By Max H.

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In this story the characters don't practice safe sex.  But this is merely a fantasy.  In the world we all live in, safe sex is the only sane way to go.  Please be careful.

Chapter 3


"Fuck!" Doug said.  "It's been hard enough keeping you guys out of the shots I've been taking, but that applause will be on the sound track."

"Can we edit out the applause?" Kirk asked.

"Yeah, probably, but let's make him say it again, just in case."

"Okay, Bevans, we want to hear one more time what it is you're asking for.  And this time, guys, no noise from you!"  Kirk looked around to see if everyone understood him.  Then he looked at Hank.

"Say it again."

Hank understood that the only way he'd be allowed to come was to be fucked.  They'd only keep on stimulating him until he begged.  And he already needed relief in the worst way.

"I'm dyin' here.  Please just somebody fuck me!"

"But Bevans, getting fucked up the ass is what gay guys do!"  Kirk chuckled, as did the others (except Scott and Hank).

"Some gay guys," Torrance said emphatically.  "We're not all bottoms."

"Okay, okay," Kirk said, laughing. "So, Bevans, you're asking to be treated like a gay bottom.  Are you sure that's what you want?"  He looked to make sure Doug was ready to capture Hank's response with the camera.

"Whatever, man! I just gotta get off!"

"One more time."

"Shit!  Will somebody just fuck me?"

Hank's arms were untied and he was told to get on his hands and knees.  From that position he looked up and saw Scott chewing on his lower lip, his hard cock pointing up.

"Carlos, is he ready?" Jamey asked.

When Carlos grinned and nodded, Jamey said, "So let's have the lube, please."  Carlos tossed him the lube.  "Bevans," he said as he slicked up his hard cock, "you're gonna love this."

Hank didn't think so.  His dick had even begun to droop a little, and he was wondering if he'd made a terrible mistake.

"Guys, I don't really want this.  Can't we just forget-"

"No way, asshole," Kirk said.  "You begged on camera to be fucked, and that's what's gonna happen."

Jamey took his place behind Hank, allowing the head of his glistening cock to rest against Hank's pucker, which, thanks to the butt plug and Carlos's efforts, wasn't as tight as it normally was.  He shoved gently and the head popped through the ring.

Hank grunted.  Jamey's cock was bigger than the butt plug and it was painful.  He bit his lip in an effort not to yell.

Jamey leaned over and said softly into Hank's ear, "This is gonna hurt some.  It'll help if you push like you were taking a dump.  And I'll go slow."

He began to slowly force his cock into Hank's colon.  By the time he was three or four inches in, Hank said, "Oh, shit, that hurts!"

"Come on Hank, you can do it." Scott said quietly.

That seemed to steady Hank, who clamped his mouth shut.

Jamey slowly pushed the rest of the way in.  Hank, red-faced and sweating, determined not to be a wuss in front of the others, especially Scott, didn't say anything more.  Jamey remained still, and Hank's pain began to recede as he got used to the big cock inside him.

When Jamey began pumping slowly in and out, Hank grunted on each in-stroke.  He tried hard to control his feelings, but he couldn't help himself.  After only a few minutes, however, the pain disappeared, becoming only a full, burning sensation.  And then there was a different feeling.  Jamey's cock was hitting a certain spot, and each time it did it sent electric shocks radiating from Hank's ass throughout his body.  His repeated "unh, unh, unh's" were registering pleasure, not pain.  A sense of what he could only call happiness swept over him.

'Fuck,' he thought, 'that's fantastic!'  He knew he wasn't supposed to like what Jamey was doing, but how could anybody not like it?  He tried hard, though, not to let the onlookers see how much he was into being fucked.  He especially didn't want Scott to know.  After all, they were best buds.  What would Scott think if he knew how much Hank was enjoying having Jamey's big schlong inside him?  He was pretty sure the same thing had happened to Scott the night before, and now Scott looked whipped, like he was totally ashamed.  They'd made him do all this shit, and he hated it.  But, now that he thought about it, Scott had had a hardon all day.  What was with that?  Oh, well, Scotty didn't look happy.  And Hank had to act as if he hated it, too.

But he wasn't entirely successful.

Doug said softly, "Jamey, stop pumping."

Giving Doug a questioning look, Jamey froze, his cock still inside Hank.

The others, again except for Scott, began to laugh as they watched Hank rock back and forth, fucking himself on Jamey's cock. When he became aware of what was happening, he froze.  Keeping his eyes closed, he simply waited for Jamey to continue.  For the rest of the coupling he'd try to show no emotion, simply to endure stoically what was happening.  He couldn't hide from himself, however, the pleasure he was getting, nor could he keep his cock from remaining hard and dripping precum.

