Tanner's Tales
By John Yager

Some time ago I wrote and posted a story titled Metamorphous. It contained descriptions of sexual practices which I had to create entirely from my imagination. I have had no personal experiences which paralleled the events described in that story.

After Metamorphous was posted I received several e-mail messages from readers who could relate to the story from their own experiences. They gave me some suggestions about parts of it which didn't seem to agree with what they knew first hand.

One of those readers began to send me descriptions of encounters and experiences he said were factual and his own. I have no reason to doubt his truthfulness, but on the other hand, have no way of confirming his descriptions. Since he is insistent that I not use his real name, he and I have agreed that I will call him Tanner. It is a nick name he has used from time to time but not one he thinks many people would identify with him.
I felt Tanner's stories should be written up and posted. He, however, does not feel he has the ability to present them properly and suggested I write them for him. I have never attempted such a task before, but agreed to give it a try.

What follows is a story based on the first experience Tanner described to me. I have written it more or less as it was presented to me in e-mail messages and telephone conversations. It is presented as a factual account but in this version I have omitted or changed the names of certain universities, corporations and individuals.
In the following version I have not attempted to convey the exact tone or the accent with which Tanner speaks but I think you will realize that he comes from the Deep South and although he now spends most of his time in the New York City area, he still speaks with echoes of his original regional accent.

The issues about which Tanner first wrote to me are only barely referred to in this story. His experiences with the Leather, S & M and so-called Red Handkerchief communities developed at a later period in his life than is described in this story. But in order to keep his experiences in roughly chronological order, I have posted this story first. Tanner does tend to jump back and forth in his narrative, which gives some idea of his more recent experiences.

If readers express interest, I will be pleased to prepare more of Tanner's tales for posting. Let me know, and through me, let Tanner know, what you think of this story and if you want more.

Andrew has again proofed this story and both Tanner and I want to express our thanks for all his help.

This work is copyrighted by the John Yager, et al, and may not be reproduced in any form without specific written permission from the author. It is assigned to the Nifty Archives under the terms of their submission agreement but it may not be copied or archived on any other site without the written permission of the author.

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Call me Tanner. I'm thirty-seven years old and big enough nobody fucks with me. A few try but I can deal with them. You asked what I look like. Okay, I stand six feet five inches and weigh two hundred forty pounds. I grew up fast and was the biggest kid in my class from the time I was eleven or twelve years old. So I guess you could say I never really knew what it was like to have to take any shit off anybody.

In high school I started playing football. I wasn't all that good at it but I was so much bigger than everybody else that it didn't matter that I was on the clumsy side. I just leveled any guy that got in my way.

The sexual stuff? When I was just turned thirteen I started jacking off and before I was fourteen I was fucking. I fucked a couple of girls, both older than me. It was okay. Then I fucked a boy and knew that was for me. Boys have tighter asses than girls have pussies and I like it tight and hot. I have a big dick so that isn't the issue. I just like the feeling of driving it into a hot, tight ass, especially if the ass belongs to a sexy guy.

I get asked a lot if I'm gay and I just say, who the fuck cares? I figure where you put your dick is a hell of a lot less important than what you can do with it once it's there.

By the time I was fifteen I was over six feet tall and weighin' maybe one-eighty. Also, my cock had grown to where it was the biggest of any of the guys I knew. It continued to get bigger till I was eighteen or nineteen. The rest of me kept growing till then too. At seventeen, my age at the time of the story I'm going to tell you, I was about six-two and weighted maybe one-ninety or two hundred. I had a final growing spurt and reached my full height when I was a freshman in college.

Note: As Tanner stated above, he now stands six feet five inches tall and weighs two hundred forty pounds. From photos he has sent me, I can tell you that he is a great looking man. He has an amazing body: chest, 47 inches; waist, 32 inches; thighs, 22 inches; biceps, 18 inches flexed. He says he more or less eats what he wants, works out about three times a week and has 4.5% body fat. Tanner tells me that he is a little bigger than other men in his family but he does come from a line of big, muscular men, so his physique is to some extent hereditary.

He also tells me that he now has an eighteen year old nephew who is bigger than he was at that age. He sent me a couple of photos of the boy and I must say, he is a great looking kid.

Tanner's neck measures 16.5 inches and he tells me that buying ready-made clothes which fit him is extremely difficult. He usually buys 17 X 36 shirts when he can find them. He tells me his cock measures 10.5 inches when fully erect. He also says he has large balls which usually hang low. He is circumcised.

He has sandy hair which he keeps cut rather short. It tends to be wavy and it bleaches quickly in the sun. Apart from minimal under-arm and pubic hair, he has little or no hair on his chest. His forearms and legs are, however, covered with fine, curly, blond hair.

I played enough football to get fairly well known. I made All State my senior year in high school. I guess if I'd been more coordinated I would have gone on to a better college career, not that it was awful, but I sure never made All American.

It's funny `cause I'm so much more coordinated in bed. It's like I sort of have two left hands and two left feet when it comes to sports. But in bed I just do what seems to come natural and everybody tells me I'm a natural lover. I like being gentle. I'm really a teddy bear. It's just that a lot of guys look at me and think I must be some sort of demon stallion in bed. They want me to top them so that's what I do, not that I don't enjoy that scene too.

