by Max H.

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In this story the characters don't practice safe sex.  But this is merely a fantasy.  In the world we all live in, safe sex is the only sane way to go.  Please be careful.

Chapter 5


Stunned, the two naked jocks stood there for a moment.

Finally, Hank said, "Man, our folks could get back anytime.  We gotta get this place policed up.  Gotta hide the empties.  And I need to brush my teeth, gargle, or something to get the taste of cum out of my mouth."

Scott grinned.  "Dude, don't you think we should get dressed first?"

"Nothing about this is funny, Waverly, nothing!"

The two dressed hurriedly and set about disposing of the empty beer cans.  Hank reluctantly dumped what little of the vodka was left down the drain and hid the bottle in the garbage can in the garage.

When things were back to rights, Scott said, "Okay, Hank.  Now we have to talk."

Just then the telephone rang.  It was Hank's mother calling to say that they'd stopped in Tampa to see friends and wouldn't be home until nearly midnight.  She suggested that the boys could heat up some beef stew she'd left in the fridge or else go get fast food.

"Have you and Scotty had a nice weekend, dear?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah, Mom, just great," Hank said, rolling his eyes at Scott.

"Well, it's a school night.  You should probably send Scotty home about 11:00 so you can both get to bed.  And don't forget to do your homework if you have any."

"Yes, Mother," Hank said, sounding as if he were straining to be patient.

"Okay, dear.  Bye now.  Love you."

"Love you, too, Mom.  Drive careful."

Scott heaved a sigh.  "Now!  Come over here and sit down."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.  What is it?"

'Okay, first off, what are we gonna do?  That's the big question."

"That's pretty obvious, bud.  They got us by the balls.  We can't let anybody see that dvd.  Ohmygod, where is it?  We gotta hide that before the folks get here!"

"Relax, you said they weren't gonna be back until late.  It's still in the player."

Hank went over, removed the dvd from the player and ran upstairs to his room.  When he came back down he said, "Okay, I put it in with some of my cd's.  Mom'll never find it, and Dad never comes into my room."  He sat down facing Scott.  "Now, like I was saying, I hate it, but all we can do is play along.  I think we're safe from the other guys, but it looks like Jamey and Torrance, plus Doug and Carlos have decided to make our lives miserable just because they can."

"Yeah, that's my take on it, too.  Who would have thought Dixon and Booker were boyfriends?"

"I wonder if that means Chavez and Figueroa are, too."

"So we've gotta keep ourselves shaved."

"Guess so.  That won't be hard to hide until second semester starts and we have phys ed again."

"But they said they might check us at any time.  Do you think that means at school, too?"

"I think we can count on it.  I mean, I don't think they'd do it in a hallway, but maybe in the john."

"Hank, you know your beard shows if you don't shave every day."


"Well, look, dude, you're gonna have to shave your pits and pubes, your balls and your ass crack every day, too, or it's gonna show.  You're gonna have five o'clock shadow in some interesting places."  Scott grinned.

"Fuck!  I guess you're right.  But man, I cringe just thinking about shaving my balls.  And how is a guy supposed to shave his ass?"

"Well, uh . . . ."  Scott blushed.  "I guess I could help with that."

"Oh, shit, man, that's so gay!"

"Fuck you then, Bevans.  I was just offering to help out.  You're so hung up on what's gay and what isn't, you can't even think right."

"I'm sorry, Scotty.  After everything that's happened this weekend, I'm just having trouble wrapping my mind around it all."

"Yeah, I know.  I'm sorry I yelled at ya."

"So you think I need a shave?"

"We could wait and do it Saturday before we go to Jamey's house, but there's the chance they might check us at school."


"Well, what if you keep your pits, chest, abs, pubes, arms and legs shaved.  Maybe if they check you at school that'll be enough.  And we'll get together Saturday before we go to Jamey's and I'll do your balls and crack if you want me to."

"Man, I don't want you to, but I guess I'd better let you."

