By Desertmac


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I was in a dark room and only my body was lit somehow. I could see several sets of hands holding me up in the air in a sitting position by my arms and legs. My knees were pulled up toward my shoulders against my bent arms, which were invisibly bound to my chest. The hands were impaling me on a cock the size of a flagpole, literally, and it was actually splitting me in two. I was screaming in pain-- but, at the same time, I wanted more. And just as the anonymous hands started to work me up and down on the inhumanly big cock, I was dragged out of my dream by movement at my feet.

Awareness of where I was filtered slowly into my brain. It was very dark in the tent, and probably because of the booze and pot still in my system, I was not waking up very coherently.

I was lying on my stomach with my arms bent under me and my hands balled into fists up by my shoulders, which was not how I normally slept. The sheet wasn't on me and I felt exposed, vulnerable, and throbbing hard from the dream. I felt movement between my legs, then a finger pressed its way between my tightly clenched asscheeks and worked something cold and slimy into my hole, sending chills all through me.

I was waking up now, for sure, but still groggy and trying to clear my head from the dream. My reaction to feeling this cold wetness just inside me was trying to separate itself from my dream and make it out of my mouth when I felt a big hot male body quickly lie down on my back and blunt pressure on my asshole as my legs were forcibly spread wider by his knees.

I was startled alert and kinda yelped in confusion and surprise, trying to get an orientation, "Hey! Wha..." was all I got out before his hand found my mouth, cupped it and pulled my head back against his shoulder, putting his jaw against my ear.

"Be quiet, little faggot," Darren calmly warned me. "It's my turn now. You wanna give my dick a try, don'tcha? Huh?"

The entire day's events came flooding back to me instantly. I let out a pitiful little whimper, my butt clenched and my heartbeat sped up to mach one. Darren let out a cocky chuckle at my reactions under him. I felt so small and defenseless under his considerable weight. The soles of my feet were just touching the tops of his feet as his long lanky body dwarfed and smothered mine. Feeling that hot, thick monster of his grinding up my asscrack in the already warmed Vaseline sent shudders all through me. His nuts were so big I felt them rubbing my thighs even with my legs spread as he ground the base of his cock against my hole. Pressing at my hole made me aware of how damn sore it was. It felt like it had closed up tight in my sleep and I was not ready for this again so soon!

My resistance was instinctive, I guess. Being awakened to the realization I was about to be raped made me struggle against his weight and strength despite the futility of even trying. I shook my head vigorously and yelled "No!", but his hand effectively muffled it.

"Whattaya mean, no?!" He hunched down roughly against my ass, jerked my head back harder into his shoulder and snarled in my ear as if it were a real effort to remain calm, "The word `no' is not in your vocabulary, cumsucker. That word just doesn't exist when either of us want you to do something. Haven't you gotten that in your fuckin' head by now? Huh?!" He jerked my head again for emphasis. "We're breaking you in during this campout, faggot. Expect to take a whole lotta dick all the way up until we go back tomorrow afternoon."

Tears started seeping out of my closed eyes, and as I kept trying to clench my hole shut I could feel my cock pumping itself up. Darren's words deluged my brain with images of all that had happened and what more they could do to me-- which added yet another layer of confusion to my fear and irritation. It was confusing because my body was reacting with eagerness while my left brain was stuck on rejecting what he was saying would happen and what he was doing now... or maybe it wasn't rejecting it... I was so confused.

"Man, you've been waitin' for this all your fuckin' life, Billy," he continued. "Why're you resisting me now, when you couldn't fuckin' get enough dick a while ago, huh? Shit, you know you want more; you're a faggot! Now... I'm gonna let you speak, and you know what I wanna hear, right?" he jerked my head against his shoulder again for emphasis. "Right?!"

Except for my cock, my body went limp in resignation. I mean, what could I do? I certainly couldn't throw his big body off of me. I had already let Adam fuck me in the ass... twice-- begged him for it even-- and I'd gladly taken Darren's cock down my throat. I had SAID I was their bitch, many different ways in my lust earlier. I had even told myself in my own head that I was their `property', so how could I think I could refuse my ass to Darren now? Like there was really a chance it would actually stop him, anyway. I really didn't have the right to deny it to him. Did I? He hadn't fucked me yet... and his fat cock was feeling kinda good running up and down my crack as he humped on me, and I had wondered how his cock would feel inside me. Adam's cock had hurt a hell of a lot at first, but Darren's was so much thicker, even if it wasn't as long. It would have to hurt as much or more and I had no idea if I could make it past that pain. But I had gotten used to Adam. After a while it had been okay. Well, it had been a lot more than okay, it had gotten really good. But I wasn't ready for Darren right now.

I nodded and said, "M-hm," into his big hand.

He held it away just an inch or so, as if he were ready to clamp it back on if I didn't say the right thing. His voice got husky and low, like he was coaxing me to tell him what he wanted to hear, "Now whatta you want, faggot? You want my dick up in you? You want me to fuck you up the ass like Adam did?"

He was going to fuck me in the ass and we both knew it, but I wasn't going to make him think I wanted it. I guess I was feeling irritated at how he'd done this, and I was actually thinking, `Get me worked up at least a little, like Adam did, dammit! You know, let me suck it, get me ready, finger me or something. Don't just wake me up to stick it in and expect me to thank you!' Of course, I didn't dare say any of that out loud to him.

I sighed my breath out wearily under his weight, "Yeah, ok, go ahead."

Wrong move. Wrong attitude.

I felt his entire body tense up on top of me and his right hand gripped my shoulder painfully. He used his left hand to grab my hair and jerk my head to the side at an angle as he put his mouth over my ear, giving me the solid impression he was holding himself back from beating the shit out of me right then and there. He snarled menacingly, but kept his volume low, "You fuckin little cunt-mouthed faggot!" He dug his right hand sharply into my shoulder, making me wince in pain. "Don't you give me that fuckin attitude, you cocksucking faggot bitch!" the string of adjectives coming out almost as one long word.

He held us both still for a moment, breathing angrily through his nose while he decided what he wanted to do.

I knew I had done wrong by basically rejecting him after begging Adam to fuck me and I felt bad about that. I had hurt his feelings, I guessed, and had surely hurt his ego. And that was wrong of me, because I did want Darren to fuck me too... just not right now, like this, with no buildup, so soon with me being so sore inside. I was trying to figure out how to defuse this situation and I rushed out, "I'm sorry, Darren!" while I tried to think of how to calm him down.

But before I could get my thoughts together to say more, he said, "Fuck it. I'm tired a fuckin' around with you, faggot. I want some ass-- now."

He wrapped his hands up around my shoulders from underneath for leverage to hold me in place, drew his hips back, aimed his cock at my hole and thrust against it. He missed and it went down between my thighs and jabbed my nuts, making me wince and yelp.

I tensed up and trembled, anticipating the pain, on the verge of crying, feeling so helpless and degraded, trying to think of something to say that would calm him down and get him to take it easy on me. I whimpered and struggled a little, just by reflex I guess. He tightened his grip on my shoulders, wedged his chin down against the top of my head, pulled his hips back and aimed again, hitting his target this time. He plowed through my clenched assring and sank it all the way down in one long unforgiving plunge. Holy fucking christ! I swear, the huge head of his dick wouldn't push through the ring of my ass until he'd built up all the force his muscular body could bring to bear on that small part of me. The pain was so intense that my mouth flew open and no sound came out as all the blood in my body seemed to rush to my head. Adam's thickness had felt like pretty much the ultimate I could take, so I was sure Darren was tearing me up inside. It felt like it. I heard him sigh in pleasure while my already very sore muscles spasmed in agony and clamped down fiercely around the invading monolith.

