By desertmac

PT 04

Skewered screwed and scrubbed

Hi everyone! Here's the new chapter. I hope you like it. Standard disclaimers apply, see pt01.

I've made some new friends in a yahoo group called ALPHAMALE_ASSOCIATION. The guys on there are like a family and they share a lot of hot pics, so check `em out. I definitely recommend this group.

Now let's see what the boys are up to...


Adam latched under my knees and flipped me back into a laughing Darren as he pulled his legs out and got on his knees. He put his face just a couple of inches from mine, drilling me with those piercing blue eyes as he asked in an intense voice, that sounded more like a threat than a question, "You ready to really get fucked?" I stared dumbly at him. He grabbed and twisted on my ankles as he barked, "On your hands and knees, bitch! Put your pussy up there and tell me how bad ya want it."

I was still in a post orgasm daze and was slow to think or act. "Move it!" Darren barked as he kinda kicked at me while I sluggishly tried to get on my hands and knees.

Impatient with my lethargy, Adam slapped my ass quick and hard four times and it stung me out of my stupor. I became alert and got myself in place, and started getting scared again. I had just cum and lost my sexual peak. I wanted a little bit of time to recuperate, to digest what I'd just experienced. For all of the scary and humiliating things that led up to it and the pain involved, it had been the most incredible experience of my life. I mean, I'd never even had sex with anyone of any kind, so to have gay sex with Adam and Darren, to `go all the way', still had my mind doing somersaults over itself. My body was still registering it all. I could still feel his cock inside me as if he hadn't even pulled out-- and that at least helped me want to go ahead and get it again, because if there was one thing I knew for certain in the middle of my hazy confusion, it was that I would want this again.

But at this moment, Adam looming behind me, the way he was saying it, I was afraid the intensely erotic pain and pleasure of my deflowering was about to be obliterated by this. I knew this was going to be hardcore.

I braced myself on my hands and knees doggie style like a bitch, ready to get fucked in the ass-- really fucked, as he put it-- my cock still dripping the last of my cum from minutes before... It was mind blowing, never having imagined doing anything like this, like putting my ass up in the air for a guy to fuck, and I was thinking, `Oh god! Oh god, he's gonna fuck me hard with that humongous dick... in my ass... hard. Not like just now, this time it's gonna be hard and fast and... Oh fuck! Oh no! Oh god, please let it feel good! Pleeease let it be ok. Please let it not hurt too much. It hurt like hell when I sat on it, but it started feeling good-- it still hurt, but felt good in a way that... oh pleeease let it feel good! It's just soooo fucking big and long and...'

Adam slapped my ass again, hard, almost knocking me over and snatching my focus off my thoughts as he aimed his slimy missile at my target.

"AAGHOWWW!" I cried out in a hurt and annoyed tone that said, `Why the hell do you keep doing that?! You don't need to keep slapping my ass! That hurts, dammit!' and hoping I didn't piss him off with my attitude.

"Weeeell?" Then I realized he had told me to talk and that was why he slapped me again.

I stammered, "I wwwant you to..." `Say it!' I thought to myself, `Go ahead and say it the way he wants you to. You know you have to. You know he's gonna do it. Don't be scared, just go with it...' So I stammered, "Ffffuck my ass like a bitch til you cum... please... sssSir." I noticed I was trembling.

"Didn't we already go through this just a bit ago?" Adam leaned down over my back, running his searing hot shaft up my crack, making me shudder and tingle as he yelled in my ear, "SPIRIT! Give it some spirit, faggot!"

Darren reached out and slapped my face for good measure, slinging spit right out of my mouth.

All this kept me focused on just what the situation was. I was their faggot bitch now, a hole for these two big straight guys to fuck. I had to keep that realization up front in my mind. I kept wanting to think of this situation as a threeway sexual, umm, exploration, or something like that. It was hard to wrap my mind around the fact that even though I was getting into most of it, it still was something I had no choice or say in. Prison rape kept flashing in my mind as it had earlier, the feeling of not being in control-- of being controlled-- sending electric charges and rapid headrushes all through me, unsure of how I felt about it all, confused, scared, excited, confused about my excitement... I also had to try and deal with the fact that I was getting off to all of that on some very real level.

All these thoughts raced through my mind in mere seconds, all the imagery flashing like a strobe in the murky confusion in my head. I saw how I had just minutes ago got through basically doing my very best to seduce a guy into fucking my ass. That he forced me to try seducing him was neither here nor there, because I hadn't been pretending. By the time I had sat on his groin, I had been wanting it more than he was. Yeah, I could admit that, I guess. `Oh my god! I really wanted it and loved it when I got it! I DID love sucking their dicks and getting fucked in the ass! I don't even want to try denying that now. I'm really, totally, 100% queer! Oh my god!'

