Tanner's Tales, #13

By John Yarer

This is the thirteenth installment of Tanner's Tales.

When I posted the eighth installment last September, I said it was the last. Since then both Tanner and I have received many messages from readers asking questions about him, about his present whereabouts, and about his life. Some questions have been about his present life. Tanner has said that for now, at least, he does not want to share details beyond the fact that he is living and working with Sean in the Fort Meyers, Florida area.

Other readers have also asked for more details about certain aspects of Tanner's life in Texas and later, in California. These further installments of Tanner's Tales will deal with those periods.

If readers wish to contact Tanner they may do so at the e-mail address below.


As with the earlier installment, these ongoing installments deal with Tanner's experiences as he described them to me. I have tried to put his material into story form, more or less as he presented it to me in e-mail notes and telephone conversations. It is presented as a factual account but I have omitted or changed the names of certain universities, corporations and individuals.

Please refer to my introductory notes for Tanner's Tales #3, in which I discuss the topics of "S and M," "Fisting" and "Rough Sex." I would be interested in hearing from readers who have personal experience with the practice of fisting, both to satisfy my own curiosity and to confirm or correct any ideas expressed by Tanner and related in these stories.

As in the earlier installment, I have not attempted to convey the exact tone or the accent with which Tanner speaks. He was raised in the South and until his move to Florida, he spent most of his time in the New York City area. He still speaks with echoes of his original regional accent.

Andrew has again proofed this story and both Tanner and I want to express our thanks for all his help.

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In response to my invitation, Tommy had said he`d like to spend the evening at my place. I wondered if I`d started something I would be sorry for.

"Do you want to drive out with me? I'll bring you back whenever you want," I said as I finished dressing.

"Okay," He said as he continued to look at my feet. He'd made no effort to move.

"Okay then," I said as I stooped to pull on my socks and sneakers.

"I'll run up and get some stuff," he finally said.

"Bring a bathing suit, in case you change your mind."

I went out into the front of the shop and waited for Tommy. I'd have liked to go up the stairs and see what their apartment was like but Tommy hadn't asked me to come and I thought perhaps I shouldn't. In just a few minutes he was back anyway so I wasn't waiting long. He was carrying a black gym bag, which I took as he fixed the lights the way they left them, He locked up and we were on our way.

When we got to my car he stopped and looked solemnly at it. I was driving a solid black Corvette, courtesy of the company, and I guess it did look like a lot of car for a guy who'd just graduated from college.

"Wow," Tommy said as he climbed in. "This is amazing."

"Thanks," I said, not telling him it went with my job.

The weekend traffic was light and we were at the townhouse in less than half an hour. I still had trouble thinking of it as my place, and in my mind, just referred to it as the townhouse.

As we drove along, I glanced over at Tommy a few times and each time found him watching me. I smiled and tried to make conversation, which never seemed to go very far. I guess he was just ill at ease. Maybe he found it difficult to talk about himself and his private life.

"So you always call Doc, `Doc,'" I said. "I mean, you never call him Dad?"

"No, he never liked that," he said. His voice was soft and there was a slight smile on his face. He really looked a lot younger than nineteen.

"And your mom took off when you were just a kid?"

"Yeah. Doc said she left when I was six, but I don't remember her at all. I think she left Dallas about then, but even before that she never came around, even if she was still in the area."

I wanted to ask him more, but sensed that he really didn't want to answer personal questions. Maybe later, I thought, when we've gotten to know one another better. When I stopped asking questions, he stopped talking, except to say again how much he liked the car.

If Tommy was impressed by the Corvette, he really did a double take when we walked into the townhouse.

I went through to the kitchen and he followed, dropping the gym bag he'd brought on a chair by the front door.

"Are burgers okay?" I asked, opening the refrigerator.

"Oh sure, fine," Tommy said. "I'll only eat the burger, though, not a bun."

I looked in the freezing compartment and pulled out a box of bacon wrapped filets one of the company bigwigs had sent me as a welcome aboard or housewarming present.

"I've got some steaks but they'd take a while to thaw. If you aren't too hungry, we could relax awhile and grill them later."

"That would be great," Tommy said, a big smile breaking over his cute face. "I'm never very hungry."

"Okay, pal," I said. "You got it. Steak and salad, how does that sound?"

"Perfect," Tommy smiled again.

"So what do you want to do while the steaks thaw? You really wouldn't want to go for a swim?"

"Not really, but if you want to, I'll come along."

"The pools are never very busy."

"Well," he said, "I'll change. Maybe I'll swim a little if nobody's around."

