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Chapter 5, GARAGE SALE


Bobby first went to the kitchen and found the sharpest carving knife in his collection. He then walked upstairs and entered the master bedroom. He stopped and slowly surveyed the imprint that his brother had made on his most private of rooms. 'Tomorrow I need to sort out his dirty clothes and inventory my personal effects,' he considered, before going to the bathroom.

Very carefully, stretching his head to one side in front of the mirror, he moved the blade of the knife in between his neck and the leather collar. For the next several minutes, Bobby slowly moved the blade back and forth until his collar fell into the sink. He smiled at the old symbol's removal before tossing it in the wastebasket.

He stood back and admired his new body, crafted and molded into an extremely fit man over the past three weeks. Looking at his cock, Bobby decided that the PA and ring strung through the perineum skin would be removed. However, while rubbing his nipples and chest, he considered keeping the rings. 'Well,' he decided, 'maybe a smaller version.' Bobby thought he'd like the modified look. 'Should raise a few eyebrows at the gym.'

Next he went to the closet and found one of his favorite cargo shorts. After putting on a tee and slipping into flip-flops, Bobby was ready to face his sibling tormentor. He returned to the kitchen, placed the knife into the holder, grabbed a bottle of water and went to the garage door. He took a deep breath, inserted the key once again in the lock, opened the door and turned on the garage light.

"Well, little brother, looks like you've got yourself in quite a mess." Bobby walked over and saw Scott blinking rapidly, trying to adjust to the bright lights. "A big, fuckin' mess," he said with emphasis as he stared into his brother's eyes.

"Uww, urghh..." was all Scott could utter with the ball gagging his mouth. He squirmed a little until he gave up at undoing the restraints.

"And you messed up one of my nice pair of pants," Bobby said as he looked at the dark, moist stains around Scott's crotch. "Not good." He reached behind Scott's head and unsnapped the leather strap that held the ball gag. With force, he pulled away the gag and dropped it to the concrete floor. Spittle flew out from Scott's mouth.

"Let me out of here, boy," Scott yelled with a pronounced slur. "I'm the boss, here." He was lying on his side, almost in a fetal position, with his arms pulled behind and cuffed.  His ankles were bound together in a like fashion.

"Boss? Let's cut this crap, now. You're in my house as an uninvited, drunken guest. This slave fantasy of yours ended when you decided to pound on Master Trey. That was very unwise, butthead." Bobby gave Scott's legs a push with his foot for emphasis. "You wanna talk or shall I just put that gag in your mouth and call the police?"

"Police? You wouldn't, you're, um, my..."

"My...what? Get real, Scott. I'm in charge here and I'm pissed," Bobby said with a glare. "You get the big picture?"

"Oh, shit, I...I'm...err, let's talk. Um, I guess I fucked up," Scott said with resignation. He licked his lips in an effort to clean up his drool.

"To put it mildly. Kidnapping, embezzlement of the way, how much money have you taken from my accounts?" Bobby lifted a stool from his tool bench, placed it in front of Scott, and sat down.

"Err, maybe $20,000? I don't know, but I did keep track of the transfers. Between the ATM withdrawals and your debit card charges, it'll probably be close to that. I kept all the receipts in my...err, your desk drawer."

"Why? What the fuck were you thinking? Your older brother, the take-charge guy who others call a class A-type, forced into bondage and trained to be a submissive slave. I want answers now," Bobby snarled.

"I guess that it all goes back to the way you treated me when we were kids."

"We went through that scenario at Master Trey's place. But although I may have been a little too forceful, I always thought you liked it."

"Yeah, I think I did and...fuck, I just remembered what happened earlier in the house. How is Trey? Is he going to be okay?" Scott's red eyes got larger as the ramification of his earlier actions sunk in.

"My shit-faced little bro finally got the big picture. Not only have you probably destroyed any relationship with me, you are chopped liver in the eyes of my new friend, Trey." Bobby couldn't help but rub it in...good. "And I think that you should start addressing him as Master Trey."

"New friend? Master?" Scott asked suspiciously.

