By Desertmac

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The following story contains graphic depictions of sex between 18 y/o males. This is pure fiction and the standard disclaimers apply: If this is illegal for you to read for age or any other reason, then DON'T. If you're just offended by this type of material, then fuck off and go watch PTL, ya sniveling bitch. ;-) Copyright 2004 Desertmac. If for any reason you want to post this story anywhere, just ask-- as long as it's not for a fee.

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In this story, these guys don't practice safe sex... but it's a fantasy. AIDS and other STD's are very REAL. Use common sense and be safe!

I hope you enjoy it...

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One and one and one is three, come together, tercet. Remind you of a classic rock song? Sure it does, and tercet is the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one. That's what we were, for a while, Adam, Darren and I. Can I say now it was a beautiful thing? Well, yes, it was, in some ways. It's just that I don't think most people would understand what I found good or beautiful in it, especially when I didn't particularly think it was either of those things myself, half the time-- but there was that other half. I can say this: it was intense, stimulating and powerful, and I learned so much about myself and about people and how the mind works and... just so much.

I know, that's confusing as hell. Well... it was confusing as hell. We were all eighteen, boys becoming men, some of us more naïve than the others, principally, me. It was an extraordinary period that left an indelible mark on us, like a tattoo; something you want there forever to remind you of that time, but one you're glad is where the public can't see it. Oh, it's not been that long, and I'm not that much older now-- I'm only in my twenties, but, I feel so much older, and a little bit wiser maybe, because of this odyssey.

First, I'll draw a short picture of who we were, so you'll see how the personalities and attitudes of the three of us caused/allowed this tercet to happen.

***** ***** ***** *****

My name is Billy Garner, and I lived next door to Adam Andrino. Darren Strausse lived three blocks down the street. I always felt like a third wheel when I hung out with Adam and Darren, but I still considered them my best-- and only-- friends; which was kinda pathetic, I guess, `cause they pretty much treated me like a third wheel most of the time. They didn't treat me bad or anything, just, like I was never `in on the joke' type of thing, almost like a kid brother that tagged along. And I guess I kinda saw it that way too, but like I said, they were my only friends. I had only moved there at the beginning of our senior year, whereas they had been inseparable best friends since they were kids.

Adam and Darren were both much bigger than I was, standing around six-one or six-two each and very well built, as opposed to my scrawny five-eight, so that kinda reinforced that `little brother' thing I guess. No one seeing me thought I was eighteen. I looked maybe fifteen or sixteen. I kept waiting and praying for that growth spurt I saw every other boy get, but it didn't happen.

Adam had collar length curly black hair with olive skin and dark, Italian features, but startlingly bright blue eyes-- almost unnaturally bright-- which contrasted with the rest of him in a way that made you remember him when you met him. But if you didn't know their last name, you would hardly know his family was Italian. They weren't even Catholic, heh heh. Adam was the most `mediterranean' looking of the family by far. His mother-- who was Irish-- even had naturally blonde hair. Where Darren was all about swagger, Adam was all about swarthy cat-like grace. He was, in a word: stunning.

Darren was light skinned, with powdery blue eyes. He had short reddish blonde hair that he had only recently stopped spiking and his overall look was angular and ruggedly masculine. He looked like he should be a construction worker or a truck mechanic or something, like he'd be at home in a hardhat and a toolbelt, whereas Adam looked like he should be a famous soccer player or a model-- a very masculine one though, not one of those poser types who looks like he'd have a melt down if he broke a manicured nail.

They were just fucking gorgeous, and popular in school, so they had girlfriends most of the time, but would have spells when neither did. One thing was clear to me, though: they had no respect for women, and treated their girlfriends like afterthoughts-- which is why their relationships never lasted long. They of course, talked pussy all the time, but they really didn't go out of their way to get it. And curiously, I often watched them ignore girls who all but threw themselves at them. But like I said, they did have girlfriends most of the time, and got plenty of pussy in general.

I had one girlfriend, Lisa, in the year I hung out with them, and she didn't last long, nor did she put out, so I was still a virgin. But having a girlfriend for a while was enough to keep the teasing about being a virgin or a fag to a minimum, because I lied and said we `did it'. They didn't believe me, but couldn't tease me quite as convincingly after that, either.

