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Chapter 4

Hank slept so soundly he wasn't aware that Scott had a hard time getting to sleep, finally drifting off some time after midnight.  But Hank was the first one awake.  He knew it was a Sunday morning and he could sleep as late as he wanted to, but he'd gone to sleep early and slept well, so he knew he was awake for the day.  He looked at the clock.  It was 10:15.  

'Fuck' he thought, 'I may as well get up."

He looked at Scott, who was lying on his back, covered from his navel down.  He'd watched Scott build that great, muscular body. In fact, they'd built their bodies side-by-side, spending lots of hours at the gym to get them.

'Bigass tits.'

He found himself admiring Scott's big pecs.  Remembering how good it felt to have Scott and Jamey sucking on his pecs the day before, he wondered what it would be like to suck on Scott's hairless tits.  He'd had lots of fun with women's tits, but until the experience with the swim team he hadn't realized how good it could be for a man to have his tits sucked.  He grabbed his left nipple and began to rub and squeeze it.

'God, what am I doing?' he asked himself.  'Gotta get this gay shit outta my head.'

He used the bathroom and wandered into the kitchen wearing the boxers he'd slept in.  Then, thinking better of it, he returned to the bedroom where he pulled on a white tee and a pair of cutoffs.

Once more in the kitchen, he set up the coffee maker and flipped the switch.  He got himself a glass of orange juice and sat at the table to wait for his coffee.  He winced a little as his butt hit the chair.  He was tender, but there was another feeling as well.  Like something was missing?  

Yesterday was a day he'd never forget, that was for sure.  He clenched his jaw and made fists as he thought about those swim team bastards who'd humiliated him and Scott so much.  He wanted to kill them.  

He scratched his face.  He hadn't shaved since Friday morning, so he had two days' worth of black stubble.  He wondered if his pits and pubes would itch as they grew out.  Probably.  

As he replayed the events of the previous day in his mind, he felt something cold and hard grip the pit of his stomach when he thought of how much he'd gotten into those kisses with Scott.  Even worse, how turned on he'd been when his nips were bitten and sucked.  Worst of all, how much he liked having Scott fuck him.  With Jamey it had been mostly pain, at least at first.  But when Scott had his cock all the way inside Hank's chute, it was good.  And Scott managed to hit his love button over and over, almost as if he knew what he was looking for.  He'd tried not to let the watching swimmers see how much Scott was exciting him, but he knew they knew.  

Then of course there was how great it was when he got his nut by fucking his bro, his best bud.  Of course, a hot hole is a hot hole, but he was still ashamed that he'd enjoyed fucking Scott so much.  

'But maybe it was even better when Scotty fucked you,' a small voice inside him whispered.

No!  That couldn't be true!  That would mean he really was a fag!  It was bad enough that he'd sucked a bunch of cocks and taken it up the ass from both Jamey and Scott.  But only a real queer would enjoy it.  And he wasn't a queer.  He couldn't be.  How could he ever look Scott in the face again, much less their football buddies?

One thing was for sure.  He and Scott would be up shit creek if those bastards told anybody else in town.  It would be even worse, worse than he could even imagine, if anyone saw those pictures!

Fuck!  What were they gonna do?  Scott had wanted to talk about it before they went to bed, but Hank just couldn't bring himself to do it yet.  Now, he realized, they'd have to.

He poured himself a mug of coffee, put milk and sugar in it, and sipped on it as images from the day before whirled hazily through his mind.

He'd finished his second cup of coffee by the time he heard the toilet flush.  Moments later a sleepy-looking Scott shuffled into the room.

"Hey. You okay?"

"Yeah.  But I don't want to wear these clothes any more.  Can I borrow something of yours?"

"Dude, you know where it's all at.  Help yourself."

"Thanks, man.  Back in a sec."

Hank got busy.  He put out a glass and the o.j. container.  He put a mug next to it for coffee.  Then he got sausage links from the fridge and threw them into a skillet.  From the freezer he extracted a bag of Pillsbury's microwaveable pancakes.  Although his mother always fussed at him for doing it, he put the butter in the microwave for a couple of seconds to soften it.  Then he heated the Aunt Jemima pancake syrup in the microwave.
When the sausages were done, he'd zap a stack of pancakes for Scott and then another for himself.

Scott came back into the kitchen wearing a red tank top and a pair of baggy khaki shorts.  Like Hank, he was barefoot.  He poured himself a glass of o.j., lifted it in salute to his friend, and drank it down.  Then he grabbed the carafe from the coffee maker and poured himself a mug full.  

