By Max H.

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In this story the characters don't practice safe sex.  But this is merely a fantasy.  In the world we all live in, safe sex is the only sane way to go.  Please be careful.

Chapter 2


If Hank had been dying of embarrassment and shame before, everything became even worse when his best bud was led into the room.  Here he was, on his knees, naked, shaved, just having swallowed Doug's load (but not before Kirk had taken pictures of the whole thing, including the cum in Hank's mouth).  But then Scott was naked and shaved, wearing a collar, being led in by Carlos.  And he had a boner!  What was with that?

"Scotty, they've got you, too," Hank said.

"Quiet, Bevans.  You speak only when asked a question, remember?"  Kirk said.

Hank wanted to shout that this was all wrong, that these guys were faggot bastards, but he remembered all the pictures which had been taken of him that day and merely nodded.

"Okay, Dixon," Kirk said.  "You'll have to wait to get your rocks off.  Now it's time to take some more pictures."

"Fuck, Kirk, I wanted to cum all over the bastard's face."

Kirk grinned.  "You know the plan.  You'll get something better than that after a while."

A couple of the others chuckled.  Hank noticed that Scott was glancing back and forth between him and Jamey.

Jamey sighed, theatrically.  "All right.  I guess that'll be worth waiting for."

"No one's gonna make you do that, you know."  Kirk said impatiently.

"Hey, I'm sorry I said anything.  I sure as fuck don't want to miss out on that.  Let's get things moving here."

"Right," Kirk said.  "Doug, you got the video camera?"


"Bevans, stand up!"

Hank, glad to get off his knees, did as he was told.

"Now, we're gonna be taking a video this afternoon, and the first scene is gonna be you two guys kissing. Carlos, you can take off Waverly's leash.  He's not going anywhere.  In fact, I think he's gonna really enjoy this.  Oh, and you better take off both their collars."

Scott blushed, the red showing on his face, shoulders, and chest.  Then he scowled at Kirk.

"Okay, Bevans," Kirk said, "your buddy is going to come up to you, put his arms around you, and you two are gonna kiss.  And it will be the kind of kiss you give those hot chicks you two make out with.  You understand?"

Hank took a deep breath.  "I don't guess we have any choice, do we?"

"Nope!  So, let's do it!"

Doug had the camera going.  Scott moved toward Hank.

"No, no, no!" Bevans, you stupid fuck, you look like you're expecting to be shat on.  This is your best bud here.  Try to look like you are glad to see him.  Even if you have to fake it."

Scott backed up and started once again toward Hank.  This time he put his arms around Hank and pulled him close.

Hank jumped back.  "Ewwwww!"

"Bevans, what the fuck's wrong with you now?"

"He poked me with that thing," Hank said, pointing toward Scott's boner.

"You know, Kirk," Doug said, "the shot would be better if they were both hard."

"Good idea, bro.  Any volunteers?"

"Let me," Carlos said.

"You gonna get him up?"

Carlos grinned.  "Yeah.  Hang on a sec."  He left the room briefly.  When he returned he had a bottle of lube.  "This'll do the job.  And save Jamey the embarrassment of admitting he'd like to suck Hank's dick."

"Bastard," Jamey said, but he was grinning.

"Bend over and pull your cheeks apart," Carlos told Hank, who complied.  This time it didn't escape the group's attention that he was blushing.

"Awww, look guys," Torrance said, "the muhfuck's embarrassed 'cause we're seeing his pucker."

There were several other remarks, but Hank wasn't aware of them because Carlos was rubbing oil on and into his nether opening.  He couldn't suppress a shiver.  And he was shocked to find that what Carlos was doing felt fantastic.  When Carlos slowly worked a finger into his hole, he clamped down on it.

"Relax your asshole, asshole.  Don't fight me, and it will feel better."

Hank, trying to forget that he was being penetrated by another dude's finger while eight others watched, concentrated on relaxing his sphincter.  Soon the finger was all the way in.  Carlos wiggled it around, and Hank grunted.

"Look," Carlos crowed, "he's half hard already."

Hank looked down, and sure enough, he had the beginnings of a stiffie.  He was trying to think of unpleasant things to get it to go down, but then Carlos's finger hit something that made him jump.  'Jesus,' he thought, 'what was that?'  A little more stroking, and Hank was panting.

"Okay, Carlos," Kirk said, "we don't want him to cum.  And you've got him hard all right!"

Hank was further shocked to find that his ass felt strange when Carlos removed his finger.  But his dick was certainly happy.

"Now, Waverly, walk up to your best bud and give him a big, wet, sloppy kiss.  You guys wrap your arms around each other and really get into it."

