Tanner's Tales #5

By John Yarer

This is the fifth installment of Tanner's Tales. Over the last few weeks I have had lengthy telephone conversations and exchanges of e-mail with Tanner. He has expressed some reticence about sharing stories of his life after his college years and the time he spent with the XXX Corporation.

It is clear that for Tanner those years were the most enjoyable phase of his life and he has been less willing to discuss the period which followed. I have encouraged him to continue relating the stories to me so I can, in turn, continue this series. Please encourage him to do so by writing to me at the address at the bottom of this introduction, or to him at:


As with the earlier installment, this story is based on Tanner's experiences as he described them to me. I have tried to put his material into written form, more or less as he presented it to me in e-mail notes and telephone conversations. It is presented as a factual account but I have omitted or changed the names of certain universities, corporations and individuals.

Please refer to my introductory notes for Tanner's Tales #3, in which I discuss the topics of "S and M," "Fisting" and "Rough Sex." I would be interested in hearing from readers who have personal experience with the practice of fisting, both to satisfy my own curiosity and to confirm or correct any ideas expressed by Tanner and related in these stories.

As in the earlier installment, I have not attempted to convey the exact tone or the accent with which Tanner speaks but I think you will realize that he comes from the Deep South and although he now spends most of his time in the New York City area, he still speaks with echoes of his original regional accent.

Andrew has again proofed this story and both Tanner and I want to express our thanks for all his help.

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At that time, the summer of 1982, I guess it was all very exciting, yet on some level it seemed fairly normal to me, at least at first. I was only seventeen, even though, through some quirk of nature or genes or natural athletic ability, I had the body of a very well developed adult man. Sean told me my appeal was the result of my highly developed physique combined with the face of a handsome but still rather innocent looking boy. I liked to remind him that my big dick helped, and so far as innocence went, I really was fairly experienced sexually when the events I'm describing took place. I'd had sex with several girls and lots of other guys, so the things Sean was introducing me to went a good bit further; it wasn't as if I didn't know about them. I'd listened to the stories other guys told and I read a lot about sexual stuff. I can't claim anything that happened was against my will. I wanted it all and Sean and my involvement with the XXX Corporation came along at the perfect time, so far as I was concerned.

That Saturday afternoon, after David Call left the bedroom, I'd slept. Sean was beside me in the big king size bed when I drifted off to sleep, but I woke alone and wasn't sure how long I`d been asleep. I took a shower and quick shave. At seventeen I still didn't need to shave more than three or four times a week, but wanted to look as fresh as possible for the evening ahead. I pulled on a clean pair of running shorts with nothing under them, and the other tank top Sean had lent me. Then I went down and joined the others on the patio just before dinner. The five men, Sean, Bill, Tommy, Roger and David, stood around a large grill where some very fancy steaks were simmering. The smell of cooking meat made me so hungry I could hardly wait to eat.

"Let's talk, Tanner," Sean said as he took hold of my arm and steered me away from the others. "The guys want to get in the whirlpool after dinner. Everybody will be naked. You're okay with that, right?"

"Sure, Sean, no big deal." He and I were again dressed in loose shorts and tank tops with nothing underneath. I loved the feel of the cool evening breeze on my dangling balls and the way the thin nylon of the shorts moved against my cock.

"Well, expect to get felt up by more than one of them."

"Can I do some feeling back?"

"I don't see why not."


"There's more. Later we'll all go on down to the game room."


"They want to watch while I fist you."

I just stood there thinking this through. I understood then why Sean had worked my ass so hard the night before. He wanted to see if I could take it. Maybe it had been a sort of rehearsal for the real thing, the big event he knew, or at least suspected, would come up tonight.

I trusted Sean and letting him do that to me in the privacy of the bedroom we'd shared was certainly not the same thing as having my body opened and invaded with four other men watching.


"Yeah, I was just thinking about it."

"You understand this is sort of like a last test. Once you get through this you're in the club."

"I guess I don't have any choice then."

"Yeah, Tanner, you do. You can walk away from this and be none the worse for it. If you want to go on, you'll have to pay the price."

"Will you tie me up?"


"Will I be gagged again?"

"Yes, Tanner, that's part of the scene."

"What do you mean?"

"Just trust me, kiddo, it's expected.  They want to see me use you, debase you, they want to see me turn you into a slut."

"Will any of them want to fist me, after you`ve finished?"

"Possibly.  They'll all probably fuck you while you're in the sling. You are going to be the most debased whore they ever saw. You are going to want every man there to take you any way he wants.  You may end up getting fucked by all of them and you may suck every cock in the room, theirs and mine.  you may be so full of cum you'll not need to eat for a week.  It's hard to tell how it will play out, so you'll just have to relax and roll with it."

I stood there thinking about what Sean had said. I was repulsed and ready to run but my body wouldn't move. My feet were rooted to the stone patio where I stood and I realized to my shock and shame that I wanted exactly what Sean had described. I wanted to be a whore for these men. I wanted to debase myself for them, grovel for them, be used and abused by them. I felt my cock stiffening under my thin shorts.
Sean followed my eyes as I looked down at my crotch. He smiled and stepped in front of me, blocking me from the view of the others.

"Shall I take that as a yes?" he said with a rather sardonic grin on his handsome face.

"Did you do this, Sean? Did they make you do this?"

"They didn't make me do anything, Tanner. That's what you have to understand. You have to want it. You have to beg for it real. You have to believe it when you beg me to ravage your ass. Understand?"

"I guess."

"Before you leave here tomorrow, Tanner, you have to see yourself as a slut and every guy here has to know you really are a slut. There won't be any holding back, no hiding behind the games, no pretending it's all just make believe. If you can do that, Tanner, the doors will open wide and these men and a lot more who take their orders from them will be there for you in ways you can't even imagine."