I can usually sort of tell what a guy wants. If he wants me to bottom that's great with me. I love getting fucked, especially by a guy with a big cock who knows how to use it. But most of the time I do the fucking. Guys just seem to assume I'm exclusively a top, so I just play along. If they want it rough, I can do that too, as rough as they want. But I know how to make them think they are getting it a lot rougher than they really are. I guess a lot of guys are really surprised to wake up the next morning and find they don't have a lot of bruises. I can make it seem as rough as they want and still not really hurt them much. At least I don`t leave a lot of marks.

I was seventeen the first time I got paid for sex. That's the story I want to tell you, and as you've probably already figured out from what I told you about my age, it all happened in the early summer of 1982.

I'd gone to a regional football camp, a sort of workshop and training, summer school, right after my junior year of high school. It was held on the campus of the University of XXX. We stayed for two weeks in a college dorm near the football training facilities and the practice fields. They had a lot more rooms than guys at the workshop so we all had a room to ourselves.

Every day we were up at dawn and they worked our asses to the bone five days a week. By the time we finished and had dinner in the evening, we were so worn out that we all were sound asleep, usually by about nine o'clock. They sure didn't have any problems with discipline with us.

Weekends were a little less structured. We had a three or four hour training session on Saturday mornings and then we were free until Monday morning. On weekends there was a little messing around, but even then, not all that much.

In addition to the scheduled stuff, we were all into weight training and most of us spent some time in the university's excellent weight rooms every day, even on weekends.

But the events I want to tell you about took place the first weekend we were there, before things really got started. My folks drove me up but left as soon as they helped me with my stuff. It had been a long trip up and they needed to get back that same day.

The first day we just got checked in and got a sort of pep talk from the head coach. We got there on a Thursday and the first day or two were just getting settled in. We didn't really start workouts or practices until the following Monday morning.

We had our meals in a dining hall which just catered to athletes during the regular school year but on our second night there, which was a Friday, they had a big barbeque.

All of us guys were being sponsored by some company or other so we didn't have to pay to go to the workshop. My coach had recommended me and two other guys in my class and we figured out real fast that it was really a sort of recruitment thing for some colleges and universities. They couldn't call it that, of course, but that's what it was. The companies who were paying for us to go were all big supporters of the football programs at various universities in the area.

On Thursday, when we checked in, they gave each one of us a pile of clothes, training stuff but also some nice slacks and shirts, and a cool travel bag to carry it all. They gave each of us a pair of Speedos, the really tight kind. Mine were sort of sky blue. I must say I looked good in them but they sure didn't leave anything to the imagination. Even soft, my cock is big, and in those Speedos it was obvious I had a big one. Also in the stuff they gave us there were some nice T-shirts and polo shirts and a couple of tank tops.

On Friday afternoon before the barbeque the head guy, we all called him Coach, said we should wear our Speedos to the barbeque that evening `cause it was going to be by the pool at the alumni club, which was this big stone house on the edge of campus. I pulled on a pair of shorts over my swimming suit, along with a polo shirt. I wasn't ashamed of my body or anything, but I wasn't about to walk across campus to the alumni club in just a pair of skin tight Speedos. Most of the guys did the same.

So we got to this barbeque, all thirty of us. There were guys there representing the companies which were sponsoring us. I was sponsored by XXX Corporation out of Dallas and there was this guy named Sean who was there to represent them and sort of be my host.

Sean was a really personable guy. He'd played football in high school and then at the University of XXX. He was twenty-six years old but he'd kept himself in shape. He was my height but he probably outweighed me by twenty pounds.

As soon as we got there the guys started heading for the pool. They pulled off whatever they had on over their Speedos and hit the water. We didn't know each other all that well yet, it just being our second day together, but you'd have never known we weren`t all old friends. In no time at all there was this really rough game going on, sort of water polo, but with us all being football players, it was more by our rules with a lot of wrestling around and dunking and stuff, lots of body contact and a lot of ass grabbing. I guess you could say the general testosterone level was pretty high.

I stayed out of it at first, just standing by the bar talking with Sean. When I say bar, I just mean cokes and stuff. They wouldn't have dared serve beer of anything stronger to us high school age guys.

Sean was telling me about his football career and asking me how I'd done the year before. As I was talking with him I realized that he already knew my stats, which was kind of flattering. I hadn't realized yet how the college recruitment thing went.

We'd talked a while and then he asked if I didn't want to get in the pool. I said sure and asked if he was coming in too. He said he would but that he was too old for us young guys and we'd probably drown him. I said he sure didn't look old and that's when he told me he was twenty-six. He was certainly the youngest of the corporate hosts there that night. A couple of the other guys were in thirties and the rest were a lot older, a couple probably in their sixties.

So I got out of my shorts and Sean took off the khaki slacks he`d been wearing. He wasn't wearing Speedos but he did have on a pair of really brief, tight fitting trunks, sort of a snug version of normal swimming shorts, but the kind you'd see in an International Male catalogue or someplace like that. They were a sort of blue and yellow pattern and they really looked great on him. I wasn't being too subtle about checking him out. I figured he was looking me over so I could do the same. He just smiled and said my Speedos fit nicely. I said his trunks fit well, too. He said I seemed to fill mine real well and I said yeah, but that was fine, I liked them snug. He just grinned again and we headed for the pool.

The game had been going on for about fifteen minutes and it had really gotten rough. Since the guys had formed teams, they put me on one side and Sean on the other, to keep the teams even, and Sean and I ended up playing opposite each other. It became clear real quick that he was going to get just as rough as the other guys. The first time I got the ball he was on me, pulling me under and forcing me to pass real fast. But once I'd tossed the ball to another guy on my team, Sean just kept me in a tight hold, pulling us both under. In the process I felt his hand slip down over my stomach and then over my crotch. It could have been an accident but I didn't think so.