"Yes, he and I have had a meeting of the minds. I can tell you that Master Trey is very upset at your earlier actions. Plus, he feels you deceived him concerning the untruth about my desire to be a slave. You're batting a thousand." Bobby took a sip of water and looked at his brother with an arched, dismissive expression.

"So he's really pissed?"

"Well, let's put it this way, he asked Marcus to arrange for the Black King of Spades to be at their house at midnight. I mentioned something about role reversal for you," Bobby added with a chuckle.

"The Black..." Scott couldn't finish the sentence. His complexion turned to shades on a variation of white and he started to tremble. "Oh...fuck."

"Fuck is the least of your worries, little brother. I think that I'll let you make the decision here. Do I call the police and have you charged with crimes and moved on to a lifetime indenture program, or do you want to take your chances with Master Trey? Part of me wants nothing more to do with you. On the other hand, we might see each other at Master Trey's house on a weekend once in a while." Bobby stood up and placed the stool back by the tool bench.

"Um...I think..."

"Let's try this again. I'm not going to forget I have a brother but I will be addressed with respect," Bobby said with authority and clarity. 'Respect,' he thought, 'has taken on new meaning in my life.'

"Ah, Sir, I would like to accept whatever Master Trey has planned for me."

"Final answer?" Bobby inwardly smiled as he parodied the question from 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'.

"Yes, Sir. I'll take my chances."

"Brother, before I leave, I need your P.I.N. and bank passwords. I've got a lot of financial fence-mending to do over the next couple of days. Understand that somehow you're going to repay every fucking penny you 'borrowed'. And I think you'll thank me for allowing you to discover your submissive nature as a free man."


By the time the doorbell rang, Trey and Bobby had resolved their differences and misunderstandings of the past three weeks. Bobby had removed both sets of handcuffs and they were enjoying a glass of wine while Leontyne Price's Aida was singing the dramatic third act aria. Trey agreed to send the jeweler over in the morning to remove the unwanted ornamentation and downsize the nipple rings.

"Marcus, welcome to my home," Bobby said after opening the door and stepping aside.

"Thanks for calling. Is Master Trey alright?" Marcus tenderly grabbed Bobby's arm and squeezed it.

"I'm doing fine. Come in," Trey said from the living room.

Marcus entered the living room and saw his master, slightly disheveled, standing with a glass of red wine in his hand. He walked over and gave Trey a light hug and kissed him on the cheek. "I worried about you, Sir. But it appears that all's well?"

"For the moment. Bobby and I have had a very interesting conversation while we waited for you to arrive. Sit down and have a glass of wine, if Bobby doesn't mind."

"Absolutely not. Since my beer-swilling brother hasn't touched it, allow me to get a bottle of Heitz Martha's Vineyard cab."

"1992?" Trey asked with a salacious raise of the eyebrow.

"No, but close. It's a 1996." Bobby bowed broadly and left the room.

Over the next half-hour, the three men discussed the turn of events. Again, profusely, Trey apologized for the grievous error committed. Marcus joined the master in apologizing for the problems that they had caused Bobby.

"Bobby, I had a gut feeling about this from the beginning. I should have been more forceful in making my feelings known to Master Trey."

"But that's not your nature. There's enough submissive makeup in your personality that you would be reluctant to bring up the subject. By the way, I find that personality very appealing," Bobby said with a smile.

"And I find you most all ways." Marcus blushed and looked over to Master Trey.

"I think I get the message, Marcus, but first things first. We have business to conclude," Trey said, re-focusing on the problem at hand.

"Well, gentlemen, I think that we're agreed that my brother will move to the dungeon for some re-programming. You, Sir, can determine exactly how Scott will fit into the picture eventually. I plan on calling his boss tomorrow to request a month's leave of absence. That should give you plenty of time to deal with him. My guess is that my brother will be relieved to explore his buried desire to serve masters."

"During this coming month we'll consider several options. Scott will be a busy man. Well, man for the time being," Trey said with a chortle. "I agree that he'll probably be part of the group with a different status...on weekends and at the clubs."

