By Desertmac


For disclaimers, see pt01

Hey boys and girls! Yeah, I've had a couple of women write and tell me they're reading this and getting off to it. Hey Jen! And thank you ALL for the great emails! Now, after posting pt02, most of the letter writers told me they were more into the mental domination than physical brutality. The author of Teen Bully and Teenage Fight Club-- both of which I had read and thoroughly enjoyed-- wrote to me and we discussed this. I also talked with the author of Dominated By Doug-- I also loved-- and other fine stories about it. Both of these guys have written my favorite stories in the Authoritarian section (and I have to add Alpha Male as my all time favorite in this section and one of my all time favs in any section.)

Basically, I decided I'm just going to write this the way I originally envisioned it, the way it turned me on--- which has plenty of physical stuff too, just not the `beating' that some of you want. While I enjoy reading that type of story, that is just not what this story is. This one's a headtrip... a very physical one, but a headtrip mainly.

As I've said in some email responses, this story is a journey of discovery for three boys who learn the meaning of the quote: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." This story will go too far for some, and not far enough for others. So be it.

So if you're still with me, let's sit down on it and ride...

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They were talking to each other about how cool it was to own their very own fag while I was lost in my thoughts. I glanced up and saw Adam staring at me as Darren was talking, like he wasn't even paying attention to him, focused intently on me. I tried to keep my eyes downcast, trying not to look at him, but I kept being drawn back to his eyes, which glowed in the firelight, boring into my head and reading my thoughts it seemed. Every time I looked at him, my cock jerked involuntarily, frustrating and embarrassing me even more because I knew he could see it even though he stared right at my eyes. I kept glancing up at him and back down to the blanket for a minute or two, which seemed like a very long time, then, I saw his hand rise palm up in my peripheral vision. I looked up and he pierced me with those eyes and curled his finger slowly, wordlessly beckoning me, commanding me.


I flushed and lowered my eyes. Powerful surges of raw sexual heat and submissiveness physically washed over me in waves as I slowly, obediently, rose to my knees and shuffled over in front of him. Embarrassment burned my ears as I felt, rather than saw, my cock still jutting out at a forty-five degree angle and jerking around in the air hungrily-- which wasn't lost on them.

Adam looked at my cock and whistled. "Daaamn, fag, you need dick bad, don't ya." Darren giggled at that.

I blushed beet red and looked down at it, dripping with precum, my balls coated with it as well as my entire lower belly and pubic hair. It was everywhere. I had produced more precum since this started than in all of the rest of my life put together. I couldn't look him in the eye. I just stared down at his flaccid shiny cock hanging down between his spread thighs and waited for whatever he was going to do or say. When he reached out towards me I flinched and cowered away, afraid he was going to hit me.

"Come here beside me." He put his hand tightly on the back of my neck and pulled me around into his left side, my skinny little thigh touching his much thicker and hairier thigh, which I noticed was nearly twice as thick as mine. Both of us were still on our knees, with him sitting back on his upturned heels, which is how he pushed me down to settle too.

He said soothingly, "Aw man, I ain't gonna hurt ya. Chill out Billy. I just wanted ya over here to find out how bad you want my dick up your cherry ass."

My heart raced even faster and fear coursed through my veins. I trembled and tried again to keep from crying and showing what a fag I was. I tried not to think about how much either of their huge cocks would hurt in my ass, because then I wouldn't be able to keep from crying.

There was humor and a bit of a mocking tone in his voice, "I mean, if ya just can't wait, I'll sit ya down on it right now-- soon as you suck it hard again." He took my right hand and placed it on his still slimy limp cock. Even though he'd just cum a few minutes ago, it started pulsing and filling out as I held it.

Darren piped in, "Y'know, he is little enough to be a girl. You could just sit him on it and lift him up `n down all day long. He don't weigh a thing. I think he's a girl trapped in a little boy's body." He chuckled. Adam didn't respond. He had a thought going and stuck with it.

He worked my hand back and forth on his meat, indicating he wanted me to keep stroking him when he let go, so I did. And I was pissed off at myself that, even with all my remorse and shame at what had happened and the tense fear of what he was saying now, I still got such an electric thrill out of stroking his awesome cock, how it felt in my hand, the power that emanated from it, so desirable. Sucking it had been the most thrilling thing I'd ever done in my life. Remorse or not, I had to admit that to myself. He pulled my head in real close to his, brought my ear to his mouth and flicked his tongue at it teasingly, sending chills down my neck and spine.

His deep bass voice reverberated in my ear and all through my head, "You really do want me to bend you over and breed you like a little bitch with my big dick, don't ya. You wanna feel like a bitch an' open up your pussy hole for men to fuck it..." He paused a breath and squeezed my neck a little harder as he affected a southern twang, "...ain't that right."

I kept my eyes on his cock, but my hand stilled as I listened. I kept fighting back tears of shame and fear as I slowly shook my head `no', unable to look him in the eye. He squeezed the back of my neck harder, admonishing me gently, "Now, now, Billy, I thought we were past all that denial shit. Look at your dick, Billy. Look at it!" he said louder in my ear as he squeezed my neck and aimed my head down at my constantly twitching cock for a couple of seconds, then aimed me back up, forcing me to look into his eyes maybe four inches away as he talked.

"Like we said a while ago, dicks don't lie, Billy. You're either turned on by somethin' or you're not, but your penis," he tried to make it sound official, "always tells the truth. You may be scared, and you may worry that our dicks are too big or something... but your dick is telling me that you really are a total little gay bitch at heart. Your dick is yelling out to us that you wanna be a girl for us, telling us you really need all the dick up your ass you can get. Don't ya feel it twitchin'? Look, every time I say I'm gonna fuck you in the ass, it jerks. See? It did it then! Watch:" he paused for a moment, then stated, "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass, Billy." Sure enough, it betrayed me and twitched extra hard. They both laughed and Darren high fived him. "See what I mean? Your dick is screamin' out how bad you NEED my dick up your ass!"