"Hank, I'm not as hairy as you.  And mine probably won't show as quick as yours, but I'm gonna need help with my crack, too."

"Geez!  Okay, we'll do each other Saturday afternoon then.  But that's so freakin' gay!"

Scott grinned again.

"What's funny?"

"At least you said 'gay' instead of 'queer.'"

Hank scowled but didn't say anything.  His stomach growled.

"Yeah," Scott said.  "Me too."

"You wanna warm up Mom's stew?  And maybe make a salad?"

"Beats a greaseburger.  Let's do it."

After they had eaten and cleaned up after themselves, they went back to the family room.  Hank was about to turn on the tv when Scott said, "No man.  We still have to talk."

"What's left to talk about?"  Hank clearly didn't want to talk.

"Dammit, Bevans, you're such a dumbass sometimes!"

Hank opened his eyes wide in surprise.  "What?"

"In case you've forgotten, we fucked each other yesterday.  We sucked dick.  Lots of dick.  Don't you think we should talk about that?"

"No, what's to talk about?  They made us do it.  We're not really like them.  I just wanna forget this whole fuckin' weekend."

"Come on, man.  We can't forget it.  We have to do anything they tell us to.  Like they said, they own our asses.  But that's not what I wanted to talk about."

"Then what?"

Scott, who'd been pressing the issue, suddenly seemed embarrassed.  "Well, like how you felt about what we did."

"How do you think I felt?  I hated it.  Every fuckin' minute of it."

"No, dude, you didn't.  You didn't have to use your tongue in my mouth like you did every time they made us kiss.  You didn't have to suck on my tongue like that.  And I could feel your ass muscles squeezing my cock when I was pulling back.  And I heard you moaning.  And you were shoving you ass back to meet my strokes.  You liked it, man."

"Oh, and you didn't?  You were doin' all those same things to me.  So don't be all about calling me queer."  He paused.  "This is just the conversation I've been trying to avoid."

"You can't avoid it forever.  What those guys did to us and made us do was way more than humiliating.  And I'm pants-shittin' scared they're gonna show that dvd to somebody.  But you and me, well, that's somethin' else.  I'm worried about what it's gonna do to our friendship that we like kissing each other.  Shit we liked fucking each other, you can't deny it."

"Scott, I don't want to talk about this."

"Yeah, yeah, okay.  Just tell me this.  Did you like being the pitcher or the catcher best?"

"I said I didn't want to talk about it.  Now, why don't you go home?"

"Are you seriously pissed with me?

"No, dude, I'm just pissed with the world right now.  I'll pick you up tomorrow at the usual time, okay?"

"Don't forget to get up early enough for a full body shave, just in case."

"Shit!  That's right.  Guess I'd better."

"Okay.  I'll be waiting in the morning.  Later, dude.'

Hank stuck out his fist to touch Scott's.  He was startled when Scott put a hand behind his head and pulled him into a kiss.  Hank started to push his friend away, but when his tongue began a duel with Scott's, he relaxed and became engrossed in the kiss.  When he felt Scott put one hand on his ass and another on his nipple, however, he pushed him away.

"Scotty, I'm just not ready for this shit.  Love ya, man, but ya gotta go!  See ya in the morning."

He tried watching television for a while.  Unable to concentrate, even on the Sunday night NFL game, he left a light on in the kitchen, turned off all the other lights, made sure the outside doors were locked, and went up to his room.  He did some homework. Finally, about 10:00 he stripped off his clothes except for his boxers, brushed his teeth, and got into bed.  Although he hadn't had much physical exercise, it had been an emotionally exhausting weekend.  He thought he'd sleep well.

After he'd turned off the light, he lay there, the life-changing events of the weekend creating a montage in his brain.  He'd always used the word cocksucker as a term of contempt.  Yet he'd had more cocks in his mouth than he could count in the last couple of days.  And he'd had to swallow everybody's cum.  Worse, he was now a pussyboy.  He'd been fucked by that little shit Jamey, and by Scotty.  Worst of all, he was now practically owned by four fags on the swim team.  They could make him do anything they wanted him to.  And probably would.  