Hank, who'd taken his friend's looks for granted since they'd known each other such a long time, noticed that the blond, blue-eyed guy across the table from him looked really great.  Except for the color and amount of hair, Scotty blond and smooth, Hank dark and hairy, their bodies were similar.  They were both the same height and approximate weight, both extremely well muscled.  And they'd always been able to wear each other's clothes.  

Scott's squarish face, slightly blunt nose, cleft chin and perfect teeth gave him a boy next door wholesome look that made him one of the most sought-after studs in their senior class.  Hank, who'd never thought about it before, could see why.

"Bro, you zoned out?  Where are you?"

"Oh, sorry, Scotty.  Did you say something?"

"Yeah, I asked how you are this morning."

Hank wiggled a little on his chair.  "I'm okay, I think, except for a little tenderness down there."

"Shit, man, I'm sorry!"  Scott looked really concerned.

"Relax."  Hank gave a wry grin.  "Don't be insulted, but it was getting reamed out first by that big fuckin' tool of Dixon's.  Whoever would have thought that skinny-assed shrimp would have a schlong like that?"

"Yeah, believe me, I know!"

"Oh, he did you too"


"Come to think of it, I haven't had a chance to find out yet what they did to you."  He got up, took the sausages from the skillet and put them on a plate with a paper towel to drain. He put a half-dozen pancakes onto another plate and stuck them in the microwave.

"Well, they grabbed me at my house on Friday evening.  Our folks had all left earlier, so I was there alone getting' ready to come to your house.  And they blindfolded me and took me to that cabin.  Then I think they followed the same script with me they did with you.  They shaved me, made me suck dick, got pictures of me sucking dick and with cum all over my face.  Then they tied me up and messed with me until I begged them to fuck me."

"Jamey and who else?"  Hank was curious because it had been Scotty who'd helped stimulate him to the point of mindless desperation when he pleaded to be fucked.

"Carlos some, but mainly Torrance."

"And Doug took pictures?"

"Oh yeah!"

Hank put the plate of pancakes and the plate of sausages on the table.  Then he put another plate of pancakes into the microwave and nuked them.  When they were ready he sat facing Scott and both dug into their breakfasts.

"Oh, shit!" Scott exclaimed, putting down his fork.  "We never called the girls."

"Well, Emily goes to church with her family.  I don't know about Carly.  Maybe we shouldn't call them until after they've gotten home and had Sunday dinner."

"I'm not in any hurry to talk to Carly.  She's gonna rip me a new one over this."

"What are we gonna tell 'em?"

Scott thought about that for a moment.  "Why don't we say that we went with some friends to their fishin' cabin and the car we went in wouldn't start.  And we were out of cell phone range?"

Hank stuck a hand up and they high fived across the table.

"Sounds good.  Those dumb chicks should buy that."

He poured Scott more coffee.

"Hey, Scott?"

"You had a stiffie almost all day yesterday.  What was with that?"

"They wanted to be sure I'd be able to get it up to fuck you.  I'd shot my wad a couple of times Friday night.  And they thought maybe fucking you would be a turnoff.  So they gave me Viagra or something like it after breakfast and again after lunch."

Not wanting to talk or even think about being fucked by Scott, Hank merely said, "I figured it was something like that."

"Ya know," Scott said, "it's a good thing football season ended last weekend.  We won't have to face the guys with our pubes gone."

"Hey, man, you've just lost your pubes and the hair in your pits.  I was pretty hairy.  I look really naked now.  And you're right, I'm glad we don't have to explain what happened."

"Yeah, we're also lucky we don't have phys ed until second semester.  By that time, it should all be grown back in."  

In the early afternoon they could watch an NFL game on television.  They decided to kill the time in between playing video games.  

During a lull, Scott cleared his throat and said, "Uh, Hank?"

"Yeah, bud?"

"I'm, uh, that is, I think . . . ."

"Just spit it out.  Since when did you ever have to worry about what you said to me?  We're best buds, aren't we?

"Yeah, well, that's kinda what I wanted to ask you about."

Hank's hands began to sweat because he sensed what was coming.  He didn't want the conversation to go in that direction, but he'd already agreed to listen to anything Scott wanted to bring up.

"How do you feel about what happened yesterday?"

"How the fuck do you think I feel?  I'd like to kill those bastards!"

"Oh, well, yeah.  But, like, was it all bad?"

Hank remembered the kisses, the fucking.  He hadn't particularly enjoyed having all those cocks in his mouth, but it wasn't all bad.

"Fuck yeah it was all bad!  We're not fags, you and me!  They made us do all that sick shit, didn't they?  We didn't have any choice, did we?"

