Tanner's Tales #4
By John Yarer

This is the fourth installment of Tanner's Tales. Unlike the first three installments, which were organized more or less as they'd been told to me by Tanner, this one is a combination of three different tales. As told to me the events did not occur over a single weekend. In my telling of them, however, I have brought them together as a single continuous story.

As with the earlier installment, this story is based on Tanner's experiences as he described them to me. I have tried to put his material into written form, more or less as he was presented to me in e-mail notes and telephone conversations. It is presented as a factual account but I have omitted or changed the names of certain universities, corporations and individuals.

Please refer to my introductory notes for Tanner's Tales #3, in which I discuss the topics of "S and M," "Fisting" and "Rough Sex." I would be interested in hearing from readers who have personal experience with the practice of fisting, both to satisfy my own curiosity and to confirm or correct any ideas expressed by Tanner and related in these stories.

As in the earlier installment, I have not attempted to convey the exact tone or the accent with which Tanner speaks but I think you will realize that he comes from the Deep South and although he now spends most of his time in the New York City area, he still speaks with echoes of his original regional accent.

Andrew has again proofed this story and both Tanner and I want to express our thanks for all his help. This work is copyrighted © by John Yager, et al, and may not be reproduced in any form without specific written permission from the author. It is assigned to the Nifty Archives under the terms of their submission agreement but it maynot be copied or archived on any other site without the written permission of the author.

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I didn't wake up until after eleven o'clock Saturday morning, and when I did, Sean was standing over me with a steaming mug of black coffee and a big grin on his face. "You believe in sleeping in, boy?"

"Hi," I managed to say, trying to get my eyes to cooperate and my muscles to uncoil.

 "In about an hour your handsome presence will be demanded at a lunch in your honor. I figured you might want time for a soak in a hot tub. At least I suspect certain parts of your body may be crying out for a little soothing right now."

My ass did ache and my dick felt as if it had been used overtime.

"Well, at least a hot shower."

"Take your pick. Right now you stink and you look about as appealing as a used rubber." He smiled again and gave my thigh a hard slap. "You said you wanted to join the club, right?"

"Yeah," I responded quickly. He'd gotten my attention. "You bet, Sean. I want in."

"Okay, you've got an hour. When I see you again I want you radiating all your boyish charm."

As Sean turned to leave it registered for the first time that he was wearing a pair of loose pale yellow shorts, like running shorts, and a matching tank top, also loose, hanging over his muscular shoulders and chest. It looked as if his cock was almost hard.

"Ah, Sean," I called after him, "how shall I dress?"

"Shorts are fine, just enough to cover your private part and show off that beautiful body of yours."

"Shorts and a T-shirt?"

"Shorts. Do you have a tank top?"

"No, not with me."

"What color are your shorts?"

"Dark blue or white. I have both."

"Get in the shower. I'll bring you a white top and you can wear it with either pair." He turned to leave as I climbed out of the wrecked bed. "Oh, one more thing."


"Just the shorts. Don't wear anything under them."

"You sure? My equipment will probably dangle."

"Good, let it dangle all it wants, just the shorts."

"Okay, you got it."

He left and I went in search of my stuff. I found my tack kit and headed for the bathroom, passing the bed on my way and pausing to stare at it again. The covers were all clumped on the floor at its foot. The top sheet was loose and hanging off the far side. The bottom sheet had come loose at the bottom and in the center was a long nasty stain. I figured I'd contributed to the mess but had little memory of last night.

In the shower I set the water to hot and began to scrub my body and shampoo my hair. My ass stung when the soap hit it and I remembered the sensations of Sean's hand deep inside me. Suddenly my cock was hard and the memories came flooding back.

"My god," I thought, "Sean fisted me last night." I guess now I really wasn't a virgin in any way whatsoever. My cock was throbbing at the memories of the time with Sean. I ran suds over it and began to slowly stroke it. "No, better not," I reminded myself. I was bound to have a lot of demands put on me today and I wanted to be able to perform at peak condition. It was a little like conserving energy before a big football match.

The hot water revived me and I soon began to feel human again. I reached for my razor and shaved quickly. At seventeen, my beard wasn't all that coarse and I usually shaved no more than three or four times a week. But today was special and I wanted to look my best. My boyish charm, that's what Sean had said was called for.