Darren used the same high pitched faggoty sounding voice he used earlier to mock me, "Gimme dick! Gimme dick, pleeease, you big hot shtudsth! I NEEEEEED DICK!" he squealed. They both laughed and Darren added, "Any faggot would be beggin' to get these big meat puppets up their butt."

Adam took his left hand from my neck and slid it down around front to my cock. He enveloped it in his big hand and rubbed around, gathering my precum on his fingers. My body bucked at his touch with a cross between the pleasure of someone else's hand squeezing my painfully hard shaft and fear of not knowing why he was doing it. I certainly didn't figure he was there to give me pleasure. For straight guys who looked down on queers, I noticed they sure didn't seem to have a problem with touching my dripping hard cock. I didn't know what to think about that.

Once his hand was thoroughly coated, he wrang some excess drool out of my cumtube and snaked his hand around to my ass. I flinched and automatically tried to raise up away from his fingers.

He shouted right in my ear, "DID I SAY YOU COULD MOVE?!" and actually scared the piss out of me right then-- I watched in horror as one little spurt arced up out of my cock and splattered on the blanket.

My whole body jerked around and shuddered and I settled right back down where I had been and managed to squeak out, "No-o."

"Then why the fuck did you move, you little fuckin' bitch?! HUH?!"

I shook all over with fear as I tried to get my breath back and fought like hell not to, but started crying again. I hung my head and sobbed like a kid, "I-I-I dunno. I'm sorry."

Adam had been focused on my face and apparently didn't see me pee, but Darren did. He sprang up on his hands and knees, looking down at the blanket in front of me, eyes bulged out in amazement. "OH MY GOD! Did you see that?!" Adam looked at him questioningly. "He just-- I swear to god, he just... LOOK!" He pointed down at the blanket to the roughly two by five inch long wet spot just beyond my knees.

We all looked down at it and Darren exclaimed, "Dog! You just made him PISS himself!!" He held his hands spread wide and shook his head. "UNfuckin' beLIEVable! What a little girlie bitch! Oh man, this just keeps gettin' better all the fuckin' time!" He laughed cruelly and slapped his thighs with delight. Adam grinned a maniacal grin, higher on his power than any drug could achieve.

My teary eyes darted up to Adam's, knowing my horror, abject shame and embarrassment were all over my face. I needed to die about then. I lost the will to live and didn't think I could ever face myself again, let alone them.

But it wasn't like I could go anywhere at that moment and hide. I considered jumping up and running off into the woods, but realized that was crazy. They could easily catch me, and if I did get away, I'd get lost in the dark and probably bitten by a snake or something. I was trapped, their prisoner out in the middle of nowhere, completely at their mercy. My friends. Right. My body slumped and I just hung my head in bottomless shame and cried softly.

Adam didn't move a muscle; that huge crazed grin plastered across his face as he just took it all in for a moment. It seemed like he was caught off guard, surprised as hell at his power, not quite sure of what to say. He kinda mumbled, "Well... if you'd quit gettin' stupid on me and just be a good little faggot bitch, I wouldn't hafta yell at ya. Now..." He let the words fall away, shook his head slightly and cocked it at an angle, looking at me in wonder. He pointed at the blanket without looking down at it and mumbled to himself more than anyone in particular, "My yellin' at you caused..." He looked over at Darren and grinned even bigger than before, if that was possible.

Darren gave him a double thumbs up and said, "You da MAN!" He laughed and watched eagerly for whatever Adam did next. I sat on my heels and trembled in utter humiliation, tears pouring down my face. I could never overcome this, no matter what I did or said. My life was over.

Adam apparently decided to pick right back up where he'd left off. He merely touched my hand to remind me, and I immediately grabbed his cock again and started stroking him. He searched my trench and found my pucker, smearing precum around the entire area. My heels were already spreading my cheeks conveniently for him. He pressed his middle finger at my hole and slipped it in. I yelped, then whimpered and squirmed while I squeezed my sphincter to fight the invasion.

I closed my eyes and half whispered, "No, please don't..." knowing it was useless.

He just pushed in harder. It stung like hell and I felt so degraded and violated. He resumed, "Ahhh, what have we here? Hey, I think I found me a hungry dick hole. Just what I been lookin' for. Now that feels good, don't it. Open up, Billy, don't fight your need," he cooed in my ear. He sank his finger in deeper. "Look at your dick, Billy. That ain't piss. It's pumpin' out pecker snot like a firehose. You want it so bad you're about to cum from just my finger. Now, are you gonna drop the bullshit, or what?"

With his finger stroking in and out of my ass and my hand stroking his huge cock and my own cock throbbing at attention, I still tried to fight abandoning myself to sexual desire and their abasing control over me.

"I-I-I'm not..." I shook my head to clear my thoughts. His finger was hitting my prostate. I knew what my prostate was, but didn't really understand how it affected anal stimulation-- didn't know there was such a thing as anal stimulation. I truly had no idea it could feel good to a guy to get fucked in the ass. I couldn't deny the sensations this was producing, though. "But, even if I am gay..." I cringed and wanted to bite my tongue off. How could I let that slip out? Goddammit, I didn't want to say that to them! It was one thing to be forced to let them use me sexually and have them call me a faggot; yet another thing entirely for me to admit it verbally to them.

I tried to backtrack quickly, "Which I'm not-- I mean..." I trailed off.

Then I just broke down and bawled like a baby, overwhelmed with everything that had happened and was about to happen. "Please don't fuck me!" I blurted out as my body jerked with sobs and I wondered for the umpteenth time how all this could really be happening to me. "You're both way too big! It'll hurt like hell and you'll tear me up inside! I mean look! It's just too big!" I pleaded as I showcased his amazingly long and wide cock in my small hand to make my point, drawing their attention to it as Adam fingerfucked me and my ass involuntarily began to squirm on his finger.

Darren laughed with delight at my begging, but let Adam do his thing without interruption. He focused on Adam intently, his eyes dancing and sparkling as he watched his friend work me and break me down.