Darren's words from a while ago came back to me: `YOU are a fucking FAGGOT! Faggots LOVE to be used and abused by straight men, got it?! We just wanna give you what you need, cumsucker!' Adam had laughed and backed him up, `But he's right, fag. That's just the way it is. See, now that you're a certified cocksucker, you've lost the right to be like normal guys. And the fact is, we've decided you're now our property. From now on, it's your job to eat our nut whenever we wanna give it to you, and ya gotta do whatever we want ya to do.'

`Their property. Lost the right to be like normal guys. Love to be used and abused by straight men. Oh god, that's so fucking depressing. I'm `one of THEM'! One of those fags that sit at the bottom of the food chain in school, who everyone gets to look down on and trash and beat up on. But I can't help it! And now that they know, there's nothing I can do about it. So fucking depressing... But... But... I like sucking their dicks and I did get into being fucked in the ass, and I guess I'll get into him fucking me now. I hope. Please, God, if I never asked you for anything in my life, please let me get into this? Please let it feel good?'

I knew what I had to say and how he wanted me to say it. I tried to mask the fear in my voice and sound enthusiastic, if not seductive, "Please fuck my pussy like a bitch, Adam, Sir! Please fuck me and let me ride your dick like a girl, Adam, please."

I wiggled my ass for him and hunched back at his cock. I had to admit to myself that, as much as I knew this was going to hurt, I was getting all worked up again already just by saying that to him, acting out that role, of the faggot slut or whatever. My ass was clenching and unclenching and I really was ready again. It had felt so intense, so unlike anything I could have imagined feeling up inside me at the last there. But I also knew that Adam was in the power position now and he was planning on fucking me without mercy. I braced myself for a pounding, steadily praying it wouldn't hurt too bad.

"There ya go," he grumbled, satisfied that I was into it enough. He lined his cock up at my ass and pushed down on my tailbone to line up better, which caused me to spread my knees wider and put my feet together between his legs. I felt my ass cheeks spread as wide as they would go and the air on my still slick hole made me hyper aware of it. My sphincter spasmed in anticipation and I shuddered all the way to my toes.

`He's gonna fuck me in the ass, again... but a whole lot harder. Ok. Do it. Go ahead and take my ass. Make me your bitch, Adam Andrino. I think that's what I want. I do know I've wanted you for so long, even if I couldn't admit it to myself until all this. So if this is the only way I can get you, ok then, do it! Just go ahead and do it. I'm a fag. I'm a fag. I love to get fucked in the ass. I HAVE to love it, cuz I'm a fag. I'm a fag. I'm a fag. I love to get fucked in the ass...'

From on my knees and elbows, I looked right into Darren's hard cock and big oversized nuts as he positioned himself in front of my face. Even though I'd had the most powerful orgasm of my life just a few minutes ago, my own cock came back to life and got hard again in seconds. I was scared as hell, but excited in a way that I couldn't deny at being between them, about to be skewered on two huge cocks, with no say in the matter, completely at their mercy. This was actually happening, real time, here and now. I could smell the sweaty musky male scent of Darren's groin in front of me, could see the huge column and those prodigious nuts and his reddish blonde pubic hair and bright white muscular thighs and my body was on high alert, feeling even the slightest breeze, the slightest movement, touch. `It's happening, to me. I'm between them, about to... Oh my god!' As Darren had said: UNfucking beLIEVable!

And ya know what flashed in my mind about then? How incredibly turned on I got as I was sitting in Adam's lap a few minutes ago with his cock buried inside my body, because besides the amazing sensation of that in itself, it also felt so awesome to be hugging myself into his spectacular body, feeling his rock hard abs lika a steel washboard and his beefy pecs flexing as he pulled me down so hard into his groin while the tip of his cock felt like it was practically touching my tonsils, and the smell and taste of his sweat and all those contours, ridges and hollows around his Adam's apple and collarbone, bringing my knees into his sides as I blew my load and my mind with his cock jammed up inside me. I had rushed so hard on feeling his power and control over me and how it had felt so natural to submit to him. That told me all I really needed to know. That's when I lost all doubt that I was gay, queer, a fag, a bitch, whatever... I am that.

Darren aimed his cock at my mouth and brought it to my lips. But then he grabbed my hair in his fist, yanked my head back to look up into his eyes, jerking me out of my thoughts again as he snarled at me, "You bite down on my dick and I'll knock your fuckin' teeth down your fuckin' throat and clean out your fuckin' ass, faggot." He aimed my head back down to his huge thick white cock with its tapered red corona. He didn't have to put it that way. Just tell me to watch out...

I tensed up even more, shivered and almost cried as I heard Adam spit on my pucker and say, "Ready?" as the saliva slid down my crevice and into my apparently slightly open hole; warm, nicely warm sensation, different, but...

I begged desperately, "Please go slow? Pleeease..."

Darren said, "One, two, three, GO!" and they both plunged hard and fast all the way into me at the same time.

