Tanner's Tales, #11

By John Yarer

This is the eleventh installment of Tanner's Tales.

When I posted the eighth installment last September, I said it was the last. Since then both Tanner and I have received many messages from readers asking questions about him, about his present whereabouts, and about his life. Some questions have been about his present life. Tanner has said that for now, at least, he does not want to share details beyond the fact that he is living and working with Sean in the Fort Meyers, Florida area.

Other readers have also asked for more details about certain aspects of Tanner's life in Texas and later, in California. These further installments of Tanner's Tales will deal with those periods.

If readers wish to contact Tanner they may do so at the e-mail address below.


As with the earlier installment, these ongoing installments deal with Tanner's experiences as he described them to me. I have tried to put his material into story form, more or less as he presented it to me in e-mail notes and telephone conversations. It is presented as a factual account but I have omitted or changed the names of certain universities, corporations and individuals.

Please refer to my introductory notes for Tanner's Tales #3, in which I discuss the topics of "S and M," "Fisting" and "Rough Sex." I would be interested in hearing from readers who have personal experience with the practice of fisting, both to satisfy my own curiosity and to confirm or correct any ideas expressed by Tanner and related in these stories.

As in the earlier installment, I have not attempted to convey the exact tone or the accent with which Tanner speaks. He was raised in the South and until his move to Florida, he spent most of his time in the New York City area. He still speaks with echoes of his original regional accent.

Andrew has again proofed this story and both Tanner and I want to express our thanks for all his help.

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True to his word, Sean fucked me raw over the next few days. He fucked me with his cock, with an assortment of dildos and plugs and, finally, on Tuesday night, he fisted me. I loved it. I came twice while he had his arm in me up to the elbow. I think my prostate was swollen for a week.

By the following Friday Sean had left on a business trip and I was in the process of moving into Dallas from the apartment I'd shared with Bobby for two years and then lived in by myself for another year. It was odd, leaving a place I'd lived in that long.

The new place was a townhouse the company had provided for me in a complex about a mile from the corporate headquarters. It was large, with two big bedrooms, each with its own huge bath. I noticed that the big glass shower stalls were equipped with enema wands. The company didn't miss anything.

The townhouse also had another room which could have been a small bedroom, but which I used as a small office. There was an attached two-car garage and a huge living room, dining room, kitchen area which spanned the entire back of the lower floor. There were patio doors from the living room and the dining area onto a wide, shaded terrace.

The complex had two swimming pools and a great exercise facility, which I often used when I didn't get to a regular gym. I lived there until I left the company and moved to LA in 1995. It was a great party pad and I must say it got good use during the years I lived there. In addition to the usual friends, it was understood I would entertain clients of the company.

Doc had told me to come in Saturday so he could check my piercing. I called him late on Friday and the phone was answered by a youthful voice, which I took to be the kid who'd been there the previous weekend. He relayed messages back and forth - I got the feeling Doc was working on a client - and told me to come in about four-thirty on Saturday afternoon. When I got there I saw the sign on the door said they closed at five.

Doc had me undress again and stretch out on the table in the same little room we'd been in the previous week.

He pulled on fresh surgical gloves and began by inculpating first one nipple ring and then the other. I'd been very conscientious to clean and move the rings as Doc had instructed and he seemed pleased how well they were healing.

When he started working my PA, I immediately got hard. He didn't seem to be embarrassed by it so I wasn't either. He moved the ring, turning it until the gold ball pressed into the opening at the end of my cock, then turning it back the other way until it pressed against the piercing just behind the flared head. My cock was soon fully erect and arching back over my stomach.

"It looks great, Tanner," Doc said. "I guess you can start fucking again anytime you want. You should probably use a condom for a while, even if you don't usually."

"Can I wear a condom over the ring?" I asked, somehow assuming that it wouldn't work.

"Sure, just use the kind with a reservoir end. You won't have any trouble."

I started to get up, assuming he was through, but he put his hand in the center of my chest and pressed me down again on the table.

With my cock hard and arching up, my balls were fully exposed to his touch and hanging low, resting on the table between my legs. Doc slid his hand under them and again lifted them, testing their weight, bouncing them a little in the palm of his hand.
"What were you and Sean talking about last week?" I asked. "You know, about my balls?" I figured I knew, but I wanted him to tell me.

"I don't just do piercing and tattoos, Tanner."

"Yeah, what other services to you provide?"

"Just about anything you want," he said, still lifting and manipulating my balls. "If I can't do it alone, I can always find someone to help."


"Sure, I've neutered more than my share of guys."

"I thought you went to a regular doctor for that," I said, thinking maybe he meant vasectomies.

"Not for the kinds of services I offer. A doctor will cut a little slit in the back of your sack and then reach in and crush or sever the cords which run from your balls to your cock. That`s fine for a guy who doesn`t want to get his wife pregnant, maybe some couple who have all the kids they want." He paused, still fondling my balls, then added, "what I offer is a lot more extreme."