Adam spoke soothingly in my ear again with that deep masculine voice, "Nahhhh, Billy, it'll only hurt a little at first. Once ya get used to it, it'll feel better than anything you've ever felt in your life, trust me." He tilted his head down in front of mine to make me look at him.

With a half smile on his face, he said in an upbeat tone, "Dude, you're queer! You just admitted it! That means you need to get fucked in the ass. That's what bein' a faggot is all about! You suck dick and you get fucked like a bitch. That's what you do! I'm not about to try `n buck nature, Billy. Like Darren said, any fag would be begging us to fuck `em in the ass. And you don't even realize how you've been workin' your butt on my finger as we talk! Just like your dick, your pussy is tellin' me it wants my big dick up inside there real bad."

He tilted his pelvis up, jutting his cock out more prominently and said, "Keep strokin' my dick, bitch."

I resumed stroking him as he added a second finger into my ass and I gasped. "A-a-agh, pleeease..." I pleaded and cried-- but his cock jerked and stiffened considerably when I begged.

He had big hands and his fingers were pretty damn thick and long. Two of them together were easily as thick as my own cock and probably as long. I got used to the addition fairly quickly though and he worked them both in and out methodically.

"Now you're gettin' with it. I feel your body gettin' into my fingers bein' in your ass. Now, while you stroke my dick, think about it; picture it going in and out your ass, how good it'll feel." He took on a philosophical tone, "See Billy, when you're a fag, you're just like a woman. You instinctively need a man to breed you-- and straight guys can tell. We smell it-- just like dogs do, cuz us straight guys are all basically just dogs. We just wanna fuck and get sucked. It's all instinct, Billy, and ya just can't fight instinct. Think about how bad you need a dick up inside you. Think about how bad you wanna be a bitch, how bad you wanna be our bitch and spread your legs for real men like a good bitch should. It's just nature's programming, Billy," he brought his voice down to a whisper in my ear, "Don't try `n fight nature."

He reached up around and put his right hand on the back of my neck and guided my unresisting head down to his hard cock in my stroking hand. He growled, "Lick on it, faggot. Kiss it `n tell me how much you love it." He kept up the steady fingering in and out of my asshole and the bent over position caused his fingers to rub more emphatically against my prostate.

As he brought my face right down to the column, I stopped stroking it, switched hands and just cradled it in my left palm. I licked at the head, still a bit slimy from my ass and his precum. I kissed it as his fingers did incredible things to my ass.

"Yeah, that's it, Billy, be a good little girl and lick your man's dick. Tell me how much you love it. Tell me how bad ya want it in your pussy." His voice was so deep and hypnotic. "You're good `n tight, all clean `n empty up in there, just waitin' for me... beggin' for me... begging... begging..."

He held the back of my neck with his right hand to keep me down there while he fingerfucked me with his left. The stimulation in my ass was getting better and better, and licking up and down the top side of his cock was turning me on to the point of beginning to let go of my shame and fear again. His hand holding me bent over down there and his fingers in my ass made me feel even more pliant and submissive than ever, and that sent tingles all through me... but I couldn't bring myself to actually say that I wanted to get fucked in the ass. I was still so scared of that.

But, I was warming up to the idea. I was still very afraid because their cocks were both so fucking huge and my ass was so tiny, and I was very afraid that they would just shove them in and fuck me brutally. They certainly hadn't shown any gentleness when making me suck them. But his fingers in my ass were really starting to feel good, so I started thinking I might be able to take their cocks too. Besides, at this point I knew damn well they were going to fuck me no matter what anyway.

Suddenly, Darren reached around and slapped my ass really hard and snapped at me, "When Adam tells you to talk, you'd better fuckin' DO it, pisser!"

I winced in pain and yelped as my head automatically flew up against Adam's hand. He didn't let me raise up much and pushed me back down to keep licking and kissing his cock.

"You love my big dick, don't ya. Tell me how bad you want me to breed your cherry pussy with it, faggot."

My mind was reeling rapidly back and forth between being very afraid of the pain I was sure there would be plenty of, and the growing desire to find out what it would feel like to be fucked-- I mean, his fingers were feeling pretty damn good in there now. Gay guys get fucked all the time, so they must like it; it couldn't be all that bad. He had said it would hurt at first, but then I would love it. I was beginning to believe him and started thinking maybe I did want to try it. Regardless, I knew I had to say I wanted it or they would probably both hit me, so I went ahead, mumbling in a weak voice into his cock, "Ok, I want it."

He grabbed his cock from my hand and slapped my face with it several times as he snarled threateningly, "Listen, you little queer bitch, I wanna hear you tell me sincerely how much you love my dick and how much you want it up your ass!"

My hand had just hovered next to his, waiting for permission to hold his cock as soon as he let it go. He wrapped my fingers back around it for me, had me aim it at my mouth and I kissed the slit. My fear just didn't allow my voice to show that I kinda did want to try it now as I stammered, "I llllove your dick and I wwwant it up my ass."

He put his hand on the back of my head and jutted his pelvis upward, forcing his cock through my lips as he shoved my head down on the hard shaft, driving it all the way up into my throat. I gagged and squirmed and freaked out as he seized a fistful of my hair again and worked my head up and down rapidly, brutally, several times, then roughly pulled me off.

He raised my face to his by my hair and muttered scornfully, "That's not very convincing, scumsucker." He pulled his fingers out of my ass, released my hair, put his open palm in my face and roughly shoved me away.

I fell on my side and rolled onto my back as Darren laughed and clapped his hands. He laughingly said, "You better get with it, fag! You don't wanna piss him off."

Adam did look pissed off as he glared at me for a minute and I cast my eyes down, wondering what he was going to do, getting very scared again, picturing him beating the shit out of me. Darren speculated, "Y'know, the only reason you're bein' like this is cuz you ain't been fucked yet. Once you've been fucked like a bitch, you'll be beggin' for it all the time."

