Tanner's Tales
By John Yarer

This is the second of Tanner's Tales. I have received a rather surprising response to the first installment of this story and have decided to continue it, at least for a while.

Tanner has provided me with enough material for two or three more installments. Beyond that we will see if there is interest on the part of readers and interest on Tanner's part in continuing the series.

As with the first installment, this story is based on Tanner's experiences as he described them to me. I have written it more or less as it was presented to me in e-mail messages and telephone conversations. It is presented as a factual account but I have omitted or changed the names of certain universities, corporations and individuals.

As in the first installment, I have not attempted to convey the exact tone or the accent with which Tanner speaks but I think you will realize that he comes from the Deep South and although he now spends most of his time in the New York City area, he still speaks with echoes of his original regional accent.

Andrew has again proofed this story and both Tanner and I want to express our thanks for all his help.
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Two weeks after his first visit, Sean called me and said he'd be in town for the weekend.

In the middle of our afternoon practice that Friday I looked over and saw him standing on the sidelines talking with the head coach. I was a little surprised how friendly they seemed, but remembered that he'd told me he'd been to the camp himself nine years earlier. He'd also been back to visit the camp over the last few years because of his duties as the official host for the XXX Corporation.

While we were in the locker room following the practice, Sean walked in and stood talking with me. I'd just come out of the shower when he arrived and he just stood there watching me and visiting while I dressed. I guess I wasn't embarrassed being naked in front of him, but it was odd with the other guys around.

"You're looking good, Tanner," he said. "The camp must be agreeing with you."

He was right. I'd been working out a lot, not only the daily football practice, but a lot of time in the weight room as well. I knew I looked more toned than I had just two weeks before.

"So, Tanner," one of the guys called, "got a heavy date for the weekend?"

I just grinned, but Sean called back, "I figure I can keep him busy. If any of you guys want to make it a threesome we could see what we could arrange."

"Yeah, right," another guy called across the locker room, "Tanner wants you to himself."

"Well, the offer stands," Sean grinned as I picked up my gym bag and headed out with him.

"Do you need anything from the dorm?" he asked as we got to the Beemer. It had been a nice day and he had the top down.

"Well, that depends on what you have planned."

"For what I have in mind, you don't need anything more than you have with you."

"Well, let's haul ass then."

Sean had told me he'd reserve a room at the motel where he'd stayed the weekend of the barbeque so I was a little surprised when he headed in the opposite direction. In no time at all we were out of town and into the rolling country side.

"Where we going?" I asked.

"Sit tight. You'll see," he said as he rammed the pedal to the floor and we shot past ten miles in about seven minutes. As we'd left the town and gotten into the countyside the temperature had begun to drop.

When we came to a crossing he made a fast right and then about a mile down, took another right through an open gate and into a private lane. Sean slowed, not wanting to damage the paint job on the gravel road, and in about two or three more minutes we arrived at a huge log cabin set back among huge pines on the edge of what looked like a deep valley.

I guess the place was too big to be called a cabin, a lodge, maybe. There was a dark gray Mercedes in front of a wide porch which ran the length of the place. A guy who looked about fifty was standing by the cabin door. He was tall with a heavy head of silver hair that looked like he'd spent a bundle on styling. He was wearing 501s and a tight knit shirt. It was clear that, despite his age, he was in good shape.

"Hi, Bill," Sean called as we got out of the car.

"Evening, boys. I guess this is Tanner."

"Yep, the one and only," Sean called back as he took his bag from the trunk. I grabbed my gym bag out of the back seat, it was all I had with me, and followed Sean up three or four stone steps to the porch. The air was much cooler here and there was a gentle breeze swaying the tops of the tall trees.

We walked into the place, following Bill. Man, it was huge. There was a big room which seemed to run from one side of the building to the other and rose to a high sloping ceiling overhead. There was a balcony which ran along the entire length of the place, along the back for the big room, with doors leading off of it into what I later learned were four large bedrooms, each of which had its own bath and dressing area.

At the right end of the huge room was a kitchen area and at the left end, an enormous fireplace with a stone chimney which rose to the ridge of the high ceiling. The place was made of logs and rough cut timber and rough stone. The scent of pine smoke from the open fireplace was heavy in the air. It was furnished in a rustic but very elegant way.

Note: Tanner later learned that the place Sean took him was owned by the XXX Corporation and used by its senior executives for company parties and for entertaining their most highly valued clients. Over the next few years he spent a lot of time there. It was called Caspian Lodge, although Tanner didn't know that until later.