The next play Sean got the ball and I went after him. I got him from behind and was able to more or less hold his arms against his body as I rolled to the left and pulled us down just like he'd done with me. With our bodies in such close contact, my cock, which was already sort of semi-hard, really stiffened up.

By holding Sean's arms against his body like that, I kept him from getting off a good pass. The best he could do was sort of let go of the ball and hope one of his team mates got it, which they did. I didn't really know what had happened to the ball, and didn't really care. I just wanted to see how far Sean would go. As I pulled us to the left and down, I let my left hand grasp him around his chest and hold him firmly against me. I moved my right hand down over his stomach and then really grabbed his crotch, not just letting my hand slide over it like Sean had done with mine, but really grasping it and holding firm for several seconds. As I did so, I pressed my own crotch into his rear, letting him feel the size of my hard cock against his ass.

We both came up sputtering but the game had gone on and nobody had really noticed what we'd been up to. The whole game had gotten so rough that the pool water was being splashed all over the place and the other hosts had moved back to avoid getting soaked. It was only a few more minutes and the game was called. Food was being served and everybody was climbing out of the pool.

Sean and I were the last two out. As he climbed out ahead of me I reached by him to grasp the sides of the ladder, letting my forearm brush against his leg. He turned and looked back and made some crack about me being playful.

I just grinned and nodded. He got the point.

Sean and I were separated during dinner and I ended up sitting with three other guys, all of whom were participants in the program, like me. One of them made some comment about me being lucky to get the youngest and best looking host. I agreed but said I guess it didn't really make any difference. He said, yes it does, if he wants to take you out after the party.

Sure enough, as the barbeque was breaking up, most of the hosts were getting with the guy they were sponsoring and offering to take them on someplace for dessert or coffee or even a late film.

The head coach got everybody's attention and said that since it was Friday night and we didn't have anything scheduled until Monday morning, we were free to stay out as late as we wanted. All us guys said all right to that. We were under a sort of curfew, like dorm hours, most nights and as I said earlier, we had to be up so early and they worked us so hard that we were all in bed early once we started regular training.

Just about then Sean came up beside me and asked if I wanted to do something with him. I said sure and off we went. By then, of course, we'd all gotten out of our wet swimming suits and rolled them in our towels. I'd forgotten to bring underwear so I was bare-assed under my shorts.

We went around to the parking lot on the front side of the Alumni Club and Sean led the way to this real cool BMW convertible. I guessed for such a young guy he was doing real well with XXX Corporation. Man, was I naive at seventeen!

Sean didn't even ask me what I wanted to do. He just drove to the motel where he was staying. He didn't say anything and I didn't either. When we got there we got out of the car and just went directly to his room.

It was a big room, the kind they call an executive suite, with a huge king-sized bed in a sort of alcove and a separate living area, a little kitchen and a huge bath. When we went in he locked the door behind us and started pulling off his shirt. He did have a great body. "I'm going to take a quick shower and rinse off the chlorine from the pool. Interested?"

"Sure," I said and followed him into the bathroom. He started the shower so the water would get warm and then turned back toward me and pulled off the sandals he was wearing and then started taking off his slacks. I stripped off my tank top and sneakers and then started on my shorts, pulling them down slowly, letting him enjoy it.

We both got naked at the same time and we just stood there looking at each other. He was openly checking me out and I was doing the same. He had a nice cock, nice, but not as big as mine.

"God, Tanner," he said, "you're huge!"

I just grinned at him and said, "just a growing boy."

"Yeah, I can tell you're growing right now."

I was, too. I was quickly getting erect and my cock was pulsing with every beat of my heart.

Neither of us said anything more. Sean slid back the glass doors of the shower and we both got in. It was a nice big shower but we still managed to do a lot of touching. He reached for a bar of soap and told me to turn around. I spread my legs and leaned against the back of the stall, letting him soap up my back. He did a great job, massaging my shoulders and upper arms, then working his way down to my ass. He ran his soapy fingers down my crack and I spread my legs just a little bit more, letting him know I was okay with it. He moved right in, fingering my ass a little.

When he finished he said, "do you want me to do your front?"

"Sure," I said, and turned around. I mean, I knew what was coming, I wasn't that dumb. As soon as we'd gotten to the motel I knew what he was expecting. I also knew that by coming in with him I was letting him know I was willing. I mean, I knew we were going to end up in that big bed and we were going to have sex. I just wasn't sure yet how he wanted it.

So I'm standing there in the shower, facing him and he's lathering up my chest. He was really getting off on my body, that much was clear. He was soaping up my pecks, getting a real thick foam built up on my abs and then getting down to it with my cock. It felt great but I knew if he kept it up I'd come. I mean, I was just seventeen and I had a kind of a hair trigger.

"You better stop that unless you want me to shoot," I said.

"If I get you off, how long will it take you to get going again?" he asked.

"Takes me fifteen, maybe twenty minutes to recharge."

"I want to suck you off."

"Hey, go for it," I said. Not many guys had ever been able to take more than the head of my cock so I was always happy to find one who'd try.

Sean rinsed me off, had me turn around a couple of times to get all the soap off, and then got down on his knees there in the shower. He licked the head of my dick a little, got it real wet and then opened his mouth real wide and took the head. He was moaning big time and I was really enjoying everything he was doing, even though it was clear he wasn't making much headway.