Adam nodded in agreement. He sat on his haunches and studied me, obviously thinking things over. We all knew he could easily just stick it in and fuck me and there was no way I could stop him, but he seemed to want me to want it, to beg for it for some reason. I figured out that must be his trip; wanting me to succumb to him willingly seemed more satisfying for him than just taking my ass by force. And that fit his personality, too. He always worked people til they consented to his control of them. It seemed to feed his ego better that way. I realized he had always manipulated me and I had willingly given him control over much of my life this last year in lots of little ways.

Finally, he said, "Tell you what, here's the deal. Darren, get in fronta me on your knees and sit back on your heels like I am." Darren, who was sitting crosslegged, shuffled over into place, with about two feet of space between their knees. Adam looked down at me and said, "Now, I want you to act like a girl, like a slut. I want you to get between us and seduce us." I looked at him in confusion. I had no idea what he meant.

He look a little annoyed and said, "Like, dance, wiggle your ass for us, sit in our laps and get us hard, like a lap dance! You know, play with our dicks and tell us how much you love `em, and suck on `em some and sit on `em and rub around, that kinda shit. You can do it, just be like a slut; be a natural fairy and act like a girl."

"Hey! I know!" Darren interjected. He even briefly raised his hand like he was in school or something. "Let him sit in the middle on top of our dicks, while we feed him shots and dope. Remember how we did that time with Mary Beth Stossel at Kenny's party?"

Adam grinned at the memory. He again nodded agreement, "Yeah, that was the bomb, too... but part of the fun was her rubbin' her snatch in our faces. I don't want him rubbin' anything in my face," he laughed and so did Darren.

"No, dog," Darren said, "Don't rub anything in our faces, or you die." He chuckled. "Now get over here between us." They got off their knees and scooted on their butts until their groins were pressed together, nuts mashed against each other, with Adam's muscular thighs over Darren's, his legs going around Darren's sides, while Darren's legs sprawled out flat behind Adam. They leaned back on their outstretched arms and looked at me.

Darren snickered as his cock got hard again real fast, "Here ya go, bitch. You get to be a dickseat driver!" They both laughed, leaned up and high fived each other. "But first, bring the bottle and a joint over with you."

I crawled over and dug out the joint that I'd rolled earlier, grabbed a lighter, the whiskey bottle and the two liter Coke, bringing it all over with me. I sat the supplies down beside Darren and wondered how I was supposed to sit between them. Was I supposed to sit facing out, or climb in and sit facing one of them?

Adam saw my confusion and said, "Here, first..." He pointed to the blanket beside them, "Down here."

I immediately knelt there, trembling and trying to not cry anymore, staring in awe at the two massive cocks, dark and light, yin and yang, looking like they sprouted from the same bed of testicles, resting against their taught flat lower abs, hiding their navels, luring me like an insect to a Venus Flytrap. Intimidating, awesome, scary, masculine, hypnotizing...

Adam's hand shot up lightning fast and slapped my face-- not real hard-- startling me out of my spell. But it did hurt and it shocked me because I didn't expect it and had no idea why he did it. He snarled, "You my bitch?"

Oh. That's why. He wanted me to submit more. I tried to focus my eyes on their cocks and managed a weak, "Yes."

He slapped me again, harder, and asked me even more intensely, "You my bitch?!"

I cried and nodded my head, saying louder, "Yes."

He slapped me even harder and I fell off my heels. "You my bitch?!"

I scrambled to get back up and looked down at my knees in fear as I trembled and tried to figure out why he was doing this and what the hell he wanted me to say and I saw my cock twitching even harder and wondered why the hell it was doing that in reaction to this. I could feel his eyes burning holes in the side of my face.

Showing my frustration at his not accepting the first two times I'd said it, I said, "Yes!" -- with too much attitude, I guess.

From my left, Darren whacked the back of my head and shouted like a military drill instructor, "DON'T YOU EVER DISRESPECT HIM LIKE THAT AGAIN YOU MAGGOT PIECE A DOG SHIT!" -- probably hoping he could make me pee again, but I didn't. Then he calmly said, "Now apologize to the nice man." Adam chuckled.

I cried openly and pitifully again and nodded my head vigorously as I choked out, "I'm sssorry, Adam. I shouldna sssaid it that wwway."

Adam grabbed my right ear and jerked it a little with one hand, while slapping my face, much lighter than the previous times. "One more time," he said quietly but intensely. "Are, you, my, bitch?"

I struggled again to figure out what he was wanting me to do or say besides `yes', and finally snapped that I should say it more the way they liked it. I managed to squeak out, "Yyyes, I'm your bitch, Adam, Sir."

He shook his head with a smirk, "You can be a slow learner, but ya usually do finally get there, huh." He let go of my ear and said, "Ok, straddle us `n sit facing me for a while, then you can turn around and face Darren after a bit."

I realized how buzzed I already was when I stood and stretched my left foot across their joined midsections and planted it on the other side. I haltingly squatted down to sit, right on Adam's hard cock pointed up his belly. It was running from my pucker up my perineum, and the last few inches were poking out from under my nuts, looking like a third leg, dwarfing my pecker straining in the air above it.

This was unexpected. Electric surges shot through my assring. Thrills and chills ran up and down my spine as I adjusted my legs and settled my weight down on his massive cock. I slid back to the base because of the angle and felt the base of Darren's cock on my tailbone.

The shockwave of sensation that radiated up from my bowels at feeling the shape and texture of Adam's cock pressing right there was jolting to me. The urges that pulsed through my mind by way of my libido startled me. My heart was racing and my breath was shallow. I looked into Adam's eyes and he smiled.

His eyes showed satisfaction at how he had done this trip on me so far, and anticipation of what was to come. I could also see the predator in him showing; that potent alpha male instinct to subjugate, dominate... and the satisfaction that he was doing just that with me. He had vanquished me. He had raped my mouth, made me cry like a baby and even made me piss myself and he was wallowing in that feeling of power, drunk on it, contemplating how far he could go with it.