When I came out of the bathroom I found the bed had been stripped and a white tank top was hanging over the back of a chair. I found my white shorts and pulled them on. With the matching tank top I looked like a kid in his underwear, but the effect, I had to admit, was erotic. I stood in front of the full length mirror and admired myself. I had the body of a mature man. My chest was well developed and my arms and shoulders were huge. My face, however, was still the face of a teenage kid.

Sean had been barefoot, so I grabbed a towel and went out onto the balcony which overlooked the larger room below. Sean and Bill were standing by the fireplace with three other men. They hadn't seen me yet so I stood there listening to their conversation and trying to sort out the three new arrivals.

Standing next to Bill, leaning back against the fireplace, was a guy who was probably about thirty-five. He was tall, probably taller than me, but it was hard to tell from this angle. He had short brown hair and a rugged, handsome face. He looked very familiar and I knew I should recognize him.

Seated on the sofa were two older guys, probably in their late forties ore early fifties. One was thinner and balding, the other heavier with a full head of gray hair.

As I walked along the balcony toward the stairs I heard Sean say, "Yeah, last night. He's ready and willing. I think he'll be a great addition to the team."

"He knows the rules?" Bill asked.

"More or less. I don't think he'll balk at the ones I haven't explained yet."

"Okay then," Bill said, nodding to the two men on the sofa. "Which of you wants to play with him this afternoon?"

"I'll take him and Sean together," the heavier guy said. "Sean, will you be sure he knows what I want?"

"Absolutely, David. I'll get with him right after lunch."

"Good, then come up about three o'clock."

"We'll be ready," Sean said. It was at that moment that he saw me coming down the stairs and gave a little wave.

"Here's Tanner now."

As I approached the group, Sean put his arm around my shoulders and said, "Tanner, we have some new guests."
The younger guy by the fireplace was Tommy Barlow. It had been over ten years since he'd played college football and he'd not done well in the pros. Still, I was embarrassed that I hadn't recognized him. The bald guy was Roger McAllen and the heavier one, David Call, both vice presidents at XXX.

Barlow looked very fit. I learned later that he was still working for XXX in its public relations department, doing personal appearances at meetings and going to schools, things like that. But he had also started a string of health clubs and had about six strung across Texas and was just getting ready to open three more in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and New Orleans. He was not only doing very well with them but they also gave him the incentive to stay in great shape. I guess he was his own best advertisement.

Each of the three newcomers was wearing khaki slacks and expensive looking sport shirts. Bill was dressed much the same, so only Sean and I were wearing such revealing shorts and tops. I felt a little out of place.

Lunch that day was cold salads and do it yourself sandwiches. They put out a huge tray of cold meats and two or three kinds of bread and we all just sat around the table by the fireplace. The men were all drinking beer but without even asking, Sean just poured milk for me. "It enhances your youthful image," he said with a grin when I asked him about it later.

Later after lunch, Sean took me down to the playroom to show me around and so he could tell me what Mr. Call wanted.

"I feel a little ill at ease," I told him, pointing out that the older men were dressed in more modest clothing while he and I were really letting it all hang out.

"Don't worry about it" he said, "in fact, get over it if it bothers you. You have to get used to the fact that you're selling something and what you're selling is you." He grinned and added, "you have to learn how to display the merchandise."

"Is that what you're doing, too, Sean?" I asked.

"You bet, boy. For what they pay me I'll run around naked any time they want."

"It doesn't bother you?"

"Nope, not at all."

"You don't feel like a prime side of beef being looked over by the butcher?"

"Yeah, I guess I do feel that way at times, but I don't really give a shit. I give them what they want and I get what I want in exchange."

He then took me in his arms, holding me to him in a strong, warm hug. "It's okay, Sunny Boy," he said as he kissed my cheek. "It's just another game. You learn the rules and you play by them."

It took me a while to be as comfortable with all the stuff as Sean was, but eventually I got there.

While in the basement Sean showed me around. There were two distinct play areas, each with a sling suspended from the ceiling. By each was a case holding a lot of what Sean referred to as toys. There were several sizes of butt plugs and dildos as well as leather straps and whips and a lot of other stuff. On one wall there was a large wooden frame in the shape of an X with rings positioned so someone could be strapped to it.

There were also two shower areas, not regular shower stalls, but spaces about ten feet square with all sorts of hoses and nozzles. "That's all for what you called water sports, right?" I asked Sean.

"Yeah, and by the way, we should clean ourselves out while we're down here."