"Fair enough. I will accept your decision. Trey, the final proposal concerns Marcus. I hope what I have in mind is agreeable to Marcus and will receive your blessings." Bobby poured the remainder of the luscious cabernet sauvignon in the three glasses.

"I owe you lasting gratitude for possibly saving my life. Whatever I can do to thank you and rectify the transgressions on your well being, I will do," Trey said, hoisting the wine glass.

"Bobby, Sir, same here. Plus, I have some pretty strong feelings concerning you. If you asked me to walk over hot coals, I'd say yes." Marcus reached over and grabbed Bobby's hand. He looked into Bobby's eyes and locked into an intense stare for a few moments.

"That's pretty sweet. But you'd probably get calluses," Bobby replied, finally, to break the initial tension. "Here's what I propose. Marcus, my feelings are the same. I think that I have fallen in love with you. If there was one good thing to come out of this mess, it's that I met you. And this experience forced me to accept that I am gay with a dominant nature. It explains a lot of things that did and didn't happen in my life until recently." Bobby smiled and gripped Marcus's hand firmer.

"I feel like the father being asked for his daughter's hand in marriage by a young buck," Trey said with a laugh. "Sorry, I couldn't help it. And while you're certainly a young buck, it's my son we're speaking of. Please continue."

"What I propose is that Marcus begin studying for the state teacher's test and start applying for a teaching position in one of the nearby school systems. I say 'nearby' in terms of Chicago. If everyone agrees, I propose that Marcus move in with me by the end of summer. This time I'll have a roommate that I'll really enjoy." Bobby leaned over and kissed Marcus lightly on the lips.

"It makes sense to me," Trey said, interrupting the two younger men. It would give me a chance to find someone to perform the work around the Hinsdale home."

"If Master..."

"Marcus, let's start out this new relationship with something really new. Rather than Master Trey, couldn't we just settle on 'dad' or Trey? I really think of you as my son. You think you could give your old man another hug...easily?" Trey stood up and opened his arms. Marcus eased into the older man's arms and held Trey closely.

"Well, this must be a family moment." Bobby joined the other two in a group hug. "This is a three-way I never imagined," he said.

"Son, is this something you want?" Trey said softly into Marcus's ear.

"Yes, Sir...Dad. If this beautiful guy will accept me for what I am and want to be, I'd love to start out a new life with Bobby." All arms dropped and Marcus turned to his new lover. "The answer is yes, Sir. I do love you and would consider it an honor to live here."

"And I love you. Between my training and your imagination, I think we could make it work."

"Um, I think that I would still enjoy some aspects of serving the person I love...if you know what I mean?" Marcus asked with a reserve and shyness.

"Rule number one. I will be your protector. As I mentioned earlier, I'm used to being a 'take-charge' guy. A-type, alpha male...whatever you call it...that's not going to change. However, I will always be considerate and listen to you, babe. And I will guarantee that there will not be any sort of dungeon in our home."

"Our?" Marcus smiled happily as a few tears trickled down his cheeks.

Bobby pulled Marcus into his arms and aggressively started attacking a very willing mouth and lips. With absolutely no embarrassment, they started breathing heavily and grinding their hips as they kissed and assaulted each other's tongues.

"Okay, men, time out," Trey said. "Let's solve the immediate issue...your brother. As agreed, I will claim him as retribution. The Black King of Spades will be in Hinsdale in less than an hour. If you have no objection, Bobby, we need to get back with your brother and resolve this situation."

"No problem. In fact, why don't you and I go out to the garage and give Scott the rundown of his immediate future? He almost shit his pants when I mentioned the Black King of Spades. Who is he, by the way?" Bobby asked to Trey.

'He is a master from the Southside. African-American. He's a management consultant during the week and a real terror on weekends. He will enjoy Scott as a project."

"Not to mention a nine-inch D.O.D.," Marcus added.

"As in..."

"Dick of death. He can really be assertive," Trey said. "I know that your brother will have a new appreciation of our training."

"I'll leave that up to you. How long he stays and what happens to him we can discuss later. Right now, we need to get moving," Bobby replied. "Marcus, if you'll back your SUV to the garage door, we'll have some cargo for you."