My scream of excruciating pain was choked off by Darren's cock ripping into my throat, and I almost passed out. Actually, I think I did for a second or two. This was intense pain at both ends... and I knew it was just the beginning.

After a pause for effect, they both started fucking away, pulling out almost all the way and plunging back in at the same time, quickly establishing a mutual rhythm, while my cries were lost around Darren's thickness. I writhed in pain as I was pounded and jolted in both ends at the same time, worried for my neck and spine from the impact of their brutal, powerful thrusts crunching me up when they sank themselves in me at the same time. I had no control over anything. I was a fuck toy, their slut bitch and they were getting their nut by using my little body and breaking my spirit to their will. I had told them I was just their faggot bitch cumsucker, nothing more. I felt like I was not a friend, not even a person, just a faggot to use and abuse.

As the incredibly intense pain started diminishing to just unbearable, I was able to actually feel their cocks, and was having a hard time dividing my focus between the two. It was hard to even conceive of how my little body could be taking such huge cocks in both ends at the same time-- and it wasn't handling it very well at all.

Darren's cock was so thick, enough thicker around than Adam's that it was very noticeable, but tapered enough that it didn't just bludgeon my throat like it would have if the head was as wide and blunt as Adam's. I kinda began to kinda somewhat get into having his huge cock being forced down my throat, as I could taste his precum and I loved the silky hardness and the way he was feeding it to me, even though my jaw ached from being stretched so wide and my throat was still sore from Adam's cock earlier and my scalp hurt from his harsh jerking grip on my hair.

As much as Darren's cock was stimulating my mouth and firing my senses with the act of servicing his meat, my focus was mostly on Adam's huge long cock driving relentlessly deep into my ass, hitting something up in there hard and sending painful jolts through me every time he slammed it home. He was banging me deep and furiously, shoving my mouth into Darren's cock on every plunge.

This was aggressive, animalistic fucking-- nothing sensual going on. They were pounding me and using me and if it weren't for Darren's grip on my hair and Adam's grip on my hips I would have had a hard time even staying up on my elbows and knees. The sound of Adam's thighs slapping against my ass cheeks and the impact of his big low hanging nuts slapping against my perineum as he drove each thrust home was echoing around the trees amid their grunts and taunts and I kinda zoned out to escape the pain. Mostly what I heard was the thudding tandem impact in my head each time Darren's pelvic bone slammed into my jaw and his lemons swung up and banged under my chin.

"Oh yeah! Fuck yeah!" Darren shouted.

Adam grunted, "Now you know, ugh!, what it feels, ugh!, like to get, ugh!, fucked like a, ugh!, BITCH!"

And I did. His voice snapped me out of my zone and the reality of all of this had my mind on the edge of a meltdown. I had begged for this, had anticipated it, had actually wanted it aside from their making me beg for it. But it was all too much and hurt like hell at both ends, but especially in my ass. Adam was slamming that huge cock into my ass fucking hard, and I wasn't ready for it, no matter how much I'd told myself I wanted it again. It fucking hurt like hell and I just prayed for it to be over.

God, they had amazing staying power, stamina or whatever! They just kept fucking away, minute after minute and I wondered how long could they go without cumming. Goddammit! But as I was thinking that for the tenth or hundredth time, I realized that either I had just become numb to it all, or I had gotten used to their big cocks, because it just wasn't hurting like it had been. It wasn't hurting much at all anymore.

They were both getting a bit winded too, so they weren't pounding quite as hard now. I was starting to get into it and I began squeezing my ass muscles on Adam and my throat muscles on Darren, urging them on to their climaxes.

They hadn't been talking for the last couple of minutes, but their grunting was getting more urgent. Now I wasn't wanting it to be over. It was feeling better and better and I was beginning to accept... even getting into being their fuckhole and pussyboy. I was getting desire back, feeling sexual again, getting turned on more by the second.

But the fever came on unexpectedly. I just suddenly embraced my role again and realized I wanted this and was loving it and I needed it and wanted more and had to have it and goddamn this was good and FUCK ME HARD! Feeling that huge cock slamming in and out of my ass was the best thing I ever felt in my fucking life and I already knew I loved having either of their cocks in my mouth and throat, feeding me, oh god yes, feed me! I rocked back into Adam's cock and moaned around Darren's as he still grasped my hair and skullfucked my head. I became aware that my own prick was hard and dripping, jiggling around with each impact on my body.

`YEAH, YEAH, FUCK ME HARD!' I screamed in my head. `You've made me your bitch, so go ahead and use my holes for your pleasure. DO IT! FUCK ME HARD LIKE A BITCH! Jam that big dick into my ass! Oh god I coulldn't have known it would feel so fucking awesome to be fucked in the ass hard like a bitch!'