"You mean give ourselves enemas."

"Yeah, do you think you can do yourself this time, or do you want me to do it for you?"

I stood looking at the hoses and then at Sean. He looked so sexy in his shorts and tank top.

"How about you do me and then you let me do you?"

"My, my, the boy learns fast," Sean said as he pulled off his shorts and top. For the first time that day I realized he was still wearing his rings. They made his tits look so big and protruding. I wanted to suck them. The cock ring made his cock stand out from his body at a sharp angle. It was almost hard and the P.A. in the slit made him look aggressive and even a little mean.

"Come here, boy," he said, "we're going to have a little fun. It's about time you learnt what it's like to really be under the control of another man."

I stripped off my shorts and top and walked with him into the shower stall. Sean grabbed some leather straps from a case by the entrance and nodded toward a cluster of rings placed in the rear tile wall of the stall.

"Up against the wall, boy," he said, and quickly bound me to the rings with four leather straps, one around each of my wrists and one around each ankle. My legs and arms were suddenly spread wide and secured and I was powerless. It all happened so fast I didn't have time to think or resist and I guess that's why Sean was so quick and so aggressive. He didn't want to give me time to think.

"What the hell, Sean?" I said, turning as far as I could to try to face him.

"Did I tell you to talk?"

"No, but..." When I opened my mouth to respond he shoved a black rubber ball into it. The ball was attached to straps which he fastened behind my head. Suddenly I was not only bound securely to the wall, but also gagged.

"Now, boy, we're going to really clean you out this time."

Sean returned to the cabinet by the stall entrance with a tube of lubricant and began to work it  into my ass. He probed with one finger at first, rotating it so my channel was well coated. Then, when he was satisfied, he inserted two fingers and repeated the process.

"That's good. We don't want to loosen you up too much," Sean said as he reached for one of the hoses and adjusted the temperature. When it was to his liking, he inserted the hard rubber tip into my ass and I again felt my bowels fill with the tepid water. I felt my stomach swell as more and more water was forced into me. I began to panic, knowing I couldn't possibly hold any more. I groaned, trying to let Sean know, trying to ask him to stop.

"I know," Sean said, his voice deep and controlling, "you think you can't hold any more, but it's not your call. You'll hold as much as I say you can hold."

The water continued to flood my gut, making me dizzy. I felt as if the water level was being forced up into my chest. Finally, without warning, Sean slid the nozzle out. My gut rumbled and I expelled a vast flood of tainted water and shit. The warm, stinking stuff flowed down over my legs, over my feet, and onto the tile floor. Sean quickly washed it away with the spray from the hose and then shoved the tip back into me again. He reached for the controls and I suddenly felt the water entering me become cool and then cold. I felt as if it were flooding my whole body, moving up again into my stomach, into my chest. The cold sensation even spread to my legs. Again, he filled me to the point of explosion and then suddenly pulled the nozzle from my swollen ass. Again my rear and legs were flooded with the expelled fluids, but this time the water was chilling and the smell was much less evident.

Again, he washed me off and sloshed the floor with the hose before again inserting it into my ass and filling me so full I really felt I would burst.

I was groaning now and I felt hot tears run down my cheeks. I pressed myself against the tile wall, seeking comfort and support.

When Sean removed the nozzle that third time, he rinsed me off and then washed the floor. He hung up the hose and readjusted the water to a warmer, more pleasant temperature. He took soap from a wall rack and began to slowly, lovingly wash my back and ass and legs.  He removed the ball gag from my mouth and I sucked in a deep, lung filling breath.

"You're doing good, boy," he said, leaning in to kiss my ear. "Now look at the water that ran out of you that time. See how clean it is?"

"Yes, Sean."

"Okay, the next time you're going to play with one of the corporate officers or one of their clients, you will have to clean yourself out like that."

"Three times?"

"No, not three times, you dumb fuck, you do it till the water comes out clean. If that takes half a dozen times, that's how many times you do it. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, Sean, I understand." More hot tears were running down my cheek. Why the hell was I crying? I felt like a fool letting Sean see me cry.   At seventeen I had a body most men would die for and I liked to think of myself as a man, not some wimpy kid.

"That's good, Tan," Sean said, his voice low now, caring. He ran the back of his hand down my cheek and smiled at me again.

"Now you just stay put while I slush my own gut."

I looked at him questioningly.