I took him back through to the entry hall, where he retrieved his bag and followed me up to the larger of the two bedrooms, the one I`d begun to think of as my own.

"Just toss your clothes on the chair," I said, pointing to one by the bathroom door.

He undressed modestly, pulling off his khaki shorts and briefs with his back turned towards me. With his baggy surfer style bathing suit and his shirt still on, he turned back around. I was naked, looking through a drawer for a dry pair of Speedos. I made no attempt at modesty. Hey, I thought, he'd seen it all before. He'd even seen me with a raging hard-on.

When I'd found the bathing suit , the sky blue one, I turned to face him as I stepped into them, pulled them up and adjusting my package. He grinned.

I grabbed a couple of clean towels and we headed out. "Okay, sport," I said, leading him back down and out by way of the living room doors.

"You don't wear a shirt or anything?" he said as I held the doors open for him.

"Nah," I said. "If there's anybody around, they've probably seen the goods already. Besides, I like to show my body off, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah," he said, his voice still only a whisper.

When we got to the nearer of the two pools in the complex a couple with three small kids were just getting out. There was no one else around. I called to them and exchanged greetings. I'd met them several times before at the pool, and played a little with their kids. Then, going to the board, I did a simple dive and swam half a dozen laps.

When I pulled out Tommy was sitting on the edge of the pool at the shallow end. He had his feet in the water but his shirt was still on, covering his body and his tattoo.

"You ought to come in," I said, bracing myself against the side of the pool with one hand on either side of his knees. "The water's great."

"Do you think anybody else will come around now?" he asked.

"Probably not. I guess everybody's off having dinner."

"Well, maybe for a little."

He pulled his shirt off and slid into the water beside me. His body seemed slight and his skin was pale in the fading evening light.

"You don't like people seeing your tats, is that it?"

"Well, sort of."

He swam out about half the length of the pool and turned around and came back. He stopped a few feet from me but crouched down so only his head was above water.

"Doc and I go to clubs some. I don't mind being seen there because those people are into the same sorts of things."

"Not your All American Family, I guess."

"No," he said softly and gave me a little smile.

"Like S and M clubs?"

"Yeah, sort of. Mostly private parties, friends of Doc's and mine."

"So you go shirtless. You let them see your dragons."

"It's just one dragon," he said, "a two headed dragon." He pulled himself up onto the side of the pool and turned so I could see that one head curled over his chest and at the other end of its spiny body was another head curved over his right shoulder blade. "Usually Doc has me go naked."

"You're okay with that?"

"Yeah, we've done it since I was just a little kid."

I waited, wanting to ask more but not sure how he'd feel about it. He smiled and I took it as a sign of his increased comfort with me, so I just forged on. "Back when you had your stuff, your equipment."


I tried to envision that strange pair; Doc with his huge torso covered with tattoos from neck to waist, probably below, too, for all I knew, and a strange little kid, naked and exposed in the company of hardened rough sex enthusiasts.

"Let's swim a little together," I suggested. I moved away from the edge and Tommy slipped back into the water. I started out slowly, letting him keep up with me as I went the length of the pool and back again. About half way through the second length, he stopped and went to the side of the pool to hold on.

"Are you okay?" I asked when I realized he was no longer with me. I went back to check on him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just don't have a lot of stamina."

"Do you mind if I swim a few more laps? Then we'll go see how the steaks are thawing."

"Oh, sure," he said, pulling himself back up onto the side of the pool.

I swam ten more laps, ending just where Tommy was sitting, coming up more or less between his legs. He giggled and reached out to push my head down into the water. I let him push away but grabbed his legs as he dunked me and pulled him in with me.

He came up laughing and spluttering and I pulled him to me, pressing his thin chest against mine. When he had caught his breath and looked up smiling, I lowered my lips to his and kissed him softly, chastely, the way I might have kissed one of my nephews or my niece.

"Okay, mister," I said as I released him, "let's see how the beef is doing."

The beef, in fact was still hard. I put the steaks in a bowl of water to speed up the thawing process and led Tommy upstairs to the bathroom.

I stripped, tossed my wet Speedos into the bathroom sink and stood boldly, intentionally naked in front of him. It was almost as if I were daring Tommy to do the same. To my amazement, he followed my lead.

"Do you want a shower?"

"Yeah, great," he said, looking and sounding like a shy little kid.

"Come on, it's big enough for both of us." We stepped into the large glass shower stall and I adjusted the water pressure and temperature.

"Is that what I think it is," Tommy said, pointing to the enema wand.