I knew Darren felt the same way, but even though he had been an active participant in this conquest, Adam was the one who had subdued me now and he was the one who I felt most submissive to. When he'd had his fingers up my ass and held my face down on his cock, I had felt like... I don't know... like, docile, lamblike, totally submissive to him, the straight man with all the power, and the huge cock I was worshipping that embodied that power. And as I sat there on his cock for those first few seconds, looking into those sharp piercing eyes of his, I gave in completely to him.

Only this time, I gave in willingly. Somewhere along the line, as he had worked my head over with his words in that manipulative deep voice of his, along with his physical enforcement and the thrill sitting on top off his cock gave me, he had somehow reshaped my self perception...

And I became aware that I was now ready to be the bitch he wanted me to be, to submit entirely, to suck his cock and welcome him to fuck my ass, whatever he wanted. I surrendered control of me completely to him.

My cock was again twitching and throbbing and oozing precum. The feeling of his wide shaft pressing up into my nether region was thrilling me in ways I had never imagined. I was anticipating how it would feel in my ass after the way his fingers felt in there, almost eagerly. I was still scared of the pain, but my desire to experience his cock inside me was outweighing that fear now. All fags love to get boned in the ass. He'd said so. I know I'm a fag now, so...

Adam put his hands on my hips and started working my ass up and down on top of his erection. He was producing precum again too, and as it mingled with all that had ran down from my balls and what he had rubbed around down there when he fingered me, I was sliding easily up and down his shaft on my hairless ass and perineum. I kept my hands on his shoulders for stability and our eyes stayed locked. Behind me, Darren was lighting the joint. I felt the little heat of the lighter and the smoke he exhaled billowing out over my back.

Adam smiled smugly as he saw that I had given in totally. He saw the desire in my eyes and saw my unconditional surrender to him as we had a little conversation with our eyes in that moment.

He told me with his eyes that he was pleased to see me finally acknowledge to myself that I was his property-- and Darren's-- but in reality... more his. I blushed, but didn't break the eyelock as I answered with my eyes, something on the order of, `Yes, I understand that you're the strong virile male full of urgent strength and power and I'm the weak and yielding one, the receptacle for you to exercise your power and deposit your seed in. Take me. Do it. Fuck me.' ...Something like that.

Without consciously deciding to do it, unaware I was even doing it at first, I took over sliding up and down his cock, grinding into him, my desire illustrated in my heavy lidded eyes and slackened jaw, the little hint of a moan that escaped my throat and the way I kneaded his shoulders. His hands fell away from my hips as he reveled in his triumph, a cocky grin gradually spreading across his mouth.

In a timeless moment, I slowly leaned closer and closer to his face, unconsciously going in for a kiss, but Darren broke the spell by handing the joint over my shoulder to Adam. My whole body froze. I was startled to realize all I'd been feeling and doing since sitting down on him. Then I was startled to realize I had been about to kiss him-- and then wondered what he would have done if I had.

He took a hit off the joint, turned it around and stuck it in his mouth to blow me a shotgun hit. He blew the smoke gently and thickly out the end and I sucked it in slowly as well, still locked into his eyes. When he finished blowing my hit to me, he removed the joint from his mouth and whispered, "Don't stop, faggot. Work it."

I blushed again, dropping my eyes to his tightly ridged abs below his absolutely perfect pecs with their dusting of curly black hair that was only slightly more wiry than the thick black curls that cascaded down around his head. Between the fire and the lantern, I could see surprising detail, like his treasure trail, and I noted how much little visuals of the male body like that turned me on so much. I picked back up where I had left off, gliding my ass along his wide, nearly ten inch shaft. Darren didn't exist to me until I would slide down to the base of Adam's cock and feel the base of Darren's hit my tailbone. That would give me a thrill of another kind, but I was too focused on Adam to dwell on that other thrill at this point.

I consciously decided that since he saw what he saw in my eyes, since he knew I had given in and admitted to myself that I wanted this, there was no use holding back. I was going to get fucked, without a doubt, so I might as well try to get into it and enjoy it if I could. He had achieved dominion over me. He had wanted me begging for him to fuck me and make me his bitch, and I was doing just that now with my eyes and body language.

And the sensations his cock was producing on my asshole as I slid up and down its length and extreme width were making me more and more eager to go ahead and do it, just sit on it and see what it felt like in there. I hoped he would let me sit on it and work it in at my own pace so I could get used to it, but I doubted that would be an option.

He removed my left hand from his shoulder and placed it behind me on Darren's cock, which was only semi hard at this point. He said, again in that nice soothing voice, "Don't forget my bud." I started squeezing and stroking Darren's cock and Adam added, "But don't stop workin' your ass on my dick either."

I smiled awkwardly and tried to show that I was trying to coordinate both, while still showing Adam that special connection I was feeling we now had and my eagerness to please him, by staring into his eyes as I moved back and forth on him. I felt so small, riding his immense cock, clinging to his muscular body. I felt totally vulnerable to him and I just felt submissive as hell. Even though I couldn't understand why that was turning me on so, I was rushing big time on that feeling of submission.

Adam grinned knowingly, almost conspiratorially, like we shared a secret or something-- which I guess we did at that moment. At that moment, I saw no meanness or brutality in him. At that moment, I liked him and he really, really, really turned me on. At that moment, I even thought I could fall in love with him. But most of all, at that moment, I wanted him to fuck me.

I was locked in his eyes, bright flames replacing bright blue with the fire reflection when I would move back-- but I saw the spectacularly handsome face encasing them, his perfectly shaped nose, his luscious eyebrows, his chiseled and sumptuously rounded cheekbones, his thin but sexy lips, his strong, masculine jaw, squared on the sides, but coming to a point, and those curly black locks framing it all. But of course, it was those infinitely deep blue sexy eyes that made my heart palpitate and my breath become labored. I remembered sitting by three girls in study hall one time, who were comparing notes on guys they thought were cute and sexy, and they all agreed that besides being absolutely gorgeous all over, Adam had the sexiest eyes of any guy they knew anywhere, hands down. They were right.

I was really working his cock, and kept having to remind myself to play with Darren's cock behind me, which wasn't that easy to coordinate. But I was working Adam's cock and I was ready. I was ready to sit on it. I wanted to sit on it now-- and he knew that.

