By Desertmac

Pt 02: In Da Zone

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Here ya go guys! Thanks for all the emails about this story. One thing that became very clear-- from about 98% of the emails-- is that you want it rough, you bad boys. You want these guys to really put it to this bitch. Well, as I explained to some of you, I had been going for more of a mind-fuck, dominance and control trip (with lots of sex, lol), as that was what I was wanting to explore for my own fantasies in a story. BUT, I respond to my readers when they all tell me the same thing. The story will still center on the head trips, but I will definitely keep it physically rougher than I originally intended. Hey, that's no problem! I can get into that too.

A Note: If you write to me about this story, not only will I appreciate it, but I will also add you to my mailing list for a notice each time I post a new chapter (of this story only, unless I write another one with this type of theme.) I never send spam or junk or heartwarming chain letter shit, and will never share my list with anyone for any reason. If you don't want to be on the list, just say so in your letter. I understand that people have their reasons.

You can skip the rest of this and go on to the story if ya want, cuz I'm just gonna ramble here, lol. I have no editor for this story, so forgive me if it's a little sloppy at times. It's very hard for a writer to catch many of his own mistakes (I treasure my editors). I haven't even told my three Tutoring Jerry editors that I'm writing it! I haven't told anyone on my TJ mailing list either, heh heh. They're very focused on my writing tender and dramatic love stories, and I think this is so far at the other end of the scale that most of them couldn't deal with something like this coming from me. Oh, sooner or later, I'll let everyone know, like after I have another story or two out there and especially after TJ is published. Like I said to one of you in my reply to your email: TJ is for publishing. This one is for the sheer pleasure of writing it-- and getting the feedback from readers.

I noticed that the majority of letters have been short and to the point: "Thanks for the great story so far! Make that bitch suffer!" etc., with some giving suggestions as to what types of punishment and abuse Adam and Darren could inflict on Billy. I found this interesting, being used to long, passionate letters from readers of Tutoring Jerry about how it has affected their lives and things like that. It's just different-- not bad, not negative, just different. (Of course, that doesn't include you, Mike! I just read your letter as I'm about to send this to Nifty. I appreciated your suggestions for TJ and appreciate your suggestions for this one too. You're great, dude, love ya! And your letter shows me that some TJ readers like variety just like I do. Right now, I'm also enjoying "Headshop", in the scifi section. Trippy story that I think many `authoritarian' fans would probably like as well. Anyway, while I don't plan on making this a full length novel like TJ, which I'm still writing, it will/does have a real story line that hopefully will draw you all in, so there IS a direction everything that happens is leading toward.

So, strap on, strap in, strap your ass if it makes you wet and come along for the ride...




As if to reinforce that they were serious, Darren shoved me in the side with his bare foot, knocking me off balance, but Adam had a firm grip on my hair, so my weight went there and it felt like he was pulling all my hair out. I yelped and quickly got my knees back under me.

Darren squatted down close to me and put his face just inches from mine. He flicked my earlobe hard with his index finger and it stung like a motherfucker. He spoke right into my ear, "I wanna watch you suck my best bud's dick, ya little cocksucker. Don't fuck around, though, I want ya to do it good. Show your love, beotch; give it up for daddy." He chuckled at the cliches, but he had always liked talking that way and was generally the comedian of the two. "First, I want ya to kiss it." He nodded at it, "Go ahead, kiss it, Billy. Everybody's doin' it!" They both laughed and I wanted to shrivel up and die. I just couldn't believe they were serious about this and seemed to be having so much fun tormenting me. I just couldn't deal with it.

In a few short seconds, I thought, `Should I flat out refuse to do it and just take a beating? Yeah, I know I've been fantasizing about doing this for a long time-- but God knows, not like this! If I give in and do it, they'll call me a fag and probably beat me up anyway because of that AND tell me to get lost. But if I refuse and they beat me up and still make me do it, I'll have just put myself through a whole lot of pain and still have had to suck their dicks. They've already decided I'm gay, and to them, that means I should WANT to suck their dicks. Surely they'll bust up laughing anytime now and say it was all a joke! Please!'

Adam again aimed his cock at my mouth and rubbed the very wide and thick head on my lips, smearing them with his precum, which was flowing more freely now. With his firm grip on my hair, I couldn't back away, so I had to let the searing hot head slide around on my tightly closed lips. I looked out the corner of my eye at Darren and puckered my lips to satisfy his demand that I kiss it as Adam pushed the head against them and held there a moment.

"No, no, no, cuntlips, KISS IT!" Darren yelled in my ear. He grabbed my left nipple and twisted hard.

I had never felt pain quite like that and I screamed as I tried to twist away but couldn't, "AAAAGHHH! Ok! Ok!" I kissed it again and made a smacking sound. Precum was smeared all over my lips and I was nearly hyperventilating with a dizzying combination of fear, shame and excitement. I thought my heart was going to pound its way out of my chest and I was fighting like hell to not cry.