About that time, Adam grunted and let out a very loud yell, "AAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH FUUUUCK!!!" And he jammed his cock in my ass and held still while his shaft went rigid and pulsed over and over again deep inside my ravaged bowels. I actually felt the shots pulse and fire out of his cock, but couldn't feel the liquid of it in there. After his initial hold, he started pumping again, but in short, sharp jabs as he held my hips in an iron grip, fingers digging into my flesh while he jackhammered my ass with jarring lunges. If Darren's cock wasn't being crammed down my throat, I would have been screaming with a mix of pain and pleasure as my mind just short circuited.

I almost came again myself at these new sensations and knowing Adam was shooting his spunk in my ass, but about that time, Darren jerked my head and rabbit fucked my face in similarly short sharp jabs and yelled out his orgasm, "YEAH! AGH, YEAH, OH FUCK YE-EH-EH-EAH!" Then, as his spunk started firing, he breathlessly hissed, "Swallow my jizz, bitch! DRINK it!"

And I felt his load fire up his cumtube over my tongue as it flooded my throat, choking me as his already enormous cock expanded in there, pulsing wildly. I gagged and retched and coughed violently around his tool as he held my head in a vice grip and kept shoving it into my throat, but pulling back far enough each thrust that his cream was filling my mouth as well. I tried like hell to swallow it all-- I wanted to-- but there was just too much and I couldn't swallow very effectively around his thick fucking rod, so some of it started running out the corners of my mouth and my eyes were watering and my nose was running and my ass was clamping down on Adam's throbbing cock as he shook with his last tremors and I was in some other reality where I existed only to take their cum, like nourishment, like manna from heaven, like something I had to have. And Darren just kept cumming. At least twice as much as Adam or I came. His cock just kept firing and firing, blast after blast, drowning me in his seed.

I don't know if it was Darren drowning me in his amazing volume of cum or Adam swabbing my guts with his, or just the thought of getting used/fucked like this by both of them at once; whatever it was, it set me off and I came hard once again without touching myself.

Cumming while choking on cock and cum, with another cock shoved up your ass, is... strange and extremely intense. The difference is hard to describe, cuz choking, that cough-like mechanism, is not unlike cumming in itself, as far as your body is concerned. You just don't get the same pleasurable chemicals released into the system when you're choking. But when they are being released as you cum at the same time you're chokiing, then your body is confused, I guess, or momentarily crosswired, and it all becomes one big orgasm that is unlike anything else.

Between the two of them, I really was feeling like the cumwhore they'd called me... and gettin' off to it. `I'm a boy, not a girl. But goddamn, I feel like a girl, or like I think a girl would feel in this situation, I guess. Well, I guess that's what being a fag feels like, huh. Anyway, I could get used to this. I know for sure I want it again. Damn, my throat and ass are both hurting so... but damn it feels so GOOD too! What the fuck? I don't get it! Is this the way sex works? Is it SUPPOSED to hurt that much AND feel so fuckin' mindblowingly awesome at the same time?'

There was only grunting and heaving for breath from them both for a minute and I twisted my head sideways enough to gasp for air but still keep Darren's cock in my mouth, cuz I didn't want to let it out. I worked my very worn out jaw and tongue on it, savoring the taste of his cum and enjoying the chance to explore, to feel the shape and texture of it held still without being rammed in and out. I had no muscle control left in my body and I couldn't even feel my legs or hands and I was sweating buckets and their sweat was dripping down all over me and I was vibrating with electric rushes and struggling to breathe and feeling more alive and aware and sensitive and high and sexier than I'd ever felt in my fucking little life.

Adam collapsed on my back and I loved that body contact with him, loved the weight of his big muscular body lying over me, enveloping me, claiming me. He even brought his left hand up under to rub around on my stomach and chest appreciatively. It was a tender act that I didn't expect and it made me glow inside and hummmm and squeeze his cock with my ass muscles. I let out a deeply contented sigh around Darren's cock and he pulled it out of my mouth. I whimpered my disappointment as he fell back on his ass, then sprawled out flat on his back spreadeagle with his head off the edge of the blanket.

I watched his chest heave up and down as his legs twitched and jerked in his aftershocks. His big angry red nuts were slowly starting to sag down between his thighs as he relaxed and I wanted to lick and nibble on them. I smiled to myself as I thought about what a good job they'd done, producing so fucking much cum for me to drink. I swabbed my teeth and cheeks, gathering the taste of the cum still coating my mouth and realized how much I loved the taste of their cum, Darren's now and Adam's earlier. What a concept! Me, Billy Garner, loving to drink a guy's cum! Wow! I mean, each new little realization kept hitting me and freaking me out at every unique aspect of this. I looked out over Darren's sexy body and sighed. His shiny wet cock was rolling itself to the side and still looked enormous to me. I loved him, in a way, in that moment.