Wondering when all of this was ever going to end, Hank had a moment of concern for his friend.  What had these guys done to Scotty to get him to do all of this?  'Scott's no gayer than I am!  But we gotta do this since those bastards have all those pictures already.'

As Doug operated the video camera, Scott walked up to Hank; the two guys embraced and began to kiss.  

"Keep going until you're told to stop."

Jamey nudged Kirk and then pointed.  The two kissing men were grinding their hard cocks together.  Kirk grinned.  "You were right, twerp."

"You'd do the same thing if you were in that situation," Jamey said.

Kirk frowned.  "In your dreams, little man.  And you watch your mouth or your face will be in the videos too."

Jamey grinned.  "Okay, okay.  I don't think I want that."

Finally Doug said, "Okay, enough of that.  You two love birds can quit."

"Yeah," Kirk said.  "Guys, wasn't it pretty obvious that Bevans and Waverly were really getting into that face sucking?"

"Yeah, man," Torrance said, "and that was some crotch grinding, too."

Everybody except Scott and Hank laughed.  

"Now, Bevans," Kirk said, "it looked like you got off on kissing and humping your boyfriend there.  You want to admit that you'd like to be fucked?"

"Now way will I ever do that, you bastards.  I'm not queer, uh, gay!  And neither is Scott.  That was just, uh, well, because you're blackmailing us."

"I don't think we were responsible for the enthusiasm," Kirk said.  The others laughed and nodded.  "But if you won't admit you'd like someone to fuck you, we'll go on with the agenda."  He looked around.  "Guys, you know what to do.  Waverly, you'll find this interesting, since it's pretty much what happened to you last night.  Except you're gonna help us with your boyfriend."

"He's my buddy.  We're not boyfriends," Scott said softly.  It was the first thing he'd said since he'd been brought into the room.  

"That's what you want us all to believe," Phil said.  "But we'll soon see, won't we?"

"Okay, guys," Kirk said, "string him up."

Hank gave Kirk a panicked look.

"Relax, we promised not to hurt you if you cooperate.  Some of the guys wanted to pound on you with a fraternity paddle for an hour or so, but we finally decided that pain wasn't called for.  We're just gonna get your arms out of the way for a while."

A rope was attached to each of Hank's wrists, the other tied to a rafter in such a way that Hank's body made a Y shape.  He was standing on the flats of his feet, not really uncomfortable.  He felt vulnerable, however, and he began to sweat as he wondered what would happen next.

"Now, spread your legs.  A little more.  That's it!"

Moving his feet apart made his body assume an X shape.  It also lowered his body a bit, so that now his arms and torso were taut.  Hank had to keep reminding himself that they'd promised they weren't going to hurt him.  All he could think of was that he was in a traditional position to be whipped.

"We discussed writing all over your body with magic markers, or coloring your dick and balls, or something, but as you can see by looking at your boyfriend," Kirk said, "we didn't."

Scott was obviously unmarked, so Hank relaxed as much as he could, given the position he was in.

"Jamey, this is pretty much your show from here on, dude.  You got your, uh, tool?"
The others chuckled when Kirk said that.

Jamey, who'd stepped out of the room briefly, came in with an old-fashioned feather duster.  "Yep," he grinned, "here it is."

"Go to it."

Some of the guys went to the kitchen and came back with sodas, which they passed around.  Most of them sat.  Scott was allowed to sit.  He was even given a soda.

Jamey began running the duster over Hank's armpits.  He was ticklish, but since he couldn't bend over or lower his arms, he instinctively raised one knee.  

"None of that," Jamey said, "or we'll have to tie your legs in place."

"Fuck!" Hank said.  "I couldn't help it."

Jamey went back to running the duster over Hank's squirming body.  He teased the nipples, which responded by getting hard and standing out.  

"Great tits, big guy," Jamey said.  "I love guys with big pecs.  I could just suck on those fuckers all day!"

Jamey drew the tips of the feathers slowly back and forth across Hank's chest and abs, always stopping and reversing direction when he got to Hank's navel.  After a few minutes of that, he went behind Hank and slowly repeated the process.  This time, however, he continued on to Hank's ass, taking time to tease each cheek.  

This wasn't the kind of tickling that made Hank laugh, but it made him tingle.  And he soon realized that he was in danger of becoming hard again.  So again he concentrated on unpleasant things.  It was when Jamey began tickling the insides of his thighs that he thought he might lose the battle.  He instinctively brought his ankles together.

"Okay, guys, some help here?" Jamey asked

Doug, who wasn't using the camera at the moment, and Torrance came over and sat on either side of Hank.  One took each leg and they held them apart.  Jamey went back to work.  

"Oh, shit, man, don't do that!  I've never felt anything like that.  Oh, jeez, stop."