Darren grabbed Adam's cock right out of his hand and aimed it at my lips himself. Adam didn't flinch at his bud holding him. "That's it. Now lick up that precum, cocksucker; clean my bud's slime off his big dick. It's a faggot appetizer!"

This could not really be happening. I was hoping I was having a nightmare and just couldn't wake up.

Tears rolled down my cheeks and I wanted to cry out loud, but fought it with everything I had. I stuck out my tongue and licked around the huge wide mushroom helmet. His precum had very little flavor to it, a slightly salty tang, just like mine, but it was hard to get it cleaned off, it was just so slimy, so I kept licking but more kept oozing out the slit. I was too afraid of them and how they were doing this to enjoy it.

And Darren kept talking, "Yeah, that's it, queerboy. This is what you been wantin' since you met us, ain't it." I didn't answer. He jerked Adam's cock away from my tongue and clubbed the side of my face with it, making Adam chuckle. It was fucking heavy and solid and actually hurt a little. He yelled in my ear and whacked me in the head again with his hand, "ANSWER ME!"

I was trembling and having a hard time breathing, scared... and turned on... and embarrassed, and I meekly said, "I ain't queer, Darren, really." I could feel my cock twitch when I said it.

Adam made a buzzer sound, "ZZZZZTTT! Wrong answer! You ARE the weakest link!" At least he finally let go of my hair when he laughed hard at his own wit.

Darren laughed so hard he almost fell over, but then he composed himself and got right back in my face. He reached down and squeezed my rigid hard, profusely dripping cock and sneered at me, "Yeah, right. Oh yeah, straight guys get raging hardons all the time when they lick the cock snot right off other guy's dicks." He slapped my face after each word with short sharp jabs of his free hand, "Dog, you, are, SO, gay! I can't believe you keep tryin' t' say that shit!"

Adam said down to us, as he twisted his hips to make his very hard cock sway in front of my face, "You're just lucky you have friends like us to help get you over your self-denial, princess. I'm havin' so much fun watchin' you drool over my dick while you're sayin' that shit, I'm not even in all that big a hurry to stick it down your throat."

Darren brought his hand to my face and smeared a huge amount of my own precum all over my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead as he said, "THIS is what guys make when they're TURNED ON, Beavis! We don't leak like a fuckin' faucet if we ain't real turned on, know what I mean? Like, right now, this instant, if Adam was to stick his dick in your mouth and I was to stroke you about three times, you'd spew baby batter clean over the fuckin' fire! How can you sit there and say, `Oh, Adam and Darren, you hot fucking sssthudth, I'm not gaaaay!'" he lisped in a high pitched mocking voice.

I sniffled and gulped and put all my effort into not crying openly, though tears ran down my cheeks in a steady stream.

"But enough of this, Lothar!" Adam said in an imperious tone, doing a Saturday Night Live impression. "Let him get his first taste of my talking stick and then we shall see if he can still deny his true nature."

They both chuckled and Darren took a hold of Adam's cock again and aimed it at my mouth. "Here ya go, pole vaulter, choke on this!"

I stared at it as he pressed it against my lips, but I was still fighting it. I couldn't handle the thought of them calling me a fag, treating me like a fag. Adam had just said `friends like us'-- yeah, right. But did that mean they would still let me be their friend if I was a fag? Well I didn't want to be their friend after this ambush!

But... ok, I did want it to work out somehow where they would still let me be their friend. I didn't know why, but the thought of them rejecting me was about the worst thing I could think of-- besides everybody thinking I was gay. I didn't open my mouth.

Adam slapped the side of my head hard and it hurt. "Quit fuckin' around, faggot!"

Darren reached down and squeezed my balls in his hand, twisting them as my eyes crossed. He snarled, "You're about to piss me off, faggot!"

I winced and squirmed at the pain and brought my hand down to try and get him to release my balls, but of course I couldn't overcome his strength and pulling on his hand only twisted my balls further. So I shut my eyes tightly, opened my mouth and Darren guided Adam's cock in with his left hand. It was humiliating, and it was hot and big and... somewhere in my mind, I was freaking out on it. It was amazing, just like in my fantasies of him-- only, in my fantasies, I never imagined his cock was anywhere near this big. I opened my eyes and it filled my vision, so wide and lumpy and veiny and it just went on and on and on, finally ending in the black bush at the base of his rock hard flat belly in the distance... and it made my heart flutter as I felt the spongy head enter my mouth.

Darren released my balls, put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me onto it slowly. "Yeah, lemme see my bud's tubesnake disappear in your mouth, bitch."