"I know, you thought you were going to do me, right?"

I nodded.

"Not this time, Tanner. You might be just a smidgen mad and I don't want you trying to shove the hose up my gut and out my throat."

Sean gave himself three quick enemas and then washed himself as he'd washed me. When he finished he returned to loosen the straps which held me to the rings.

Was it worth it? I wondered. Maybe this club was too rough for me.

Then, as if reading my mind, Sean turned me toward him and took me in his arms. Our wet, naked bodies pressed together and I felt again the thrill of his embrace, the thrill of another hard, muscular male body pressed against me. My apprehensions lessened as I became more aroused.

"Now, Tan," Sean said as we dried off and dressed, "I need to explain a few things about David Call."

"I heard you talking as I came down out of the bedroom. He wants to play with both of us this afternoon, right?"

"Probably, at least he wants us to act out a little entertainment for him. Chance are he'll join the fun before we're through."

"What's he into? Something kinky, I'd guess."

"Yeah, he's an incest freak."

"How's that going to work? You and I aren't related and he isn't related to either of us."

"Well, that's where a little imagination comes in." Sean paused an looked at me. "You have an older brother, right?"

"Yeah, Clyde, he's four years older than me."

"Did you ever mess around with him, Tanner?"

"You mean sexual stuff?"

"Yeah, sexual stuff."

"No way, Sean. He'd have killed me if I'd ever even tried anything with him."

"Did you ever think about him that way?"

Man, this was embarrassing! I'd never admitted that to anyone. "Yeah, I guess, a little."

"Did you ever watch him, spy on him?"

"Yeah, I watched him getting undressed a few times when he didn't know I was watching."

"Did you ever watch him beating off."

I must have gone beet red.

"So you did," Sean smiled, seeing me blush.

"Yeah, I hid in his closet once when I was fourteen. I knew he was whipping his cock most nights he wasn't out fucking his girlfriend, so I figured I'd get to see him if I hid out before he came home. I wanted to see how big his cock was when it was hard. I got away with it, too. When he finished he wiped himself off and went sound asleep. I waited almost an hour, I was so scared he`d hear me leaving. Then I want back to my own room and beat off to memories of what I`d seen. You can bet I came big time."

"Okay, it sounds to me as if we have the basis for a little entertainment for David this afternoon."

"What are you figuring?"

"Well, we'll be brothers, of course. You can hide in the closet of the bedroom we were in last night. David can sit in the corner in the big overstuffed chair and just be the audience, at least for starters."

"And you'll come and get undressed and lie on the bed and beat your fucking dick while I`m spying on you." I was liking this.

"Yeah, I'll take it slow, give him a real striptease. Then I'll start playing with my cock.  Just about the time I'm really getting into it, you make some noise in the closet like you dropped a shoe or knocked something off a shelf. I'll call you out, accuse you of spying on me and then tell you to strip and get on the bed with me. We can play the rest however it works out. If David wants to get involved, we'll let him, of course."

"Do you think he'll want to have sex with one of us?"

"Maybe, one or both.  With Call you never can tell what he'll do. Are you okay with that?"

"I guess. What do you think he'll want?"

"Maybe nothing.  Maybe he'll just watch us,  but my guess is that once he sees your cute ass, he'll want to fuck you. You okay with that?"

"I guess," I said, but I wasn't sure if I was really okay with it or not. I knew there was sure nothing about David Call that turned me on.

The "entertainment," as Sean called it, started off just as we'd planned. I went up to the room and got in the closet. It was big and there wasn't much in it. It had sliding louvered doors and even with the doors closed, I had a good view of the huge bed through the louvers.  The room had been cleaned up since we'd left it, the bed changed and made up and everything put in order.  I wondered if there were houskeepers around.  There must have been someone in to do the ceaning but I hadn't seen anyone.

I'd only just settled in the closet when I heard Sean and Call enter the room.

"Have a seat in the corner, David, and we'll get started. We'll pretend you aren't there but if you want to join us at any time, feel free."

As Call went to the chair, Sean looked around the room, went to a table by the bed and pulled a magazine out of the drawer. >From where I was standing in the closet, looking out through the louvers, it was obviously a gay magazine of some sort. There was a color picture of a really hunky naked guy in the cover.

I felt around on the floor and found a shoe. I wasn't sure how long Sean wanted me to wait before revealing my presence in the closet, but figured I'd be ready.