"So what do you think we should do now?"

Hank took a deep breath, leaned back, laced his fingers behind his head, propped his feet on the coffee table, and said, "Look, bro. Kirk Brandt doesn't seem to be one of the fags.  But he's obviously in charge.  I think he may be a pretty decent dude.  He promised that if we quit harassing the swim team guys and quit calling people fags and queers and shit like that, no one would ever see those pictures they've got.  Guess we just gotta go along with them."

"Do you trust him?"

"Yeah, I think I do.  I'd like to shove my size 12 up his ass, but I think he'll keep his promise if we keep ours.  And that won't be too hard to do, will it?"

"No, I guess it won't.  And now, maybe we understand the homos a little better."

"What do you mean?"  He sat up and scowled at Scott.

"Well, you gotta admit some of what they did to us and we did to each other wasn't so bad."

"Fuck, man!  How can you say that?  It was all bullshit!  Perverted sick stuff!"

"But Hank, you . . . ."

"Don't even think it man.  They made us do all that shit.  Now, I don't want to talk about it any more."

They sat in what dragged out to be a long silence.  Finally, Hank asked, "You want something to eat?"

"No, I'm good."

Hank played with the remote until he found the Falcons game.  The two had settled back, feet up, to watch the pre-game commentary when the doorbell rang.

He opened the door to find Torrance and Jamey on the stoop.

"Hello, my gay brother," Torrance said, grinning.

"What do you guys want now?" Hank said, a hint of belligerence in his tone.

"Now, now," Jamey said, "we've brought you a present.  Aren't you gonna invite us in?"

Hank shrugged his shoulders and turned away.  "Get the door," he said.  He led them to the family room, where he'd left Scott.

"Hey, Scott," Jamey said.

"Hey."  Scott looked worried, as compared with Hank's truculence.

"Okay," Hank said.  "Now you wanna tell us why you're here?  I thought we were through with all this shit."

"Well, that's what we need to talk about.  And, like Jamey said, we've brought you something.  First, though, I'll bet you guys laid in some beer for the weekend, didn't ya?"


"Well, I think Jamey and I would like a beer.  How about it, little dude?"  He looked down at Jamey with apparent fondness.

"Why I believe I would enjoy a beer."

Hank looked at Scott, who shook his head, and went to the kitchen.  He came back with two beers, handing one to each of the newcomers.

"Okay, let's all sit down.  You can tell us what's up."

Torrance took a swallow of beer.  "Most refreshing, Bevans.  Jamey, you wanna tell these guys what's up?"

Jamey took a large swallow of his beer and carefully set it on a coaster on the coffee table.  "Kirk promised you that he and the swim team would let you alone if you quit harassing gay guys at school and quit saying things about the swim team.  And so far as he's concerned, if you do that he's satisfied."

He took another swallow of beer and grinned.  "But some of us aren't ready to let things drop yet.  Kirk's not the only one with a copy of this dvd."  He waved a tan envelope at them.  "In fact, Doug, who made this little jewel, kept one.  And he gave one to Torrance and me.  So, the thing is, as long as we've got these, we own your asses."

"Aw, shit, Dixon, that sucks!" Hank said, though it seemed more in despair than in anger.

"Yeah, man," Torrance added.  "Seeing how much you guys got into suckin' and fuckin' yesterday, we think all you need is a little more instruction before you'll be full-fledged queers like us.  So Carlos, Doug, Jamey and me are gonna teach you what you need to know to pleasure each other and, who knows, maybe us too."

"Christ!  We're not, uh, gay."

Scott still hadn't said anything, though he'd paid careful attention to everything said.

"You have a short memory, Hank," Jamey said.  "So what we're gonna do is watch this dvd together.  Doug did a great job of capturing your love fest yesterday.  But first, you can both strip."

"In your dreams, Dixon!"

"Careful, Bevans," Jamey said, waving the envelope again.  "I don't think you'll want certain people to see this.  And we have a good reason for asking you to get naked."  He looked at Torrance.  "Don't we, big guy?"

Torrance grinned.  "Yeah.  So, you heard the man.  Get out of your clothes.  Maybe you'd better get yourselves a beer.  It might help."

Both Scott and Hank undressed.  Scott, who'd finished first, went to the kitchen.

"Man, that dude has one fine set of melons, don't he?"

Jamey grinned and nodded.

Scott came back with two beers, silently handed one to Hank, and looked at the others for instructions.

"Let's do it like this," Jamey said.  "You two sit on either end of the sofa.  Leave some space between you.  We don't want you making out during the movie."  He giggled.