I involuntarily sucked it in. I had intended to just let it go in-- since I couldn't prevent that-- but I wasn't going to actually suck on it! I mean, I wasn't wanting to suck it, wasn't wanting to show in any way that I liked doing this... it just happened. I sucked it in like a vacuum. It just happened. I didn't intend to.

But once it was in there-- Adam's huge cock in my mouth! Oh my fucking God!-- filling it so fucking full and throbbing on my tongue, and with me knowing I had to suck it... I just gave in and did it. I knew they would brutalize me if I didn't, so I just did it. I sucked on it and tongued his cum tube as the wide head hit the back of my throat. I couldn't prevent my body and mind from reacting, trembling and humming with the electric shock and heat and fullness of Adam's huge cock stuffing my mouth. I knew I gave away my hand in that very moment, confirming what they were accusing me of, but I just couldn't help it. I was cussing myself out inside my head, but I just couldn't help it.

Adam let out a contented sigh, "Ohhhhyeeeeahhhhh."

"That's it, that's the way. Go for it, queerboy! Beef! It's what's for dinner!" Darren enthused, with his face right up to mine, watching my lips tighten around Adam's cock. He looked up at Adam, "Oh dog, I can see him workin' his mouth on it! I can see his cheeks workin' it!"

Adam replied, "Well I can feel it!"

Darren said to me, "Gooood faggot. Now work it in and out. It should be totally natural to ya. Don't let your teeth scrape it," he warned as he let his hand fall from the back of my head. "Just let your natural queer instincts take over."

So I did. I cushioned my teeth with my lips and drew back, suctioning my spit off his cock as I went, then sank slowly back down on it again-- and it was awesome! I mean, I had to admit to myself at that very moment, it was fucking awesome to feel and taste his huge fucking cock sliding in and out of my mouth, filling it up to overflowing. It was so thick and especially wide that it did hit my teeth on the sides, but there was nothing I could do about that. I just hoped Adam wouldn't hit me. I drew back again and plunged down on it, and again, and again, starting up a rhythm.

"Oh yeah! There ya go, dog! Adam, I think we have a winner! He's finally found his calling!" Then he started a steady stream of encouragement, "Now you're gettin' the hang of it. That's it, suck that dick, suck it like ya mean it, like ya love it. You've just been waitin' and wantin' to get at this big dick, ain't ya. I bet ya jack off every night thinkin' about our big ol' dicks, don't ya? Get into it, Billy, yeah, get all the way into it. You love the way his big dick feels sliding in and out your mouth, don't ya? Wrap your lips around it and suck that slime out of him, faggot, that's it." He smacked his lips and said, "Dog, look at `im go! Man, you, are a natural born cocksucker, Billy, ain't no two ways about it."

I didn't even realize that I was speeding up and plunging my face down faster and faster on Adam's cock all the time Darren was goading me on. I only realized how avidly I was sucking him when I noticed I had my hands on his tightly muscled hairy thighs, squeezing them and using them for stability and leverage to work his dick harder. I had gotten lost in sucking him, zoned on it, and by now, I knew I was showing my enthusiasm without need of encouragement from Darren.

Now that my mind had returned from wherever I had zoned off into, I didn't let up. I kept at it, sucking with all my might---- and it was good. It was fucking awesome, WAY better than I had fantasized. I realized I was a natural born cocksucker. All those long jackoff sessions I'd spent fantasizing about these two-- especially Adam-- were slamming into my consciousness and telling me, `Darren's right on the money, Billy! Give up the straight act and accept it. Obviously, the circumstances are a nightmare, and you'd give anything for this to have happened in an entirely different way, but the fact is: you're being forced to suck on the guy you've been dreaming about all year, and his cock exceeded your imagination by a long shot. And then there's Darren and his wonder of a dick...'

To have the real thing: a man's big hot wet cock sliding in and out of my mouth, was more of an amazing thrill than I had ever dreamed it would be in my conflicted little fantasies with my pitiful imaginings of Adam with a slightly above average cock. This real Adam cock was powerful, potent, male, and it caused adrenaline to course through my veins like electric surges, zapping me rapid fire. I had never been so turned on, hyped up and delirious with desire in my life.

He seemed to be tensing up, so I knew he was getting close. All of a sudden, Darren pulled me by my shoulders off of Adam, leaving a spit and precum string spanning the foot distance between his beautiful cock and my tongue-- which was lunging out of my open mouth toward the cock it instantly missed.

"Whoa, queerboy, chill down," he chuckled as he stood up, "You'll get more of my bud's dick, don't worry. You get both our dicks all weekend long-- and from now on-- cumsucker. Right now, you get to take mine for a spin. Now open up and say `ahhh'."