Sean flipped through the magazine and then sat down on the bed, still looking at it. As he continued to read, he lay back on the bed and began to stroke his hardening cock through the thin yellow shorts which, with the matching tank top. He'd said he'd give Call a striptease, but I had no idea what both Call and I were in for. The guy managed to take longer to remove two articles of clothing than it would take the average guy to get dressed in a tux. By the time Sean was finally lying naked on the bed, stroking his beautiful cock, I had a raging hard-on and I'm sure Call did, too. I couldn't see Call all that well from where I was hiding, but I could see his legs, which were stretched out in front of him. From their slow, rhythmic movements I guessed he was also giving his own cock a slow rub.

Sean had begun by stroking his cock through the thin yellow fabric as he looked intently at the magazine. I couldn't tell if he was really turned on by what he was reading, or if it was just an act, but it was very convincing. As his cock hardened, its head emerged from the leg of the shorts and the leg of the shorts was gradually worked up to reveal his entire cock and his tight balls.

As he writhed on the bed, he lay the magazine aside and ran his left hand up under the tank top, stroking his chest. He slowly worked the top up until his muscular chest was exposed, then stopped playing with his cock long enough to use both hands to draw the top up over his head and toss it onto the floor beside the bed. He slowly worked the shorts down over his cock, slipped them over his hips and down over his legs. When they had slipped over his feet and were free, he dropped them on the floor to join his tank top and then reclined again, stretching as he lay back against the pillows. His hands roamed over his chest and then slowly down until his right hand grasped his now dripping cock and his left hand grasped his balls, working them and slowly pulling them down. The cock ring was tight around the top of his sack, just below the point where it joined his body, and he worked his fingers behind the ring and slowly pulled it down, causing his sack to stretch and his balls to be forced down further. It looked painful, but I had begun to suspect that Sean enjoyed pain, both receiving it and inflicting it on others.

It was at that point I dropped the shoe. It caused a dull but audible thump on the carpeted floor of the closet, and immediately, Sean tensed and looked in my direction.

"Tanner, is that you?" I remained silent until he spoke again. "Tanner?" This time his voice was harsher and he really sounded mad.

"Yeah," I finally responded.

"Come out of there, you little shit."

I slid the louvered door open and stepped out. I was still dressed in only the white shorts and tank top and my own hard cock was causing the shorts to bulge dramatically. I stood looking down, as contritely as possible.

"You been spying on me, boy?" Sean barked.


"I ought to beat your ass." He was silent for a moment, looking at me, then went on. "From the look of your shorts you must have been enjoying what you were seeing."

"Yeah, I guess I was."

"What do you think your big brother should do about this?"

"Nothing, man. I mean, I didn't mean any harm."

"No, you aren't going to get off that easy."

He continued to stare at me for a moment and then barked, "come here."

I moved to the foot of the bed.


I pulled the tank top off over my head, not as seductively as Sean had removed his, but with as much slow sensuality as I knew how to manage. Then I just stood there holding it.

"Shorts too," Sean said, his voice low, almost a whisper.

I dropped the tank top and then lowered the shorts, pulling them off completely as I stood first on one foot and then on the other.   They lay in a pool at my feet and I realized I was both aroused and very embarrassed. Was that the result of Call being there, or was it the whole role-playing thing? I didn't know.

"My baby brother is turning into quite a man," Sean said, still staring at me. We were both silent for what seemed like an age as he blatantly looked over my body from his position on the bed. "Come here," he finally said, and I went around the side of the bed to stand beside him. He reached out and slowly ran his hand over my chest.

"You've become quite the stud, Tanner. I guess you're out every weekend humping the cheerleaders."

"No," I said softly.

"No cheerleaders? No girlfriends?"


"Why's that, Tanner, don't you like girls?"

"I don't know. I've never been with a girl. I've never been with anybody, not like that."

"Well, little brother, that's about to change." Sean reached out and grasped my arm just above the elbow and pulled me onto the bed. "You've been watching me. Does that mean you were just curious to see me naked or do you have any interest in doing more than looking?"

I lay on the bed beside him, held there by his right hand pressing down on my chest and his right leg thrown over my legs, holding me in place. If he had released me I wouldn't have moved. I wasn't sure if he expected me to answer his question but, in any case, I did answer it. "I wanted more."

