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When Old Chris finally retired I knew I would have to educate his successor. Being able to call into the mail room early each morning in order to pick up the padded envelope addressed to me rather than wait for it to be processed through the system and arrive an hour later on my desk gave me a good start on the day. Without my short circuiting the system like this my day would extend into the early evening and I would be that much later home.  I wasn't paid by the hour so the sooner I finished the sooner I could leave.

The new boy was obliging and happy to accommodate my dropping by first thing.  His name was also Chris although he spelt it with a K - Kris. So Old Chris was replaced by Young Kris, the latter being old enough to be the former's grandson.

Old Chris and I would exchange a few pleasantries at the start of each day but Young Kris just politely asked me to sign for the package and that was that.  I didn't get to know much about him, that was until I received the e-mail.

We all have our little pleasures, fantasies, day-dreams even fetishes if you like to call them that.  For me it is spanking.  Now please don't get me wrong I am not into violence, brutalisation or anything even vaguely against the law it's just that when I was a lad at school corporal punishment was still in general use and like my peers I received both the cane and the slipper as a natural part of growing up.  While such spankings hurt there was something erotically sensual about tem.  In adult life I would perhaps have forgotten all about these episodes, certainly the sexual overtones, were it not for the development of the Internet.  I have become a frequent visitor to a variety of gay spanking websites and have added a personal profile to several.  I enjoyed fantasising about spanking a backside but had never actually done it and thought I never would.  While the opportunity would be nice it didn't matter as the fantasy was in itself very satisfying.  Then came the e-mail.

It wasn't the first response my various profiles on the World Wide Web had solicited but this one was genuine.  Just as I exploited my fantasy in publishing a profile so guys would enjoy their fantasies in responding, it's all part of the game.  But this was different, it was authentically looking for more than an exchange of e-mail erotica.

Hi !  

I saw your profile and would like to ask if you would spank me.  Nothing hard but I would like to feel my bum sting a bit and to be red where you have spanked it.

I have searched the profiles to find a spanker near to where I live and came across you so perhaps this could happen.  I am nineteen and have never been spanked before but the thought of my bare arse over an older guy's knee really turns me on.

I am genuine..................

I knew he was genuine well enough, Kris gave his real name and a mobile phone number.  He also attached two pictures: one of his face and on of his naked arse !

"Shit !" I sighed under my breath and leaned back in the chair. Between my legs a stiffness showed my excitement at receiving the message.

Kris was not the sort of guy who would end up as a finalist in the Mr Gay UK contest but he probably could have secured a part in some mass-market porn video.  Were he to have posted a series of amateur self pics on a website the likes of Euroboys or Real Nude Guys his e-mail inbox would soon fill with flattering comments.  Sadly I could not say the same for myself but I had managed to keep all in reasonable shape and would certainly be able to offer Kris what he was looking for.  Were it not for he fact that I knew him I would not have hesitated to accept his invitation.  But it really wasn't a possibility, was it ?

I did not delete the e-mail but moved away to surf some of my favorite sites then like a bolt of lightning I decided I would respond, I wanted to spank Kris's bum.  But caution was necessary.  I began to type.  I explained that I would indeed be willing to meet his request, promised him a good time but indicated that I recognised him while carefully hid my own identity.  I told my young colleague from the mail room that we worked for the same company.   Was this a problem for him ?  If it was and I did not hear from him again I would quite understand.  I suggested we talk on MSN if he was still up for it then gave a few times over the next couple of days when I anticipated I would be on-line.

Finally when I had read the message over a few times and made some slight revisions I moved the cursor over the send button.  My forefinger hovered above the mouse before clicking to speed my words through cyber space.  I had done it, my chest tightened as I thought of Kris receiving the e-mail.  I didn't expect to hear from him again. I was certain that his learning h e had made contact with someone he worked with would end all communications.  I was wrong.

Within moments the small grey oblong box popped up indicating that someone wished to be added to my MSN contacts.  With a heavily beating heart I clicked to accept.  Instantly Chris opened a conversation.

"Cool."  Just a single initial word to announce his presence after which followed the usual internet chat meaningless preamble as we both said Hi and asked how the other was.  Why is it all internet conversations have to commence with such dribble ?  Things moved on as we danced about, my waiting for Kris to ask who I was and Kris waiting for me to volunteer the information.  My heart began to beat even faster as the inevitable grew ever nearer.  I did not want to frighten him off but when I revealed myself Kris was quite happy.