"It sort of feels like I'm selling my soul to the devil."

"You got it, Tanner. But it isn't your soul they want."


"No, boy, it's not really about your soul. They may get that, too, but it's your body they want. They want your fucking beautiful, pure hot sex, breathtaking body."

He ran his fingers over the biceps of my right arm, down over my forearm and then stroked the back of my hand. "They want all of this served up to them by a horny, oversexed kid. That kid is you. The next time you get invited out here for a weekend, or are taken to one of their private parties in Dallas or Houston, or Vale, it won't be them asking you to fuck them. It'll be you begging them to fuck you. And, I guess, if it takes buying your soul to make you that kind of fucking sex machine, they'll take your soul in the bargain."

"And tell me again, Sean, what's in it for me?"

"Well, buddy, you can't even begin to imagine. You'll be treated like a prince and paid like a neurosurgeon. What you've got is rare, Tanner. You have maybe ten good years, fifteen if you take good care of yourself. They understand the value of that kind of talent and they expect to pay for it and to pay very well."

I stood by him, looking out over the wide valley below the lodge, as the others laughed and drank and waited for the steaks to reach perfection.

"I guess I just don't understand why," I eventually said, turning to look at Sean, to study him.

"What about it don't you understand?"

"Well, the sex I understand. I mean, they want to have sex with good looking younger guys, guys they can lay some sort of claim to. I guess it's the ownership thing that prompts them to fund the sports scholarships and all the extras for the guys they support."

"That's good, Tanner, but what else?"

"Domination, authority, just knowing they can say to a sexy kid, `lean over while I fuck you,' and the kid will do as he's told."

"Exactly, Tanner, the whole authoritarian thing, but with a sort of twist."

"Explain it to me, Sean."

"Okay, I'll try. I'm not sure I understand all of it, but here's the part I have figured out." He picked up a small stone from the patio and tossed it over the parapet. It sailed out over the steep drop and disappeared in the gathering shadows below us. "What do you know about sexual domination, Tanner, S and M, that kind of thing?"

"Not much," I said. "I've read a few stories."

"Well, that's a start. What would you say those stories had in common?"

"Oh, you know, one guy lording it over another guy, controlling him, making him do whatever the first guy wanted, or maybe doing things to the weaker guy, spanking him or humiliating him."

"You said referred to the dominating guy lording it over the weaker guy, right?"


"So would you expect the weaker guy to be smaller and weaker than the guy in control?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Does that pattern stand up to our situation?"

"Well, no, I guess not."

"No, Tucker, it doesn't. Except for Tommy, over there, you and I are both bigger and stronger than any of the other three men."

"But they are calling the shots."

"In more ways than one, Buddy Boy, more ways than one."

"So you're saying this is a power situation, but not based on physical strength or size."

"Correct. Those three men, Bill, Roger and David, effectively control one of the most powerful corporations in the world, Tanner, and with it they control the lives of thousands of people."

"I thought Wagner Loveland was the head of XXX Corporation."

"Loveland is the CEO and chairman of the board. He is also 81 years old and limping along on a transplanted kidney. That's why I say those guys over there `effectively' control the company. I've seen them operate, Tanner and, believe me, they have the entire operation under their control. They could put Loveland out any time they wanted, but they know his P.R. value. They'll let him stay as long as he wants, probably as long as he lives, then they'll mourn his passing and the next day vote themselves into the three top positions. Bill will be the next CEO, Roger will be the CFO and David will be chairman of the board."

"How does Tommy fit in?"

"Interesting that you should ask. Tommy Barlow is one of us. He is also one of the main reasons I've stayed with this traveling sex show."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, Tanner, remember I told you that if you join the club, the big boys will take care of you. I don't just mean they'll pay you well and give you the tutoring you may need to make acceptable academic grades. They will take care of you long-term, so long as you play by their rules. Tommy is a perfect example of the way the old boys take care of their own. He was a playmate of Loveland's fifteen years ago when he was your age. When he finished college they made sure he had a crack at the pros. With his name becoming widely recognized, they went on to back these new gyms he's started, and besides getting all the help he's needed to make the gyms a success, they have also been sure he had enough stock options and deferred income to make him a wealthy man at thirty-five."

"So you're saying that if you stick with the club and play by the rules you can't help but win."

"You got it, Tanner, and that's a lot different from the usual authority relationship you see where the big guy dominate his little playmate and the balance of power never changes. These aren't interested in that kind of power. I think they'd probably define that as `Power for Power's Sake.' It's an end in itself. For Bill and Roger and Dave, power is a means to other ends. Financial power is the way you influence politics or try to change some aspect of society for the better. Not all big business men are crass, uncaring monsters. Sure, they have their own agendas, but they really do some good."

"Like funding football scholarships for boys from less affluent families."

"Yeah, or Bill and his thing about art museums. Well, actually, it's his wife who really has that passion, but he supports it."

"But that doesn't keep them for messing around with the scholarship kids."


"Well, they want me to come into their program. If I do, I get my financial needs met but they reserve the right to fuck my ass anytime they want, right, Sean?"

Sean chuckled and drew me into a warm hug. "Only if you want to play, Tanner. They won't touch you if you don't want to be touched."

"What about this little show they have planned for tonight? Do I have a choice about that?"

"You're damn right you do, Tanner. I told you earlier, if you have any doubts, walk away right now. Just say you want to go and I'll drive you back to town."

"But what if I want to play?"

"Well, first of all, Tanner, I figured you wanted to play, or I wouldn't have brought you out here this weekend. Second, if you want to play, you'll just have to give yourself up to it, flow with it, go for broke."

"Can I ask you something, Sean?"

"Sure, Tanner, you can ask me anything."