I held my mouth wide open and let him manhandle me into position in front of his shaft. It was so `bright' compared to Adam's dark skinned cock and black pubic hair-- but that made it easier to see and absorb every detail in the firelight from his left side. He stood there and held his extra fat cock in front of my hungry mouth, putting his other hand on my forehead to keep me from getting at it when I lunged forward.

"UH-UH!" he grunted as he denied me access. "I can't hear you saying `ahhhhh', fag. Come on, come on boy, sit up and beg," he teased and snapped his fingers like he was talking to a dog. My cocksucking high instantly deflated. I felt humiliated again and lowered my head. He said, "Whatsa matter, fag? Don't ya want it? Don't ya want this big fat juicy dick?"

I stared at his feet and said meekly, trying to sound practical, "Ok, look Darren, I'm sucking your dicks, alright? You made me suck Adam, so I did. But..." I looked back up at him and pleaded, "Please quit callin' me names and shit, ok? I'll suck you off. I'll suck both of you off, just cut the teasin' and shit, ok?"

I cringed as I saw it coming. He backhanded me across my right temple, knocking me completely over and making me see stars. "OW, FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK?!" I screamed in pain as I curled up into a fetal position, held my head and started crying.

He descended fast and hard to his knees over me and he looked pissed. He bellowed in my face, "YOU are a fucking FAGGOT! Faggots LOVE to be used and abused by straight men, got it?! We just wanna give you what you need, cumsucker!"

Adam laughed, "Oh, dog, that had to hurt!" He stopped laughing and said seriously to me, "But he's right, fag. That's just the way it is. See, now that you're a certified cocksucker, you've lost the right to be like normal guys. And the fact is, we've decided you're now our property. From now on, it's your job to eat our nut whenever we wanna give it to you, and ya gotta do whatever we want ya to do. Hell, I'm thinkin' we might even throw a fuck in your pussy before the night's through."

He joined Darren down over me on his knees as Darren grasped my jaw, glaring into my terrified tearful eyes from only three inches away.

I felt Darren's hot breath on the cooling slobber all over my mouth and chin as he snarled, "That what you want, Billy? You been dyin' t' get fucked up the ass like a bitch, too? HUH?"

I shook my head `no' as much as I could in his tight grip on my jaw. I couldn't even imagine either of these two humongous cocks going in my tiny little ass. That was truly terrifying. My fantasies had all been about sucking, not getting fucked in the ass. Just knowing from those clear overlapping pictures of the human anatomy in textbooks how short the anal tunnel was before the colon and how it all started twisting around there and picturing his length trying to straighten that tunnel out that far up inside me scared the shit out of me.

Adam sneered and spit in my face, which would be a sign of disgust, but his voice was cheerful as he said, "Sure ya would! All good faggots love t' get boned in the ass! Believe me, kid, you want it."

Most of his spit landed on my cheek, but I reached up to wipe a splatter that landed in my eye and Darren slapped my hand away. "DON'T wipe his precious spit off! You take anything we give you and thank us for it, bitch! Here," he moved further up over my face. "Open your mouth, cumbreath."

He shoved me onto my back and squeezed my jaw painfully in his big hand, wrenching my mouth open wide. I watched him gather and swirl his saliva in his mouth and purse his lips while tears poured down my cheeks and into my ears. My head was still ringing from the blow as I stared up at his mouth. Talk about humiliating! Even though I'd sucked Adam's cock, this seemed more degrading to me for some reason. It was utterly demeaning, and at that moment, I gave up my resistance. It finally sank into my dazed and confused brain that I was completely at their mercy. I couldn't even begin to defend myself against them, so it was useless trying to fight it.

These two guys, who I'd been a friend of for almost a year, had raped my mouth, hit me, and were threatening to rape my ass, and were humiliating me in ways I had never imagined. I felt like I was stuck in a Twilite Zone episode or something. I'd heard of things like this happening in prisons, but I would never have dreamed something like this would happen to me, or that my own fucking `friends' would be the ones doing it! My shame washed over me in waves as I stared at his mouth working up a big load.

Darren held my jaw tightly as he let a huge, long and slimy glob of spit slide through his lips and into my gaping mouth, keeping our eyes locked the whole time. At least he didn't hock up a loogie.

When the spit string broke, he looked down into my open mouthful and commanded me, "Swirl it around in your mouth." He relaxed his grip on my jaw and I did. He watched me for what seemed like forever. I kept it up, afraid to stop. Then he used his index finger to gather Adam's saliva on my cheek and slid it over to my lips, letting it slide off his finger to join his wad in my mouth. "Now, swallow our gift and say, `Thank you very much, Darren and Adam, Sirs.'"

I audibly gulped their thick and extra slimy spit down and said meekly, in a very shaky voice, "Th-thank you very mmmuch, Darren and Adam, Sirs," never taking my eyes off his.

