Tanner's Tales #7
By John Yarer

This is the seventh installment of Tanner's Tales. I have had several conversations with Tanner since Part Six was posted and we have both agreed that we should end the series with the eight installment, which will be posted within the next two or three weeks.

If readers wish to contact Tanner they may do so at the e-mail address below.


As with the earlier installments, this story is based on Tanner's experiences as he described them to me. I have tried to put his material into written form, more or less as he presented it to me in e-mail notes and telephone conversations. It is presented as a factual account but I have omitted or changed the names of certain universities, corporations and individuals.

Please refer to my introductory notes for Tanner's Tales #3, in which I discuss the topics of "S and M," "Fisting" and "Rough Sex." I would be interested in hearing from readers who have personal experience with the practice of fisting, both to satisfy my own curiosity and to confirm or correct any ideas expressed by Tanner and related in these stories.

As in the earlier installment, I have not attempted to convey the exact tone or the accent with which Tanner speaks but I think you will realize that he comes from the Deep South and although he now spends most of his time in the New York City area, he still speaks with echoes of his original regional accent.

Andrew has again proofed this story and both Tanner and I want to express our thanks for all his help.

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Sean pulled some strings and got permission for me to stay over Sunday night with him at his motel. He didn't cut me much slack, though. The next morning he had me up and dressed and delivered to the dining hall on the university campus where all of us guys in the football camp were having our meals.

I saw Sean over one more weekend before the end of the camp. It was just him and me and we spent the entire time at the motel where he always stayed. We made it to the pool twice and went out for a couple of meals, but most of the weekend was spent in his suite and most of the time in the big king size bed.

On Saturday night of that weekend Sean let me fist him for the first and only time. I have to tell you I wasn't very good at it. Sean said I have big hands, too big for most guys to take up the ass. It was hot, though, and a real turn-on, feeling the heat of his body and the power he'd given me over him.

In the long run, though, I learned that I'd much rather fuck a hot guy with my cock than with my fist. I've since done it many times to guys who really wanted it, but it isn't something I really enjoy all that much.

I do love the power, though, feeling so in control, having another guy so completely at my mercy.
So I figure you've guessed that I signed on with the XXX Corporation. I worked summers for them each year I was at the university and continued to work for them for five more years after I graduated.

Like I told you at the beginning, I wasn't that big a success as a college football player. I didn't have a bunch of pro teams chasing me when I finished school and I never made All American.
So I suffered through my senior year of high school, played mean, aggressive football and was named All State. It was an okay year, but I was just longing to get through it and get on with my life.

The following year, when I entered the university as a freshman, one of the first things I did was look up Bobby Benton, the swimmer on the XXX Corp Team, who Sean and Tommy had told me about. My hands may have been too big for a lot of guys, but Bobby loved them!

Bobby was a junior when I was a freshman but he stayed on to do a masters degree and was around for my first three years. We began seeing each other a lot and I guess he was the closest thing I had to a boyfriend while I was at the university.

Bobby was on the varsity swimming team and he did make All American. He also went to the Olympics in Seoul and won metals. I guess I shouldn`t tell you how many or for what events, or you might figure out Bobby`s real name. He probably wouldn't be too happy about being outed because he now has a wife and three kids. His wife knows he swings both ways and I guess she's okay with it as long as he's careful. I don't know if their kids know or not. When I've been with Bobby and his family in recent years he's been very physical with me, right in front of Pam and the kids. He's always very affectionate with me, but whether they've just come out and said, "your dad likes dick," I don't know. They are such an open family though, that I figure when the time comes they'll talk it out, if they haven't already, and everybody will come to terms with it.

I've got to tell you that Bobby was and is one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen. I outweighed him by a good fifty pounds and overshadowed him by about four inches, but I would trade my body for his any day of the week. He has light brown hair, blond in the summer and sort of golden brown the rest of the year. His body is so completely smooth that I'd have sworn he shaved it but he didn't. And he had, still has, muscle definition you wouldn't believe. Like I said, the guy is beautiful. He was always getting hit on by girls and guys and had just about anybody he wanted.

In a lot of ways Bobby always looked and seemed like he could have been Sean's younger brother. Sean is older and bigger, but he has that same open, friendly personality. You can't be with either one of them for ten minutes without feeling you are the most important person in the world. They treat you as if you were the most interesting, most appealing, most likable person they you know. And being treated like that sort of makes you want to be what they see you as being. I always feel as if I'm just a better person all round when I'm with either one of them. Being with both of them at the same time is like dying and going to heaven.

I guess I have to tell you something about football players. Most of them are sort of dumb. I've got to include myself, for sure. During my four years at the university my grades were just barely good enough for me to continue playing football. And in order to get my grades that high, I had all the private tutoring XXX Corp could arrange.