"Are you saying that the guys who join this club can expect to go on to the kind of success Tommy Barlow has had?"

"Yeah, Tanner, that's what's different about this whole situation. Those guys over there and a couple of dozen more very senior executives with the company, and maybe another hundred major clients, get to enjoy the sexual favors of some hot young studs for a few years while the boys are working their way thorough college. Then, if the kid graduates and wants to stay with XXX for a few more years, they'll keep him on in some public relations slot. But at about that point, a subtle change begins to occur."

"And the big guys begin to accept you as one of their own?"

"That's right, and that's about were I am in all this right now, Tanner. I do some talent scouting for them. That's why it was me who came to check you out. I still play their sexual games, when and where they want. But at the same time, they are beginning to sort of move me into different circles, just the way they did Tommy. See, in this situation, you can move up, you can become one of the rich and powerful. You aren't forever doomed to be the slave in some dumb sexual authority relationship where the big guy rules and the little guy gets his kicks by being dominated."

"So are you going to start your own chain of gyms like Barlow did?"

"No, Tanner, not gyms. I'm going to start a health resort on the west coast of Florida. It will include an upscale hotel and spa and all the trimmings. I bought the land two years ago and have a bunch of architects and planners working on it now. XXX is more or less setting me up."

"So is Barlow here as one of the big boys or one of us working stiffs?"

"Good pun, Tanner, I'll remember that. Actually, Tommy's here because he's one hell of a fuck. He loves sex and the other three sort of look out for him. He heard we had a potential star talent and he wanted to come for the weekend and check you out."

"I guess I should be flattered."

"Yeah, Tanner, you should feel very flattered, and before the night's over, you may feel very wonderfully, completely fucked, that is, if Tommy wants a piece of your cute ass."

I thought this over for a moment longer and then said, "can I ask one more question, Sean?"

"Shoot, Tanner."

"Did you go through some sort of test or initiation like the one they have planned for me tonight?"

"Yeah, boy, I did." He grinned, a look of amusement passed across his face. "And just to save you the trouble of asking, I'll tell you it was Tommy Barlow who played the role I am going to play tonight."

It was at exactly that moment that the others called to us. The steaks were done, dinner was served, and we all moved to a the big table in the dining area of the lodge.

The meal, of course, was great. The steaks were top quality and they'd been grilled to perfection over a glowing bed of embers. The rest of the food was equally good, but I ate light. As we'd walked into the lodge, Sean had warned me to eat only a little. I didn't want my gut working overtime tonight. He'd also let me know that later, back in our room, he'd be sure I got anything else I wanted to eat, after the playtime was over.

When we'd finished the meal, Bill stood up and said, "Well, Tanner, Sean tells me he let you know what we have in mind for you tonight. You know we don't force anything on anybody, so I guess it's up to you." He paused, looking across the table at me and then asked. "Are you up for what we have planned?"

"Yes, sir," I responded with an eagerness which even surprised me. "I want what Sean told me about."

"You're sure, Tanner," Bill said, his voice low and almost threatening, "Once we start there will be no turning back."

"I'm sure, Bill," I said.

"Well, okay then," Bill said to all of us at the table. "Let's skip the hot tub and let the games begin."

Sean and I got up and left the others to enjoy brandy and cigars while we went on down to the game room to get ready.

When we got down to the playroom Sean immediately stripped, tossing his shorts and tank top onto a table by the stairs. I did the same, sensing this wasn't the time to mess around. He walked quickly over into one of the shower stalls and turned on the water, adjusting the temperature to his liking and then turning to me.

Without a word, I went over where he'd previously tied me and took hold of the rings, yielding myself to him. Sean didn't tie me up this time, understanding that I would not object as he cleaned out my bowels.

"Ready?" He asked, and when I nodded, he lubricated my ass by running his greased fingers around my rose bud and then working them into me. I'd begun to learn how to relax and it went fast. Very soon he was pushing the hard black nozzle deep in and letting the water flood my gut. I moaned and surrendered to his control. Within a few seconds my stomach was swollen from the pressure of the warm water it now contained.

"Hold it as long as you can, Tanner," Sean said, letting me be the judge. When I thought I'd reached the point of detonation, I let loose of the rings and moved quickly to the toilet. After the first huge gush I felt as if my gut had been completely emptied, but remembering the routine, I returned obediently and again pressed myself against the wall and held on tight to the protruding rings.

Sean flooded my gut a second time and then a third. He was right, I had become so sensitive to the enemas and was enjoying them more each time I had one. As I got up off the toilet that third time I realized my cock was fully hard and clear lubricant was forming in drops from the slit.

We stepped together under the shower and washed each other slowly and lovingly, letting the rich lather run over our bodies, feeling the joy of Sean's hands on every part of me and my hands on every part of him.
When we were dry Sean went to one of the storage cupboards and returned with a bottle of clear baby oil. "I want us to grease each other up tonight, Tanner. You have such a hot body and I want to show it off to its greatest advantage."

"So you oil me up and I do the same to you?"

"Yeah, we'll be playing together under some harsh lights and the oil will make our muscles gleam."

"Got ya," I said and poured a small puddle of the stuff into the cupped palm of my right hand. I rubbed my hands together and then began slowly applying it to Sean, starting with his shoulders and then moving down over his arms and chest. His physique was so beautifully developed and I felt as I moved my hands over him as if I were worshipping the hard muscled body of a god. I loved touching him but, on that special night, it seemed especially wonderful as if I was preparing him to take me, to make me his slave, his possession. I found myself longing to feel his hand moving into me, moving in me. I was completely given over to the thrill of being invaded by this magnificent man.

It was only natural for me to lean forward and fold my arms around him and press my lips to his. When his lips opened a little I let my tongue dart into his warm, moist mouth, not far, just far enough to touch his tongue and then draw back into my own mouth as his tongue followed mine and his tongue pressed forward claiming me as his hand would soon do.