And in those long seconds he held my eyes so close, I submitted to him completely. I acknowledged his power over me and that I was now afraid enough of him that I wouldn't dare attempt any further resistance. They were like strangers. Our friendship up to now meant nothing to them, obviously. I had to accept that I was their property now. I had sucked a dick, shown clearly that I liked-- no, loved-- doing it and that made me a faggot, so I had no right to refuse their superior strength and dominance. All the faggots I'd ever seen at my schools were treated like shit by everyone. They were ridiculed and abused by everyone and obviously had no ability or right to stand up for themselves. Like Adam had said, `That's just the way it is.'

I had the urge to raise my head and kiss him on the lips-- I don't know why, and I didn't act on it, but I felt my cock jump up and slap back onto my belly.

Adam, thinking I was reacting to swallowing their spit, made a face and said with disgust, "Eeeew, he likes that shit. Gross fuckin' faggot."

Darren let my jaw go and got a big self-satisfied smile on his face as he leaned back. He nudged Adam and said, "Man, that's what I'm talkin' `bout! That's the kinda shit you gotta do with him, dog, real power and control shit, close up like that. It's a rush, dog! You see that fag shit in his eyes, and you see him fightin' it, and then he just gives in. I'm tellin' ya, it's a fuckin' rush, dude!"

Adam replied, "Oh, I'll definitely be doin' some freakazoid shit, dog, but right now, I just wanna nut. I ain't cum in two days, an' I ain't had a bitch suck me off in like, fuck, a month! Go ahead and have `im suck your dick, dog; I wanna fuck his face some more `n spew in his mouth before I bone `im in the ass." He started playing with his cock to get it hard again.

Darren started moving his midsection up over my face, "Chill, dog, chill. We got all weekend, uninterrupted. This bitch is gonna be so full a big dick, he'll think he's done died an' gone t' heaven!" His cock was still hard, and had stayed hard even through all he'd just done and said.

Adam said to me, "Seriously dog, y'know we got the biggest dicks in our school, right?" He nodded for emphasis. "Everybody knows it. Just about every dude there and plenty of the bitches have seen `em." I recalled them saying things like that before, but never knew they were really serious. "Darren had to get his hard a few times so the guys would see how big it is, but there ain't a one as big as ours."

Darren added, "You should be very grateful, fag," as he scooted around into a 69 position over me. He reached down and cupped the back of my head and brought it up to meet his cock.

I was afraid of them, and hated them, and wanted to kill them and scream at them while I did it... but as my lips reached Darren's cock, I opened wide. I had to open wider as the head slipped in and the shaft started, since it got unbelievably thicker as it went. I didn't have a choice. I had just submitted entirely to Darren, to them both. Even if I hated him now, I had to suck his cock.

But as soon as he pulled my mouth up on it, all my anger just melted away. I tried to hold onto it, thinking I should hold onto it... but I couldn't. The thrill of his amazingly thick pole in my mouth just obliterated all my anger and resentment and even my fear. This upset me almost as much as everything else that had happened, because it told me that I was more of a faggot than I even thought a few minutes ago if I could get into his cock even after all this physical abuse and humiliation. But even that dilemma faded away and I just got into tasting the big, beautiful cock in my mouth.

It was distinctly different than Adam's in many ways, and I loved every one of the differences. Mainly, it was thicker-- dare I use that worn out term `beer can-- but it was also silkier and smoother. It was just a thrill to be sucking on it.

On my own, I raised my head off his hand up onto it even more and stifled a moan of pleasure. I didn't want them to hear me moan, for some reason.

Adam muttered, "Man... I don't wanna hafta stand around waitin' while you get your nut, dog. Maybe I should go ahead `n bone `im."

"Don't ya wanna drop a load in his mouth first? I mean, you were so close a bit ago, if you go an' fuck him right now, you won't last ten seconds, dog."

Adam considered that as Darren's cock hit the back of my throat and he sank down, jamming my head into the ground, His huge nuts draped over my nose as I stared up at his perenium and could just see his pucker with the whispy reddish hairs around it glowing in the lantern's light.

Darren held his cock in place when Adam replied happily, "Yeah, true as shit, dog." He sighed, "Man, I'm glad I finally spotted the fag-factor in him, even if you didn't believe me up t' now. It's gonna be awesome having our own private bitch to fuck any ol' time we want it."

Darren supported himself on one hand and high fived Adam. I heard the slap of their hands. "No shit! And really, when ya think about it, it's better than a cunt, cuz ya can't slap cunts around-- but he loves it!"

I wanted so badly to yell `NO!', but of course I couldn't, with Darren's huge cock pinning my head to the ground.

"Oh, no shit, dude. That's one extra benefit." Adam sighed, "I just wish I woulda seen this about him at the first of the school year when he moved here. Look at all the time we've wasted."

