The following story is for adults and contains descriptions of sexual contact between teenage males. If you are a minor it is illegal for you to read, or if you find the subject objectionable, read no further. All the characters, events and settings are the product of my over-active imagination. I hope you like it. Mail me or if literary analysis interests you visit Eliot's Space.

Summer Jobs


by eliot moore


Jordan's visits begin with a fixed routine that gives him little pleasure. He comes into the Barrett house without pausing and finds Alea, Brandon Barrett's fifteen-year-old sister. She will make him wait, but not for long. She takes him to her room and she plays with him. Later he will make a call for Brandon that may be less pleasant.

Today Alea wants to play a new game. They kiss and fondle as Alea pulls Jordan's clothes off. She likes to be in control. They make out together in her bedroom and he is made to fondle her breasts through the light shirt she is wearing. Often they will have intercourse. She pushes him back onto the bed and he watches as she reaches for something in her closet. She takes him and roles him on his stomach. It is time for suppositories. She pushes them deep into his rectum with her fingers. Today there will be ropes and Jordan watches and cooperates as she ties him to her bed. She stretches him tight and his penis respondeds to this. “You've been a good boy?”


“Not even once?” She lightly rubs the tip his penis with the palm of her hand. She has long finger nails and uses them on his back. She leaves the room silently and she is gone long enough for Jordan's errection to fade.

He is surprised when she returns. She has brought Tina, her twelve-year-old sister. Jordan blushes but he cannot hide his groin. The girls sit next to him on the bed. “See, this is what he looks like”. Tina is shy, but interested. Jordan is embarrassed to be seen by the little girl. Alea is not being nice today. “Touch him and you'll see what happens.”

He must watch as Tina extends one small thin hand and wraps it around Jordan's flaccid member. Her touch is cool against his skin. She plays with his penis. It seems rubbery to the girl. She touches his testicles within the crinkly scrotum. They feel smooth as they glide between her fingers. “When they get older they get all hairy. Here do it like this.” Tina watches while Alea expertly works Jordan's penis. She squeezes and pulls the skin. He begins to respond and she stops to let Tina continue. Tina milks the penis with one hand. She is prettier than her older sister. He does not mind her touching him. When his penis is hard Tina stops.

“It gets long doesn't it?” Tina is impressed. “It's really hard.” Tina circles Jordan's young penis to judge its thickness. She strokes the penis a little with sharp nails then plays with his testicles. She cups the scrotum in her hand to feel the heat and weight of his manhood.

“Try squeezing them.” Tina digs her fingers deep into the scrotum and Jordan cries out. The pain kills his hard on and he jerks against the cords. Tina tries it again and he tries to pull away. She is impressed with how vulnerable the boy is. “Make him hard again and this time, keep going; he'll ejaculate all over himself.” Tina wonders what this means.

The stimulation mixes with the pain in his groin. Tina works him back into full arousal. The sponge has become a curved rod. Tina wraps a hand around his testicles to stop them from pulling in tight and pumps his shaft. Jordan groans and arches his back as a thick stream shoots out and splashes across his chest. Tina releases his penis as he continues to shudder and the little mouth drips a small puddle of semen in his sparse pubic hair. “They do that inside you Tina when ever they get a chance.”

“Can he do it again?” She grabs his member and tries to work him back into an errection. Semen slides down his shaft and it becomes sticky.

“He's not as fast the second time. He takes a while to get it back up.” Her sister continues to bring Jordan back while she takes a spoon and scoops up the glistening semen on Jordan's torso. “Most guys don't like to do this, but Jordan is a whore.” She feeds the semen into his mouth. It has become a familiar flavor to him. Alea could feed boys semen all day. Tina is starting to make progress with Jordan's penis. It is sore now, tender from the lack of lubricant. He is not as hard when he reaches his second orgasm but the mingled pain makes it feel deeper in the roots of his groin. Tina looks at the semen on the back of her hand and tastes a little before wiping it across Jordan's lips. She runs her fingers over his chest and down to his sticky penis. Jordan lies drained and sleepy. “Don't fall asleep Jordan. We have to clean you out. They move to the bathroom. Trembling from the cold he kneels and bends over to allow her to insert the enema bag into his colon. Alea has attached an obscenely veined dildo with a massive head to the enema tube. She must lubricate it to make it slide in. Tina asks “Do they get that big?”

“Sometimes; Jordan is a slut so he can handle it” After three weeks this too is a familiar game. Jordan understands it will be that kind of an afternoon. The warm solution irrigates his bowls. The water and suppositories have done their work and he barely makes it to the toilet. He is humiliated being watched by the girls as he shits and farts. He can't look at them. Alea makes him repeat the enema with warm soapy water. Then she makes him shower.

Clean now, she takes him back to the bedroom and sends Tina away. She pulls her pants off and sits on his face. This, and a share of Jordan's fee, is her reward for helping Brandon. Brandon has no other interest in the boy. Sometimes she will give him some pleasure as a reward. Jordan licks and sucks until she pushes her vagina hard against his face and shudders with an orgasm. Warm fluid covers his face and he gags. She adds to her pleasure by rubbing the lips of her vagina around his face. These moments are revenge for the humiliations she suffered from her brother. Jordan washes his face as she lays out some new clothes.

“This cost a lot” she tells him “so you need to come back Tuesday and Thursday to pay for it all.” Jordan's heart sinks at this news. He had plans he must now change. He thinks he might object, but fears the punishment. The new outfit looks expensive. Alea likes this part. She applies a little lipstick to his nipples to heighten their appearance and then he pulls the skin tight fishnet top that leaves his midriff bare. She spreads a light coat of scented oil over his groin and between his legs. Alea finishes by passing her hand along his crack and pushes a finger deep into his tight anus. “We’ve got to get your boy-cunt ready.” She pushes her finger into his mouth and he sucks the oil off.

The bikini briefs are tight and the black leather pants are tighter showing the line of his penis and the twin globes of his testicles. The pants cut into his groin when he bends to tie his shoes. He is ready, but the trick has not arrived to pick him up. “Stay!” she commands and he is left to his fears about the afternoon ahead.

Alea returns with ten-year-old Andy and tells the little boy that Jordan is going to make him feel good. “Suck on him until your date comes.” Jordan balks and Alea glares at him. Suddenly frightened he kneels and starts to undo the boy's pants. Andy struggles a little and Jordan stops when he realizes she is video taping him again. “Keep going; slap him if he won't cooperate.” Andy is afraid of Alea too so he stops struggling. Jordan knows he will be punished later if he shows any more reluctance. He faces the little boy's shrunken penis and low slung testicles. He attempts to make up for his mistake with enthusiasm. Pushing the boy down on the bed he begins to kiss his scrotum and take both testicles in his mouth. Andy whimpers at the new experience and his scrotum contracts. Jordan sucks the little penis until it is a stiff rod in his mouth. He tastes pee. He nibbles on the small head stretching the loose skin between his teeth. Alea moves to capture a close up of his efforts.

Jordan turns Andy over and kissed his butt. He tries to force his tongue into the tight little anus. This all continues until Tina comes to say a man is at the door.

“Does he like that?”

“Who cares? He's just a boy-whore. He'd suck the dog if I told him to.” Jordan wishes she would forget that idea, but she rarely does. He keeps tonguing the boy until Alea orders him to stop. He gets up and she reminds him to kiss his date when they meet. Andy is told to remain in the bedroom with his pants down.

It is someone new. The man is short and casually dressed. He has a clipped moustache. It might be an easy time. Jordan moves quickly over to the man and puts his arms around his neck and gives him a passionate kiss. The man runs his hands over Jordan's buttocks and pushes the shirt up to feel his smooth back. “This is Jordan. Please have him back by six.”

Jordan doesn’t know the man’s name and begins to think of him as the Moustache. The man’s car is in the garage and he tells Jordan to get into the trunk. This has happened regularly. People don’t want to be seen picking him up. It is a long dark drive full of fear. The trunk opens in another garage. The man seems gentle and Jordan looses some of his fear. The Moustache takes him into the living room and pours two large glasses of amber liquor. Jordan doesn’t know what he is drinking, but the man encourages him to finish a couple of short drinks while Jordan perches on his lap. The man pets and kisses Jordan between sips of his drink. He doesn’t seem to care whether the boy contributes to the monologue he conducts as he slowly removes pieces of Jordan’s clothing. When Jordan is naked he massages his penis until it is erect. When the Moustache has finished his drink he makes Jordan masturbate himself while he slowly takes his clothes off. He is older than Jordan’s father, but he is in far better shape. When he is naked he approaches the young boy and offers his penis to him. It is already partially erect and Jordan finds it grows larger than any penis he has seen. The man strokes Jordan’s long hair as the boy grasps the heavy shaft in one hand and takes the large gland into his mouth. After a while they move silently to the Moustache's room.

The Moustache lies beside Jordan and explores licks and nuzzles his entire body. He finally settles on Jordan's erect member and slowly draws an intense orgasm from the boy. As Jordan begins to drift away, drained and contented, the Moustache gently flips him over and begins working on his back. Jordan reaches up to grasp the bed stead as the Moustache attacks his back and shoulders before working his way down past Jordan’s butt to tickle his legs with his tongue. Then the Moustache moves back to his butt and begins probing his anus with his tongue. As The Moustache's tongue darts in Jordan instinctively lifts his ass to part the cheeks. The Moustache looks at the cleft with its puckered opening. Finally the Moustache covers the boy and slowly penetrates his slick ass. He moves with a rhythm that works to draw the fucking out to the extent of the Moustache's limits. The Moustache delves deeply into Jordan's rectum until he finally spends the accumulated passion of the evening in one hot rush. The Moustache nuzzles Jordan's neck until his satisfied member has withdrawn from the sticky lips of Jordan's crack.

The man keeps Jordan longer than he is supposed to and it is very late when he finally returns him to the Barrett’s house. When he is let out of the trunk he sits naked on the floor of the garage while the Moustache completes the transaction. Jordan begins to doze. Alea’s mom and dad are home so she can't leave Jordan naked on the floor of the garage. She leads him out to the camper while she gets a phone.

Alea gives it half an hour and then she shakes Jordan awake. When she has his attention she tells him he must phone home and tell his parents he is sleeping over. With her hands on his testicles he completes a reasonable performance. He is drifting off again when she ties him up and gags him for the night. She returns late at night with a blanket and cream for his ravaged ass.

* ** *

Jordan is awake and feeling a little better when Tina and Alea come back for him. His anus and rectum have become accustomed to the anal sex and the pain is manageable. Tina takes the ropes off. Shivering from the night outside; he stumbles to the house and collapses on the toilet before his bowls void. Andy is detailed to wash him off in the bathtub. Alea directs the little boy from the toilet seat. She lets them have hot water and this helps to revive Jordan.

Jordan soaks his torso in the hot water and tells Alea of his afternoon. In exchange for the time to soak he must play with Andy's body. The morning enema feels good and helps him relieve his bowls. Alea medicates his anus so that it will be healed before his next trick. Jordan fills his stomach with a shake and some broth.

“Jordan; it’s time to discuss your behavior last night.” Jordan had done the best he could but he knows she is not happy. He doesn't want to get Brandon involved so he follows her meekly. “Take your place.”

Jordan has been here before so he knows what is expected of him. He stands up to the bar in the weight room and Alea drapes his testicles over it. This is Tina's first time and she watches with interest. Alea lashes Jordan's testicles and penis tightly to the bar. She turns to Andy and tells him to come over. He will not do it so Tina and Alea catch him as Jordan watches. “Andy; you've been a bad boy and you need to be punished too.” Andy is too short for the bar, so Tina ties his waist to the post. Andy is crying. “Big boys don't cry. See the boy-whore isn't crying. Don't you want to be braver than him?” Andy does want to be braver than Jordan so he nods his head. His father beats him when he cries. “Let’s see who cries first, okay?” Andy nods his head. Alea takes her dad's strap and hits Andy on the rump lightly a few times. Tina fondles her brother's hair to sooth him. She kisses him on the forehead.

