The Swim Team's Revenge

by Max H.

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In this story the characters don't practice safe sex.  But this is merely a fantasy.  In the world we all live in, safe sex is the only sane way to go.  Please be careful.

Chapter 7

Hank had stopped for a traffic light as he was driving Scott home after school.  They'd just come from Jamey's impromptu drama on the high school stage.  Hank pounded the steering wheel.  "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

As he looked at his friend, Scott's expression revealed his concern, but he didn't say anything.  

"Okay, so I'm queer!"  Hank turned to look at Scott and almost smiled.  "Don't say it. I know.  The word's 'gay.'"

Scott merely nodded.

"What?" Hank asked.  "You're agreeing the word's 'gay' or that I'm queer?"

Scott grinned.  "Yes."

"Dammit, Waverly, I'm gonna whup you upside the head.  Yes what?"

Just then the driver of the car behind them hit his horn.  Realizing he now had a green light, Hank drove on.

"Yes, I know you're gay."

Hank gave his friend a quick sideways glance.  "And how long have you thought that?"

"Oh, only since the weekend at the cabin.  I'd never have guessed it before that.  You really had me fooled."

"And what about you?  You surprised the shit out of me that day.  How long have you known you were gay?"

"Look, Hank, I don't have anything against the women.  And fucking them's okay.  Seriously.  But I've known I liked guys since I was twelve."

"You've been perving on me as long as we've been friends?"

"More or less, yeah."

"Son of a bitch!"

"Hey, wait just a fuckin' minute - "

"Shut up, Scott.  I don't want to talk about it."  Hank pulled into the Waverlys' driveway and stopped.

"Hank, dude, don't be pissed with me.  We gotta talk."

"Your mom's home, isn't she?"

"Yeah, but we can go up to my room.  She won't hear us there."

"No way!  I'm not gonna yell at you in your room.  Tell her you're coming to my house for a while.  My folks won't be home for an hour and a half.  We can get some things cleared up."

Scott agreed.  

Ten minutes later he knocked on the Bevans' door and then came inside.  Both he and Hank had changed from their school khakis into jeans, leaving their polos on.  Hank was barefoot.

After handing Scott a cola Hank led the way to his bedroom.  He wasn't going to risk being caught by his parents while talking about being gay.  He carefully closed the door of his room.  He sat in his computer chair so Scott could sit in what was called the "reading chair," though Hank didn't often use it for that purpose.

"So, answer my question!"

Scott had a hand on each knee.  He was looking down, not meeting Hank's gaze.  And he was blushing.  "Yes," he said quietly.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, I've thought about doing stuff with you almost from the first day I met you."

"Jesus, man.  I thought I knew you!"

"If I'd told you, we wouldn't have been friends anymore.  You'd have treated me the way you've treated anybody else you thought was gay.  Hank, I've always been your friend.  I've tried to be what you expected me to be.  Come on now, admit it.  Have I ever done anything, anything at all to make you think I was coming on to you, perving on you as you said?"

"Well, uh, no."

"And I never would have.  Our friendship was too important for me to fuck it up by coming out to you.  I was willing to take what I could get from you.  And so I went on all those dates.  They weren't bad, either.  Like I said, straight sex is okay.  But that weekend at the cabin, as humiliating as it was, gave me a chance to do things with you'd I'd been dreaming about for years."

Hank sat there, quiet, assimilating what his friend was telling him.  The room was silent for perhaps five minutes, though it seemed longer.

Finally he heaved a big sigh, clasped his hands behind his head, leaned back in the chair, and asked, "Isn't this when you should ask me how long I've known I was gay?"

"I think I know the answer to that."

"Ya do, huh?  So tell me."

"You've gradually come around to realizing it since that weekend.  You've tried to tell yourself you're not, that you never have been a homo and you never could be.  And slowly but surely you've recognized that's not true.  I've been with you, Hank.  Even if we hadn't done all those other things with each other, just the kisses showed me.  You're the hottest kisser I've ever run across.  You weren't faking that.  You couldn't have faked that."