I was listening to my fate being discussed as Darren's stationary cock marinated in my mouth-- which I was perfectly ok with, licking around the tender silky skin and just revelling in the thickness of it. I guess I was numb to the implications of all they were saying. I mean, I heard them, and I understood what they were saying, but besides wanting to say no to slapping me around, I didn't seem to be having any reaction in my mind, positive or negative. I was sure it just hadn't hit me, what they actually meant.

But Darren's cock hadn't moved from plugging my airway and I was running out of breath. I squirmed and pushed up on his thigh to remind him I was sucking his cock and he needed to either fuck my face, or raise up and let me suck up on and off of it myself so I could breathe.

I could tell by his movement and the sound of his voice that he looked down at me, though I couldn't see his face in our 69 position. He said, "What?" Of course, he knew I couldn't talk with his cock stuck in my throat, prying my jaw wider than it had ever been in my life. There was still more of his cock, and I was thankful he hadn't forced that whole monster down my throat-- yet. I pushed urgently against his hips. "What?!" he repeated with a snicker. I pushed with all my strength up on his hips, turned my head and dislodged him enough to gasp for air. He snickered, "Well why didn't ya say so?" They both laughed.

"You're just fuckin' around, dog. Let me drop my load in his throat an' you can have it back while I bone him."

Darren went to his knees and backed away, "Ok, go for it." He was apparently just fine with letting Adam have his satisfaction first, both in my mouth and in the threatened fucking of my ass. Adam replaced him in the 69 position over me and Darren laid down on the blanket right by my face. He said, "I wanna see him deep throat your anaconda, dog. Feed it to him!"

Adam rubbed his cock around on my face and crooned, "You want this big, long, thick, U.S. Grade A hunk a beef, fag?" I closed my eyes and soaked in the sensations of his heavy shaft grinding into my face. He propped himself on one hand and slapped down on my cock and balls with a sharp whack, "Well?! I asked you a fuckin' question, beotch!"

I screamed and doubled up under him in pain and shock, gasping around his cock in my face. He pushed my knees back down flat one at a time and I squeaked out what I knew I had no choice but to say-- and what I was thinking anyway, if he hadn't slapped my goddamn balls, "Yes, I want it... Adam, Sir." My cock jumped on my belly, which they both noticed.

They whooped and Darren did his Homer Simpson imitation, "Doh! Mmmmm, diiiiick..." They cracked up and Adam's loins bounced on my face as he laughed.

Then Adam growled at me, "Tell me how bad you want it, cumsucker."

"That's it! Now you're gettin' with it, bud! Play it!" Darren cackled.

I tried to answer him, but he was grinding his cock all over my mouth, "I want immmph..."

He scooted up and ground his nuts down into my face, "Lick my balls, nutmonger. Suck `em `n nibble `em, and suck `em in and pull on `em."

The musky smell and the oily sweat of his loins did something to me. Something in my brain reacted to the smell of his crotch like it was a narcotic, and I needed my first fix. I didn't care what they said anymore. I had found what I loved and I wanted it as much as they wanted me to do it, maybe more.

My tongue darted out at his loose, heavy and hard to capture left nut and slathered up the wiry hair. Feeling the texture of the hairy wrinkly skin on my tongue was another new experience, and yet another turn on. I pursed my lips and sucked it into my mouth, swirling it around and tonguing it. It was so different than sucking cock. As I sucked on the large nut, I inhaled the musky, acrid scent of male oil and groin sweat and it awoke and fired up areas of my brain that I didn't know existed. I was loving sucking on it, eating it and mouthing it, but after a bit, I reluctantly let it slip out so I could suck in the other one.

"Oh yeah! Go crazy on his cumbags, fag boy!" Darren called out excitedly inches away from my face. He really seemed to get into watching his bud's cock and balls up close, even grabbing and holding it earlier. I wondered if they had ever done anything sexual together-- and that instant image got me even hotter. I redoubled my efforts and kneaded his thighs like a cat, unconsciously purring.

"Oh, fuck yeah! Man, I ain't never had a bitch do this for me! He's humming on them and I can feel it all through my body! I mean, cunts like April, and Shannon, would lick `em a little, but nothin' like this! Y'know, he's pretty fuckin' good at this shit, to be his first time." He directed his next comment to me, "You sure you ain't never sucked dick `n balls before, fag?"

I shook my head no and emitted a muffled negative. Darren said, "Daaamn, you really are just a fuckin' natural homo-sex-shule, boy. But hey, that's a good thing! You need dick and we need holes!"

Adam said, "Now open up, cocksucker, you're gonna get more dick than you can handle. I'm gonna choke your little faggot ass."