But I really loved Adam in that moment and did NOT want him to take his cock out of my ass. Luckily, he seemed content to lie on my back and keep it in there, pumping slightly in and out every little bit, which reminded me of the bulk and length of his massive cock inside me still, sending shivers down my spine. I started reliving what had just happened, squeezing my ass muscles on his shaft to keep the sensation of it inside me up front as I did. I could have stayed like this all night. My ass was sore as hell, but oh so content, and I would never have guessed that I would be hoping like hell a guy would keep his big cock shoved in my ass after spewing his seed into my guts.

After a bit, I started thinking maybe Adam had fallen asleep on my back-- which was ok by me, except the feeling had returned to my knees and they were hurting like hell all of a sudden-- cuz he wasn't moving anymore and was breathing pretty smoothlyl, but eventually he stirred. He struggled upright on his knees and stopped there, steadying himself with his hands on my hips.

He just said, "Whew! God-fucking-damn!"

Darren seemed down for the count. He didn't even move a muscle besides his still heaving chest. But after a minute, he started laughing. They both started laughing and pretty soon, I joined in too. It felt a bit absurd, laughing with them, on my elbows and knees with Adam's cock still buried in my ass, but that was just the way the moment was.

Finally, Adam said to Darren, or just to the night, "Man, that was so... Bein' able to do it how I wanted to, like, not havin' to worry I was hurtin' him, was... awesome." He slapped my ass affectionately and said, "Good pussy, the best," as he worked his cock back and forth and around a few more times. "Fuckin' tight," he muttered.

My pussy, the best! Better than all those girl pussies! Tighter! I smiled and glowed, proud of myself. He started withdrawing his cock and it hurt a little. I could feel the ring of the head pulling on my muscles on its long journey out of my ass, which had clamped down and molded itself tightly around his shaft, which was still pretty hard, amazingly enough.

He sighed and mumbled, "I really don't wanna take it out."

He pushed it back in and worked it back and forth a few times, which hurt some, but I loved it anyway and moaned contentedly as I squeezed it with my sore muscles and shuddered from head to curling toes, almost wishing he'd start up and fuck me all over again right then. I could feel it all the way up in my stomach it seemed, so thick and so long inside me, so deep and good and... I winced and moaned as he slowly pulled it out. The sensations of that withdrawal were a whole new thing too, intense in a different way than any other. It plopped out with a squishy sound like a sloppy kiss and I collapsed in a heap, my entire body feeling wrung out and satisfied.

I reached up and wiped up some of Darren's thick, delicious cum that had leaked down my chin and quickly sucked it off my fingers, hoping they wouldn't notice and make fun of me. Darren was laid out and couldn't see me, but when I looked up at Adam, he just snickered and winked at me in the dying firelight. He shook his now limp but still very bloated cock at me teasingly so I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue like, `Bring it!' and he laughed. I laughed too.

"Told ya you were a fag," he chuckled. "But would you just believe me? Noooooo, you had t' fight me all the way up til ya got it in yer ass," he gloated pleasantly, all satisfied with himself. He sat down and looked around like he was just coming back to his surroundings. He took several deep breaths and sighed. I just lay there, licking my chops, feeling my ass pulse as if his cock were still inside me. His words didn't make me feel self-conscious this time. I accepted them and even felt a tinge of smugness about it. I mean, it certainly wasn't a secret now, so, hey, what's next?

Darren sat up about then and said, "I need to wash off."

"I'm fuckin' drenched in sweat and spit `n everything else, but I don't know if I have the energy t' make it to the creek," Adam said as he wiped sweat from his brow and flung it in my general direction.

"No shit. I'm wiped, dog."

Adam got one of those `looks' in his eyes, cocked his head and said with a grin, "Well, why don't we let the fag lick us clean? That would be kinda cool. I mean, that's what he's here for, to take care of our needs. That's what fag bitches are s'posed t' do."

Darren chuckled and was about to reply, when I blurted out, "No fuckin' way! That's gross! No fuckin' way am I..."

Adam snapped his head at me and glared. I instantly cowed and flushed, lowering my gaze guiltily. Adam paused to let it sink in, then asked in an expectant tone, "Do you want to lick us clean, little fag?"

I nodded my head and resignedly said, "Yes... Sir."

He studied me for a moment then asked, "What part of my body do you wanna clean first?"

I glanced up at him and started to say something, "But..." then dropped my gaze again while I tried to think of the right words the right way for him.

"Ummm... Let me clean you, Sir. I'd like to clean your... dick, first... or your balls, Sir." Again I rushed at the images in my head of sucking and licking his cock; hell, his whole body. His body was perfect.

Darren asked in a disgusted tone of voice, "You wanna suck your own ass-juice off his dick `n balls?! Man, you are one filthy fuckin' faggot, huh."