And that was their thing with me, always joking and teasing me about something or other, and they had it down to a science. They put a lot of thought into fucking with everyone's heads, not just mine. They were very intelligent guys who viewed school and most people with disdain, and were actually pretty manipulative with people and prided themselves on being creative in how they fucked with people's minds. Since they were all but `joined at the hip' like blood brothers, everyone else was a target, while nothing came between them, especially not girls-- they even said that to each other in front of me, on more than one occasion.

I didn't mind the teasing and mind games, because it was generally in good fun and I got to do a lot of cool things with them. Sometimes they would set me up to do, or just make me do, stupid or humiliating things and get a laugh at my expense, but hey, I could laugh at myself too and just thought of things like that as the way guys acted with each other. And the rest of the time, the good far outweighed the bad. I got to hang out with them at school and they would take me with them to `in' parties with other seniors in our class, which I would definitely not have been invited to do if it weren't for my association with them.

So I got used to the constant joking and teasing they loved to heap on me. Truth is, I loved the attention, and in their way, it showed affection. But there were one or two times they went too far and I stood up for myself. Their reaction in those incidents let me know I was basically still an outsider. I just didn't have history, `seniority', as Adam put it bluntly. He basically said I either put up with anything they said and did to me or stay the hell away from them, so I shut my shit up real fast.

I couldn't imagine what my life would be like without them. I wasn't about to blow it, because I had been the `geek with no friends' in my last school, and felt lucky as hell that these two awesome, popular guys had accepted me as a part of their inner circle. They had given me a life, inclusion, even a measure of popularity in their shadow. They were the best thing that ever happened to me.

I mean, I may have been a `third wheel', but I was the only one they let hang around them all the time, so I felt kinda special. I watched with smug satisfaction as other friends of theirs would try to hang around a while and `get in with them', but it never worked. They didn't really need other friends. But I was different for some reason-- maybe because I helped them with their homework and even helped them cheat a couple of times, who knows. Anyway, it felt great to `belong', and I was willing to put up with a lot to stay in with them.

They also got off on being real physical with each other and me all the time; just joking around, but they could get pretty rough, as testosterone fueled boys who have physically-- if not emotionally-- become men tend to do. I knew I had to take it and try my best to give as good as I got, or I wouldn't get any respect. That's just the unwritten law of teenage life. Actually, this process toughened me up considerably over the course of that year.

When I moved there, I had been the type who would be hurting for hours if someone hit me or slapped me around-- which bully's had done a few times at my last school. I had always avoided even play fighting and wrestling around and stuff like that, since I was so small. But they wouldn't let me avoid it, so I learned to take it, and after a while, a slug in the shoulder or a slap up side the head from out of nowhere didn't physically hurt anywhere near like what they used to. I would chase or jump on whichever one did it and hit them right back, then we would wrestle around, laughing, that kinda thing, which I actually enjoyed. They called me a `screaming banshee' sometimes, `cause of the way I would jump up on their backs and yell. They were so big, it was nothing to them and they would just laugh it off.

So, it was toward the end of our senior year and I was jacking off to images of Adam and Darren in my head most every night. Since I had moved here, I had chalked my fantasies of them up to still not getting any pussy, but would NOT let myself think I was gay. No way. The few occasions where I allowed myself to think about it at all, I tried to justify my steamy fantasies by telling myself that it was just because I was only around them all the time, even at school, and I admired them so.

I wasn't sexually attracted to any other guys-- being so consumed with them, I guess. I mean, they were the hottest guys I knew-- so I convinced myself I wasn't gay. I had tried to find another girlfriend after Lisa dumped me, but had no luck. I was small for a senior, still a little bit geeky, and if it weren't for my friendship with Adam and Darren, I would likely have been considered a total geek, I'm sure; but no one fucked with me, only because of my friendship with them. Anyway, girls just weren't interested in me, and the truth of the matter is that the only reason I was interested in them was so no one would think I was gay. From the day I met Adam on, I would much rather spend my time with him and Darren than any girl, no contest.

The teenage mind works in mysterious ways. I was able to separate my fantasies from my self image quite nicely most of the time, and I definitely did not `act' gay. But I would catch myself doing little things, like stealing looks at their crotches, or maneuvering to get as much full bodied contact as possible when I wrestled around with one or both of them-- and I realized that I instigated a lot of the wrestling around after a while. Fortunately, I rarely ever threw a boner when horsing around with them, and when I did, I was pretty good at concealing it with the baggy, almost hip-hop clothes we all wore.