I took a fast deep breath as he raised up, aimed and sank his enormous cock down into my mouth. The broad head jammed against my throat muscles and plowed it's way through them, stretching them unbelievably wide, feeling like it was ripping everything in there apart, hurting and scaring the shit out of me. I gagged and choked and pushed desperately against his hips.

Adam moaned out, "Ooooh yeah, choke on it like that again! Oh FUCK YEAH! Swallow it all, cumbucket!" as he finally made it all the way down, grinding his pubes into my chin. I was gagging, wretching and squirming and it felt like his huge shaft in there, along with his nuts on my nose were suffocating me and I was totally panicking as I desperately tried to push him off of me.

"Oh man, dog, you're all the fuckin' way down his throat! This is amazing! I can actually SEE your dick in his throat, man! I can see the fuckin' outline of the head! Fuckin' amazing..."

"Oh fuck, no shit!" He just held it jammed against my face while I thrashed and kicked my legs and pushed up on his hips to no avail. Ignoring my panic, he carried on talking with Darren, "No bitch has ever, ever taken it all the way down! Goddamn, this is fuckin' awesome! His throat muscles are workin' it!" He finally pulled almost all the way out while I gasped for air and then he plunged back down. "Oh, man, I can't hold out much longer, dog! I'm gonna nut!"

He started fucking my face hard and fast, slamming down into me brutally, and all I could do was lay there and take the battering, trying desperately to breathe on the outstrokes.

Once I was able to get a little air, I just went limp-- except for my cock, which never lost a fraction of it's rigid hardness-- and lay there, taking it, as he plundered my helpless throat. I didn't want this punishing pounding. I wanted to just suck it and enjoy it, but at the same time... I hated to admit to myself that a lot of the rushes and thrills I was getting were from submitting to him, knowing this big strong `straight' guy was brutally fucking my face with that big fucking cock and there was not a damn thing I could do to stop him.

Even in the middle of all these amazing sensations, I started questioning myself, wondering how I could be getting off to his brutality, to their brutality. Did I really believe what Darren had said earlier, that fags love to be used and abused by straight guys? I wasn't at all comfortable with the answer my mind was coming to, so I tried to just concentrate on feeling his big cock jamming in and out of my throat.

He fucked my face at a fast and furious pace, battering me mercilessly. Suddenly, he was yelling, "AGHH! AGHH FUCK!" as he sank it all the way and held still while his cock throbbed and expanded and I felt each shot surge past my lips down the tube to flood amazingly deep down my gullet, choking me. He and I both convulsed violently and it caused his cock to pull out of my throat so it flooded my mouth with blast after blast of his thick, viscous cream.

I had known he was going to shoot off in my mouth, but I wasn't really prepared for it. I had tasted my own cum on a few occasions, but just tasted it, never eaten a whole load. His load filled my mouth and was... well... it was like a reward for all the brutal fucking of my throat, I guess. I liked it. I hand't thought there was all that much to like about cum, but I liked his. I really did, and gratefully swallowed it all when I could. Plus that, it kinda soothed my sore throat some as it coated everything.

He drove it back down my throat, throbbed and yelled a couple more times and collapsed on me, still pumping in and out slightly, but keeping it mostly jammed all the way in.

I couldn't even swallow effectively around it, and again couldn't breathe. I squirmed around desperately, choking underneath his full weight and he ignored me, panting and cussing and rolling his hot sweaty pelvis around on my face, his pubic hair rubbing my wet chin raw as his spasms subsided.

"Yeeeaahhh!" Darren yelled from beside us. "That was fuckin' HOT, man! He drank all your jizz right down like a pro, didn't he! He didn't waste any of it, did he?"

Adam raised up on his hands and knees, pulling out of my throat, but not out of my mouth altogether because his cock was so long. I was gasping desperately for breath around the head while he panted and said, "Far as I can tell, I don't think he wasted any." He hung his head down, looking at my face with his cock head still in my mouth and asked, "Was that good `n sweet, cocksucker? Did you love lappin' up my spooge?"

I didn't respond, as I was totally in a daze and still trying to get my breath. Darren flicked my nipple or somewhere there. I didn't even flinch, I was so lost in the whole experience. He barked at me, "Adam asked you a question, faggot! Did his spooge taste good?"

I heard him, and even understood him somewhat as I tried to focus my eyes, still trying to get my breath, but I couldn't respond. I did think to myself, `Yeah, it tasted good, real good; thick, and saltier than my own. It tasted like Adam, and that's good.'

Adam dragged his heavy, slimy member from my lips up my nose and forehead, leaving a trail of residual cum and spit behind as he moved to sit back on his haunches. He looked down at me and shook his head, grinning big time, "Man, he's fuckin' out of it, dog! He's so spaced out on eatin' my cock `n cream he can't even see straight!" He added quickly with a chuckle, "Uh, no pun intended."