“See how brave you were?” Tina says. “Now let's see how the whore takes it.” Andy wipes a tear and watches Jordan. Jordan knows this will not be good.

“You didn't want to suck Andy and you didn't like the video tape. You disgust me.”

“He’s only ten!” Jordan protests. Alea begins whipping his ass furiously over and over again. Jordan cries in pain and uses his arms to support himself.

“I don't want you ever to talk back to me again!” she pauses to catch her breath. She switches to his front and hits his contained testicles. Jordan almost collapses with the pain. “Do you hear me?” Jordan cries uncontrollably as he fights the red cloud of pain that has engulfed him. His hands clutch his throbbing testicles through the tight ropes. Alea and Tina watch him as he is doubled over in pain. Alea pulls Tina from the room.

Tina returns to untie Andy. She rubs his little bum to sooth away any hurts, then tells him he can go play. She turns to Jordan while Andy puts his clothes on. “Alea thinks you should suck Andy's dog. She's mad at you and she thinks that would make her feel better.”

“No, that's sick.”

“Alea, Jordan is not being nice.” Jordan tries to untie his penis, but Tina grabs his arm and with Alea's help they tie his wrists behind his back. Jordan is panicking now.

“Stop it. This isn't fair.” Jordan is running away in his mind but his testicles are lashed tightly to the bar. Alea tickles his testicles and strokes his flanks.

“We have a problem here because I have a date for you in an hour. I thought since you were still here you should put in some extra time.” Jordan could vomit. She picks up a cane her dad sometimes uses on the kids. It is thin and wicked. She slaps the cane against his ass. “I can't send you out damaged goods; but I won't put up with your attitude either.” she swings the cane again. “Just suck the dog and do the date and you can go home.” she hits him twice more and he is sobbing. “Suck the dog Jordan.” she taps his testicles lightly with the cane. He flinches and then nods through his tears. She leaves him there for a minute, and then unties Jordan's organs. The release is a painful.

The dog is big, but gentle. Andy watches while Tina coaxes him on to his side. Alea sits and strokes the dog’s testicles and the sheath containing the pink penis. It pokes out. Jordan gives the slender organ a kiss and glances at Alea. She continues to play with the dog's penis and testicles as if she is experienced with it. The dog's penis is now fully extended. Jordan closes his eyes then he begins to suck as Alea continues to stroke the dog. The dog ejaculates quickly and Jordan gags.

The dog is excited now and when it stands up it wants to climb on top of Jordan and hump him. Alea likes this development and she orders Jordan onto his knees. Tina helps the dog to climb on Jordan's back. He feels the big dog's weight and its nails scratch his shoulders. Alea helps the dog enter his rectum and Jordan is used by the dog. Again the dog pumps vigorously and ejaculates on his ass. Jordan is crying again as the dog licks his ass and testicles. Alea lets the dog lick until it gets tired and walks away. Jordan knows she has found a new game he will be told to play again and again.

* ** *

Jordan comes to the Barrett’s door with a grey weariness born of too many defeats. The week has been a blur of humiliation. His afternoon date had been a high school student who knew his sister. Wednesday he had another older man who pretended to be his father punishing him for breaking curfew. The man makes him take Ecstasy before they start into the role play. Thursday's date cancels out and Brandon works him over because he is angry. Brandon and Alea decide he needs a few days to let the welts and bruises fade before his next date. Just to remind him that he is not on vacation they make him come the ten blocks each day. Jordan wishes his family would go on vacation for a while; but everyone else is working and nobody has time for him.

Jordan hears Sasha barking before he knocks on the door. The big dog is expecting his afternoon treat. Jordan must fondle Sasha's testicles when the giant dog jumps up on him. He can feel the dog's organ slide out as Tina tells him Brandon and Alea are sleeping still. This is not good news because Alea will be a bitch later. Boy and dog are well trained after a week. Sasha follows Jordan into the bathroom and skitters around him while he pulls his clothes off. Tina prepares the enema bag while Jordan lies down on the mat. Sasha quickly humps the fifteen-year old’s open mouth. Tina waits while Sasha licks Jordan's crotch and Jordan scratches the horny dog's fury testicles. This is the dog’s time and he must let the dog choose when it is over. He excites the dog a second time and takes another puppy wad in his mouth. Satisfied, Sasha wanders away and Tina is ready to begin.

The Barrett sisters have their own routines. Jordan gets on his knees and rests his head on his folded arms. Tina presses the slick dildo against Jordan's well used pucker and the boy feels it slide in filling him. As the warm liquid begins its work the twelve-year old pumps the massive dildo like a piston pushing the water deep into him. With her free hand she plays with his hanging testicles. Tina is gentle and Jordan wishes she was older. She loves to see his erection. Jordan has to tell Tina that he is about to come and she stops. If Jordan ejaculates before his date he will be punished. The girls have learned that their customers must come first. The bag is empty so Tina pulls the dildo out and Jordan empties himself while Tina refills the bag.

After his second enema and dildo fuck Jordan's ass is comfortably stretched. Before he dresses Tina explores his smooth body. Her fingers tickle his belly and chest. She thinks he is gentle. Her father and brother scare her and Jordan reassures her. His penis strains upward in an urgent curve that she will not satisfy. Tina points out his outfit for the day.

Jordan is in drag for his date. He slips on black panties and a bra with small breasts. A short black skirt and loose red sweater complete the outfit. Jordan's hair has gotten long so Tina plays with an iron working his hair into a pleasing style. Tina wishes Alea was free to do the make-up, she could hear her struggling with Brandon in the bedroom so she decides she has to do it herself. Tina keeps the make-up light like she would have done on herself. She finishes with some extra earrings.

Jordan is ready and the john is not there. Tina looks at her creation and knows she is expected to keep the cute boy-slut busy. The dog is sleeping so she pulls Andy away from his TV and brings him into her bedroom. The ten-year old is fussy about missing his show. Tina is a gentle sister but she needs to be firm. Jordan watches as she sits on the squirming little boy and pulls his T-shirt off. Jordan hands her the cuffs and she pulls the boy to his feet. Andy is still stubborn so she has to pull his pants off and spank him. Jordan watches as Andy's cheeks turn bright red.

Andy is sobbing quietly as Jordan starts sucking his small testicles into his mouth. He knows he is supposed to keep the little boy's prick hard. Tina watches the boys. She thinks about letting the boy lick her; but her dad does that and she doesn't like to think about him. The whore lifts her brother's legs and he starts to lick the brown halo of Andy's anus. When the doorbell rings Tina leaves the boys. Jordan worries that Tina will be angry if he stops so pulls Andy's body close to his mouth.

Tina comes back to give him some last instructions. The john's name is Eric and he has seen Jordan before. He is looking for a shy girl. Jordan straightens himself and Tina fixes his lip gloss which has been mostly transferred to Andy's groin. Andy will not be happy when she gets back. He has not been a good boy.

Jordan is cautious about Eric. Johns are not always how they appear. Eric is about seventeen and he is not very big. If Jordan was not a prostitute he would want to date a boy like Eric. Eric is good looking. Eric asks him to turn around. When he has done his pirouette they talk for a few minutes. “Can't you talk like Michael Jackson?” Jordan tries again. Eric seems satisfied. He turns to Tina “I'm going to take Jordan home so let's settle things now.”

Jordan decides Eric must be rich because the teenager pays $300 and he drives a new Jetta. “Just be yourself Jordan. Just remember we have been dating for a month and you were shy about meeting my parents.” Jordan wants to know why that is important. “We are going to dinner with my parents.” Jordan feels dizzy. “Maybe it’s because you go to a public school and I go to a private school.” Jordan shifts uncomfortably and nervously asks where they are going. Eric is taking him to a movie, and then they will meet his parents before they go out to dinner.

“Do you want me to do anything?” Jordan asks in a small voice. Eric shakes his head and they continue to drive in the afternoon sun light. Eric is taking him across town. The fifteen-year old is relieved. He might be easily recognized in his own neighborhood. When he looks at the other boy he realizes Eric is nervous.

Eric picks a chick flick Jordan would rather not see. He buys popcorn and drinks and they sit in the back of the nearly empty theatre. The boys eat buttered popcorn side by side. This is Jordan's first date as either a boy or girl. He worries Eric expects him to know what to do. Eric has put his arm around Jordan's shoulders. The bag is between his legs and Jordan thinks about the boy's crotch as he fumbles in the little bag. He lets his hand press against Eric's groin. The movie is bad and the popcorn is done too soon. It's time for the boy to try and kiss the girl.

Time passes and Jordan realizes Eric doesn't seem to have a plan. He hasn’t even moved his hand on Jordan’s shoulder so Jordan slides his hand along the inside of Eric's thigh and leans forward to kiss the salty lips of the older boy. Eric responds eagerly and he pulls Jordan closer. As their lips play against each other Eric slides his hand up Jordan's top while Jordan lets his fingers feel along the length of the boy's penis. Eric is hard beneath the micro fiber fabric of his Dockers. Jordan tries to open the boy's fly with one hand. He is not used to this problem. Eric helps him.

Eric's penis springs out and Jordan wraps his palm around it. The boys pause and Eric looks into Jordan’s eyes for a long moment. The seventeen-year old is breathing hard as Jordan slips off his seat and kneels on the sticky floor between Eric's legs. Eric's penis is long and hard. His lips surround the head and his tongue circles around to stimulate the tender flesh. Eric needs little prompting before warm semen swirls around Jordan's mouth. He pauses to swallow and then sucks the last dribbles glistening on the tip of the penis. He remains bent over the shrinking organ breathing in the sweet smell of Eric’s clean flesh. Johns are usually so old.

The boy in drag feels shy when he returns to his seat. It has been hard to remember he is on a trick and not a date. Will he respect me? Jordan could have laughed if he wasn't always so scared of what the johns would do to him. He watches the movie for a while and takes sips from his Pepsi. He feels Eric shift beside him and he tenses; then a hand slips across his belly making him quiver. He turns to look and his lips connect with Eric's. The hand shifts to his groin and Eric frees his penis and testicles from the tight fabric. Eric does not forget that Jordan is a boy. The remainder of the movie was lost to necking and for a while the boy forgets why he is there, or that Eric is not his boyfriend.

They leave the movie holding hands. Jordan has to remember to use the ladies room. He tries to fix his makeup before he has to face Eric's parents. Eric is waiting patiently for him when he leaves the ladies room. “I'm never going to fool your parents.” Jordan is panicking. He guesses the next part will not be in a dark room. He looks down at himself in despair. He holds himself and looks at Eric full of fear; tears threaten to smear his make-up. “Don't be mad at me please.” Eric comes to him and brushes his hair off his face. He won't be angry. Things will be fine. But $300 buys a lot of expectation, johns complain and Alea punishes. Jordan knows things will not be fine. He must rush back to the washroom and vomit.

Eric's home is grand and the sight of it makes Jordan feel like being sick all over again. All he can do is cling to his Michael Jackson voice and sit up as straight as he can. Eric sits next to him and basks in the glow of his father's approval. “Well it is a pleasure to meet you Jordan. We were beginning to worry Eric might not like girls.” His joke prompts general laughter and Eric takes Jordan's hand as the boy blushes. Eric's mother grills Jordan for a while and he tells her everything she wants to know. He's only fifteen but it’s clear she decides he is acceptable and she has him dressed in a white wedding gown. Eric's father is making Jordan nervous. He looks like he wants to slip his son a condom so that the girl from the wrong side of the tracks doesn't get knocked up. Jordan finds this funny because he is a bigger slut than the stuffy man knows. Jordan endures half an hour of interrogation before the fidgeting Eric tells his parents he wants to show his date around the house. Jordan needs to use the powder room anyway.

