Taking Raines’ Mouth

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Jonathan Longhorn

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Chapter 3

And, there it was.

The opening.

Raines sucked in the deepest haul of air that he had ever breathed. At that very moment, his throat relaxed. Relaxed, and—opened.

Luke grinned.


Both hands clenched more dominantly at Raines’ hair and he pumped his hips forward. Eased up. Pumped. Eased up. Pumped. Pumped. Pumped. And, Raines’ throat yielded. Luke’s cock slipped inside and buried to the hilt. Raines’ lips spread wide around the shaft of his cock, and Luke was suddenly deep throated in his best friend. His balls landed against Raines’ chin with a meaty ‘thwap!’.

“Mmph,” garbled and stuffed. Stuffed and gagging. Raines looked up into Luke’s eyes. Eyes wide … mirroring his own, he was sure. They both realized what had just happened. Luke’s cock was buried deep in Raines’ throat impaling him on that massive, throbbing piece of fuck meat. He was deep throating his best friend!

Just when Raines thought he might pass out, or—suffocate—he felt the pressure ease up. Luke’s cock withdrew from his throat. He took that moment to gasp for air.

“You can do this.” Luke’s voice came in barely more than a whisper. Hoarse. Husky. Lust-fueled. Dominant. He pulled Raines’ head back. He stared into his friend’s eyes. Boring into his soul. “Breathe.” Raines breathed. “Breathe, cocksucker.” Raines obeyed. “Relax.”


Yeah. Right. Not a chance. Not with a telephone pole sliding down his throat!


Raines sucked in air. He knew this was only the beginning. He breathed. His head bobbed forward and he was again staring at the drooling head of that monster cock. He breathed. He breathed again. And, ag…. Luke’s grip on his hair tightened and that cock pressed forward and slid back down his throat.

“That’s it, Rainey. That’s it. Make me proud, you fucking cocksucker.”

A moan purred from deep within Luke’s gut, rolled through his throat and snaked between his teeth softly as he hilted—again. His balls pressed solidly against Raines’ chin—again. He was buried in his friend’s velvet moist throat—again. The tight wet heat was unlike anything he’d ever felt around his cock.

He pulled his best friend’s head more tightly into his crotch. He held him … firm. Locked in place. No escape. No mercy. He saw tears well in Raines’ eyes. He felt the slight tremble in that beautiful body; the quake that rippled through Raines’ perfectly chiseled body fueled his lust even more. The complete shift in power between them was undeniable. And—exhilarating.

He held Raines in place for a count of 5. He eased back.


Raines gasped in air. He shifted on his knees. He gasped again. He sucked in more air. As he leaned forward, taking aim on that throbbing cock, his lips automatically parted.


Luke smirked. That’s what he was waiting for. Raines really was a cocksucker. His lifelong best friend. A cocksucker. He just proved it. And, now—he was ‘his’ cocksucker.

Soon, very soon, he would be ‘their’ cocksucker. His, Mace, and Tegan’s. Maybe even Burmeister and Dombrowski too. Not just their cocksucker, though. He would be their cunt, too. Yeah—they would drill Raines a pussy. A mancunt. By the time they were finished with him, he would be a ravenous cocksucker and a hungry cunt for real man cocks.

Oh man, yeah—the guys were right. Raines Dalkowitz was into cock and their cocks were going to be ‘in’ him. Over. And over. And, over. Fuck yeah—he was so gonna share Raines’ mouth, and—more—with Mace and Tegan. But why stop there? Maybe he could share it with some of their other close friends. Later. After he finished, here. Much later.

“You like it don’t you? You like eating my cock. My cock fits your mouth and throat perfectly, doesn’t it? Like they were made for it.”

Raines responded without a word. His mouth simply slid down Luke’s thick shaft. Down. Down. Down. And, the head of Luke’s cock entered his throat. Again. His nose buried in Luke’s crotch. Again. He felt those fingers grip him tight. His throat enveloped the mushroom head of Luke’s cock. The thick, throbbing, goo dripping slab of meat sealed his throat. Completely.

“That’s it, cocksucker,” Luke said softly. “That’s it. You are, aren’t you? You’re a cocksucker.” The only answer that could come from the friend on his knees was another choked ‘mmph’ as he withdrew and then pressed forward. Again. “That’s it. You’re ‘our’ cocksucker, now.”