So he backs off and sort of grins up at me. "I really want that monster down my throat."

"It's not likely," I said.

"Yeah, it is," he said. He got up and turned me around so I was facing the shower, and then without any warning, suddenly twisted the control so it was shooting out only cold. I let out a whoop but he held me so I couldn't move and in no time the cold water had done what he intended. My dick went limp and then started shrinking. I was putting up a real fight but the guy was strong and he'd caught me off guard and had a really powerful hold on me. Finally I just stopped struggling and gave in to it. By the time he let me go and reached around to readjust the water so it wasn't freezing us both, my cock was down to maybe four inches and withered `till it looked like a prune.

He turned me around and got a nice warm spray of water playing over my back and then knelt down again with his face in my crotch.

"Okay, Tanner, work with me here. When I start sucking you'll start getting hard again and if we do this right, it'll just grow right down my throat."

"Sounds good to me. What you want me to do besides just standing here and enjoying it?"

"Well, buddy, when that monster starts ramming its way down my throat I may start gagging. I hope not, but if I do, it's up to you to play enforcer."


"Yeah. If I start backing off or trying to stop, I want you to hold my head and not let me. If I get to gagging, just push my head down further on your cock."

"Man, I might be choking you."

"So you choke me. I don't want you showing any mercy. You just keep raping my throat and we'll both end up happy."

"But if you really start choking, how will I know when it's more than you can take? You aren't going to be able to talk or anything."

"If I pass out, pull it out. Otherwise, just keep hammering it in, no matter how much I'm struggling."

"Okay, man, it's your funeral."

My cock had already begun to show some signs of growth and he didn't waste any time. He sucked it into his mouth and began to run his hot, wet tongue around the head, washing it real good with his spit. I just leaned back against the tile wall of the shower stall and enjoyed it.

I locked my fingers together behind Sean's head so my hands were linked. The guy was doing just fine on his own at that point so I just let him go at his own rate, pushing his head down a little as he moved forward on my cock, just to let him know I had a grip on him.

My cock was quickly lengthening and I could feel the head hit the back of his mouth. He moved around a little, trying to get into the best position to deep throat me. When my cock hit target he gagged a little but kept going. The head slipped further in and I realized that my cock had reached more or less it's full length but hadn't yet swelled to it's full thickness, which definitely made it easier for Sean. Within a few seconds the guy had his nose buried in my pubes and his lips locked around the base of my cock.

Sean was sucking like crazy and I could feel my cock swelling. As it did, it was clearly filling and then stretching his throat and he was beginning to gag. He looked up at me and I saw tears streaming down his cheeks, only to be washed away in the warm water which was cascading down my chest and then over his face.

I locked my hands behind his head and held on, not letting him budge. There was a guttural sound coming from him and I could feel his throat spasm around my cock. It felt wonderful. I knew he was at the very least in some sort of discomfort but he'd told me to show no mercy and I took him at his word.

He tried to pull back a little and I let him, just an inch or so. He held that position, not trying to withdraw any further. Then he moved forward again and I let him go at his own speed. Man, it felt so hot. I'd never been so deep in anyone's throat before and I was loving it.

When he hit bottom he looked up at me again and I again locked my hands around his head and held him firmly in my grasp. He was spasming again and I felt him gag.

He began to pull back again and, again, I let him establish the pace. It wasn't long before we got a regular rhythm going and then I was really pounding in and out of his throat, really fucking him and it was the hottest thing I'd ever done with a guy to that point in my young life.

But that didn't go on too long. I must have hit the back of his mouth or some especially sensitive place in is throat, because he really started gagging. He seemed to be getting it under control but then he gagged again, two or three times in quick succession, and his body jolted as if he really wanted to be released. I didn't let him go. He jolted again and I realized he was retching. His gagging had caused his stomach to respond and I felt the head of my cock engulfed in something hot. The fucker had brought up his dinner and all that hot, semi-digested stuff was hitting the head of my cock. His throat was so tightly plugged by my shaft that nothing came out, but it was sure trying.

I never figured I could be turned on by vomit but this was way beyond revolting. It was a power trip of the first order. I held him close and gradually he relaxed as he re-swalled his dinner and his throat settled into a rhythmic pattern of spasms again. I know, it sounds disgusting, but in reality, it was incredibly hot.

I think it was at that point that I came. It was powerful, really powerful, and I knew I was sending some generous portions of spunk down his throat. When it was over I just slid down the wall and ended up sitting on the tiled floor with Sean's head still buried in my crotch and his ass sticking up in the air.

I was no longer holding his head and he was free to move, but he took his time. He pulled back a little and let the head of my cock slip out of his throat into his mouth. He just held it there as it softened, loving it, licking it, cleaning it up. The guy was so submissive I couldn't believe it. It was as if he'd somehow just turned himself over to me. I knew I was in control and the sense of power over him was almost a bigger turn on than the actual sexual release.

"It's okay, Sean," I said after another minute or two. "You can let go of my cock now."

He gradually backed off and rose to a kneeling position facing me. His hands were on his thighs and his cock had begun to droop like mine.

He lowered his eyes a little, not looking me squarely in the eyes. All he said, and it was little more than a whisper, was, "yes, sir."

What the shit? I mean, he was eight or nine years older than me and maybe a little bigger. He had a great cock, not as big as mine, but definitely first class. Why the hell was this guy calling me sir?