There are exceptions, of course. I mean, Sean is smart, really smart. Tommy is okay. He didn't need all the help I needed and he kept his grades a lot higher on his own than I did with all that help.

I don't know if there is a relationship between brains and the sports a guy plays, but when it came to real intelligence, Bobby topped every football player I ever knew. The guy is a genius. But the cool thing is that you never feel uncomfortable around him. He loves literature and he could even make me like it. Just hearing him talk about some book or poem he liked was enough to make me want to go read it.

Also about Bobby one more thing and then I'll shut up. I didn't tell you he did a lot of fashion modeling. I guess it was natural he would, with a body like his and a face like his. When we were still in the university he was going off for photo shoots every once in a while. Of course, XXX Corp had to agree. He had a contract with them but they never objected. In fact, I think they liked it. It was one more way to show off one of their boys. But again, I guess I'd better not tell you which companies he modeled for or you might guess who he really is.

It was through Bobby that I got a few modeling jobs, too. But what they wanted from me was my body. I modeled swimming suits and underwear. Later, of course, I did some other kinds of modeling, too. But I'll tell you about that later.

With Bobby modeling was natural. If anybody was ever photogenic, it's him. He'd just go into a shoot and it was like the cameras loved him. They'd drool over him. They'd make love to him.

Like I said, during my years at the university, Bobby was sort of my boyfriend. I had to live in the jock dorm my freshman year, but during my second and third years he and I shared an apartment, courtesy of XXX Corp, of course.

And during those years we were on each other's body all the time. I mean, it was some of the hottest and most sustained sex I've ever had. We woke up early and fucked and stayed up late to sixty-nine ourselves to sleep in our king size bed. If I had a break between classes or a training session was canceled, I was home and we were doing it in no time at all.

It was one of the most intense relationships I've ever had. The funny thing is that I don't think we were really ever in love. I mean, sure I love the guy. Who wouldn't? But I never felt toward him the way I felt toward Sean.

It took me a long time to say that. I called Sean last night and told him I'd decided to admit it, to say it here, in print. But what Bobby and I felt for each other, still feel, was different. It was like two puppies, loving the play, loving the sex, loving the romp. But I never felt a twinge of jealousy when Bobby married Pam. I guess I knew he would marry her before he'd figured it out for himself.

But like I said, sex with Bobby was like kids playing, like puppies romping in the grass. It was fun and without care, without the weight of a more emotional love, the kind of love that breeds possessiveness, the kind of love that can so easily turn to anger and hate.

Once when Sean came to town Bobby asked me if I wanted to spend the weekend with him, with Sean.

"I'll clear out if you want to use the apartment," he'd said, knowing how I felt about Sean.

"No," I'd replied, lying naked in the middle of our rumpled bed where I'd just fucked him. "Sean always stays at a fancy hotel, in the biggest suite they have. If I want to be with him, I'll just go there."

"Well, tell me. You know I'll clear out if you want."

"I think what I'd really like would be to spend the weekend with both of you." I paused, not sure if he understood what I was saying. "You know, the three of us."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, that's what I want. I mean, you and him, the two guys I love the most, what could be better?"

So Bobby stayed and we invited Sean to come to our place. It was between seasons and we were both free all weekend. For once I was even a little ahead on my studies.

In some ways it was sort of like the weekend I'd spent with Sean and Tommy at Caspian Lodge three years earlier. But this time it was just the three of us, Sean, Bobby and me, without Bill or the other corporate types around.

Bobby and I went to a supermarket near our apartment and bought enough food to last three days. When Sean arrived on Friday evening, we more or less jumped him, although I don't think he minded being jumped at all. Within a couple of minutes we had him and ourselves naked and we didn't get dressed again until early Monday morning.

When we first got Sean naked, Bobby did a sort of double take at the rings in his nipples and the thicker one in his cock.

"Didn't you know Sean had all that piercing?" I asked.

"No! I've seen you naked enough times, Sean, but you've never been wearing the rings.

"Yeah, I don't wear them all that much but Tanner has seen them enough and I figured you wouldn't be too shocked."

"Shocked? No, I think they're really hot."

"I want to get my tits and cock pierced the same way," I chimed in.

"Well, I didn't say I wanted them for myself," Bobby said, "But they look sexy as hell on you."

"Oh, man," I continued, "I think they are so cool and I'll tell you, Bobby, getting fucked by Sean when he has that fat PA in is really wild."

"Well, I'll tell you what," Sean grinned, "when you finish college, Tanner, I'll take you and get you pierced and buy you some body jewelry as a graduation present."