Bill led the way across the huge room, under the overhead balcony, and out through double doors at the back, onto a large patio which was paved with irregular pieces of local flagstone. Set into the flagstone patio was a whirlpool tub about seven or eight feet in diameter. The waterw as being worked into a bubbling froth by the jets below the surface.

The landscaping, which I later learned had been done by a very famous designer, gave the feeling of natural vegetation, but was planned to provide privacy and screen the space from view. Off to the right I could see a swimming pool and an outbuilding which I later learned contained dressing rooms and a well equipped exercise room.

Just beyond the tub was a low stone wall and beyond it, the wide expanse of a deep, wooded valley. The views from the patio were incredible. You felt as if you could see for miles across the valley to distant hills.

"Well, let's get naked and see if this stud is as impressive as you say he is," Bill said as he pulled his knit shirt off over his head. I'd been right about his build. He had a deep, muscular chest and a hard belly. His arms were stringy with hard muscles and bulging veins. His chest was covered with a thick mat of curly gray hair.

Sean just grinned at me and began taking off his own cloths. Not wanting to be the odd man out, I did the same. Within seconds we were all three standing there naked and it was clear they were both looking me over.

Sean was like me, definitely a shower. His cock was hanging at his full length and behind it, his balls were big and low.

Bill was smaller in the cock department, maybe six inches, but cut and nice. I guess he stood just about six feet tall and he seemed to be completely at ease with his nakedness.

"Impressive," Bill said, looking at me, and stepped into the hot tub. The water was steaming in the cool evening air and he slowly settled into it. "Well, don't be strangers," he smiled, beckoning us to join him. Sean and I followed Bill and took places around the circular bench, stretching our legs out until they touched in the center. When my leg touched Sean's he looked over at me and smiled. He didn't say anything but it was like he was telling me it was going to be okay.

We sat in the steaming water for several minutes, just relaxing and letting the turbulence ease our bodies. Eventually Bill sort of beckoned to me.

"Come here, Tanner. I want a closer look at that monster of yours."

I looked at Sean, not knowing how to respond. He just smiled and nodded, so I stood up and moved over in front of Bill. The hot water had caused my cock and balls to relax. I was hanging at my full length but I wasn't really hard.

"Sean tells me he deep throated you. That's an impressive feat."

"He's the first guy to take it all the way," I said.

Bill laughed. "I can believe that, but then we knew our Sean has talent."

"Yes, sir, I guess we could say that," I responded, giving him a little smile.

"Drop the sir, Tanner. Just call me Bill."

"Okay, Bill," I said, feeling a little uncomfortable with his command.

"Sean also says you fucked him."


"I bet that was hot."

"It was very hot, Bill."

"Well, later maybe you boys can give me a repeat performance, since I missed the first go-round."

I looked at Sean. He smiled at me again but said nothing.

"Right now I'd say it was time for a beer," Bill said and Sean immediately stood up, exposing his hard cock.

"I'll get them, just stay put," Sean said as he stepped out of the tub and walked off across the patio.

It struck me that it was odd for all three of us to be naked out in the open like that. It was still light but the sun was setting and the air was definitely a lot cooler.

Bill just leaned his head back against the side of the tub and relaxed. I sat back down and remained silent. Within a couple of minutes Sean came back with frosted glass mugs and several cans of beer on a tray. He squatted down and put them on the edge of the tub, within reach of where Bill was sitting in the chest-deep water.

"If you want Tanner and me to get it on I'm going to go get ready," Sean said as he rose and left us for the second time.

I looked over at Bill as he poured a can of beer into one of the mugs and handed it to me.

"Thanks, Bill," I said, and then added, "what did Sean mean, about getting ready?"

"He'll get his butt cleaned out for you, that's all."

I wanted to ask more but felt awkward with it and remained silent. I sat back and sipped the beer. It's coldness contrasted with the hot water which bubbled around us. Again, Bill said nothing and I remained quiet as well.

Sean took his time. It was almost half an hour before he returned, still naked, but with his cock now shrunk to nearly nothing in the cool air.

"You ready?" Bill asked when Sean returned.

"Yeah, any time," Sean said and grinned at me.

