall is some kind of stainless steel hose with a six inch long smooth cylinder on the end. He slowly works it up my ass and slowly turns on the water.  It fills me up but not as much as the first time.  This time I'm ordered to do 20 deep knee bends.  This goes on and on maybe 3 or 4 times.

"Is your man-CUNT loosened up yet?"  I open my mouth and he puts his finger to my mouth.  "Rule #1."  I don't have permission to speak.

"You may only make sounds, not words.  Feel free to express your most primal feelings, but no more words."  He leads me into another room.  This is the room where he straps me.  In the doorway is a chin up bar.  He looks at it.

"Now you will do chinups until failure... absolute failure.  Failure... completely."  I nod and begin pulling myself up and releasing.  35 chinups later my biceps are on fire.  As I get to the top my arms cramp and I crash down.   My chest heaves up and down as I get up off the floor.

"Very good."  He puts his 2 hands around my cock and caresses me.

He orders me onto the bed.  Face down.  He places 4 pillows under my cock and spreads my legs apart.  He places a pipe between my legs.  I'm ordered to keep it still, it cannot move.

"You will receive 30 extra lashes with my toughest belt as punishment for the 3 deep knee bends you failed to do during the first enema."

Silence, then a crack right across my ass.  "Sir, one SIR."  Now I'm back in familiar territory.  At lash number 65 he stops.  "BOY go get your dildo and the jock you were ordered to bring."

When I return he orders me to bend over.  He  pours some lube on the dildo and slowly inserts it.  Ecstacy, nothing less.

"Stand up and put on the jock."  I do.  "Back into position BOY."  Is he crazy, he's going to strap me with this thing in me?  I do as I am told.  This time he uses a paddle, a small painful ping pong paddle.  In between lashes he pulls on my jock jiggling the dildo.  WOW FUCKIN "A" I think.  Ecstacy again.  I really wish he'd fuck me.

At around the 85th strike he increases the intensity and speed - not letting up.  At the 95th strike he yanks down the jock pulling the dildo out.  He climbs on top of me, straddling my back and working the left cheek without mercy.  I almost loose my breath counting.

Now he's going faster.  I feel a tear running down my cheek.  By the 100th lick I start to openly cry.  He removes the bar from between my legs.  He kneels down at my ass and starts to caress it.  He even kisses it.  After a moment he puts some lotion on it.  He rubs it and pours the lotion on my balls and and the underside of my cock.

He stands at my head and looks at me.  "For every 100 licks you take, you are permitted one orgasm, a dildo induced orgasm if you prefer."  My eyes light up.

"The only condition is..."  He picks up a small wind up timer.  "You must ejaculate in 2 minutes of less... for every additional 100 licks you get another orgasm... the 2nd orgasm can be 3 minutes of pleasure before you cum... For every 15 seconds you are late in cumming you will receive 1 lick across your bare back with my cat o nine tails... Also I promise the tails will probably hit you across your swimming muscles... your lats."

I lie there for a moment.  "It's your choice, if you decline you will not be thought of any less... you may respond."

"Sir I'd like to try it.  I'd like a dildoed induced orgasm."  He nods.  "Sir could you please dildo me?"

He nods.  He motions for me to get on all fours.  "Permission to stroke sir?"

"Absolutely."  Silence he starts the timer and spreads my cheeks.  "One last thing... you must lickup all of your cum after you shoot."

I nod.  "Thank you SIR."  I reach around to my cock and start pumping.  The master slides the dildo in and out of me at a feverish pitch.  Ecstacy, pure and simple.  I keep one eye on the time and the other on my cock.  Coming up on 2 minutes.  I'm so close, so close... the timer goes off.  The Master twists the dildo around and around.  I blow like a geyser.

I collapse on the floor.

"Two licks with the tails."  he whispers in my ear.

In the garage I stand with my arms spread apart and tied to a chin up bar.  "Count off... just like before."  The tails hit me and I scream.

"Sir, One SIR."  Almost immediately I feel the 2nd one.  "Sir, two SIR."  I see stars before my eyes.

INTERMISSION  (Each time I meet with the Master we stop for lunch or dinner, and this time was no different.)

