presents a story about letting another man take control for the very first time

Submitting to Peter


“I’m here… just pulled into the parking lot.” The words appeared on my phone as I typed, then hesitated, my fingers shaking a little. There was still time to leave and forget it all. Maybe it was better to go back home before something happened that I’d regret. But then if I backed out now, I’d regret missing out on the experience. I stared at my phone, rereading the message Peter had sent me this morning after I had let him know I was on the way, “Excellent! I can’t wait to finally meet you and spend some fun, safe time together :)” Something about the words and the smiling emoticon gave me some reassurance, so I tapped the button to send the text message and waited.

I didn’t know why I was so nervous now. I’d been excited during the drive here, anticipating what was about to happen, hardly able to believe it was going to be real. The drive had taken about an hour with just a bit of morning traffic, but nothing too bad. It had been almost a year since Peter and I had first spoken to each other online. I had joined one of those of those hookup websites for people whose sexual interests tended toward the more kinky sorts of fantasies. My profile described my desire to submit to another man and included a close-up picture of me in my underwear. In the months since, Peter and I had discussed at length all the things that interested us both, all the things that we each wanted to happen when we eventually met.

My phone buzzed to let me know he had replied, “Third floor. Room 302. See you soon.” I felt a lump in my stomach and a tingling in my crotch. I couldn’t wait to meet him. We had talked so much online and I had shared so many of my most private desires, but I couldn’t help feeling a little scared about meeting a stranger for the first time, worried about what might could go wrong. I had chatted with many other guys online, told them how I wanted to give up control of my body to someone else, even though I had absolutely no experience ever doing such things before, but no one else ever seemed quite right. But somehow my conversations with Peter were different, even though he was a fair bit older than me. We seemed to really hit it off, and he seemed to not only understand, but also share, my deepest erotic fantasies… and now we were about to meet each other in person for the very first time. I was aware of my pounding heart as I opened the car door, aware of my flushed cheeks I walked through the hotel lobby with my head down as if all eyes were on me, aware of an odd tugging feeling somewhere deep inside as I stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the third floor.


It was all kind of a blur. Peter and I had talked at length about everything that would be happening when we met, and it was everythng that I had ever fantasized about, but our friendship had been entirely online. I was about to let a stranger put me in some very vulnerable situations. What if the guy was fake or he had bad intentions? Inside the elevator, I tried to shake those fears. I remembered our many conversations and all the fun things we had planned. If I didn’t believe we had built a mutual sense of trust and respect between us, I never would have considered meeting up like this in the first place. When the elevator opened its doors at my destination, there was a woman waiting to get on, and I felt completely embarrassed, as if she might be able to tell why I was here, even though rationally I knew there was no way she possibly could. And then I found myself outside the door, and I stood for a moment, frozen in nervous anticipation, staring at the number 302. I thought that if I was going to leave and forget everything, this truly was my last chance. And then I knocked on the door, and the chance was gone, and that was that, I couldn’t really leave now. The door opened, and there was Peter. I recognized his smiling face from the pictures we had exchanged long before we ever agreed to meet.

He greeted me warmly, embracing me in a gentle hug as I stepped inside the hotel room, “I’m so happy to finally meet you.” Seeing him in person, knowing what we were about to do together, it all suddenly seemed so much more real, and I was feeling so much more nervous than I had expected. He closed the door behind us, locking it to ensure we would remain undisturbed. He asked how the drive was, and I mumbled that it was fine. When we talked about this later, he explained to me that he could sense my anxiety, so he had tried to skip the small talk, hoping that if we just got down to it, we could past the initial awkwardness, since we both knew what we were really there for anyway.

“Don’t be scared,” Peter placed a comforting hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eye, and asked, “What did we agree was going to happen first?”

We both knew what he meant. We had discussed everything we wanted to do together multiple times in great detail. But he just stood there as if waiting for me to say it aloud before we could continue. So in an quiet whisper, I finally answered, “My clothes.”

He told me to take off my shirt. Without a word, I obediently began to undo the buttons, but my arms were a little shaky. “Would you like some help?” he asked, and I nodded, dropping my arms to the side and allowing him to finish unbuttoning the shirt.


I had known I would be exposing my body to Peter, I had dreamed of it for a long time, and it wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen pictures of my naked body anyway, but now that it was actually happening in real life, I felt kind of uneasy. I had never really exposed myself to someone like this before.

“You’ll be fine,” he said as he reached the last button, “I know everything will be new to you, but we’re both going to have lots of fun, and you’ll be safe, and if anything makes you uncomfortable in any way, we’ll stop and talk about it.”

“Thanks,” I struggled to choke out the words, “I know.”

He helped he take off my shirt, revealing a plain white T-shirt underneath. “That too,” he instructed, his tone pleasant, yet firm, so I pulled the T-shirt over my head as well, exposing my body from the waist up. I didn’t really think my bare chest or, for that matter, the rest of my body was anything special to look at, but I wasn’t ashamed of it either. I didn’t have much muscle, but I wasn’t fat either. I never really went to the gym or worked out, but I usually ate all right, and somehow managed to keep a slightly slimmer than average build.

“Now fold those neatly, and then take your shoes off.” I lay the shirts on the bed and started to quickly fold them, but he interrupted, “Take your time,” so I slowed down, trying to leave them folded more neatly than I ever did with my laundry at home. When I was done, I left the shirts beside me on the bed and kicked off my shoes.