But enough of that. Let me just tell you the story. I'll try to tell it as I would have from my perspective at the time, so you'll get a feel for how I perceived those life-changing events as they unfolded.

So life was good, in general, but everything changed one weekend-- my whole life, my relationship with Adam and Darren, my self-perception, everything.

Now, I had sensed something was up for weeks, before Adam even mentioned camping out. When we would be doing our usual shit, joking and teasing, they were making more `gay' references than usual, and aiming them exclusively at me. They had always joked with each other and me about gay shit, like all teen boys do, I guess, but in this last couple of weeks, they had not once joked at each other, just at me about it. And then there were those `looks' they kept giving each other after horsing around, or after the gay joking. They were knowing looks, smirks, raised eyebrows, that I interpreted as, `See? I told you so.', or like, `Did you see that?'

I noticed these looks, but had no clue as to what they were up to. They had always been able to communicate a lot to each other non-verbally, because they had been so close for so many years. I was beginning to get a little nervous about their subtle change in attitude, but it wasn't drastic enough to make me paranoid or anything. They also both happened to be `sans girlfriend' at this point.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Adam got out his folk's camping equipment and the three of us hiked all fucking morning that Saturday, out into the dense woods behind our neighborhood at the edge of town to camp out for the weekend. I had never been camping, so I was excited as hell. I had bought some chronic to smoke, as my contribution, and Darren had procured a fifth of whiskey from his dad's stock. We had a ton of gear and supplies, tent, ice chest, food, lantern etc., which they made me carry an equal share of even though I was so much smaller and weaker than they were. It was an exhausting hike, but we finally made it to their old camping site from when they were younger, right next to a creek that was wide and deep enough to swim in.

We set up the 10x10 dome tent, gathered wood, organized everything, then relaxed and smoked a doobie. Then we decided to go skinnydipping. Now I had never been skinnydipping, and while I had seen them with their shirts off plenty, I had never seen either of them naked, so I had two thrills to look forward to. I forced myself not to stare at their incredible half-tanned bodies when they got undressed, while I fucked around at the fire pit, getting a boner and getting flustered. They, of course, immediately began teasing me about that very thing. And I blushed red at the teasing because it was accurate.

I mean, Adam, oh-my-god! He was just so fucking awesome! Well, so was Darren! They were very similar to each other in body size and definition, but like night and day in their look. You would think they played sports or worked out or something-- which they didn't-- because they were cut and ripped and rounded and chiseled and everything was SO in the right place. But Adam showed a much longer and much thicker cock, really wide, hanging down a good four or five inches over nice big hairy nuts, whereas Darren's cock was much smaller and pale white, maybe three inches, and thinner, beneath his reddish blonde bush-- but his nuts were even bigger than Adam's. They would be considered big on an older big man.

What was flustering me, was that I had gotten hard in my shorts, and I realized I WAS very turned on by their naked bodies and I didn't know what the hell to do about that. The teasing was making me even more flustered, and I was trying like hell not to show it. But I fucked around long enough and was nervous enough, that my cock finally subsided, since I couldn't see theirs under the water, so I went ahead and stripped-- faster than the speed of light-- and jumped in with them.

As expected, they were all over me, dunking me and throwing me around, which I loved, but they seemed to be purposely rubbing their cocks all over me, even hunching on me and stuff, which I loved too, but was very conflicted about. So naturally, I got hard again, and naturally, they teased me about that-- but they got hard too, dammit! I tried teasing them back, but they would loudly shout me down-- they often ganged up on me like that-- or dunk me, laughing like lunatics. I was hard as a rock and they would grab at it and hoot and laugh and tease me, so I would grab at theirs, but they would call me a fag when I did it!

But since they were doing it, I did it anyway. Man, was I surprised! Darren, whose cock looked so little when he was soft, was a very big boy! His equipment grew to around eight inches, and was very, very thick, kinda round-- a grower, not a shower. His cock was very smooth and the skin was soft to the touch, but underneath, it was rigid as hell.

Adam, though, was the man! I couldn't believe his cock! It was at least nearly ten inches and just about as thick as Darren's, but it was wide too, and kinda flat across the top, with veins and bumps and ridges that were just thrilling as hell to the touch. It was lazy, not getting rigid hard like Darren's; it would flop around in the water and was real rubbery when I would grab at it and squeeze.