All of this had dramatically changed his relationship with Scotty, too.  They'd exchanged kisses that were more passionate, more heartfelt than anything he'd ever experienced with a girl.  He'd had his dick up Scott's ass, and that was better than any pussy he'd ever fucked.  

He put his hand around his hot, hard, leaking cock and began to pump it slowly.  What he'd been trying not to admit, what had been nagging at him for over 24 hours, was that he felt empty.  Ever since Scott had pulled his soft cock out of his ass, Hank had felt deprived, empty, needy.  He needed something inside him.

He reached under the bed and grabbed the sock that had been left there on purpose, pulling it over his hard cock.  He rolled over onto his stomach.  Then he took the bottle of hand lotion from the bedside table and coated his index and middle fingers, working them gradually into his ass.  He moaned.  Before yesterday he'd never thought of putting anything up his ass.  He'd heard of guys getting cornholed, and he knew that fags were supposed to do that, but he'd never seriously considered the possibility that something could go into that little place.  He wiggled the two fingers a little, and grunted.  Not bad.  Kind of good, actually.  But not the same.  Not enough.  Not long enough.  Not enough to touch that special place.

He began to hump the bed while he worked the two fingers in and out.  Fuckin' hot!  Amazing!  More!  Faster!  

Soon he'd pumped a big load into the sock.  He lay there panting.  He'd never had any idea how much his ass could figure into his sexual activity.  When his cock had softened, he carefully removed the sock and carefully took it to the dirty clothes hamper in his closet, after which he went to the bathroom and washed his hands.

When he got back in bed, he was relaxed, as always after jacking off, but something was wrong.  Something was missing.  He felt that craving again.  And with a chill feeling in the pit of his stomach, he realized what he wanted was Scott's cock in his ass.

He was still awake when his parents came home, but they, assuming he was asleep, tried to be quiet, so they didn't speak to one another.

Then he remembered to reset his clock for fifteen minutes earlier than usual so he'd have time to shave down before his shower.

It was after midnight when he finally drifted off to an uneasy sleep.

Scott and Hank were dumped by Amy and Carly on Monday, the girls insisting that the guys could have found some way to get in touch with them Sunday, even if they had been out of cell phone range on Saturday.

Otherwise, the abbreviated school week was relatively uneventful.  Both jocks were checked (separately) in an unfrequented john to make sure they were keeping themselves shaved, but other than that, the four guys from the swim team left them alone.

Scott and his parents left after breakfast on Wednesday to drive to Tallahassee to spend the holiday with his mother's parents.  They planned to return on Friday, much to Scott's relief because that meant he would be able to appear as summoned at Jamey Dixon's house on Saturday evening.

The Bevans' house was crowded for the holiday.  Walt, Hank's brother, arrived home Wednesday afternoon.  Their paternal grandparents drove up from Sarasota and arrived shortly after Walt.  Normally, each of the Bevans boys had his own room, but in this instance Walt had to relinquish his room to the grandparents and move in with Hank for the duration of their visit.

After greeting his parents, grandparents, and Hank, Walt pleaded that he wanted to see some of his friends and left.  He was gone all afternoon Wednesday, didn't appear for supper, and came back to the house after Hank had gone to bed.

Hank, on the other hand, had had to endure visiting with his grandparents all Wednesday afternoon.  With Scott out of town, he had nowhere to go.  He thought of going to the mall and perhaps taking in a movie, but he stayed home and made some points with his parents by watching television and visiting.

He wasn't asleep when Walt entered their room about 11:30.  The older brother quietly stripped to his boxers and left to visit the bathroom.  When he came back, he slipped out of his shorts and climbed into bed next to his brother.  Hank had been watching. His brother was about his height but lighter in weight, slimmer, less muscled.  He'd kept himself in good shape but had never played varsity sports.  Not a geek exactly, he'd nevertheless made good grades.  And, as Hank had occasion to observe that night, he had a great package, bigger in the balls and cock than Hank himself.  