“Socks now,” he said, and I bent down to pull the off too. I still felt nervous, but perhaps less so. Somehow as I removed each article of clothing I felt a little more exposed, but also a little more at ease around Peter. Perhaps it was the excitement or the adrenaline of knowing that so many of my most erotic fantasies were about to be fulfilled.

“Empty your pockets,” he said, and I handed him my wallet, then my keys, and finally my phone, realizing that I was placing a lot of trust in a stranger by giving him such valuable items.

Peter reached for my belt, and asked if I was feeling okay. As I silently nodded, he unbuckled the belt, then unbuttoned my jeans and slowly undid the zipper. This was it, soon I would be in front of a man I had just met wearing nothing but my underwear. He let the jeans fall to my knees, revealing my plain white briefs. Before I had been too nervous to get aroused, but now I noticed the bulge of my erection left an obvious outline inside my classic white Y-fronts.

“Someone’s excited,” Peter teased, making me a blush a little, “Why don’t you step out of those pants?”


I dropped my pants to my ankles and stepped out of them, now feeling a little nervous, but a lot aroused. He instructed me to place my hands on my head, and then he spent a couple minutes inspecting, but not yet touching, my body. I’m not accustomed to people seeing me in nothing but my underwear, and I’m certainly not the image of male perfection, but I hoped he liked what he saw. Since it was summer, I had noticeable tan lines on my arms and above my knees. There’s a bit of hair around the nipples on my chest, and a trail of hair leading down my stomach to the waistband of my underwear. I noticed his gaze settle on my white briefs and the bulge they contained. I felt kind of like I was showing him my online profile picture in real life.

When he was done, he handed me a bag, “Make sure everything is folded neatly and put it all in here.” I picked up my jeans, shoes, and, socks which lay piled in the floor, and spent a few moments folding the jeans before making sure the shirts still looked okay. Once everything else was neatly inside, I handed the bag back to Peter. He placed my wallet, keys, and phone on top of the clothes, and then zipped the bag closed, leaving it somewhere out of sight. I stood there nearly naked while he remained fully dressed. He ran a hand through my brown hair, then across my chest, gently teasing my nipples. He sat on the bed, me standing in front of him, and suddenly I realized my crotch was right at his eye level. He rubbed his hand across the front of my underwear, and I think I gasped a little. Never before had another man touched me this way before, only a thin layer of fabric separating the most private part of my body from his direct touch.

He smiled up at me, “You have a very nice body. Are you ready for it to belong to me?”

I nodded. I’d never submitted to someone else like this before, but after talking to Peter so much online, I believed I could trust him. If he was ready to take control of me, I was ready to give up the control. If he was ready to strip me naked, I was ready too. 

“I need to hear you,” he insisted, “to know you’re really ready to do this.”

I answered verbally, my voice quiet yet confident, “Yes.”

“What was that?”

“Yes sir.” We had discussed ahead of time that whenever we were playing together I was to show proper respect whenever I addressed him.

“And you remember the safe word?”

“Maroon,” I answered. We had also arranged this beforehand, a way to pause if I got uncomfortable.

“So anytime if anything feels wrong in any way, and I mean anything at all, you say the word and we stop immediately, okay?”


“Yes sir.” Somehow the fact that he was taking the time to go over this now, even though we had already talked about it so many times before made me feel a little more relaxed, made me feel like I could trust that he really cared about my well-being, despite the fact that he was about to torment my body in all kinds of exciting new ways.

“Then here we go,” he still smiled but now his voice was a bit more firm, “I don’t think boys like you have any need for underwear.” His thumbs were inside the elastic waistband of my briefs. I know a lot of guys don’t wear underwear like that anymore. Back when I was in high school, the guys in the locker room all wore boxers and made jokes about the few of us who wore tighty whities. But even now that I’m a little older and my mom doesn’t buy my underwear for me anymore, I still wear the classic white Y-front briefs. They’re what I’ve always worn, and I guess I just haven’t felt the need for anything different. And anyway, when I had sent Peter pictures online, he had seemed to approve of my underwear choice, so I guess it still works for some guys. Of course, in the moment, I didn’t really have time to think about all that, since he was slowly pulling my briefs down, exposing a dark bush of thick, curly pubic hair, and then further down, exposing the tip of my cock, and then the whole shaft sprang free, leaving no doubt about the extent of my sexual arousal, until my underwear was on the floor. Once more, he instructed me to place my hands on my head, and I stood there, undressed for his inspection, completely naked in front of Peter for the first time.

I realized that I no longer felt quite as nervous. In fact, having my bare body on display was kind of exhilarating. He looked me over from head to toe. I couldn’t help but feel eager for things to progress further. He told me to turn around, revealing my backside for inspection, and then to bend over, touching my toes. I knew this meant my butt would be sticking up in the air, right in front of his face. He reached out with both hands, spreading the cheeks apart. I tried to imagine what he was seeing, my hole exposed, the line of hair down my crack, my balls dangling down between my legs. I again noticed how hard my cock was. I certainly wouldn’t have any room for modesty around Peter now that he was seeing all the most intimate parts of my body. He pressed a finger gently against my hole, as if testing its tightness. No one else had ever touched me there before. When he had finished studying me from behind, he gave my butt a playful slap and then instructed me to turn around again.