"Why do I have to wait till then? I've been thinking about it a lot and I want to get it done soon."

"No, Tanner," Sean said. "Right now you'd do better with the innocent boy next door look. It really gets those older guys going."

Before we could say much more Bobby was leading us off to the bedroom and we hardly left it, except for food, for the next two days.

At one point Saturday afternoon we were lying in a heap in the middle of the living room floor. I think I'd just fucked Bobby while Sean knelt behind me and rammed his beautiful cock into my ass. We'd all three come and we all three stank. We were covered with sweat and come. The odor was such a turn on I never lost my hard-on. We got up and made our way to the bed. It was a mess from our earlier sessions but we just lay there talking and touching each other.

"I'm glad to see you boys are getting along so well," Sean said as we relaxed and gradually regained our breath. "I think Bill and a few of his friends would appreciate a little show next weekend."

"Yeah?" Bobby and I had asked together.

"Yeah, at the lodge. They are inviting a bunch of corporate guys up, all vanilla types so it would need to be something simple."

"Simple?" I asked, remembering the basement playroom.

"Yeah, you know, just you two boys fucking out by the hot tub or maybe in the living room on a blanket in front of the fire, depending on the weather."

"Just two wholesome boy-next-door types, right?," Bobby grinned.

"Yeah, something like that. Maybe a little oral play, even a good sixty-nine and then a hot fuck, no kinks, no tit rings, no leather."

"Sounds fine to me," I said. I'd never had sex with Bobby with an audience watching and the idea sort of turned me on.

"You okay with that, Bobby?" Sean asked.

"Sure. I guess I don't see how we are supposed to do this, though," Bobby said as he continued to toy with Sean's tit rings.

"You don't, huh?" Sean grinned. "From what I've seen of you two, you know how to fuck and that's all we're really asking for."

"Yeah, right, Sean," Bobby jabbed back. "We can figure out what to do, it's just getting into it in front of a bunch of men we don't even know that confuses me."

"So do you want an introduction?" Sean continued to tease.

"You know, that might be a good idea."

"Sure. But you understand they all know who you two are anyway."

"I know, but you understand what I mean. We'd just be standing around, I guess, with all these old guys and all of a sudden Tanner and I start stripping and end up on the floor fucking our brains out. I mean, it sounds sort of silly when you put it that way."

"Okay, let's say you two get there and mix with the others for a while, relax, have dinner, hang out a little. Then when it's time for the show, we can turn the lights down except for the area where you two will be doing it. You know, create a little drama, maybe even some music."

"You've got to be kidding!"

"No, I'm not kidding. It's going to seem sort of artificial no matter how you two get into it. If the lights are turned down and there is some music it will help you concentrate on each other and maybe forget there are a bunch of men watching you."

"Hell, I think having a bunch of old farts watching us fuck sounds hot as hell," I volunteered."

"Yeah, you would," Bobby laughed as he began to pummel me. "But, really, Sean, what kind of music would you play?"

"How about Ravel's Bolero?" Sean said. "Everybody says it's about fucking anyway."

"You know, that might work." Bobby agreed. Now you've got to understand I didn't know what the hell this Bolero was, so I just kept my mouth shut. "Yeah, Sean, let's do it."

"Okay," Sean said, "leave it to me."

"Do you want Tanner and me to come up on our own?"

"Yeah, that would be good. Show up Saturday evening about five, in time for drinks and dinner and then you two can entertain the troops with a little floor show later in the evening."

With the arrangements agreed to, we got up and headed for the shower. "You two go ahead," Bobby said, "I want to change the sheets." There was no question the sheets needed changing.

By the time he joined us in the shower, I was on my knees sucking Sean's cock.

"Um," Bobby said as he stepped into the oversized shower stall, one of the main reasons we'd chosen the apartment in the first place. "That looks good. Can I have some?"

"Sure I said, turning Sean around to face Bobby and then leaning forward again to go after his ass. While Bobby blew Sean, I rimmed him, and, needless to say, things went on from there. I soon had my tongue in Sean's ass and then, a few minutes later, a couple of fingers.

"Go ahead and fuck me, Tanner," Sean moaned. "I love getting fucked and blown at the same time."

Sean leaned forward, his hands spread against the wall of the shower as Bobby knelt between him and the wall and I greased up my hard cock with some body lotion and pressed it into him. Within a minute or two the three of us were working like a well oiled locomotive. As I fucked Sean's ass, he moved forward and back with each stroke, driving his cock deep into Bobby's throat and then withdrawing as he moved back to meet my next thrust. It was wonderful and slow. We'd each come several times by then and nobody was in any hurry.