I bluffed about my spanking experience.  "I adopt the role," I explained, "of a kindly headmaster who puts naughty boys over his knee."

"Do you wear a headmaster's gown."

"Yes."  I still had the black academic gown I'd worn for the graduation ceremony at university.

"What's your slipper look like ?"

I described a pair of blue canvas deck shoes I had worn on holiday last year.

We were both getting off on the conversation, my cock was bursting out of my underpants, when this conversation was over I'd need to give it some hard right hand attention.

Kris steered the conversation to arranging a meeting.  I had to think quickly, I did not want him coming to my home and guessed he would not be able to accommodate.  It was midsummer, the weather was very warm and I suggested an outdoors meeting.  Kris was excited with the prospect.  I knew a secure place, I'd been there with a guy I'd met in a chat room last year.  That wasn't for spanking, Kris would be my first, but just for a mutual jack off session.  I explained the location.

"We can park the car then walk half a mile into the woods.   If we go at night, say after ten-thirty, nobody will be about and even if they were it's so far from the road we'd have loads of t ime to see them approaching."

"Cool !"

We made plans for a spanking session the following night.

"But I don't drive,"  Kris said. "Would you be able to pick me up ?"


So everything was arranged.

Just as internet chat has to go through the opening stages of preamble so there is something similar employed in order to close down a conversation.



"Take care..."

"I will, and you...."

"Looking forward to tomorrow...."

"And me..."

"Have fun..."

"I will....."

etc - etc - etc.......

Eventually I shut down the PC and stood up.  God I needed a wank after that but first I had a couple of things to do.  My blue canvas shoes were in the wardrobe, I picked up the right shoe and gripped it tightly by the heel.  The soft canvas folded in my grip.  I slapped it into the open palm of my left hand.  Tomorrow that would be Kris's arse !

The academic gown wasn't so easy, it was in a suitcase somewhere in the loft and took time to locate.  Eventually I lifted it out and held it up for inspection.   I moved to put it on.  No -. I quickly stripped to my underpants then put the gown over my bare back and shoulders.  Taking the slipper in my h and I paraded before a mirror.  Very good !  Very erotic !  That was how I would dress to spank my naughty young friend !

I didn't dress that way when I went to meet Kris and drive to the place where the spanking would be outworked, my slipper and academic gown were in a small sports bag. Beneath my trousers I had on a carefully selected pair of CK briefs. The way Kris was dressed made him a different person to that I saw in the mail room each morning.  

That day I had been nervous about calling in to collect my package but Kris winked a knowing eye and as I left said with a smile, "See you later."

Indeed I would !  I thought of little else all day.

Kris was ready and waiting when I pulled up to give him a lift to the place where I would spank his arse.  At work I had only ever seen him in company dress which for him was a pair of dark trousers and shirt with the company name and logo. Now he wore tight fitting cream trousers and a sleeveless shirt.  Perhaps I was wrong earlier in saying he would not be a finalist in the Mr Gay UK contest, I would certainly have voted for him !  His hair was different too, now gelled and spiked.  This was going to be good, I was going to enjoy myself, I would see to it that Kris would enjoy himself.

"Hi there."

"Hello,"  Kris smiled as he got inside the car.  "You ready for this ?"

"Most certainly am."

We made small talk as I drove the few miles.

"I'm not into anything too hard,"  I explained.  "Just innocent fun."

"That's fine.  This will be my first spanking so just sting my arse and send me home with it glowing red."

"I think I can manage that."

Strangely I wasn't nervous, Kris didn't know it but this was going to be my first spanking.  He thought I was an expert !  If all went well he would continue to think that way.  I had been anxious when I first received the e-mail and had been tense as the time for the meeting drew closer but now I was totally cool and looking forward to dealing with my young friend's backside.  Yes, I would deal with it well !  Very well.

For the time of night it was incredibly warm, even so given a cloudless night with a full moon.  That moon shone a silver glow over everything making all so clear.  As we walked along the dry, sandy path Kris bubbled with excitement.  Questions, comments, anticipation and erotic emotions tumbled from him.  Between my legs an already stiff cock intensified it's rigidity.  This was the second time I had been to the woods that day, I had driven up earlier to find the perfect location, Just a little further along the path, turn left into the trees walk for fifty or so yards and into the clearing.