"Guys," Kirk said, "I think he likes it.  Just like his buddy."

'No,' Hank thought.  'No way!  Scotty's as straight as they come.  But I always thought I was, too, and that was beginning to feel pretty damn good.'

Jamey resumed pumping, gradually speeding up as his own pleasure became more intense.

"So, asswipe, you're getting fucked.  You begged to get fucked.  And now it's Jamey the fag who's fucking you.  You're always gonna remember who took your cherry."  Jamey was getting close, so he stopped talking for a minute or so.

Kirk nodded to Scott who, still hard and leaking, got up and walked over to where Jamey and Hank were.

Hank saw him coming and wondered what was going to happen next.  He was startled when Jamey pulled out.  He felt empty and, though he hated to admit it, disappointed.

"Stay there on your knees, Bevans," Jamey said.  He walked around in front of Hank.  "Look up at me."  When Hank looked up at him, Jamey began to pump his scarlet, dripping cock.  In less than a minute, he was blasting his semen all over Hank's face and hair.

Doug was there to get Jamey's prick unloading on Hank with his camera.  

"I took your cherry, Bevans, but I'm not the first person to cum inside you.  Your buddy gets that honor."  He looked at Scott and asked, "How do you want him?"

"On his back, please," Scott said softly.

"Okay, my gay brother," Jamey said.  "Lie on your back and pull your knees up to your shoulders."

"Here, this should help," Carlos said, handing Jamey a rolled-up beach towel, which Jamey put under Hank's butt, elevating his ass.

Doug backed up a bit so he could get both Scott's and Hank's faces in his video.

Scott got on his knees, lubed his cock, and very carefully inserted it into Hank's hole.  He stared into Hank's eyes as he did so.

When Hank grunted, Scott stopped.  "No," Hank said, "it's okay."

In fact, Scott's dick slipped in fairly easily.  Although nothing to be ashamed of, it was a bit smaller than Jamey's outsized tool.  

Hank's head was full of conflicting emotions.  He closed his eyes, not wanting to look at his friend.  He had figured out that Scott had been put through a similar experience the night before.  But he still had big trouble coping with the idea that he, Hank, had been made to suck dick, to beg to be fucked, had been fucked by Jamey, of all people.  That most of the swim team had watched.

Worse, though, was the enjoyment he'd felt when the pain passed as Jamey took his cherry.  And now . . . .

Now he opened his eyes.  Scott had begun to move slowly in and out, still watching Hank's face for signals.  Hank nodded his head, giving Scott permission to continue.

What overwhelmed him at that point was that this was so good.  Better than with Jamey.   He had his best friend's dick inside him, fucking him, and it felt good.  He realized that the physical sensations were getting better and better as his buddy speeded up, but emotion was involved, too.  This most intimate of contacts made him feel as if he and Scotty had become something more than just buds.

He reached for his cock.

"No, I don't think so," Kirk said.  "No jacking off."

"Christ, man, you said I could get off if I let somebody fuck me!"

"Yeah, but we've got something else in mind.  You'll probably be glad you waited."

Scott, who'd been hard all day from the Viagra he'd been forced to take, who'd watched his buddy Hank be forced to suck dick, be shaved, be made to plead for a fucking, lose his cherry to Jamey and now get fucked by his best friend - Scott, who'd observed all this and was now pumping hard inside Hank, couldn't last any longer.  

His body went nearly rigid as he shoved his cock as deep into Hank as it would go.  "Sheeeiiiittt!" he exclaimed.  

Hank felt Scott's cock pulsing as it gushed cum into his bowel.  He automatically clamped down with his ass muscles, making Scott feel even better.

Unthinking, Scott collapsed on top of Hank, who equally unthinking, kissed the man whose face was touching his.

"Aww, look, guys," Carlos said, "ain't that sweet?"

Realizing what was happening, Scott rolled off of Hank and lay there panting, coming down from the high of shooting his wad.

Hank was, of course, embarrassed.  But he was also aware of his aching balls.

"Okay, fuckers, I've done everything you said.  It's my turn now to get off."  He grabbed his cock, which had been hard throughout his being fucked by Scott.

"Right you are," Kirk said.  "And you're going to get off by fucking your bud here.  Turn about's fair play, and all that.  Which way do you want to take him?"

The idea wasn't totally repulsive to Hank.  Was it revenge for Scott fucking him, coming in his ass?  Or was it something else?

"On his back, I guess."  He didn't explain that he wanted to watch his friend's face as he fucked him.

"Here's the lube.  You'll need to do yourself and Scott's fuckhole," Jamey said, giving Hank the bottle.  "You know what to do?"

"Yeah," Hank said, "I got the idea."

