Soldier Boy

Suddenly the lights go on. A second after I see the light, I'm once again in darkness as a blindfold covers my eyes. Hands are grabbing me, pulling me this way and that. I'm being pulled up out of my bed. I feel hands on my nipples, on my crotch and on my ass. My hands are being tied tight behind my back. I try to ask what the fuck is going on but all I get for my trouble is a hard slap across my face and a knee to my groin. Fear is mixed with desire in me as they walk me out into the night, wearing only a pair of underwear and a t-shirt.

 We drive a short way. I'm laying in the back seat of a jeep and every once in awhile the guy not driving reaches back and hits me. On the arm, on my back, on my thigh anywhere he could reach. From time to time I hear them laughing. Then I hear the words do it, do it. All at once my ass and my back are stinging. I'm being hit with a belt over and over again. I try to get out of the way but there is nowhere to go on this back seat. One after the other, the belt falls on naked and almost naked skin. And it hurts like hell. The car stops and so does the beating.

What the hell is going on, I shout.

Four hands pull me up out of the back seat, roughly. Next thing I know we are inside somewhere. The change in temperature is noticeable.

 Have a seat soldier, a voice says.

I don't really want to sit down, if you don't mind, I say.

A hard kick to the back of my knees and I am sitting on the floor. You can sit on the floor or you can sit on a chair, I don't give a damn. Now, what do you want to do?  The question comes from a voice standing directly over me.

Trying to sound like a smart ass, I say, I guess I'll sit in the chair.

Out of nowhere a sharp slap to my right cheek and then my left. I'll sit in the chair I guess Sir, I hear through the ringing in my hears. Two hands help me up from the floor and then Sir says with a hint of laughter in his voice, the next time you forget to address me in the proper way, trust me you'll be very sorry queer boy.

How did he know I was queer, he must have noticed my head jerk around because I hear a sort of evil laugh and then he says. Didn't you know that's why you're here? I'm going to show you what we do to queer boys in the military.

Shit, what's this guy talking about? This must be some joke. So in a very friendly voice I say, hey all right now, you can untie me. That was very funny but I'm tired and I want to go back to bed now.

Before I could get the last word out of my mouth, I am being pulled up out of the chair, my face is pushed up hard against the cold wall and this fucking guy is grabbing my dick so hard tears come to my eyes. I'm screaming from the pain, stop it, stop it. I try to get away but he is holding me against the wall with one hand and the other hand is mauling my now hard dick.

There are two words I want to hear from you, he whispers in my ear.

Through the pain and excitement I manage to spit out, please Sir.

 Umm, that's what I like to hear, he says while gently rubbing my neck.

I'm surprised by how genital he's being. It want last long. The ropes on my hands are being loosened and again he is holding me by the back of my neck and talking into my ear.

I'm going to take these ropes off your hands, but if you try anything, I will knock your ass out, you don't want that do you? You'll miss all the fun.

No Sir, I say.

Good, now get down on the floor.

I get down on the floor and I wait for him to tell me what to do.

Every soldier can do push-ups, he says so give me ten.

I start pushing myself up when I feel the heat of a belt hitting me. For a minute I just lay there. The belts just keep coming down on my back, and ass, and the top of my legs. It feels like he's hitting me as hard as he can.

Please Sir, please I'll do the push-ups, just don't hit me any more.

I know he has a smile on his face when he says, when you give me ten I'll stop.

I try to get away and he just follows me until I am up against a wall with nowhere to go. It hurts like hell, over and over again from the top of my back down to my calves. I'm thinking he could do this all night. I feel my dick getting harder and harder and I wonder, what the fuck.

Ok, ok I say between breaths and he stops hitting me.

I hear him breathing hard and then he shouts, get up!

I get to my feet, slowly wondering, what's next. Before I can have another thought he is there right up next to me. I can feel him breathing on me, I can feel the heat from his body, I can smell him and he smells so good. He backs me up against the wall and he takes the blindfold off. At first it takes me some time to adjust to the light in the room. Next thing I know, I'm looking into his eyes and he's looking at me with a little smile on his face. Then the tender moment is over, he is squeezing my balls so hard and looking directly in my eyes, he likes to see me suffer.

 Get down on your hands and knees, he says. Now! I didn't forget, I still want you to give me ten but lets do something a little different. Every time you go down I want to you to kiss my boot the left one first and then the right. Start now.

I look up from my place on the floor. He is hot, a real sexy guy. He's looking at me, waiting for me. I pull myself up and when I come down I kiss his left foot and then up again and I kiss his right foot. You like that don't you? He asked.

Yes Sir, I say between kisses.

You really like it don't you?

Yes Sir.

Clean my boots soldier, he tells me. Clean them real good and maybe I'll let you suck my dick. You've been looking at my dick since I took the blindfold off of you. He's right; I've been looking at the big bulge in his pants this whole time. I lick his boots like I love them. Slowly at first then with more speed, then with more speed. I lick every inch of his boots and from time I look up to see his dick growing hard in his pants.

Now he's jerking off while I work on his boots. I'm very busy cleaning his boots and thinking about getting my mouth on that cock when I feel two heavy hands come down on my back, then again and again. I don't stop cleaning his boots and he just laughs and says what a good boy I am. God, it feels like his hands are made of stone. He just keeps hitting me and hitting me. Get up, he says, get up on your knees

. As soon as I 'm up on my knees, he has my face in his crotch. I can feel the heat from his cock through his pants. His dick is rock hard and he's rubbing it against my mouth and across my face. It's so fucking big and hot.