Hank was looking steadily at Scott's baby blue eyes as his friend spoke.  They were so sincere, seeming to plead with him.

"Besides that, we've had that frottage, I think that's the word Jamey used, this afternoon, we rimmed each other, we even fucked each other.  And you can't tell me you didn't get into all that.  I know better.  You couldn't hide how much all that was turning you on."

Hank knew everything Scott said was true.  He'd been in tight situations on the football field often enough, but what he was about to say required all the courage he could muster.

"Yeah, you're right."

Scott looked surprised.  Then, as Hank watched him, Scott's eyes changed.  Slowly they began to sparkle.  

"There's something I have to know, Hank."

"Yeah, bro?"

"It's got to be hard admitting to yourself you're gay.  It's even harder admitting it to someone else.  But what I need to hear from you is whether what we've done has been good for you because it gave you a chance to experience some amazing feelings, or because you experienced those feelings with me."

Hank thought about that for a while.  "Crap, Scott.  Now that door is open, I admit I've looked at other guys and wondered what their cocks or their asses looked like.  A guy in one of my classes had a boner the other day, and that gave me one.  Ya know?"


"But here's the thing, see?  Since I found out how fantastic sex with another guy could be, I never thought of doing it with anybody but you.  I don't want to mess around with other guys.  And that's funny, because I've always thought the more women I could fuck, the more of a stud I'd be."  He looked at Scott for understanding.

Scott nodded.

"But right now I only want to have sex with one person.  One guy.  My best friend.  My amazingly sexy best friend."

"No shit?"

Hank stood up, took a long step, and grabbed Scott's hands, pulling him up.  He put his arms around Scott's waist.  Scott put his hands behind Hank's head.  And their kiss went on so long they were both panting when they broke for air.

"Scotty, I know we both just came this afternoon, but I'm so horny I'm gonna explode.  I want you, man!"

Scott grinned.  "You're sure it's not just because you don't have a girlfriend at the moment?"

"Shut up, sumbitch!  I've done everything I could to talk myself out of admitting I'm gay, or at least bi.  But it's the truth, and that's all there is to that.  But one thing I do know.  All my sex fantasies are about you, guy.  Only you."

Just then they heard the garage door go up.

"Oh fuck," Hank said.  "It's my mom!"

"I'd better be getting home."

"You can't man, until we figure out when we're going to be able to be together.  You do want that, don't you?"

Scott, the strapping football jock, whimpered.  "Oh, fuck, yes!"

"Okay, sound out your folks.  See when they're both gonna be away for a while.  I'll do the same."

"Sounds like a plan.  I'll call you after supper. And see you in the morning?"


As they walked to the kitchen to say hello to Mrs. Bevans, Hank had his hand on Scott's ass, rubbing it, squeezing the hard muscles, running a thumb up and down the crack.  Suddenly he got an elbow in the ribs.

"Oww, what was that for?"

Scott merely looked down at the boner showing in the leg of his jeans.

As it turned out, Hank's parents planned to run over to Tallahassee for the weekend.  They were going to do some Christmas shopping and take Walter and his roommate to dinner on Saturday night.  They wouldn't be home until nearly noon on Sunday. Which left Hank and Scott all day Saturday and most of the morning Sunday.  Neither of them could concentrate on their classes Friday.  And Jamey had been as good as his word.  They weren't bothered by any of the swimmers that day.

Saturday morning Hank got up to assure his parents that he'd behave responsibly while they were gone and to tell them to have a safe trip and to say hello to Walt.  Then, since it was only 8:30, he got back into bed.  He and Scott had agreed that not even sex was worth getting up early for on a Saturday, so Scott was to come over for brunch at 11:00.  And he was to bring his toothbrush because he was definitely spending the night.

In the hierarchy of teen values, sex is important.  But it's not always paramount.  It's already been established that sleep superseded it.  