It would not have seemed right for me to move my tongue aggressively into his mouth. I only wanted him to invade me. I wanted him to understand that what he was going to do tonight he would do with my willing agreement. I wanted to give myself to him, surrender myself to his control. I wanted him to control me, dominate me, enslave me. I wanted to be completely yielded to everything Sean chose to do.

After a moment we drew back and I pressed my lips against his shoulder, running my tongue over his glowing skin, then bending down to lick and suck his nipples, first one then the other. Slipping further down, I knelt before him and took his pulsing cock into my mouth, holding it, loving it, gently sucking it.

"You are turned on tonight, Lover," Sean said, his deep, masculine voice little more than a whisper.

I pulled back, not wanting to release his cock from my mouth, but needing to speak. "When will the others come down?"

"When I call them. When I have you bound in the sling and ready."

"Would they come sooner if you called them?"

"Yes, but they expect me to have you ready first."

"I want to give myself to you, Sean, and I want them to see me do it."


"Just call them."

"You know it isn't just me who's going to take you tonight."

"Then when the time comes, you tell me what to do. I'll do anything you tell me to do or take whatever they want to do to me, but I want you to give me the orders. It's you I'll obey."

Sean looked at me for a moment as I continued to kneel submissively before him. He picked up the bottle of oil I'd dropped on the floor and poured it over my shoulders and chest, down over my thighs and then brought it so it cascaded down through my hair and over my face. I knelt there as he did so, letting the oil pour over my body and down onto the floor. Putting the bottle aside, he quickly ran his hands over me, smoothing the oil, spreading it more uniformly over my body until I glistened with it. Still, I knelt where I had been, looking up at him, my mouth slightly open."

"Call them, Sean, please."

"You`re sure?"

"Yes. When they come, I want you to start by fucking my throat with his beautiful cock. Fuck my mouth while I kneel here and take all you can give me."

"You are one hot puppy, Tanner."

"I want your meat in me, Sean, I want to drink your spunk. But most of all, I want those other men to see me giving myself to you with nothing held back. I want them to see me completely submitted to you."

"You're going to make me come, Tanner, just talking like that."

"You told me to get into the scene, to play out the role and make it my own. This goes way beyond playing roles or getting into scenes. I want you to use me and make me completely your property, your slave. Then when you put me in the sling, Sean, when you fist me, don't show any mercy." I lowered my eyes and looked down at my own throbbing cock. "How far did you go in last night?"

"Surprisingly far for your first time. But you always amaze me, kiddo."

"I want you to go further tonight. I want to feel your hand snaking up into my gut, into my stomach. I want to feel your hand next to my heart."

"I don't think that's possible, Tanner."

"Well, can you keep going until you have your arm in all the way? I want your armpit pressing against my ass, Sean. Please."

"Whose dominating who here, Tanner?"

I allowed myself a slight smile and said, "Well, Sean, you said to me before, that is always a question."

Sean smiled and reaching out, stroked my face, running his fingers over my jaw, letting one finger sneak between my lips. Then he backed off and looked me over. "There are a couple of things you need to know."


"Yes, Tanner. I'm glad we had a chance to talk but now you need to understand that tonight I really am going to dominate you. The others will expect it."

"How, Sean? Do you mean rough stuff? Will you hurt me?"

"Probably more subtle things, kiddo, suggestion, humiliation. Pain is always the last resort. I only use it when the other things don't work. You seem to want this, want to be dominated, so I don't think pain will be necessary, except as part of the show."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, again, it's part of what the others will expect." He looked a me for a moment as if he weren't sure he should go on, then thought better of it and continued.

"You probably understand more about real man-to-man sex than any of those guys who'll be watching us tonight, with the obvious exception of Tommy. Tommy's a master and he'll be watching us very closely. The others are really somewhat naive. They think they understand sex because they control the men who engage in it for their enjoyment. But the reality, Tanner, is that not one of them would really be a very good lover, let alone a good master in a scene like we're creating for them tonight. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"I think so. But you did say they'd expect pain, my pain."

"Yes, they'll expect me to hurt you, punish you, and I will, but not in any really serous way. I certainly won't scar you. That beautiful body of yours is far too valuable to take chances with. I won't hurt you more than you can take. In fact, from what I've seen of you so far, I'd say you'll probably enjoy it."

"You think I enjoy pain, Sean?"

"Yes, Tanner, I'm sure of it."

"Do you think I'm some sort of masochist?"

"Probably, under the right conditions, and I have no doubt you could be a real sadist, too, under the right conditions."

That statement more or less silenced me, but I went on thinking about it all night.

He continued to look at me, thinking, I guess, not sure how much he needed to say.

"I will put you in the sling."

"I know."

"There are better positions, at least for me, but it's expected, part of the drama, and you have to admit, seeing a hot young kid like you strapped into a leather sling and hanging helpless before his master is a real sight to behold."

"What do you mean about better positions?"

"I like doing it in bed, or with the bottom on a table with his ass elevated, but that's better one-on-one. The sling works best with an audience." Again, he waited, looking at me, his eyes sweeping again over my body. "So, are we ready, Tanner?"

"I guess so."

Without another word, he walked to a wall mounted telephone I hadn't even seen before. He picked it up, punched in a three digit number and waited.

"Hi, Bill," he said at last. "I think we're ready." Again he waited as he seemed to listen to Bill's response. "Well, just not quite the way we planned it, but come on down. You'll like what you see." He hung up the phone and walked over to one of the cabinets, from which he extracted a two-inch wide, black leather belt. He strapped it loosely around his trim waist and then reaching out to a row of switches, turned off all but a few of the overhead lights.