I didn't pass out, but I guess I went into shock, or just blanked for a bit from the pain. I came back to the present, to feeling, with the almost unbearable fullness of his massive cock plunging in and out of my ass, steadily longdicking me, in no hurry, but not slow and sensual either. It hurt like hell still and I could only seem to gasp breath in, letting some out with my grunts and whimpers. I cried because it hurt and because I felt so worthless and defiled, since I had no say in when or how I got used by them.

I cried and moaned as he drove that fat column in and out relentlessly while his hot ragged breath huffed into my ear. He slowed down after a while, still longdicking me though, and grunting his pleasure. As his pace slowed, it did start feeling better. Or maybe it was just that the hurt didn't get to me as much. The girth of his cock stretched my channel so extremely and my muscles gripped it so tightly that it felt like he was pulling my guts out as he withdrew and stuffing them back in each time he bore down. I wanted to ask him to put more lube on it, but I knew he wouldn't stop to do that.

It was still such a new sensation, feeling a cock driving in and out of my ass. And they were both so big... so fucking big. Was a little guy like me supposed to be able to take these two donkey dicks? Were they ruining me up inside there for life? It felt like they were, like they were rearranging my guts to accommodate these poles of theirs. I wondered how I would explain this to a doctor if I had problems from it. But it also felt like... good. It was mind blowing, actually. It was hard to reconcile in my mind that it hurt so damn much and felt so fucking good at the same time-- even now, with my ass already so very sore, it felt good around the pain. I could hardly separate or distinguish the two sensations anymore.

My tears had stopped and gradually my grunts of pain became that strange mix of pleasure and pain. I grabbed his hands at my shoulders and kneaded his knuckles like, I don't know, maybe a signal that I was getting into this now? My toes curled and my legs spread wider on their own. I couldn't help noticing and loving the feel of his huge nuts banging against my perineum every time he drove his cock home... such a male thing. My ass started rising a little each time to meet his thrusts-- I didn't consciously do it, it just did it on its own.

It was just so hard to accept or even believe how this had all come about. In so many words or images in my mind, I thought, `I'm laying here under one of my two best friends-- well, whatever the hell they are now-- and he's fucking me in the ass with his wicked huge fucking dick! How the hell did this happen? How did I get in this situation? I'm being used, fucked in the mouth, fucked in the ass, spat upon, slapped around, even hit, humiliated and degraded... Oh my god, this is SO unreal! But that big dick of his is very real and... unh... it's hitting something up in my ass that's feeling better and better. I don't want it to feel good, it shouldn't feel good, but...'

His hips slapped rhythmically against my asscheeks, sending a shockwave through my body with each impact. My whimpers and grunts sounded almost like I was crying again with the sensation of feeling his cock jamming in and out of me. I was beginning to get turned on by the idea of being held down and raped by him as much as the actual sensation of his cock fucking me-- but I tried to shut that thought out.

My mind was reeling with conflict, torn between the intensely pleasurable physical sensations and the knee-jerk rejection of being forced to submit to Darren's degrading rape of me. `I'm a faggot bitch that they can do whatever they want with. Chew on that! But it's feeling so good again. But I can't be a faggot bitch! I JUST CAN'T BE! I have to have SOME self-respect! Oh, but man, that feels so good, even with the pain. Ok, so I'm gay; I don't think that automatically means I want to be abused, does it? Fucking me in the ass, holding me down, forcing me to take it... ohhhhh man. I shouldn't be getting off to that. Ok, ok, but... ohhhh man, ok, that feels good... I think I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum without even touching myself again. Oh god, I need to grab my dick bad, but I can't get to it. Oh shit. Oh yeah, like that, Darren, just like that... Don't moan so much. It seems like every time you moan a lot, he speeds up and pounds it in too hard. Oooooh, yeah, that's good, right there, Darren, just like that. God, your dick is so fucking thick, but it feels so fucking good inside me. Oh, maaan. Ooooooh fu-u-uck yeah... You sound like you're crying in pain. Your voice sounds like a girl! Shut up! Hey, so what! He keeps calling you a girl anyway... Goddamn this feels so fucking good! Ok, ok, this feels... Fanfuckingtastic! FUCK ME! I'm gonna cum!'

Darren whispered in my ear, "That's it, little bitch, work your pussy for me." He brought his right hand back to my mouth and rubbed his fingers on my lips. "You just looove gettin' dicked like a bitch, don'tcha."

I tried to get my rational mind to accept that being dominated by Darren, held down and force-fucked like a bitch, used for his pleasure, all of it, the whole trip, was sending me into that zone again while I flicked my tongue out at his fingers and moaned, "Yesss."

In response, he pressed his index finger into my lips, so I parted them. He slid it into my mouth and I sucked on it hungrily, losing myself in lust and sensation. He added his middle finger and I suckled both thick phallic digits greedily. He kept longdicking me slowly, but driving that last bit home extra hard and grinding it in when he got there, causing me to grunt and whimper each time in exquisite pain. I could picture his muscular asscheeks flexing as he bore down on my-- pussy, ass-pussy, boy-pussy... what-the-fuck-ever I thought of it as now, it was his to fuck.

"MMPH! Mohhhhh," I moaned around his fingers as he jammed it in and raised his torso a little to bounce his hips in place on my ass for a moment, causing me to grunt, "UNGH-UNGH-UNGH-UNGH!"

He lay back down on me and said, "Damn, you're tight. Do ya love gettin' boned up the ass, Billy? Love it? Huh?!"

I moaned and sucked harder on his fingers as I bucked my ass up into him for my reply. He fingerfucked my mouth and cockfucked my ass, completey dominating me, and I couldn't resist-- had no desire to resist-- getting totally into being under this big fucking straight guy, taking his cock in my faggot pussy like I was born to be fucked like a bitch. I was no longer upset at how he woke me up. I was happy he was fucking my sore ass and wanted him to keep doing it, all night long if he wanted to. Like earlier when they both ravaged me, I was feeling slutty and very, very submissive. I sucked fervently on his fingers, noisily slurping my foamy spit through the spaces between them, gnawing on them and moaning loudly to let him know how much I was loving it.

Then he pulled almost all the way out like he had been doing, but held it there, raising himself up on his elbows and toes. "Fuck yourself up onto me, bitch, work it. Show me how much ya love it."

I drew my knees up a little, impaled my ass up onto his cock and shuddered uncontrollably from head to toe, some indecipherable noise emanating from my throat. It was a whole new sensation! I wasn't prepared for the difference working it myself made. I was milking his cock and somehow it made it even better. Probably because my raw muscles were working his shaft as they worked to help raise me up onto it, which made me squeeze his cock and feel the shape and texture of it more acutely... and maybe because by doing it myself, I was showing both of us very clearly that I wanted it inside me, wanted it fucking in and out of my body.