"The magic words, asshole," Kirk said, "are 'please, somebody fuck me'."

"Fuck you!  You queers won't get to me with this sick shit."

Kirk went to a nearby table and picked up a ping-pong paddle.  "We said we wouldn't hurt you.  But there's one thing you've got to learn.  The only acceptable words are 'homosexual' and 'gay.'"  He whacked Hank's ass smartly five times.  "Do you apologize?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry."

"Forget, and it's more of the paddle.  And we have a frat paddle if we need it.  So watch your homophobic mouth!  Do you understand me?"

"Yeah, yeah."

Although Hank's ass was red and burning, he was relieved to note that his dick was now limp.  He was also happy to note that Jamey's finger wasn't immediately reinserted into his ass.  That had felt too good.

What happened next was at first a turn-off.  Torrance and Doug, one on each side, began licking his ears. He'd had his ears licked before by chicks, but never by guys.  And never by two at a time.  He groaned.  

"Oh, Christ!"

"Like that?"  Kirk asked.

Hank didn't answer.  Torrance had moved to his neck and was licking it.  He got to a spot where the neck and shoulder join and began to suck.  Hank was having trouble keeping it together, especially as Doug had now moved down and was doing the same thing on the other side.  

He heard Jamey clear his throat.  "In case anyone's missed it, guys, asshole here has a woodie."  Everyone broke into applause except Scott, who just sat there staring at Hank and the two guys sucking on his neck. He put one hand to the place on his neck where Jamey had done that to him the night before.  The erection he'd sported when he was brought into the room had never gone away, thanks to a Viagra he was forced to take just before the guys arrived with Hank.

Kirk looked at his watch.  "Hey, anybody hungry?"

He was answered by a chorus of affirmatives.

"I think we can safely leave old Hank here while we have some lunch.  He's not going anywhere.  But we don't want him to get lonely, do we?  Where's 'Little Scotty'?"

Scott frowned and looked puzzled.

Carlos reached behind a sofa and produced a medium sized butt plug.  "Here we go."

Hank's ass was lubed some more, and the well-lubed plug was gradually worked in. the plug wasn't enormous, but it was bigger than a couple of fingers.  Hank grunted at the discomfort when it was first inserted, but it didn't really hurt.  It was more a burning sensation followed by a full feeling.  Then things changed when someone flipped a switch in the base of the plug and it began to vibrate.  Hank groaned again.

Carlos grinned.  "I've set it on 'low.'  That won't let him come, but it will keep him from being lonely while we're gone."

"Scott, you can come have some lunch, too.  We don't need to tie you up or anything, do we?"

"No, I'm not going anywhere, obviously," Scott said.

Someone had apparently started an outdoor grill, and soon the smell of burgers cooking wafted into the cabin, where Hank stood alone, hands still raised over his head.  He could hear the low hum of the vibrator as well as the voices of the guys outside as they prepared and ate their lunch.  His fully-hard cock oozed precum onto the mat where he was standing.  His ass and his balls tingled in a way he'd never experienced before.  He realized that he needed to bust his nut.  The longer he stood there, the stronger the desire became.  He was desperate to grab his cock and begin pumping it, but of course he couldn't.  Somehow, though, he sensed that Carlos was right.  He wasn't going to come from the vibrator alone.  He needed friction against his throbbing cock.  

'I'm fucked!' he thought.  'No, can't let these bastards get at me like they obviously got to Scotty.  Poor guy. Wonder what all they did to him to make him such a wuss today?   Well, not me!  I'm not a fuckin' fairy and no way will they make me beg 'em to fuck me!'

Then his cock oozed some more pre and he groaned with the torture/pleasure of the plug vibrating gently in his rectum.

After about a half an hour, Jamey came in with an energy bar and held it while Hank ate it.  Then he returned with a can of cola with a straw in it.  Hank took some of that and muttered "Thanks."

Jamey grinned at him and said, "We fags gotta keep our strength up."

"I'm not a fuckin' f--, uh, gay!" Hank said, remembering the paddling he'd received and the threat of a bigger paddle next time he used an inappropriate word for gays.  He wondered why it was all right for a gay guy like Jamey to use the word but wrong when he and Scott did it.

When Kirk allowed him to be taken to the bathroom Hank was grateful not only for the chance to relieve himself but to have his arms in a different position for a few minutes.  Walking with the butt plug proved to be stimulating, since it rubbed his prostate when he moved.  He had trouble peeing because of his hard on, but he finally managed.  He was returned to his previous position when he was finished, and the vibrating plug and its movement had returned him to full hardness.

With everyone assembled once more in the big room more or less in a circle around Hank, Kirk once more took charge of the proceedings.  

