Tanner's Tales, #14
By John Yarer

This is the fourteenth installment of Tanner's Tales.

When I posted the eighth installment last September, I said it was the last. Since then both Tanner and I have received many messages from readers asking questions about him, about his present whereabouts, and about his life. Some questions have been about his present life. Tanner has said that for now, at least, he does not want to share details beyond the fact that he is living and working with Sean in the Fort Meyers, Florida area.

Other readers have also asked for more details about certain aspects of Tanner's life in Texas and later, in California. These further installments of Tanner's Tales will deal with those periods.

If readers wish to contact Tanner they may do so at the e-mail address below.


As with the earlier installment, these ongoing installments deal with Tanner's experiences as he described them to me. I have tried to put his material into story form, more or less as he presented it to me in e-mailed notes and telephone conversations. It is presented as a factual account but I have omitted or changed the names of certain universities, corporations and individuals.

Please refer to my introductory notes for Tanner's Tales #3, in which I discuss the topics of "S and M," "Fisting" and "Rough Sex." I would be interested in hearing from readers who have personal experience with the practice of fisting, both to satisfy my own curiosity and to confirm or correct any ideas expressed by Tanner and related in these stories.

As in the earlier installment, I have not attempted to convey the exact tone or the accent with which Tanner speaks. He was raised in the South and until his move to Florida, he spent most of his time in the New York City area. He still speaks with echoes of his original regional accent.

Andrew has again proofed this story and both Tanner and I want to express our thanks for all his help.

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"I'm not a eunuch, Tanner," Tommy said, his voice low, his lips caressing my left nipple and its protruding ring. "I'm a nullo."

We were snuggling in my big bed after he'd brought me to a raging climax with his amazing mouth. After I'd climaxed, he'd slowly released my cock and moved up over my body to gently kiss my gaping mouth.

As I revived, I'd held him to me, pressing him against me, letting my tongue invade his mouth, searching for some remnant of my seed. I found none. My powerful climax had occurred while he'd held the head of my cock deep in his constricting throat and every remnant of my seed had shot directly down his throat to merge with his own willing being; a part of me had become a part of him.

Tommy lay on me, his chest pressed against mine, his slight weight no burden at all. I felt the heavy rings in his nipples click against my own new rings from time to time and found the feeling of metal against metal strangely arousing. His body, neither male nor female, was a mystery to me.

He was so soft, so cool, so yielding and compliant. I felt my cock rise and pulse against his strange, smooth crotch. He moved a little, thrusting against me.

"Will you fuck me now?"

"If you want me to."

"Yes, Tanner, but I want to get ready first."

He got up off the bed and went to the bathroom. I heard the shower running and knew what he was doing. I figured he knew how to use the enema wand without any help from me so I just relaxed and let him take care of it. I heard the toilet flush three times, followed each time by the shower. After a little while he came back to the bed.

He lay on me again for a while as we continued to kiss gently. Then I rolled us over so he was spread-eagled on the bed. Kneeling between his legs I looked down at him. His body presented a strange and troubling sight. I couldn't look at him, as he lay there below me, and not think about what he'd endured to make him what he had become.

"Nullo, did you say?"

"Yes, that's become the accepted term."

"But you don't object to me referring to you as a guy?"

"No, I prefer it, at least not knowing any better pronoun. I don't think there is a better term and I really object to being referred to in feminine terms."

"Some cross-dressers and transvestites like being called a girl."

"I guess it's their choice," he said. "For a transsexual, I guess it makes sense. But I'm not a girl, Tanner. At last I have been a boy."

"Your body fascinates me, Tommy."

"I know," He whispered. "It frightens you as well."

"What you went through frightens me."

"I guess it was no worse than the pain of being born."

"Is that how you think of it?"

"Yes. What I am is what I wanted to be, what I know I was meant to be. If it meant enduring pain to become me, it was inevitable."

I bent over him, supporting my weight on my own arms, fearful of injuring him if I lay directly on his delicate body. I lowered my head and kissed him softly on his slightly parted lips.

Tommy's arms came around me and pulled me down.

"I'm afraid I'll crush you if I put all my weight on you," I whispered.

"I'm not some china doll, Tanner. I want your weight."

I gently lowered myself onto him.

"Yes," he whispered as he lifted his legs and locked them around my hips.

We lay like that, kissing tenderly for quite a while. I was fully aroused and he moved his body so the head of my cock was aligned with his ass. It was only when he tried to impale himself on me that I pulled away.

"I want you in me."

"I know," I said. "I should use a condom."

"Only if you insist."

"I think I should," I said, rolling off of him and lifting myself to a kneeling position so I could look down at him again. "But there's something else I want to do first."