I think it was that night that I began to learn some things about sex and power and authority and even role-playing which I'd not known before. Sure, I'd had sex with a bunch of guys and a few girls. But they had all been more or less my age and my equals. I was probably the biggest guy on my football team and I definitely had the biggest cock. But until that evening all the people I'd done it with had been more or less in my own age group, all high school students like me and mainly guys from my school who were into sports.

I realized that Sean was off on a fantasy of his own, of his own invention. I didn't know the whole plot of his scene, but I knew enough to know he wanted to be submissive. I was big enough for the role. I had a big enough cock to suggest some sort of superiority. And most important, I was there and willing. It just didn't matter that I was still a high school kid and he was older, through college and reasonably established. It was a lesson which has served me very well over the last twenty years. When the other guy is into some scene, just let him play it out. You don't need to understand it. You don't need to know the whole plot. Just take the leads he gives you and let him enjoy whatever kind of head game he's into.

A lot more of sex has to do with fantasy than we probably ever suspect. If you look at the actual situations, the actual event, and especially the actual acts we perform, it is one thing. But if you look at it in terms of the fantasy the participants are playing out in their minds, it is something entirely different.

In the years since that evening with Sean I've been with guys who want to dominate me and a lot more who want me to dominate them. I've been with guys who want me to be their son or their brother or who want to be my son or the guy they had a crush on in high school. Mind games, pure fantasy. Sure, some of it's a little sick, but that's part of the fun. They want to play out scenes with me they'd never get close to in real life. If you can think it, you can do it, or at least you can play it out.

It really is true that the largest human sexual organ is our brain.

Sean and I eventually got our breathing back to something like normal and stood up and showered off again. We dried each other and he brushed his teeth. He reached in his tack kit and took out a new brush and handed it to me. Neither of us said a thing, we just stood there side by side, brushing our teeth. It was so odd, very intimate, even sexual in a strange sort of way. Then we left the bathroom for the bed.

It was at that point that I learned just how fast the role playing thing can end. It can begin with the flip of an imaginary switch and end just as quickly. As we left the bathroom it was as if Sean laid aside the submissive thing and stopped calling me sir. Later that night he got back into it again, but for the moment, he was just the amiable hunk he'd been when we'd met earlier at the barbeque.

"You want a beer?" Sean asked as we crossed the bedroom.

"Sure. You know I'm a minor."

"I assume you aren't going to tell."


"You're not going to say anything about a few beers or about anything else we do together."

"No, I don't talk about that kind of thing."

Sean got into the refrigerator and pulled out an entire six pack.

We lay together on the big bed, still naked, just talking for a while. Again the conversation turned to football. Sean more or less laid it on the line. His boss was a big backer of the football program at the University of XXX, where Sean himself had gone.

He told me about the rules for recruiting high school players, now it was supposed to be done, and how it was really done. He said they had been watching me for the last two years and were certain they wanted me.

They figured I'd make All State my senior year, which I did. They also figured they'd be getting a good deal more than a jock. Their interest in me, Sean said, was long term. They'd been quietly asking questions and had figured out I probably liked sex with guys. You could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather, if I hadn't already been lying down.

Sean went on to say that if I signed on with them and played for the University of XXX, I'd be guaranteed well paid summer jobs while I was in college and a ten-year contract after I graduated. He told me that was what he'd done and he loved it. He said the jobs they put their ex-university football players into were really just public relations slots. They got sent around the country to appear at corporate functions and the openings of new malls and stores.

Note: Tanner did sign with the University of XXX and with the XXX Corporation. He worked for them summers during his college years and then as a full time member of their public relations staff.

His decision to leave after eleven years with the company was entirely his own. They would have been pleased to have him continue with them but he chose to take a job with a new PR firm, with which he has done very well.

"Am I right in guessing there are a few other duties?" I asked.

"You have a problem with that?"

"No. I sort of wondered if tonight was a test."

Sean laughed, a deep hearty laugh. "Yeah, I guess you could call it that. You're passing with flying colors."

"The night's not over yet."

I sort of grinned at him and reached for his cock. "I was sort of wondering if it wasn't payback time."

"Yeah?" he said. His cock was getting nice and hard in my hand. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well, that was one hell of a blow job you gave me. I figured I should show you what I can do along those same lines."

"Maybe later, or in the morning. But first I think I'd like some serious butt play and then a good fuck."

"So am I playing with your ass or are you playing with mine?"

"You're playing with mine and then you're going to fuck it with that big cock. How does that sound to you?"

He rolled out of bed, not giving me time to answer, but I sure had no objection to his plans. Sean returned a moment later with a couple of towels and a jar of some sort of lotion or cream. He reached under the bed and grabbed a small travel bag, which he put on the side of the bed. From it he took a pair of woven straps sort of like you'd put around a suit case.

I looked at them questioningly and Sean again laughed. "You never gotten into the bondage scene at your tender age, I guess."


"Well, Tanner, you are going to get your first lesson tonight."

"Are you going to tie me up or something? I don't think I like that."

"No, you're going to tie me up, so to speak."

"Why the hell would you want me to do that?"

"You'll see. I think you'll get the hang of it and you may find you really enjoy it."

He pulled back the bed covers and the top sheet and then spread a large towel in the center of the big bed, then laid down on it, getting his butt in just about the center of the bed.

"Now, Tanner, loop those straps around the head of the bed and then make a loop at either end."

I did as he said and he pulled one end of each strap over his wrists and slipped the knots tight. The ends went through the big slat at the top of the bed head and then back toward him. He lifted his feet up and rolled back onto his shoulders so that his feet were now over his head and pointing back toward the wall behind him.