"Let's go in. it's getting a cold out here," Bill said as he rose from the water. On a chair near the hot tub there were huge white towels and white terrycloth robes. We dried off and Bill slipped into one of the robes. Sean just wrapped a towel around his slim waist and tucked it in. I followed his lead and followed them as the three of us went back through the double doors into the huge room. They moved to the fireplace end and Bill stretched out on a big, inviting sofa.

"Where do you want us?" Sean asked.

"How about here, on the floor in front of the fire. It should be cozy if it isn't too hard on your back."

"With a few of these cushions I'll be fine." He looked over at me and added, "come here, guy."

As I walked over to him he loosened the towel from around his waist and tossed it onto a nearby chair. When I reached him he reached out and loosened my towel as well. As he tossed it onto his, he ran his free hand down my side and then drew me into a loose hug. I'd lost my erection in the cool air as we walked from the hot tub into the house but I was soon hard again as he began to caress me.

"Remember what I taught you about kissing?"

"Yeah," I said.

"Well, let's begin like that, just relax a little."

We drew closer and his arms closed firmly around me, pressing me to him. His mouth moved to mine and his lips opened slightly as we made contact. We kissed lightly at first but I found my tongue was anxious to move into his mouth as we had done two weeks earlier. I had lost all concern, it seemed, about kissing another guy.

I was becoming very aroused as our naked bodies moved together. My cock was fully hard now and getting wet. It was pressed up against my stomach and held tightly between us.

I guess I was moaning audibly because Sean backed off a little and grinned. "We'd better get to it before you shoot your load," he whispered in my ear.

"If I do, I'll be ready to go in a few minutes again anyway."

"I remember," he said, pulling me down onto the rug. It was some sort of Indian design and the course wool felt rough against my naked skin.

"Here," Sean said as he sensed my problem and piled two big pillows together, end to end. He stretched out on them, lying on his back, and pulled me onto him.

He pulled me to him and we began to move together again, our cocks moving side by side, sliding back and forth in the hot, wet vice of our bodies. "Do you want to fuck me now?"

"That's what Bill wants to see, right?"

"Yeah. How do you feel about that?"

"I don't know. I've never done it with somebody watching."

"Tell him that."

I looked over at Bill, who was stretched out on a big sofa not more than five or six feet from us. His white terrycloth robe had fallen open and his naked body was visible and his cock was hard. He looked bigger from this position as I looked up at him from floor level.

"This feels really odd, Bill."

"Yeah, kid, how?"

"Well, I never did this in front of anybody before."

"How does it make you feel?"

"I don't know exactly."

"It doesn't look like you're having any trouble keeping that big cock of yours hard."

"No problem there."

"Maybe it sort of turns you on, knowing I'm here watching."

"Yeah, I guess it does."

"Good, I like that. It means you have a good healthy streak of the exhibitionist in you. That will come in handy."

He was slowly stroking his own meat as he watched us.

"So are you boys ready to fuck?"

"Yeah, I guess so, Bill," I said. Then to Sean, I asked, "shouldn't I lube your ass?"

"I already did. Just take it slow and come on in."

"Do you want me to open you up with my fingers a little first?"

"Ask Bill what he thinks."

"Bill, Sean wants to know if I should finger him a little before I fuck him."

"I'd like that, Tanner. He has an ass like a barn door. You could drive a tractor in there, but it's always fun to see him getting it spread."

Without any further word from me, Sean lifted his legs up and rested his ankles on my shoulders, giving me access to his ass. I ran my fingers along his wide spread crack and felt the bud of his ass twitch as I touched it. I did that a few times and then pressed one finger into him.

Sean moaned as I pressed in but didn't seem to be experiencing any pain. I moved my finger around a little, twisting it into him. It felt as if he'd squeezed half a tube of Vaseline in there.

"You ready for two fingers, fellow? I asked.

"Skip two, go for three."

"See what I was telling you, Tanner, the guy opens up like a fucking barn door," Bill said from the sofa.

I withdrew my index finger and pressed in again with three bunched fingers, feeling them slide in easily, almost as if they were being sucked in by some powerful vacuum. Sean was moaning again and rolling his head from side to side.

"Oh, yeah," he was saying, "oh, yeah."

"Shall I fuck him now, Bill?" I asked, looking over at the older man.

"I want to see you plug him first."

"What with?"