I was having WAY too much fun, and I realized that at some point, so I ducked away from them and made my way to the creek bank. I pulled my shorts on real fast. They followed shortly, but they stayed naked, which made me nervous and I refused to let myself look at their beautiful bodies. They teased me, of course, that I was such a fag that I would get hard if I sat there naked with two hot studs. I laughed it off, but stayed dressed.

We munched out for a bit, with me fighting my urge to stare at them, then we all laid out in the sun on a big king size blanket on the grass. Darren lay beside me, just a couple of feet away, and Adam lay on his back up beyond our heads, with his knee by my head and his shoulder by Darren's head. We lay there for a while, just soaking up the sunshine.

Darren looked over at me and said, "Billy, you're such a prissy bitch, dog, c'mon, get naked and get some sun! We'll stop teasin' ya." He glanced up and back at Adam, who chuckled.

"Yeah, pusswad, this is our secret camp from back in the day," Adam informed me. "There's rules out here, dog. One of `em is: no fuckin' clothes, `cept shoes."

Darren confirmed, "We don't do clothes out here, dog. It's back to nature all the way. We don't care if you perv on our big dicks, but ya gotta be naked too."

"Fuck you, girlie boy. Like I'm pervin' on your skanky bod," I retorted. Darren reached over and whacked me in the head and laughed. I sat up, punched down on his arm and said, "Ok, I'll get naked too, but lay off the fag shit, ok?"

I have no fucking clue why I thought maybe that was worth a try. They both cracked up and let loose a very long string of fag names from their endless list. I had to laugh too at pretty much begging for that one, as I stripped off my shorts and lay back down to soak up some sun. Like I said, I'd never been naked outside, and it just felt awesome to feel the sun on my cock and balls.

After a while, I rolled over onto my stomach and was shocked and thrilled to see Adam's hard cock lying up his belly, less than two feet in front of my eyes, pulsing every other heart beat or so, and one of his nuts was propped up on top of the other one I couldn't see down between his hairy muscular thighs, just delicious looking and moving around a little on its own.

He was facing away from me so I could look at the eighth wonder of the world without him knowing. And I studied it. I couldn't believe how fucking big it was! I had a respectable six inches, decently thick for my size, but goddaaaamn! I wondered what it would be like to suck it, how it would feel to my tongue to run it along the ropey veins that traversed it's amazing length-- then mentally slapped myself to stop thinking that kind of shit. I stared at it and thought, `Stop it! No! Not gay! No! No sucking thoughts! Stop it! No! Not gay! No! Don't do that, don't look...'

But I couldn't stop looking and thinking those thoughts. Here we were the same age, but he was a fucking man already-- big manly body, a light dusting of hair on his chest and very much a man's cock-- even if he still acted like a typical teenager most of the time. I knew I would never be anywhere near that big, no matter how much more I `matured'. I felt so small and inadequate. My cock got raging hard between my stomach and the blanket and I had to lift my hips to let it point up my belly.

But after several minutes of studying Adam's cock, I had a strange feeling. I turned my head sideways, as casually as I could, to find Darren laying on his side staring right at me, observing me intently. His cock was hard as well, and I tried to stop myself from glancing down at it, but it was just too automatic and happened before I could prevent it. I mean, how could I not look? It was so big and thick and it was twitching a little. It just drew my eyes to it!

Then we locked eyes for a moment and I blushed furiously, as I knew I had been busted, doing exactly what he'd said: perving on their cocks. I lay my head face down into my arms and prayed he wouldn't say anything. He didn't say a word, which I actually found almost as unnerving.

***** ***** *****

The sun was going down and Adam built a fire, doing a damn good job of it, too. I tried not to, but couldn't help watching his graceful, muscular body; his hairy legs and hard round ass flexing as he squatted, that big ol' dick and low hanging nuts dangling down and sometimes dragging the ground or laying against his ankle. His back muscles danced around as he arranged the tinder and his thick biceps worked themselves in and out of baseball sized bulges.

And Darren seemed to be teasing me, or posing or something all the time. He'd be doing something and suddenly stop and do a `body builder' type pose and flex his muscles then laugh. I didn't know what was up with him.

I had to make myself think of turn-off things like road kill and naked old women teachers, etc., to keep myself from popping a boner, especially with no clothes on to hide it.