After Walt was in bed and breathing evenly, apparently asleep, Hank berated himself because he'd been watching to get a glimpse of his brother's cock and ass.  "Jeez, I really must be a queer,' he thought.  He was intensely aware of the boxer-clad body of his brother in the bed next to him, feeling the heat from Walt's body.  He became hard, but he didn't dare to do anything to relieve the pressure.  When he drifted off to sleep, it was to images of his brother's big cock in his ass.

Hank managed to get through Thanksgiving Day somehow.  It was a lot of family time, with nothing much to do except hang around the house and be fawned over by the grandparents.  He did enjoy the mid-day feast.  He felt he could pig out without guilt that day.  He'd have to get back to his regimen and supplements on Friday, but for once he ate more than he should and didn't worry about it.

Walt was out again Thursday evening.  He came home smelling like beer about 11:00.  As they were getting ready for bed, Hank thanked him for the beer, vodka, and pornos he'd provided the previous weekend.

"How did your weekend without the olds go, dude?  You and Scotty have a good time?"

"Yeah," Hank said, wondering what Walt would think if he really knew what had happened.  "It was cool.  We were just hangin' here.  Watched football, played some games, drank booze, watched the porn flicks, and put away more booze."

"I hope you hid the evidence."

"Yeah, it's cool, bro.  The folks didn't have a clue."  'Christ, what would any of them say if they knew what really happened last weekend?' he wondered.

On Friday morning Walt set off for Tallahassee and the grandparents left for Sarasota, Walt to do something with friends, the grandparents to return home.  After saying goodbye to the travelers, Hank went back to bed.  He had no plans for the day and couldn't think of anything to do.  He missed Scott.  And he wasn't about to go to the mall on the day after Thanksgiving.

After he got up and ate lunch with his parents, his dad drafted him to haul the Christmas decorations down from the attic space over the garage, and they put the lights on the outside of the house.  His mother insisted that they get out the inside decorations and begin to put them around as well.  "Live" trees don't last long in Florida, even when their trunks are in water, so the Bevans had an artificial tree.  By the time Hank collapsed in bed, the tree was up and decorated in front of the family room picture window.  All to the accompaniment of Christmas carols on the stereo.  Hank thought if he heard that song about roasting chestnuts one more time he'd hurl.

On Saturday Scott called and said he'd been asked to help his parents with the Christmas decorations and would Hank come over and keep him company.  After Mrs. Waverly was satisfied with the decorations they decided to brave the mall, just to check out what was happening.  As they wandered around, Hank heard Mel Torme singing that song about chestnuts again.  They wound up taking in a flick, where at least they didn't have to listen to Christmas carols.  Amy and Carly were there, but they snubbed the boys, acting as if they didn't even know them.

When they got back to Scott's house, they decided they couldn't put off the shaving any longer.  Fortunately Scott's mother was out somewhere and his dad was napping on the sofa in the family room.  After making sure the door was locked, they stripped in the bathroom Scott used.  Hank was nervous about having his balls shaved, but Scott was very careful and managed to do the job without mishap.  The only problem was that his dick got hard as Scott handled it to keep it out of the way.  When he bent over and pulled his cheeks apart, he jumped as Scott rubbed shaving gel into his crack.


Scott chuckled.  "Like that, do ya, stud?"

"Never mind.  Just do what ya gotta do!"

When it was his turn to be shaved, Scott, too, sprang a boner.  "Don't flatter yourself," he said, grinning at Hank.  "Li'l Scott would get excited no matter who was touching him, I think.  He's just friendly."

"Yeah, yeah."  Hank was embarrassed to be handling his friend's cock and balls, but he was super careful, not wanting to nick him.  "Okay, turn around and spread 'em."