"I thought this would be a good place,"  I said.  "What do you think ?"

"Perfect.  Shall I strip off now ?"

"As far as your underpants,"  I said preparing myself.  

The night air caressed my bare back until I draped the academic gown over my shoulder.  I removed my jeans then turned to face away from Kris as I adjusted the lay of my ever stiffening cock within my underpants.  I had brought a small collapsible fishing stool with me which I unfolded and positioned ready. I placed the slipper by its side and settled myself down.  Kris smiled and moved towards me.  The silver moonlight reflected off his chest and made the white briefs he was wearing glow as if ultra violet light were picking them out in the night air. I reached out my right arm and indicated for my young friend to take up his position.  He settled himself across my knees his groin pressing into my right thigh. I could feel his hard manhood pressing against me.  My left arm secured him in position.  All was ready.

The fingers of my right hand splayed wide and came down to rest on Kris's behind, gently moving about caressing first the right cheek then the left circling round and round.  God how wonderful it felt for me and a deep sigh from Kris showed how he was enjoying this foreplay.  Slowly my hand raised above those tight white briefs then slapped down onto the right cheek.  Kris flinched slightly and I held my hand there pressing down before moving to slide it beneath the elastic waistband. Kris arched upwards to enable my slipping down of his underwear.  The briefs caught on his erect cock, his hand deftly released it.  As he settled himself back across my knee that now naked cock pressed its hot length into my flesh.  I could feel his balls lose against me and the texture of his pubic hair tantalising my from either side of the hard shaft.

Time now for the spanking to move forwards.  I began a rapid series of hand slapping on both cheeks, half a dozen on the left buttock and then a similar number to the right. I could feel Kris's heart beating throughout his body as I held it tight across my knees.  The slapping stopped and I drifted my hand across the two now warm buttocks, a distinct rise in the temperature was easily detectable.

"You are nicely warmed up,"  I said.

"It feels good,"  Kris whispered.

I reached down and picked up my slipper which I placed across my young friends bum, holding it there for him to feel.  Inside my underpants I knew I was leaking precum and could feel a damp sensation on my leg where Kris's cock was resting.  Time to give a real spanking.  After a few more slaps, this time with the sole of my slipper I raised my right hand high above Kris's body then brought the slipper down with a crack into his buttock.  He flinched and I tightened my grip to hold him steady.

Kris cried out.

"You OK ?"

"Yes, don't stop !"

I didn't stop.  Crack, crack the slipper found its mark again for a second and third time.

"Harder please."

Sure if that was what he wanted.

For the fourth stroke my arm moved as high as it could, my bicep muscle knotted then those of my shoulder brought my arm down with all the strength they could muster.  The impact made an incredible noise in the silence of the woods, Kris let out a cry which echoed about the trees.

"Do that again."

I was happy to oblige and brought the slipper down with similar force exactly on the same spot. I let it fall to my side in order to slide my hand over his naked flesh, it felt warm and I traced the outline of where the slipper had fallen.  It was impossible to see if I had made any mark but surely I had.  My middle finger began to trace the line between Kris's bum cheeks while the other digits splayed out to either side. My friend moaned in appreciation.

The brief rest was over, time for the slipper to do some more work.

I slapped it several times gently then raised it to again repeat the harder spanking.

"This is fantastic,"  Kris said.  "I never thought it could be so good."

Crack, crack ! Each time trying to make the impact harder.

"Don't stop."

I didn't.  

That was until Kris telepathically told me to.  His arse had taken a sound beating, far more than I had intended, but this had transmitted its erotic sensation throughout his body and I knew what was coming next.  The slipper fell to the floor and again my hand began to caress those warm bum cheeks.  Against my leg I could feel Kris's cock start to twitch then violently ejaculate fire. It shot out across my right leg, through the small space and then splashing on to my left.  I was holding back my own climax and without words told Kris what to do.  I released my left arm from about his body and he slid from my knees.  Standing up I threw back my head as he pulled my own pants away to the ground.  It took but a few stroked for him to wank me into a paroxysm of delight.