Darren leaned over me and I watched, almost as if through a filter, as his face turned at odd angles. "Whoa, no shit, dog, he's fuckin' tranced on eatin' your dick, dude! Look at that!" He flicked my nose and I heard the thump in my head, but all I could do was look at him. "Goddamn! He's in another fuckin' world! You got heroin or somethin' in your spooge? I mean, dog, he's `in da zone'! We're gonna hafta give `im lotsa dick, dude. I can see that now. I dunno if we can even keep up!"

Adam replied, "Hell, I can cum at least three times a day on average if I go for it; more on extra horny days."

"Yeah, me too, easy. Hey spermbank! Hey!" he snapped his fingers just over my eyes. "Snap out of it!" He slapped my face lightly. "You're gonna get all ya want! It's gonna be ok," he chuckled. "Step away from the dick. You are too close to the dick," he laughed. "Nahhh, really, dog, we'll give you a steady and nutritional diet of New England style cum chowder with spooge pudding for dessert!" They both cracked up while I lay there and tried to think if there was anything I should say back to them. I couldn't think of anything, so I kinda chuckled along with their laughter-- what he said was kinda funny, after all.

Adam said, "That's the spirit! There ya go!" He leaned back over me so I could see his face and said, "Ya did good, there, bitch. I have a feelin' you'll get even better with practice. You just be a good cumhole for your uncle Adam and uncle Darren and we'll keep ya in all the spooge you can eat."

"Yeah, queerboy, we have two all-you-can-eat spooge bars here, open 24/7. You won the lottery and ya don't even hafta go to Disneyland!" He laughed at his own joke and said, "Let's have a drink!"

With their big cocks a swingin'. they waddled on their knees over to the ice chest to get booze. I sat up, still in a daze, and watched them while they were focused on that. My mind was waging war within it's borders. Despite my having given in to their control, my rational mind was fighting my libido and the desires that had surfaced with all of this.

Like buyer's remorse or something, I was rejecting my submission to their brutal and degrading use and abuse of me. I was a human being, dammit! I deserved a little respect! I had to accept that I was gay now. I couldn't deny how turned on I got by their bodies and especially their cocks. I couldn't deny that sucking their cocks was the most thrilling thing I'd ever done in my life. But I wanted to deny that I had been ok with-- and actually turned on by-- their control and dominance. But I did not turn on to their brutality.

I didn't get much time to ponder all that, as Adam turned and handed me a shot of whiskey. I accepted it and he said, "A toast! To our very own fag! May he keep our pipes flushed and our nuts drained!"

"Hear hear!" Darren said as they brought their shot glasses up, waiting for me to clink mine with theirs. I blushed and reluctantly went ahead and did it, fearing the result if I refused, then we all slammed them. The whiskey burned my raw, torn throat and I nearly choked on it. I quickly grabbed the Coke and chugged some, then sat back as far away from them as I could get on the blanket.

All I could think about at this point was how amazing his cock had felt and tasted in my mouth and throat. Ok, I could take the degrading humor and put downs. I could handle all that, if it meant being able to suck their cocks, often, like they were saying. Darren had been right, I had zoned out on Adam's cock. I had never experienced anything even remotely close to the thrill I got from sucking him. And sucking Darren, as little as I'd gotten to do, was incredible too.

Now that it was out in the open and they had not rejected me-- as in tell me to get lost-- for being gay as I had feared they would during all this year I was denying it to myself, I might as well accept that I would be their cocksucker. Chills went all over my body as that thought passed through. The thought of sucking them on a regular basis made my head swim, and I thought at that moment that there really was a Heaven. Well, two: one between each of these guy's legs.

This is not to say I was happy or satisfied with all of this. Everything had happened too fast and I hadn't processed it all in my head yet. There was a lot I was very afraid of, upset about, worried about and still trying to figure out. I just kept flip-flopping in my head, going with all of it one minute and rebelling and rejecting it the next. I didn't know what to say or do or how to act. I didn't know anything anymore. I was confused and scared, embarrassed and ashamed of my behavior and of how they thought of me now.

They were talking to each other about how cool it was to own their very own fag while I was lost in my thoughts. I glanced up and saw Adam staring at me as Darren was talking, like he wasn't even paying attention to him, focused intently on me. I tried to keep my eyes downcast, trying not to look at him, but I kept being drawn back to his eyes, which glowed in the firelight, boring into my head and reading my thoughts it seemed. Every time I looked at him, my cock jerked involuntarily, frustrating and embarrassing me even more because I knew he could see it even though he stared right at my eyes. I kept glancing up at him and back down to the blanket for a minute or two, which seemed like a very long time, then, I saw his hand rise palm up in my peripheral vision. I looked up and he pierced me with those eyes and curled his finger slowly, wordlessly beckoning me, commanding me.

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