And I did, want it, bad. As I got going, I rode up and down his cock like a demon, ramming my ass up into him hard, rocking his big body almost off balance at times. The feeling was just so fucking incredible I could barely maintain. I went cock-crazy, just wanting Darren to fuck me as hard as possible. He let out surprised, but happy, little grunts and said, "Oh yeah, Billy, ride it! You love my dick in your cunt, don'tcha, bitch?"

"Yeeeshhhhhh," I hissed around his fingers, sucking them hard, begging for more cock.

About the time I ran out of strength to keep riding up into him, he sank back down and took over fucking me again. I collapsed under him and just wallowed in the heat and weight of his steaming hot body on mine and his cock drilling in and out of me steadily as he moaned and grunted like an animal. Both of us were sweating profusely now and it acted like lube between us. His steely hard chest bore down on my shoulders, pinning me to the ground as it slid back and forth, and I even felt his hard nipples like little nailheads scraping my flesh, but in a good way. If he just lay on top of me like this at any other time he'd be crushing the life out of me; he probably outweighed me by at least fifty or sixty pounds. But at this point, the weight and pressure of him felt so unbelievably... right. It was like the pressure outside of me balanced the pressure of his big tool moving inside me. I was aware of him all over me and in me at the same time. It was so overwhelming and I needed him to do it. I was so tuned in to the power and strength in his body. How the hell could all of this feel so incredibly good? How could I get so into Darren Strausse fucking me in the ass?

Darren. Big, tall, gorgeous, muscular Darren, with the lopsided grin and his warped sense of humor; the guy who made me play basketball with him in his driveway when Adam wouldn't play; the guy who would steal most of my french fries but give me the last half of his chocolate shake; the guy who would wrestle me down to the ground and tickle me til I almost peed myself; the guy who, at times, I had kinda wished really was my big brother. I had never looked at Adam that way. I think, I had always looked at Adam more sensually or something, more... intimately, I guess. Even though I hadn't let myself consciously think of it that way, I had always wanted Adam intimately. Definitely sexually. I could see that more and more now. Adam tended to look deep into my eyes a lot and I always felt under his power, like he could tell what I was thinking-- which is probably why I had so vehemently kept my sexual longings out of my conscious mind all this time. And I wanted Darren intimately, sexually too, no doubt about it, but... he just had different qualities to him than Adam, very desirable, but different... and now Darren was fucking me in the ass, hard.

I heard myself grunting, "Ungh, yeah, OH!, yeah, ungh..." as I used what little strength I had left to hike my ass up to get the best angle for deepest penetration. God, his cock was so thick and hard and felt so fucking good inside me.

Then I felt the pillow sink behind my head. A knee. Darren raised himself onto his elbows again and I instantly missed his full body weight on my back, but then a fist grabbed a handful of my hair, raising and turning my head to face left. Adam's wide blunt cockhead was at my lips and I would probably have said `Oh thank you!' if my mouth wasn't suddenly stuffed full of meaty, chewy, rubbery cock. It was awesome, because he wasn't fully hard and I could actually gnaw on it like a chew toy for a while. Man, I had to admit, that really turned me on!

And he really enjoyed my chewing, tonguing and mouthing it, because he just held it at the base with one hand and let me go crazy on it. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah, eat it! Chew on it, bitch. That feels so fuckin' gooood!" he said quietly but intensely. I ran my tongue over the lumpy, ropey veins and bit down lightly, chewing with rapid little gnashings as I pulled slowly back. I caught the rim of the corona behind my teeth and pulled slightly as I bit down gently, getting a jerk and a moan from Adam. He started running his fingers through my hair and I realized I had found something special I could do for him that probably no girl had ever done. None of those... other... bitches, would do him this good. That made me feel kinda proud. And he let me do it until he got totally hard. Then I heard him say to Darren, as if he had given it a lot of thought and was just sharing his conclusion, "This bitch loves dick. That's all there is to it. He just loooves dick."

Darren grunted his agreement. He was absorbed in his own pleasure and beyond much in the way of verbalizing at this point.

Adam then started fucking my face, but he couldn't get the right position to shove his cock all the way down my throat, so he said, "Put him on his hands and knees so I can get in this end."

Darren sank his cock into me and snaked his arm under my belly, brushing my dripping hard cock, then pulled me back and up on my hands and knees along with him. I arched my ass up and clamped my muscles on his shaft to make sure it didn't slip out. Adam shuffled around in front of me with his ass into the back of the tent and started fucking my face. It was just like earlier, but with them reversed, and this time, they weren't nearly as rough, but still very forceful-- the perfect level of hard driving male sexuality without being so brutal.

Oh it still hurt, a lot, but I was coming to accept that pain was just part of it, and the pleasure far outweighed the pain, and somehow, the pain itself became pleasurable. It was like the pain in every thrust kept me constantly aware that I was here for their pleasure, not mine, to give the straight guys a couple of holes to get their nut in. But the cool thing about that was that the very thought gave me some hard-to-grasp kind of pleasure, and of course, having a huge cock pistoning through my mouth and down my throat while another one was stretching and filling my ass was giving me almost more pleasure than I could handle.

They fucked me for awhile and I was in some heaven-zone again. The soreness in my ass and throat just didn't matter. I was their bitch and my needs were not important. Like they told me, that's what I do: service them, satisfy their needs, just take care of them no matter what.

But I was so close to cumming. I almost went over the edge several times, even before Adam joined in. By now though, it was like I had too much pleasurable stimulation going on in my holes to even notice my own cum boiling up in my balls most of the time, but I would be reminded when a precum string would sling over from my piss slit and attach itself to my inner thigh, almost stinging hot.

Darren had gone upright on his knees, getting more and more aggressive, grasping my hips and pounding into me like a maniac. Once in a while he'd deliver a stinging slap to my ass and yell "Take it, bitch!" making me jerk in surprise, clamp down tight on his cock and gurgle a strangled moan around Adam's pole. Darren obviously liked feeling me clamp down on him when he slapped my ass because he began to do it more and more to get the sensation. I didn't have room in my lust to figure out why those slaps added to my turnon so much as well. I was still really confused as to why things that hurt, and even some that hurt real bad, didn't bother me or distract me like I would think they should.

Then he grabbed both my shoulders and yanked me back roughly against his crotch as he started to jerk and shake violently. "YEAH! TAKE IT, FAGGOT! AGH, AGH, AAAaaagh!" and he started blasting his seed into my little ass. I remembered that he came a huge load earlier in my mouth, so I expected a gusher, and that's what I got. This time, I felt the salvos blasting into my guts with real force.

It set me off. I had thought I was going to cum early on in this; instead it had just built and built. But when his cock went extra rigid as he slammed it home and I felt the sensations of it expanding and pulsing in my guts, it triggered me and I spewed all over the sleeping bag, gasping for breath, crying my whimpers and moans of ecstasy around Adam's cock in my mouth. My ass clamped down on Darren's, feeling it surge up in me again and again, the searing hot liquid jets gunning out in search of a womb. He must have pumped a dozen shots into my bowels. It was just so thrilling to feel his big cock pulsing, firing away, expanding so rigidly, stationary inside my body, filling me so deeply, stretching me so...