"You must be getting a case of blue balls, Bevans.  Are you ready to get some relief?  You know all you have to do is ask to be fucked."

"No way!"

"Okay, then on with the agenda."  Kirk looked around the room.  "Who's gonna do the honors now?"

Jamey whispered something in Scott's ear.  Scott looked unhappy, but he nodded his acquiescence.  Both stood facing Hank.

"Doug, you gonna use the camera?"

"Yep!  All set, just as soon as it's needed."

Jamey bent over slightly and began to suck on Hank's right nipple.  Scott did the same to the left.

"Oh, sheeittt!" Hank groaned.  His cock began to throb again and once more to drip precum.  "This is so sick, you guys!"

"Sick?  Your cock seems to be enjoying it," Kirk said.  Some of the onlookers chuckled.  Carlos and Doug were standing side by side, both with obvious tents in their shorts.

Jamey and Scott worked over Hank's nipples, moving up to lick and suck on his neck, down to his navel, Scott following Jamey's lead.  After a while, during which Hank writhed as much as his constraints would allow, moaning almost constantly and occasionally cursing, they dropped to their knees.  Jamey lifted Hank's hard, dripping cock out of the way while Scott licked Hank's now hairless balls.

"Oh, god, please.  Suck me!  I've gotta come!"

"Cool it, guys," Kirk said.  Both Scott and Jamey sat back on their haunches, the one clothed, the other naked and shaven.

"Fuck, you bastards!" Hank wailed, "I've gotta get my nut.  You can't stop now."

"Interesting, Bevans," Kirk said.  "You've been calling all of us on the swim team fags, queers, or homos for three years now.  And here you are, begging us to help you bust your nut.  What does that make you?"

Hank said nothing, just hanging his head.

"You know how to get the relief you want," Kirk continued.  "Just ask someone to fuck you."

"No, no, can't do that," Hank muttered, though he seemed close to giving in.

"Okay, guys, back to work.  Carlos, you wanna join in?"

Carlos grinned and knelt behind Hank.  He took the butt plug out and tossed it aside.  Somebody wearing a surgical glove picked it up and left the room.  Carlos lubed up the fingers of his right hand and then began to rub lube into Hank's butt trench, concentrating on the still slightly-open hole.

"Oh, jeez, that's so good!" Hank said through gritted teeth.

Carlos was able to insert two fingers into Hank's opening before it closed up.  He began scissoring his fingers, as Hank moaned his appreciation.  

"God, I never knew that could feel so good!" Hank muttered.

As Carlos worked his fingers in and out of Hank's receptive hole, Scotty continued to use his tongue on Hank's balls and Jamey went back to Hank's nipples, sucking, licking, nibbling.

Soon Hank was whimpering.  

The tormenting continued until Scott nudged Jamey with his elbow.

"I think he's about to come."

"Guys, stop!" Kirk, who'd been watching closely, commanded.

"Oh, no, oh, god, don't quit now.  I was just gonna shoot my wad.  Please, you gotta let me come!"

"You know what you have to do," Kirk said.

Doug had the camera in one hand.  His other hand was on Torrance's shoulder.  Both guys had obvious erections.  Torrance's was running toward his right hipbone, whereas Doug's was actually sticking out of the leg of his shorts.

Hank began to plead.  "Come on, guys, you've had your fun.  I'll never call anybody a queer or a fag again. Just let me get my nut.  Please!"

Kirk said, "No.  There's only one way that's gonna happen.  You're gonna get fucked, and you're gonna plead with us to get fucked.  After that we'll let you come."

"Please, not that.  Just let me come," Hank whined.

"Guys," Kirk said, "I think you can go back to what you were doing, but be careful.  We don't want to let him shoot."

For another half hour the three, Carlos, Jamey, and Scott, worked on Hank, bringing him to the verge of ejaculation, then backing off.

Finally the inevitable happened.  Hank was, after all, a healthy eighteen-year-old male in peak physical condition.  He couldn't hold out forever.

"Okay," he said quietly, "just do it."

The trio working on him ceased their ministrations.

"What was that you said, Bevans?" Kirk asked, grinning.

"I said, go ahead.  Do whatever you want, just let me get off."

Kirk nodded to Doug, who put the camera into position.

"What was that, Hank?  I don't think I understand you."

"You son of a bitch.  You heard what I said.  Just do it!"

"Do what?"

Doug was ready with the camera.

"Fuck me, god damn it, just fuck me.  Please!"

"You want to be fucked?  What does that make you, Bevans?"

"I don't know.  I don't care.  Does it make me gay?  Whatever!  Just, please, somebody fuck me so I can come!"

Looking to make sure Doug had captured the moment on the video camera, Kirk nodded and said, "Whatever you want, Hank."

The room burst into applause.


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