Those few spots created an island of light in the otherwise dark space. In that island of light hung the leather sling, black, ominous, threatening. The belt around his hard, naked body made him look suddenly very masculine, very dominant. I'd seen photos of leather guys wearing lots of stuff, vests and chaps and harnesses, but I had to admit, Sean knew what he was doing. The single leather belt around his hard body looked more serious, more threatening, more dominant than any overdone array of leather and chains could have ever been.

"Come here, Tanner," Sean said, his voice quiet and measured.

I rose and walked to him, very aware of my complete nakedness. Sean's black belt alone set us apart, made it clear that he was in charge. He was the master and I was the slave.

"Stand right there until I tell you to kneel."

We were at the side of the sling, well within the island of light. Sean left me there and walked to the door through which the other four men were just arriving.

They moved along the edge of the light and then disappeared back into the darkness as they seated themselves in the chairs and on the sofa which circled the area around the sling. It looked as if they had all chosen places from which they had an unobstructed view of the sling and also of me where I now stood, meekly, head lowered, waiting for Sean's orders. I realized from the fleeting glimpses I got of them as they joined us that they were now all naked.

When the four men were all seated, Sean returned to me. He stood further back than he had before, just out of my reach.

Sean spoke softly, as if he were speaking only to me, not for the others to hear. "You are to look at me at all times unless I tell you otherwise. Pay no attention to the others. So far as you're concerned, it's just you and me. We're alone here and whatever goes on is just between the two of us. Later, if any of the others get involved I'll tell you what to do and how to respond to them. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Kneel, Tanner." His voice was low and modulated but the authority came through. Real authority, I realized, didn't demand volume.

I knelt as he ordered. The  stone floor was hard and cold against my knees. I was looking up into his eyes, waiting for his next command with the complete obedience of a well trained and faithful dog.

"Lock your hands behind your back, Tanner. I'm not going to allow you to touch me with any part of your body except your mouth."

I locked my hands behind my hips, disappointed that I would not be allowed to run them over his magnificent body.

"Now, Tanner," Sean said, his voice a little louder now, but still soft and even, "I am going to fuck your face. I'm going to stab my cock down your throat." He waited, giving me time to understand his words, giving our audience of four time to consider what was coming. "Open your mouth. Keep it open as I align my cock with your throat. Remember, you are not to touch me, other than with your lips and mouth."

I opened my mouth and knelt there waiting for him to take the next step. Sean stood waiting, looking down at me. I waited for my prize, my reward. Sean  still did not move. Saliva had begun to build up in my mouth, behind the dam of my lips. My mouth was filling rapidly with saliva and, with my mouth open, I could not swallow. Why was Sean waiting, why didn't he bring his cock to my lips so I could love it, worship it?

Still Sean waited, seeing my dilemma, but not seeming to care. My mouth was flooded with my own saliva and I dared not close my lips, not even for a second to swallow. The accumulated saliva began to overflow my lips, flowing down over my chin, dripping over my chest and onto my thighs, splashing onto my rigid, throbbing cock. Still Sean made no move to approach me. I felt my face flush red with embarrassment and shame, like a child who had not been able to control his bladder. I had wet myself with the overflowing fluids from my own mouth, slobbering all over myself, and had done so in front of powerful, demanding men.

"I'm going to deep throat you, Tanner," Sean said, his voice barely audible above the pounding of my heart.

He moved towards me, letting his cock approach my gaping mouth. He stopped and seemed to consider the angle of his approach. It was clear that from this height his cock would hit the back of my mouth far too steeply and not slide easily into my throat.

"Go back on your thighs a little, Tanner."

I did so and, in the process, lowered my head in relation to his crotch.

"Good, Tanner, just there. Stick out your tongue, not all the way, just a little."

As I did so, a cascade of saliva flowed out and down over my body.

He moved his cock forward again until the dripping head of it just rested on my tongue. I felt the slick, salty fluid he was secreting in great quantity now.

Sean reached out and locked his hands behind my head, weaving his fingers together in a tight grip.

"All right, Tanner," Sean said, and with no further warning, pulled my head forward with a sudden jolt which drove his massive cock over my tongue, between my lips, through my flooded mouth, and down my throat in one sudden motion.

I had expected Sean to move forward, letting his cock slip inch by inch into my mouth and then let me have time to become accustomed to its presence before he moved on again into my throat.

Instead, he had forced my head forward, driving my mouth and throat down onto his cock in one sudden motion. One second, his cock was resting lightly on my tongue, the next, it was embedded deeply in my throat and my lips were pressed firmly into his soft, fragrant, musky pubic hair.

I gagged, my throat rebelling against the sudden invasion. My stomach caught and I really felt as if I were going to retch.

"Don't do it, Tanner," Sean said softly as he held my face against his body. His voice still full of authority and control. "You will take it. You will not gag or retch."

We both stayed perfectly still and his grip on my head never slackened. Hot tears were escaping my eyes and rolling down my cheeks to mix with the saliva which covered my chin. Slowly my body adjusted to the insult it had experienced. My throat relaxed and my stomach recovered its composure.

"Good, Tanner, very good," Sean said softly when he sense my calm. "Now I'm going to fuck your throat."

He pulled back until just the massive head of his swollen cock was inside my mouth, the flared ridge of the head pressing against the inside of my tight, stretched lips. The next second he had rammed himself forward again, past my esophagus and deep into my protesting throat.

Again, he pulled back, and again he thrust forward. I was moaning now, feeling overwhelmed by what was happening. I had little sense of balance, kneeling with my hands locked behind my back where they could do little to steady me.

The torment continued and I felt myself go limp. It was almost as if all the strength had drained from me and I was only held up by the force of Sean's vice-like grip on my head. Despite the agony I was suffering, I was so completely aroused that I knew I could go over the edge, sliding into a massive orgasm at any moment.