He fell onto his fists on either side of my elbows and panted, working his cock a little with his heaving body, his taut abdominals spasming on my tailbone, dripping sweat onto my back and breathing hard on my neck. Adam just kept his cock marinating in my mouth, not pumping anymore, so I licked, mouthed and suckled it like a nursing puppy while I gasped for breath. I wallowed in the feel of Darren's cock still in my ass, still pulsing as his hard body slumped down onto mine. I felt his cum as it trickled out from around the base of his cock, down my hairless perineum to my balls, and that was a strange, but actually pleasant sensation. Cum, dribbling out of my ass. Wow.

After a minute or so, Darren rasped, "Oh man..." He took a couple of deep breaths. "I see what you mean, dog. That's good pussy."

I felt a bit of pride at the compliment and smiled around Adam's cock as I squeezed Darren's appreciatively.

"Told ya," Adam snickered.

"I gotta take a leak." He pulled out of my ass and backed up to the screen door, leaving me wiped out and tingling on my hands and knees, feeling the cool air rush way up inside my gaping hole while a river of cum ran like hot syrup down my balls and inner thighs. He grabbed a flashlight and I heard him step out and scuffle into his flip-flops, walking away to the latrine area as Adam moved around from in front of my face to my left side.

After sex with them, I noticed it took me a while to come back to reality, or for my head to stop reeling. I sat unsteadily back on my haunches as I breathlessly mumbled, "I think I should go with him."

Adam's hand darted like lightning to the back of my neck and he brutally shoved my head down, planting my face into the pillow, making my elbows buckle as I reflexively put my hands out to stop my fall. My nose was mashed into the little nothing of a pillow when I hit, while in virtually the same moment his other hand slapped my ass with a resounding whack, making my legs fly out flat as his deep voice boomed, "Oh no ya don't! You just drop your little faggot ass back down `n spread your legs, bitch." I was so startled that even the slightest sound seemed amplified as the retort of his slap echoed around the tent and I could hear Darren's laugh as he walked away. I got scared again and an incredibly intense rush of submissiveness coursed through my veins and my breath caught in my throat.

I gulped hard and let out a barely audible, "Ok," as I obediently spread my legs wide, offering my ass up for him.

Adam massaged the burning flesh on my left butt cheek, his slap still resonating through my body and even louder through my mind. I whimpered my acquiescence just before I realized I didn't want this, yet, again, right now... not right after Darren fucked me so long and hard. I was worn to a frazzle, raw and sore as hell again now that I was empty. Everything inside me, down there, just ached; my whole body did... but the thought of Adam shoving me down, hopping on and taking my ass like he had the right to immediately after a hard fucking from Darren, made me tingle in ways I didn't quite comprehend. Maybe this was just reinforcing that I was their property and they could use me anytime and any way they wanted.

But I needed a damn break! I had cum again and the soreness was already setting in big time. I didn't want any more right this minute! I was nearly panicking, caught between the tingle his forceful domination caused in me and the worry that my ass would never recover if he went at it without a break right after Darren. He was so much longer than Darren. Those extra couple of inches matter!

I whined in a pitiful little voice, "Adam, pleeease..." as he mounted me and lay his full weight on my back, hard pecs crushing down into my shoulderblades, chest hair scratching my sweaty, tender skin. He burrowed his cock in between my cheeks and hunched up and down, grinding his cumtube over my sore, cum-slickened hole.

"You ready for s'more bonin' right after Uncle Darren, fag boy?" he asked in a teasing tone.

I responded in a weak and weary voice, "I-I-I'm real sore in there now... but..." I didn't finish.

"It'll feel good, trust me. You need it. You need a lotta dick." He gyrated his hips, eliciting an involuntary moan from deep in my throat. He added enticingly, "And I got a whole lotta dick here ta give `ya. You're gonna love every fuckin' inch of it."

"No, Adam," I said firmly. "I'm really sore..." My heart was pounding wildly as I partially kinda realized I wanted him to make me take it just like Darren had. I didn't want it again this minute, but if he was going to-- and I assumed he was going to-- then he had to take it, because I knew for certain it was gonna hurt and I didn't want to willingly ask for that kind of pain. I figured saying `no' and what I was about to say would piss him off and make him go ahead and basically rape me too, so I said it clearly, with just a hint of defiance, "I don't want anymore tonight. I'm too sore." I braced myself for him to hit me or go off on me like Darren had.

He didn't. Instead, he hunkered his body down a little. I felt his head brush past my ear and then he bit me! Right at the junction of my neck and shoulder, he bit me really fucking hard and kept his jaw locked down on my flesh as he ground his cock into my butt-trench and I screamed in pain, "AAAOOOWWWW!" I jerked around under him in a violent full body shudder, whimpering like a baby as my assring spasmed against the base of his cock.

His teeth finally let go and he snarled contemptuously, drawing out his words, "Is that so." He raised his head a little and blew cool air on the stinging, throbbing bite-- which felt like he may have drawn blood, but I was too sweaty to be sure. As I shivered even more from the cool air hitting it, in shock at what he'd done, he calmly said, "What you want is not what matters here though, IS it." He blew more cool air on the burning bite, making me wince and whimper. He got contemplative, "Remember what you yourself said you are, when you begged me to fuck your little faggot hole? Do you remember what you said, Billy?"

He waited for an answer, so I weakly admitted, "Yeah, I remember."

"Oh you do, huh? What was it? What did you tell me you are, Billy?" He teasingly nibbled on my earlobe, purposely making me worry that he might bite it hard like he'd bitten my neck at any moment, especially if I said the wrong thing. He never let up hunching his cock up and down my crack, continually sending tingles through my whole body.

"I... I told you I'm y-y-your..." My neck was stinging like hell and I was breathing roughly while trying to speak. "Your... faggot bitch cumsucker," I mumbled hoarsely. As I said it, I was reliving his huge cock pummeling my ass along with the powerful feelings completely submitting to him had brought up in me earlier. My breath came even more raggedly and my cock started jerking to life again.

"Yes, among other things. And what was your answer when I asked you if you wanted me to use your hole to get a nut in, huh baby?"

He called me `baby'?

"I said..." I paused and sighed. "I know what I said, Adam," I mumbled in a tone that asked him to please not make me repeat it.

"I know what you said too, Billy, but I just wanna make sure you remember your exact words, so, what was it? I wanna hear you say it again, Billy." His deep silky voice caressed my ear, "Will you say it for me now, Billy?"

His tone and attitude were coercive, blatantly manipulative and I of course knew I couldn't buck his control over the situation, over me. I rushed on how I was was feeling so compelled to submit to him again and I trembled with anticipation as he made me use my own words to invite him to fuck me in the ass again. My voice quavered in a high pitch, "I said... I said... s-s-something like... I'm your faggot pussy hole... to fuck... whenever you want," I finished in a mumble.

"Close enough." I could feel his smug grin in the dark. "Do you still feel that way, Billy?" he asked as he slightly raised his hips. He pulled my left hand behind me and stuffed it in between our midsections, then wrapped my fingers around his fucking big hard cock. "Do you still want this in your-- as you described it-- `faggot pussy hole', Billy?"

I gasped so hard at the heat, feel and size of it and the thought of it aimed at my ass that it dried my throat out. "I-I-I'm just... I-I-I m-m-mean..." I stammered, resisting asking for it even as I squeezed and stroked the scorching hot column, rubbing the head against my hole as I pictured it sliding in and out in my mind, remembering how powerful it felt inside me, remembering the first time it sank all the way in and blew my mind. I relented, "Yeah--es, Sir, Adam."

