First time writer for all you guys out there. Special thanks go out to socksjocks who helped to co-write this and deserves part of the credit for wasting our time. Responses always appreciated.

"Strip it."

John couldn't believe this was happening and here in his own house. He seemed to be out of his own body as he stripped off all his clothes in front of the hottest jock in the school. Suddenly his own body seemed more insignificant next to that of the starting centerfielder for the Valley High Cougars. Finally standing naked and exposed in his living room John could feel the beads of sweat start to form. Justin Vance walked around him, evaluating the older mans body.

"Stand at attention."

John stood straight up, feeling his cock bob and starting to rise against his will. He could feel himself losing control under the power of this stud.

"Spread your legs faggot."

John spread his legs apart wide feeling the cool air conditioned breeze blow past his balls and ass. Tense and unsure, he began to shake slightly as Justin walked and stood behind his naked body. Justin held a finger up to his mouth from behind.

"Suck it."

John opened up his mouth and lips. Spreading them like a girl for the jocks finger. Justin placed it in and felt the older mans tongue swirl around it. Soon his lips closed, getting the finger wet in his mouth. Justin leaned in, his hot breath on Johns ear.

"So what's it like perving on me in class teach ..."

John's face paled as he continued to suck, remembering that fateful day a couple weeks ago in class. He looked up from his desk to see Justin, and his cock, sitting legs spread apart in the second row. John had to halt class as he saw the head sneaking out of Justin's boxers. The look on his face as he locked eyes with the jock revealed everything. Then later there was the email, with a clearer picture and an offer.

"You got a pretty good body for an older guy ... should have known you were a fag."

Justin pulled the finger out. John could feel his heart race as he stood there scared and excited beyond belief at the same time. Justin stood off to the side and behind him fully dressed in a white shirt and jeans.

The wet finger slowly traced itself down John's back and to the top of his ass cheeks. He could feel his muscles tense up as the finger slid down the crack. John's breathing quickened as he felt the finger probe between his cheeks and he felt his cock jump and throb

"You know teach, I can't decide."

John looked over, unsure and nervous.

"If I want a blowjob first or go straight for the fuck since you made me wait this long."

John's heart felt like it was going to pound out of his chest as he looked at Justin's handsome face and down his built body to the jeans. The jeans that contained that monster cock.

"What do you think?"

John licked his lips unconsciously, begging silently to taste the jocks thick cock down his throat.

"Which one is your favorite chair?"

John pointed to a leather club chair, well worn from his nights in front of the television

"You ever blown any students here yet?"


"Not for lack of trying I bet..."

John blushed, trying to avoid eye contact with Justin as they moved towards the chair.

"Jake told me you tried to grab his ass."

"Well.... uhh..."

"Too bad for you he's straight."

John took a deep breath of air as he watched Justin settle into the chair and spread apart his legs. His breaths came short as he saw the large bulge in the senior's jeans.

"Right over there ..."

John moved to the space that Justin pointed to in front of the chair. Naked, his cock was a steel rod as he looked down at Justin's athletic form.

"What the fuck teach?"

John knelt slowly, fighting every core to turn back, tell Justin to leave, that this couldn't be happening. All he saw were the jocks blank eyes measuring him up as he felt his knees hit the floor. He felt himself cross a line as he looked up into the boys blue eyes. Knowing he was here because of what he saw in the email, the offer of heaven, and to be close to that large cock.

"So how do you usually suck dick teach?"

John felt the color rise to his cheeks as he struggled to make eye contact.

"Umm ... well ... depends I guess"

"Like ..."

"Usually in the car."

Justin laughed soft as John blushed harder with his new embarrassment. Justin reached down to his worn jeans and stroked the mound lightly. John found his eyes locked on the ends of the fingers as they circled the bulge that made its way down Justin's left leg

"Want it?"

John nodded and his tongue flicked out to lick his lips again.

"Reach up."

John felt his hands reach up nervously, finding the end of the zipper. He shook as he pulled it slowly down, revealing the white briefs underneath. John spread the jeans open to reveal the bulging crisp whiteness against Justin's tanned skin. John felt his eyes fix on the flesh contained in the whiteness.

"You know what to do."

John leaned in and started to kiss the bulging white cotton. Feeling the smoothness against his lips he slowly traced the outline of Justin's cock with his lips. He was amazed at the length as it disappeared into the side of the student's jeans. Soon his tongue joined in a flurry, tracing and wetting the underwear. His hands roamed on Justin's thick legs. Justin shifted in the chair, causing his shirt to rise up and revealing the athletes tight toned stomach John moaned softly as his eyes took in the exposed abs John moved his mouth up and dove his tongue into the boys navel and the ridges between his abs John lapped at the ridges as his hands slid up under the shirt to fondle the hard chest muscles.

"Enough of that."

John mumbled a sorry as he moved back down and grab the tight waistband of the briefs. He licked softly on the furry line down from Justin's navel and into the trimmed pubes as the briefs were lowered revealing the thick cock John watched it lay across a hip. He could feel himself in awe as he continued to pull down the briefs, finding the head of this thick teenage monster. Finally the head revealed itself wide and swollen. Justin looked down to see the amazement and the submission on Johns face.


John began to roll his tongue around the huge head. He felt Justin's hand in his hair pulling him back off the cock. John looked up questioning, his tongue hanging half out of his mouth.

"You better do a good job."

Justin kicked back with an evil smile on his face.

John nodded blushing as he began to lick the mushroom head again. He felt Justin resting his hand on the back of his neck, guiding and controlling his movements. John started to worship the cock getting more into it as he tongued the entire length up and down. Justin kicked back in the chair, now in total control of the situation. John began to tongue the head again, digging the tip of it into the wide piss slit. He felt his lips part wider than ever before as he felt the head enter and his lips closed tight around it.