Darren handed the joint back to Adam and he blew me another shotgun. I leaned in to get the smoke as it plumed thickly out the end, and my lips touched his for a moment, just a light brushing, but it sent a little shiver through me. He didn't flinch or react. His eyes stayed steady on mine. I almost coughed as I exhaled, but didn't.

I got a headrush and a half though, so I let go of Darren's cock and gripped his shoulders with both hands again. I closed my eyes and lay my forehead down beside my left hand on his shoulder. He chuckled and took a hit himself. I kept grinding my ass back and forth on his cock as my lips went to his collarbone. I kissed the bony ridge and my tongue slid through my lips, exploring the ridge and valley tentatively. I didn't know if he would like me doing that or not. He didn't really react, but I tasted his smugness at bending me to his will.

He passed the joint back to Darren, placed his hand and on my back and said in my ear softly, "You're ready now, ain't ya." He stroked my back soothingly and his hand wandered down to my ass cheeks. He squeezed around on them, sliding his fingers into my crack and rubbing around, but not pushing into my hole.

"You ready for me to breed you in the ass and make you a girl? Ready to take your man's dick up inside you?" Even though he used those blunt words, his voice was seductive, using that deep sexy tone guys use to talk girls into letting them fuck them, as he rhythmically undulated the base of his cock up against my dilated ass.

I mumbled in a weak and trembling, servile voice into his neck between licks and kisses, "Yeah, I'm ready." I rushed and tingled fiercely as the words came out of my mouth. This was it; I had told him I really wanted to get fucked in the ass by him. I ground myself into him hungrily, shocked at my own words, actions and desires, but not fighting it anymore.

He whispered urgently in my ear, "Tell me what you want, Billy, tell me."

I hesitated only a second or two, then said it the way he wanted to hear me say it, with sincerity and lust and eagerness in my tone, "I want you to fuck me, Adam, Sir."

I heard Darren behind me, "Oh yeah! Now he means it!"

Adam kept that manipulative, deep hypnotic voice, "How do you wanna be fucked, Billy? Tell me what you want."

I realized he wanted me to use their terms, to put it into their context just like a while ago, "I want you to fuck me like a bitch."

I rushed like hell from saying it, because I meant it. My heart raced and my breath caught in my throat. I gulped hard and kept my face buried in his neck like a shy little kid, panting with adrenaline rushes as the full concept of what I was doing flashed in my brain. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined me, Billy Garner, sitting in a guy's lap, sliding my ass up and down his hard cock and begging him to fuck me in the ass, begging him to dominate me and make me his bitch. But that's what I was doing now, willingly, more than willingly. It was really like it wasn't me, like I was watching a movie and someone was playing me. I didn't even seem to look exactly like me... Maybe it was a whole new me. Yeah, maybe...

He prodded me, "Yeah? That what you really want?"

"Yes. I'll be a girl for you, your bitch. I want you to breed my ass," I hissed between clenched teeth. I was about to cum all over him as I rushed and my chest heaved from saying these words to him. I was working hard just to breathe, smelling him, inhaling his male scent, his pheromones, tasting the flavor of him, the saltiness of his sweat on my lips and tongue, taking it into my mouth and savoring it, getting high on his masculinity, his power and virility.

And now that I had given myself permission, the freedom to go with these feelings and urges, I was no longer embarrassed to say what he, they, wanted to hear. I wanted to say these things, wanted to wallow in surrender. I was high on him, rushing like a junkie on my desire to submit to him, yield to him, like the floodgates to my personality and sexuality had burst open and I was being swept away, feeling liberated and feeling `right' for the first time ever-- still nervous and scared, but hungry, needing to be taken.

"That's it, faggot, that's it, come on out with it," he coaxed the words out of me.

I was absolutely aware that he was manipulating me. It was ok. I wanted him to. I wanted him focused this intently on me. Submitting to him made him want me, gave me value in his eyes. I mumbled, "I want you to fuck me and make me your bitch. I wanna be your bitch, really, I do. I need it... bad."

"What are you?"

"I'm your bitch," I moaned into his neck and sucked on his salty skin while I kneaded his broad shoulders. I was trembling and crying a little, overwhelmed by all the powerful emotions washing over me from giving in to this whole new world and the nervous tingling anticipation of what was to come. His powerful body was my whole sphere of existence as I sat on his huge cock, clung to his shoulders and sucked hungrily on his neck. I was floating on him, ecstatically charged, rushing, tingling, forgetting what I used to be, everything I'd ever been, ready now to be a bitch for Adam Andrino.

He was obviously getting off big time to me saying these things, fueling him to get more. His voice was husky and gravelly, "You my faggot bitch cumsucker?" He brought his hand to the back of my head and pressed my face into his neck, rolling my head back and forth to grind my lips and nose in.

"Yes, I'm your faggot bitch cumsucker. I wanna suck your cum outta you an' I want you to fuck your cum up in my ass," I murmured. I gulped loudly and whispered, "Breed me," into his neck.

I was freaking out-- in a god way-- that all those words had actually come out of my mouth as I scooted way up and ground my ass extra hard right at the tip of his cock, catching on my hole as I rotated on the frenulum and the under-ridge of his wide helmet. It made my ass spasm in anticipation. I needed it badly now, really badly. I was afraid I was going to have a heart attack, my heart was pounding so hard.

This was not a me I recognized, this was some sex-crazed faggot who... is me now. Images of my past, of me in school, me at home, me with Adam and Darren, images of what I used to be, used to think, whizzed by like flashcards in my mind's eye and some voice in my head asked me, `What about all that, who you always have been?' And I answered, `That wasn't me. This is me. I want this me. I've never felt anything like this... this submission... it feels so right, so good, so natural.'

"Thaaat's right, thaaat's right," he crooned in my ear. "Gooood little bitch. Go with it, Billy, go with it. You wanna be a girl for me? You want me to use your hole to get off?"