I lost track of time. My very existence was reduced to the simple rhythm of Sean's cock plunging into my throat and then retreating, only to plunge in again.

I felt Sean's cock swell and knew his own climax was approaching. The first spasm of his orgasm shot through the length of his cock and my mouth was filled with the salt-sweet taste of his semen.

"Swallow, Tanner, take it all."

I did so, keeping all of the first volley.

I knew he meant it and I knew I would suffer serious consequences if any of his seed spilled from my mouth. I swallowed hard, trying to stay ahead of the flood. The torrent ended and I knew I had succeeded. I had taken all Sean had to give.

Then to my utter amazement, Sean pulled his cock from my mouth, gripped it with his right hand and suddenly shot off another massive charge of his potent sperm. It hit me squarely in my left eye, stinging badly, then sagged and slid down over my cheek, almost, but not quite reaching the left corner of my mouth.

"Don't touch it, Tanner," Sean snapped when he saw my tongue reach out to lick away any it could reach. "You leave it there, boy. Let it dry on your face."

I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and looked up at him pleadingly as my own cock suddenly erupted.
There was nothing I could do to stop it. The first volley hit Sean's right foot. The second and third paddled on the floor about two feet in front of my knees.

Sean stepped back and looked down at the evidence of my own orgasm.

"I did not tell you that you could come, Tanner."

Tears were again seeping from my eyes as I looked up at him, trying to beg without the use of words. I knew I had done something very wrong and I wanted him to forgive me.

"You realize you'll have to clean up that mess."

I nodded.

"All right, Tanner, you can take your hands from behind your back now. Support yourself with your hands and lean forward and lick your mess off my foot.

My arms were trembling from being locked behind me for so long. They tingled as blood poured back into my muscles. My hands felt numb.

"What are you waiting on, Tanner? I said to lick off my foot."

I leaned forward and lowered my lips to his right foot and licked and sucked the globs of thick white stuff from his waiting foot. When I finished I rose back up to a kneeling position and looked up at him beseechingly.

"Now the floor, Tanner," Sean said as he stepped back and pointed down at the trail of my sperm which lay in a jagged line on the gray paving stones.

I looked up at him again, tears still streaming from my eyes. I pleaded silently for him to relent and not make me do this.

"Now, Tanner," Sean said. His voice was still very low but there was an edge there which I'd not heard before.

I lowered my face to the floor and began to lick the white stuff from the stones. It had gone cold and tasted bitter, perhaps from the hard paving stones. When I finished I rose to a kneeling position again and looked up obediently at him.

"Good, boy," he said, his voice soft, almost a whisper. Were those words just for me, not meant for the others to hear? Was there still some secret intimacy between Sean and me, even as our most private acts were turned into a spectacle for the assembled audience, the paying audience, to see and enjoy?

"Now," he continued, "clean my cock."

He moved toward me again and I instinctively opened my mouth as he approached. His cock was no longer fully hard but I sucked it between my lips and laved it with my tongue. As it softened in my mouth, I held it with my tight lips, letting my tongue bathe the length of it, letting my tongue continue to express my worship and adoration.

"Good, Tanner," Sean eventually said, his voice still soft, just between him and me. He braced his hands on either side of my head and slowly pulled his flaccid cock from between my lips.

"Stand up, Tanner," Sean said, his voice a little louder now. As I started to rise, my legs felt limp from kneeling so long. Sean's arms went around my chest and he held me to him as if he were supporting a limp doll. He slipped around so he was beside me, his arms still around my shoulders, and walked me the few steps to the sling. When we reached it, he reached out, steadying the leather sling under and behind me, and then lowered me into it.

I slumped into the comforting closeness of the leather, feeling it press against my buttocks and back. Sean buckled a strap over my chest and another just below my waist. He then took my arms, first the right and then the left and buckled two-inch wide straps around each wrist. When he'd done my arms, he did the same to my ankles, buckling each of them into matching straps. He laced leather supports behind each of my knees, bring their straps around to buckles on the front of my upper chin and lower thighs.

Each strap had a D ring securely attached to it, and to each ring, he then attached a chain. When he had me bound to his satisfaction, he went behind me to pulleys mounted on the wall and began to pull the corresponding chains. As he did so, my arms and legs were pulled up toward the ceiling. The chains attached to the knee supports then went up still higher, forcing my legs apart, stretching them up and out until I was as helpless as a steer roped and tied for slaughter.

My head fell back weakly against the sling and I gave myself up to what was to come.

As Sean came back to stand at my side I sensed movement around us and realized the others had left their chairs to stand closer, wanting a closer view as my body was invaded for their pleasure.

"Tanner, can you hear me?" Sean said, leaning closer to my right ear.

"Yes," I whispered, my voice sounding strange and far off, coming to me through a thick mist of my own swoon.

"I'd rather not gag you tonight." He waited. "Do you hear me, Tanner?"

"Yes," I whispered again.

"If you promise to keep silent, no matter what you feel, no matter how much you want to scream, I'll not gag you."

"No, gag me, Sean, please." I said, not trusting myself to remain silent.

"All right, then," Sean said as he stepped away for a moment. When he returned he stuck his right thumb between my lips and prodded them apart. "You don't get a simple gag, Tanner. If you want a gag, this is what you get."

I opened my drooping eye lids and looked at the strange object Sean was holding up for me to see. It was a dildo, a large one, nearly as large as Sean's own cock. It was black and menacing and attached to it's base was a black leather strap.

"Do you want it, Tanner?"

"I don't want to scream," I managed to say.

"All right, then." He held the monstrous thing to my lips and said, "lick it, Tanner, get it good and wet. It will make it easier for you."