Jordan looks at himself in the mirror and trembles with the tension of the last half hour. He doesn’t care what the two parents think; but if Eric is unhappy Alea and Brandon will know about it. He can’t understand why Eric is doing this. Eric knocks on the door and asks him if he is alright. His make-up is running and he doesn’t know how to fix it. He doesn’t hide the fright when he opens the door. Eric is gentle with him. He closes and locks the door. Their bodies are close as Eric wipes the damage from the Jordan’s face. Eric finds the make up in Jordan’s purse. He doesn’t comment on the condoms. His touch is light and steady on Jordan’s face as he adds eye liner. The whore is trapped looking into the john’s eyes as he feels the pencil trace the line of his lid. He brushes the older boy’s crotch and feels the hardness. Eric kisses his lips before adding a light coat of lip gloss. Jordan must give him what he wants and he finds a condom and expertly rips it out of the package. Eric pauses at the sound and finishes his touch ups while Jordan opens the seventeen-year old’s pants and roles the condom over his ridged member.

Jordan twists around and pulls the panties down exposing his rectum to the waiting boy. He helps Eric find his waiting anus then leans over the vanity as Eric pushes his penis deep into him. Eric grabs his hips and slowly moves his penis in and out of the well used hole. Jordan doesn’t like looking at his face in the mirror so he closes his eyes as his body is pumped slowly. The condom slows the passion and Eric’s first time in him is not as aggressive as he thought it might be. The minutes stretch and Eric’s low panting begins to match the movement of his penis as the strokes begin to speed up. Jordan’s higher pitched noises signal his response to Eric’s large penis pushing into him. Jordan knows Eric is finished when the youth groans softly and stops his instinctive pumping. When Jordan opens his eyes he sees the handsome boy’s eyes on his face. They look at each other solemnly as Jordan feels the organ shrink and finally slip out from between his slick buns. Eric lets his hands slide up Jordan’s back. He steps back and Jordan turns to take the used condom off the shrunken penis. He tosses it into the toilet before Eric can think to make him chew the cum-flavored latex. Eric touches Jordan’s slack penis and kisses the boy’s neck before lifting him up onto the vanity.

Jordan sits passively and watches while Eric pulls his pants up. Eric seems elated but when he looks at the young whore he becomes shy. “Why didn’t you just get a girl? It would have been easier.” He flushes a little before answering.

“I don’t know any girls. I go to an all-boy’s school.” Eric is playing with Jordan’s penis and touching his scrotum. Jordan spreads his thighs and leans back against the mirror to allow him to play. Eric is looking at his penis as he squeezes it between his fingers. It grows larger in his hands. “Besides” the older boy confesses “a chick would want me to do stuff.” He runs his fingers over the stubble above Jordan’s crotch and feels the smooth scrotum. “Why did you shave it?”

“I didn’t. Someone else did.” Eric cups Jordan’s testicles with one hand while he massages with the other. Jordan is smaller than Eric, but he now has a respectable hard-on. “I wish you had your bush.” He pauses a moment then adds “the clean sack is cool.” He glances at Jordan’s face before bending over to suck the ridged penis. It feels good and Jordan allows himself a moment’s pleasure. This is Jordan’s first orgasm and it is dramatic. Eric seems happier when he looks back at Jordan. He gives the boy a smile. He resumes playing with the spent penis trying to coax a last drop of semen out. Jordan loses himself in a dream where Eric is only a friend and this is love. The parents somewhere in the house seem forgotten.

“You are hot. Don’t you have a boyfriend?” As soon as he says this he could vomit. Why embarrass the john? All he was supposed to do was keep him happy. He can’t think of a way to take the words back. Eric is still playing with him while he waits for his angry response. There will be pain involved.

“Sure there are some hot guys at school I’m interested in. Somebody would tell my parents.” Eric doesn’t seem to be angry at his comment. He stops playing and pulls Jordan closer to him. “They don’t know about me yet.” No shit, thinks the young prostitute. Jordan thinks Eric wants a hug so he kisses him on the lips and puts his arms around his neck.

“So can I ask what’s going to happen now?” Jordan figures there is more sex later. He is wondering about the parents and everything else that is going to happen. Eric seems gentle and since he knows he is free of Alea and Brandon for the rest of the day he is slowly relaxing.

“We are waiting for my sister and her boyfriend, and then we are all going out to dinner. After that I don’t know.” His hands are traveling over Jordan’s body again. “I wish we could just stay here all night.” Jordan wishes he could go home. “It’s my sister’s graduation today.” He blushes at Jordan before adding “thanks for letting me do you, you’re pretty hot too for a kid.” He gives Jordan a playful punch that makes the gun-shy boy flinch. Jordan thinks he didn’t have much choice. It hits him that Eric was a virgin. He will have to teach him everything. “I guess they will be wondering what we are up to.”

Eric's parents are sharing a drink and Jordan wishes someone would offer him one. Almost immediately Eric's mother hustles him out of the room for a private talk. Eric tries not to show his concern. They end up in Eric's room. She pulls a pair of pleated black slacks out and clutches them to her chest. “I don't want to be rude dear, but that pretty skirt you have on is a bit too short for the restaurant we will be going to tonight.” Jordan glances down at himself. “These are Eric's and they are probably too big. Try them on.” Jordan is trapped so he plays shy and turns his back while he slips out of the skirt that had pleased Tina and tries on Eric's pants. They are loose and long. With the belt from his skirt, a reminder to hike the pants up, and his platform shoes Eric's fashion-conscious mom is satisfied. Jordan prefers wearing the pants. She asks him to sit next to her and hugs him tightly. Her arm is crushing his false breasts. “You young people are in such a hurry to grow up. Eric really likes you, I can tell.” Jordan blushes beet red. “I hope you children will be careful.” She puts a hand on his leg. “Remember to make him use protection.” A month ago Jordan would have killed his mother if she did this to a girl friend. When the girls get back from their talk Eric is blushing. He takes a quick look at Jordan and glances away. It looks like Eric had been getting his own lecture.

The boyfriend looks like the wrong sort. The disapproval is obvious. Eric's mother is not comfortable with the young man and fusses over Jordan to distract herself. Stella does a double-take when she sees Jordan and drags Eric away for a brief conference. Juan is noticeably older than Stella. He has an edge to him that tells Jordan the young man is familiar with his world. Juan attempts to make small talk in the frosty room. You can almost see his breath with each remark he makes. Every time he begins a conversation with Jordan the mother throws up a road block. Clearly young girls are not to talk to this man.

Brother and sister return and Jordan can see Eric has been crying. Everyone goes to the restaurant in separate cars. Once they are alone Eric cheers up. “Stella told me it wasn't fair to make you do this. Will you forgive me?” Jordan thinks Eric has already forgotten he has paid $300 for whatever he wants. Jordan can give value. He reaches over the gap between them and cups Eric's groin and tells him what he wants to hear. Eric's penis grows beneath his fingers and he caresses it as they drive. Jordan sees that Eric's tent lasts until they reach the parking lot. “Stella says we can use her apartment tonight.” Jordan gives him a kiss and a last caress. It is a promise for later that he would rather not keep.

There is an awkward wait before they are seated. Jordan escapes into the ladies room for a break. He could use a joint. While he is sitting in a chair that is nicer than the chairs in his mother's living room a girl comes in to use a stall. Jordan tries not to stare. When she has washed up she sits next to him like she is tired. Jordan finds her a pleasant distraction. “Taking a break?” the boy can only clutch his purse tightly and nod his head. “Me too”

Jordan clears his throat and finds his voice. “My date brought me to dinner with his parents.”

“Sucks to be you” She measures Jordan against her own standard. Jordan isn't competition. “If your date is the hot guy standing by the door you’re lucky.” That would be Eric. Jordan tries to stand up in a girly sort of way.

“That's probably him.” It is time to go back to work. Eric is hovering beside the door waiting for Jordan and he can’t resist running a hand over the boy’s buttocks as they walk to the table. Jordan knows this will be the dinner from hell. He is in a restaurant with food he will never get to eat again and he knows he can’t have any of it. He has to sit next to mother because she needs female companionship and Juan won’t do. The menu has no prices and it is not in English. Jordan knows Stella is enjoying herself too much because she makes Eric split raw oysters with Jordan as an appetizer. She veto’s Jordan’s choice of salad and orders him a lobster tail. Jordan has learned never to eat when he is working but lobsters are few and far between for him. He loses himself in the experience and nobody seems to mind that he says little. The oysters remind him unpleasantly of work and he is embarrassed when Eric tries to feed them to him. When he surfaces from the butter and succulent chunks of lobster he realizes the conversation has gained an unpleasant edge to it. Too much wine has passed around the table and the parents are letting their hostility surface. Jordan can see Juan is unconcerned, but Stella and Eric are unhappy. Eric finds and squeezes Jordan’s hand beneath the table. Jordan responds by searching out the seventeen-year old’s crotch and begins to rub it. Eric looses interest in the conversation. Juan smiles slightly at the fifteen-year old. A minute later Stella is calmed down too. The conversation becomes a dialogue between the parents who are pleased to have their children's undivided attention for a while.

“I can't believe you did that.” Eric comments as they leave the restaurant. Jordan can't believe most of what he does. Eric is a careful driver but he is clearly anxious to get to his sister's apartment. All things considered things have gone well. Jordan knows the appetizers are done and it is time for the main course.

Eric is no longer shy but it is still left to Jordan to manage things. Eric should be the master of this moment. He stands in the middle of the small living room uncertain of where to begin. Jordan kicks off the miserable shoes and comes close to the older boy. “Take my clothes off Eric.” he whispers.

Later in bed Jordan resigns himself to staying the night. Resentment flares briefly. His parents should care. Indifference or trust has left him feeling lost. He will show up some time tomorrow and they will accept the lies he must tell them. Eric is deep in sleep. Jordan is drained of energy too, but he slips silently out of the bed to look for relief. He is sore and tender. Perhaps the sisterr has something healing. Jordan stuffs some extra-strength Tylenol in his mouth and examines the medicated creams. He sits on the toilet backwards and rests on the cold porcelain of the tank.

Eric had eagerly stripped the younger boy and explored his body in wonder. Pulling him down to the carpet he shed his own clothes. He pressed the smaller boy into the carpet and while his erection played across Jordan's thigh they kissed. Jordan had to insist he pause and put a condom on before Eric rolled his legs up and urgently pushes himself deep into the well-used cavity.

Some johns like a fight, others want fear; too many didn't really need any response at all. A few, like Eric, wanted passion and ecstasy. Jordan ignored the abrasive tug and the hard pelvis bruising his testicles and performed for Eric. He dug his fingers into the thick carpet and caressed the older boy's ridged arms while he closed his eyes and he moaned his gratitude and offered praise for the thick member stretching his anus. He whimpered words of encouragement. When Eric decided to pull out and strip the condom off, he eagerly allowed him to jack his load into his waiting mouth. Afterward his tongue played tag with Eric's swollen head catching dribbles of semen. They showered together and Eric massaged his penis until he came across Eric's palm. The seventeen-year old pushed his soapy fingers into Jordan's ass while Jordan kissed his shoulders and chest. Afterward he put Eric to bed.

Jordan surprised himself with a painless shit. He cleaned himself carefully and worked some ointment into his butt. For good measure he added some oil Stella has handy. Eric is still asleep when he sneaks back into bed.

Jordan is dreaming that Eric is just his boyfriend when he is roused by Eric climbing on top of him. Jordan is glad he put the baby oil on because Eric isn't using a condom. “This feels better and I want my jizm to fill you up.” Jordan turns his head and the clock reads 11:30 pm. He realizes he is in for a long night. It's hard to remember the dream. Eric is learning to control himself. He begins to stretch the fuck out by pausing and shortening his movements. He lets his weight press down on Jordan and shifts his hands down to Jordan's groin. As his penis gently moves around he squeezes Jordan's nuts and pulls on them. When he finally ejaculates it is only a whispered curse to signal the event.

Eric wakes him once more during the night. At 3:30 am. Eric can stretch his erection out for almost fifteen minutes. At 7:45 am. Jordan sucks Eric's penis. He is sore and his anus needs a break. Eric wants to talk afterward.

“Why are you hustling? Do you need the money?” Eric is vaguely aware that Jordan is not rich.