But daaaamn! They were both just so fucking hot! Somehow, I managed to let myself think about how incredible and perfect their lithe muscular bodies and prodigious cocks were, without letting myself think actual sexual thoughts.

Darren got the lantern ready and brought out the hot dogs and fixings. We ate, along with the expected jokes about roasting our weenies over the fire and sucking on the hot dog before eating it and stuff like that, then just sat around the fire for a while. Adam started telling jokes-- he knew a million of them.

After our food had settled and it was fully dark, Darren broke out the whiskey and Coke. I took the flashlight with me to the designated `latrine' and took a shit in the woods. When I came back, they were talking in urgent, hushed tones but I couldn't understand a thing, so I rejoined them, a little suspicious. They acted like nothing was up, so I settled in. I rolled a couple doobies of my chronic and we smoked one, mellowing out quite nicely. Darren set up the shot glasses and we started doing slammers and chasing them with Coke. I could never hold mine as well as they did, but I wasn't a total wuss either.

Then Adam gave Darren one of those looks and said, "Hey, let's play some poker." He got a deck of cards out of his backpack and spoke as he shuffled, "So, whatta we play for? We ain't got no money, and we're nekkid as the day is long, so strip poker is kinda redundant..." I had never heard him use that word.

Darren suggested, "Slaps."

I immediately spoke up, "Nah man, not slaps. Anything but that." I didn't feel like getting slapped hard by both of them whenever I lost.

"I know," Adam said, as he gave one of those fucking `looks' to Darren, "We play `Bitch'."

I looked at him confused, "Huh?"

Darren said, "Bitch. You know: Bitch!" like everyone should know what Bitch was. He sighed loudly and sounded like he was put out at having to explain such common knowledge to me, "Bitch is where the loser has to do something for the winner, whatever he wants, be his bitch."

I got very, very nervous. "Wwwhatta ya mean `whatever he wants'?" My eyes darted back and forth between them as we sat in a semi-circle in front of the fire on the blanket, with me in the middle. Naturally, sexual images popped into my mind and my pulse quickened.

Adam casually said, "You know, like get his drinks for him the rest of the night, clean up shit, let him slap him around and call him his bitch..." they both laughed.

I didn't like the sound of that at all. "Nahhh, that don't sound like any fun."

Darren's voice took on a strange tone, "It is. Trust me, you'll love it." Then he added, "Don't puss out on us, Billy. We wouldna brought you out here to our secret camp if we thought you were gonna be a little dick about everything."

"Nah man, I ain't bein' a dick. I just..." I shrugged my shoulders, "What the hell, let's play." I mean, what could I do? I was feeling pretty fucked up from the pot and booze, and they were my best friends, so I was sure they wouldn't do anything really shitty to me...

Adam dealt the first hand and before he tossed the last card, he said, "Ok, here's how it works: whisper in the ear of the one on your left, what you will make the one on your right do if you win that hand. That way, the third person can say if your bitch demand goes over the line, and they help make sure the loser does what he's gotta do. Next hand, you switch to the one on your right, so you ain't always targeting the same one."

I was still nervous, "And no one can tell anyone to do somethin' dangerous or nothin' like that..."

"No, nothin' like that, nothin' dangerous," Adam reassured me with a smile. "Now, think of what you want me to do if you win."

"But, what if I win and Darren loses?"

Darren shook his head, "No, dickwad, it's about who's the winner. Don't matter who's middle or lowest score. That's why you switch who you whisper to each time, so it gets spread around evenly."

"Oh, ok," I nodded dubiously.

Adam said to go ahead and tell Darren what I wanted him to do. I couldn't think of anything that I thought would be funny, or embarrassing or whatever, so I said, "You dogs go first."

So Darren whispered in Adam's ear and he smiled real big, then Adam whispered in my ear, "Darren has to kiss my bare ass if I win."

My eyes bugged out and I laughed, "No way! For real?" He laughed and nodded enthusiastically. I couldn't think of anything else, so I whispered the same thing to Darren, that Adam would have to kiss my bare ass.

We picked up our cards and my hand wasn't very good. I discarded three and ended up with two pair. When we laid our hands out, I was the winner. Darren laughed when I told Adam what he had to do.

He gave me an evil look, but rose to his knees. "Ok, bitch, stand up and put your ass over here."