Hank had been aroused for so long that he nearly came as he rubbed lube on his hot, hard, aching cock.  Much as he wanted relief, however, he forced himself to hold back.  He wanted to come inside Scott.  He'd even forgotten about Jamey's cum running slowly off his face and dripping onto his chest.

"Pull your knees up, dude," he said to Scott.  When his friend complied, he worked lots of lube into the exposed pucker.  

Hank had never paid much attention to guy's assholes.  It was amazing that anything as big as a dick would go in there.  But he was sure Scott had taken at least one cock the night before.  He worked with his fingers more or less the way he'd lubed up some of his girlfriends, although he marveled at how much tighter Scott's hole was than any girl's.  'I just know this is gonna be fantastic,' he thought.

As he knelt there with two fingers in Scott's chute, he admired his friend's body.  The magnificent pecs, the amazing abs, the highly developed glutes on either side of Scott's hairless hole -- he liked everything he saw.  

'That's my cock thinking,' he told himself, shaking his head.  I don't really think Scott's sexy, do I?  It's just that I'm so horny I'm gonna die if I don't bust my nut soon.'

He allowed his gaze to sweep slowly up Scott's body, resting on his friend's face.  Scott was biting his lower lip.  Just as Hank was wondering if he'd been hurting Scott, the man on his back, knees near his shoulders, nodded his head and said softly, "You can do it now, bud."

Hank was by this time desperate to come, so he pushed against Scott's brownish pink pucker.  As the head of his cock popped through, Scott winced, so he stopped.  This was Scott, after all, his bud.  When Scott looked at him and nodded again, he pushed. Suddenly he was balls deep inside his buddy's ass, and he couldn't believe the feeling.  He was aware of the camera pointed at him, but he didn't care.  This was hotter and tighter than any pussy, and he'd waited all day.  He began pumping vigorously into and out of Scott's ass.

"Look at 'em go," Kirk said.  "Wonder what the rest of the football team would think if they could see this."

Hank couldn't care less at that point.  He was in heaven, oblivious to Scott's grunts each time he pounded into him.  Gradually, however, he became aware that Scott wasn't just lying there.  He was lifting his pelvis, meeting Hank's thrusts.  'Damn!  Scotty likes this.  We just gotta be careful not to let these bastards see that.'

He slowed down so that Scott would open his eyes.  When he did, he frowned at Scott and shook his head slightly.  Scott got the message and lay still, though he couldn't help grunting occasionally.  Even though he'd just come inside Hank, Scott's dick was hard again.  He reached for it and began to pump it as Hank picked up speed.

It didn't last much longer.

"Oh, god, I'm gonna come," Hank said.

"After you've come," Kirk said, "I want you to give Scott a nice long kiss."

Hank nodded.  And then with a wordless cry, he exploded with one of the best orgasms he'd ever experienced.  When the spasms ceased, he pulled his still hard cock out and collapsed onto his buddy.  Scott let go of his cock and, using both hands, pulled Hank's face close to his so they could kiss.  

It was the best kiss Hank had ever experienced.  Although he was dizzy from his much-delayed orgasm, he felt fantastic.  He knew he wasn't supposed to like any of this, that he'd have all sorts of shit to figure out later, but he'd never had any sexual experience that even came close.

Then he realized where he was.  He rolled off of Scott and looked around the room.  Doug was just setting down the camera; the rest of the gay guys, Torrance, Carlos, and Jamey had their cocks out and were stroking them.  The ones Hank had figured out were probably straight, Kirk, Phil, Corey, and Buzz, seemed to have tents in their shorts or jeans.

"Well, I assume we'll hear no more name calling from you two," Kirk said, grinning at Scott and Hank.  "You guys want a beer?"

Both of the guys on the floor nodded that they did.  Several of the swim team members went to the kitchen and came back with beers for everybody.  Hank and Scott sat cross-legged on the floor while the others either stood or sat on the couches or chairs around the room.  Not much was said.  Apparently what had just happened had been intense in one way or another for each person in the room.

After about ten minutes, Kirk looked down at the two heavily-muscled football jocks and said, "Okay, you two have had your fun. Now it's our turn.  There are a lot of stiff cocks in this room, and they need some relief.  Hell, I'm straight, but I hear gay guys give good head."  He looked around the room.  "How about it guys?"  This time he got a chorus of agreement, everyone wanting a blowjob from the captives.  "You two get up on your knees.  Since Jamey, Torrance, and Doug got off last night and again today, we're gonna let you start with us guys who need to bust a nut the most.  So, gentlemen, get in line.  Choose your cocksucker."

Each of the two football players sucked four cocks that afternoon.  As he sucked, Hank was aware that Scott's cum was oozing out of his asshole and running down his thighs.  After he'd done three guys, Hank's lips, tongue, and throat hurt.  Some of the guys had opted to have them swallow their cum, but others had wanted to pull out and blast their loads onto his cocksucker's face and hair.  