What a night !  What a spanking !  All those fantasies were but a feeble myth against the reality.  I looked at Kris and smiled.  His grin widened and his eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

"Have you ever used the cane on a lad ?"  He asked.


"Could I be your first ?"

I nodded.

"Tomorrow ?"


So where the fuck was I going to find a cane by tomorrow ?  But that's another story.

This story continues with the next episode PUNISHMENT SHORTS - please e-mail me and let me know if you enjoyed my tale: - I have actually spanked a few bums in my time and do have pics if anyone is interested. Let me know...



Kris and I enjoyed a number of fun spanking sessions following that first time up in the woods. (Read my story SPANKING THE BOY FROM THE MAILROOM) Usually I would get to spank my young friend's behind once a week although there was no specific timetable or regularity afforded to our activities.  I was always the kindly but firm headmaster while Kris was the naughty schoolboy for ever needing and receiving correction.  Together we derived a lot of harmless and innocent fun from our sessions, while I am sure Kris's arse stung there was never anything too heavy or excessive.  The marks on my young friend's rear end would at the very most last twenty-four hours.  But I knew only too well that Kris wanted more, he was longing to try out the cane.  I was in no way so certain about this although I knew I would eventually have to give in to him.

I had been caned at school myself and I can tell you it bloody well hurt.  No pussy-footing about from the teachers in my academy of learning, they laid it on hard !  My last caning was when I was fifteen years old, twenty-seven years ago, but I remember the sting of rattan on my backside as if it were applied yesterday.  Funny while I can remember the event and the pain I haven't a clue what I was actually caned for !  Corporal punishment was phased out of English schools when he government abolished discipline and self respect in 1987, the year after Young Kris was born so it was a rite of passage denied to him in his adolescent years.

And talking of no longer available - where the hell does one buy a cane these days ?  School teachers when I was a kid probably got them from any old educational supplier but they would have been deleted from catalogues years ago. I punched the words punishment canes into an internet search engine and was astounded to find no fewer than 181,000 listings !  Incredible.   Going through only the top listed entries I quickly found a variety of websites offering mail order supplies.  The contents of such sites I also found incredible - I mean I thought a cane was a cane was a cane.  Not so.

Canes, I learned, come in a variety of sizes. The Preparatory School Cane is a quarter of an inch in diameter and thirty inches long.  To punish Junior Boys the cane offered is also a quarter of an inch in diameter but thirty-three inches long.  The Senior Cane, that I presume to have been applied to my own behind, is three eighths of an inch in diameter and thirty five inches long. I found a ruler and deliberated over these measurement.  Yes, it was certainly the Senior Cane I had received, if anything I would have said the diameter was greater in the canes my teachers used. Comic books and schoolboy stories always featured canes with a rounded end handle but those used in my school were straight rods. Both were available to buy from the website. It appeared that the sale of punishment canes for adult entertainment was big busines. One site even showed their canes in use and included a video clip ! 

The video clip was incredibly erotic to watch but the caner applied far, far less force than my school teachers did.  While I guessed a caning given like this would imprint some nice red lines on a bottom the pain would not be much more than Kris enjoyed in our slippering sessions. This encouraged me and I felt I most likely wouldn't have any difficulty caning my friend like that.

I placed an order for a Senior Cane but decided not to tell Kris, not just yet.  He was coming round for a spanking session that evening but it would be the standard slippering.   The first time I had spanked Kris it had been outdoors late at night in a secluded area of woodland but now with the onset of Autumn he would come round to my home in order to take his punishment.

That evening Kris was, as usual, early.  "I've found something interesting," he enthused.

I smiled.  So had I but I wasn't planning to tell him just yet.  "Have you ?"

"Fancy making 500 for a day's work ?"

My face showed signs of puzzlement.

"You cane me and we get paid five hundred pounds each."

My eyebrows lowered, my head tilted back ever so slightly and the muscles round the edges of my mouth shaped the expression - What ?

"These people are making a spanking video," Kris began to explain, "and they are looking for an older man to spank a young lad.  We'd be perfect and he money is easy. You would have to cane me though."

While I wasn't about to say No to five hundred pounds its significance to me was probably less than it was to Kris.

"So you want me to become a porn star ?"

He giggled.  "Why not ?"

Why not indeed.