When Scott arrived, both boys were starving.  They hadn't fed their big bodies since supper the evening before.  Well, Hank had put away a glass of milk and half a package of Oreos at 9:00 the previous evening, and Scott had put a big dent in a package of ice cream, but basically they had fasted since supper.  So both were quite willing to postpone one kind of physical pleasure in pursuit of another.  When Scott arrived Hank fixed scrambled eggs, bacon, toasted English muffins with butter and strawberry preserves, along with prodigious amounts of milk and orange juice.

When the kitchen mess was cleaned up there was a moment of awkwardness between the two good friends.  

"Uh, Scotty, do you want, uh, I mean, are we ready, uh, oh shit, this is hard."

Scott smiled and put his hand on the back of Hank's neck.  "I think what you mean is that we're ready to fuck now."

Relieved, Hank grinned and said, "Well, yeah, I guess that's it."

In Hank's bedroom, Scott grabbed Hank for another long kiss.  Hank was surprised that Scott, who had always pretty much been the follower in their friendship, was taking the lead.  But he enjoyed the kiss.  The question was whether they were going to take their time and enjoy the preliminaries or simply get it on.  He knew that women liked foreplay.  So, wanting to please Scott, he resolved that he'd restrain his urges and try to make his friend happy.

After the kiss they slowly undressed each other, looking into each other's eyes as they did.  It was the most erotic thing Hank had ever experienced.  Here was his best bud, Scott.  They'd been inseparable for years.  Scott was a hunky dude, as anybody at their high school would tell you.  And he knew Scott wanted him as much as he wanted Scott.  

Then a shiver went down his spine.  'This is queer stuff, Bevans.  Are you sure you know what you're doing?'

"Fuck yeah, I know what I'm doing!" Hank said.

A surprised Scott said, "What?  Who are you talking to?"

"Sorry, babe.  I didn't realize I'd said that out loud."

Scott looked at him, a worried expression on his face.  "Having doubts?"

"Not really.  Lie down on that bed and I'll show you."  Both men were by now naked except for their socks.  Hank pushed Scott down on the bed, climbed on top of him and began to suck on Scott's pecs, first one and then the other.  He'd wanted to do that since that day in the cabin.  They were harder, less spongy than a woman's, but the nipples were there, rocky, to be nibbled and tugged on with his teeth.  

"Ohmygod, Hank, that's fantastic!  Yeah, suck my tits!"  

Scott's big, meaty, hairless pecs were amazing, and Hank lingered over them for a long time, Scott encouraging him all the while.

Hank's feelings about sucking cock were ambivalent.  He'd been forced to suck the cocks of most of the swim team.  That had been humiliating, and he hadn't enjoyed it.  On the other hand, there would be no humiliation in giving Scotty a blowjob, and he found he was eager to get Scotty's cock in his mouth.  For one thing, because he wanted to give Scott pleasure and for another because, well, he just wanted to suck Scott's cock.  He was positioning himself to do that when Scott said, "No, Hank.  I'm too close to shooting."

Scott's dick was hard, red, and oozing precum.  As was Hank's.

"So what do you want me to do?"

"What I've wanted since that weekend at the cabin.  I want you to fuck me again.  I've been itching for that ever since."

Hank couldn't believe what his friend had just said.

"You want me to fuck you?"

"The sooner the better!"

This wasn't what Hank had had in mind, but somehow he wanted to please Scott more than anything else.  That concept had never crossed his mind when he'd been fucking girls.

"Oh, okay.  Turn over on your stomach and stick that nice ass up in the air."

"You think I have a nice ass?"  Scott asked.

"Oh, fuck yes!  You've got great glutes, and when I see you walking away from me I nearly come in my pants."

"Amazing!" Scott said as he rolled over and got into the position Hank wanted.

Instead of preparing Scott with lube, Hank used his tongue.

"Aaaiee," Scott wailed.  "Eat my ass, babe.  That's so fucking fantastic."