He looked up to see Torrance and Jamey standing there.

"Which one you want, dude?"  Torrance asked?

Jamey grinned and shrugged.  "Don't matter much.  But if it's all the same to you, Waverly does a better job, so I'd choose him."

"A-ight by me," Torrance said, flashing his broad smile, "I can't wait to skull-fuck Bevans."

So, despite their excellent physical condition, two tired young men were required once again to provide oral receptacles for a pair of high school cocks.

Jamey opted to have Scott swallow his load, while Torrance blasted his all over Hank's face.  

Doug took some still pictures of the two, and when he was done Kirk said, "You piggies need to get cleaned up before we take you home.  Somebody show them where the showers are."

"Yeah," Torrance said, "they'll obviously enjoy showering together."

"Well," Jamey said, "that's their choice, isn't it?  Now that they've fucked each other, why wouldn't they want to shower together?"

Giving them a tilt of the head, indicating they should follow him, Carlos took them to the shower, where Hank insisted that Scotty should go first.  He was definitely not going to shower with his friend.

After they had cleaned up, Scott was wearing a white tee and baggy khaki shorts with flipflops.  Hank had only his jeans, since he'd been barefoot when he'd been abducted.

"Don't you have a shirt?" Kirk asked him when the two were once more standing in the big central room, surrounded by the eight swim team members."

"I did have," Hank said.  "You guys cut it off me this morning."  He wanted to say more, but it was an old wife beater, and he didn't want to antagonize his captors.

"Sorry 'bout that," Kirk said, though it was obvious he didn't mean it.  "Now, we're going to deliver you to your house, Bevans.  You guys were gonna spend the weekend together, weren't you?"

Both nodded.

"I wonder what you're gonna do for the rest of the weekend now that you've discovered how much you love gay sex.  It was obvious to all of us that you two are into each other.  So, you can have fun for the rest of the weekend."

Some of the guys laughed.  "Man," Torrance said, "I'll bet Bevans' bed's gonna be rockin' tonight!"

"But here's the thing," Kirk continued.  "We have stills and vids of you two sucking cock, pleading to be fucked, and fucking each other.  You don't need to worry about anybody outside this room seeing those as long as you quit harassing gay guys in school and don't make any more nasty remarks about the swim team.  I don't think your football buddies would be as open minded as we are about your, uh, homosexual activities.  And if the whole school found out, well, you can imagine what that would mean to your status, your social lives, can't you?"

Despite his dark complexion, Hank seemed to turn pale, and Scott looked as if he might cry.

"So long guys, see you in school Monday morning," Kirk said.  "Be good now."

Doug and Carlos took them to their SUV.  They weren't handcuffed or restrained, but they were forced to wear blindfolds so they couldn't figure out where the cabin was.

When they got back to their home town, the blindfolds were removed.  Doug went to the drive-up window at Arby's and got sandwiches, fries, and soda for all of them.  Then he took the captives to Hank's house, where they were allowed to get out and were given the food that had been purchased for them.

Inside the Bevans' house, they sat at the kitchen table.  Hank poured a stiff shot of vodka into each of their sodas.  They munched in silence, not even making small talk. Each seemed to be pretty much inside his own head, not yet ready to talk.

Wandering into the family room, they found a Gators game on television.  They watched, occasionally making comments about the events on the field.  Hank kept their cokes refilled and made sure to add more vodka each time.

When the game was over, Hank stretched.  

"Oh, shit!" Scott exclaimed.  "We forgot the girls!"

They'd had dates that night.  They both knew they'd be toast for not showing up and not calling.

"Fuck!" Hank said.  "I don't even want to think about them tonight.  We'll have time tomorrow to figure out what we're gonna tell 'em."

"Yeah.  First, Hank, you and I've gotta talk."

"I know, dude, but not tonight, 'k?  I just wanna crash right now."

"Okay, man, but then we gotta talk about this tomorrow.  You know that.  This is some serious shit we've gotten into."

"Yeah, bud, I know.  Just not tonight.  I'm not ready yet.  Let's sleep on it."

Scott heaved a sigh.  "Okay, bro."

"The guest bed's made up for ya if you wanna use it."

"Can I just bunk in with you tonight?"

"You aren't gonna . . . ?"

"No way!  I'm gonna hit the mattress and die, man."

"Okay.  There's a new toothbrush in the drawer of the bathroom vanity."

After the two did their bedtime routine and were in Hank's king-size bed, Scott said again, "Don't you even wanna know what they did to me?"

"Yeah, sure, bud.  Just not tonight."  


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