I rose unsteadily to my feet, feeling the shots and pot, thanking God I didn't have an erection. Naturally, I played it to the hilt, like all of us did when we won at any game. I patted my ass and bent over with it in his face, "YOU'RE the `bitch' this time, dog! Here ya go, kiss it good, beotch!" Darren laughed.

He kissed my right cheek, a quick smack. It wasn't a big deal. I thought it might be, but it wasn't. I didn't even feel like rubbing it in that he'd had to do it. We sat back down, switched targets and I whispered in Adam's ear that I wanted Darren to lick my ass-- cheek, that is. I wouldn't try to make him lick my crack or nothing, I mean, come on! Adam laughed and whispered in Darren's ear.

Then Darren whispered in mine, "I'll make Adam jack me off." My chin fell on my chest in shock.

"No way!" I hooted and laughed loudly. "I'd like to see him do that!" Seriously, I meant that to sound like I didn't think he would even do something like that, but I knew it could be taken as I was saying I wanted to watch him jack Darren off. I stammered, "I-I-I mean... you know what I mean, dog." They exchanged looks once again and laughed. I squirmed and tried to laugh with them.

Adam spoke up, "First, we pound some!" He reached over and poured three shots on the top of the ice chest. We slammed them and he poured another round. Slam. Chaser.

I was getting pretty drunk. Darren dealt the cards. Adam won. I looked at him expectantly, nervously...

He pronounced my fate, "You gotta jack us both off at the same time."

"WHAT?! No way!" I exclaimed. "You can't make me do... You can't make me do you both! You're the only winner!" I realized I was agreeing to jack him, by saying it that way-- and was secretly VERY much looking forward to doing that, but felt that I HAD to protest to make it look right.

Adam calmly replied, "Yeah, and as winner I get to choose what I want you to do. You lost, you're the bitch, so, be a good bitch and do whatever I said ya hafta do. I kissed your ass when I lost, bitch."

"That's right," Darren chimed in. "And you didn't have a problem with me making Adam jack me off if I won, so quit whining and get to it, bitch."

"But, but..." I realized I hadn't protested about Adam having to do that, so I couldn't say this was out of line.

They both got up on their knees on either side of me, but in front, angled into me. I drew my knees up to my chest and looked at their cocks. They were both already kinda full, but not hard yet. I stared, getting very nervous about where this was going.

Adam slapped me upside the head and barked, "Do it, bitch!"

I looked up at him and scowled. Their bodies were amazing. The fire lit them from behind and the lantern hanging on a branch behind me lit them from the front. They were just so big and male and strong and everything. I tentatively took Adam's cock in my right hand and Darren's in my left. I had never held another guy's cock in my hand like this-- aside from earlier in the creek, but those were all just fast grabs-- and it was electrifying! It nearly took my breath away! They were both exceptionally big and beautiful and meaty and heavy and getting harder and harder in my hands and I was freaking out on holding them and thinking all kinds of things I didn't want to admit I was thinking. I kinda squeezed lightly and just held them there.

Then Darren slapped the back of my head pretty fucking hard too. "Jack `em, bitch!"

I started jacking them, trying to coordinate my hands. I glanced up at them and they suddenly almost looked like strangers to me. They looked kinda menacing and, well, determined, as they watched me intently. I started jacking slowly, my eyes darting back and forth from cock to cock, watching them get harder and harder in my hands, feeling a sense of power emanating from them; so male, so virile, giving off testosterone like a scratch and sniff ad with every stroke. I was mesmerized, loving the feel of these two big cocks in my hands, but trying hard not to show my excitement. My cock was throbbing painfully down between my thighs, so I kept my knees tightly together and my heels drawn to my ass so they couldn't see my erection.

Adam, said, "That's it, bitch, jack those big dicks. They big enough for ya? Yeah, I know they are. Be a good bitch and do your thing."

That broke my spell and I looked up at him, "Wait, I don't hafta do it til you both cum, do I?"

Darren slapped my face this time, and it stung, "That's what the `off' in `jack-off' means, bitch boy!"

Adam barked, "On your knees, bitch," as he and Darren stood up at the same time, hard cocks jutting out from their bodies right over me.

I looked up at them towering over me, feeling so small, intimidated, and stammered, "I-I-I'm ok down here. I can do it from here." No way did I want to get up on my knees and let them see my hardon!