"The filming takes place in Amsterdam," Kris went on, "but they'll pay for our flights.  I've checked up with Easy Jet and we can fly from Luton to get into Holland by ten past eight in the morning.  There's a flight home at ten to ten in the evening so we'd have all day. No problem."

It sounded fun, a possibility, but I still wasn't one hundred percent sure about using the cane.  There was a world of difference between whacking a slipper across a naked bum and the thrashing I had received at school.  How hard would the film makers want me to hit Kris ?  Harder than I had just watched on the video clip ?  Quite likely.  Almost certainly.

I nodded my head slowly but the gesture did not indicate my full agreement - not yet anyway. "When would they want the filming to take place ?"

"A week on Saturday."

"As soon as that !"

A whole cascade of thoughts were running through my mind and I raced to keep up with them, pulling each into some semblance of order before I could offer any final agreement.  I tried to explain my thinking to Kris. "Firstly I am still not absolutely sure about caning you, I guess the film makers will want you to take it hard."

"That's not a problem."

"Perhaps not for you but it could be foe me.  I think I would like to try things out first, make sure we are both comfortable with it."  Was comfortable the right word ? A rod of rattan cane thrashing into his bottom would hardly be comfortable for Kris would it ?

"No problem."

"There is a problem," I explained. "The time factor."

I confessed that I had ordered a cane from the internet supplier.  They promised same day dispatch so in theory at least it should be delivered tomorrow. I suggested we postpone that night's spanking in favor of a caning session twenty-four hours later.  "That would give plenty of time for any marks produced to fade before a repeat caning in front of a camera.

"And also,"  I continued, "if the caning in the practice session is not a good experience for either of us there would be plenty of time to pull out of any filming."

Kris smiled.  "So you are up for this ?"

I nodded, this time signifying agreement.

"I've got a pair of ripped blue denim shorts,"  Kris excitedly explained.  "I can wear them as punishment shorts !"

"That sounds good."

"I'll take six with them on and then if it doesn't hurt too much another six with them off !"

I wasn't so sure about the second half dozen but said nothing.

"There is one other thing," Kris said hesitantly, a note of concern detectable in his voice. What was he about to say ? "The guys making the film ...."

"Yes. What ?"

"They want you to...."

"To what ?"

"They want you to fuck me after you've caned me !"

I suppose I could say I was stunned by what you Kris had said but would that be a true description of how I felt ? How did I feel about that ? God, I didn't know ! Hell, of course I knew !  I certainly wasn't going to say NO but using my young friend's arse in such a way had not previously occurred to me. My spanking Kris over my knee using my trusty slipper on his bare arse always excited him into a climax shooting cum all over the place after which he would reciprocate the pleasure to me by wanking or sucking me to completion. But the idea of our ending a spanking session with full hard sex was not something that had ever occurred to me and I hadn't thought it had to Kris.  Judging by the look on his face I was wrong there.

Eventually I said, "So how do you feel about that ?"

Kris gave his answer in a single word, a work I had known him to use many times and one for which I could comprehend its full meaning.  "Cool !"

Something was crossing my mind.  "Would I be right in thinking you are a virgin in these matters ?"


"Then you may find it hurts every bit as much as the caning."

Kris pondered my words for a brief moment then replied, "Perhaps we should practice that as well tomorrow night."

For the next twenty-four hours I looked forward to our meeting with the greatest possible anticipation.  I swear my pulse rate never slowed to anything near approaching its normal and proper beat.  It was impossible to sleep as my ever stiff cock refused to calm itself no matter how much attention I gave it.

Kris knew I would be late into work the next day and smiled as I explained I was going to wait at home until the postman had been, hopefully delivering the punishment cane.  "Wish I could wait with you,"  he grinned.  If only !  But the evening would come round - eventually.

The cane came packed in a long, thin cardboard box and was sent by recorded delivery.  I was a little nervous as I signed for its receipt hoping the smiling delivery man had not guessed its contents !

The echo of the front door closing had hardly stopped before I began to excitedly rip open the packaging.  Inside was a long sleeve of bubble-wrap plastic and then the ultimate prize, my very own punishment cane.  I held it by one end and thought back to the ancestor of this rattan rod that had once beaten my own backside.  What had become of that particular instrument ?  How many rear ends had it chastised after my own ?  Did it still exist ?  Unlikely, that made me feel a little sad.  But the thin yellowing thirty-five inch rod I held tightly in my grip restored my spirits, and more.  I knew exactly what the future held for this.  I swished it about in the air, the woosh it made was a sound of sensuous thrill but that sound was incomplete without the satisfying twack it would make on contact with a receiving bottom.  I could have played with the cane all  morning but I did have to go to work.