He was about to make me cry again. I hung my head in shame because he was right. What I just said I wanted to do was disgusting, nasty, no matter if Adam made me say it. The thought of it now nearly made me puke, even though I still kinda wanted to do it, I guess because it would mean licking his cock again. I was discovering I really had an appetite for licking and sucking both their cocks, even after cumming twice in a row. Usually, as soon as I came, I lost all thoughts of sex, but maybe cuz this was all so new and they were so fucking hot and big and I was feeling so servile, I was ready to suck them both again already.

Adam said with a grin, "Billy, you tell him you're proud of what `n who you are. Tell him you feel priveledged to suck your own buttslime off your man's dick."

I looked at him like he was insane-- for a second. Then I visibly slumped and repeated his words to Darren, unenthusiastically. Darren snorted and shook his head in disgust, but kinda grinned too. But then I also thought about how Adam just said he was my man. He'd said it earlier, but not in quite this way. That made me happy, as foreign a concept as it was still, but... my man, Adam Andrino, my man! I liked the sound of that. I think I liked the sound of that. The one I had secretly lusted over since the day I met him, my man. Well, since I was a fag, I couldn't ask for a better man than Adam, that was for sure. My man. Wow. I had flash images of him holding me and kissing me, and walking with his arm around my shoulders and mine around his waist, looking up into those spectacular blue eyes and him leaning down to kiss me and tell me I'm his... bitch. Hmmm. This was complicated.

Darren chuckled and shook his head again. He muttered, "At least I don't hafta kiss your faggot mouth." He spread his legs where he sat and sneered, "Go ahead `n do it, bitch."

I sat up and looked at Adam's awesome body, still breathing heavy. Watching his muscular chest rise and fall just did something to me. My desire to touch, to kiss and lick that perfect chest was undeniable. That it turned me on so very much made me wonder how I had managed to suppress these urges for so long, made me wonder why I hadn't gone crazy with lust for either of them long ago. And something I found interesting too, was that I was glad that my body wasn't as big and perfect as either of theirs. I was glad I was smaller all over, including my cock. It was like, I needed them to be bigger and easily able to subdue me and do whatever they wanted to me, since them getting their pleasure from using me seemed to give me pleasure, just like they said it would.

I told myself that I would have to give this all much more thought, more analysis. But right then, I had a job to do. Adam pointed at Darren, indicating I should clean him first. I got up on my knees as Darren stood up, still a little unsteady from his powerful climax and his high. He braced himself with his hands on my shoulders and I thought, `Cleaning him will be no big deal. In fact, it'll be very enjoyable. It's just cum and spit and sweat... and I think I like that... all three. Hmmm.'

He looked down at me and snickered, "Lick me like a dog, bitch."

I felt so... doglike? I dunno. I mean, this wasn't something I would have thought of doing, duh, but... it fit, really. It fit in perfectly with what my role now was, so... I placed my hands on his hips and found his cockhead with my lips. I suctioned it into my mouth and slathered it as I sank my mouth to the base of his fat limp tool, which had not shrunk to its smallest size yet; it was still thick and hanging long.

Damn, I didn't think I would get off so much to a limp cock in my mouth, but it was heavenly, salty with sweat, spit and cum, all gristly and thick and chewy and it was so fat, but I could squeeze it down to super thin at any point with my lips. I swirled it around and slurped the spit off as I withdrew, letting it plop out of my mouth with a smacking sound. I sank my face in his balls and found lots of my own spit there in the hair as well as a lot more of his cum, slightly cooled, so it was weird and didn't taste so good now, but I slurped it up and worked my head under to his perineum to get it cleaned up as well, reaching up and pulling stray hairs off my tongue a time to two. I got hard again, doing this. Licking his crotch, smelling his sex, feeling his hand on the back of my head, guiding me around his balls and muttering things I didn't hear as I focused on licking groin. He giggled and shivered from head to toe when I licked the tender inside of his thigh, which lightened the air around us, making it more like a fun thing as I giggled too.

When it seemed I was done, I sat back and looked up at him, the lantern now providing most of the light that highlighted his spectacular body. He looked down at me with a smile and made me feel good. He ruffled my hair and said, "Good, bitch. Good job."

That was a very, very strange and awkward moment for me. It was different than any other type of moment we'd had. It was like... well, here I was on my knees, knowing what had just happened, the trauma and the pleasure of all that had happened, knowing that things could never be the same between all of us, trying to figure out just how to proceed, what attitude to have with them and wondering what attitude they would have with me and... he addresses me like you would a kid or a dog and I didn't know how I should respond to that. He'd talked to me like a dog earlier too, but it had been a taunting type of thing. This time it was like a compliment and it was just hard to gauge how I felt about it. Should I be happy that he was being nice? Should I accept that role and be grateful? Should I be insulted but just have to accept it? Where did I stand with them?

Adam was standing to his side now and could see me pondering these things. Intutitive as always, he said, "Don't strain your brain too much about it, Billy. Just get over here and clean me up too."