"Yeah, probably," I grinned. "It gives new meaning to clean."

He looked at it but said nothing more.

I took the soap and worked up a rich lather between my palms, then reached out and spread it over his shoulders and chest. I'd somehow thought I'd be able to feel a different texture where his skin was tattooed. In fact, he was as smooth and soft there as everywhere else.

I washed his chest but couldn't bring myself to touch his denuded crotch. He sensed my discomfort and took the soap from me. We both washed ourselves and then dried ourselves.

I smiled at him as he stood naked a few feet in front of me, drying his body and smiling back at me with a slight, timid smile.

"So, Tom," I said when we were both dry, "it's going to be a while before we can grill those steaks."

"Oh, that's okay."

"You're not getting too hungry?"

"No, I'll be fine." He wrapped the damp towel around his slender body and then asked, "but what about you?"

"I'm starved, but I'll survive."

"Well, then."


"What do you want to do while we wait?"

"I was kind of thinking maybe we could get in bed," I said. Why mince words, right?

He smiled his shy smile again and nodded.

Still naked, I walked into the bedroom and pulled the covers off the big king-sized bed. When I turned back he was still standing in the bathroom door. I went to him and, reaching down, gently pulled the towel away. I almost felt as if he was a timid little animal I might spook into running. He looked uneasy but stood his ground.

I bent slightly, took him up in my arms and carried him to the bed. He giggled and when I put him down on the bed, he scooted over to the center. The window drapes were closed and the light was dim. He looked golden and glowing in the soft light. The tattoo which ran down over his chest seemed to be moving, writhing, as if it was something separate from him and alive.

I laid down beside him and turned on my side, my head resting on one arm, and said, very softly, "now what?"

"Well," he smiled, "I think the options are obvious."

"Tell me."

"I'd like to suck you off. I'd also love for you to fuck me."

"Which first?"

"If I blow you, will you be able to fuck me fairly soon, or will you have to wait a while?"

"Fairly soon," I grinned, "probably more or less immediately."

"If I get you off, will it take you longer to come the second time?"

"Yeah, usually," I said, realizing that my own voice had dropped to a whisper in response to his.

"Lay back then. I`ll give you the best blow job you ever had and then you can give me a good long fuck."

I lay back on the big bed and he scooted over a little further towards the far side so I could move into the center. When I was positioned and my legs spread wide, he knelt between them and lowered his pretty mouth to my navel, kissing it, licking it, sucking it, until I thought he'd drive me wild.

Then, when he'd run me crazy, he moved slowly up, kissing my stomach and chest and finally bringing his mouth to my nipples. As he began to lick them I remembered Doc's instructions and asked, "is that okay now?"

"Oh, yes," Tommy said softly, looking up at me. "You can have your tits sucked now."

With that I lay back and relaxed, letting his soft mouth drive me to distraction.

His smooth body was stretched out on my stomach and chest. He felt cool and small and I couldn't get over the unexpected pleasure he gave me. The big rings in his nipples pressed against my belly, sending cold chills through my body.

Was it like being made love to by another man? Not really.

Was it like being with a woman? No, not that either.

This was some totally new experience. It was as if the universe had suddenly dropped a sexy little alien in my bed.

Tommy worked my nipple rings from side to side with his rigid tongue. He then stuck his tongue through the rings and pulled them gently until my nipples were stretched and extended. I was groaning with a happy mixture of pleasure and pain.

He slowly slid down in the bed and, moving his mouth over my chest and down the length of my torso, he finally came to my throbbing cock and circled its wet head with his tongue.

He spiraled slowly down, not sucking, just licking, gliding over every inch of my cock with his warm, wet tongue. It pulsed expectantly. Tremors ran through my body.

Tommy lifted his eyes towards me and whispered, "I love your cock."

Without further delay, he spread his lips and engulfed the head. Then he slowly lowered his lips, letting them slide down over the shaft in one easy motion until the entire length of my cock was deeply embedded in his throat.

I had never experienced anything like it before. Nobody, not even Sean or Bobby, could take me all the way in with such ease. I gasped at the suddenness and apparent ease of it.

Then he began to do something with his throat, a swallowing motion which went on and on. Whenever anyone else had given me head, they'd bobbed up and down, letting their mouth and tongue stroke the length of my cock in a succession of hot, wet movements. This was entirely different. Tommy made no effort to slide back up or otherwise stimulate my cock. He didn't need to. The constricting of his throat was all it took. Within seconds, I exploded deep in his gullet, sending bolt after bolt of my hot seed down his hungry throat.

To be continued.