I was leaning over Sean's back, my chest against his back and my arms wrapped around him, my hands running over his cheat. On one down stroke, my right hand brushed against the top of Bobby's head and I began to run my fingers through his short, golden hair, slowly pressing him more forcefully against Sean's cock and driving it deeper and deeper into his willing throat. I'd learned that Bobby could not only open his ass to an amazing degree, but he could also open his throat to take in all of Sean's cock or even mine. I never knew any other guy who could deep throat me like Bobby could and I knew he could take all Sean had with ease, never gagging and never pulling back.

We didn't exactly come at once. It was a sort of chain reaction. Sean started coming and as he did, his ass contracted, setting me off. I knew Bobby could get off while sucking another guy's cock. He'd done it blowing me on several occasions. But all a sudden I felt his hot spunk shoot between Sean's legs and hit my left leg. For some reason it struck me funny. I started laughing and then Sean joined in. Bobby started chuckling with Sean's cock still in his mouth, which did nearly gag him. He pulled off and began laughing, too. The three of us just slipped down in the wet shower stall with the water blasting over us and roared with laughter until tears were rolling down our cheeks. I moved over and kissed Sean, then Bobby. The laughter gradually stopped and the three of us just sat there, our legs spread out in front us, smiling at each other.

"I love you guys," Sean said. "You know that, don't you?"

"Yeah, Sean." Bobby smiled. "You love us and Tommy and half the varsity football team."

We all laughed again and then Sean said, looking rather serious, "That's right. Anything wrong with it?"

"No, Sean," I grinned, "not a fucking thing."

Wednesday afternoon when I got home from classes, Bobby was in the living room with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He was damp and he smelled so good. He'd obviously just showered and I wanted him.

He laughed and jumped back when I tried to grab him. "Keep your sweaty hands off me," he laughed. "Go take a shower and come back in here. We're going to listen to Bolero together and then we'll listen again while we fuck."

"You got to be kidding," I growled.

"No, Tanner, I'm not kidding. Just call it a rehearsal for Saturday night."

"I don't need to rehearse fucking, mister. I know how to fuck."

"Yeah, but this is fucking for an audience and we are going to do it right."


"No, you shower first," Bobby laughed, but I knew he was serious. "Well, shit, too if you need to, but definitely shower."

I went off to the bathroom and dutifully did as I was told. When I was finished, I didn't bother with a towel. Bobby's seen my equipment anyway so I just went back naked and plopped down on the sofa. Bobby had been cooking up something for our dinner, which he stuck in the oven and then joined me.

"Okay, listen," he said and started the stereo. As the music began he came over and sat down beside me. I tried to start something but he wouldn't have it. We just sat there and listened and as we did so, I must admit, I got sort of swept up in the music. I could see what Sean meant. It built with a persistent rhythm, pulling you along just like sex. The tempo and the volume increased until, finally, when you knew you couldn't take any more, it sort of exploded. It really was a lot like fucking.

"What do you think?" Bobby said as a the music ended.

"Holy shit, Bobby," I said. "that's fucking hot!"

"So do you think we can do it?"

"What do you mean?"

"Can we fuck to that music and reach our climax in time with the music?"

"Damn right we can."

"Okay, stud," he grinned, "let's do it."

He started the music again as we stood together in the middle of our living room. Bobby began to move with the music, almost as if he was dancing. I saw what he was doing and tried to follow his lead. For now I'll just tell you it worked.

The following weekend our schedules weren't as light as the weekend Sean had spent with us. I had a workout called for Friday afternoon and Bobby and I spent a couple of hours in the weight room on Saturday morning. If nothing else, we'd both be pumped for the party that night.

We spent the afternoon studying and then, about three, we showered together and dressed. It was nice just being close and caring for one another. We lathered each other's bodies and just stood, hugging and stroking each other for a while as the warm water poured over us. We talked about the evening ahead and how we should handle it. We both got hard and it would have been great to just go ahead and get off then, but we decided to save our energy for the big show.

Bobby and I decided to really play up the "boy-next-door" image, so we settled on a sort of preppy look. That was more or less the way Bobby dressed all the time anyway, and I'd begun to follow his lead, giving up jeans and T-shirts for khaki slacks and polo shirts.

Thanks to XXX Corp, we both had really great cars. Mine was clean and ready for the run, but as it turned out, it was raining and it didn't matter that Bobby's car wasn't washed. He wanted to drive so we ended up taking his Firebird. He played the Ravel piece again on the way up and I got hard just listening to it. We got to the lodge right on time.

We were a little surprised to see a lot of cars when we arrived and when we went in we found the main floor of the lodge was crowded. It looked like there were about fifty guys there, ranging in age from about forty to sixty or even older. Bill came over and greeted us.