Hank happily obliged, using his tongue on Scott's pink pucker.  He went from licking, to jabbing lightly, to inserting his tongue into Scott's rectum, all to the delighted comments of his best bud.  He was amazed at how good he felt because he was giving Scott so much pleasure.

"Oh, god, Hank, that's awesome, man.  But I need you to fuck me.  I want your big throbber inside me.  Now, please!"  Scott almost whimpered the final words of his request.

Hank hastened to oblige.  He grabbed the lube and applied it - lots of it because he didn't want to hurt Scott - to Scott's entryway and to his own cock.  

"Hank, babe, please hurry.  I need you.  I've waited years for you to do this, and I thought it would never happen.  Fuck me, man!"

"Do you want to stay on your hands and knees, Scotty, or turn over?"

"I don't give a flying fuck.  I want you inside me now, Bevans!  Quit pussyfooting around and just do it!"

Hank left Scott in the doggie position and carefully began inserting his cock into Scott's ass.  He was amazed once more by both the heat and the tightness of the tube surrounding his cock.  As he remembered from that Saturday at the cabin, it was better than pussy.  Way better.  And this was Scott.  His Scott.  He moved in slowly until his pubes were mashed against Scott's butt cheeks. Then he began to withdraw slowly.

Scott moaned.  "Oh, god, yes, babe.  I've died and gone to heaven.  You don't have any idea how great this is.  Now, it doesn't hurt.  So do it, really fuck me!"

Hank didn't want to come too soon, but he couldn't make himself stick to the slow speed.  Soon he was lost in the stupor that comes with banging in and out of a tight ass.  An obviously euphoric Scott continued to encourage Hank, pleading with him to go faster, to do it harder.  

When Hank came despite his desire to postpone his ejaculation, Scott let his knees slide toward the foot of the bed so he was lying flat on his stomach.  Hank collapsed on top of him, his cock still inside Scott.  He began to lick and nibble Scott's shoulders and the back of his neck.  He kept at it so long Scott had a definite hickey.  Fortunately it was in a place that would be hidden by his shirt when he was dressed.

The feeling of lying on Scott's broad back and big, tight butt was like nothing he'd ever experienced.  He could have easily gone to sleep there.  But then he realized that Scott hadn't come.  His dick plopped out of Scott's hole, as he rolled off his friend and now lover.

"Hey, man, that was great.  Are you okay?"

Scott turned over onto his back.  Hank was alarmed to see tears in Scott's eyes.

"Dude, what's wrong?  Did I hurt you?"

"No way," Scott said.  "It's just that that was so beautiful.  And I've wanted it so long."

"But you didn't come."

"Doesn't matter.  I got what I wanted."

But that presented a problem.  "Scotty, babe, I don't know how to say this."

"What's the matter, did I do something wrong?"

"Oh, no, you were fantastic.  I love your hot ass.  It's incredible."

Scott searched Hank's face.  "But?"

"But you didn't come.  And if you want, that is, I'd like it if - "

"What, Hank, what?"

"I'd really like it if you'd fuck me."

"You want me to fuck you?"


"No shit?"  Scott face lost its look of concern and instead showed a broadening grin.

"No fucking shit!  What's wrong with you?"

"I just never thought you'd willingly let another guy fuck you."

Hank took a deep breath and expelled it.  "Okay, I guess we're beyond having secrets from each other.  What I've wanted ever since the cabin was for you to fuck me.  I've been finger fucking myself every time I jacked off.  That makes wanking better, but it's not enough anymore.  I need a hot cock up my ass.  Your hot cock up my ass."

Scot began to laugh.

Still not understanding, Hank began to bristle. "What's so fuckin' funny, Waverly?"

"My god, Hank.  Don't you see the irony?  You've spent your teen years being this macho straight stud, or thinking you are.  I've spent my teen years knowing I was gay and pretending I was straight.  And now that we're finally being honest with each other, it turns out we're both bottoms.  I guess we'll just have to accommodate each other.  So pull your legs back and let me get in there.  I've got some serious ass munching to do before I fuck you."

The End

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