I lifted his legs over my shoulders and looked down at the expanse of smooth skin which was his crotch. Lifting him a little higher, forcing his legs a little further apart, I could see his ass pulsing in the spread valley between his round buttocks, and a couple of inches in front of his ass, a second, smaller pucker where his urethra now exited his body.

I turned my head a little so I could kiss his thigh. It was completely smooth, as devoid of hair and as smooth as a woman's. I forced my head to turn a little further as I also moved him so I could see his lower legs and feet. There was no hair on his body that I could find, apart from his slight, pale eyebrows and the short, blonde hair on his head. His chest and armpits were hairless and his body was completely smooth.

I lifted him further, forcing his thighs back against his shoulders, and lowered my mouth to his ass. He moaned as I rimmed him.

"Oh, Tanner," he whimpered.

I ran my tongue over the pulsing rosebud of his ass, feeling its warmth, smelling the delicate scent of him: soap, for sure, but something more. It wasn't the musky smell of a man and not the cloying scent of a woman. Tommy, I thought, just Tommy. Is that how a Nullo smells? I asked myself.

I ran my tongue up over the second pucker, that strange, unnatural second bud.

Returning to his ass, I hardened my tongue into a probing tube and pressed a little into him.

"Oh, yes," he moaned again.

The muscles of his ass yielded easily to me but I realized it was a wilful act on his part. The muscles there were strong, disciplined, I suspected, just as the muscles of his throat were trained to do amazing things.

When I moved my hand to finger him he smiled.

"You don't have to do that, Tanner. I can take your cock whenever you're ready."

"I'm big."

"I know. I love big cocks."

"Have you been fucked by a guy as big as me?"

He giggled softly like a teenage girl. "I don't want to hurt your feelings."

"No, tell me."

"Yes, Tanner," he said. His delicate hand had slipped around so he could gently stroke my hard, restless cock. "Several as big and a couple that are bigger than yours."

"Sean?" I asked. I wasn't sure I really wanted to know but I had to ask.

"Nullos never tell," he whispered, his face illuminated by a gentle smile.

"Okay, I'll ask him."

"I'd be interested to hear what he says."

I bent forward to kiss him again, which forced him to let loose my cock. Immediately his arms were around my chest again, pulling my weight down onto him.

I managed to get one finger to his ass and gently circle it. I worked it in a little as I kissed him, preventing his objections. His sphincter pulsed and squeezed my finger and I knew my cock was in for a treat.

I moved my hand over the expanse of smooth skin between his legs but when I moved too close to his forward hole, he stopped me.

"You mustn't touch me there after you've been playing with my ass."

"Why not?"

"Nullos are very susceptible to unitary tract infections. You really shouldn't touch me there at all."

"I guess I shouldn't have licked it either."

"A little kissing or licking is okay. Some guys want to finger me there but it isn't a good idea."

I rose up, forcing him to release me from the grasp of his arms and legs. Rolling over, sitting on the side of the bed, I reached into the drawer of the bed stand for condoms and lube.

He rolled a little onto his side and watched me as I sheathed myself. I gently rolled the condom over the head of my cock, allowing plenty of room for my PA in the reservoir end of the rubber. It was the first time I'd put a condom on since I'd had the piercing done and I have to admit it felt weird.

When I was ready with a generous coating of lube over my condom-covered cock, I knelt again between his wide spread legs.

"Do you like to fuck in this position?" he asked.

"Yeah, I like to watch a man's face. I can tell a lot about what's going on with him if I can see his face, his eyes."

Tommy smiled at me and said, "you can tell a lot from a Nullo's face, too."

I lifted his legs until they rested on my shoulders again and inserted my lube-coated finger into his waiting ass. I was careful not to touch that other place.

His ass yielded to the slight pressure of my finger and I twisted it in, spreading the lubricating cream over the warm walls of his ass.

"That's good," Tommy said as I pulled my finger out. I wiped my finger on my leg and lowered myself so my cock was pressed against him, just at the mark.

With little effort, I pressed into him. I felt as if it were more his doing than mine. In seconds I was in him to the hilt. My pubic hair pressed against his hairless crotch.

Tommy sighed.

We lay like that, our bodies connected, our lips gently touching.

After a while Tommy whispered, "now, Tanner, fuck me hard."

I slipped back until the flair of my cock head dragged against the interior of his sphincter and then slammed back in. I wanted to fuck him hard, at least at first, just to see how rough he really liked it. As I pounded into him he moaned.

"Yeah, harder."

I pulled back and banged in again.

"Yeah, oh yeah."

I soon learned that there were no limits with Tommy. As hard as I fucked him, he wanted more. I was soon pounding into him with all the force my body could muster, driving in with force and speed, not relenting, just going for broke.