"There are drinks on the bar. Feel free to help yourselves. We'll put out a big buffet in about an hour, so don't fill up on pretzels." He gave us both a friendly hug and a slap on the back, the usual straight guy stuff, and said we should circulate.

"Is Sean here?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's upstairs with one of our biggest customers. I think you could say he's making a sale."

We laughed and he turned to greet some guy who looked like he was probably a bank president. The guy was obviously a little ill at ease. Bobby and I walked through the crowd and began to realize a lot of the men were watching us. They knew who we were and they probably knew why we were there. It felt a little odd being checked out by so many older guys but we sort of warmed to the idea and just went with it.

We made it to the bar and took soft drinks and a few chips and began circulating.

Three large sofas had been pulled up in a big semicircle in front of the fireplace. The space between them was probably about fifteen feet square and in the center of it was a big fur rug. The light from the fire played over it and some recessed spot lights in the high ceiling were aimed to illuminate the area. The other lights around the huge room were already turned down, making the rug almost look like a stage.

"It looks like a set for a fucking porn movie," I whispered to Bobby.

"Hey, maybe they'll film us and make us stars."

The evening progressed slowly and our apprehensions grew. About an hour after we got there, Sean came up beside us at the buffet table.

"Are you two the cute boys next door I've been hearing about?"

"Damn right," I said, turning to greet him. He was dressed almost exactly like Bobby and me in khaki slacks and a cool knit sport shirt which showed off his magnificent body. "So where you been?"

"Upstairs tending to business."

"Yeah? We heard you were closing a deal for the XXX Corp."

"I guess you could say that," he laughed. "At least I think I broke down any sales resistance the guy might have had."

"I bet you did," I laughed.

"So did you close the deal?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah, I guess I did."

"Which guy were you with?" Bobby asked. If he hadn't, I would have asked the same question.
"The man at the bar, the tall guy in the gray slacks and the black shirt."

"You got to be kidding, Sean. He's old enough to be your grandfather."

"You're right. He's actually a year older than my grandfather, but you should see him fuck."


"Yeah, he's amazing. He's one of those guys who really made his millions the hard way, a real old wildcat oil man from west Texas."

"So you let him fuck you?"

"Yeah. He has a nice cock and a lot of stamina for a guy his age. He actually fucked me twice."

"Man," I said, staring at the fellow, "makes you think, doesn't it?"

"I suppose," Sean grinned. "I just hope I'm still doing it when I'm his age." He turned and looked around the room, nodding to several men who smiled or waved. "You guys have a big audience tonight. Any second thoughts?"

"Yeah," Bobby jumped in, "but we'll be okay. We've got it all figured out. Are you going to start the music?"

"I have it all ready," Sean said. "I'll let you guys know when it's time and you can get into position over by that fur rug. The music will start and the lights will start to dim, except for the spots aimed at that area. The tape is edited so it will start loud and go about thirty seconds, long enough to let the men sort of guess what's coming. They've all heard there's going to be some sort of hot show but they don't know what and they don't know who the performers are."

"I think they may have guessed," Bobby said. "At least a lot of them have really been looking us over ever since we got here."

"Oh, they'll look you over," Sean laughed. "They'd have to be nuts or dead not to be looking you two over."

"So, anyway, you were saying the music would be loud for about thirty seconds. What then?"

"Well, you see the rug. There's a three inch thick foam rubber mat under it, cut to fit. When you go over to it, take the blanket off the back of the sofa on the right side and spread it over the rug. That will give you a comfortable place to do your stuff and when you two spread it, everyone will look that way. Then the music will stop and it will be silent for about ten seconds while the lights finish dimming. You'll have time to move onto the mat then if you want. The music will start again from the beginning and the volume will be softer but still high enough to be heard."

"I hope the spots aren't too bright," Bobby said. He'd done a lot of college theater and really did know a lot about lighting and sound. "It would be a lot more effective if they were dim enough that at least part of the illumination came from the flickering light of the fire."

"I think we have a budding theater director on our hands, Tanner," Sean teased.

"Well, it's your call," Bobby said, his voice sounding just a little hurt.

"No, I think you are right. I'll take care of it."

"Thanks, Sean. Tanner and I can take it from there."

"I was sure you could," Sean grinned and gave us each a pat on the shoulder before he wandered over to talk to his west Texas Wildcatter.

Bobby and I wandered around a little, talking with a few of the men. They knew our names and knew were part of what Sean continued to call the XXX Corp Team. They asked dumb questions about the football team and how the season had gone. A few of them also said something about the swimming team but it was clear that their only real interest in us was sexual.