I stuck out my tongue and began to lick the dildo as he moved it up and down in front of my mouth, turning it until every part of it was dripping with my saliva.

"Good, Tanner," Sean said, as he prodded my lips open again. He began to work the dildo into my mouth. It was thick enough to stretch my lips, forcing me to open my mouth as wide as I had done when he'd fucked my face. It slipped over my tongue and probed the opening to my throat. I swallowed and it slipped further in.

Sean snapped the connecting strap in place around my head and I was effectively unable to make a sound. I began to panic, wondering what I'd do if I choked. I was so bound I could do little to signal my distress.

"Breathe, Tanner," Sean said softly as he leaned over me, his lips almost against my right ear.

My eyes were wide open in panic and fear, realizing that my very life was now in Sean's hands.

"Breathe, Tanner, breathe through your mouth."

How could I breathe through my mouth when that huge black monster was wedged deep in my throat?

"Breathe," Sean said again.

By that point I think I was approaching desperation. An involuntary gasp escaped my mouth and with it I realized that I could, in fact, both inhale and exhale through my mouth. For the first time I understood that the dildo was not solid, but constructed as a tube, not unlike the tubes used on patients during surgery, to keep the wind channel open, though this one was bigger, thicker, black and shaped like a cock, complete with a massive head, which was now deeply embedded in my throat. I breathed in and exhaled. I breathed again and began to relax back into the sling, my whole body slumping into an even deeper recognition of Sean's power over me.

"Good boy," Sean whispered in my ear as he ran his hot hand over my chest and stomach, testing the straps which held me in the sling. "Now, Tanner," Sean said, "I have a couple of other little tricks up my sleeve." It was an odd remark, considering that he was completely naked, except for the wide black belt, which was buckled around his slim muscular waist.

Sean then went back to the cabinet and returned with a couple of things which I couldn't see from my position. He spoke to Tommy, who was now standing beside me, and handed him something to hold. Sean then turned to me and strapped a black leather blinder over my face. It covered my eyes completely and when he had adjusted it, tightening it around my head, I couldn't see at all.

I heard him speak to Tommy and then he was back, pushing some soft waxy substance into my ears. I realized they were plugs, the kind that mold to the shape of you ear channel, shutting out all but the very loudest sounds. Suddenly I was isolated, cut off almost completely from the sensual world. Only my body, which hung in the sling exposed and vulnerable, was left as a channel of sensation.

Time went by and I felt nothing more. The respite probably only lasted a few minutes but, as far as I was concerned, it could have been hours, even days. My world had collapsed into the reality of my own body, nothing more, my body, isolated and floating in empty space.

After a while I felt warm hands stroking my chest and moving down over my stomach, finally grasping my hard cock and stroking it, slowly, evenly, just enough to increase my arousal but not enough to bring me even a little closer to climax. Was it Sean touching, stroking me? I assumed so, but wasn't sure. It could have been any one of the five men, whom I knew were now standing around me.

I felt a hand on my face, moving over the straps which held the dildo deeply embedded in my throat. The outer end of the dildo, the part attached to the securing strap, was slowly, rhythmically pushed and released, causing the huge, hard thing to move in my throat, fucking me. I felt my own cock pulse in response.

The movement stopped and someone was moving their hands over my face, pressing something cool against my nostrils. I inhaled a strong, chemical odor, lacquer thinner, perhaps, or glue. It was poppers, of course, but I'd never experienced them before and the odor was new. The sensation which followed was incredible. My body jumped and my cock pulsed harder. I felt a wave of lust move through me, a desire for sex, pure sex, in any form, settling into some overheated center of my brain.

At just that moment I felt some cool, almost cold substance being spread over my widespread crack and over the pucker of my ass. A finger pushed into me and I moaned against the dildo which blocked my throat and made real speech impossible. Someone was massaging my stomach as a second finger was pressed in, and with it, great masses of the lubricant.

The massaging of my stomach was deeper now, pressing into my abdominal muscles, bunching them between strong fingers, causing me to gasp and suck in air.

A third finger went into me and rested there, giving my body time to adjust to the invasion. I felt other hands moving over me, stroking my chest, feeling and squeezing my chest and shoulders, my biceps and things.

In my silent isolation I seemed to slip into some other state of consciousness. I remembered being a little child, feeling adult hands moving over my body, feeling the helplessness of a baby being changed and diapered, feeling the hands of a man moving over me, feeling my body, stroking and arousing me, bringing back from some hidden recess of my mind the forgotten memory of being sexually abused at an early age, perhaps as a boy of five or six. "Don't say anything. Don't tell. They will punish you if they know. They will punish you because you liked it, you enjoyed it."

He was right, of course, the man who abused me, I did enjoy it. I loved his touch, the feelings I knew were wrong, but couldn't stop. I knew I would want to go back to him. I would want him to touch me again. I would, from that time on, long for the touch of male hands and male bodies on my little boy's body. I knew I was very bad!

The fingers in my ass were moving, withdrawing, and I wanted to cry out. I wanted to beg them to stop, to stay in me, filling me. I couldn't stand the thought of the emptiness which I knew would follow.

Was it Sean who'd pressed his fingers into me? I assumed so, but I couldn't be sure. As the fingers were fully withdrawn the overwhelming feeling of emptiness came over me. My body cried out, wanting to be filled again, and just when I felt as if I couldn't stand it any longer, most probably not more than a few seconds from when the bunched fingers slipped from my ass, I felt the unmistakable pressure of a hard, pulsing cock.

It was big, really big, bigger than my own, if my senses didn't deceive me. The well lubed head pressed against my gaping hole and slid in, causing my sphincter to readjust to the new presence, causing my channel to be realigned to accommodate the huge, hard shaft. It moved slowly, but steadily in until I felt coarse pubic hair pressing against me, felt the huge head pressing into new territory, deep in my gut. Then, slowly at first, he began to fuck me with steady, powerful, thrusts.

