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   Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Christian. I'm 5'10" tall and weigh around 110 lbs and am 21 y/o, and yes I really weigh that little. I have blonde hair, hazel eyes and an olive complexion. As far as my mannerisms go; my voice is average for a male I suppose but the rest of me is committed 110% to being a submissive slutty pussyboi. My pussy is constantly wanting to be stretched out and worked over and for a top with just the right personality (sorry fellas, I've already found him) I become a full fledged pig slave for my Master. But that's enough about that; let me lay out what happened.

   It was a Wednesday night and I was in one of my moods where I wanted my boi pussy stretched (okay I'm always in that mood lol), and it just couldn't get enough of my dildos. So I eventually put in my large butt plug hoping that the extra stretching would satisfy at least a little of the desire. (I prefer to refer to my ass as my cunt or pussy so that's what I'll be using from here on out). I figured I'd just take it out, before my friends started arriving at my house to figure out what we wanted to do, and replace it *hopefully* with the medium plug. So, I did all the exercises I know to tighten up my pussy more but it just wasn't having it. I slid in the medium plug, of course, very easily and held it in place with a slightly tight thong.

   Well we ended up going to the movie theater at Sam's Town (it's a Hotel/Casino here in Las Vegas). But, of course part way through the movie I had to piss (damn jumbo drinks), so I got up and went to the restroom. I walk in, walk up to a urinal and basically just lower my jeans and thong down (yeah I know public restroom and all but I'm an exhibitionist already so I guess I just did it subconsciously). As I was about to shake off the last few drops all of the sudden my pussy felt empty, no wait, I know that feeling too. A fairly attractive man who couldn't be too much older than myself had walked without me hearing him, pulled out the plug in my loose boi cunt and had started fingering me right at the urinal. Of course once I got over the sudden shock of it I had to do some quick thinking because that is a sort of situation that turns me waaay on. After a quick couple of questions I found out that he was in a theater that was running an older movie so the theater was empty. I told him I'd be right there and went back to my theater and told my friends that I had just seen an old friend and that I was going to have a drink with him and just catch up and that I'd meet them after the movie.

   As I walked in I saw him sitting in the top row with his (HUGE!) hard cock already out and waiting. I got up there pretty damn fast and kind of kneeled/sat in the chair next to him and started lubing up that cock with my mouth, after about 10 mins he pulled my head up, reached around and yanked my plug right out and then grabbed me by the waist and guided me over to his cock and just shoved me right down on top of it. Normally I might have winced a bit but since I was already sporting a pretty loose pussy I just went right down on it with a nice squish sound and a moan. I rode that cock like there was no tomorrow and eventually he had had enough of that and pulled me off and bent me over the seat back in front of us (luckily it's a nice theater and the seats are well cushioned and cared for) and as hard as he could, slammed his cock right back into me making me scream out. He stretched and worked my pussy for probably 20 mins and then let out a huge moan and pulled me down tight on his cock, I knew what was going to happen next. That huge cock started pulsating inside of me and I felt every single jet of cum coat my insides. He left his cock inside of me until it started to go soft and as it did I heard a soft *pop* as he helped it along by pulling it out. His cock was being followed now by some of his cum though and when he noticed that he spanked me so damn hard I felt my pussy lips tighten right up temporarily holding his cum just fine for the time being, though I knew those pussy lips would loosen back up in another few minutes. He probably had the exact same thought and then reached over to where he had placed my plug and in one deft swing shoved it into me wonderfully hard. He spun me around and gave me a nice big kiss and told me we should do it again some time, but made no attempt to trade any info with me so I just took it as a signal and prepared to leave. 

   I thanked him for the great fuck and said goodbye going back to my friends in the other theater, since their movie still wasn't scheduled to be out yet. I sat down in the first seat I came to that was by my friends and seat happened to be next to my friend Ryan. Now as it so happens Ryan is also gay and a great top from what I've been told by his ex-boyfriends and slaves, though sadly I didn’t know first-hand since he has a policy of not getting involved sexually with friends. As I started to sit back down my plug had started to slide out of place so when I sat down the plug got pushed back in and made a slight squishing sound. Ryan looked right at me and without saying a word reached behind the arm rest so no one could see what he was doing and stuck his hand down the back of my pants. He moved his fingers past the base of the plug and part way into my (now WELL stretched and lubed pussy) and I'm sure felt how loose and cummy it was.  He just looked at me briefly and grinned.  

   After the movie got out Ryan told me quietly to stick with him and go hang out back at his place instead of all the others. Once we both arrived there he began to tell me a bit of a story. Apparently he had been wanting to know what I was like during sex for quite a while but he refused to break his own rule and risk fucking up our friendship so he guessed (correctly) that since I'm a slutty bitch that I'd always be up for a pounding if it presented itself. So he had arranged for one of his (as he put it) "more handsomely endowed" buddies to find me wherever we ended up that night. As he figured it, this was as close as he would get since his friend, whose name was Tom (he finally told me), would give him as many details as he wanted to know (little did I know Ryan's plan didn't stop there). When I got up to use the bathroom, Ryan jumped into action and text messaged Tom that I'd be in the bathroom, making it that much easier for him to find me and isolate me. About 5 mins after he finished telling me about the whole setup (or so I thought) there was a brief knock at his door and in walked my recent fucker, Tom, grinning like a madman. The next thing I knew Ryan pushed me over swiftly causing me to fall flat on the couch. He didn't say a word as he walked out of the room while Tom positioned himself right over me and yanked down my pants and pulled out the plug. As all this was happening though I caught out of the corner of my eye Ryan walking back in with a video camera and a stand. For the next 4 hours I was fucked repeatedly by Tom while Ryan made sure the camera angle was okay and would then go about doing random things around the house all the while it was being recorded right to a mini-DVD. By the end of the night I had 6 loads from Tom coating the insides of my red, puffy and well used cunt. Not to mention the random toys that Ryan had so graciously provided him with so he could stretch my cunt making it even looser than before. (though I'm not complaining...hehe) 

   When it all came to an end finally, because Tom was spent, Ryan pulled out a large black plug and shoved it into my oversized cunt and said, "I know you're going to go home and play with that boi pussy of yours even more, this way you'll have more cum left in there to enjoy."

   He then made a quick copy of the DVD using his computer and handed it to me so I could get off on my own cum loaded cunt again and again. But, as I went to get my clothes so I could get dressed Tom snatched them up before I could get near them even and handed them to Ryan. He told me that for the services of Tom and the copy of the DVD that the clothes were now his so I'd have to drive home naked with a large plug in my loose pussy that was (even with the plug in it, it still felt loose) still managing to leak some cum. Luckily I made it all the way home without getting pulled over by a cop (Las Vegas Metro cops are notoriously outrageous assholes if they want to be) or something breaking down on my car, lol. Though I know he did it as a favor since he's well aware that I get off on exhibitionism so it was more of a reward than any type cost. When I got out of my car I noticed that my seat now had a puddle of cum on it so I licked and sucked on it trying to get as much as I could. 

   I had fully intended to go to my room and work my pussy even more but I climbed into bed and just passed out. I guess I had been more tired than I could tell. I woke up the next morning with the plug still in so I jumped into the shower and pulled it out slowly from my now raw pussy. (Ah well, one day's recovery time and it'll be ready to go again) After a bit of cleaning up (inside and out) I toweled off and put my medium plug in and laid back down in bed though for a while I had to consciously clamp down on the plug since my pussy was still too loose to hold it in.  Once I found it would at least stay in I let myself drift off to sleep.

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