When Scott and Hank had taken their seats, Jamey put the dvd in the player.  Then he and Torrance sat in chairs at right angles to the sofa.  He picked up the remote and started the show.

"If you guys can watch this without getting a hardon, maybe we're wrong and you're not gay.  What happened yesterday wasn't really punishment.  We didn't hurt you.  And I think we're gonna prove this afternoon that you really liked it.  Some of us think you need some more consequences.  But if you get through this without throwing wood, maybe we'll reconsider.  Now, get comfy, and we'll go on with the show."

Despite himself, Hank was curious to see what had happened to Scott on Friday evening.  

The dvd started with some corny romantic music, and then a title came on the screen.  "The Story of Two Gay Boys, Hank and Scott."  The title dissolved and the viewers saw a shaved Scott on his knees.  

"Scotty, you had a hardon!"

Scott muttered, "It was the Viagra."

"No," Jamey said, "'fraid not.  We didn't give you any Viagra until yesterday morning, remember.  So you were just hard from thinking about sucking some cock, I guess."

A naked guy came into the shot.  Even though his head wasn't visible, Hank recognized that it was Torrance.  Scott, of course, knew who it was.  The camera was allowed to run for a few minutes while Scott, seeming to know what he was doing, sucked Torrance's big cock.  Then the scene dissolved and next Scott was sucking on a white cock, and then another white cock.  Finally, he was shown with cum in his mouth, cum in his hair, cum on his face.

Both the football jocks had been watching raptly.  They were startled when Torrance laughed.

"Well, little Jamey, I guess that settles it."  He pointed to the guys on the couch, both of whose cocks were pointing toward the ceiling.  "Waverly's hard from watching himself suck cock, or maybe from remembering, and his buddy's hard from watching his boyfriend suck cock."

"Aw, no, guys," Hank said.  "We're not like that."

"Then how do you explain those boners?"

"Well, uh, oh fuck, I don't know."

Hank looked to Scott for support, but he got none.  His friend was staring, fascinated, at the screen.

The camera was slowly zooming in on Scott's face.  It had been cleaned up, and he was obviously standing.  The four guys in the room became quiet, waiting for the line they knew was coming.

"Please, I want to be fucked.  I need it so bad.  Please fuck me."

Scott seemed lost inside his own head.  Hank couldn't believe what he'd seen and heard, even though he'd said almost the same thing.  Jamey and Torrance chuckled.

"Okay, brothers.  Now there's no question that we're all 'family.'  Let's watch the rest of this most interestin' show.  But first, let's change seats.  You two take these chairs where you can see the TV and still look across at each other, see each other's smooth, muscled, hot bods with their hard cocks sticking up.  Jamey and I will sit here on the couch."

Hank noticed that he and Scott weren't the only ones throwing wood when the places were exchanged.  When Jamey and he sat on the sofa, Torrance put his arm around Jamey's shoulders.  "Now, on with the show."

The four watched as Scott was fucked by two faceless guys.  He wasn't allowed to fuck anyone to get his rocks off afterward, however.  Instead, he was made to stand on the coffee table at the cabin and jack off.  And what was he doing with his left hand? It looked to Hank as if he had a finger up his ass.  His ass muscles twitched as he watched.

Then the scene shifted to the previous day's events with Hank as the star.  As it began, Hank looked away for a moment, not sure he could make himself watch.  On the sofa Jamey was stroking Torrance's cock through his loose-fitting shorts, and Torrance was licking Jamey's ear.

Hank had to watch Doug's expertly edited video of his humiliation.  His cock kept getting harder and harder.  By the time the camera was recording his being fucked by first Jamey and then Scott, he'd leaked so much precum his whole cock was glistening. Glancing across at Scott, he saw that his friend was in the same condition.  Watching himself losing his cherry and then, ultimately, fucking his buddy, it was all he could do not to grab his cock and start pumping.  He was amazed again to realize that all of this had excited him so.

When the video ended, Jamey and Torrance kissed.  Then Torrance smirked at them and said, "You guys obviously liked it.  You really got into frenching each other yesterday.  It's all right, you can go ahead and do it again."

Hank glared at Scott.  Both of them shook their heads no.

"Well," Jamey said, "look at yourselves.  Seems like you need relief.  So let's have another lesson in Being Gay 101.  You must know what we mean by 69, don't you?"

Hank rolled his eyes but nodded that he did.

Jamey looked at Torrance.  "Let's move this coffee table, babe."  