I moved on my knees over to him and didn't even hesitate at licking the cock that had just been in my ass. Fortunately for me, as he had pointed out earlier, I was clean up in my ass and it didn't even smell; it was just slimy like the cum it was mixed with. I had to lick and slurp his pubic hair more than Darren's though and I had to admit I was really enjoying this, because I got to take my time and explore the taste, smell and texture of his entire groin area, feeling the taught skin over his tight muscles under my tongue, basking in the maleness of everywhere my lips and nose followed my tongue to.

I stayed hard the whole time and even noticed I was dripping a bit of precum again. I found out I loved the smell of male sex and sweat and cum right where you find it, all over the groin... a lot. I found out I really, really, REALLY love the taste and smell of male sex and sweat and cum if I can lick and slurp it right off of his cock and balls and everywhere. Goddamn, but I loved it! I mean, I fucking loved it more than I thought possible and I knew I would do anything to get to do this as often as I could. The smells and tastes of their groins after sex just put me into a state of mind that I thought must be like heroin does for people or something. It was instantly addictive. AdDICKtive. Yeah, lame, my bad, but hey, it was.

I was zoning out again, and he finally stopped me, chuckling, "I think you got it all, Billy, heh heh. I'm pretty clean now."

I sat back on my haunches and blushed, but smiled like a kid who just got to sample the whole candy store as I stared at his wonderful dangling cock. Damn, it was such a beautiful cock, so big, so amazing and powerful. My ass still felt like it was in there. I don't think it had even closed up yet. I smiled inwardly as I thought, `Wow! LOOK at that fucking huge donkey dick! THAT monster was just up in my ass-- boy was it ever! And I loved it! Wow! Am I dreaming? Is all this really happening?' I clenched my raw, sore assring and knew this was no dream. `Fuuuuck.'

Darren had wathced us and he laughed, "Man, he's gettin' into this shit, huh." He shook his head but was grinning. Then he said, "But still, I wanna get in the creek and wash off anyway."

We all went to the creek and waded into the water. It was cool and refreshing in the daytime heat, but was a lot chillier to the body at night. The air was warm and we were hot and sweaty though, so it evened out.

Adam stopped when the water level was just under his balls and said, "Go get the soap out of that black backpack."

I went and got the soap and waded back out to him. "Here ya go." I tried to hand it to him, but he refused to take it.

"That's your job, bitchboy." I perked up as he looked at me in the moonlight, dipped suddenly down into the water to his chin, rose back up, spread his arms out and said, "Wash me."

There were big stones here and there in the creekbed and there happened to be one that was about three or four inches high and flat on top right in front of Adam's feet. I thought, `How convenient!' after I stubbed my toe lightly when I found it, slipped down into the water then stepped up on it, bringing me almost eye level with him. I rubbed the bar in my hands to get them both coated, then ran them around his chest and abdomen lovingly, adoringly, lathering him up. He was just so... amazing. And here I was, ordered to caress and explore and worship his body... like I needed to be told to, hah! I got hard again just from touching his body, from him letting me clean him in the moonlight, with his deadsexy eyes tracking my hands as they made love to him, his breathtaking black curls falling over his forehead, making me weak in the knees.

I handed him the soap to hold, which he accepted this time, and went back to spreading the suds around. I guess I went into another trance or something, rubbing my hands over the hard contours of his muscular body. As he stood stoically, acting as if being washed, serviced like a king or a noble warrior was a normal everyday ritual, I caressed and massaged all over his torso, exploring every ripple, every ridge and valley, feeling out the shadowed mysteries of his armpits and the netherworld between his thighs. I massaged his small nipples and the nubs sprang out hard. He pushed his hips slightly toward me as I massaged and tweaked the little eraser heads. I saved his genitals for last, so I could devote my most sensuous caresses to the big floppy cock and egg size balls that had become the center of my world tonight.

As I worked them over, he began to respond with occasional little humming sounds of contentment, and he began to get hard again. He didn't get fully hard, just semi and heavy. I squeegeed his cock with both hands, noticing that there was almost as much left over when I lined my hands up from the base as what I covered with my two hands.

After a few minutes, Darren silently waded in behind me and pressed his semi hard cock against my ass. It was the perfect height now that I was on this rock. He held my hips and ground his cock into my trench. I took the soap out of Adam's hand and reached behind me to lather Darren's sides and hips, around as far as I could reach to get some on his back as well. I slid my soapy hand down between us to lather his cock and balls and he twisted and worked his upper body against mine in a way that spread the soap onto his hard stomach and chest from his sides, getting my back lathered up in the process. Where Adam had some chest hair, Darren was hairless above his treasure trail, which stopped just above his navel, so his hard pecs and washboard abs slid fluidly over my back, forcing a little moan through my lips.