Our? What does he mean ‘our’?

Eyes watering. Jaw aching. Throat stretched and maybe a bit scratchy tomorrow. Raines gazed up into his best friend’s eyes. Lust filled. Confident. Dominant. He felt his tongue start to lick and swirl along the shaft. To explore the ridge, the veins, stretch toward those chin-planted nuts. His throat ached from the invasion of that huge head … that huge head on that massive cock. Ached, and—feasted hungrily.

And, it hit him.




Luke was right!

He was a cocksucker!

It was true. He … was … a … cocksucker.

And, now? He had just become Luke’s cocksucker. Soon, he would be Mace and Tegan’s, and maybe he would be for a few of their other friends, too.

His eyes rolled up inside his head as the realization hit home fully.

He reached forward to hold on to Luke’s thighs. He felt the muscles flex … tighten … release. And, flex again beneath his fingertips. He looked back up and into Luke’s eyes. Luke gripped his hair. Tight. Again.

“Ready, cocksucker?”

The question really didn’t need a reply. Luke certainly didn’t wait for one. His hips pushed forward. His cock began another invasion.

Raines took another deep breath at the last moment. He held it. His eyes bugged as his friend’s cock pressed forward and then slid into his throat. Burying itself. Deep. Stuffing it. Fully. Sealing it off. Completely.

“That’s it, cocksucker. Show me you want it,” Luke commanded as his domination grew. “Take my cock, Rainey.” The smirk spread across his handsome face. This was good. This was really good. And it would get so much better. How much? What could be better than a best friend that was a cocksucker? Easy. A best friend that was a cocksucker and a cunt for fucking. Anytime. Anywhere.

“You really want it, huh cocksucker?


Luke continued to spear Raines’ throat for several more minutes before he finally withdrew. His cock was drooling … throbbing … aching for release. A release in that hot, wet throat and mouth.





A release that would seal Raines’ fate as a cocksucker.

But, not yet.

He wasn’t finished with his friend’s throat.

“Get up. Strip.”

Raines gazed upward. Bewildered? No shit. Did he hear right? Luke wanted him naked? Maybe he was going to suck him now? Right. Not a chance of that. What was he thinking?

“Did … you say…?” His voice was gravely. Strained. Raw. For sure because of the thick cock that had been buried in his throat up to a few moments ago.

Luke grabbed two hands full of hair once again and pulled Raines off his knees. He stared long. He stared hard. He stared deep into Raines’ eyes.

“I ‘said’ get up and strip, cocksucker.”

Raines had been kneeling for so long that his knees were shaking. The force of Luke’s snarl and commanding tone forced him to wobble backward. Had it not been for the vice-like grip his best friend had on him, he was sure that he would have tumbled backward in a heap. Finally gaining his balance, Raines stood motionless. Staring back into his best friend’s eyes. Trying to read them. Trying to read him. Trying to grasp what Luke wanted. Why naked?

“Um … why?”

Luke just stared back at him—his eyes twinkling. Or, was that flaming? Yeah. That look was more like flames than twinkles. Definitely flames.

What? Me? Naked? Why?

“Why do you want ‘me’ naked?”

Luke let a sarcastic snort slip through his bared teeth. He reached for Raines’ shirt and roughly tugged it upward. He was met with no resistance. Raines simply lifted arms—obedient and submissive as his shirt was pulled off his body.

“I want you naked,” Luke said flatly. “Because it will be easier for the three of us to fuck your cunt into the next county.”

Fuck? Cunt? The three of them?

Oh shit!

Oh shit!

Oh shit!

Luke, Mace, and Tegan were going to fuck him! They were going to turn him into their private pussyboy. Cocksucker. Pussyboy. Oh … fuck!

The wave of panic that realization bred in his swirling brain was short-lived, though. Raines’ was pulled from his thoughts—more like ‘ripped’ from his thoughts—by Luke swiftly undoing his jeans and shoving them and his shorts down to his ankles. His own cock snapped upward and slapped against his abs. Then Luke clamped his hands over Raines’ powerful shoulders and pushed him back down to his knees.