But there was not a lot for me to do at work that day and the inactivity did nothing to move along the slow hours.  I saw Kris briefly during my break for lunch, he was eager to know if the cane had been delivered.  He was every bit as exited as I was when I confirmed it had been.  He told me he had the punishment shorts ready and thrust a CD into my hand.

"I downloaded this from the internet last night when I got home," he explained.  "Try to take a look before tonight.  I'll see you then at eight-thirty. Get some ideas from the CD."

Back in my office I slid the CD into the PC, it opened automatically.   Bloody Hell !  I was amazed at what I saw !  It was incredibly horny and made me long for eight-thirty to come.  But as I watched the video for a second time two things occurred to me.  Firstly the caner wasn't fantastically accurate, his strokes were landing all over the place and secondly he wasn't giving it anywhere as hard as the teachers did when I was at school.  Hey, listen to me the expert in these things, before I spanked Kris I hadn't done anything and how could I criticise a caning when I hadn't even put down a single stroke on a backside ?  But I would make up for it all later and by the end of the evening I would be a world champion.

The caning would be just the first part of our fun that evening, strangely almost all of my earlier apprehension was now gone.  There was that which was to follow and I was indeed looking forward to the post script almost more than the main event.  And all of this would be but a rehearsal for the filming in Holland in a little over a week's time.

With little to do in the office I left early and was home by five-thirty.  I went straight to pick up the cane and swished it about in the air once more.  God what sensations the cry of rapidly moving air made within me, that noise of air desperately trying to move out of the way of the cane's descent.  I could feel it's length bend backwards as it met the resistance and I tried to imagine the crack it would soon make on contact with my young friend's arse cheeks.

I tried to fill the time until Kris arrived, I ate, showered, dressed in carefully selected clothing - all of which would come off as I stripped to my underpants and donned the academic gown and my alto ego as the firm but kindly headmaster.  Switching on the computer I watched both the video clip I had downloaded when purchasing the cane and the CD Kris had given me earlier.  I'd be much better than the two caners they featured, my aim would be much more accurate with everything square on target. I watched the clips over and over again and thought of those who would watch my young friend and I when the video of our spanking was released.

Kris was in fact early, I knew he would be - he always was and there was a sense of urgency running through us both like a surging river that would soon burst its banks and flood all surrounding it. In his hand he held the denim shorts.  "What do you think of these ?  Horny or what ?"

"Very, " I smiled.

"I've also got some lube for later." He produced a translucent blue bottle from his pocket.  It was new.

Hell, I should have thought of that, it was fortunate that Kris had. The basic mechanics of our post spanking activities had passed me by.

"I don't suppose you've brought such thing as poppers ?" I really should have thought about these matters.

"Of course."

"I thought you were a virgin.  How come you know about lube and poppers ?"

"I am a virgin,"  Kris retorted, "but that doesn't mean I'm naive."

He certainly could not be accused of that.

"Let me see the cane."

We went through to the room I use as a small home office, the cane was on the table next to my PC.

"Wow !"  Kris's eyes popped from his head.  "Amazing !  Did you watch the CD."

"Yes.  And I'm sure I can be a better caner than the guy on it."

"Cool !"  There was that word again.  "Let's get started then."

We dressed  into our respective costumes, me in briefs and academic gown, Kris in his blue denim punishment shorts.  He took an age to put them on, parading about naked as he babbled away nineteen to the dozen.  As he spoke I admired his youthful body.

"I am so lucky," he said, "to have found such an excellent spanker as you."

"Wouldn't you have preferred someone you own age ?"

"No way ! Older spankers are more authentic, more sexy and have experience !"

"I wouldn't mind being you age again."

"But you've seen life, and you were spanked yourself as a kid at school.  God I wish I had been.  The pussies we had as teachers when I was a kid would never have had the balls to cane anyone."