“No” Jordan doesn't want to admit he gets none of the money. There isn't much Jordan would want to admit.

“Do you like it?”

“I like you” Jordan evades the question.

Eric decides to suck on his penis for a while. When he is done Eric looks back at Jordan. “Would you sleep with me again some time? I mean, like friends; not the other thing?” It's the first time Eric has mentioned the money.

“I've never slept with anyone as nice as you.” sad, but true. Jordan is still on the job, but it isn't too hard to say “I wish you were the only one I ever slept with.” Again he has avoided the question.

“So forget it and be with me.” Eric kisses him.

“Brandon wouldn't let me.”

“What is he? Your pimp or something?”

“I guess. I'm supposed to do what he says.” Eric considers this. He has discovered the baby oil on one of his trips to the bathroom and he brings it back with him. He pulls Jordan over and tries to squeeze the bottle into Jordan's anus. He makes a mess and oil slides between Jordan's thighs then drips on his scrotum.

“Whoops!” Jordan thought he had tamed the beast, but the horny seventeen-year old wants another crack at his fifteen-year old butt. He tries a new position and impales Jordan on his penis. It slides in very easily. He begins spreading the extra oil over Jordan's groin as the boy rotates on his erection. “Why do you do it?” Jordan explains Brandon threatens him. "You could tell your parents." This occurred to Jordan too; but too late. Now he simply fears Brandon's brute force and his father's reaction. The oil does its work and the boys share a moment of orgasm. Their time is up and after shower and breakfast Eric takes Jordan home.

Jordan's parents and sister are working and he is all alone. He closes his bedroom door and falls asleep. Sometime in the afternoon the phone rings. He doesn't hear it. Jordan surfaces before supper. His parents are home and for a change the three of them have a meal together. Jordan's rhythm is skewed and he stays up late connecting with classmates on line. He wishes there was someone to share his problems with, but nobody talks about much and Jordan doesn't want to start it. Eric wanted his phone number or e-mail address. Jordan didn't see the point. If he has to hustle he would rather work Eric, but the dude wants a boyfriend and Jordan is too humiliated to be one. He looks at porno and thinks about Eric. That is about the point it comes to him he didn't go over to Brandon's that day.

Jordan stays home for a week. When he goes out he stays very close to his parents. He decides he can keep it up until the end of the summer. He will worry about school when it starts. Jordan doesn't mind the rest and he doesn't mind staying home. What he doesn't count on is Brandon.

It is about midmorning when he is woken up by the crushing weight of Brandon sitting on his back. Useless as he knows it is, Jordan tries to struggle against the 240 pounds. The senior easily ties him and Alea hands him a strip of duct tape to seal his mouth. They tape his ankles before Brandon throws him over his shoulder and carries him out to the car. Brother and sister don't seem to be concerned about being seen. They toss him in the trunk and Alea drops his clothes on top. Alone in the dark Jordan has time to cry.

Brandon carries Jordan down to the basement. The boy has been down in the basement once and most of what he has done since has been about avoiding this repeat. Jordan is so frightened he pisses when the senior drops him on the floor. Alea cuts his boxers off and straps a thick dog collar to Jordan's neck. Brandon snaps the leash to his collar and drags him to his feet. Jordan can't talk and Brandon has nothing to say. There is nothing he wants to say. The young man is methodical and careful: a knee to the groin, punches to the sides, and when Jordan collapses he is hauled to his feet again and slapped deliberately across the face. Brandon jerks on the leash to pull the boy closer for a punch and lets him fall down. They simply repeat the process with slight variations.

After a while Brandon pushes Jordan into a wall and doesn't wait to watch him collapse to the floor. Brandon wants a drink. Alea has been watching patiently while her brother works the slut over. She is upset to see him drinking in the morning. While he is upstairs she leans over Jordan and rips the tape off his mouth. While Jordan sobs and tries to breath she scolds him. “You stupid whore, do you have any idea how much money we have lost? Everyone is angry with you. Brandon has been taking it out on us. You fucking selfish little prick. That rich faggot offered $400 for you yesterday and we had to turn him down.” Jordan tries to focus and beg her to make her brother stop. Alea hears Brandon's heavy tread coming down the stairs. She slaps the tape over his mouth before he can say anything. This is going to take a while so Alea goes up stairs. Brandon is already back to work before she reaches the fridge.

She flops down next to Tina on the couch and pops open the Coke. Tina is curled into a tight ball. “He's drinking.” She sounds frightened. What will come is sickening in its inevitability and both girls flush at the unfairness.

“Not much chance he'll fuck the slut is there?” Brandon didn't like boys. “He'll want me so you take the whore and see if he learned his lesson.” Tina nods her head gratefully.

“Does he have a nice house?”

“Not really.” The girls watched television and flinch every time a noise drifts up from the basement. When Brandon comes up stairs he has drank half the bottle and simply grabs Alea's wrist and yanks her off the couch. Tina sees that taming the whore has given her brother an errection. Tina watches them go grateful that her brother always picks Alea. She hopes her breasts don't grow.

Jordan is lying in a slick of his own fluids on the cement floor. Sweat and violent slaps have loosened the tape. She pulls it off and pauses to listen to Jordan's stuttered apologies and promises of good behaviour. He will do what they want. Please don't send Brandon back. He is crying as she cuts the tape around his ankles and removes the rope. He won’t stand up and she follows patiently as Jordan crawls up the stairs. Sasha is waiting in the kitchen and Tina watches as the battered boy resumes his duties without prompting. His groin must hurt because when Sasha licks and nibbles him he cries. Jordan rests while the dog skitters around him. Sasha returns for his usual second hump. Jordan has to struggle to his feet and she is not sure if he is strong enough to continue. Careful as Brandon was, the bruises cover the boy's body. “You have to finish your punishment or I will have to tell Alea and Brandon. He lets her lead him to the weights. She lashes him to the bar and goes to find Andy.

The boy is hiding and she has to find him. When she does she sets him to sucking at the whore's penis. She wants to see if he can get it up. Andy has difficulty getting any kind of response. “You're not cooperating like you said you would.” She starts to cane the boy on the buttocks. He simply cries huge sobs. He seems past pain at this point. She pauses to consider the trembling boy holding himself up against the bar.

Tina decides on a different approach. She unties the cord holding Jordan to the bar. He doesn't respond to his sudden freedom so she has to pull on his leash to move him. Andy trails after them because she hasn't told him what to do. Tina takes the whore to her room. She pushes him down onto the bed and begins to gently kiss his bruised body. She starts with his eye lids and swollen mouth. Brandon went a little too far. He wasn't supposed to leave Jordan’s body so damaged. Her lips are soft and warm on his body and she lets her tongue play on his chest as she travels down to his groin. Andy watches her. All three know far too much about pain and sex. When his sister settles on Jordan's penis he joins her on the bed and licks at the boy's nipples. Jordan has dreamed of Eric and he begins to respond to her lips and tongue as if it was the handsom boy. The nightmare in the basement is over and he is at rest. She has him hard and he is wracked with pain. Tina senses the whore is close to orgasm so she catches Andy's attention and they swiftly exchange places on the slut's penis. As Andy brings Jordan to orgasm Tina resumes kissing his lips. The orgasm wracks Jordan's sore body and he cries. Andy murmurs as the slut’s semen fills his mouth. Tina is satisfied with her progress. Andy is still sucking as she yanks his shorts off. “Suck on Andy Jordan.” Andy lets the penis slip from his mouth and sighs as he helps by sitting at the head of the bed. After a while the slut roles over and buries his head between the boy's thighs. Andy wishes he could watch TV or play a game. He finds this boring. Jordan can take everything into his mouth and Andy can feel the slut trying to make his thing stand up. It usually feels good after a while so Andy puts up with it. Tina returns with the big dildo and he watches her work it slowly into the boy-cunt. The whore gets to his knees so that his ass will be able to stretch. Andy is intimidated by the size of the dildo. Jordan holds onto Andy’s hips so he won’t be pulled away as Tina pulls on the dildo. Through the open door they can hear Alea crying. The three remain on the bed together in silence.

Brandon comes to the door and watches the threesome for a moment before turning to leave the house. The atmosphere lightens as soon as the door closes. Tina can hear Alea moving to the bathroom and soon the sound of water drifts down the hallway. Brandon will be gone for the rest of the day and Alea will not want to hang out with anyone until night. It is left to Tina to decide what to do with the two boys. She is tired of playing with the dildo so she lets it slip from the slut’s hole. It’s red and swollen. After her attentions it does really seem like a cunt. “Stop Jordan” The whore is collapsed over his knees and his ass remains spread wide and inviting. She cups his testicles and tests their tenderness. It doesn’t take much to get a reaction from Jordan. She knows Andy wants to get up and do something else. His little prick is still hard. She throws his pants at him and tells him he can go. Tina pushes the whore over on his side and then onto his back. He is really beat up and Tina thinks this will be a problem. Brandon and Alea want him back to work but Tina doesn’t think this is going to happen soon. He is dozing and she runs her hands over his body. It’s too bad he is just a slut now. She could imagine having someone like him as her boyfriend. He would be nice and leave her alone unless she wanted it.

Tina is feeling a little sorry for him so she lets him go home. Alea has brought a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, but she didn’t think about shoes. Grateful to be away from them Jordan limps toward home trying not to draw attention. He can't see his way out of this. He hates himself for what he does and for his helplessness. The sense of freedom is gone now and he knows he will return to the horror the next morning. Jordan doesn't see the black Jetta trailing him down the street.

Four days in a row Eric has sat in his car watching the house. When Jordan will not see him again he is hurt. Eric knows the fifteen year old is a hustler, but he is beautiful and the boy has opened him up to a world he has only dreamed of. He doesn't have to sell himself; Eric can take care of him. He is sure that in time Jordan will be his lover. He needs the chance to talk. Eric figures Jordan doesn't work in the morning so he begins checking the house after lunch. It has been a long four days and Eric is getting discouraged by the lack of success. His heart jumps when he sees Jordan. He begins following him because he doesn't want to meet him at his pimp's house.

Jordan is wearing a baggy T-shirt and faded jeans. Eric has followed for a block before he notices Jordan is barefoot. It takes a little longer to notice his limp. Eric pulls his car over and calls to him through the open window. Jordan won't answer him. Eric feels the pain in his chest. It had been so special between them. What was wrong? Jordan cannot ignore him. Eric deserves an honest answer. He stops the car and follows the boy up the side walk. Jordan has to face him. He won't answer his calls and Eric feels anger. He grabs Jordan's arm and twists the smaller boy around.

Words die on his lips as he takes in the fifteen-year old's swollen face. Jordan flinches when he tries to touch his bruised jaw. “That hurts Eric.” Jordan slurs through his split lip. The older boy realizes he is talking about his hand squeezing Jordan's biceps. He quickly drops his hand.

“Jesus, what did he do to you?” On the sunny street Eric lifts a corner of Jordan's T-shirt and examines the purple bruises.

“I tried to quit.” Jordan replies simply. Eric wants to hold him, but instead he leads him gently to his car. Jordan is compliant. He doesn't want to deal with Eric, but he has no fight left in him. It hurts to sit down. He doubles over his aching groin. Eric lifts his shirt and catches sight of the fiery welts where the cane bit into his flesh.

Eric thinks he should take Jordan to the police. This might lead to his parents becoming involved and many questions he doesn't want to answer. Eric decides to take the battered boy to Juan's apartment. Stella's apartment is not safe. Their mother likes to come and poke around. A phone call, later Eric drives Jordan to Juan's. The key is where he left it and Eric takes the boy to the bed.