When the table was out of the way, he said, "Okay, guys, lie down, head to toe, facing each other."  Scott and Hank lay down as instructed.  "Now, it's simple.  You just suck each other off.  And when you get ready to cum, don't pull out.  After all, now that you can admit all that bottled-up lust you've always felt for each other, you'll want to enjoy the taste of each other's cum."

The two on the floor had to wiggle around to get into proper position.  Hank was still trying to figure out what to do when Scott grabbed his cock and put the part not covered by his hand into his mouth.

"Jesus!" Hank exclaimed.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Torrance asked.  "But don't neglect your boyfriend.  You could take some tips from him.  Why don't you just do to him what he's doing to you?  You'll catch on."

By that time Hank wasn't thinking of the implications of what he was doing.  He simply needed to cum, and what Scott was doing felt fantastic.  He did as Torrance suggested, imitating Scott.  Soon both the men on the floor were moaning.  

Jamey chuckled.  "That's why they call it a hummer."

And it did feel even better when Jamey moaned, hummed, groaned - whatever it was he was doing.

Scott didn't verbally warn Hank when he was about to cum, but Hank could tell by the way his buddy's body tensed.  Scott shoved his pelvis forward and held it there, seemingly in an effort to shove his cock down Hank's throat.  When Scott's cock began to pulse, Hank had to swallow repeatedly to keep it from filling his mouth.  'If you don't think about it being a guy's splooge' Hank thought, 'it doesn't really taste bad.'

Soon he had his own orgasm and he was bucking back and forth as he shot his wad into Scott's mouth.  After Scott had swallowed, they lay there, holding each other's shrinking cocks for a moment.  Then they rolled onto their backs.  They looked up to see that Jamey and Torrance were standing naked, grinning down at them.

"That's pretty nice, isn't it?" Jamey asked.  "Nothing like a 69 with your boyfriend, or any hot stud, actually."

"Now, you guys can have some beer if you want.  Jamey brought each of you a fresh one, figuring you might need it.  Get up on your knees."

Hank thought at first of swishing the beer around in his mouth, but then he decided that might hurt Scott's feelings, so he just took a couple of big swallows.  Then he looked up to Torrance and Jamey for further instructions.

"The theme of today's class is obviously sucking cock," Jamey said.  "So the last item on today's schedule is that you guys are gonna give us head."

"Jamey says he wants Scott to do him because he found out this weekend that Scott gives better blowjobs than Hank."

Scott blushed vividly and hung his head.

"Hey, man, don't be ashamed.  For us gay guys, that's an accomplishment to be proud of."

"I can't help wondering, though, Scott, whether you've had some previous experience," Jamey said.

Scott continued to blush, his head bowed.

Hank looked at his friend with an expression of disbelief.

"Okay," Torrance said.  "Bevans, you'll probably improve with practice.  And I admit I'm gonna enjoy sticking my black tool in that nasty mouth of yours."

A few minutes later, when both the swimmers had unloaded ropes of cum on the faces of the kneeling football players, Torrance said, "Now, lick the cum off each other."

Hank grimaced, but he knew better than to refuse.  It still humiliated him to think of swallowing somebody's cum, but as he got into it he realized, once more to his shame that he was enjoying licking Scott's face and having Scott lick his.  'What the fuck!' he thought.

When they had finished, Jamey told them to stay kneeling as they were.  "You might put your arms around each other, though.  You two have been through a lot the last couple of days.  I'm sure your relationship has changed bigtime.  But I'm also sure in the long run you'll see that it's for the better.  You're getting closer to admitting what you are and what you feel for each other."

Jamey and Torrance put their clothes back on as Scott and Hank knelt side-by-side, arms around each other's shoulders.

"Look, T., isn't that sweet?"

"Yeah, they'd be cute if they weren't such assholes," Torrance chuckled.

"Okay, dudes, listen up.  Your asses still belong to Carlos, Dougie, T. and me.  You will just do without question or argument whatever any one of us tells you to.  There are only two days of school this week because Thursday's Thanksgiving.  You two will come to my house at 7:00 on Saturday evening.  You will be sure to keep your bodies shaved.  One of us may ask you at any time to drop trou and show us that you're keeping yourselves nice and smooth.  I'd suggest you check your body hair and have a good shower before you show up at my house Saturday.  We may see you in school this week or maybe not.  But remember, you do what any one of the four of us tells you to at any time.  You wouldn't want to have us put this vid on the net, make you stars of your own web site, would you?"

Horrified, Hank and Scott shook their heads.

"Okay, stand up."

When they did, the two naked jocks were startled when each of them was kissed-and kissed ardently-by both the swimmers.

"See ya Saturday, dudes, if not sooner."


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