I had the balls right enough, both metaphorically and literally !  Yes, I had the balls and was about to prove it.  I picked up the cane and swished it through the air before using it to point towards the chair I had made read for Kris's use.  He winked an eye, bent over to rest his hands on the wooden seat.  He adjusted his feet and assumed a comfortable stance. His behind pressing tightly against the punishment shorts presented me with a superb target.  Gently I rested the cane across those buttocks, leaving it there momentarily as a prelude to its future employment. I saw Kris pinch his buttocks together and tense his body, a signal that he was ready.  Six with the shorts on followed by six with them off and then....... 

I raised the cane into the air and tensed the muscles of my right arm and shoulder.  My eyes fixed the target.  The swish of air sounded louder then when I had played with the cane earlier in the day. Louder and longer, extending the few small seconds needed for the descent so allowing full appreciation of what was taking place.   Finally the crack of rattan against denim.  Kris jerked slightly as the contact brought him his first squirt of pain.

Although that stroke brought pain, of course it did, I could sense that for Kris it was a pain wrapped in pleasure.  For me I had delivered my very first stroke of the cane and I was eager to continue.  That initial stroke had been dispensed with a force similar to that I had earlier viewed in the two video clips but was significantly short of anything teachers employed when I was a lad at school.  Number two would be a little harder.  Providing Kris could take it I would give it !

Whoosh - crack !

The cane landed square alongside and perfectly parallel to the first stroke.  My mind pictured the imprint it would have made on the flesh and I was eager to see the results of my handiwork.  But I had only just started, there were four more strokes to give before those denim punishment shorts could come off.

I had debated with myself many times that day exactly how I would administer the caning and now my thinking was revising strategic elements as the punishment progressed.  Kris had taken the first two well, number three could now be harder perhaps attempting to emulate my own caning at school.  I raised the cane higher than before and compressed a fierce latent force within my body to a lever way beyond that before.  As one would wind the spring in an old-fashioned child's toy I turned the key to ratchet up my readiness.  Then releasing the coil number three commenced.

The sound of the cane swinging down was louder than before, I felt the air move as it passed across my body.  the crack filled the room, bouncing of the walls to echo and reverberate.  What a sound !  But this time there was something new, something extra - Kris let out a fierce yell of pain and I wondered if I had gone too far.  But before guilt could form he spoke.

"Shit that was good.  Do it again."  His words were gasped but clear.

I obliged.

There were myths at school of teachers chalking their canes so the first stroke would leave a white mark on a boy's trousers and provide an aiming point for subsequent strokes.  I never witnessed such an event but still boys insisted it was common practice.  I needed no such targeting help, I was aiming perfectly. My mind tried to visualise the red striped that were now forming across those symmetrical arse cheeks and I longed, how I longed, to see what they looked like.

Stroke number five and it wouldn't be long.

Stroke six. The teachers at my old school would have been proud of me.  I had matched them in every skill needed to thrash a naughty boy's backside.  And this was my first attempt at the art, if ever corporal punishment we reintroduced I would find employment at the very top of the profession.  In the movie we would soon make I would win a fistful of Oscars.

Kris stood up and stretched, two clenched fists pushed up and above his head.  The sinews of his naked back tightened.

"Fuck that was good !"

My hands were on the waist of his shorts, releasing the small round metal button and pulling them down to expose Kris's wounded arse.  God how beautiful those cheeks were but I was disappointed not to see six red lines imprinted across them showing where my cane had landed.  I placed my hand on the flesh and it felt hot, there was certainly a distinct red glow but why no stripes ?  I didn't understand.  I couldn't have hit him any harder. I remembered examining my own stripes in a mirror at home after school and other lads boasted about their backsides after receiving punishment.  What had I done wrong ?

But no time for an investigation now, even if I could not remove concerns from my mind there were still six more strokes to give and Kris was moving to the ready position.  Six more strokes and then ..... and then.....  Just six quick whacks and a different use for my young friend's arse.  My already rapidly beating heart near exploded in an urge pump more and more adrenaline around my body.

I positioned the cane across both of Kris's cheeks, gently sliding it back and forth.  He moaned in an expression of sensuous delight.  But time to move on.  Using first my wrist and then a movement of just my lower arm I lifted the cane then flicked it back down.  The crack on bare flesh was different to it falling on the punishment shorts.  The force I had applied was significantly less yet as my eyes followed the impact I watched those buttocks depress then as I raised it back up the indention slowly returned everything to its previous contour.  Kris took that whack on his naked backside with hardly a flinch but he probably could not feel much of it through the stinging sensation that must still be surging through his body from the first six.