"Yeah?" I said again.

"Yeah, Tanner, I've made more than my share of eunuchs."

I have to admit I was stunned. I had suspected that was what he meant, but hearing him actually say it was shocking.

"There are guys who want you to cut their balls off?"

"Sure, balls, sometimes their cock, too."

"Man," I gasped. "I can't believe that!"

"You really are naive, kid."

"I guess so. I figured a little S and M and maybe some fisting was about as wild as it got."

He laughed. "The real hardcore stuff goes way beyond fisting, Tanner." He released my balls and turned toward the door. "Fisting is child's play compared to some really serious stuff."

He opened the door and called out, "Tommy, lock up and come back here."

I suddenly felt afraid. The kid was no problem but Doc was big. I figured I could take him but not without a real fight. I swung my feet around and sat on the side of the table.

When Doc turned back to face me he must have seen the fear in my eyes.

"Relax, Tanner," he laughed. "I never castrated anybody against their will."

The kid came in, looked at me sitting naked on the side of the table, and then turned back to close the door to the treatment room behind him. He looked young, dressed in loose cutoff jeans which rode low on his thin hips. Their tattered bottoms hung below his knees. A white T-shirt covered his slender upper body and his hair was cut short. It was very blonde and I figured it was bleached.

"Strip, Tom Boy," Doc said when the kid turned to face us again.

The kid pulled his shirt off in one fluid, practiced motion, revealing his smooth upper body. An intricate tattoo of a dragon spanned over his right chest and shoulder. His tits were both pierced and he wore heavy rings, heavier than the one Sean wore in his cock. They stretched and distended his nipples.

"Trousers, kid," Doc said.

I suddenly knew what was coming.

Tommy did a little dance, standing on first one foot and then the other as he pulled off low cut white tennis shoes and white ankle socks. Then he loosened his jeans and let them drop around his feet. He stood there for a moment in white bikini briefs. The space between his legs looked flat, more like a woman than a guy.

As he slowly lowered his briefs his completely bare crotch came into view. It was completely smooth; no cock, no balls, no hair! He was as smooth and featureless as a Barbie Doll. Or Ken.

I stared at him for a long moment and then looked back at Doc.

"One of my neatest jobs," the older man said. "I dare you to find a scar."

"How do you piss?" I asked. I realized as soon as I said it what a dumb question is was, but it was the first thing which popped into my dazed mind."

"Doc made me a little hole behind where my balls were," the boy said. He sounded very shy, perhaps embarrassed being shown off like that.

"But why?" I asked.

"Tell him, Tom," Doc said."

"I'm a bottom," the boy said, looking down at his naked body.

"Hey, I like to be fucked, too," I said, "but I also like to do my share of fucking."

"I only like being fucked," Tommy said, still in a soft whisper.

"Tommy could never fuck," Doc said. "He could never get it up, let alone keep it up. He only had a useless little stub of a cock."

"But is that any reason to make him into some sort of . . ." I stopped short of saying what I was thinking.

"I wanted to be rid of them," Tommy said. "They only got in the way."

I was silent for a moment just staring at him. Then, softly, I said, "you have no hair."

"Only on my head."

"Do you shave your body?"

"No. I never had hair. Doc took my balls before I grew any."

"How old were you?" I asked. The enormity of the thing was slowly sinking in to my stunned brain.

"Not quite fifteen."

"Is that even legal?" I said, wondering if a kid that young could make such colossal decisions for himself.

"It is if his parents give their permission," Doc said.

"And they agreed?"

"We couldn't find his mother," Doc said. "She took off when Tommy was six."

"But his father gave his permission?" I said, wondering what parent could agree to such a thing.

"I'm his father, Tanner," Doc said, as naturally as if he was talking about permission for his son to take swimming lessons.

"Oh, shit," I said, feeling suddenly ill.

"I wanted it," Tommy said, his voice again little more than a whisper.

`Would you have let him cut off an arm of a leg, Doc, if he'd asked?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Tanner," Doc growled. "You have no idea what you're talking about."

I sat in silence staring at the boy.

"I love my body now," the boy said. "I feel as if I've been liberated. I am who and what I was meant to be." It sounded memorized, a little speech he'd made many times.

"How old are you now, Tom?" I managed to say.


I sat for a moment longer and then rose slowly, feeling very unsteady.

"You have a beautiful cock," Tommy said as I turned to gather up my clothes.

I looked down at myself, shocked to see I was still fully erect. The PA pulsed in the head of my dick and it was dripping pre-cum.

"Thanks," I stammered.

"Maybe sometime you'd like to fuck me," Tommy said softly.

I stood there stunned at the idea, not able to form a single word.

Stumbling over to my clothes, I pulled them on and turned to go.

"We'll see you in a week then, Tanner," Doc said as I opened the door.

To be continued.