"Well, well," Sean said, his voice low and guttural. He leaned over me, looking down into my face, his face not more than a few inches from mine. "I've got to admit I've been thinking I'd love to do something with you."

"Clyde," I said. I was so caught up in our make believe that all the dreams and fantasies I'd ever hand about my own brother had begun to come together in my whirling brain.

Sean leaned down, pressing his lips to mine. "I hear brothers make good lovers," he said, moving his body over mine. I instinctively worked my arms around him, holding him to me as my mouth opened to his. His tongue moved between my willing lips, finding my tongue and dancing with it. I closed my lips around his tongue and sucked as he pulled back and then snaked it into me again. He was tongue fucking my mouth and I was groaning, wanting more.

Sean moved his arm under me and somehow moved us both over to the center of the big bed. I was under him, his weight fully on me. I raised my legs and locked them around his hips, desperate not to lose him. In my passion I'd forgotten all about Call until I heard him move across the room to the door. He seemed to be leaving us and I couldn't care less. All I wanted was Sean's cock in me, pounding into my eager ass.

Call stepped out onto the balcony and closed the door behind him. A second later there was a quick knock and then
without waiting, the door opened and he stepped back in.

"What the hell!" He said, as he came back into the room. "What the bloody hell?"

I realized in a second that Call was taking our fantasy one step further, he was now the incensed father discovering his sons caught in their incestuous passion.

I turned toward him as he approached the bed. Sean had gotten the drift of Call's direction quicker than me and rolled off me onto his side.

"Oh, gee, Dad," Sean whined. "This isn't what you think."

"Oh, yeah? What am I supposed to think? My older son in bed with his younger brother, both of them with their cocks hard and pulsing, and you just about to fuck his virgin ass."

"Please, Dad," Sean tried again, "nothing's happened."

"Well it sure as hell would have happened if I hadn't come in when I did," Call snarled. "You have sure become two good looking guys. I hope you know how much I love you."

Sean rolled over a little further and held out his hands to Call. "We love you, too, Dad, we really do."

Call grasped Sean`s hands as he responded, "It looks to me as if your love for each other is pretty strong, too."

"You know we love each other, Dad. It's just gotten more physical, I guess. I've always wanted Tanner since he was thirteen or fourteen. I guess he feels the same way about me."

"Yeah, Dad, I do. It isn't like Sean was the only one. Don't blame him."

"I don't blame either of you boys," Call said. "I guess I just wonder if you could feel the same way about me as you feel about each other."

"Do you mean sexual attraction, Dad?" Sean said, his voice low.

"Yeah, physical affection, anyway."

"Dad," Sean said, his voice now little more than a whisper, "ever since I had the slightest awareness of sex, I've wanted you." His leg nudged me and I took it mean I needed to chime in.

"Yeah, Dad, I've felt the same way," I said, following Sean's lead and keeping my own voice low.

"So you guys are saying you've thought about having sex with me, the same way I've thought about having sex with you."
Rather than speaking again, Sean just gently pulled Call down onto the bed. Sean immediately reached over him and began to unbutton his shirt. When it was loose, Call raised up a little as Sean pulled it off. He dropped it on the floor and immediately loosened this belt and then his fly. Within minutes Call was as naked as we were and lying between us on the bed.

Call had a rather soft body but he wasn't all that overweight. I guess for a guy his age he was in better than average shape. He had a mat of course, gray, curly hair on his chest with a trail which ran down his belly to his crotch. His cock, which was hard, pulsing and wet, wasn't too long but it was very thick, thicker than Sean's or mine. I wondered what it would be like to have it in me, but remembered what Sean had done to me and knew I could take it with no problem.

Call rolled onto his side facing Sean and they began to kiss. I rolled over facing his back and began to spoon into him, letting my own cock work its way into his crack, leaving a wet, sticky trail. Sean and I were both so smooth that we had little or no hair in our cracks or around our asses. Most of the guys my age that I'd been with were pretty smooth, too. Call, on the other hand, was very hairy in his crack and around his ass. If felt strange but rather erotic as the head of my drooling cock slid through the coarse hair, leaving it wet and sticky.

Call pushed back against me, which I assumed meant he liked my cock there, so I pushed in a little more, reached down to take hold of my cock and began to move it back and forth over the puckered entrance of his ass. It was soon very wet with my pre-cum and I could feel it twitching at my touch. Did he want me to fuck him? I wasn't sure so I just kept doing what I was doing, leaving it to him to make the next move. It wasn't long before he began to pushback against my cock again, as if he were trying to shove his ass down over its head.