No one said a word as Darren reached around me and pulled Adam into us, sandwiching me between them. We all just began writhing around slowly, sliding sensually in lather all over each other. I closed my eyes to swim in the tactile sensations of hot slippery flesh pressing me from all sides as Darren was feeling and rubbing Adam's body around me, lathering up his back, and Adam was doing the same to him, running their arms and hands over my sides as well in wide circular passes.

I was freaking out on this sensual, tender act-- that they would be doing anything like this at all! And they both got hard or semi hard again as they ground their cocks into me. I mean, they were showing tenderness to me, for one thing, but even more mind boggling, was that they were doing it with each other too! This was erotic! This was homoerotic! My mind raced with questions and scenarios, picturing them together, having sex-- maybe even making love-- and I got so excited I could barely stay in the soft slow sensual mode of the moment. But I did.

I opened my eyes to see Adam's were closed. His lips were slightly parted in a sensual trance that I somehow knew was of the moment, not a fantasy of being somewhere else, with someone else, like a girl or anything. He was into this moment, with us, and I wanted to know what his thoughts were, what the images playing in his mind were. I swear I was about to cum again from the sensual overload.

Being sandwiched between their hard bodies, feeling their muscles rippling and flexing against me on both sides, with Darren's cock sliding around my ass and Adam's cock dueling with my own was blowing my mind! After their brutal, hardcore fucking of me just minutes ago, to follow that with this sexy, sensual orgy of touch, was almost more than I could handle. I mean, this was what I wished our sexual relationship had started with! This was better than... oh man, it was like a dream... surreal in its beauty, but SO out of character for them. It was hard to reconcile this scene with everything else about them that I had ever known.

And I was the one who blew it!!! I fucking slipped off the somewhat mossy rock and fell from between them into the water, goddammit! I was like a slipperysoapy fish flopping out from between them and it just broke the spell. Dammit to hell! I shoulda and woulda beat myself up if I coulda!

Anyway, they both laughed at my clumsy fall and dipped down into the water too. I tried to get them back into that mood as we rinsed off, rubbing around sexily on Darren then Adam, but they wouldn't go with it. Instead, they started horsing around and laughing, which was fun too, but goddammit, I wanted to get all sensual again!

We got out and dried off by the fire, which Adam restoked. Then we stayed naked as we munched and smoked and drank some more booze. There was very little conversation, so Adam filled in a little with jokes. I was happy to not think about anything at all during this. I just let images drift through my head of the sex we'd had without thinking about all the implications.

Darren motioned me over to him at one point and had me sit in his lap while Adam told another joke. I felt stupid sitting in his lap, but he seemed to enjoy it, and I came to enjoy it after a bit. Lying back against his taut muscular chest and feeling his breath on my neck was feeling really, really good, actually-- not to mention his semi hard cock under my still raw asshole.

As I sat there, his cock got fully hard and he bounced me on it a bit. While Adam was still telling his joke, Darren whispered in my ear, "Oooh, feel that, little girl? I think he likes you," he chuckled.

We passed around the bottle, smoked some more and all got fucked up. After a while, Adam said, "Man, I'm pretty fuckin' wasted. I wuz wantin' to fuck s'more, but man..." he trailed off. Then he jerked his head up and asked, "What wuz I sayin'? Oh yeah," he laughed. "I think I'm gonna hafta crash."

Everyone agreed, so we all crawled into the tent. I remembered that after we set up the tent, Darren had gone in and set up the sleeping bags and all, but I hadn't looked inside since he did. I saw that he had unzipped and stacked all the sleeping bags out flat to make like a mattress, and had a single kingsize sheet on top. They had planned on all of us sleeping together, not in separate sleeping bags. I knew then for sure that everything that had happened had been planned.

Darren crawled in first and plopped himself in the middle and sprawled on his stomach, apparently passed out as soon as he landed. I was second, and I hesitated. I wanted to sleep between them, next to Adam. Oh well. I crawled in on Darren's left and Adam came in. He held the lantern up and looked the situation over.

"Dude." No response from Darren. "Dude!" he grabbed his foot and shook it. "Move over. Billy sleeps in the middle." Darren didn't respond, so Adam had me hold the lantern and rolled him over. I scooted into the middle and Adam lay down on the left side. He said, "Blow out the lantern and set it outside the tent."

I looked around before I moved and saw Darren's backpack at the foot of the bed and noticed a jar of Vaseline sticking out of the open front compartment with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation. I set the lantern outside and shut it down, then zippered the screen door and crawled in close to Adam. I tentatively scooted closer and he rolled onto his side facing me. I wanted to kiss him goodnight, but didn't dare. I rolled onto my side facing away from him and scooted back into his body, snuggling my ass into his thick floppy dick. He draped his arm over my chest and I purred.

"Goodnight, Adam."

"Goodnight, bitch."

I smiled and sighed as I pulled his big strong arm tighter around me. My man. Adam Andrino. Yeah. It's all good. I was asleep in less than a minute.

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