He hadn't gotten pissed off like I expected. He just sounded cocky, confident of his hold over me, which actually impacted me more, really. I felt a total loss of control under Adam, but that feeling was not unwelcome... I half realized that it was satisfying or comfortable in some way. The fact that I really didn't think I could take getting fucked again this minute was the only thing holding me back from getting completely turned on to the idea of him exercising his dominance over me. I guess that's why I had reacted in a way that I expected would cause him to force it on me just like Darren had. But Adam was playing a different game and I had to accept that he made the rules here. Darren's words from just a few minutes ago about this weekend being for `breaking me in' ran through my head and I wondered how much I could possibly take.

"What do you want right now, Billy?" he whispered in my ear seductively. "Do you want me to fuck your pussy hole with that big fuckin dick you're holdin' in your hand?" He reached his hand back and caressed my ass, gliding his long thick fingers over my quivering assring, sending chills up and down my spine.

My head throbbed and I was having a hard time breathing under his weight. I croaked out, "I'm sore, but..." I gulped a couple of times and tried to breathe. When I realized it was useless trying to get my breath under control, I whispered, "yes."

"Gooood boy. Now raise your ass up for me like a good little bitch," he commanded as he raised up on his elbows and pulled his hips back and up, hovering high over my back. He reached down and gripped my hand for a moment, making sure I kept stroking his cock. "That's it, stroke it and think about how good it's gonna feel up inside you. Think about how good you can make me feel. You wanna make your man feel good, don't you, Billy?"

I jutted my ass up for him, closed my eyes and concentrated on feeling his cock in my hand, anticipating it going in me, trying to relax and go with the inevitable. I squeaked out, "Yes, Adam."

"Gooood boy. Put it where you want it, Billy. Guide it in."

I could do that. I gripped his shaft and pulled it against my entrance, the wide, fleshy head feeling impossibly blunt against my sore little hole, but he didn't push in. I pulled on it to signal him that it was aimed right and for him to go ahead and penetrate me, but he just held there. "Okay, go ahead. Put it in," I whispered urgently, then quickly added, "Adam, sir."

He didn't move or respond. He just held there above me, so I arched my back to raise my ass up more and get the head inside me. I shuddered and moaned long and low as I pushed resolutely back and up against it and felt my cum-slickened assring give way as the broad rubbery bell entered my body once again. He still didn't move. I appreciated that he was giving me time to adjust to the head in there, but I was still pretty stretched out from Darren, so I didn't need much adjustment time. He continued to hold still. After a long moment, I was getting impatient for him to go ahead and do it if he was going to, so I pulled a little harder on his shaft, tugging on it to get him to go ahead and start fucking me. He still didn't move, so I raised my ass up onto the shaft a little more and it felt good, really good. Adam was immobile. I thought, `It feels good, just a couple of inches of it resting in there. I could leave it like this all night. Well, maybe another couple of inches in, then just leave it. Mmmmm, that feels soooo good.' But he had told me he was going to fuck me and I was braced for the onslaught, so I reached up and grabbed his nuts, tugging gently on them so he would just do it, just fuck my ass like he wanted to.

I began whimpering and moaning, clenching and unclenching my assring, trying to let him know I was ok and ready for him to proceed. Since he was going to whether I wanted it or not, it was time for him to just go ahead and do it to me, dammit! But he didn't move a muscle.

Frustrated by his lack of movement, I started working my ass up and down a little, but his cock slipped out, so I squeezed the hot shaft firmly in my fist and aimed it again, tugging down on it and raising my ass at the same time. It went in again, but Adam just remained still. So I started working my ass up and down, getting more and more frustrated that he wasn't doing anything. Why the hell was he just holding there when he had said he was going to fuck me?!

The fact that he wasn't saying anything kind of kept me from saying anything too. I just sort of knew it wouldn't be right. I really wanted to yell at him, `DO SOMETHING!' but I was never going to forget him yelling at me NOT to try and tell him how to fuck me, so I just worked my ass up and down on about four or five, or six or eight inches of his cock. I had to adjust my knees and elbows into the same position I had with Darren earlier to work myself up and down on it. It was feeling pretty damn good, but I wanted him to go ahead and fuck me if he was gonna, damnit!

He had gotten me all scared and worked up, worrying that he was going to fuck me hard like he had earlier tonight, but instead here he was, just holding still and making me do all the work. He was just being weird about this. `Do I have to do everything for you?' I thought. But even that half joking thought was immediately followed with the memory of being told it wasn't my place to question what he did or how he did it. I was there to take his fuck however he wanted to put it to me. I worked my ass more enthusiastically up and down, milking him and trying to get him into it if he was having some kind of problem. I wondered if I was doing anything wrong. I was pretty sure if I squeezed his shaft with my ass muscles really hard as I worked it he would like that and finally get started. Instead, he remained as motionless as a fucking mannequin above me.

So I worked his pole and milked it, humping my ass faster and harder on it, kinda forgetting that there were still a good two or three inches I wasn't taking. It had to be feeling good to him, `cause it was feeling awesome to me. I was beginning to pant and kinda zone on it and some words escaped my lips, something like, "Well DO it! Fuck me!"

I froze in mid-thrust and realized what I had been doing.

Adam knew what I realized when I froze. When I heard him chuckle, I knew he was loving how easily he had manipulated me into aggressively going for what I had said I didn't want at first. Fucker! I blushed fiercely, glad he couldn't see it in the dark.

Suddenly, he drove his cock down into me until he passed the depth that Darren had reached. As he forced himself into territory that only he had been to, I screamed in pain and my muscles just locked down on his shaft. I frantically dropped back down to the sleeping bags in an attempt to get away from it but he came right down with me and we slammed into the ground together, forcing the air out of my lungs in a stunned "UNGH!" His weight both flattened me and bludgeoned his rigid shaft into me as deep as it could possibly go. My asshole was sore from all the abuse it had been getting, but all that was nothing compared to the way his oversized dick now exploded ten inches deep in my belly like the worst gut punch I'd ever had.

My mouth flew open as I tried to yell out more, but he'd already squashed the air out of me. I was caught in a near perfect equilibrium somewhere between gasping air in and screaming breath out. Tiny `ack' sounds were all that hung in the middle and my body just quaked uncontrollably underneath him.

"Yeah, fight it! Yeah!" He pulled back a bit and drove those extra couple of furious inches in to the hilt again. I finally gulped some air in as I shuddered and cried out in pain. When we'd dropped down he'd pressed down with his hands on my shoulders. Now he pulled back hard on them. He arched his back and hooked his chin on my shoulder to press down as his whole body crunched like a vice to force as much of himself as he could get up into my ass. We both shook with the strain of his muscles as he crushed his pelvic bone against my tailbone so hard I thought my spine would snap.

This was what I had been scared of. It was still so very sore that deep inside me from Adam's earlier pounding that I wondered if I could handle it at all and I prayed he'd have some mercy and just stop.

Here I had been trying like hell to get him to go ahead and fuck me, but when he actually did start, it hurt so much I barely managed to get enough breath to beg him to stop, "Ohhh God, Adam, please, it hurts so bad! It's so sore from last time, pleeeease, stop?" I tried bargaining with him, "Let me suck you off or something instead, please? Maybe in the morning... You can do it then and I'll want-- I mean, I'll be ok with it."