You want my dick don't you, he smiles at me. You want me to fuck your queer boy mouth with my big dick, don't you?

I can only mumble because my face is pushed hard into his crotch, but I manage to say yes, yes, yes, I want your cock Sir.


Next thing I know he is twisting my nipples between his fingers and pulling me to my feet. He is walking me across the room and he is whispering in my ear, what will you let me do to you? What you gone let me do to you?

He's twisting my nipples harder and harder and talking into my ear, my own cock is about to explode. Then his right hand is around my throat and he is squeezing and I can't breath. I can't fucking breath. I try to get away but, no chance. He lets go and the air rushes into my lungs and I suddenly feel full and light headed at the same time and he just smiles at me as I try to catch my breath. This time he has both hands around my throat and he is squeezing until there is no more air. He's grinding his hard dick into my dick. I can feel how hard my dick is because the rest of my body feels so soft as the air leaves me. Just as I start to think I can't take it any more he lets loose and I let loose and cum inside my underwear.

Still on my knees, wanting him inside of me so bad I almost ask for it, when he demands in that sexy voice of his that I get up. We are standing face to face now, I try to stare him down but I have to turn away, the intensity of his looking at me, seeing me, makes me look away.

What's wrong my little cocksucker, you want something, he asks?

It takes me awhile when I finally spit it out; I want you to fuck my ass Sir.

Ummm, that sounds like a good idea, his hand is on his dick while he says this. Look, he says I'm starting to get hard again.

I do look and his dick is starting to get long and wide and hard, I want it so much. All I can think about is having him deep inside me when I hear him say ok soldier lean over that desk, ass in the air.

I do what he says; I'm so hot for him I can barely walk. I lean over the desk and my hard dick rubs painfully on the edge of the desk, when suddenly he has his foot on my ass pushing me harder into the desk. I try to push back off the desk just a little and he hits me with both his hands on my back, I instantly stop struggling and I let him grind my rock hard cock into the desk with out a fight. Then his hand is on my head and he's telling me what a good soldier I am when I feel him on my ass. He's rubbing his dick up and down my crack, his right fist comes down hard on my back, once, twice and then a third time. I start to moan loudly from the pain and the pleasure. Boom...he's hitting me again and still rubbing his throbbing cock on my ass and pressing my dick into the desk and I'm thinking I can't take it anymore.

As though he was reading my mind he says, you can take it, you know you can.

I have a raging hard on and I'm not the only one, I start to wonder if he will ever fuck me when he steps back from me and says don't move.

Soon I feel him again on my ass, this time the feeling of cold hard steel is unmistakable as he runs the knife down my back. It feels so good I almost cum again but I know that would the wrong thing to do. A loud moan escapes his lips as I feel the blood start to flow.

Put your tongue out, he says.

He lays the bloody knife on my tongue. The taste of my own blood makes me crazy. He takes the knife back and runs it down my back all the way down to my asshole. I'm afraid and oh so excited. I can hear him breathing hard behind me, as he scrapes the tip of the knife over my asshole. I hold my breath, is he gone to put it inside me, what is he gone to do.

BREATH soldier he yells at me.

Slowly I take some air in afraid to even move with the knife still pressed against my hole. Then the knife is gone and is replaced by a thick finger pressing against my tight asshole. He presses and pushes until his lubed up finger pops inside me. Ummmmm... He's finger fucking me with first one and then two fingers. In and then all the way out, he's opening me up.

Relax, he tells me, I'm gone to put my dick inside you and then he adds another finger.

I'm getting so hot and I yell back at him' put your dick inside me Sir.

He starts to really fuck me hard with his three fingers.

When I'm ready and I'm not ready yet, he says.

Suddenly he takes his fingers out and walks around the desk and rams his dick into my mouth.

Make me good and hard, he tells me and then he fucks my mouth like crazy.

His dick is deep in my throat, hitting the back of my throat with every trust and then as suddenly as he started he stops.

I want to cum inside your ass, soldier boy, he says with a wide smile on his face.

My body feels electric; I'm so fucking ready I think I could loose my mind. I hear him putting on a condom and he's lubing up my ass again with three of his fingers. The tip of his hard cock rest at my ass ring.

Let me in, he says softly in my ear.

Three times he pokes at me with his hard meat and each time I open up a little more.

The head pops inside me, that feels so good, he says, but I want some more.

With the next push he's all the way inside me.

You're so tight and hot on my dick, I'm gone to fuck you so good, he tells me.

Fuck me, fuck me good I say over my shoulder.

He starts out fucking me slow, he pulls out until just the head is still inside me and I feel every inch of him as he pushes back into me until his balls are slapping up against my ass. He puts his hands on my shoulders and starts to fuck me faster and faster and so hard. He's slamming into me and slamming my dick into the desk. I know he's about to cum, I can feel his dick getting bigger inside me; I'm just full of him. The room is full of the sounds of his body crashing into mine. I feel him cumming and he's shouting and hitting me and ramming his dick deep, deep inside me and I start to cum too.

He slumps onto my back and tells me how good I am and I know I will be back for more if he'll have me.