My chest heaved and my voice was ragged as I ground my ass down into his cock, "Yes, I want you to use me. I'm just a faggot for you to fuck." I squeezed his shoulders as my body tensed in anticipation, feeling that massive cock twitching under me, desperately wanting it inside me now, my own thoughts and words driving me as much as his manipulation.

Darren had sat up straight and put his chest against my back, with his now hard cock pointed up my spine. Just as I slid back down to the base of Adam's cock, Darren reached down between us and stuck two fingers in my ass. I stopped grinding when he did. I gasped and moaned with need as I felt precum pump out the end of my cock.

Darren's very different voice jolted me, "You ready, queerboy? You ready for my bud to fuck you up the ass like a little bitch?"

"Yes," I stated definitively. "Please."

"Raise up," Adam said as he cupped my ass cheeks in his hands and lifted me. "Aim it for me, Darren."

Darren let his fingers slide out of my ass, grabbed Adam's massive erection and pointed it at my hole. I was shaking, trembling and crying softly with fear and anticipation, wanting it so badly now, but still afraid of the pain-- it was so fucking big, and as the reality of what was about to happen hit me, I gulped and shuddered from head to toe.

I held my breath and whispered, "Please go slow?"

Adam didn't respond, but slowly lowered my ass til I made contact. The blunt head of his cock felt impossibly big at my entrance. My sphincter was spasming in anticipation, unsure of whether to open up for it or fight it. There was more than enough precum there and all over his cock for lubrication.

I felt this tremendous pressure.

My fingers dug into his shoulders. I kept my legs tensed and feet planted on either side of his hips as a backup to keep me from falling down onto it if he were to let go, but I still gave most of my weight to the strong grip of his hands on my ass cheeks, wanting to trust him. He let me sink slowly and the pressure at my ass was starting to freak me out. Then, suddenly, the head slipped in and it felt like the whole thing went in and it was the most intense pain I had ever known!

"AAAAGGHHHHHH!!! OH GOD! OH GOD! AAAOOOOWWWW!" I almost passed out. I bit my arm and laid my face into it, huffing and straining and crying.

Adam commanded me, "Let me hold you up. Let your feet go up in the air."

I was afraid. The pain was intense. I couldn't just let my weight go. "I-I-I can't," I panted and cried.

He retorted sharply through clinched teeth, "Let Go!"

I squeezed my eyes shut and gritted my own teeth as I pleaded with him, "Please, please go in slowly? Pleeease?"

He growled deeply in my ear, "Lift your fucking feet off the goddamn ground, faggot! DON'T fight me, and DON'T try to tell me how to fuck you!"

I whimpered, nodded my bowed head in resignation and let my feet slip out and my weight fall completely into his hands, which let me sink a little bit deeper on his monolith; but he didn't let me fall very far. My white knuckled grip on his shoulders was probably painful to him, but he didn't seem to notice.

As the ringing in my ears faded and the pain just throbbed all through me, I heard Adam saying, "That's it, don't worry, it just hurts for a minute, then it'll feel good. Go with it. Remember how bad you wanna be my bitch, how bad you want my dick up inside you."

He raised me up til the head slipped out but immediately lowered me back down on it, slipping it back in as Darren still held his cock upright for him. It hurt again, but not nearly like it did initially. He let me sink a little farther onto him and it felt like he was shoving a flagpole in my ass, ripping through all the muscles and shredding all the tissue inside me.

I threw my head back, panting with rapid sharp breaths and cried out, "OH! OH! OH GOD! Ohhhhhhhh..." and tears leaked out of my tightly clinched eyes. I breathlessly moaned, "Oh god it hurts! Please, slow, please. Ohhhhhh..."

My eyes were squeezed shut, but I opened them and looked down deeply into his when Adam said, "Yeah, that's it, relax your ass and let me in. Lemme have your cherry. You're really tight, little girl. Your pussy is hot and tight. Sit down on it, yeah..." he crooned as it sank deeper and deeper into me. "Give your pussy to me, little bitch, give it to me. You know that's what you wanna do."

It was hurting like all hell every centimeter of the way. His cock was just so thick and wide. I was sure my ass wasn't meant to ever have anything that big inserted in the wrong direction. I was heaving for breath and moaning in pain, knowing I couldn't stop it anyway. But I also still felt the need to give my ass to him, to feel him inside me. I wanted to be his bitch, and that helped me be determined to keep going. He said the pain would end after a bit. I wanted to believe him.

He was about two thirds of the way in, when he started lifting me back up. I sighed, feeling relief from the stretching and immense pressure. But then, I felt empty when it slipped out, and I wanted it back in there. Again, he only raised up far enough to let it slip out while Darren still held it upright, then he lowered me back onto it. He let me sink back down to about the deepest point so far and raised me back up. He started lifting me up and down for a minute or so, just to that roughly two thirds point, which I was thankful for. I was definitely not ready for the final third.

But he was. He tracked my eyes until I focused on his. When I did, on the next plunge, he said, "Here we go," and let me sink all the fucking way down on it, watching the expression on my face intently as I landed, seeing my eyes bulge and my mouth fly open and my face contort in excruciating pain.

I came unglued.

"AAAAAGGHHHhhhhhhhoooooohhhhhhgodohgodohgodooohhhhhh!" I truly couldn't have imagined this kind of pain, at the core of my being. It was the most intense physical sensation I'd ever known, painful and traumatic... but blissful at the same time. Indescribable, really.

I sat there in his lap with his humongous slab of cock embedded to the hilt inside me. I burrowed my face into his neck again and just spasmed and whimpered and cried and moaned and huffed and slobbered on his salty skin and wrapped my arms tightly around him and plastered my torso against his, chest to chest. I held on for dear life and felt his cock throb and pulse so very very far up inside me. The mind-numbing pain was wavering now, even as muscles from my ass all the way up into my stomach were still spasming and convulsing around the monolith that I had begged for. My mind couldn't quite deal with it all. I was basically in shock, I guess.