Half an hour later Bill got everyone's attention and said they were about to have a little entertainment, which you could figure they all damn well knew. He said the little show would begin in ten minutes so if they wanted to refresh their drinks they should do so.

Bobby and I took that as our cue to get ready. We were standing by the door to one of the bathrooms and he quickly pulled me in it so we'd have a moment of privacy. He locked the door and then put his arms around me, drawing me into a warm hug.

"You're going to be okay," he whispered and then kissed me softly on the lips. I responded to his affection, returning his kiss and his embrace.

"I know. It's kind of weird though, the idea of us fucking in front of all those old guys."

"I'm just glad it's you," he said and kissed me again.

"Me too," I whispered as we ended our kiss, "glad it's you, I mean."

We kicked off our shoes and pulled off our socks. Leaving them in the bathroom, we went back out as the men were moving from the bar to the sofas. We were barefoot but otherwise completely dressed. I made my way to the far side of the room and waited. Bobby picked up the blanket and stood on the opposite side of the open space, twenty feet from me across the open area and the big fur rug. As the lights began to dim and the music came up, I looked around to see that the sofas were each occupied by three or four men, sitting thigh to thigh. A few more had pulled up chairs into the spaces between the corners of the sofas and the rest stood behind the seated inner circle, creating a dense audience, all looking at the rug, waiting.

As the lights continued to dim, I realized how right Bobby had been. The spots were dim and diffused. The flickering light from the fireplace, which formed the fourth side of the open square, cast a warm glow over the rug and the area around it.

The music stopped and Bobby and I moved to the edge of the rug, standing opposite each other. He reached across it, handed two corners of the blanket to me and we spread it between us, lowering it onto the rug. The blanket was made of some soft white fabric, almost like a very thick sheet, and I realized it would be quite comfortable when we lay naked on it.

The music started again, the now familiar Bolero, its rhythm beginning softly but insistently. The room was charged with sexual energy as Bobby and I stood across the rug from each other and began slowly to undress.

As I pulled my knit shirt up over my head and dropped it beside the rug, I caught another glimpses of the hungry, lustful men who watched us intently. Then I looked back at Bobby and found myself becoming incredibly aroused. He, like me, was now stripped to the waist and his magnificent torso shown in the soft flickering light. He smiled at me and began to loosen his belt. Each move he made, I followed, loosing my belt, then the clasp of my slacks, slowly lowering the zipper, sliding my slacks off as I stood first on one foot and then the other. I noticed the bulge in the right pocket of Bobby's slacks and remembered he'd told me he'd stuck a bottle of lube there. We tossed our slacks to the floor by our shirts and stood, eyes locked on each other, clad only in new white jockey briefs.

There was an appreciative murmur from the men around us as we moved toward each other, meeting just in front of the huge fireplace, where we gently embraced. We were not quick to kiss. Instead, we moved our hands slowly over each other. I ran my hands over Bobby's muscular shoulders and then down the sides of his torso, feeling his warmth. I was becoming more and more aroused.

Bobby turned around so that his back was against me, his butt pressed tightly against my hard cock with only the knit fabric of our briefs separating us. We turned slowly from side to side as I ran my hands down over his chest, fondling his erect nipples and then moving down to his hard belly. I felt the waist band of his briefs and slipped my thumbs under it, slowly working my hands down, and with them, his briefs, slowly revealing his hard, pulsing cock. Bobby was leaning back against me, his head on my shoulder as I kissed his neck and cheek.

The music was building now, the rhythm insistent, the pace quickening as I pushed Bobby's briefs down past the head of his cock and felt it spring up against his belly. He turned to me and we kissed deeply, his tongue working quickly into my mouth as my tongue sparred with his and then explored his hot, wet mouth. We broke from our kiss and stepped back a little from each other. Bobby was now completely naked and his marvelous body glowed in the soft spot lights and the flickering light from the fireplace. I turned so my back was to the fire and Bobby knelt in front of me, his back to our audience. He leaned forward to kiss my stomach. I stood with my hands locked behind my rear and let him have free reign. He lowered his lips to my bulging briefs and licked the already wet spot where my cockhead pulsed and drooled. He brought his hands up to the waist band of my briefs and began to pull them slowly down. In seconds my cock was liberated and sprang up, fully hard, in all its glory. There was another appreciative murmur from our audience and Bobby lowered himself so he was sitting directly on the floor, his head low enough for all the men around us to see the length and girth of my pulsing cock.