Adam bent over and grabbed a fistful my hair and my hands instantly fell off their cocks. He angled my head back and snarled in my face, "I didn't ask you, bitch! Remember," he enunciated each word slowly and carefully, "You, are, the, bitch, here, so, you, do, whatever, we, say."

I didn't know when it went from being just the winner to being `we' who could tell me what to do. I blushed furiously and resignedly got on my knees, face still stinging from Darren's slap, my erection standing up at a forty-five degree angle, dripping precum like a sieve.

Oh god, I was so fucking embarrassed! My ears were burning and my head was ringing. I braced myself for some fierce teasing about my boner. I looked at their cocks, now directly in front of my face and I almost fell off my upturned heels with rushes from looking at these two big stud cocks only inches away. I grabbed them both and started jacking again, this time more purposefully, watching the skin gather and wrinkle up around the head then retreat with each stroke.

Darren smirked to Adam, "Ahhh, just like you said he would do, bud, hard as a fuckin' rock from gettin' to play with two big straight men's dicks. And here I didn't believe you when ya told me."

Adam snickered, "I was pretty sure this would prove it. I've been tryin' to tell ya since I figured it out: He's queer as the fuckin' day is long. He's been just droolin' for a chance at our dicks all this time."

I let go of their cocks and scrambled backwards, falling over on my side. I propped myself up on one elbow, looking back at them in horror, eyes bugged out in shock, "WHA--? W-W-WHAT THE FUCK? Why you sayin' THAT?!" I yelled, totally freaked out.

They both stepped over and wagged their cocks at me. Adam sneered, "Drop the fuckin' shocked act, Billy! We all know you wanna suck our dicks. You're just wastin' valuable time, sittin' there tryin' to put on this big straight act. Why don't ya just get busy and suck?"

He stepped closer, then straddled my torso, stationing his manhood right above my face. I saw the glow of the fire highlighting the inside of his ass cheeks, his inner thighs and the back of his low hanging hairy nut sac from between his sinewy legs. I looked up and saw precum oozing out the tip of his humongous cock, his rippled abs and mounded chest beyond it, then his leering face somewhere beyond that.

I couldn't believe this was happening! They both really thought I was queer! It didn't matter what I had been telling myself or thinking or fantasizing; the main thing was, they somehow had the idea that I was actually gay! I had never done anything that would make them think I was gay that I could recall! But more importantly at that moment, they expected me to be gay and suck both of their dicks!

This was just too much. I couldn't accept it and my mind just couldn't handle all the implications. I was fighting back tears of shame, fear and humiliation and trembling like a toy poodle, "Wait a minute, guys! What makes you think I'm queer?! I ain't queer! Ya gotta believe me, man!"

Adam grabbed a fistful of my hair again and aimed my face at his cock, "Billy, dog, now come on! Look at your own fuckin' dick, dog!" He tilted my head down-- where I could see my cock jerking around excitedly at a forty-five degree angle and starting to drool precum-- then back up, "You're so fuckin' boned up from playin' with our dicks and knowin' you're about to suck us off, you're about to cum all over yourself! Get a grip, bitch!"

Darren kneed me in the shoulder and yelled at me, "Just drop the fuckin' act and suck my bud's dick, faggot! We all know what you are now, so quit tryin' to deny it and just go ahead `n do your queer thing!"

I was in shock, petrified. I just couldn't believe these two guys I had hung out with all year, and trusted, were insisting I was a fag and were going to make me do this! I couldn't be a fag! It didn't matter what I had fantasized about or any of that shit. I saw what happened to fags in school. I just couldn't be one. They couldn't think of me as one-- that would be the worst possible thing that could happen!

My life would be ruined, without a doubt, if they ever told anybody any of this-- if they even just told what had happened so far! I looked at the head of Adam's enormous looking cock directly in front of my face and had a gut feeling there was no getting out of it. It was pretty obvious that they were going to make me do it, no matter what I said or did. I knew them well enough to know that the way they had gone about all of this, and with what they had just said, it must have been planned out, and they were determined that I was going to suck their cocks on this camping trip-- whether I was actually gay or not. All those little looks and comments over the last few weeks began to totally make sense.

My mind was short-circuiting as I stared at Adam's cock and fought like hell to keep from crying. I was thinking I couldn't give in and do it. That would be the end of me, my life, everything, while at the same time, urges to give sucking dick a try-- particularly Adam's huge dick-- kept intruding on my fear and paranoia as he towered over me.

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