Eric pulls Jordan's T-shirt over his head and lightly touches his ribs and back. He kisses Jordan's shoulder and tugs the jeans off to look at the battered boy’s legs and swollen testicles. Jordan pushes him away and limps toward the open bathroom door. Eric follows Jordan and watches helplessly as he collapses at the toilet and begins to vomit. Eric comes forward to hold Jordan's forehead. There is nothing in Jordan's stomach. Eric sits on the floor and holds his sobbing body. Jordan feels no comfort in his touch. He suddenly wants his mother. After that Eric washes him gently in the shower. He tries to stop Jordan when he drops to his knees to suck the erection Eric can't control. Jordan won't listen to him and despite the awful circumstances Eric needs him desperately. Afterward Eric puts him to bed. Jordan rolls away from Eric and clutches the pillow tightly. Eric gets dressed and lies down next to Jordan. He wants to hold the boy but Jordan flinches at his touch so he pulls back. Juan finds them that way when he comes home from work.

Eric turns to look at his sister's lover as he stands over the bed. Juan quietly lifts the blanket to look at the sleeping boy. He covers him up before heading back to the kitchen. Eric follows him. “I thought I should take him to the police. This guy can't get away with this.”

“Pimps beat prostitutes all the time.” Juan looks at his lover's young brother. He has obviously fallen for the kid hard. “They won't take it seriously Eric.”

“It's not fair.”

“He's a hooker Eric, why do you care so much?”

“You've met him. He's great.” He's a fifteen-year old prostitute thinks Juan. He was being paid to be great. Juan looks at the fresh faced boy and didn't feel up to bursting his bubble. “What can I do Juan?”

“Send him home Eric.” The boy looked stricken. “Listen, if he doesn't want to do this he just has to walk away. Take him home. He will be okay.” Eric becomes agitated and he has to fight the tears.

“He tried to stop.” Eric doesn't know what to do.

“I tried to stay away but they came and grabbed me.” They turn to find Jordan watching them. Eric glances at Juan and then goes back to the bed. He wants to hold Jordan. Juan watches them for a moment. What the hell, he did know a few people.

“So what's this bastard's name anyway?” Eric rewarded him with a look of gratitude. He signaled Eric to follow him. In the hallway Juan asked for Brandon's address and told him he would see what he could do. “Eric, I don't want to see you disappointed. Don't expect too much from him. You don't really know him.” The eyes stare back at him and he knows it is no use. “Keep him here tonight and I'll come by in the morning.” Eric nods gratefully and then turns back to the boy he already thinks of as a lover.

Jordan’s house no longer feels safe, so he is grateful for a place to stay. He knows that in the morning he will have to go back to Brandon’s house. He will go back to work. He will not face the pain again. Some lies will have to be told to his parents to explain all this. Eric looks at him expectantly. Jordan realizes he is already at work. Eric expects gratitude and Jordan understands the language he speaks these days.

Jordan actually enjoys the evening with Eric. Eric is sensitive about his pain and he distracts his charge with pizza and Juan’s extensive video collection. It is a rare chance for Jordan to hang out with a guy. Eric turns after slipping Die Hard into the player and sees that Jordan seems suddenly withdrawn. He gets the boy a fresh beer and sits at his feet. The silence stretches out awkwardly. “Are you okay?”

Jordan catches Eric’s eye and surprises Eric by replying “I don’t have any friends anymore.” Jordan has slipped dangerously out of character after three beers. The buzz distracts him from thinking about his aching body. “I used to have lots of friends.” he replies bewildered. He looks at the older boy. “Do you have any friends?”

“Sure. I guess I’m popular.” He guesses Jordan’s thoughts. “It’s not the money, we all have money.” He can’t explain why he is popular. Jordan looks at the handsome face and thinks of the athletic body and understands why people might be drawn to him. Jordan figures he could get lots of boys if he looked like Eric. He sighs and stretches out on the couch holding the beer on his chest. He could do a lot worse than let Eric take care of him and spend money on him. Jordan has put his worn jeans on and Eric is distracted by his bare chest and the low riding pants. He watches the slow rise and fall of the beer bottle. “Will you stay with me?” He means will you quite hooking. Jordan understands what he is asking and takes a drink before answering.

“Brandon and Alea won’t let me quit Eric.”

“Tell your parents.” Jordan looks at him for a long moment. What should he say? The youth on the carpet can’t even tell his parents he thinks he is gay and he expects him to confess that his summer job has been hustling his body and having sex with a little boy and a dog. Jordan’s dad is pretty old fashioned. Jordan figures he will kick him out of the house. His mother would not be able to comprehend it. The phone rings before he can answer Eric. He watches Eric answering the phone. It is a short call and Eric comes back distracted from his question. Eric starts the movie and reaches for a warm piece of pizza and hands it to Jordan. “Have some food. We will think of something.”

Eric watches the movie and thinks about Juan’s call. He has something in motion and he wants Jordan to keep up his normal routine with Brandon. He doesn’t explain why; he just says it will be easier for Jordan later. As Bruce Willis drives to his wife’s office Eric turns to Jordan and tells him he understands. He doesn’t want him getting hurt again; better to go along with it for a while and see what happens. “Will you have to work tomorrow?” Eric didn’t like to think of other men touching his young lover. “Should I phone and ask for you?”

“You spent too much. I only get $100 a night.” Jordan pauses to think about the idea. If he knew it was Eric it would be so much better. “I don’t think they will make me work tomorrow. They don’t send me out when I’ve been worked over.” At least Jordan prays that this is true. Eric is moved by this and can’t resist kissing Jordan’s chest and belly. He has just found this young friend and doesn’t want to think of loosing him. Eric bends over Jordan and opens his pants. Jordan takes another pull at his beer and closes his eyes while Eric arouses him. He lets his hand drift down to the youth’s head and gently strokes it as he surrenders to the erotic pleasure. If this is the price of friendship he can handle it.

For a wonder Eric lets him sleep through the night. When Jordan wakes he is making a breakfast Jordan has no stomach to eat. Jordan rewards his restraint with a kiss before going to look at himself in a mirror. He looks like hell and he decides Eric is decent to stick by him when he could use his money to find another hooker. He feels better and looks worse. He thinks about Eric's sudden turn-around and willingness to leave him alone during the night. Maybe the prep school student is ready to move on. Jason realizes he likes Eric and he has been missing someone to hang around with. Knowing someone older with a car is always an advantage to a fifteen-year old.

Eric drops him off at home and tells him to be careful. Be careful; Eric imagines he has some measure of control. His mother phones while he is changing. She is concerned about him and he spins a tale to reassure her. He promises to see her in the evening and then feels sick. Alea and Brandon may have plans for him. There is little point in postponing the trip over. He feels very alone as he walks the long blocks to Alea, Brandon and Tina.

It is only an hour later when they let him go. His instinct was right, there is no work today. He has left the damn dog satisfied and Andy one step closer to a lifetime of therapy. Jordan hates himself and the fear that drives him. He has decided that when he accepts any of the money he will have hit bottom. He tells himself things like this to soften the memory of Andy crying softly while he uses him to save himself from the pain. He has begun to realize that the nightmare will not end soon. The Barnett’s will expect him to continue forever. When he reaches his house he sees Eric's Jetta. Eric sits on the steps waiting. “Can I come in?” Jordan nods suddenly relieved to see he has not been abandoned by the handsom gay youth he has become so attracted to.

Eric pokes around the house as Jordan showers. Jordan's home is simple, but comfortable. Jordan’s room is messy and small. The bed is still rumpled from the morning Jordan was carried away. Eric confronts the poster of a young woman in a bikini above Jordan’s bed. A school friend has the same poster. It was a given that Jordan was gay like him. When Jordan enters Eric braces himself for the truth. “You're not gay are you?” Jordan glances at the poster and quickly tries to explain.

“The poster is for my dad. He’d kill me if he knew.” This is the truth and it is a problem Eric can instantly sympathize with. “I like you Eric.” he isn't sure this is enough. “There isn't anyone else I would rather be with.” He swallows hard and comes closer to Eric. “I love you Eric.” He stands stripped to his boxers appealing to the youth. He is saying what the seventeen-year old wants to hear and he hopes Eric can bury his doubts. Jordan has learned how to cry convincingly, some johns need it to get off, tears begin to drip down his face. The whore's tears might even be real this time. Jordan has trouble telling now.

While Jordan strokes Eric's back and feels the youth's long shaft delve deep into him he tells himself he is finally telling Eric something true. Jordan knows he is now a slut and a whore and there is no room for boyfriends in his life. But he does need Eric and the youth is the best choice he seems to have at the moment. As Eric responds to his hoarse encouragements, Jordan's body telegraphs a message of passion and desire. He manages to time a groan of contentment to match Eric's orgasm. Eric slowly settles on his chest and gives him a deep kiss. He has been reassured.

Jordan's life returns to the humiliating routine established by his mistress Alea. It is three days before she tells him he is working. He is back to older men on the third day. Eric becomes an after thought of evening movies and fast-food restaurants. Evenings at Jordan's house end early, but the teenagers are forced to talk. It is hard for Jordan to stay hidden behind his careful defenses and as the lonely boys talk real friendship grows. Eric is generous with his money. The older boy buys clothes for the younger and takes him to a concert. Jordan is careful not to ask for anything. Occasionally as a favour to Eric Jordan will phone his home and talk to his mother. She needs the reassurance that the relationship is still real. Eric promises he will either tell his parents the truth or break up with his girl friend. Eric feels the frustration of coping with Jordan's drained emotions and distracted passion. He is anxious to see the hustling end.

* ** *** ** *

Things feel wrong as soon as he turns onto the block. There is a police car near the Barrett’s house. It is a nice enough neighborhood so the sight is unusual. Jordan doesn’t want anything to do with the police, but he cannot risk missing an appointment with Alea. His bruises have only just faded. Andy lets him in the door and Jordan sees he has been crying. This is not an unusual state of affairs and Jordan is starting to pull his shirt off when Tina rushes up to him and stops him by giving him a hug. He is confused and caught off balance by her. Sasha is jumping up on him, pink organ erect as he sights the police officer. Tina pushes Sasha away from him and tearfully tells him that something terrible has happened. Jordan finds himself backed into the door as the aroused dog tries to hump his leg. “Andy, take Sasha outside.” Tina suddenly screams hysterically. Andy asks if he should take care of the dog and she screams back that he should just chain him up.

“What’s wrong Tina?” Jordan is wary of the police officers. He wishes he hadn’t entered the house.

“What is your name?” one of the officers has come forward. Jordan quickly answers his questions, conscious of Tina crying on the couch. He is visiting Alea. He comes over often. He was home with his mother and dad last night. Well, they watched a baseball game together. He guessed they went to bed at eleven. No he didn’t go out. He was tired too. Jordan wanted to know why this was important, but he knew better than to ask. Jordan didn’t know if Brandon had any enemies. Light is beginning to break over the horizon and Jordan unconsciously holds his breath in anticipation of the dawn.

“Someone shot them Jordan. Last night someone killed them.” Tina is in tears and Jordan is blinded by the burst of light as it breaks through to him. He whispers a question to Tina and glances at the officers in what he hopes is a look of shock and sorrow. “They went out last night and some bastards gunned them down.” Jordan doesn’t understand what has happened but he suddenly realizes it is summer vacation. The police are looking at him so he goes to Tina and sits beside her. She falls on him and cries.

The ghosts in the family make their appearance and Jordan decides it is time to leave. Brandon's father is a nightmare out of mythology. Young as he is Jordan knows he is the first person to avoid in this house. It comes as no surprise to him when Tina follows him out of the house. She calls to him as he starts away. “Jordan.” He turns briefly to look at her. Suddenly she is only a little girl.

“Take my advice Tina; you and Andrew should get the police to get you the fuck out of here.” He pauses again and adds “If that dog ever comes near me again I'll beat it to death with a stick.” Jordan turns and walks home. Jordan walks with a spring in his step. Brandon is such a vicious animal it surprises Jordan not at all that someone was willing to shoot him. He is burning to know the details of the murder but he is more anxious to get away.

At home Jordan slumps onto the couch and puts his feet up. He is transformed back into a normal fifteen-year old with nothing to do on a summer day. Eric is the only person he can think of who will understand the significance of his news. When he phones he gets no answer. Back on the couch Jordan is reduced to watching day time television. A transvestite man confesses to his mother that he has been having a relationship with his grandmother. He imagines himself on the talk show with his parents revealing the details of his summer. In his mind there is a lot of shouting and tears. Jordan is not confident that the talk show host could bring his parents to accept him again.