I was very much aware that this was the first time another man had ever seen my fully erect cock in person. “That little penis sure does grow a bit when it gets excited, doesn’t it?” I knew he was teasing, but I could still feel myself blushing a little with embarrassment. I know my cock isn’t huge by any means, but I think it’s probably of about average size, or maybe slightly below. Sometimes I told the men I talked to online that it was 6 inches long, but really it grows from 3.5 inches when soft to 5.5 inches when fully hard like it was at this moment. It’s not the size of the dicks you see on models in porn videos, but it’s always been good enough for me. Plus, it comes with a nice bush of pubic hair above and a reasonably plump set of balls hanging underneath. Like the rest of my body, even if it wasn’t something spectacular, it didn’t seem like anything to be ashamed of either.

He ran a hand over my skin, his fingers teasing my nipples and caressing my thigh, getting close to but not yet touching my cock. I knew he was teasing me, making me want it even more. And then it happened. I felt another man’s hands touch my manhood for the first time, and I couldn’t help but hope that Peter would find this part of my body satisfactory. His fingers ran down the length of my cock, then lightly fondled my balls. My body tingled. Maybe I shivered a little. I was kind of lost in the moment, the entirety of my body on display for another man, knowing that it would be his to touch and play with as he pleased. As Peter’s fingers groped my body’s private parts, any lingering feelings of embarrassment or insecurity that I had felt before began to fade away, replaced instead by the eager moans of a horny young man. This was what I had fantasized about, what Peter and I had talked about so much on the Internet before we finally agreed to meet in real life, giving up my body to another man, knowing that for the rest of the time we spent together my body would be under his control. Something about my nudity was beginning to awaken a sense of submission within me.

As if he was thinking the same thing, Peter asked, his fingers still around my balls, “Who does your body belong to while we’re together?”

I’m not sure I’d ever been as turned on as I was in that moment, standing there and knowing I was giving control of my naked body to someone else. It was thrilling and exciting and maybe a little overwhelming. I think my breathing might have been a little uneven as I answered, “To you.”

“And who decides everything that happens to your body today?”

“You do, sir.” I answered, and I think I cracked a smile.


“Exactly,” he smiled and walked over to the hotel room desk on which rested several items that I hadn’t really paid attention to until now. He came back with a few lengths of rope in his hand. “Turn around.” I turned, and he told me to put my wrists together behind my back. I did, and he adjusted them slightly, and then I felt the rope being wrapped around my left wrist then my right wrist, back and forth, tying them in some manner, though I couldn’t quite tell exactly how since it was behind me out of sight.

“How’s that?” he asked when he was done.

I tugged a little to test the ropes, not too tight, but I certainly couldn’t do much with my hands. “Seems okay.”

He led me to the bed by my arm and had me lay down on my back. If he left me too long, this might start to get uncomfortable with my arms behind my back under the weight of my body, but right now it wasn’t too bad. Meanwhile, he was using another length of rope to tie my ankles together. I wriggled by feet too, and though they could still move a little bit, there was no doubt that they were also restricted. Now, I was lying naked on the bed with my hands and feet both tied. I had always fantasized about bondage and now I was tied up, even if in a relatively simple manner. I began to feel a sense of helplessness and vulnerability, and it was quite arousing. Peter could tease my exposed body however he wanted, and the way I was tied, I couldn’t immediately do much to stop him. We had agreed on the safe word of course, and I trusted he would stop if I used it, but I had no intention of saying that word. I looked up at Peter standing over me. I wondered if he could tell how excited I was. I guess he probably could. I didn’t feel nearly as nervous anymore as I had earlier. I tilted my head to examine the length of my body, my cock pointing up in the air. Well, if nothing else showed him how I was feeling, that certainly did.

And then Peter reached down and wrapped his hand around my cock, and I’m almost surprised I didn’t cum right then, but I held back for at least a few minutes I think. It’s hard for me to know exactly how long it lasted, but it was pure bliss. He teased and stroked and ran his fingers up and down my cock and around my balls. I panted and moaned and writhed a little in the ropes.

Every now and then, Peter’s voice encouraged me (“Such a nice dick” or “How much is in these balls, boy?”) until eventually, he found out exactly what was in my balls as I arched my back, stretched my toes, and came all over my stomach.


“Good boy,” Peter said, grabbing something to wipe up the sticky evidence of my orgasm. I hadn’t noticed it while he was jerking me off, but now I became aware that my hands were falling asleep under the weight of my body, and the ropes were beginning to dig into my wrists a little. Peter must have noticed because he helped me sit up and then removed the ropes from each wrist, which tingled as the circulation returned to normal. Meanwhile, Peter also undid the ropes that bound my ankles.

As the thrilling rush of orgasmic bliss faded, I was jolted back to the reality of my exposure and nudity. I began to feel uncomfortable instead of horny. I had just gotten my first handjob from another man, and it had felt good, but as my cock softened I began to doubt whether this was something I should be doing at all. Was I some kind of pervert for letting this older man strip me naked and tie me down and jerk me off?

I think Peter could sense my uneasiness, maybe he even expected me to feel this way after my pent-up sexual frustration was released, but he didn’t mention it. “We’ll tie you up some more later,” he told me, “But first I think we should get ready to grab some lunch. Are you hungry?”

“Sounds good to me,” I answered since I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast before I left to drive here.