The next three strokes were given in rapid succession. I had once watched a teacher give a lad three strokes and do so in one continuous flowing movement with less than a second between each one. Whack-whack-whack !  I did my bet to copy him.

Just two more to go. Whack !  One to go, just one more. Whack ! There it was over.

Kris returned to stand upright, he reached round and placed a hand on each buttock.  Then he turned to face me, smiled and winked an eye.  "Amazing," he said.

Kris's cock was as erect and straight as the mast on a ship.  Stepping forward he brought his body close to my own.  "Thank you, that was fucking brilliant."

He lifted the folds of my academic gown off my shoulders and it fell to the small of my back.  While I slipped each hand out of the sleeves Kris was inside my underpants finding my solid manhood and gripping it tightly in his fist.

"Ready ?"


The small bottle of poppers and larger bottle of lube were on the table by the side of my computer.  Kris unscrewed the poppers and snorted heavily.  He then rested his hands, fingers splayed widely, on the desk and again presented his arse to me.  I knelt down to gently peck a kiss on each cheek.  As I did so I was sure that I could detect the all over red glow refining into something different. A little of the redness was starting to fade while in other places it was beginning to deepen to a darker hue.  My fingers stroked over those buttocks then found a way between them.  I applied a generous covering of lube before starting to work a single finger inside.  It met only slight resistance and was soon free to move about and explore at will.  Next two fingers widening the opening. Kris was enjoying the experience and I decided it was time to expand that experience to a full penetration.  It would hurt my friend but I would make it good for him.

The fingers slipped out and guided my pounding cock between my friend's awaiting cheeks. The head tipped against the opening and Kris tensed his body.  I held everything still for a short time then pressed firmly inwards for about half an inch.  It was a small movement but Kris cried out. I wasn't about to stop, in a little deeper - more cries.  In still further, pressing, pressing until the concave of my groin cupped the convex of those wonderful bum cheeks.

Kris was holding me tight, pinching his buttocks together and I knew that as I began to withdraw his experience of pain would rise but there was no hesitation on my part.  He squealed as I pulled back then cried even louder as I thrust back inside him, pressing deeper and harder than before.  Back out withdrawing then ramming home for all I was worth.  My hands were on Kris's back doing their best to steady him.  Everything was repeated once more before it was time to speed up the action.

The physical act of sex can be spun out for a long time but the caning had induced within me an arousal which had me already very, very close to climax. I began to increase the momentum, thrusting in and out of my young friend and pounding up against those buttocks my groin slapping against the bruised flesh. Kris was wildly crying out but not any more with pain just with a fierce delight.  Of course the pain was still there, I knew that, but it was now that strange pain which comes only hand-in-hand with the greatest pleasure.  Faster and faster now until finally my climax burst forth inside him.  I held still for a moment before withdrawing and falling back exhausted into a chair.

Kris had also cum, my deep penetration had activated glands and senses within him to erupt a volcano.  He sat down opposite me and grinned from ear to ear.

"Amazing," he said.  "I never thought it would be quite so good."

"The sex or the caning ?"

"Both. You are absolutely amazing."


"We'll look good together on the video and that's a fact."

I had to agree with him and now looked forward to our visit to Amsterdam.

"Shame we won't be able to practice again before the filming, at least the spanking I mean.  How long do you think it will be before the marks fade ?"

What marks ?  There hadn't been any marks, just a faint indication last time I had looked.

Kris stood up and twisted his head to try and look at his behind.  It was impossible.

"What does it look like ?" He asked.

Placing a hand on his shoulder I turned him round.  Wow !  Where before there had been just red areas there were now a whole series of lines where the cane had impacted.  Each was parallel and close to the others.  My aim had been very good. Very good indeed.

"Fuck me !"  I exclaimed.

"No, you just fucked me,"  Kris giggled.  "But then if that was an invitation I'd be more than happy to oblige !"

Well.... I do hope you enjoyed that...please e-mail me and let me know:  If you would like to see the pics of me spanking the odd backside don't be afraid to ask !  Nigel