Jordan is watching cartoons when Eric phones him. Jordan is quick to tell him about Brandon and Alea. Eric's voice sounds shocked. He cuts Jordan off before he can talk about it and tells him he will be busy for the next week. “I'll miss you.” he sounds wistful. “Are you going to miss me?” It is a question Jordan has not gotten around to answering for himself. Out from under Brandon, Jordan has thought he is free. Eric calls him back to a loose thread. Eric knows what he has been. He is reluctant to break the connection with the youth so he reassures him. They agree to meet when Eric gets back.

* ** *** ** *

Jordan sits on the couch trying to hold back the tears. His mother's face is a mask of shock and disappointment he can't read the expression on his father's face. Jordan hates the cold police who have come to shatter his life. He damns the twelve-year old girl who found one last way to humiliate him. “It wasn't like that. I never got any money. They forced me.” The four adults ignore him. True he went there on his own; four or five times a week since the beginning of the summer. Yes he got clothes. No he never told his parents.

“Your son's pimp died in a drive by shooting. It might have been another pimp or someone he pissed off. He was not well liked.” The officer looks at the fifteen-year old hustler and thinks of her own son. The prostitutes are sometimes in your face. Not this one. He was one of the ones who played the victim. For some of them it is always someone else’s fault. “Let's see your arms kid.” No tracks yet so it wasn't about the drugs the high school senior had been buying with his sister.

The police ask to search his room. Jordan sits listening to his mother throw questions at him he can't answer. His father watches the police. After assuring them Jordan was at home the night Brandon and Alea died he has lapsed into complete silence. The police find condoms and baby oil in a purse, otherwise it is clean. They finally leave.

Jordan watches his dad pace back and forth. He wants to explain himself. He needs Dr. Phil. “ He told me I had to do what he said.”

“Shut up.”

“He beat me up when I wouldn't do it.”

“Shut up!”

Jordan stands up to get his dad's attention. He is crying now. What was he supposed to do? Brandon had been so big. “Dad, I was scared!” His father stops and slaps Jordan hard across the face. He falls to the carpet and looks back up at his dad.

“You're a fagot. Go to your room you disgust me.” Jordan throws himself on the bed and buries his face. His father gives him no time. He finds Jordan's book bag and throws it at him. “I won't have a homosexual prostitute in my house. Get what you want and get out.” Jordan stares at him in disbelief. The boy is not ready for this fury and pushes odd clothing into the bag. He isn't thinking about what he is doing and he keeps one eye on his father's stormy face. When he is done he sits on the bed hoping the storm will pass. His father sees the condoms on the dresser where the police have left them. He grabs the pile of wrappers and throws them at Jordan. “Take them, you'll need them.” Jordan ignores them. He flinches as his father rushes up to him, picks up little packages and stuffs them into the bag. “Where are your keys?” Jordan points wordlessly at the desk and his father scoops up the house keys. “Get out.” Jordan can't move. He looks desperately for his mother, but she has vanished. In the end his father has to drag him to the door and push him out. Jordan tumbles down the steps in a heap.

Jordan is desperate. He has no money and cannot begin to think about where he should go. He stands a long time looking at the house. Jordan decides his parents need a chance to cool down so he starts down the street. He ends up at Dairy Queen nursing a milkshake to justify his seat. Two phone calls have not improved things. His parents hang up on him and there is no answer from Eric. He can't phone his old friends. He wouldn't know what to say. Jordan thinks about his grandmother for a moment. She is his father's mother and he really doesn't know her well. It is not busy and the girls let him stay until they close. He tries his home one more time before he leaves the cheer of the restaurant.

It’s cold while he is walking down the street. He looks in his bag and pulls out a hoody. Jordan wishes he had thought about what he was taking. He sits on a bench trying to think things through. The night will be long and he wonders what homeless people do. Jordan finally notices the car that has driven past him three times. The window roles down and a shadowy figure calls to him, “Are you looking for a ride kid?” Jordan shifts uncomfortably. He has been here before.

“No I'm fine.” he rises and starts down the sidewalk and the car coasts beside him for a while before it finally pulls away. Jordan is relieved. Dumpsters he thinks. Homeless people sleep in dumpsters. He walks behind the strip mall and searches out a dark corner. Wedged between the cinderblock wall and a pile of boxes Jordan shrinks into his hoody and begins to cry.

On the second day his money runs out. Each night he phones his parents and tries to talk. His older sister answers once and quickly asks him where he is, but they are disconnected before he can tell her. Ruth gives him hope. She sounded like she cares.

Jordan has been hungry for two days. It is late and he has begun to think of the money Brandon and Alea made selling him. As he huddles against the cold he thinks of breaking into his home. Shock, guilt and confusion have given way to hurt and anger. His parents don't care about him and he is finished begging them. The house, unfortunately, is a fortress and he doesn’t have the tools to get through the bars. He wishes he had paid more attention to his sister. He has no idea where the eighteen year old works. He has a better chance of stumbling across her in a restaurant somewhere around town than he does remembering the name, or even who her friends are now. He wonders if he could catch up to her if he camped out on his street for a while. Ruth is like him though, intimidated by his father’s stern values. Sometime before dawn Jordan decides he has to find a john.

Jordan has not had to think about getting someone. It is a problem he struggles with as he watches the people eating in the restaurants. He has started to notice the content of garbage cans. In the library he pretends to read while he remembers what it was like to be used by the men. He is looking shabby now and he is conscious of the looks of distaste he is attracting. He washes in the public toilet and considers his rumpled clothing. There is not much he can do. Living on the streets takes skills and knowledge Jordan does not have. He has been avoiding the people who could teach him. It is raining when he leaves the library and he wishes he had a coat. The rain soaks his shoulders and he thinks if only he could get one meal he wouldn't have to do this. He remembers the lobster in the restaurant. He remembers pizza with Eric after a movie. He remembers meat loaf and mashed potatoes on his mother’s table.

The night has fallen by the time he has nerved himself to stand on the street near the bus stop. This isn’t like getting a taxi. You can’t just flag people down. He hasn’t picked a bad neighborhood, yet he quickly notices a few other young people huddled in the shadowed corners. Perhaps he shouldn’t be standing under a light. It is too easy. Jordan is on the street for half an hour before a car stops and he is offered a ride. I've done this, it's no big deal; he tells himself. He hesitates a moment, his fingers on the handle; then he commits himself.

The car is warm and it feels good to be out of the damp night air. As the large sedan pulls back into the lane Jordan realizes he doesn't know where the man is taking him. He looks at the john and weighs the dangers in his mind. He is well dressed and slightly over weight. The boy rubs his hands on his grimy jeans and glances at the gentle face. The man keeps looking at him and Jordan is tongue-tied. He doesn't realize that this nervousness makes him alluring to the man. The man tries to be friendly as they drive. Jordan is soon drawn into answering his questions. The silence in the car is broken by the man's calm questions and Jordan's nervous answers.

They end up in an empty parking lot. “What would you like to do?” Jordan asks.

“Take your shirt off Brandon.” Jordan struggles out of the damp hoody and T-shirt, and lets them drop to the floor beside his bag. He turns on the seat to face the man, his body pale in the dashboard lights. The man is excited by the softness of his eyes and the slender, well proportioned face framed by the shaggy mane of blond hair brushing his lightly muscled shoulders. Jordan's flat chest and articulated stomach invite exploration so he reaches out and opens Jordan's pants pulling them off his hips. Jordan obliges by leaning back against the door. The man studies his shrunken penis nestled between the globes of his testicles. The rise and fall of his chest and the nervous tensing of his abdomen add to his appearance of vulnerability. Jordan watches as the man bends down and slides his hands past his hips to cradle his tensed buttocks while he begins arousing Jordan’s cold penis. The man does not seem concerned about his reaction. He is satisfied to let the young hustler passively watch. When Jordan's errection is strong the man pauses to look at it. It glistens in the dash board lights and stretches in an artful curve up to the boy’s navel. The man is a connoisseur of young penises and he appreciates the symmetry and form of Jordan’s. It doesn’t take any awkward bends and the gland is a well-formed mushroom. He takes a couple of digital pictures, and then returns his attention to Jordan's ridged member. Sex has been side-lined for some time and when his orgasm comes he rewards the man with a mouthful and a long series of convulsions. As he catches his breath the man unzips his own pants and digs his fully erect penis out. Jordan understands and leans forward to give the man his blow job. He has to work for it and his jaw and tongue are tired before the man finally comes with a groan. Jordan sits up and tosses his hair back out of his eyes. The man puts himself away and Jordan starts to pull up his pants. “No, wait.” The man wants to play with his penis and feel his testicles. Before long Jordan is aroused again and the man takes his second taste of Jordan's semen. As they head back to the street the man seems pleased. “I like you Brandon. I think I'll look for you again. Do you want me to drop you off at the bus stop?” Jordan sees a KFC down the street.

“Drop me there.” he points to the glowing building. He struggles back into the hoody and shoves the T-shirt into his bag. This is the awkward part. He needs to get the money. This too is easy and he steps out of the car with $75 stuffed into his jeans. He is very hungry.

The money lasts two days. Jordan buys a cheap coat to keep the rain out and washes his clothes at a laundry mat. He stumbles across his swimming pass and realizes he can wash at the pool. Some more money goes for toilet items he should have thought to take with him. He also finds a tool shed where he can find some protection from the August nights. When the money runs out he does a second trick. After his second trick Jordan is joined in the restaurant by another boy who has seen him on the street. They tell little to each other. Jordan feels vulnerable and friends can turn on you. Eric will not answer his cell phone and Eric’s mother has told him he is too busy to talk. She tells him he had better not phone anymore. Jordan settles into a routine of evening tricks and cold nights huddled in a cheep sleeping bag. During the day he wanders the street and hangs out at the library. Sometimes he sits and talks to the boys and girls he is beginning to meet. There are no friends and he is secret about where he rests. Many of the others do drugs and Jordan is reluctant to spend that kind of money. He keeps his eyes out for pimps. He is running out of summer and he needs a plan. He is living day to day and soon school will start and he has nowhere warm to stay. Some of the others share a room and talk proudly of their independence. The lonely fifteen-year old hates the streets and lives in fear of falling into some pimp's stable. Still there is a kernel of pride in handling his situation on his own. Jordan's new life is shattered by his fifth trick.

Ben picks him up for what seems an ordinary trick. Things turn ugly when the man slips handcuffs on him while he is bent over his lap. Jordan's protests are ignored as he is dragged to the trunk of the car. The boy curses for a while then lies in silence throughout the rest of the drive.

When Jordan looks up there are three other men looking down at him along with Ben. This does not look good to Jordan. The odds are bad.

“Get out son” One of them says kindly. Jordan climbs out.

“You look a proper little slut.” They are big beside him. They feel threatening. “Come here bitch”. They each take a brief turn kissing him and fondling him.

The last one pushes him across the floor and Jordan falls to the hard concrete. And so it starts thinks Jordan wearily from the floor. One man moves in with an expensive digital camera and begins snapping pictures like he is on a fashion shoot. Jordan turns and poses smiles and flirts for the camera. “Start taking the clothes off!” a man tells him. Jordan undresses slowly as one man films him and the other catches each moment with his camera. Finally he sits naked on the floor not sure what they will wish next. The photography session is not finished. He must display varied poses for the camera. He must excite himself to orgasm. The camera must capture the spray of semen across his smooth belly and chest. Three men surround him. “Fight us” a foot kicks him over and another lightly kicks his hip. Jordan rises slowly and pushes half heartedly at a chest. He is shoved violently back at another man who slaps him lightly. He elbows him and receives a gentle punch before being pushed to the third man. Jordan knows they are not trying to hurt him, but the pent up rage he feels bursts out and he begins lashing out with all his strength and fury. He launches himself at first one and then another. He is now getting bruises for his trouble. He is too small, too few and too tired. He breaks his silence and screams at the men, tears streaming down his cheeks. Whenever he collapses on the floor they drive him back to his feet with well placed kicks. He hurts but there are few bruises. They start to hold him and grab kisses before slapping him on to the next.