After Marcus walked out the front door, Trey and Bobby went back to the garage. Bobby unlocked the door and turned on the light. Inside was a frightened Scott, lying on the floor.  

"Trey, I don't think Scott needs to speak with us. Might as well open the garage door so that Marcus can back in." Bobby went over to the wall switch and tripped the door opener motor. Slowly the garage door retreated into the ceiling.

"Be assured that there is nothing for Scott to say to me." Trey looked down at Scott, and continued, "Your brother has been very generous in your case. Be assured that I will be less forgiving. You are not to speak until you are given permission. If you understand, nod your head." Trey glared down as Scott vigorously bobbed his head up and down several times.

"Brother Scott does understand. He's in your hands."

"Bobby, again, my most profuse apologies for the problems I inadvertently caused you."

"I appreciate that, Trey. I've got a lot to do to make up for this month of my life. I'll call my boss tomorrow and let them know I'll be ready to go back to work next week. Then I've got to put my finances back in order. Mr. Big Spender really fucked me over." Bobby turned to see the Escalade SUV back into the garage.

"Let me give you a hand," Marcus said after popping open the rear cargo door and getting out of the front driver's seat.

Bobby stooped down and unlocked the lock that was chaining Scott to the cleat in the wall. "Here's the key to the handcuffs for his hands and ankles. I won't need the paraphernalia that he bought. You grab his arms and I'll take his legs." The two younger men lifted and heaved Scott into the cargo space. Immediately, Marcus secured the body with a cargo net and an additional lock.

"I don't feel like driving my car back. Can I leave it here so I can ride home with my son?" Trey took his keys out of his pocket and offered them to Bobby.

"I'll look after it. In fact, I'll park the car in here with the proviso that someone from your home comes in to Chicago to pick up the car. I'm thinking Wednesday. Oh, I'll throw in dinner and a good bed," Bobby said with a smile.

"I think that can be arranged," Trey said. "I'll wait in the SUV." He walked over to the passenger door, opened it and eased into the large vehicle.

Turning to Marcus, Bobby said, "Babe, this is a new beginning for both of us. Know that I'll love you and protect you. Just for the record, I'm going to try a few dominant moves on you."

"Just for the record, I'm going to enjoy receiving those moves. I do love you, Bobby, Sir."

The two men, in the middle of the garage, clung to each other in a defining embrace.

"Carpe diem, lover."

"See ya, Wednesday." Marcus gave Bobby one final kiss and went over to the driver's door of the SUV. "Oh, I'll make sure the jeweler comes over to your place tomorrow."

"I can hardly wait," Bobby said while he rubbed his tented crotch. He had mixed feelings about wearing clothes again.


"Well, that's one problem that apparently is solved." Bobby and Marcus were having coffee and Kahlua in the townhouse den after a casual steak dinner. Bobby enjoyed Marcus on the floor with his head resting on Bobby's leg. "I'm just amazed that my brother accepted a 'sub' role so soon."

"The Black Knight was very persuasive."

"With that D.O.D. you described, I can imagine," Bobby said with a shrug.

"The fuck bench got a good work-out and after the initial shock of being taken, your brother was pleading for more."

"My brother, the eager bottom. I'm not surprised."

"Then, Scott asked for a private conversation with Master Trey Monday night. I'll let the master tell you exactly what was said. What I can tell you is that Scott secretly wanted to emulate you but really wasn't comfortable playing a dominant role."

"Aside from us meeting, that revelation is probably the best thing to have happened."

"How so?' Marcus asked as he looked up at Bobby.

"When we were boys, I knew that he liked to be dominated and I always wanted to be in charge. As a kid, I just didn't know what exactly that meant. Funny, it's taken all these years and a major episode to figure out everything. What's the timetable for Scott?"

"I'd say that by the end of the month Scott could find a good master to serve and be ready to move back to his apartment."

"So, I can tell his bosses that he'll be ready to go back to work then?" Bobby asked. "Little brother still needs to pay me back some money."