“Then let’s get you ready,” he held up a butt plug, and my eyes widened a little, but he continued, “We’ll start with this. Don’t worry. I’ll go slow. Roll over on your knees with your chest down and your butt in the hair.”

I was a little nervous, since I didn’t really have any experience with any kind of anal play, but I didn’t protest. We had talked about this before. He knew the most I had done before was try to finger myself a few times, nothing like the plug, but I had told him I was open to trying it. After all, this whole encounter was about new experiences for me.

I felt his finger rubbing lube on my hole as he prepared me, and then I felt the plug at the entrance to my hole, and I let out a little gasp. I felt it began to penetrate inside me, but my butt was clenched tightly. I grunted. He told me I okay, and I tried to relax. As far as butt plugs go, I think this was a pretty small one, but even so I wasn’t used to having something inside me like this. He continued to push it slowly, taking his time. I guess he was trying to let me get used to it, though I wasn’t sure he would ever get it in, but finally, I felt the wide part slide in all the way, and my sphincter tighten around the narrow part, holding it in place.


“How’s it feel?” Peter asked me.

“I wasn’t sure about it at first,” I answered, “But it’s not so bad now.” This was true. It had felt pretty uncomfortable while he was putting it in, but now that it was in, it felt okay, kind of nice in a way actually. I noticed my cock, which had been soft while he was inserting the plug, was now beginning to perk up to a semi-erect state even though it hadn’t been long since I came.

“Good,” he smiled, “We’ll let you get used to it during lunch. You better get dressed again.”

He let me dress myself, and soon we were walking out of the hotel to Peter’s car. I was fully clothed, exactly as when I had arrived this morning, except for the addition of the butt plug. While we drove, Peter and I made small talk about his life and my life and things like that. Once we were inside the restaurant, I couldn’t help but feel a little turned on about having the plug up my butt in public. It was like a secret only Peter and I knew about. However, as we sat down and ordered our food, he didn’t even mention the fact that he had just stripped me naked, tied me up, jerked me off, and plugged my butt. Instead, we simply chatted like any two online acquaintances might when meeting for the first time and getting to know one another. I’m a somewhat shy person by nature, so he led most of the conversation, but I felt like we were getting along pretty well.

During a pause in our chat while we waited for our food to arrive, Peter asked, “I didn’t even offer back at the hotel, but you had a long drive here. Did you need to use the bathroom?”

I think all the other excitement and nerves of the morning had kept me from noticing, but now that he mentioned it I could tell my bladder was getting a bit full, especially now that I had been sipping my drink before the meal. “Yeah, I guess I could,” I said, “Did you see where the restrooms are?”

“I think they’re it that back corner,” he pointed, “But I have a surprise for you first.” He handed me something under the table. I looked in my lap as I took it, immediately recognizing it as an adult diaper. I started to blush. I had expressed some interest in diapers during our many online chats, but I hadn’t expected Peter to bring one here while we were in public. I wasn’t even sure how he had carried it into the restaurant without me noticing it. I didn’t know what to say.

“Go to the bathroom, and put it on, but don’t you dare use the toilet,” Peter grinned as he instructed me in a quiet voice, so that no one nearby could hear, “Then come back here and hand your underwear to me.”


“But…” I started to protest, worried that someone might see me with the diaper, but Peter shushed me, urging me to go ahead and get it over with before the food arrived.

Somewhat reluctantly, I stuffed the diaper under my shirt in attempt to hide it from anyone who might be watching as I rose from the table. It felt like my cheeks and ears must be burning red with embarrassment as I made my way across the restaurant to the bathroom. The place wasn’t all that crowded, but I stared at the ground in front of me as I walked, unable to look at any of the people sitting at the tables near my path, hoping desperately that they would not guess what I was hiding under my shirt. My heart didn’t stop racing until I had safely locked myself in a stall in the men’s restroom.

I stared at the diaper once I had pulled it out from under my shirt. I’d loved diapers and the thought of wearing them for about as long as I could remember, but I had always been too scared to buy them myself, and I worried about how to keep them hidden from others, so my experience wearing them was still pretty limited. As nervous as I had been trying to hide the diaper on the way here, it still delighted me to have it in my hands now. I stepped out of my shoes and dropped my jeans and underwear to the floor. I felt a little icky standing on the floor of a public restroom in my sock feet, but I had to get my underwear off so that I could replace them with the diaper. Luckily, there was no one else in the bathroom right now, so I had some privacy, but I stayed hidden in the stall in case anyone else came in.

I took a moment to notice the plug up my butt, exploring how it made my insides feel when I pressed on it gently. Then, I unfolded the diaper and prepared to put it on. It was a bit awkward trying to diaper myself in the stall of a public restroom. The diaper had tapes on the side just like the ones for babies. If I’d been at home, I might have lay down on the bed with the diaper underneath, then pulled it over my crotch and taped up the sides. Instead, I had do it standing up, using one hand to hold the diaper in place and the other hand to try to tape one side and then the other. It wasn’t easy to get a snug fit, but eventually I thought I had it on well enough that it wasn’t going to come loose or fall off or anything. I took a moment to admire myself in the diaper, squeezing the bulge in the front caused by the erection I had developed while putting it on. Then, I pulled up my pants and put my shoes back on.