"Shhhhhh. Just shut the fuck up and relax, bitch. You're gonna love this. You begged me for it, Billy," he casually reminded me as he started pulling back slowly, almost all the way out. He held there a moment, the flange of the helmet toying with my twitching sphincter, and for some stupid reason I thought maybe he was going to give me a break. But then he started back in just as slowly as he cooed in my ear in a deep guttural voice that revealed how good it was feeling to him, "Just feel my dick goin' all up inside your ass, all wide and long... what you wanted... what you neeeeed..." He twisted his cock down into me in semi circles, making me gasp and moan. It was painful and I felt so helpless under him. He whispered in my ear, "Does it hurt?"

I sobbed into the pillow, "Y-ye-yes... a lot."

"Gooood. It only hurts cuz it's so big, Billy, and once ya get used to it, you'll know how lucky you are to be gettin' mine `n Darren's big ol' dicks up your ass. Now work it for me like ya did a bit ago. Work it good."

I cried into the pillow and started hunching back up into him like he demanded, which drove his cock in deeper and harder. "No, please... pleeeease don't," I pleaded. It hurt so much, so deep up inside me. He just kept right on fucking my ass.

"Keep sayin' that shit," he grunted in my ear. "Go on, keep beggin' me t' stop. I'm so-o-o gettin' off on it." He meant it. He sounded like it really was turning him on!

I couldn't believe it! Well, I could, really. I mean, they had shown me quite clearly that they didn't care how it felt to me, but I didn't think Adam would get off on my pain! I didn't want to feed that kink, or whatever, so I shut up and gritted my teeth against the pain.

"Keep sayin' that shit!" he barked after I fell silent. With his weight on his knees and elbows, he grabbed the sides of my head in both of his hands and pulled it back against his chin as he pummeled my ass. He yelled in a strained and tensed voice, "BEG ME, goddammit!"

He jammed his cock down into me even harder and made me cry out, "AGHHH! Pleease, it hurts so bad! Your dick's too big and long and it's killing me!" I didn't have to try to come up with the words. It felt like a prizefighter was trying to bust his way through my guts and up into my throat.

"Yeah! Beg him, bitch!" Darren said with a sneer in his voice. The flashlight played over us from the tent door as he crawled back in. He kept the flashlight on and I heard him zip the screen closed. Adam tightly held my head facing forward, his huge hands covering much of my skull, stretching the skin on both sides of my face back and making my eyes squint, so I couldn't look around behind us. I knew by our shadows in front of me on the tent that Darren was shining the light up between our legs so he could watch Adam fuck me. Knowing he was watching Adam overpower me and rape my ass unmercifully made this feel even more degrading, and just that much tougher as I tried to deal with the pain.

I cried and moaned and grunted as Adam plowed my ass. It was hurting like hell and I begged him, my words distorted by his hands stretching my cheeks and lips back in a tight grimace, "Please, Adam, please stop! Oh God it hurts so bad! Pleeeease... I can't take it anymore! Pleeeease, stop!"

I knew he wanted me to beg him to stop, and that doing so was obviously feeding his lust. But it really hurt so bad that I wanted nothing more at the moment than for him to actually stop. I absolutely couldn't NOT beg him anymore.

He drove it home harder and faster as I pleaded with him. His voice had an off-kilter tone to it that scared me. I'd never heard this- this- crazed, kinda psycho sound in his voice before, as he yelled in my ear, "Yeah, bitch! BEG! Does it hurt good?! You need to learn what bein' a faggot is all about! That's what I'm teachin' you. I'm gonna fuck you like you need, Billy, and I'm gonna do it a lot!"

I was crying and pleading, mostly incoherently now, feeling utterly taken, with Adam's vise grip on my head holding it up at an unnatural angle, stretching my skin and my eyes into slits with my arms pinned to my sides. He had grapevined my legs with his and held my entire body rigidly immobile while his strong muscles flexed on top of me from head to toe as he pounded my little ass relentlessly, giving me no choice but to submit to his absolute control over me. Even as I pleaded with him to stop, it was dawning somewhere in my mind that I was getting a rushing thrill from being physically and mentally dominated so completely, held tightly in place by his strong, powerful body and fucked brutally by the massive weapon he wielded so savagely.

"Pleeeeeeease, no more nomoreohhhhpleaseohogodohgod..." The words ran together with moans and grunts and I kept telling myself, `I'm only a fuckhole, only a fuckhole. I can't stop him. I'm his property, so I gotta let go and just BE that. Give in, let go. I'm only a fuckhole, only a fuckhole...'

Just as I desperately hoped, after a while, Adam's brutal fuck stopped hurting so much, and gradually started feeling good again, just like it had with Darren. Or maybe it felt the same and I was deciding it felt good instead. Whatever the fuck it was, as it began to feel like pleasure, I started thrusting my ass back up at him. I was no longer pleading with him to stop, and he no longer demanded that I do so.

My consciousness was centered on the feel of his huge cock battering my guts, but I was aware of both of our bodies entirely. I existed in the hot liquid sensations, the overwhelming smell of sweaty, primal male sex, the tactile electricity of all those tight muscles flexing beneath heated flesh on top of my body as I worked my ass for him and frothy slobber drooled over my stretched bottom lip. To be utterly controlled and used by Adam was by far the most powerful and intense feeling I'd ever had in my life. I didn't consciously think about it like that at the moment; I just felt it... and it felt natural, right, good.

He released my head, mashed my face down hard into the pillow and was grunting and fucking me like a beast, crushing me into the sleeping bags that no longer had any cushioning effect. It was like I was flat on a cement floor and my hard cock was hurting from being pounded into the ground with each of Adam's piledriving slams into my body that drove the air out of my lungs in sharp little grunts.

I moaned and groaned into the crushed pillow and humped my ass back up into him as I had done for Darren, relieving some of the pressure on my prick. Adam's wide cockhead carved out its own territory in my ass for the third time that night and my cock was rigid and creating a new puddle of precum within the mess of mine and Darren's cum from a while ago.

As far as I was concerned, he could just keep going and going and going now. Everything revolved around the feel of his cock plowing in and out of my raw hole, hitting that jolting painful spot up inside that reminded me with every single thrust that I was nothing but a hole for Adam to fuck with his huge cock and I would just have to take it until he was through.

My shaky hands slid back up onto the sides of his sweaty thighs and glutes, caressing them and reveling in the feel of his muscles straining and flexing, the wiry hairs sliding between my fingers as he claimed my ass like an alpha wolf and I urged him on.

"Yeeeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee..." I moaned softly, totally muffled into the pillow. My nose was smashed flat by his big hand crushing down on the back of my head, so I was breathing only wetly through my slobbering mouth into the foam, getting very lightheaded and rushing fiercely from the lack of fresh oxygen and needing more and more of his cock. I had never felt like this before and I couldn't believe how good it felt to have Adam Andrino fucking me in the ass and how much I loved feeling his big muscular body on top of me and the thought of Adam Andrino fucking me in the ass... God help me I WANTED to be his bitch!