“Your mouth isn’t finished doing its job, cocksucker,” Luke snarled as he stepped forward and slapped Raines’ face several times with his throbbing bone. He snorted—again. Without a word, his best friend’s lips parted for him to slide back inside. “Yeah, that’s it. Get back down on it, cocksucker.”

Luke again took his friend’s head in his hands and began fucking deep into that moist warmth. He felt Raines’ entire body submit to him and he went from steady, forceful fucking to powerful, eye ball popping, brain frying skull-fuck mode.

“That’s it, cocksucker. Take it.”

And, take it he did. Raines’ mouth opened wider for it. His lips wrapped around it. His tongue explored the ridges, the veins, the curve … that bulbous head that was leaking copious amounts of Luke goo. He sucked. He sucked. And, he sucked. He felt the head grow in his mouth. He felt the thick shaft throb against his tongue and lips. He felt Luke’s balls smashing against his chin with each thrust.

“Suck it.”

And, he sucked.

And, he sucked.

And … he … sucked.


“Take it.”


“Take it, cocksucker.”


“Take it.”

Raines’ eyes rolled up inside his head again as he submitted to the onslaught of Luke’s cock in his mouth and throat. He blinked away tears and forced himself not to gag … to breathe between thrusts … to ‘be’ that cocksucker.

“Any doubts you’re a cocksucker? Your dick is so hard right now,” Luke said sarcastically. “You’re throwin’ a bone over my cock fucking your face. You’re leaking rivers, man. You … are … a … cocksucker.”

Luke picked up the pace of his skull fuck. His balls were boiling. Ready to spew his white hot juice down his best friend’s throat.

“Close. I’m close.” Luke steadied himself more dominantly. Legs spread wide. He grasped Raines’ head more forcefully. “Gonna cum. Gonna flood your mouth and you’re gonna take it. You’re gonna take it and swallow it all. Swallow every drop. You’re gonna eat my cum, cocksucker.”

Raines sucked.

And, he sucked.

And … he … sucked.

On the floor. Kneeling. For Luke. For Luke’s massive cock.

He braced himself for the flood that was coming. He reached down and was astonished at how hard his own cock was right now. Hard. Throbbing. Drooling rivers. Fuck! It was totally true! He was boned and throbbing and leaking for Luke’s cock! He couldn’t get enough of it.

Oh, fuck—he really was a cocksucker!

“Get ready, cocksucker. Get ready,” Luke grunted. His voice hoarse. Thick. Animalistic. His breathing came in short gasps and rasps now. And then the shudders began ratcheting through his body. “Gonna cum. Fucking cum down your throat. Then I’m gonna cunt you.”

Holy shit!

Holy shit!

Holy shit!

Luke really was going to fuck him?


And, more. He was going to give him to Mace and Tegan, too?

Raines’ cock throbbed harder and spewed copious rivers of goo. His butthole puckered and winked and twitched. Fuck! He wanted it! He wanted Luke to fuck him. Luke. Mace. Tegan. He wanted to be their cunt.




He wanted it. He wanted to be their cocksucker and cunt!


Him? A cocksucker? A cunt for those cocks? Oh fuck, yes—he wanted it!

He nearly choked on the first massive wad of cum. But he managed to hold it together and he swallowed it. Another blast shot across his tongue and down his gulping throat. Rapid fire volleys followed.







Blast … gulp … swallow.

Luke’s body shuddered and shook with the power of his orgasm. His cock felt like it exploded in Raines’ mouth. His balls pumped cum and pumped cum and … pumped … cum. Sweat beaded on his forehead. A river of it ran down his nose and dripped to his heaving chest. And his cock blasted two, three … four more wads down Raines’ throat.

His mind reeled.

His breath hitched and spasm’d.

His body shuddered and quaked.

The fog in his head began to lift. He grinned and snorted. He had to text Mace and Tegan. Get them over here. Now.

Oh … fuck … yeah. Raines’ was a cocksucker.

‘His cocksucker’.

And, when they got there? He would be ‘their’ cocksucker.

And, soon. Very soon. He would be ‘their’ cunt.



And, fuck!

Raines’ head was spinning out of control. How did this even get started in the first place? And, how did it just end with Luke’s massive cock blowing wad after wad of boiling hot cum into his mouth? Yeah, add another ‘fuck!’ right here. He swallowed. He swallowed every drop of cum that Luke had to offer.