Jordan lies on the floor sobbing. His nose is bleeding. He cries with fright because now they will begin to hurt him badly. The camera is exchanged and the men strip off their clothes. The battered boy has started to arouse them all. As the clothes come off Jordan knows what will follow. They are old, but they look strong. Jordan pulls himself to his knees and waits. A man approaches and as the others watch he grabs Jordan by his hair and holds his face close to his erect member. Jordan smells the sweat and musk. “Suck it you little bitch”. Jordan sucks the head of his penis. The big man forces his head down on the glands. Jordan hears his jaw crack. He chokes on the semen. The man bends his head under the dripping penis and Jordan takes the final squirts he squeezes. He doesn't struggle when he is lifted up by two others. He is a doll in their hands. They carry him by his arm pits and then grab his legs to drop him on the corner of the car hood. They push his legs apart. The first one is using a condom and he enters Jordan carefully. He feels the stretch before the penis slides home. He feels his shoulders pressed down into the cold metal by the others. As the man pumps and grunts Jordan feels the corner of the car cut into the base of his penis painfully. His chest rubs against the wax on the car. With a final thrust the man has his orgasm. He pulls out and Jordan's stretched rectum is an invitation to the next hungry man.

The second man pauses to squeeze his hanging testicles then enters less carefully. Jordan cries out with pain. The first man pushes the used and semen-filled condom into Jordan's mouth. “Here's a candy sonny. Chew on that for a while.” Jordan tastes the latex and semen. The fuck seems endless. The second man ejaculates and pulls out. He rolls the condom off and stuffs it in Jordan's mouth. The men hold Jordan's cheeks back while the camera man takes a picture of Jordan's battered anus. Then the third one takes his turn. Jordan retches and spits out the used condoms. Before he ejaculates the third man withdraws his throbbing penis, strips off the condom and jerks his load at Jordan's anus and the camera man shoots the flow as it drips between the fifteen-year-old's legs and rests hanging like snot on his low-slung testicles. The fourth has found his second wind and they flip Jordan over to take him with his legs pulled up. As he draws his swollen penis in and out of the boy they try to jack his penis. Jordan is consumed by the pain and has nothing left. When the last is done they let his legs drop down. They laugh as the last man turns his condom inside out to let the white semen drip into Jordan's open mouth. Limp from the assaults Jordan is carried over to the middle of the floor again by all four of them. He feels his legs strapped at the ankles and they lift him high up to the rafters. When they let go he is suspended upside down. His legs are slightly parted by the board. His head hangs loosely at about their knees. He can see the men looking at him. They leave him there and when they come back they have drinks in their hands. One starts him swinging while they talk about his body.

“He’s too old. Let’s skin him.” The man reaches out and cups his testicles stretched low over his shrunken penis by the gravity. A man leaves while the other plays with his scrotum and pulls on his penis. The missing man comes back with shaving cream and four straight razors. Jordan urinates in fear as they open the blades. The piss runs down his body in hot streams dripping on his chin and eyes. He tries to wipe his eyes. “Better hold still or you’re going to get cut.” Jordan freezes as they start to spread shaving cream all over his legs. His tears clear the sting of urine from his eyes as he begins to sob uncontrollably. His chest heaves with the effort and snot blows out of his nose. He can feel bile mix with the flavor of cum in his mouth.

He tries to stay still as he feels the steady scrape of the four sharp blades cutting the light hair from his legs. All he can see is legs now and his body jumps involuntarily when a hand rests on his scrotum and cream is rubbed roughly over his groin. The other three stop and watch while Ben carefully scrapes his manhood clean of hair. He feels the skin stretched and pulled as the blade cuts him smooth. The man pulls his penis and scrapes its surface before lifting his organs out of the way to scrape his belly. When the blade touches the base of his penis he whimpers and pees again. They clean the hair from around his anus and then it is a relief when they begin to attack his belly and torso. What little hair he has is taken from him.

When they have done even the down on his face and neck they stand back to survey their work. “Looks better now.”

“Wash him off boys.” Jordan is sluiced down with a couple of buckets. Then they take him down and carry him into the family room where he is draped over an ottoman so they can enjoy the view of his ass over drinks. He is a dead man lying on a horse. He is the comrade killed in combat brought home for burial. Jordan is not comfortable, but he is afraid to move. Everyone has a drink except Jordan. These are older men and they need time to get their second wind.

Jordan faces the television so that he can share the experience of seeing himself beaten and raped by four burley forty-something’s. His dates need more time and some encouragement before they can turn their attention back to his body. There are more drinks and the tape is shown again. Jordan is impressed with how much screaming and crying he had done. During the second showing he gets to see it upside down while Ben tries to suck his penis. Ben raises his errection. Jordan doesn't notice if he ejaculates in Ben's mouth. Ben is disgusted with his poor performance as a man. He carries Jordan to a bed room and drops him on the bed like a rag doll. Ben props his back against the head board. He spreads his legs and lets his hairy member droop down between his heavy testicles. “Suck you little cunt”. Jordan rolls over and pulls himself up between Ben's legs. He grasps the fat penis still crusted with semen and begins to suck and coax an errection. As Jordan licks and sucks his penis he feels hands on him and another lifts his hips and enters him. Lips wrapped around a penis he let out a choked scream at the burning pain in his rectum. “Use a fucking condom Ralf. You never know what's been up this kid's ass.”

Ralph finishes quickly with a “fuck that feels good” and he pulls Jordan off Ben's penis and bends him over backward till the boy's face is in his crotch. Ben folds the fifteen-year-old's legs up and fucks him. Jordan has lost track of the times he has been entered and he is not responding to Ralph's testicles hanging in his face. Ralph gets his attention away from the pain of yet another penis sliding into him by squeezing his bruised testicles. He takes the crusted penis in one hand and tries to lick the blood and semen off the limp organ.

“His ass is hot now” Ben comments as he ejaculates in Jordan. They leave for another drink while Jordan lies exhausted. The last two have not used condoms and he feels his rectum releasing dribbles of semen as he attempts to close the muscle.

Jordan is numb, barely awake when the third man sits on the edge of the bed, drags him over, and then impales him on his penis. Feeling the meat deep within him he makes a small effort to respond to the man's kisses. The fourth watches Jordan's feeble efforts. “I think we fucked this kid's brains out.” his friend pushes the spent boy off his penis and Jordan falls to the floor backward. The man jerks a load onto his torso. Jordan has passed out. They let him sleep for an hour except for a few more trophy pictures with a digital. The fourth man wants his money worth so he returns and slowly fucks the silent body.

At 12:30 the men dump the boy back into the trunk and Ben drives him back to a secluded alley near to where he was picked up. He dumps Jordan out of his trunk. He shoves $100.00 into Jordan’s pant’s pocket and drops his things on top of the naked boy.

Jordan is roused by the sensation of rain hitting his naked body. He scoops his possessions together and pulls the thin sleeping bag out and crawls across the filthy alley to a sheltered corner. The fleece feels good against his numb flesh and he pulls it close around him. As the rain begins to pound against the pavement Jordan shivers and stares at the growing puddles. He drifts in and out of sleep throughout the night. In the gray dawn the rain stops and Jordan peeps out at the dreary world. He has to find another way. He won't be able to get into the next car. He would have to be so stoned so he wouldn't care and Jordan is afraid to go there. He understands some of the boys and girls he has met better now. Alone in the alley he quickly slips his clothes back on, oddly grateful to the men for leaving him his things. He stuffs his damp bag back into the worn book bag and limps down the alley with everything he has slung over his shoulder. He finds the money in his pocket and thinks bitterly about the way he was used. He needs to clean the memory of the four men off his body but it is too early to go to the pool. Being alone frightens him suddenly and when he reaches the street he heads across the street to a diner. It isn’t open this early in the morning so he sits with his back against the door and checks the street for danger.

His body rebels against the idea of food, but he has to order or they won’t let him stay. The eggs get pushed around his plate and he drinks hot coffee. An older woman watches him sympathetically from behind the counter. She has seen too many boys and girls come in early wet and tired. Their faces keep changing as they drift into the neighborhood and then mysteriously disappear. The boy’s hand shakes as he lifts his cup to his bruised lips. “Eat the eggs kid. You’ll feel better.” He glances at her with a guilty look and pushes egg and toast into his mouth like an obedient son. She takes his plate and refills his cup in silence. He doesn’t look at her. He is gazing out into the wet street. “Do you want to pay?” He looks back at her blankly then seems to come back from somewhere and reaches for his things. “You don’t have to leave yet kid, the place is empty. I just want to clear your tab.” She knows he has money. He pulls a crumpled $100 bill from his pants and hands it to her. She has a grandson his age and she doesn’t want to think about how the boy earned the money. She smiles sadly as she watches the boy carefully organize the change into a neat pile; each bill face up and smoothed flat. He puts it into his wallet carefully. His face drifts back to the street.

She is busy with a new customer when he catches her attention. “What time is it?”

“It’s 7:00 kid.” She tops up his cup so he knows she isn’t expecting him to leave yet. He’s been very quiet and he hasn’t given her any attitude.

“Would you make a phone call for me?” He has her attention. He looks almost innocent as he stares up at her.

“What’s your name kid?”

“Brand…” he pauses briefly before continuing “Jordan. I want you to call by sister.” She knows there are problems at home. There are always problems or the kids wouldn’t be here.

“What’s her name and what’s the message?” She hands him her pen and he carefully writes her name and a phone number down.

“Tell her I need to see her. Tell her to come to the library” He is pleading with his eyes. Jordan is out of ideas and he needs help. Ruth is a straw in the wind but he hopes she will talk to him. The waitress nods at him and goes back to her work. He watches her as she finally reaches for the telephone. It is early and his sister should still be at home. He can’t resist crossing to the counter to listen as she starts to talk.

“May I speak to Ruth?” there is a long pause. “It’s about work.” She shrugs at the boy. She doesn’t know if the sister works. He nods his head vigorously so she knows she said the right thing. “So it’s not my problem if she gets fired for screwing up.” There is a pause of silence as the woman waits for his sister. She cocks her head as if uncertain and motions Jordan closer to the phone and he listens quickly to the voice of his mother asking what she wants. His eyes widen with alarm and he shakes his head violently at the waitress. “I said I have to talk to Ruth. Is she there?” There is another long pause before the waitress resumes talking. “Are you free to talk?” Then she hands the phone to Jordan. It is his sister and he quickly arranges a meeting at the library after she gets off work. He hands the phone to the waitress who listens briefly then hangs up the receiver. “Was that your dad?” Jordan nods his head. “Sounds like a right bastard.” Jordan is inclined to agree. He returns to the coffee and his things. People are starting to look at him as the café fills up. He knows he needs to move on. He stops and thanks the waitress as he leaves. There are still some good people.

The library is quiet. Jordan has been there most of the afternoon. He feels better now that he has washed the filth of his night away at the pool. His things are clean after a morning of staring at washer and a drier tossing what is left of his life around in circles. Even the thin sleeping bag is clean. He knows the little bag next to his feet will not protect him through the harsh months to come. He knows the library staff and they know him. Desperate for any entertainment he is reading books. One older man embarrasses him because he knows Jordan is living in the library during the day. Jordan will not check the books out, but he is reading one that catches his interest. When he looks for it on the shelf the man appears and hands it to him. “Someone wanted it, but I knew you hadn’t finished it. Give it to me when you leave and I will keep it for you.” Jordan doesn’t know what to say. He is sitting where he can see her enter the library. He doesn’t know what she can do, but he knows he is short on choices.