I didn't even realize that I was about to black out just before I twisted my head to the side barely enough to be able to speak and boldly hissed at him through clenched teeth, challenging him, daring him, "Yeah, I'm your faggot bitch! FUCK me! Come on, fuck your bitch in the ass! Don't stop... Just don't stop." My heart raced even more at being so assertive with Adam as I gasped fresh air into my starved lungs.

He must have gotten off to that, because he suddenly pulled me upright on my knees with him, scooping my little body back against his broad chest as he violently slammed into my ass once, twice, three times and shouted in my ear, "OH YEAH! OH! OH! OH FUCK Yeeeeahhhh..."

Adam crushed my ass back into his groin with one hand on my belly while his right hand went to my throat, unintentionally-- I think-- cutting off my air again as he began flooding my ass with another load, then started jackhammering hard as he kept pumping his cum into me. My hands clutched wildly at his arm, trying to free my throat. But in the throes of his orgasm, his grip only tightened and my clawing was completely ineffectual.

My knees were not quite touching the sleeping bag. They were spread wide on either side of his knees, and I was impaled on his throbbing cock as he bucked and jerked in his climax. While his incredibly strong right arm still tightly gripped my chest and his hand still clamped my throat, his other hand dug down under my nuts between my legs to pull my ass back hard into his groin to deposit his seed so very deep within my bowels. My own cock jutted up at an urgent forty-five degree angle, jerking with his pulses and slinging precum everywhere like a leaky faucet as he rocked our bodies. I knew he wasn't going to let go of me until he had wrung every bit of pleasure out of my body that he could get for himself.

I felt so overwhelmingly taken, so completely possessed by Adam, suspended on his throbbing cock, plastered back against his sweaty, heaving chest and rigid abs as he even controlled my air intake, that powerful electric shockwaves emanated from deep within my bowels and blasted all through my body and mind, forging within me at a cellular level the absolute indelible association of his dominance with my pleasure forever.

I threw my head back into his shoulder, reached back around, grabbed his asscheeks with both hands and pulled him into me with all my strength, arching my chest and stomach out to grind my ass into his loins and get every last millimeter of his manhood inside me and meld with him. I wanted to keep his cock and his jism inside me forever, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing his massive shaft that went so far up in me that my body couldn't understand... but knew it needed it in there now, and would always need it in there. I absolutely knew Adam had never had such powerful sex and as mind blowing a climax as this in his life. I could feel how powerfully he felt it, like his orgasm was my own.

After his last couple of tremors, he slumped forward, taking us to our hands and knees. My arms had no strength left in them to hold us up as his weight landed on top me and we just collapsed until I was flat on my stomach. He lay on top of me, gasping for breath harder than I was even. I was totally wiped out and just basking in the afterglow of my orgasm-without-cumming. It was an emotional climax that had short-circuited my brain and left me vibrating between wavelengths as Adam's orgasm was mind-blowing enough for both of us. The electric surges of raw male power that I had felt through his cock and his whole body seemed to make any orgasm I'd ever had feel like a mere tingle in comparison. I was in awe of his climax and grateful to have shared it, been a part of it-- actually the cause of it.

His head was down cheek to cheek with me on the pillow, panting his ragged, steamy breath into my neck as his curls tickled my sweaty temple. His still hard cock was buried all the way in me as I squeezed and hunched a little under him, milking every last drop of his essence I could wring from it and luxuriating in the length and girth of it filling my bowels.

I had a thrilling rush when the thought occurred to me that here was great big Adam Andrino, totally exhausted and sexually spent-- and I was the reason. Both Darren AND Adam had given me everything they had and emptied their balls into me, but I was still hanging in there! I almost felt like I'd won a wrestling match title bout-- a featherweight against two heavyweights in a row. Yeah, they had both pinned me and taken my ass and I couldn't stop them... But still!

Darren said something I couldn't be bothered with trying to process and Adam grunted weakly, sounding almost like a plea in my ear. I realized we were both trembling and vibrating and that neither of us could summon the strength to move a muscle.

After a few long minutes, his breath evened out some. He raised himself up and very slowly pulled his length out of me. I missed the hell out of it immediately. He sat back on his haunches and kinda whistled his amazement. "Goddamn," he muttered in disbelief. "Go-o-oddamn."

I looked back over my shoulder at this curly black haired stud, the flashlight laying on the wadded sheet aimed up his body as if spotlighting a sweaty, glistening, living statue of Adonis. My heart rate had calmed as we'd caught our breath, but it shot right back up again at witnessing the magnificence poised behind me, staring down at my ass, holding his spent cock in hand and shaking his head in wonder. I knew in that moment that I was in love with Adam Andrino.

I also knew, realistically, in that moment that he didn't feel the emotions I did. I was just "the faggot", his bitch to use and abuse for his own pleasure. But, looking back at him at this moment, through starry, sated eyes at a perfect specimen of maleness who just happened to have an amazing cock and soul piercing blue eyes... I was ok with that, as long as he was focused on me, getting his pleasure from me and giving me such awesome sexual pleasure. The rest, the humiliation and abuse, well, they were just part of the package, right? These guys were straight and I assumed this was as good as it got, as intimate and as gentle as they could let it be. I flexed my ass muscles and accepted that thought. Adam saw my butt clench and glanced up into my eyes. He gave a cocky grin at the look of the happy, well and truly fucked bitch that I knew was evident there-- that I wasn't even trying to hide. I wanted him more than anything I'd ever wanted in my life.

Darren said, "Daaaamn, dog, that was like... spiritual or somethin'. Fuuuck." I saw him shaking his head in wonder in my peripheral vision.

Adam just sucked in a deep breath and sighed contentedly. I rolled onto my back as he gathered himself. He looked around and said something about having to piss as he picked up the flashlight and unzipped the door flap. I remembered I also needed to pee and struggled to get up, reaching back to try and stop some of the cum leaking out of my gaping ass from dripping onto the sleeping bag-- which was kinda pointless, considering the load I had shot there during Darren's fuck and how Darren's own huge load had leaked out before and during Adam's taking of sloppy seconds, not to mention how drenched the cloth was with all our sweat.

I finally did get up on my trembling, rubbery legs and scrambled to catch up with Adam in the dark. My ass ached and still felt like it was gaping open and feeling kinda squishy. I wondered if this is the way a whore feels after taking on a group of guys-- and with the size and stamina of these two, they were equivalent to a football team or something. I didn't know how a whore would feel, but man, I could feel the entire depth and thickness of both of them up in there still, a dull throbbing that spread throughout my groin and bowels and I did feel it in my stomach too. It wasn't like, painful, just a dull ache that maybe had a kind of satisfying throb to it, or something like that. I was literally walking bowlegged! It almost made me laugh at the recollection of the bragging most guys did about leaving women walking bowlegged after a fucking. Well, between Adam and Darren's two piledrivers, I could testify to the effect. I was still tripping out on this as I caught up with Adam.

I had to keep myself in check as I realized I wanted to grab him and kiss him all over. I wanted to whisper how much I loved him and would do whatever he wanted me to and how I would give him my mouth and ass any fucking time he wanted them and I would make him glad he is a man-- all that kind of faggoty stuff. I was fairly humming with loving appreciation for what he'd just made me feel. But I had just minutes ago thought about how he was straight and of course I knew he would be totally disgusted with a show of affection from me. I just tried to let it show in my glow that he had taken me to a place that I could never have begun to dream was possible. And in my silly, lovestruck state of mind, I tried to mentally project to him the thought that if he would just go with it and let me love him and love me back at least a little, I would totally devote myself to making him feel this awesome every minute of the day. I would show him and tell him that he was the studliest man ever in the history of mankind and... But, you know... it just wasn't gonna be like that.