Then, slowly, Bobby rose up again and took my cock in his hand, holding it down so it pointed straight out from my belly, and brought it to his waiting lips. What followed was a demonstration of oral sex which only Bobby, with his amazing throat, could perform. In one slow, steady motion, he took the full length of my cock into his mouth. I had experienced his act before but never ceased to be amazed by it. Very few men had been able to take the full length of my cock into their mouth and those who could, including Sean, had to do so slowly, gradually taking more and more of its length on successive attempts.

Bobby, unlike anyone else I'd ever known, simply slid his lips down over the shaft of my cock, and in one slow, steady motion, accepted its bulging head into the deep recesses of his throat. It was an amazing feeling and I always had to steel myself against the demands of my body to come immediately. Around us I could feel the growing arousal of the watching men. There was the increased hum of murmured comments as our audience whispered among themselves, expressing their amazement and their vicarious pleasure.

Bobby only sucked my cock for a few minutes, knowing I couldn't take much more without coming. He pulled off, still kneeling before me, and looked up into my eyes. My cock was dripping wet and pulsing, just inches from his mouth.

"Fuck me," he said, his voice soft, as if he were speaking only to me, but loud enough for our audience to hear.

I held out my hands to him and as he grasped them, I drew him up into a standing position. We kissed again, deeply, passionately, our tongues meeting and dancing, our bodies pressed together, our cocks pulsing between us. We reluctantly broke apart and took a few steps, covering the short distance to the blanket covered rug and Bobby immediately lay down, spreading his legs and looking up at me as I still stood, towering over him. We had timed ourselves to the music and were just where we wanted to be. As the volume moved up a little and the pace of the rhythm speeded up, I knelt between Bobby's legs and bent forward to take his cock between my lips.

Bobby has a wonderful cock. It is average in length and girth, not nearly as big as mine, but perfectly formed, as straight as an arrow, and a faultless match for his faultless body. Its size is just right for my mouth and presents no challenge for me to take its full length. I slid down his shaft as smoothly as he'd slid down mine, pressing on until my lips were deep in his musky public hair. He groaned and I felt his body tremble. Around us I caught echoes of a collective groan and knew the men watching us were nearly as aroused as we were. I wondered if any of them would have the nerve to take out their own cocks and start stroking themselves or their neighbors. The thought lasted only a moment. I was too caught up in the passion Bobby and I were sharing to be too concerned about being watched or what our watchers might or might not be doing.

I pulled away from his cock and leaned forward to kiss his lips, holding my body above him so that only our lips touched. By supporting my weight in that way, I caused the muscles of my arms and back to flex, showing off my honed physique to full advantage.

I rose up again, kneeling between Bobby's legs, which I now lifted up and rested on my shoulders. His exposed ass twitched and winked. I sensed the men nearest us leaning forward, looking more intently at us. Bobby smiled at me, just a shy little smile and I knew he was thinking the same thing was, that these men around us were now our playthings. We had them completely enthralled. It was a real sense of power and both of us were enjoying it to the fullest.

I pressed Bobby's knees back until they were resting against his shoulders and his hips were elevated and his ass exposed. He took hold of his ankles and held them there so my own hands were again free. I ran the palms of my hands gently over his thighs, stroking the sensitive undersides of them and watching his eyes roll back with pleasure. I lowered my lips to his thighs and kissed the path my hands had just followed, kissing the inner surfaces of first his left and then his right thigh, moving closer with each kiss to the pulsing rosebud of his ass. When I reached it, I extended my wet tongue and licked once over the puckered surface. Bobby groaned and his groan was echoed by the men around us.

I lowered my mouth to his ass and surrounded his waiting pucker with my lips, pressing them tightly against his smooth skin and then letting my saliva accumulate there, forming a puddle over his bud as my tongue began to work its way in.

I was seventeen the first time I ever ate another guy's ass. It was the fall before I went off to the football camp between my junior and senior years in high school. Dave Sherman had been a childhood friend and then a high school mate. We were on the football team together and we'd played around together sexually from the time we were fourteen or fifteen. By the time we were seventeen we'd done just about everything. When we were sixteen we'd discovered fucking and had been doing it ever sense. We'd heard about rimming and eating ass but we'd been hesitant to try it. The idea at first repulsed me and I think it did Dave as well.

Then one weekend I was staying over with Dave at his house. His family had left town on a short trip but he'd stayed home because we'd had a home football game on Friday night and he couldn't miss it. On Saturday night we'd gone out with some of the other guys from the team, including a few of the seniors. Someone had brought a case of iced beer and we'd all sat round and gotten a little buzzed. There was a lot of kidding about sex and even some physical play. Billy Stevens teased Dave and me about getting it on and asked who was fucking who. Then Tom Johnson, one of the seniors said, "hell, they don't fuck. They just eat each other out two or three times a week." Everybody laughed, including Dave and me, and that was the end of it.