Bill turned around and picked up some sort of carved stone ornament from the table behind the sofa. I guessed it was meant to be modern art, some sort of abstract sculpture, but it looked for all the world, like a big, fat dildo. It was thicker than my cock and a little over a foot long. I knew Sean could take the girth because the plug he'd had me put up his ass when we'd been together two weeks earlier was even thicker. I didn't know about the length, but assumed he would stop me when he had as much as he could handle

When Bill handed it to me I was surprised by how heavy it was, probably a good ten pounds.

"Should I get some grease to put on this?"

"No, just take it slow."

I pressed the flared head against his already spread ass and gently pressed it in. He slowly opened to accommodate it as the ring of his ass spread wider and wider as the massive head slipped in. The head alone was about three inches long and after the flair, the shaft didn't really slim down. I just continued as if it were the shaft of a horribly thick cock.

I marveled as inch by inch the heavy stone shaft sank into him.

"You okay, buddy?" I asked when all but an inch of so of the thing was in him.

"Yeah, I want it all. Push it in until my ass closes around it."

"You sure? What if we can't get it out?"

"I can push it out. I've taken it before."


"I've fucked him with it," Bill said. "My cock's not big enough to give him much pleasure, so when I fuck him I usually finish him off with that, once I've filled him up with my come."

I was definitely getting some new insights into the relationship between these two men.

When I had pressed the entire length of the stone shaft into Sean's ass, I pressed the end in still further with my fingers, watching in amazement as the ring of his ass closed behind it, completely hiding the monstrous stone cock.

"Oh, god, that feels so fucking hot," Sean moaned as he rose up a little. He couldn't bring his legs together because of the presence of the huge stone object which now filled his gut. He moved up into a kneeling position and then lowered his ass , slowly grinding his rear into the pillows. "So fucking hot!" he moaned again.

"When you gona get rid of that thing and let ME fuck you?" I asked, feeling my own need rising.

"Just give me a second, Tanner." He rocked backward and forward, pressing his ass into the pillows while he slowly str0ked his cock. It was leaking now, a steady stream of clear fluid which ran down over the head as he worked it.

"Let me help you there, Sean," I said. I was kneeling now between his legs. I reached out to move his hand from his cock and replace it with my own. I grasped the shaft just behind the head and moved my thumb over the slit, spreading the sticky fluid. Sean groaned. He put his arms behind him and leaned back, supporting himself and flexing the deeply ridged muscles of his abs and chest.

I leaned forward and pressed my slightly parted lips to the slit of his cock. The abundant clear fluid tasted salty. Its taste mingled with his musky male smell and the scent of chlorine from the hot tub. The combination was heady, making me even more aroused. I ran my tongue over the head of his pulsing cock, leaving it wet and shiny with the mixture of my saliva and his own fluids.

"Suck him, Tanner, take his cock," Bill said from the sofa, his voice rough with lust.

I spread my lips as wide as they would go and pressed down. Sean's cock was not as long or as think as my own, but it was almost more than I could handle. I'd sucked plenty of cocks before, mostly my high school football teammates, but none as big as Sean's. I pressed down a little more and felt my lips move over the flair of his cock head and close behind it over the slightly thinner shaft.

Sean was moaning now, a constant animal growl, coming from deep in his chest. I ran my hands up over his taught abs and along the hard edge of his pectoral muscles until I found his magnificent tits. They were as big around as the tips of my little fingers and stood out hard and dark against the mounds of his chest.

I couldn't take much of his shaft, which made me wonder all the more at his ability to take mine, but I sucked and licked the part I managed to get into my mouth. As I did so I continued to pinch and twist and torture his tits, feeling them grow still more between my fingers.

Sean was tensing now, his body on the edge, ready to explode. I made no effort to delay the inevitable, knowing that by that point he just wanted to get off. I felt his cock expand and pulse and then my mouth was flooded with his seed. I swallowed and felt my mouth fill again. I swallowed again, trying to stay ahead of the flood. I managed to take most of it, but some worked its way out of the corners of my mouth and down into his thick pubic hair, lying across the tight curls in white ribbons.

We were all three groaning now. Bill brought himself to climax, shooting several bolts of rich white seed up onto the gray matted hair of his muscular chest. I slowly released Sean's shaft from my mouth and, still kneeling, gave my own cock the few storks it took to bring me to a raging climax, shooting my own stuff onto Sean's stomach and chest, mixing it with his own, as he tried to get his own breathing back to normal. He raised up and, to my amazement, pressed the huge stone cock out of his ass. As the first few inches of the shaft emerged, he grasped it in his right hand and held it as it slowly emerged. When the entire length of it slid from his stretched ass, he laid it on the towel he'd tossed aside and then collapsed back onto the pillows, pulling me down onto him.