I was in an awkward position and the angle was wrong, so I slid down in the bed so I could align my cock with the entrance to his ass. When I'd done so and was in a better position to enter him, he pushed back again and the head of my cock popped into him, spreading the muscles of his ass.

Both Sean and Call were moaning now and I could tell their kissing had gotten very hot.

"Do you want to fuck me, Dad?" I heard Sean moan.

"No, I want your brother to fuck me. He already has the head of his cock in my ass."

"Shall we stay in this position?"

"Yeah. Is it okay for you, Son?" Call said.

"I guess, but I can't really move very well."

"Let me do the moving. You just stay still."

They seemed to go back to their deep kissing as I felt Call's ass moving back, working my cock deeper and deeper into him. He felt tight and hot. I was so wet that we were doing fine without any lubricant other than my pre-cum.

I reached around and ran my left hand down between them, feeling Call's hairy chest and playing with his nipples as the back of my hand ran over the hard, sculpted muscles of Sean's chest. I felt the coolness of the rings in his nipples against my hand as well as the warmth of his skin. It was an odd contrast.

We settled into a slow, easy rhythm with Call doing most of the work. At that rate, I was able to hold off a long time. As their kissing became more passionate their moans increased. I moved my hand down their bodies until I found their cocks, wet and hard, moving between them. I grasped both cocks together in my hand and began to slowly pump then.

It wasn't long until we were all three on the edge. I was kissing and nibbling on Call's shoulder and neck, which he seemed to like a lot. Then I felt him stop moving against me and his body sort of froze. I pushed into him as best I could and with only a few strokes my own orgasm hit me. I moaned and came, shooting my spunk deep into his ass as he and Sean also began to moan. Their cocks pulsed in my hand and I felt them both explode, shooting their mingling loads up along their bodies.

We lay together for several minutes, my own cock still hard in Call's ass. I hadn't lost my erection when he and Sean slowly moved apart. Sean rolled over and got off the bed.

"I'll get washcloths," he said, going to the bathroom.

"You okay, son?" Call said, turning a little toward me.

I realized he was still caught up in his fantasy.

"Oh, yeah, Dad," I said, still nuzzling his shoulder, "wonderful. but I can't believe this just happened."

"You like fucking your dad's ass."

"Yeah, Dad, it was wonderful."

"Well, now that we've broken the ice, I hope we can do it again."

"I'd love that, Dad," I said, and added, "I love you."

"I love you, too. I love your brother."

I slowly pulled out of him and rolled onto my back as Sean returned with three wet cloths, handing one to each of us and keeping one for himself. He stood by the side of the bed looking down at us, smiling, as he wiped the thick spunk from his stomach and chest.

"You know we can never let your mother know about this," Call said as he cleaned himself up. I rolled over him and pressed my lips to him.

"We understand, Dad," I whispered.

Later, after Call had dressed and gone, Sean and I stood together in the shower, slowly washing each other and kissing as our own passions rekindled.

"I want to suck your cock," I said, slowly sliding down to kneel in front of him.

"Go for it, Tiger," Sean said as I sucked the massive head of his beautiful dick into my mouth. I went at him hard and fast, not trying for subtlety, just pushing him toward release. In less than a minute he erupted in my mouth as I slurped and swallowed it all.

A little later as we stretched out together in bed, Sean pulled me to him. I rested my head on his chest as he stroked my hair and talked slowly about what we'd done.

"You did well, Tanner," Sean said. "You really got into the scene. That's what it takes, to really believe what you are doing is what the other guy imagines."

"I sort of enjoyed it."

"What was that bit about you calling me Clyde?"

"Clyde's my real brother's name."

"I know."

"It just slipped out."

"I figured so. I was sort of flattered." He was silent a moment, stroking my hair, then added, "you love him, don't you?"

"Yeah, I love him. I guess I've fantasized about him a lot more than I wanted to admit."

"That's good, Tanner. Use it, let the reality enforce the fantasy."

"Yeah, it was as if the two were sort of all mixed up, the things I've thought about Clyde and never admitted, even to myself, and what you and I were doing."

"Does that mean you love me, too?" Sean whispered, a little amused edge in his voice.

"Yeah, Sean, I guess it does, but don't let it go to your head."

To be continued.