"Slip the other ends over my ankles and tighten them." When I did so they were still somewhat slack. It was then that he pointed to the buckles at the midpoint of each strap. "Tighten the buckles until I'm held back and my ass is lifted off the bed."

When I finished he moved around a little, testing the straps for tightness. "Yeah, that's good. I belong to a club in Dallas that has real slings in their basement playroom. But for travel I find this works fine."

"You do this a lot?"

"Yeah, any time I can find a willing playmate."

His beautifully muscled body was now bound and contorted and his ass was completely exposed, winking at me from between the wide-spread cheeks of his buttocks. I realized for the first time that he was now completely in my control. If I didn't let him go, he'd be trussed up like that until the chamber maid found him in the morning.

"At this point my top usually gags me so I can't cry out or even talk. But we'll have to forgo that detail tonight. I need to be able to speak so I can talk you through this."

"I know how to fuck your ass without you giving me directions."

"I bet you do. Maybe when we get to fucking I will have you stuff something in my mouth, but we have a lot to do before we get that far and I want to be able to communicate."

"Okay," I said, "what now?"

"Have you ever fingered a guy's ass, Tanner? You know, to open him up so you could fuck him."

"Sure. When you've got a cock as big as mine I had to learn that stuff early. Very few guys could take my cock unless I sort of stretched them some first."

"Okay, that's what I want you to do. Use that cream in the jar and just start prodding my ass."

"Okay," I said, reaching for the cream, "here we go with one finger."

I pressed my index finger against the pink, twitching bud of his ass and slowly pressed in. Sean had obviously been fucked a lot. It was no problem at all to press my finger into him. Tommy Landers, the first boy I ever fucked, nearly screamed his head off when I did that to him.

"That was easy," I said, "shall we go for two?"

"Yeah, two and three and then four."

"You kidding me?" I said, trying to think how the hell I could get four fingers into him.

As it turned out, getting four fingers in him was a lot easier than I expected. It was amazing to watch how his ass opened. I have to admit that after that night with Sean I was hooked. I didn't experience any real fisting until three years later, but the idea of having that kind of control over another man and that kind of intimate connection between his body and mine was habit forming.

When I'd gotten four fingers in Sean's ass and was twisting them around to spread the lubricating cream, He told me to get into his travel bag with my free hand and pull out his toys. I knew about dildos and butt plugs, of course, but I'd never seen one.

The stuff he had with him sort of made my heart jump. I mean, I knew a guy's ass could open up a lot. After all, at seventeen I'd already fucked half a dozen guys and I had a big cock. By that point I'd also gotten four fingers into Sean's ass deep enough to realize that with a little more effort I could slide my whole hand in. But what the guy had in his bag of tricks were some major league toys.

"Man, Sean," I said when I got a look at them, "these fuckers are huge."

"Yeah, and I've taken every one of them, not just once, but lots of times."

"If you can take those monsters up your chute, you might just as well let me go ahead and fist you."

"Sometime, Tanner, but not tonight. You still have a lot to learn before I'll let you jam your fist up my ass."

"So what do you want me to do?"

"Well, see the light colored one?"

"Yeah, it looks like the business end of a launchable grenade." It was the largest of the collection of butt plugs. I wondered, since he was going straight for the big one, why he'd even bothered to bring its slightly less intimidating brothers. It occurred to me that maybe he brought some smaller ones along in case he wanted to introduce my ass to such games. I was glad he seemed to be leaving me out of play, at least for the time being.

"It may be as big as a launchable grenade, but it's a hell of a lot smoother."

"So I'm going to put this thing in your ass?"

"Yep, slowly and gently, Tanner, slowly and gently."

I removed my bunched fingers from Sean's ass, spread a very liberal amount of the cream over the rounded point of the butt plug, and began to work it in. I did take it real slow but it was amazing how easy it was to get it in. At its thickest point it was half again as big as my cock.

Once the thick head of the plug slipped past his sphincter, it was easy going. Sean's muscles closed down tight around the thinner stem and held the thing in place. When it was all the way in, with only the base showing, he gave a sigh of contentment and his whole body seemed to relax.

I let him just lay there for a few minutes and then asked, "now what?"

"Well, for starters, why don't you come up here and kiss me?"

Now kissing had never been a part of my sexual experience with other guys. Kissing was something I did with girls. Maybe in my teenage jock mind kissing another guy was just a little too queer.

But despite my misgivings, I moved up along the bed and lay on my side, my head held up by one arm, and looked down at Sean's handsome face from about a foot away.

There was no doubt about it, Sean was one handsome guy. He had the kind of bone structure you'd associate with a male model. I didn't really make that association then, but later when I got into all that stuff I realized that high cheek bonds and an angular face go a long way toward making a guy, or a woman, really photogenic.

He had what would be called an aquiline nose, a little big, not too big, but sharp and very masculine. His lips were surprisingly full. At least most guys I've known who had that kind of nose had rather thin lips. Sean's lips were very kissable and I soon learned that he knew how to use them. He was a great kisser.

Besides the right bone structure, Sean had the right coloring. He had brown hair, but it wasn't really all that dark. It was darker than mine, but with a lot of variation in it, golds and bronzes and everything in between.

So far as physique was concerned, he has a magnificent body. At seventeen I was in great shape and I had bulked up a lot over the last year. But there is something about an older guy who has stayed in shape and never let up on the physical training. They have a kind of maturity which I sure didn't have then. I guess now, at thirty-seven, I can claim to have that kind of body.