Dave was really conscientious about not drinking too much when he had to drive and we'd brought his car, so he and I had left early and went back alone to his house. He got into his dad's liquor cabinet and we'd had a couple of rather strong drinks. It wasn't long before we'd stripped to our shorts and were wrestling on the family room floor, getting each other in impossible holds and then collapsing in laughter as we tried to break free. "Okay, enough," Dave had said, "let's go to bed and fuck."

"Sounds good," I'd said, "but why go to bed." Before he could respond, I reached over and yanked his shorts down around his knees, then stripped off my own and pinned him again, pressing my full weight down on him. I leaned forward and kissed him squarely on the mouth, something we'd also been somewhat shy to do. When he didn't respond, I moved down, licking my way toward pay dirt. When I got to his cock I sucked it a little and then finally got his shorts completely off and rolled his knees back against his chest, exposing his ass. I licked his balls and then, just as I was getting ready to fuck him, he said, "so kiss my ass, already, if you want something to kiss."

I guess it was a sort of dare, and after the comments at the beer party, I just leaned down and did it. I don't know what I was thinking but I suspect I only meant to give his pucker a quick peck. Instead, I found myself really getting into it. The musky aroma of his body was an amazing turn-on and I lingered there, at first just kissing him, but soon running the tip of my tongue over his pucker again and again. Dave began to trash and moan, clearly very turned on by what I was doing. I got a little braver and pressed on his pucker with the tip of my tongue. It pulsed and opened and I pressed in a little further. Suddenly I was fucking him with my hard, extended tongue and so into it I could have gone on all night. After a few minutes, however, Dave was begging for my cock and I went ahead and fucked him. Dave never rimmed me, but I was hooked.

Now, looking up over Bobby's body as I worked my tongue into his ass, I felt the same wonder and the same power. It was one of the hottest things one man could do to another and Bobby and I were both into it. I loved eating his ass and he was equally happy to eat mine.

I felt as if the whole room was pulsing with an electrical charge. I was in control. I had Bobby at my mercy and the rest of the men watching us were ready to be my slaves. I could have gone on eating Bobby out for an hour or more. I often did. But that night we were on a schedule and the music was our cue. The driving rhythm had accelerated and the volume had increased. I needed to keep to our plan. I lowered Bobby's legs and rose up to a kneeling position and looked down at him, his ass open and his chest rising and falling with sheer lust.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah."

I reached for his slacks, expecting to retrieve the lube, when he moaned, "no, now."

"You're sure."

"Yeah, you have me so fucking wet and so fucking hot, we don't need anything else."

I put my arms under his thighs and lifted them to my shoulders, positioned the head of my cock against his gaping ass and pressed in. A collective moan filled the room as every inch of my hard, wet cock slid slowly into Bobby's magnificent body, spearing him and making him completely mine.

Once in, I fell into pace with the music, letting it control our rhythm, letting our passion build as it built, letting our climax approach as the trumpets blared and the drums pounded. We came together under Ravel's skilful direction, our passion as choreographed as a company of dancers. With the last climactic blare, I collapsed onto Bobby's chest and lay there gasping for breath as Sean, somewhere in the recesses of the balcony, mercifully dimmed the lights.

Bobby and I lay still a few moments longer, then roused ourselves, grabbed our scattered clothes and made our exit. We were just closing the door of one of the bedrooms on the balcony level when the lights began to come up again.

Later that night, showered and dressed and again looking like the proverbial boys next door, Bobby and I circulated among the men who'd watched our passionate act. Several of them reached out to grasp us by the shoulders or squeeze our arms. All of them openly checked us out.

Sean joined us and said three men had asked him if we'd be interested in repeat performances at private parties in Dallas or Houston or San Antonio. All came with generous financial offers and the services of private planes to fly us there and back. After a brief moment of consultation with Sean to be sure there would be no objection from XXX Corp, Bobby and I accepted and finished the school year several thousand dollars richer as a result.

Both Bobby and I were also approached that evening by two or three men who wanted to get together privately with one or both of us. Again, Sean said we were free to do as we chose, and in each case, we chose to accommodate the gentlemen, all of whom were exceptionally generous.

That evening with Bobby at Caspian Lodge was a sort of herald of what my remaining year at the university would be like. By my senior year Bobby had gone on to do further graduate work at a prestigious California university but with the support I was receiving from XXX Corp, I was able to keep the apartment we'd shared, renting it on my own. It made it easier to entertain other students, several of whom became casual sexual partners. On two occasions Bobby was back and stayed with me. Sean, of course was often in town and we continued our friendly, loving relationship.

To be continued.