"Start sliding."

John started to move down, amazed at how much just the mushroom seemed to fill his mouth. Justin watched as the first couple inches disappeared into his new cocksucker's mouth.

"Is that all you can do?"

As much as he wanted it, John wondered how much of the cock he could take. He looked up at Justin's face and knew it needed to be much more. He pushed himself down further on the monster cock feeling it fill his mouth. The cock stretched his jaw apart as he looked down the length. John felt the head hit the entrance to his throat already and felt it softly scraping the sides of his mouth. John looked down the shaft to Justin's blond pubes, amazed at how far he was away. He began to concentrate on the head pushing in his throat, feeling the tight muscles there. He tried to relax them as the head pushed and scraped looking for entrance to his throat. He looked up at Justin questioning and getting silence in an answer. He forced himself feeling the wide head stretch his throat opening as he push down on it.

The head and shaft slid in smooth and tight. John felt the head pop in past the tight ring and gripped behind it at the narrow spot. Then suddenly it hit fast and wrong in his throat. John felt my throat muscles start to reject it. Coughing and gagging he started to pull back. A big hunk of mucus came up out of his mouth as john pulled back off the huge knob. It slid out and down the shaft splashed on Justin's balls. John looked up eyes wide and nervous.

"You got shit all over my sac." Justin looked down with a flare of anger.

"I'm sorry... I mean..."

"Lick the shit up."



Johns tongue reached out and traced the skin on the huge nut sac. He began licking up the spit, tasting it as he fought back tears and anger.

"Now ... you gonna suck ... or do I call the principal?" Justin leaned forward in the chair.

"No please don't."

Justin slid back in the chair. John quickly moved forward and opened wide again sliding down faster this time and steadier. He quickly pushed the head past the ring working hard to stay relaxed. As he bobbed on it Justin kicked back watching John service his thick cock. It was quiet in the house except for slurping sounds. The sounds echoed in John's ears as he continued to suck. John looked up at Justin smirking and smiling down at him. John blushed as he took the cock down deeper, pounding it down the back of his throat. As the cock hit 3/4 in his throat, John began to shake. He could feel the jock in the seat above him taking control of his life.

As he continued to bob up and down John focused on the athletic pubes seeming so far away. His throat filled with cock sucking as hard as he was able, looking for signs of delight from Justin's body

Suddenly, the cock swelled and the first spurt hit the back of his throat. Spurt after spurt kept coming feeling them flood his mouth. John looked up alarmed at the volume of sperm shooting down his throat. Justin held his head in place as the throat muscles gripped tight. Each spurt John gulped down, trying not to drown in jock spunk. His Adam's apple bobbed as he gulped down wave after wave into his stomach.

Finally the shots slowed and became thick. John swallowed slowly; feeling like he had just drunk a warm milkshake. He looked up at the athlete still gulping the slow and thick bits.

John began sliding back off the cock, his tongue swirling around the shaft on the way back up. He came off with a wet pop as he rolled his tongue over the head once more

John looked up catching his breath, the taste of teenage spunk in his mouth.

"Do... do you always..."

He licked his lips clean, feeling some come hanging off his chin.

"I mean... that much?"

"That much what"

"You know umm....that much cum," John felt himself blush as he asked the question.

"It's been about 2 days."

"Wow... that much in... just 2 days?"  John stole a quick look at the bull nuts between

Justin's legs.

"Usually I got someone to swallow it or I jack."

Justin kicked back in the chair, relaxing after the blowjob. John shyly smiled up from his position between the jocks legs.

"So you did a pretty good job teach...for a faggot."

He blushed as the smile disappeared.

"You got that essay?"

John nodded quickly.

"Go get it."

John slowly rose up and got the paper. He could feel his cock rock hard and bouncing as he brought it back to Justin. He knelt and handed it to the teen. Justin looked through the pages. In Johns writing with Justin's name at the top

"This is an A paper right?"

"Yes, for sure."

"So I guess I turn it in to you tomorrow."

John nodded as his mind raced with thoughts of the door he had just opened and walked through.

"Put my shit away."

John looked over at the spent cock draped along Justin's left hip still bloated up from its recent cum. He wrapped one hand around it, tugged on the waistband with the other

He had trouble tucking the monster away in its soft lair and let the waistband go with an accidental snap.


John looked up rubbing his face

"Don't fucking do that again."

"I'm sorry."

"On your back on the floor legs up."



John hurried to get into position grabbing the backs of his legs and lifting them. He looked up in terror and excitement at the fully clothed jock.

"Keep them in the air as you stroke."

John had a nervous gulp as he reached one hand for my cock he stroked his hard cock slow. Feeling his nuts quickly shift he began to stroke faster. He looked up at Justin's body from the huge sneakers to his hair. Moans came as his balls pulled up tighter to his body.

"Ass higher."

John raised his ass higher as he stroked furiously. His cock started to point down towards the floor, and as he looked up he could see the swollen purple head.

"I'm... I'm gonna...."

Johns cock pointed at his face He watched it in disbelief as he could feel the hard cum boil up in his balls.


John gasped open mouthed as his cock started to spray like a fire hose. Warm sperm landed on his face, lips, and mouth. He felt blast after blast coat his face, some going straight into his mouth. The cum was the best of his life and felt like it would last forever. John swallowed the sperm as the spurts slowed. He was forced back to reality looking up at Justin's form towering over him. His chest heaved, sweat covered, and his sperm covered face and neck looked up. Justin looked down at the broken teacher and laughed soft.

"Thanks for the essay teach I'll be in touch."