I stuffed my white briefs into the pocket of my jeans. They formed an odd bulge there, but I figured it was my best chance of carrying them back to Peter without anyone else noticing. Once I was back at our table, I noticed our food had arrived while I was gone. I couldn’t help but notice the feeling of both the butt plug and the diaper I was now wearing as I sat down across from him. I worked my underwear out of my pocket and passed them under the table. I’m sure I was blushing again.

“Good boy,” he said softly, “I can’t wait to see how cute they look once we get back to the hotel room.” He smiled at me and I smiled back, still feeling a little awkward, but he didn’t say anything else about the diaper.

He told me that the waiter had brought our plates right before I had gotten back, so we began to eat, continuing to make casual conversation as we enjoyed our meal. When we had finished eating, Peter looked me in the eyes, “So, how does it feel, sitting there with this little secret that no one else here knows about but you and me?”

I think I just shrugged. While we were talking and eating, I’d gotten so used to the feeling of the diaper that I’d almost forgotten about it, but now I was keenly aware of it once more.

“It must be kind of convenient to know that if you need to use the bathroom you can do it right where you are without needing to go anywhere.” I could feel my cheeks flushing red. He wasn’t talking too loudly, but I was still worried that we were in public and someone might overhear him. I looked around nervously, but he just continued, “Can I have the waiter refill your drink?”

“I’m fine,” I mumbled.

He laughed. I think he was enjoying embarrassing me. I’m sure he would have loved it if I had wet my diaper right there while we were sitting in that restaurant. To be honest, if I hadn’t been so embarrassed, I probably would have liked the idea too. But it didn’t matter because I was feeling so self-conscious that there was no way I’d be able to relax enough to let loose and relieve my bladder right now.

Once lunch was done and the check was paid and we were back in the car, he asked how I had felt putting on the diaper. I explained how nervous it had made me, but also told him how much I enjoyed being diapered despite that. He assured me that no one else besides the two of us would have any way of knowing that I was secretly hiding a diaper under my pants. Then, he told me how proud he was that I had diapered myself like that and said that I wouldn’t need big boy underwear anymore while we were together.


Once we were back in the hotel room, I was once more stripped of all my clothes, wearing nothing but the diaper. He gestured to the bed, having me lay on my back in the center of it. He took my right arm and stretched it to the corner. I hadn’t noticed them before, but while Peter had been waiting for me to arrive this morning, he had equipped the bed with a set of restraints. It was the kind of system that fit under the mattress, with an identical cuff at each of the four corners of the bed. He locked the cuff in place around my right wrist, then took my left hand and did the same to it. Afterwards, he spread my feet to the cuffs at the bottom of the bed. Before long, I was secured spread eagle on the bed, with each of my limbs pulled toward a different corner. It was a classic bondage position, one I had often fantasized about, but never yet experienced. I’m sure my hard cock would have been pointing straight up toward the ceiling if it wasn’t for the diaper keeping it in place.

Peter picked up the pile of my clothes from the floor and put them somewhere out of sight. I guess I wouldn’t be needing them for a while anyway. Meanwhile, I tested my bonds, tugging my arms and wiggling my feet. I had some freedom of movement, but it was limited. I certainly wasn’t getting up from the bed very easily without Peter’s help.

“You know,” he said, “I could do anything I wanted with your body right now, and there’s not much you could do to stop me.”

For a moment, I almost started to panic. I was tied in a very exposed and vulnerable position with this guy who until today had been more or less a stranger. What if he was secretly a serial killer or something?

But something in Peter’s warm smile calmed me as he continued, “I just want to remind you that if anything makes you uncomfortable at any time, anything at all, just say the word, and we’ll stop right then and talk it over. While we’re together, I’m in control. I’ll punish you, I’ll dominate you, I’ll make your decisions for you, and I might even humiliate you, but it will always all be in good fun for both of us. I know we already talked about this, but I think it’s good to clarify one last time.”

He was right. We had gone over these ground rules before, but in a way it was comforting to hear them spoken aloud. “I understand,” I said. I still felt a little vulnerable, bound spread eagle with nothing covering my body except a diaper, but at this point Peter had already tied me up once before, so I felt I could trust him to keep me safe. In fact, the vulnerability was making me feel not scared but aroused.


It seemed unreal. I had fantasized about this so much and spent so much time talking about it with Peter. Before today, I had never had any experience with sexual bondage, but now it was finally happening, and I was feeling elated.

“How shall we play with your body first?” Peter asked. He walked away for a moment, grabbing something from the items he had arranged on the desk. As he approached the bed once more, I recognized what it was. A candle. I knew where this was going. We had talked about hot wax play, though I hadn’t really expected it to be one of the first things we did. But ready or not, I knew I had better be prepared because Peter was already lighting the candle. I tried to imagine what it would feel like. Would it hurt? Would it burn? My cock was still as hard as ever, and now Peter was holding the lit candle above my body. I could see the flame, knew it was beginning to melt the wax, and knew what was about to happen. Peter tilted the candle at an angle, allowing the wax to drip down onto my belly. There was a hot sensation for a second as the wax hit my skin, but it seemed to cool quickly. Then another hot impact as Peter dripped more wax onto my skin.