He milked every drop. Swallowed. Milked. Swallowed. In the midst of his spinning brain cells there was another revelation that was taking shape. Not only had he sucked Luke’s cock and swallowed his cum—dropped to his knees and completely submitted to Luke—he was quickly realizing how much he loved it. He loved sucking cock. He loved swallowing the rewards. He loved being dominated by this new, total alpha-mode Luke.

He … wanted … more.

As that realization took shape, he was drawn back into reality … somewhat … by his best friend’s voice dripping like syrup from above.

“That’s it, Rainey,” Luke cooed as he pulled his cock from his best friend’s lips. “That’s it. Milk it dry, you fucking cocksucker.” He shoved his throbbing cock back inside Raines’ mouth and fucked deep several times. He pulled back out. “Kiss it. Kiss my cock. Show me how much you loved sucking it and swallowing every drop of my big load.”

It would have been hard to tell who was more surprised in that moment—Luke or Raines—but Raines leaned forward and did as he was told. He kissed Luke’s cock once … twice … five times. They were tender kisses. Tender. Gentle. Respectful. Almost … worshipful.

Luke smirked. Fuck. Raines really was a cocksucker. He could hardly wait for the guys to get here and for him to suck their cocks, too. Blow jobs and more. Raines would have a cunt by the time they finished fucking him, and—they would have themselves a bitch for the long haul. Yeah, Raines would be their bitch from now on. For the three of them, and, maybe, if they all agreed, for a few more of their friends who could be trusted to be discrete and keep a well-guarded secret. Protecting Rainey, their new cocksucker and cunt, and keep him safe, was of course, paramount to anything else.

He smacked Raines’ lips and chin and spread the few lingering drops of his cum from his drooling cock. He waited for Raines to look upward into his gaze. Fuck! Was that the hottest thing he had ever seen or what? His best friend was on his knees in front of him. On his knees and he had just given him a blow job. An absolutely incredible blow job. Only the first, he was positive. Finally, Raines was looking up into his eyes.

“Go get us a couple of beers.”

Fuck that shit! I just sucked your…. You just fucked my…. Get us a couple of….

Raines nodded and reached for his jeans.

“Forget about getting dressed,” Luke said with that commanding, masterful, Alpha tone. Raines’ eyes narrowed and his head tilted. “Stay naked, Rainey. You’re not finished. We’ll have a beer or two. We’ll watch the game finish. I took your mouth. I’m gonna take your ass next.”

I repeat…. Fuck that shit!

Raines nodded as he fell into that gaze—again. He rose slowly, his knees aching almost as much as his jaw was right now. He turned on his heel and walked—naked—to the kitchen.

“You know of course,” Luke interjected. He waited for Raines to turn his attention back across the room. “The guys are gonna love your mouth wrapped around their cocks, and—your cunt lips spreading wide as they fuck you to pieces. Mace and Tegan will probably want to spit roast you too. Take you from both ends at the same time. And high-five each other in the process,” Luke softly chuckled.

Repeating again. Fuck that shit!

Raines watched as Luke took a seat on the couch and put his feet up on the coffee table. Still naked. Still hard as a rock. A bead of Luke goo emerged from the slit of his cock and was hanging dangerously … ready to drip. He licked his lips and nodded in silent response. Yeah. He knew. He swallowed hard as he watched Luke reach for his cell phone and begin tapping out a text message.

He reached up to rake his fingers through his sweat moist hair and turned back toward the kitchen. Raines sure as hell did not need to ask who Luke was texting. It had to be Mace and Tegan. He was telling them to get over here and help Luke cunt him out.

Yeah, Mace and Tegan were gonna own him. Just like Luke now owned him. Their cocks were gonna own him—mouth and cunt, just like Luke.

For some reason? Raines found himself dwelling on that idea. Dwelling on it and relishing in it. Yeah, he wanted to suck those three cocks as much as possible from now on and the twitching and winking in his pucker told him that his ass was ready to become their cunt, too.

He leaned in close to the open refrigerator and counted bottles. They would need more before the weekend was over. Before his cunt fest was over. A lot more.

“If you’re texting Mace and Tegan,” he said over his shoulder. “Tell ‘em to bring beer. A lot of beer. Or even a keg.”


I’m gonna need it.

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