He hadn't lost his hardon, and when he got a close-up look at Scott's ass, his cock twitched and oozed some precum.  His face had never been that close to anybody's ass crack before.  The brownish pink star seemed to be winking at him, and he realized Scott was doing that on purpose.  He slapped Scott's right cheek smartly.  "You perv!"

Then he applied the gel and carefully shaved away what little blond stubble there was.

After a shower they put on tee shirts and jeans, had a couple of Hot Pockets and some soda, and went to Jamey's house, arriving there at 7:00 sharp.  Jamey greeted them at the door and led them to the large family room, where Torrance was sitting.  Both Jamey and Torrance were wearing white tee shirts and denim cutoffs.  Both were barefoot.

"Hey, guys," Torrance said, "have a nice Thanksgiving?"

Hank was about to make a sharp retort when Scott said, "Yeah, thanks.  How about you guys?"

"I never want to see turkey again," Torrance said.  "At least not until Christmas."

Nodding toward the large Christmas tree, positioned inevitably in front of the picture window, Jamey asked, "Did you guys have to help decorate too?"

Hank and Scott both agreed that they had.

Jamey cleared his throat.  "Well, let's get on with this.  You can start by stripping."

Since both the football jocks had been expecting that command, they got out of their clothes quickly and without comment.

"You guys look like a matched set.  Without hair, your bodies look a lot alike.  Just the hair on your head and your eye colors differ.  Cute."  As he said that, Torrance walked around them, viewing them from all angles.

"Have you guys fucked each other yet?  On your own, I mean?"  Jamey asked.

Hank blurted out "No!" as Scott just shook his head.

"That's too bad.  But I know you want to.  And I'll bet you do soon.  Just be sure you tell us when you do."

"It's not gonna happen, Dixon," Hank said.  "Besides, why should we tell you if we did?"

"Because we'll know.  And you're in even deeper shit if you do it and don't tell us."  He glanced at Torrance.  "Now, for this evening's program, first, some instructions.  Starting Monday, you don't wear underwear any more.  We'll be checking you, alone and together at school, at the mall, anyplace we happen to see you.  That can be done by feeling your packages through your pants, by slipping a hand down inside your pants, or by making you drop trou."  He grinned at Torrance, who returned the grin. "Probably all of the above."

"Tonight, though, you're going to have your next lesson in Being Gay 101.  Bevans, do you know what rimming is?"


"How about you, Waverly?"

Scott blushed and said, "Yeah, I know what it is."

"Have you ever done it?"

"Of course not!"

"There's no 'of course not' to it.  I'm pretty sure you'd sucked cock before Friday night.  So maybe you'd been fucked before, maybe done some rimming, too."

"Fuck you, Booker."

"In your dreams, dude!" Torrance said, laughing.

Hank listened to the conversation with interest.  He had begun to wonder about Scott, and it seemed as if Jamey and Torrance did, too.

"Okay," Jamey said.  "It's time for a stubble check.  Hold your arms up so we can check your pits."

Hank and Scott squirmed as the swimmers rubbed their pits.   They squirmed even more when their pubic areas were felt.

"Now, bend over and spread 'em."

Reluctantly, Hank and Scott did as they were told.  Torrance and Jamey didn't actually touch their cracks or anuses, but they made a great show of looking for stray hairs, prolonging the embarrassment for the football jocks.

"Okay, you're looking pretty smooth.  Pretty nice, actually.  Now, Scott, on your hands and knees.  Hank, on your hands and knees behind him.  Actually, Scott, you can rest your head on your arms if you want to.  You know what's coming, so get comfortable and enjoy it.  Just keep that big ass up in the air."

Once he found himself positioned behind his best buddy, Hank was beginning to catch on to what rimming was all about.  He swallowed nervously.  He knew that Scott was clean there because they'd shaved his ass and then he'd had a shower.  But the idea of putting any part of his face to someone else's ass made him want to puke.

"Now, Bevans, your best friend - no, we can call him your lover now, can't we, since you two have done the deed with each other?  Okay, Scott's got a great ass.  It's big, but it's all hard muscle.  A real bubble butt.  Doesn't it look tasty?  Isn't something down deep in you saying you wanna put your mouth on it?"