Was it Tommy who was now pressing so powerfully into me? I knew it wasn't Sean. As big as he was, this cock was larger. I remembered that Sean had said Tommy might fuck me and, if he did, I'd know I'd been fucked by a master.

Yes, I decided, this had to the former All-American, the handsome older jock who'd teased me during dinner. I lay back in the sling and let the pleasures of his power overtake me. I slipped again into that half real, half remembered place where past and presence met, where the child I'd been and the young man I had become moved in one body and old memories were stirred.

Deprived of sight and sound, my body, my very being, began to separate and fly apart like the thousand bright bits of an exploding bomb. I felt myself being torn apart and then settling back together in some new form. Yet, when I tried to see myself, it wasn't really a new Tanner that I saw, it was the child I'd been, the six year old being held naked on the lap of an older man.

"Yes, David, I can take it. Please don't stop." I heard my own childlike voice and turned to look up at him.

"You sure, boy, you want your uncle's big cock?"

"Yes, Uncle Dave, I love it in me like you did before."

I felt his strong arms on my sides, grasping me under my arms, lifting me up, then lowering me again, lowering me onto the blazing heat of his huge cock, feeling the thickness of it spread my little boy buns, feel the length of it slide into me, filling me, loving me, making me one with him.

"Oh, Uncle Dave," I purred as he lowered me, my child's body nailed on his hard shaft.

I felt the cock in me speeding up, puling back and thrusting forward, causing me to rock and swing in the sling, my body moving in space, unattached to solid ground, unattached to reality.

It must be Tommy, I thought, as I felt his cock stiffen and the first volleys of his seed jolt into me. Oh, yes, Tommy, yes, Sean, yes, Uncle Dave, I thought as my mind went into freefall and I felt my own climax blast from my throbbing cock and land in searing puddle on my chest.

Yes, I thought, I want to be covered with sperm, I want to feel it hot on my skin, then drying, fusing with me. I wanted these men, whom I could not see, to see me depraved, subdued, humiliated. I wanted to be debased by them, enjoyed by them. But, I realized as I lay in my dark, silent place, it was for me that I wanted it. And knowing that, I also knew that they had no power over me.

The huge cock began to soften as it was pulled out of me. I felt the overflow of its load slide from my hole and drop from my body, seeing it, in my mind's eye, lying in pools in the gray stone floor.

Then, no sooner than I sensed again the emptiness, than I felt a skilled hand there, pressing into me. This, I knew, had to be Sean. He had fisted me the night before in the privacy of the bedroom we'd shared, and he knew I could take it. I also knew his touch, the way he rotated his hand after each advance, letting the knuckle of his hand stick out just a little so it would drag over the wall of my ass, adding a level of sensation and arousal which was his own trademark. I have been fisted many times since, but no one has ever done that to me, or at least, not quite the same way and with the same results. If there is such a thing as a full body orgasm, it was when Sean was fisting me that I experienced it.

As Sean pressed in, someone held the cool container to my nose and I smelled again the metallic, cutting odor I had experienced before. Remembering its effect, I breathed deeply, drawing the chemical brew into my lungs and felt again the sexual high I had known earlier.

I relaxed into my isolation. With no sight or sound to distract me, and with the sensation of floating which I had in the sling, I let my body go, let my will and my being over to Sean and just let the waves of sexual energy pass over me. The idea that the others were there watching, even though I couldn't see or hear them, added to the excitement.

Sean was right. I am an exhibition, a masochist, and probably a sadist as well. I reveled in knowing that those powerful men lusted for me, wanted me, and were willing to pay handsomely to have me.

The probing hand slipped in easily. I felt my sphincter spread and stretch as the widest part of Sean's hand slipped through the yielded ring. In some odd way, after everything else that had happened, being fisted again was almost an anticlimax. I felt the slow progression of his hand and arm, knowing that he'd press into me as far as was humanly possible, and willing him to go just a little further, to invade me, claim me as his own.

Other hands were moving over me again, feeling my stomach, pressing and kneading my abs, pinching my tits, grasping my chest and working it. I felt hands on my biceps and instinctively flexed them, using the leather bands around my wrists and the chains which pulled my arms up and away from my body as the resistance to make my muscles bulge. I realized they were touching me for their own pleasure, not for mine, but I reveled in their lust. I wanted them to touch me, feel me, desire me. I somehow knew, even in my altered consciousness, that I was also using them.

I felt my sphincter stretched again and wondered if Sean was in elbow deep. I envisioned myself speared by his arm. I felt the stretch as he rotated the full length of his arm and, without warning, I came again, powerfully. I felt my sperm jolting out of me, not so far this time, feeling the last wave sliding down my cock and mat in my pubic hair.

I think it was as that climax ebbed, that I really swooned. My brain went into overload and my body slumped and I lost all sense of time. I have no idea whether I was in that sling for one hour or ten. I think the others fucked me.  I didn't care.

Eventually I felt hands lifting me, felt the straps being removed and sensed that I was being half carried to the showers. The mask was removed from my eyes and I could see. The plugs were removed from my ears and I could hear. The older men were gone and it was only Sean and Tommy who gently, lovingly moved me, held me, washed me. I felt a soft towel moving over me and then felt Sean's caring hands spreading some soothing cream over and into my ass.

The steps were a problem and seemed to take for ever. They half carried me up from the basement to the main floor, then up again from the main floor to one of the bedrooms on the balcony level. The lodge was quiet as if everyone else were long asleep. They moved me to the center of the king sized bed and then, to my surprise, laid down on either side of me, pressing their hard, muscular bodies against me, holding me. I slept.

To be continued.