Ruth is not alone. She has brought his grandmother and Jordan’s hopes fade. She is a stranger to him but his father speaks of her as if she is a fortress of faith. He can’t remember the last time he saw her. He knows she is stern and unbending because his father has told him that he often disappoints her. Jordan’s hair is too long for her. His music would upset her and she would be shocked by the posters on his wall. If she knew what he had done for Brandon and Alea, or how he had survived on the streets she would turn away. But Ruth has come and he needs to see her. He looks a lonely figure up against the balcony railing and the two women come toward him quickly. Ruth takes in his ragged appearance and folds him in her arms for a long hug. She feels good to him. They have spent little time with each other. They have taken each other’s presence for granted. She holds him at arm’s length to see his face and then brushes the hair out of his eyes. “Are you okay squirt?” Jordan fights the tears and shrugs, not willing to voice his real feelings. “I brought Grandma Jo.” Joanne is a spare woman about Jordan’s height and he looks at her warily. She has tears in her eyes too and this makes Jordan feel less intimidated by her. “Grandma says you can come home with her if you would like.” Jordan glances back and forth at the women and bites his lip.

“What about mom and dad?” Ruth shakes her head. The door is still closed to him. He looks at his grandmother, “thank you grandma, I appreciate it”. He doesn’t know what he is getting into, but he is very clear about what he wants to get out of.

“Good, that’s settled.” Joanne states firmly. “Do you have anything to get?” Jordan looks around and picks up his bag. She is touched by the way he clutches it to chest. She notices the book left open on the chair and picks it up to look at the cover. “Are you reading this?” He admits that he is. She hands it to him and tells him he should check it out. At the circulation desk she stands beside him while he fumbles for his worn library card. He hasn’t checked a book out for years and they wish to update his card. When it comes to an address and phone number he hesitates and Joanne firmly gives them her place. Outside on the side walk Ruth explains that she has to leave. Things are tight for her and she still needs to live at home. She promises to come by when she can for a visit.

“Can you bring some of my things?” Jordan has only the clothes on his back and an extra shirt. Ruth shakes her head and reluctantly tells him that everything has gone to Good Will. Jordan thinks of the leather jacket Eric bought him and the new watch. The door is truly closed to him. Grandma Jo reminds him they can be replaced.

“Someone phoned for you yesterday Jordan. He sounded anxious to talk to you.” Jordan asks if she had got a name. She shakes her head and tells him that their father took the call away from her and told the boy Jordan didn’t live there any more. They hug again and Jordan whispers his thanks to her. It feels good to know there is still someone who cares. On the bus ride to his grandmother’s apartment they talk little. Joanne asks nothing and Jordan is shy still.

The apartment is old and there is little space. It sits two floors up and his grandmother seems to have no difficulty climbing the stairs. The smaller bedroom has no bed and she apologizes to him for the cramped space full of odds and ends. “No grandma, this is great. I can sleep on the floor. I have a bag.” She has no idea how good this looks to him. He wants her to know that he will behave. “I promise I won’t be a problem to you. I’ll leave if you want me to.” He will do anything he can to avoid this. “I promise I won’t disappoint you.” She is touched by his words and sees his fear. He seems so sweet she can’t imagine how her son Henry could push him out. She remembered how upset she had been when her son told her he had kicked Jordan out of the house. It had been almost two weeks and she has prayed for the young boy every night. She has looked for him on the street as she moved about the city. She had been overjoyed when Ruth phoned her from work. She tries to reassure the thin boy and impulsively brushes his hair out of his face. “Do you want me to cut my hair?”

“Why? Your hair is nice.” Actually she thinks it needs a trim. He follows her out to the small living room and sits uncomfortably while she putters in the kitchen. She has quite working early to meet him. They both have a great deal to learn about each other. “Maybe you could come down tomorrow and I’ll give it a trim.” He nods his head and watches her curiously for a while. He turned on the television and watches while they both accustom themselves to sharing the small space.

Later, before she goes to bed, she sits a moment to talk with him. “Jordan, I have to ask you something and I need you to be honest with me.” She puts a hand on his knee to reassure him. “Don’t worry about what I think either. I’m not going to ask you to leave.” He looks at her like a frightened animal. “Were you working the streets?” He is afraid to tell her the truth. He knows he shouldn’t try to hide this from her. Finally he drops his eyes and looks at his feet before nodding his head. He can’t look at her. “Well I think we should probably take you to a doctor and make sure that you are alright.” She gives him a kiss on the forehead before she heads to her bedroom. She has embarrassed him with her questions.

“Grandma,” she turns to look at him “I won’t do it again.” She forces a smile and tells him not to worry; he will always be welcome in her home. He sits and reads his book in the comfortable silence of the dark apartment. Rain starts to fall and Jordan is drawn to the balcony off the small living room. Joanne is woken by the sound of the door opening and, seeing Jordan is not in the little bedroom, worries that he has left the apartment to go back to the streets. She sees him on the balcony watching the rain come down. Jordan doesn’t turn when she comes to stand beside him. He seems absorbed by the rain and the sounds of the city street. “I’m sorry I woke you.”

“I thought you went out.” I thought you went back to the streets. She is chilled by the cold night air but she needs to know he is alright.

“There is nothing I want out there grandma. I was going to die out there.” It was a cold thing for a fifteen-year old to say. Boys like Jordan come to the church lunches she serves and she is one of the few people who might understand what they have seen or done. She looks again at his profile and thinks not you Jordan, not anymore if I can help it. She shakes off her dark memories and links her arm with his.

It is a week until school starts and Jordan feels that the summer has lasted a life time. Grandma Jo is not what he expected. He realizes she is worried he will go back to the street yet she sets down no rules to hold him back. At the solon where she works Jordan cuts his hair short. She tells him he doesn’t have to do this, but he wants to shed the memories of his summer. She likes the physical contact she has missed since Henry decided her faith was not strong enough. He likes the attention he has been missing. While she works he takes the last of his money and buys clothes. In the evening people show up with a bed for the room and they accept his presence without comment. They are from her church and he meets them again when he escorts her on Sunday. Jordan has never liked church and stumbles through the service awkwardly. He falls asleep during the sermon. Afterward his grandmother laughs at him and tells him he doesn’t have to go with her. Knowing he doesn’t, he knows he will.

He is suddenly across town and this means a different school. He has to start from scratch and this doesn’t bother him. For a while he thought he might not be going to school. His grandmother’s money is getting stretched thin so she calls Ruth to see what help she can give. Jordan feels bad about this. “Maybe I should go and work.” His grandmother and sister look uncomfortable when he says this. “I mean wash dishes or something.” Jordan blushes bright red and the women see the humor in his situation and give him a hug. He had about the only job a fifteen-year old could expect to get.

Jordan is content to read his book and stay in the apartment for a few days, but hanging out with his grandmother wears thin after three days. In the evening he frets a little and she asks if he misses his friends. He realizes that he is lonely. What friends he had from school were crowded out by Alea and Brandon. Eric filled the void in a strange way and then he had the boys and the girls he had met on the street. Now he seems to have nobody. When she goes to bed he takes the phone and goes onto the balcony. Standing in the night air he wonders if he is making the right decision.

“Hey, what’s up?” It’s a cheerful voice at the other end; open and unguarded.

“It’s me, Jordan.”

“Jordan, god I’ve been worrying about you. Are you all right? Where are you?” Eric is instantly different and his anxious voice is a relief to Jordan. He wasn’t sure how he would be received by the seventeen-year old. “Can I see you?” Jordan looks out into the night and voices his uncertainty.

“I didn’t think you wanted to see me anymore.” It is an accusation. Eric abandoned him when he suddenly needed him the most. Jordan is confused about his feelings, but his need for a friend overwhelms his concerns about what Eric thinks of him. Somewhere a hope glimmers that Eric might like him still. There is an awkward pause before Eric replies.

“It’s complicated Jordan. I feel bad about that. Can I see you now?” It is late and his grandmother is sleeping. Jordan is lonely too. He asks Eric to wait and he disturbs his grandmother to ask if she would mind him having a friend over. She gives him a steady look full of questions she doesn’t want to ask. When she says yes he gives her a silent hug. She hugs him back. They are building trust between them and Jordan is once again overwhelmed by her. He gives Eric his new address and warns him they can’t go out. He looks around the apartment and thinks how simple it is compared to Eric’s world.

Jordan has time to think about what he will do when Eric comes. He is standing on the balcony waiting for the black Jetta. Eric has come with pizza and a bottle of soda. Jordan meets him down at the security door. There is an awkward moment when Eric is standing with a box in one hand and a bottle in the other. He is not sure where they are and he is surprised by Jordan’s short hair. Jordan breaks the tension by hugging Eric and giving him a small kiss. They are both reassured by the contact. Eric follows him up the worn carpet to the small apartment on the second floor. He glances around before sitting on the couch. Before Jordan can remind him that his grandmother is sleeping she appears with a smile to check Eric out. He is a reassuring sight and she sits for a while to share a piece of pizza with the boys. Eric lets her politely interrogate him before she leaves them in piece. The boys sit watching television and each other for a while before Jordan suggests they go out onto the balcony. Sitting together in the dark they feel free to talk.

“Why didn’t you want to see me Eric?” Jordan softens the accusation by taking Eric’s hand. There is no hesitation this time. Eric has had time to think through his answer.

“I was freaked out when I heard they had been shot. I’m sorry, I was afraid I would get caught up in it.” He really is sorry. Juan went much farther than he thought he would. Eric is very careful with Juan now. “So the police talked to you?”

“Yes, that bitch Tina found one last way to screw me over.” He explains the interview and his parent’s reaction to Eric. Eric is sorry for his part in it. “They said he had enemies.”

“I followed it a little on the news. They haven’t found out anything yet. I think they are distracted by the rest of it.”

“What do you mean?”

“That was one screwed up family. The dad got arrested for picking up kids and when they talked to the boy…”


“… He told them he was being molested by the pervert and his older sister.” Jordan didn’t want to be dragged back into it. Ruth would have told him if the police were still looking for him. “Did you know about that?” Jordan thinks it best to be ignorant. “I’m sorry Jordan. I let you down.” Jordan leans over to give him a light kiss.

He keeps his eyes on Eric as he makes his confession. “We have to be honest with each other Eric. I’m a hooker.” Eric takes this in a moment.

“What about the kiss and all the times we have been together?” Eric doesn’t want to believe this. “Were you faking it?” He didn’t think it was possible. Jordan has taken his hand again and the younger boy squeezes it for a moment.

“Well, it was the work right?” Eric tries to pull his hand away but Jordan won’t let go. “Yeh, I faked liking it a bit Eric, but then I was serious.” Eric is hurt, but he stops pulling away.

“So it was just about the money and things I could give you?”

“You were a trick Eric; that’s how it works.” He gets out of his chair and kneels in front of Eric. Eric looks down at him suspiciously. “But then I guess I thought you were my friend. You liked the stuff we did together so I thought you could forget I was just a hooker. I thought maybe you liked me too.”

“You were just selling yourself?” Eric wasn’t sure that was true, but he had to ask.

“Were you paying for the sex Eric? I mean after that first time?”

“No, I thought you would like the coat. It was just a gift.” Jordan is undoing Eric’s pants as they talk. “You don’t like the sex?” He lets Jordan pull his penis out into the cool night air.

“I don't like being made to do it. I like you Eric.” He kisses the youth’s penis. He sucks the penis into his mouth and Eric finds he is responding to Jordan’s touch.

“You like me?” Jordan responds by standing up and opening his pants. His penis is heading toward an errection and Eric takes a taste. Jordan is doing it freely and it surprises him to feel excited by Eric’s touch. Except for Eric he is surrounded by bad memories. He thinks things like love and romance will come later.

“Does it look like I don’t like you?” Eric reassures himself for a while and then Jordan goes back to arousing him as they listen to the night sounds.

They have things to forget and a relationship to build. It starts with a simple exchage on the balcony and soft kisses in the dark. Things had moved very quickly between them and a slower pace feels good. “So what are you doing tomorrow? Do you want to get together?” They have to make the most of their last few days of summer.

“Sure; you can help me look for a job.”


(The End)


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