Hank continued to stare at Scott's ass while he shook his head no.

"Aw, come on.  I'll bet you do.  So you may as well give in.  Start by just licking his cheeks.  Make big long love laps with your tongue."

Hank looked to see if Jamey was serious.  He was.

So, remembering the dvd stowed away among his cd's back at home, Hank moved a little closer and began to run the flat of his tongue up Scott's smooth, warm globes.  He was surprised to find that there was nothing unpleasant about it.  Scott's skin was clean, tasting slightly of shower gel.

"That's it, give him a tongue bath all over that sweet ass."

Hoping to put off what he knew must be coming, Hank proceeded to lick all over Scott's butt.

Much too soon, Jamey said, "Now, get your tongue in his crack.  Use your hands to pull those beautiful buns apart and really get in there.  Lick him up and down."

Here again, it was the concept more than the fact that offended Hank.  There was still no unpleasant taste or smell.  He was surprised when Scott reacted.

"Oh, Christ!  That's sooo nice."

"Now, Hank, take the tip of your tongue and just make circles around Scotty's cute rosebud."

'Rosebud?' Hank wondered.  'Looks more like a starfish to me.'  But he did as he was told, the tip of his tongue going around and around.

Scott continued to voice his approval by moaning and muttering.

Jamey and Torrance had shed their clothes and were sitting on the sofa, arms around each other, watching, smiling like teachers whose slow student had finally gotten an important concept.

"Now," Torrance said, "get your tongue nice and wet, and then get in there and give that cute pucker a nice French kiss."

'Ohmygod,' Hank thought.  'Not inside his hole, he can't mean that!'  He pulled back and looked at Torrance.

"Do it.  You know you have to.  And your buddy needs you to do it.  Don't you, Scotty?"

Scott bit his lower lip, but said nothing.

"Come on, Waverly.  Do you want your buddy to stick his tongue up your ass?"

"Oh, god, yes.  Please, Hank!"

"He's gonna do it just to make you happy.  Aren't you, Bevans?" Torrance said, the threat apparent in his tone of voice.

Hank took a deep breath and began working his tongue into Scott's hole.  The taste here was faintly musky, but not really repulsive. What surprised him was that Scott was wiggling his ass and making little mewing noises.  He was further surprised that he felt good because he could give his friend such pleasure.  The surprise intensified further when he realized that he was enjoying this more than he'd ever enjoyed eating pussy.

"Woops!" Jamey said.  "We've got a problem.  Both of you kneel up."  He jumped off the couch and left the room.

"Oh, I see the problem," Torrance said, smiling broadly.  "We got a couple of drippy dicks."

Hank looked down to see that his dick was indeed hard and leaking.  Scott's was as well.

"Okay, each one of you reach over and wipe the pre off your buddy's dick and then lick it off your hand.  You'll want to see how it compares to your own."

As the kneeling jocks were cleaning each other's pricks and tasting their precum, Jamey returned with a couple of large bath towels. He had them stand up while he spread out the towels.  Then he said, "Okay, reverse positions and it'll be Scott's turn."

Hank couldn't believe how hot it was to have Scott licking his butt cheeks and then his crack.  But when Scott began to probe his hole, Hank cried out, "Oh, fuck.  Oh, shit.  That's so amazing.  Ohmygod, Scotty!"

"Okay, boys.  That's it for this evening.  Now you've discovered the pleasures of rimming," Jamey said. "And obviously you both liked it."

He and Torrance stood up.  "My lover and I have some things to attend to," he said, grabbing Torrance's rigid black cock.  "You guys can gather up your shit and go."

Hank and Scott were trying to stuff their hard cocks into their jeans.

"Just remember, no underwear anytime, any place.  You're always freeballing.  You will be checked.  Right now I'd think you should go home and fuck each other's brains out.  You know you want to.  Have fun, boys."


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