"Oh, Tanner," Sean gasped, "that was so fucking hot."

"Yeah, and I haven't even fucked you yet!"

"You'll have to rest for a little, right?"

"Yeah, but it won't take me long to be ready."

We lay there, very still at first, then slowly, Sean began to move against me. I loved the warmth of his body and the closeness between us. He began to kiss my ear, nibbling on the lobe, running his tongue into the cavity, leaving it wet and cool.

I felt my cock hardening between us and in no time at all, I had a raging hard-on. Sean's legs came around me, holding my rear against his crotch. His hands were moving gently over my back and shoulders and I knew he wanted me in him as much as I wanted to come in. He rocked back a little and I readjusted my position so my cock slipped down behind his balls and began to probe for entry.

At one point I looked over and saw that Bill was sitting up, leaning forward, watching Sean and me as we prepared to fuck.

Sean moved his hands up behind my head and pulled me toward him, guiding my mouth to his. Our lips met and we began a long, slow, penetrating kiss. We were both moaning now, wanting more, lusting for it, driven, almost frantic.

I felt the head of my cock probe against his ass and adjusted my position so the angle of approach was right. Then, in one slow, easy movement, I moved into him. The channel of his ass was hot and wet and ready. The muscles which would normally guard the entry were so relaxed that I felt little or no resistance as the entire length of my cock slipped in, up to the hilt, buried in him, driving forward for just that last fraction of an inch of penetration. I was home.

Our bodies began to move together and in seconds we had found the rhythm. We'd been there before, we knew each other, knew the right approach, the right angle, the right speed.

Having both come so recently, we knew we could make it last, so we settled in for the long haul. Sean's legs crossed around my rear, locking me to him, his arms coming around my body, holding us fast.

"Yeah, buddy," Sean moaned, "this feels so fucking good."

"Yeah, wonderful."

"You boys are beautiful together," Bill whispered and I realized he was kneeling on the floor beside us, wanting to be a part of our lovemaking."

"This is the second time I've fucked you, Sean," I whispered, my lips against his ear.

"Yeah, and I hope we keep it up. This feels so good."

"Next time I want you in me, babe."

"Yeah? I had you figured for an exclusive top."

"No, I like it both ways, especially with a guy who knows how to fuck, and I have a feeling you know just about all there is to know."

"I'd love to fuck you, Tan," he whispered, "but first I'd want to eat your ass."

"Oh, yeah," I said, "I could definitely go for that."

Bill began to stroke my shoulder and my back. He ran his hands over my arms and felt my bunched biceps, then moved down to grasp the mounds of my butt and squeeze them. He was spreading them now and I knew he was moving toward my ass. His fingers moved over it and paused. I wondered what he had in mind. Did he want to finger me? Did he want to fuck me as I fucked Sean? I could go for that.

As it turned out, he just wanted to touch and finger and probe. He found the bud of my ass and pressed in with a single finger, moving in dry, making me squirm. I pressed back against his finger and felt him press in. He leaned over and spit into my crack, moving his finger so it became wet and a little more slippery, and then pressed in again.

Slowly Bill worked his finger in full length and then began to twist and turn it and probe still more deeply into my ass. He found my prostate and pressed. I felt as if blue sparks were shooting through my body. It was all I needed to come. My body stiffened and I exploded deep in Sean's ass, sending him over the edge so that we both spasmed at once, sharing the moment of our ecstasy.

"Oh, yeah," we both moaned as Bill gradually pulled out of me, sat up and returned to the sofa.

"I don't know about you boys, but I could use a little something to eat and then I'm off to bed."

I had lost all sense of time.

Later, after cheese and bread and fruit, all any of us wanted, along with more beer, we said our good-nights and climbed the stairs to bed.

"Take the room on the far right end of the balcony," Sean said. "I'll join you in a little while, after I get Bill tucked in."

"Can I help?" I asked, not knowing what his duties might be.

"He'll want a blow job and then he'll go off to sleep."

"I could come along and we could do him together."

"Maybe tomorrow night, he'd like that. But tonight just take a shower and get to bed. I'll join you as soon as I can."

"You'll wake me if I fall asleep, right?"

"Sure," he said, giving me a little pat on the butt and heading off toward Bill's room at the opposite end of the balcony. Before he was half a dozen steps away he turned and said, softly, almost a stage whisper, "sleep naked, all right?"