I closed my eyes, so as to be uncertain of where and when the next droplets would fall on my body. Peter slowly dripped the hot wax on my stomach and chest, giving particular attention to each of my nipples. I tried to keep my eyes closed, heightening the rest of my senses. So far, the whole experience was hot in more ways than one, both the temperature of the wax and the way it kept me feeling so horny. Then I felt Peter undoing the tapes at the sides of my diaper, lifting up the front to uncover my privates. Suddenly, I felt hot wax hit the tip of my cock. It surprised me a bit, and I think I jerked my body a little. Somehow, the sensation of hot wax on my cock was more intense than it had been elsewhere. I guess the genitals must be more sensitive than the other skin. I had never experienced anything quite like this before. My cock remained fully erect, as Peter allowed one drop after another to splatter along the length of the shaft, and then down to my balls. Sometimes, my body would jerk involuntarily as the intensity surprised me, but it was a good surprise, and the hot wax always seemed to cool very quickly once it landed on my body.

“How was that?” Peter asked, extinguishing what was left of the candle once my torso and genitals had been sufficiently coated with a light layer of wax.

“It was good,” I answered, still reluctant to admit aloud how much all of this was turning me on.


“Looks like you’ve still got quite the boner,” Peter observed, brushing a finger lightly across the head of my cock.

“Yeah,” I blushed again, losing count of how many times I had blushed so far today, “I guess so…”

“You have a nice penis,” Peter complimented, “And truly a nice body too. Every part of you. You should be proud.”

“Thank you,” I replied. Peter’s approval made me feel good, even though I knew my cock wasn’t really anything special. It wasn’t huge by any means, but I’ve never been really insecure about it. It certainly serves its purpose, and I’ve always liked my dick well enough.

Peter gripped my manhood firmly in his hand, jerking up and down in a way that he knew would drive me wild. As he did so, the wax on my cock began to crumble and flake off, but Peter just kept on stroking. I moaned in pleasure. For the past two weeks, I had not masturbated at all. Peter had instructed me not to cum, so that my balls would be nice and full when we met. So even though I had already ejaculated once this morning, it did not take long for Peter to get me close to the edge again. My body wriggled against the restraints, horny and eager for release.

But then he stopped. His fingers left my manhood, and he pulled the diaper back over my crotch, taping the sides in place once more. The tapes weren’t quite as sticky anymore, but since I was still restrained to the bed, I wasn’t likely to move enough to dislodge the diaper anyway even if the tapes were a little loose. I knew he was teasing me, getting me so close to orgasm only to deny, and while a part of me was annoyed not to get to cum, a bigger part of me got so turned on knowing that I’d given Peter so much control of the most intimate parts of my body.

“Does my boy need to go pee pee?” he asked, his hand tracing the outline of my erection on the outside of the diaper.

“Umm…” I mumbled, the question reminding me that I still hadn’t gone even though I had kind of needed to ever since lunch, “Maybe…”

“And where do boys that aren’t big enough for the potty go pee pee?”

I blushed yet again, embarrassed to say it aloud, “In their diapers.”

“Well how about we just relax for a little bit then?” he suggested, “I’m going to use the bathroom real quick, and then when I get back I’ll find us a movie or something to watch on TV. Don’t go anywhere while I’m gone.” He chuckled at the last part, knowing full well that I couldn’t possibly go anywhere while my hands and feet were still bound to the bed. Plus, I think he just enjoyed making the distinction that he could use the toilet but I would have to use my diaper.


He propped up my head with a pillow, but left me restrained on the bed while we watched the movie. At first it was hard to focus on the movie with so much other excitement buzzing through my mind, but eventually I tried to clear my mind and relax. Peter seemed to be staring at the television, hardly paying me any attention. As we got further into the movie, I noticed my urge to pee was continuing to increase. I knew there was no chance Peter would let me up to use the toilet, so I accepted the fact I would have to use the diaper. Honestly, I rather liked the idea of wetting the diaper. The few times I had tried wearing diapers in the past, wetting them had been an interesting, but very enjoyable, feeling. Still, it took me a little while to relax enough to actually do it. All those years of potty training can be hard to overcome. I felt the urge, but the flow would not come. It was more difficult than one might expect, but finally I was able to let loose, a tiny trickle at first and then the full stream. As I felt the diaper absorbing the warm liquid, I noticed Peter looking over at me. I wondered if he could tell what I was doing, but he didn’t say anything. Soon enough I was finished and the diaper seemed to have soaked everything up without leaking. I tried to focus on the movie again, but the pleasant sensation of the wet diaper just provided another distraction in addition to the fact that I was still horny from being tied to the bed.

After the movie ended, Peter stood by the bed and squeezed the front of my squishy diaper. He rubbed up and down. My erection had subsided, but it came back quickly. “Did someone fill their diapers?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” I admitted.

“Well, let’s fill them up a little more before we take them off,” he suggested, his hand tugging rapidly on my cock through the diaper. It didn’t take long. Soon, my hips were trusting in a motion synchronized to the hand massaging my diaper. My mouth released a sound that was something between a grunt and a moan of ecstasy and my back arched as my cock began to pulse, filling the diaper with cum, enjoying the release that Peter had denied me before the movie.

“Wow,” I said softly, “That was good.” I loved the helpless feeling of being tied to the bed in a wet diaper mixed with the pleasure of a sexual release.

Peter smiled down at me, “Why don’t we get you cleaned up?” He released me from my restraints and led me from the bed to the hotel room’s bathroom. He started running some warm water in the tub and then helped me take off the diaper. In addition to my urine, its insides were now coated in flaky pieces of cold wax and the sticky mess of fresh semen.