Like me, Sean was very smooth, no hair on his chest and not all that much elsewhere. I was surprised to see how big his tits were. They rode his hard, well defined pecks like temples on the tops of two matching mountains, each in its own brown aura. I also noticed that he had no tan lines. I'd actually seen that he had an over-all tan when we were in the shower together, but here, spread-eagled and totally under my control, I let my gaze move over his body and take in every inch.

I lay there for a few minutes, just looking at him. His eyes were almost closed, as if he was in a stupor. I wondered if he was having to sort of concentrate to keep his body relaxed. Strung up like he was couldn't have been all that comfortable and even after all the attention I'd given his ass, he must have had to be concentrating to avoid going into some sort of muscle seizures as his body revolted against the natural tendency to expel something that big from within him.

"What happened to that kiss?" he asked as his eyes came open just a little wider and he rolled his head to look at me. Our lips were less than a foot apart and it just seemed natural to lean in and press my closed lips to his.

"Nice," he whispered as I pulled back a little. "Have you done much kissing, Tanner?"



"No, not really. Just girls."

"I figured."


"Well, that was the kind of kiss you'd give a girl. It would get her motor running and she'd be right back for more. Besides, I figured a guy like you might feel a little funny kissing another guy."

"Yeah, I do, a little."

"Okay to fuck them but don't kiss them, right?"

"Yeah," I grinned, "I guess."

"I was there once."

"But you're not bothered kissing guys now?"

"No, not at all. In fact, I prefer kissing guys to kissing girls." He smiled over at me and the smile lit up his entire face. "When it comes right down to it, I guess I prefer just about everything with guys, but when I was your age I was still holding out, thinking I was really bi, not gay."

"So now you'd say you're gay?"

"No doubt about it. Don't tell my girlfriend, okay?"

"You have a girlfriend?"

"Yep, and she's a beaut. You'll meet her when you come for an interview at the corporate headquarters."

"Do you..."

"Yes, Sean, I sure do. It's very nice. I get off on guys but when duty calls, I can rally the troops."

"But why?"

"Why do I have a girlfriend?"

"Yeah. I mean, if you really like it better with guys."

"Do you date any, Tanner?"

"Sure, I get a date when I need one, dances, parties, stuff like that. I guess it's just expected."

"There you go, fellow." He looked over at me again and then said, "now come here and let me show you how one guy kisses another."

I again moved my lips to his. As I pressed my mouth to Sean's, he opened to me and I felt his tongue dance along my still closed lips. I felt a sort of shock run through my body and instinctively opened my own mouth in response. Within seconds we were kissing deeply, our tongues exploring each other's mouth, our mouths consuming each other.

The temperature was definitely rising. It was so odd to be kissing a guy and it was even odder to have him so trussed up that he could only respond with his lips and mouth and tongue. You expect to be hugged when you kiss another person but there was no hugging here.

I'd moved over so my arms were on either side of Sean's chest, almost as if I was doing push-ups over him. I was becoming more and more aroused and suddenly realized that having him tied like that, unable to respond, completely under my control, was in itself a huge turn-on.

Sean had told me to tie him up. He'd not only let me have control over him, he'd flat out given me control. That was a new thing for me. I was used to being on top, used to gaining control over any guy I was with, simply because of my larger size. But here was a guy who was big enough to challenge me, big enough to top me if he wanted to, and he was yielding without a fight.

Was I missing something here? Was he gaining something from our encounter which I'd never even known existed?

I backed off and looked down at his beautiful face. "Can I ask you something, Sean?"

"Sure, Tanner, anything."

"You let me tie you up. In fact, you told me to do it."


"So does that mean you like to bottom?"

"I love to bottom, Tanner, especially when it's with a guy as good looking and sexy as you."

"Do you always want to bottom?"

"Oh no. You stick around and I'll top you real good, but only when you want it."

"I've always topped the guys I've been with."

"Yeah, I figured."

I didn't say anything more but I sure kept thinking.

"I think it's time for you to fuck my ass, buddy," Sean said after a short pause. I realized I had been suspended over him, looking deeply into his eyes, trying to see beyond the intense blue of them. I wanted to see into this man's soul.

"I could do that," I said, giving him my best grin and rising to get about the business at hand. My cock was blazing, hot and hard, dripping its first course of clear fluids, ready for the battle.

"Put me in, Coach, please put me in. Let me play, Coach." Sean was smiling as he looked down at my rampant cock, and spoke for it.

"Yeah, ready and able," I grinned back. "How do we handle this thing you have sticking in your ass?"

"We pull it out, very slowly, very gently. Then you ram that cock of yours in there to fill the gap."

The plug didn't come out easily but with patience and some gentle push and pull, I persuaded his sphincter to relax and let it pass. When it came clear I dropped it onto the floor by the bed and stared in wonder at the condition of his ass. It was is if it had been turned wrong side out. The hole was gaping and the battered muscle ringing it was swollen and puffed. Beyond the ring, in the dark recesses, lay the promised land. I moved forward between his legs, quickly greased my cock with the lubricating cream, and pressed the head of my cock into him.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned as I slid full length into his well prepared passage. It was the smoothest entry I had ever experienced. Not that Sean's ass wasn't tight. It was very tight, and he soon showed me that he was a master at using every muscle and every sinew he possessed.

I don't know if Sean had planned it that way or not, but by getting me to such a powerful climax in the shower, I now found I could go on and on without going over the edge. He told me later that he loved a long fuck. I certainly gave him one. We were both dripping with sweat, both near exhaustion, when I dropped onto his chest and tried to regain some strength before returning to the fray. We'd been fucking for nearly half an hour and neither of us had come.