"I always do."

Note: By this point in their friendship Tanner tells me he had begun to think of Sean as an advisor and guide. That relationship continued for the next five years, the year Tanner was a high school senior and then during his four years at XXX University. Sean left the XXX Corporation in 1993, one year before Tanner, but they continue to be close friends to this day.

I showered and climbed into the big king size bed. The sheets felt crisp and cool and I must have quickly fallen asleep.

Sometime later I was awakened by Sean sliding into the bed beside me. His body felt cool and smelled of soap and shampoo. He moved against me and then settled onto his back. I rolled over against him and did what I had wanted to do all evening. I locked my lips around his big left tit and began to suck like a baby.

Sean moaned and moved closer to me, giving me better access to his hard, muscular chest. "That feels wonderful," he whispered. I moved over him to service his right tit, just as I had done with his left. They were the biggest tits I'd ever seen on a man, bigger than some women's, and amazingly hard and hot.

After a few minutes of powerful sucking, I pulled off and looked at them. They were now wet and shining from my attention and seemed to protrude even more dramatically from the hard mounds of his chest.

"How'd you get such big ones?" I asked.

"They were always big for a guy, but they've had a lot of attention over the years."

"You mean other guys have sucked them like I was doing?"

"Yeah, a lot of sucking, a lot of play and a lot of tit torture.  But they're also pierced, Tan. That tends to make a guy's tits swell."

"Pierced like for rings?"

"Yeah, rings or bars."

"Gee, Sean, that's wild!"

"Yeah, I guess it is. It can also be really hot."

"It must have hurt like hell when you had it done."

"Yeah, it did, but I think I must be some kind of a masochist `cause I really got off on it, too."

"No kidding?"

"No kidding. I just about came when the guy shoved the needle through."

I leaned over his chest and examined his tits more closely. "There's a sort of depression in each side of your tits but I can't see a hole or anything."

"They're there. I'll put rings in for you sometime."

"How come you don't wear rings all the time."

"I did when I first had them pierced, I had to so they wouldn't heal shut. Now even if I go a long time with out wearing anything in the piercing, they stay open." He ran his hands over his chest, wiping off my saliva and leaving them nearly dry. "Some of the men I'm with don't like body piercing so I just wear rings when I'm with guys who like it, or when I go to the leather clubs."

"What about Bill? Does he like it?"

"No, Tan, he doesn't. I think it's a little too kinky for him. A lot of older guys are like that."

"I sort of guessed that."

"Yeah, they like sex with young guys and really get off on watching us together, but when it comes to anything too crazy, they draw the line."

"That was really wild tonight, fucking around with you and having him just sitting there watching."

"But you were okay with it, right?"

"Yeah, after the first few minutes. You got me so hot I  could have been on a stage with a hundred guys watching."

"I should have told you on the way out from the university that we might get into that scene tonight. I'm sorry I didn't." With that he rolled over just a little and drew me to him for a long, gentle kiss. When our lips parted he said, "I'm sorry if it upset you, Tan."

"It didn't, not really."

"Well, like Bill said, you probably have a bit of the exhibitionist in you. I think a lot of football players do."


"Sure, did it ever bother you to have a bunch of people watching you out on the playing field?"

"No, but I never played naked in front of an audience before, even an audience of one."

"Well, you did good."

He kissed me again and we lay there for a while locked in each other's arms, kissing, nibbling, loving.

"You sure seem to be over any uneasiness with kissing," he said when we pulled apart.

"Yeah, I love it now."

"So you don't think it's queer anymore."

"Oh, I still think it's queer. I just don't give a fuck."

"Good boy."

We returned to our kissing, our tongues moving back and forth from my mouth to his. When we took another break I raised up a little and looked down at him.

"Sean, would you do something for me?" I said, looking into his eyes.

"Sure, babe, anything."

"Well, two things."

"Okay, two things. What do you want?"

"Well, do you have any rings with you? For your tits, I mean."

"Yeah, for my tits and elsewhere."



"Shit! Where."

"My cock. I have a PA."

"What the fuck is that?"

"A piercing in my urethra so I can wear a ring in my cock."

"Gees, Sean, you never cease to amaze me." I looked down at him and then went on, "so anyway, would you put them in for me?"

"Sure, Tan, if you want. That's one thing. What's the other?"

"Well, then I want you to fuck me."

To be continued.