He let out a sigh, "Aaaah yeah. Ah fuck yeah. Oh man, keep doin' that! Keep squeezin' my dick like that." He jutted his pelvis up while pushing my hips down, driving in even deeper and I gasped loudly and dug my fingernails into his back. He moaned with pleasure as he undulated his groin, revelling in just being inside me. "Fuckin' hot `n tight," He rasped in my ear. "Now you're really my bitch, totally, Billy. Now you know what it means to be a faggot for real."

I weakly nodded my head into his neck and whimpered. The pain was diminishing somewhat, but still pointed. He kept rolling his pelvis, working his cock around in me in little gyrations. Then he clamped my hips again and started lifting me up and letting me sink back down, lifting higher and higher each time. Darren wiggled himself out from their union so he could get down and watch Adam's cock as I was pistoned up and down on it.

I cried out loudly and pleaded with him, "Oh god! Oh please, Adam! Oh god, oh god, oh god it hurts! Pleeeease! I can't take it! Let me rest and get used to it, pleeease! It's so fucking big!" I begged as my tears ran down his chest. He just kept hefting me up and down like he was curling dumbbells in the gym, effortlessly, like my weight was nothing to his strong flexing arms while my feet flailed around uselessly in the air behind him.

"Just relax and you'll get used to it, Billy. I told you it would hurt at first, but you need this, and you'll be lovin' it in no time. Now tell me what you want." He paused and I just cried and gasped, my face bouncing on his left shoulder as he tossed me up and down on his shaft like a toy and I thought it would kill me. "Tell me what you want, what you need, bitch. Tell me what you are!"

I tried to talk around my sobs, "I'm... I'm your-- AGH!-- bitch. Ohhhhh god," I groaned in pain and just went limp in his hands, but still holding onto his shoulders.

He felt me go limp and crooned, "That's it, that's it, now you're relaxin' into it, lovin' my big dick in your pussy. Feels so fuckin' good... This is what it's all about, Billy, this is bein' a fag... get into it."

Fucking intense, though. Just fucking intense. My body had no idea anything could feel like this. Once I relaxed, it began to feel Amazing, and painful, and electrifying, and wonderful, and every nerve in my body was on fire. The shaft was so wide, stretching my tunnel unbelievably and I could feel the ridge of his cockhead pushing and pulling muscle rings of channels unbearably far up in my bowels and it was burning and churning and it was awesome and I gradually realized I was loving it and wanting it more and more and more...

He moved his hands up to my armpits on a downstroke, clamped his elbows into my ribs and started vigorously working me up and down his shaft, slamming me down into his groin with force, and I don't know where it came from, had no idea it was about to happen, but I suddenly just exploded all over us.


He pulled down hard and thrust his pelvis up to drive as far into me as he could so he could get the full pleasure of my muscle contractions on his cock while I threw my head back and wailed out into the night like a wounded coyote or a busted virgin. My head snapped back down just as my third shot blasted up to splatter under his chin and his head jerked back reflexively. The next shot went over his shoulder somewhere and I grunted and wailed like a girl. I ground my ass down even harder into his groin by pulling fiercely up on his shoulders to lever my torso down as jet after jet of cum rocketed up from my nuts and sprayed all over his chest and abdomen and mine and our shoulders and more struck under his chin and I had never cum even half as much or a fraction as hard or intensely and I was consciously trying to keep from passing out.

I collapsed back into his sweaty cum slimed chest and shivered and trembled and tightened my grip around his neck again as I lapped a drop of my cum from under his jaw like a grateful puppy. Then I buried my face in his neck and just vibrated. I had never experienced anything even remotely close to this intense and liquid flowing ecstasy in my life and simply could not have imagined anything so fucking erotic and insanely stimulating and mind blowing was possible.

I was his. He could have me all he wanted, any way he wanted, any time he wanted. Anyone who could make me feel and experience what he'd just made me feel, had me wrapped around his finger. He did own me now. I was grateful to be his property.

I was content, sated and almost felt sleepy as my body geared down and I tried to catch my breath...

But I knew Adam wasn't through.

His cock was still throbbing inside me-- which sent tingles all through me and felt so wonderful-- and I knew the beast jammed up inside me had yet to unload.

He had let me have my moment, which I certainly hadn't expected him to do, and I was very very thankful for that. But he was just getting started, and that thought made me shiver with anticipation.

I wallowed in my afterglow and the incredible feeling of fullness in my bowels and tried to catch my breath as they started talking. I lay against his chest like a little kid who's fallen asleep in his daddy's arms, with my arms around his neck, my legs wrapped around him, my heels pulled into his tailbone, and his cock still infinitely deep inside my ass, stretching it so magnificently. I squeezed his cock from tip to root and rolled against it subtly, clamping, releasing, clamping, releasing, gently gyrating.

He said over my shoulder to Darren, "Faggot just came all over us, without even touchin' his dick."

Darren laughed and said, "You musta hit `that spot' cunts `n fags have up in there." And they both laughed.

Adam said, "Man, I gotta tell ya, it feels fuckin' awesome! He's super tight an' it's wicked hot up in there. When he came, his muscles clamped down on my dick so fuckin' tight I thought he was gonna pinch it right off! He's still workin' his muscles on it!" I felt him nod his head on my shoulder, "Man, dog, I'm not shittin' ya, this is good pussy. I think it's the best I ever had, swear t' god."

"Cool," Darren said. "I can't wait t' give it a go-- even if you got it all stretched out now," he teased.

"Aww, dog, you're thicker than me. It'll be like new in there for ya."

Adam sat up straighter, prompting me to untangle my arms from around his neck. He locked his hands under my armpits and unceremoniously lifted me right up off his cock-- which was a tremendous shock to my ass and left me feeling so fucking empty-- and sat me down in between his legs. I let out a whimper and tried to focus my rolling eyes.

Darren said, "Awwww, looky. He wants it back IN there. Better put it back in quick, dog, he might go postal on us! Girls Gone Wild! In they woods! Get the video now! She's gotta have it!"

They both chuckled and Adam found something to wipe my cum off his body. Then he sneered at me, "Ok, you got your nut, buttboy. Now it's time for me to get mine."

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