Our breathing returned to something near normal and I lifted myself a little to begin again. I moved very slowly at first, just establishing an easy rhythm and then maintaining it. I looked down into Sean's eyes, thinking all the things I'd heard or read about eyes that looked like pools you could drown in. It was true of his.
Trussed as he was, Sean could not move a great deal but he responded to my strokes, lifting his hips to meet my thrusts, relaxing as I pulled away from him. We went on and on, like two long-distance runners who've found their pace and feel as if they could go on for ever.

Eventually the point came when everything changed. It was as if those two runners had been going up a slight hill, so gentle that they had forgotten they were climbing. Then, in a moment, they topped the ridge and looked down into a deep, beautiful valley below, and in the valley, a lake with water as blue as Sean's eyes.

That moment came for Sean and me. We were suddenly aware that while our climax was still some ways off, we had topped the ridge. From that point on we were on a down-hill run. We could see it coming. There was nothing we could do to stop it or turn back. Then, at last, our climax was upon us, just as if those two runners had dashed beyond the shore into a deep, blue, sparkling lake.

"Oh, Tanner," Sean moaned.

"Yeah." I was exhausted. I had never in my life known a climax like that. It made all the sexual experiences I'd had before seem like the child's play they must have really been.

I collapsed onto Sean's magnificent chest. Our breathing was ragged and our hearts were pounding like some kid with a new set of drums. I guess I swooned, or slept, or dosed. I have no idea how long I lay like that.

"Um, Tanner," I heard Sean say. His voice was distant, off somewhere, maybe even in another room. I was still dreaming of blue waters and deep lakes. I only wanted to sink deeper into them.

"Hey, Tanner, Babe," I heard Sean again.

I opened one eye and saw a beautiful hill with a temple on its peek. I rose up a little and looked again. Sean's chest rose and fell in a gentle rhythm and I turned to look into his face.

"I think maybe it's time to get me out of these straps."

I rose to a kneeling position and looked down at him. "Oh, shit, Sean, are you okay?"

"Yeah, Tanner, I'm wonderful. I think the afterglow will last me about a week, but I really have to get up."

I quickly released the straps and watched as he rolled off the bed, rubbing his wrists as he limped toward the bathroom. He walked stiffly, as if he might be in pain. I jumped up to follow him, reaching the bathroom door just in time to see him set on the toilet and bend forward to massage his ankles where the straps had left angry red marks.

I moved forward, intending to kneel and rub his legs for him. He stopped me, pointing behind me to the door.

"Give me a minute, okay?"

"Sure, Sean," I said, backing out of the bathroom. "Shall I shut the door?"

"Yeah, please. I just need a minute."

I closed the door, returning to the huge, rumpled bed. I smoothed the sheet and tried to tuck it in. The towel Sean had spread was a mess and I wadded it into a ball and tossed it over by the bathroom door. Under Sean's side of the bed I found what was left of the six pack, just two rather warm beers. I took them back to the little kitchen and opened the refrigerator to put them back to re-cool.

Inside I found another six pack of beer, croissants, jam, a pint of fresh strawberries and a gallon of milk. As I stood there, examining the lot, I felt Sean's warm hand on my side.

"I was sort of hoping you'd still be here for breakfast," he said.

"Wouldn't miss it," I said as I turned and melted into his arms. This time his arms did close around me as our lips met; two strong men, two honed bodies, pressing together, wanting everything the other has to offer. What could be better than that?

Note: Tanner tells me that he spent the entire weekend with Sean. They left the motel room twice in that time, once for dinner on Saturday evening and again for lunch on Sunday. Between, and after those short breaks, they engaged in an almost continuous round of sex.

If there is interest, I will be glad to continue with other Tanner adventures.

One final note: Earlier in this story, Tanner alluded to his experience with Sean, saying, "I was seventeen the first time I got paid for sex." That remark was prompted by what happened when he and Sean said good-bye on Sunday evening.

When Sean drove me back to the dorm on Sunday evening I was exhausted. It was just after eight o'clock and a few of the guys were sitting out on the steps of the dorm. Later I got a lot of kidding and a lot of questions about my weekend.

Sean walked me up to my room and flopped down on the extra bed.

"Want to stay over?" I asked with a grin.

"I wish I could, but it's not allowed. Besides, I have to get back to Dallas. I was just remembering the summer I was your age and here for the football camp.

I shut the door and stretched out over him, pressing my body against his for one final embrace, one more kiss.

"It's hard saying good-bye," I said.

"Doesn't have to be. How about if I come back to see you weekend after next?"

"You serious?"

"Absolutely. I'll reserve the same room for that Friday and Saturday night."

"Oh, man!" I couldn't believe it.

"Besides, I'll have some papers I want to get you to sign."

"Can I do that?"

"No, not until you graduate from high school, but if I should accidentally put the wrong date on those forms, say just a year from now, and then just put them in a locked file someplace, who's to know?"

"Sounds fine by me." I said, willingly walking into his trap.

As he left me we kissed again and then he reached into his jacket pocket and removed a sealed envelope. He looked at it and smiled at me and tossed it on the bed.

"What's that?"

"Just call it spending money."

"Or a signing bonus?"

"No, we'd never call it that." There was that grin again.

After he left I opened it and found ten new one hundred dollar bills, a lot of spending money for a seventeen year old.

The end.