"Yes, Sir. I think that's a safe assumption. During the week he'll be working and living in his apartment. On weekends, Master Trey has special plans for Scott."

"What about us?" Bobby gently stroked Marcus's head and squeezed his shoulders.

"I, um, made sure I was clean before I came over." Marcus snuggled his head tighter against Bobby's leg. "I want to give you my love, Sir."

"And so we shall, baby. It's a two-way street...what we give each other." Bobby leaned down and kissed Marcus's head. "Go up to our bedroom and turn down the covers. I'll be up in a minute."

"I like, Sir, the word 'our'," Marcus said as he rose.

"That was intentional. When I arrive, I want you nude, spread eagle, on the bed, lube and a condom waiting. Tonight, you're going to feel how much I love you." Bobby stood and held Marcus in his arms.

"For keeps, Sir?"

"Absolutely. Also, lower the lights and turn on WFMT. Classical music is intoxicating when I'm making love."

Marcus slowly took Bobby's hand, kissed it and winked before leaving the den.

After taking the glasses back to the kitchen and securing the downstairs of the townhouse, Bobby walked into the master bedroom. The room was illuminated with several votive candles. In the background, the Mendelssohn violin concerto was softly playing. On the bed lay a beautiful vision of young manhood.

"Perfect," Bobby whispered. He slowly removed his shoes and puddled his pants at his feet. He stepped out of the gathered garment while removing his shirt.

"Commando, Sir?" Marcus said with a grin. As ordered, the shaved, tanned man was on his back spread in a human 'X'. His cock, with the aid of a cock ring harness, was standing at attention and straining to grow even more as it touched his navel.

"I find that I've gotten used to less clothes," Bobby replied with a snicker. "That'll change next week when I go back to work. But tonight it's about us." He stroked his cock a few times and walked over to the bed.

"I like the smaller nipple rings, Sir." Marcus grinned with anticipation of their coupling.

"Seemed symbolic, Marcus, of our meeting." Bobby got on the bed and balanced himself on his knees between his lover's hairless legs. "Show me your love hole," he softly ordered.

Marcus raised his legs to his shoulders and supported them with his arms. Bobby placed his hands on the elevated thighs, leaned down and kissed the brownish pucker. After lowering himself to his chest, Bobby started darting his tongue around Marcus's perineum and tightly bound nut sac before inserting it in the wrinkly entrance to an eager, twitching chute.

"Oh, Sir, I love that," Marcus growled as he wiggled. Bobby's tongue lapped around the entrance a few times before aggressively plunging forward.

Bobby drove his rolled tongue in as far as he could and tasted the velvety, hot interior. Satisfied that the hole was moist enough, he shifted his body and replaced his tongue with two fingers. Within moments, he found Marcus's prostate. His lover moaned when he repeatedly passed over the nut.

"Lover, I'm going to use a condom until the doc says everything is okay. I had too many unprotected experiences down south," Bobby said as he rose back up on his knees.

"I'll do that for you, Sir."

"No, I've got you primed and right where I want you." Bobby chuckled as he took the unwrapped condom and rolled it on his spit-moistened hardon. He next poured a generous amount of lube on his cock and free hand. He winked at Marcus and slowly inserted three well-lubed fingers up his lover's hole. Once Bobby was satisfied that the surfaces were slick, he adjusted his body and weight to ease his hard cock into Marcus.

"Be as rough as you want, I can handle it, Sir," Marcus said with a smile. "In fact, I enjoy it that way."

"Let me get you warmed up, first. We can be rough, but on my terms and what you'll enjoy." Bobby bent down and bit on one of Marcus's nipples.

"Yes, Sir," Marcus replied as he jerked with joy.


I hope you enjoyed this little fantasy. The non-consensual aspects of the story abruptly gave way to an acceptable, level playing field with each brother offered the chance to better understand themselves and where they fit in the bigger picture. And the foundation for a caring relationship between Bobby and Marcus that will probably only become stronger. One can only imagine how the two brothers will interface in the future.

To borrow words from the Bard, "All's Well That Ends Well."

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