He wadded up the diaper and threw it away as we waited for the tub to fill. He asked how the plug was doing. To be honest, I had almost forgotten it was there, but now that he mentioned it I became aware of it once more. He told me to relax as he eased it out, telling me we wouldn’t need the plug during bathtime. I noticed my insides sort of felt a little empty once it was gone. I guess I had gotten used to the feeling of it stuck up my butt.

Once the tub was full, he checked the temperature of the water and then helped me climb inside. I sat on the floor of the tub, immersed in the water, bending my knees to fit my 6′2″ body inside. Peter kneeled beside the tub, lathering my body with soap and gentling rubbing my skin, carefully removing the layers of wax from my stomach, chest, and finally groin. By the time he began to clean my cock, it was once again fully erect. Even after two orgasms, my sexual arousal was relentless. Maybe I should have felt embarrassed to have this man bathing me, but I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Besides, Peter had now seen every inch of my naked body. What room did I have to be modest around him anymore? He had made me cum while I was wearing a wet diaper. There wasn’t a whole lot left to hide from him at this point. By now, I was pretty comfortable being naked around Peter, and I certainly couldn’t have felt any happier than I did right now as he finished bathing me. He helped me out of the tub and then grabbed a towel to dry me off.

“What will it be now?” he asked me, “Diapered or nude?”

I wasn’t sure how to decide. I liked the thrill of him seeing me naked and exposed, but I also enjoyed the feeling of being in the diaper. “Whichever you think,” I told him.

“We’ll just leave you as you are for now then,” he said, “You just filled your diaper so I assume you won’t need to go again for a little while anyway, right?”

“I guess so,” I agreed.

He told me to wait a minute and then came back with a length of rope in his hand. I wondered what he had in store for me next. I was still fully naked while Peter was still fully dressed. He took a length of rope and wrapped it around my cock and balls several times. When he was finished, there was still a lot of rope hanging down to the ground. He tugged on the rope, and I realized it was like he had tied a leash around my manhood. You could say he had me by the balls. He led med from the bathroom back to the main part of the hotel room. We sat down on the bed beside each other.


“The bondage and handjobs are definitely fun and all,” he said, grabbing the remote to turn on the television, “But I think sometimes it’s nice to just relax and hang out and enjoy our time together.”

“Sure,” I nodded.

“Though I bet you don’t normally hang out with your other friends in the nude,” he chuckled.

“No. This is the first time.” I don’t think any of my friends had even really seen me naked, and I certainly didn’t ever take all my clothes while we were watching TV together.

Peter wrapped an arm around me, holding me close. It was nice. Despite my nudity, I felt safe and protected around Peter, like he really cared about me and my wellbeing. Every now and then he’d tug gently on the rope around my balls, making my cock tingle a bit, as if to remind me that he was still in control even when we weren’t directly engaged in our more kinky pastimes. After a little bit, he asked if I was hungry. It seemed like we had just had lunch, but I realized that must have been hours ago. The afternoon had flown by. He suggested we order a pizza, and I told him that was fine with me.

After he had called and placed the order, he untied the rope from around my cock. “I figure you probably don’t want this stuff still tied up when the pizza guys shows up,” he teased me.

“Probably not.” I laughed.

“So are you going to answer the door like you are right now?” he asked “Or should we get you in another diaper?”

“Umm…” I didn’t know what to say. Was he serious?

He waited a moment, then asked me again.

I still didn’t answer.

“Come on now. It’s your choice. You’re going to answer the door when the pizza is delivered,” he insisted, “We can put you in a diaper if you prefer or you can do it without.”

I could tell he wasn’t kidding. He really expected me to do this. Both options seemed so embarrassing. Answering the door in nothing but a diaper would be difficult to explain, but it felt like answering the door naked might be even worse. I hesitated but then reluctantly told him that I’d prefer to be diapered.

“Then let’s get you ready,” he said, “Lay down on the bed.” Peter unfolded another of the adult diapers, lifted my legs with one hand, and slid the diaper underneath me with the other. Then he grabbed a container of baby powder and shook it generously all over my diaper area. Maybe I should have felt embarrassed at my age to have another man diapering me, but having him do it was so much easier than when I had tried to put one on myself in the restaurant’s restroom. If I hadn’t been so worried about what was going to happen when the pizza arrived, I think I would have enjoyed it quite a lot.


He pulled the diaper up between my legs, covering my crotch, and taping both sides snugly in place. His hand patted the front of the diaper, and I’m sure he noticed that my cock was once more fully erect. Helping me stand up, he led me over to the full-length mirror on the hotel’s bathroom door. “Look how cute my little boy is in his diapers,” he said. My reflection beamed back at both of us. I couldn’t help but enjoy seeing myself like this, but then I had a sinking feeling as I remembered that he was expecting me to answer the door for the pizza guy wearing nothing but this diaper. I’m sure he could tell I was worried. In fact, I think he enjoyed it. I just kept trying to come up with ways to hide the diaper, but I couldn’t come up with anything. I wasn’t even sure what Peter had done with all my clothes. Maybe I could grab a towel from the bathroom to wrap up in? But I doubted Peter would let me get away with that.

Eventually, I heard the knock I had been dreading. Peter kept his place on the bed and gestured that I should go answer the door. Reluctantly, I moved toward the door, dreading what would happen when I opened it. I tried to guess how the pizza guy would react to seeing me in my diaper, and every option I came up with was at least as embarrassing as the last. I stood at the door, then looked back at Peter, but I could tell he wasn’t interested in providing me a way out of this. At last, I opened the door, my heart racing inside my chest.