We were both loving it but I feared it wouldn't last long. I guess it lasted longer than I'd expected since he'd just gotten me off a few minutes before. The kid knew what he was doing. He wanted it hard and he wanted it long. By blowing my fucking brains out before he let me fuck him, he more or less guaranteed both of us one sensational fuck.

Our bodies were locked together and I was sweating like a pig. To may amazement Tommy was still as cool as a virgin.

After a long time of fucking him for all I was worth, I felt him stiffen beneath me and looked down to see his eyes had rolled back in his head. Then suddenly my crotch was wet. I drew back a little and looked down at him.

"Oh, yeah, Tanner," Tommy moaned. "I just came and I came big."

His ass was clenching and I was over the edge. I felt my cock explode and knew I'd blasted one huge load into the condom which covered my cock and my new PA. It was truly awesome.

Eventually I rolled off of him and we lay for a long time, side by side, just breathing hard, getting our brains to work and the room to stop spinning. Eventually I rolled over onto my side and looked down at him. His body looked spent.

"There are a few things I need to get straight, Tommy," I eventually said as I ran my hand over his soft, smooth chest.


"Well, first off, you came, right?"

"Yeah, I came and it was wonderful."

"How does that work, exactly?"



"Well, I still have a prostate, Tanner. When you bang into it enough I can shoot a load."

"And it comes out that little piss hole Doc made for you?"

"Yeah, but Doc didn't do that part of my work."

"Oh, who did it then?"

"A urologist friend of ours, a guy who's into a lot of the same things we're into. A complete castration and penectomy is way more than Doc can do in our little shop, and besides, I had a spinal block, which we couldn`t manage in the shop. It was done at a private clinic."

"So you were awake while they were working on you?"

"Yes, they positioned a mirror so I could watch."

"Oh, gees," I moaned. "I think I'm going to get sick just thinking about it."

"No reason to be sick, Tanner, just think of me as me, the way I am is the way I want to be. Case closed."

"I do have a couple of more questions and then I really will leave it alone."

"Okay, ask anything you want."

"Well, first, you have no body hair. Is that the result of what was done to you?"

"Mostly. I was really anxious to have the modifications before I was too far into puberty. By having my testicles removed before I'd really started to mature sexually, I avoided a lot of problems older men who undergo nullification often have. I did have a little electrolysis about a year ago but I didn't need much." He looked at me for a moment and when I didn't immediately respond he said, "you said you had a couple of questions."

"Yeah," I said, not sure if I should ask the one remaining question which still troubled me the most. Eventually Tommy raised his eyebrows questioningly and I just spit it out. "Knowing what you know now, Tommy, are you still glad you did it?"

"Definitely, Tanner. I wouldn't want to be anything or anyone than who I am."

I rolled over on my back and dozed. I knew I'd never really understand.

Tommy and I had sex several more times over that weekend. I asked him to tell me when he wanted me to take him home but he insisted there was no hurry. I was in no hurry either. He gave magnificent head and he was one truly crazy fuck. By the time I drove him back to the shop on Sunday evening I was worn out and my condom supply was zilch.

Other than the times I was in to have Doc look at my piercing or put in larger rings, I never saw Tommy again.

On Wednesday after my weekend with Tommy, Sean got home. We had dinner on Wednesday but he wouldn't stay over. Thursday and Friday were work days and he said he didn't want me going in to work worn out.

On Friday evening, however, he came to see my new abode. We got as far as the bedroom and that was it. We had an amazing weekend and never left the house.

We hardly left the bed except to shower and eat.

First thing Sean insisted on was me fucking him because he wanted to feel my PA in his ass.

I told him about Tommy but it didn't seem to worry him at all. "You used a condom, right?"

"Sure, Sean. Except with you I always do."

"Well then," he said. "Tommy got to feel your sheathed cock but I'll be the first one to get you bareback with your new toy."

"Well, you paid for it," I grinned, "I guess you should get my first bareback PA fuck." Then remembering what Doc said about using a condom until I was completely healed, I asked Sean if he thought it would be okay for us to do it without a rubber.

"It'll be fine, lover," he said. "By now you're completely healed." Then, rubbing my nuts while he played around, pushing his finger up my ass, he asked, "so tell me what you thought of Tommy?"

I had difficulty expressing what I did think. Tommy was an amazing experience but I knew I wouldn't want Nullo sex as a regular thing. It was weird and kinky but in the end, so to speak, I guess I like my men to be men, real men.

I fucked Sean with everything I had, face to face, doggy style and standing in the shower. And yeah, he fucked me a few times too.

It was wonderful.

I truly love the guy.

To be continued.