We left the garage and sat in the dining room eating pizza.  After I finish my last slice the Master loooks at me and asks:

"Well are you ready for the next 100?"  Reluctantly I nod yes.  We return to the strapping room.  This time this set is nothing special, just a routine strapping.  The Master knows how much I can take.  After the last strap he orders me to leave the room and return to the den.  I'm ordered back onto the workmate. I do.  He ties my arms and legs again, but he leaves my eyes open.  He puts on the gloves and puts the timer in front of me.  He sets it.  He goes behind me and spreads me open with 3 fingers.  He slowly slides in my 5 inch dildo working it in and out.  He finds my prostate and rubs it over and over.  FUCK ME FUCK ME PLESE SIR - I think to myself.  Moaning and groaning I watch the timer tick down.  He reaches under me and fingers my cock slit, then slowly starts to stroke me.  He starts to ram the dildo higher and higher inside of me.  Now he's really  pumping my cock.  I start to cum as the timer hits 2 minutes.  I shoot and then I shoot again.  "You may respond."

"I've never felt anything like that before sir,  I can't believe it."  I'm trembling now, shivering.

"Would you like to go for another 100 licks or go right to the next level?"

He releases me and tells me to sit up.  He leaves the room.  He comes back carrying his monster sized dildo.  He opens my legs and rugs it against my cock.

"You may speak."

"Do you think I'm ready sir?"

He shakes his head.  "Do you deserve it?  I don't what to say.  "For each part of pleasure there needs to be an equal part of pain.  Pain... pleasure."  I nod.   "It's your choice."  I look at him then at the dildo.  "You've picked the pleasure... I pick the pain."

We return to the garage and I'm order to pull myself up on another chin up bar attached to the rafters.  I'm to stay there until he says I can release.  He picks up his most intense strap and puts it between my legs.  I'm shaking now, from the cold and from fear.

"I will be here to catch you if you fall... you're almost there.  You wanted to know what you are made of.  Now we'll see."

Silence then the wind up and snap.  I scream, stars before my eyes.  I struggle to count.  "Sir, one SIR."  This goes on for 10 licks.  I'm struggling to hold myself up there.  Just as the 10th strike hits me my arms give out and I fall.  Just as I am about to fall to the ground the Master catches me.  At this point I start to cry, really cry almost a sob.  He picks me up and carries me into the bedroom.  He lies me on my side and pushes my knees up to my chest.  With his tongue he goes up the center of my back nibbling up to my neck.  He reaches down and pulls my legs apart slowly working the head of the monster dildo inside of my cunt lips. I moan and squirm.

"Fuck" I cry out.  "Fuck me sir!"  he slowly slides the dildo in and out.  The whole time he has his hand wrapped around my cock and balls, holding them in place.  He starts to drive the dildo in and out farther and farther each time.   As he slides it in again he puts my cock in his mouth.  Suddenly he drives the dildo in all the way in - past the 2nd sphincter.  I scream.  He takes my cock into his throat!

He slides his mouth off of my cock and pulls the dildo out of me.  He stands up and takes off his clothes.

"Come over to the edge of the bed, put your knees on the floor face down."  He  straddles my back with his cock sitting right between my shoulder blades.  It's hot and sticky.  With one hand he strokes my cock and with the other he slides the dildo into my man CUNT.  He rams it in and out faster and faster!  I scream and pant.  I need to cum but he won't let me.  Suddenly he pulls out the dildo and slides his thumb in.  He searches around for my prostate.  I scream when he touches it.

'FUCK ME, FUCK!"  Next he takes his index finger and his middle finger squeezing right behind my balls.  Then with the thumb still inside me he milks my prostate from inside and out.

"Bear down from inside, put more pressure on that prostate.  NOW BOY or you'll get that cat o nine tails.  CUM NOW BOY!"

I scream one more time and then explode.  He rubs my back.  "Still hard?"  I nod.

"Kind of..."  I reply.

"Reach under with your left hand and pump your cock."

"What?"  I ask.

"Grab your cock and hump your fucking fist..."  Slowly I repsond.  This time I'm harder than before.

"You have one minute to shoot or else."  he whispers in my ear.  I humped it for everything I had.  Suddenly a hot rush fills my whole body.  The most intense orgasm I've ever had.  I shoot again, or at least I think I'm shooting. Nothing comes out, but I feel like I blew a giant wad.  The Master picks me up and sits me on his lap.  Facing him he puts his tongue down his throat.