“You ordered the pizza?” she asked. I hadn’t been expecting a girl. She looked to be about my age and was fairly attractive. She made a face when she saw how little I was wearing. If I could have seen my own face, I’m sure it was beet red.

“Uh… yeah” I mumbled, taking the pizza box from her.

I saw her mouth drop open. I think she had just realized that I wasn’t in normal underwear but rather a diaper. I could tell she was trying to compose herself and keep a straight face, but I felt mortified. I just stared at the floor, waiting for her to go away, but she just stood there. After a moment, she asked, “Well, are you going to pay?”

Of course. How had I been so stupid? I was so nervous that I hadn’t even thought about having to pay for the pizza, and now I didn’t even know where Peter had hidden my wallet. Luckily, he came to my aid, walking to the door and handing her some cash, thanking her and telling her to keep the change. She left, never saying anything about my diaper. She was probably trying to be polite or professional, but I felt completely humiliated.


Peter patted me on the back. “I know that wasn’t easy for you, but you did well.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was glad the pizza girl hadn’t questioned why I was dressed like this. Just being seen this way had been enough of an adrenaline rush. I’m not sure I could have taken the added embarrassment of her commenting on my diaper. At least now she was gone and the anxiety would pass.

We ate the pizza together in silence for a little bit, and then I asked, “Did you plan for me to not have any money so I’d have to stand there like that longer?”

“Well, I’d have given you the money ahead of time if you’d asked for it,” he laughed, “But I also knew you’d look so cute whenever you finally realized you didn’t have any way to pay for it. So yeah, it was a little mean on my part maybe, but also pretty funny.”

I was a little annoyed by this, but I couldn’t stay mad at Peter. He’d given me so many great new experiences today, and that was more than enough to outweigh the moments of embarrassment he had subjected me to.

After we finished the pizza, he asked if I was sure I couldn’t spend the night, but I told him that it was probably better that I go back home like we’d agreed. It wasn’t a short drive, and I had to work in the morning. He said we should have one last bit of fun then before I left, and of course I said I would like that. He removed my diaper so I was naked once more, and then pulled the chair out from the hotel room’s desk and had me sit down in it. He took some rope, tying each of my wrists to the arms of the chair and each of my ankles to the legs of the chair. Then, for good measure, he tied a length of rope around my chest, securing me to the back of the chair. I tested my bonds and found I was once more snugly secured. It was a different position from being tied to the bed, but it turned me on just as much. He squeezed my nipples and fondled my balls. Every now and then, he’d brush his fingers lightly over my cock, but not too much yet. I thrust my hips up into the air as best I could, trying futilely to get more pleasure from his hands.

Finally, he grasped me firmly, wrapping his fingers around me. My breathing intensified. I was already close to the edge. Soon enough, a shot of cum erupted into the air, landing on my belly, followed by another and another. And then it was done, and I relaxed my body, sighing contentedly. I looked down at my cum-covered stomach then up into Peter’s warm eyes. “Wow,” I said softly, still tied to the chair, “That was good.”


Peter had stopped stroking, but his hand was still resting lightly on my cock. “I hope today was as good as you’d hoped it would be,” he said.

“Yeah,” I replied, “It was nice. I had fun.” I couldn’t quite find the right words to express my gratitude. Before today, I’d never done anything sexual with another man before, but now he’d seen me naked and made me cum three times. I found I loved the way the helpless feeling of bound exposure mixed with the pleasure of sexual release.

He wiped up the semen from my crotch and stomach, then untied me from the chair and had me lay on the bed again. He held up the butt plug and asked, “Would you like to take this home with you? It’s yours to keep if you want it.”

“Sure,” I nodded, “Thanks.” It still felt a little uncomfortable as he pushed it inside me, but at least I knew what to expect this time, and once it was finally in me, it wasn’t too bad.

“No need to waste a perfectly good diaper either,” he said, holding up the same one I had been wearing before, “This way you won’t need any restroom stops during your drive back.” It was still dry, but the tapes weren’t quite as sticky, so he used a couple pieces of duct tape to make sure it stayed snuggly wrapped around my body. I stood admiring my diapered self in the mirror while Peter fetched my clothes from wherever he had hidden them away.

Soon enough, I was once more wearing my shirt, jeans, shoes, and socks, but underneath all that, my underwear had been replaced by a butt plug and a diaper. I didn’t think anyone else could tell what I was wearing under my pants, but I couldn’t help but notice the feeling of both items as I left the room, and walked down the hall, to the elevator, through the lobby, and to my car. Before we had hugged each other goodbye, Peter had handed me a bag containing my white briefs along with a few diapers that he said he’d talk to me about using in the days ahead. I smiled to myself as I sat the bag in the empty passenger seat beside me and backed out of the parking lot. I reflected on the jumbled mix of emotions I had felt throughout the day, from fear and uncertainty to eagerness and delight. So many things had happened that I had fantasized about but never experienced. I now knew what it felt like to submit, to relinquish control of myself and my body to someone else, for both their pleasure and mine. When I arrived this morning, I wasn’t quite sure how things would go, but all in all it had been a good day. Peter and I had had a lot of fun together, and it was certainly a day I’d remember for a long time to come.

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