Adam snickered when he looked over at me and saw my silly grin and starry eyes. He had perched the flashlight in the crook of a tree branch to our left and we stood side by side to pee, but before either of us got a stream started, he looked over at me said, in a mischievous voice, "On your knees, bitch."

Hunh? I was perplexed. I was sure he didn't want me to suck him immediately after that powerful climax, his third of the night. I faltered only a moment, but then obediently sank to my knees, looking up at him with a questioning-- and a little bit alarmed-- look.

He turned to me and aimed his cock at my face. "Well, lick it clean, bitch."

I hesitated, looking at his dangling, still very full cock, the cum and slime glistening in the harsh glare of the flashlight only about three feet away. I had done this earlier tonight, but it was still not a pleasant thought to me. `Oh well, I've done it before... and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I need to just DO it, and NOT think about where it has just spent the last half hour. What the hell...'

I held it up and licked all around his heavy, limp cock, swirling my tongue over and under, then sucked it into my mouth all the way to his pubes. I loved the feel of the spongy tube going down my raw throat and just worked it for a minute before squeegeeing tightly with my lips as I withdrew, amazed at how far it stretched thinly away from his body like a rubber band before I let it snap free of my lips. He chuckled at that and I grinned up at him. Then I held it up to his flat belly, slid my lips down to the base and sucked the hairy wrinkled skin, working my way down onto his nuts, which were really hanging low now. I almost giggled as I kept sucking them up and they slipped right back out and swung around like they were teasing me. I sucked them one at a time into my mouth and swirled them around, savoring the bitter, salty flavor of the sweat and oils and delighting in the texture on my tongue, hardly aware of how much I was getting into this again.

I kept licking and sucking them and working my tongue up behind the sac as far as I could angle my head as Adam slightly hiked one leg for me. I inhaled the musk of the groin sweat from his workout and lapped it up until Adam pulled back with a satisfied grunt and took hold of his cock, aiming it at my face. I figured he wanted me to suck it some more and I opened my mouth wide for it, but he just held it there.

Then I saw his body straining a certain, unmistakable way and I flushed and stammered as I figured out what he was about to do, "Wwwwhat're you doing? WAIT! What're you...?!"

About that time, his piss blasted at my face, hitting me square in my open mouth, which I snapped shut instantly. My eyes would have been bugging out of my head in shock, but they had instinctively blinked closed when his piss stream started toward my face.

I was stunned as the hot liquid battered my scrunched up face and Adam waved his cock to make it spray every square inch. I had a bunch of the salty, bitter, whiskey flavored piss in my mouth, trying to figure out what to do with it and freaking out. I didn't dare open my mouth to spit it out and risk making him mad, or him spraying more in-- and couldn't think clearly enough at that moment to realize I could spit it out without actually opening my mouth. I almost puked at the thought of swallowing it. It's piss! Urine! Bodily fucking waste! Foul smelling, nasty stuff!

I was trying to figure out what to do that would save some shred of dignity and not make Adam mad. But I was reeling from the fact that he was doing this to me at all. I could feel the hot liquid battering my face, the stream tracing back and forth across it. My brain just chugged down to a crawl from the overload of sensations and I knelt there compliantly as Adam gave me a golden shower.

`Some people get off to this,' I thought. It wasn't that long ago, I recalled, that Darren was talking about seeing a straight golden shower site on the `net. I remembered Adam saying he'd like to hose down a bitch with a load of his piss. I'd asked him at the time why the hell he'd want to do anything like that, as I didn't think it sounded at all like any kind of sexual turn-on. He'd replied, "Cuz she wants it, and, well, cuz she's a nasty slutty bitch and she deserves it." They had both laughed loudly and high fived each other, and I had joined in just because they laughed and I didn't want to appear naïve or unsophisticated-- or worse, not one of the guys.

But even that day, I had pretty much understood that it was the feeling of power over someone, of subjugating them, humiliating them that Adam got off to. It was knowing they would stay on their knees and allow him do it to them that turned him on. I knew he got off on that rush of power over another person more than anything else. But in my shock and dismay while this was happening here in the woods, I didn't remember that afterthought.

I held Adam's piss in my mouth long enough that it became somewhat diluted with saliva. I still couldn't bring myself to swallow it. Then he trailed the stream of piss down my neck and over my chest, pausing to blast each nipple. I could smell the whiskey in it distinctly. He let it course down my stomach then aimed the hot stream directly at my cock and balls. Even though my cock was limp and sore, it jerked and started to fill out as the forceful spray danced on it.

I didn't dare speak, certain he would aim the stream into my mouth again if I did, but in my head I was screaming at him, demanding to know what the hell was this all about?

As if he heard me thinking, he said in a snide tone of voice, "Just markin' my territory. Don't get all freaked out or huffy, Billy. Just wanna mark ya with my scent. Told ya I'm just a dog," he chuckled. "And you're now my bitch, so ya gotta be marked," he said as if that were just common sense, like any moron should know that.

As I reacted indignantly, but silently, to his words, I accidently swallowed the piss in my mouth by reflex. I cringed, but my cock jumped and finished getting hard, which shocked me and ticked me off, kinda. This was by far the most degrading thing yet... and after that wonderful, amazingly intense fuck that I had loved-- and loved him for it... to do this to me... WHY?! Didn't he feel even a little of the powerful connection I had felt during that mind blowing experience? It had certainly appeared so when we finished. This just didn't fit. It was like he had flipped a switch and it completely took all the wind out of my sails... But, at the same time, the way he said it... "Ya gotta be marked"... it almost made sense, in some psychotic way that I tried to reject. Regardless of my shock and confusion, I never once tried to dodge any of it.

I felt him bring the stream back up to my face and on up to my hair, which got it pouring down my back and over my ears. How the hell much could his fucking bladder hold?! I still couldn't believe he was doing this! We were friends, Goddammit! And this was just fucking gross! Evil and cruel! I couldn't believe my cock got hard from him doing this! I couldn't believe it when my tongue snuck out and lapped a couple of drops off my upper lip cuz they were tickling or itching it. The flashlight lit my face brightly, so even with my eyes closed I was sure he saw me do that, and he saw my cock lurching around, jerking up and down again and again, every time a drop of his piss dripped off my chin onto it.

Adam started laughing loudly, evilly, obviously really getting off to this degrading act as the flow slowed down to a trickle. Then there were surges, which I could hear him strain to expel as he aimed at my face. Blast, pause, blast, pause, several times, getting weaker each time until they only fell on my cock.

Then, looking down at me he sneered, "Yeah, you get off on this, don't you... you filthy little faggot."

I bowed my head in bottomless shame, face burning red with humiliation, trying not to cry, but some tears leaked out anyway. After a moment, I opened my eyes for the first time, blinked piss away from my eyelashes and looked at his hairy, muscular legs in front of me. He stepped in even closer and said, "Open up, cocksucker."

I looked up into his eyes to beg him not to make me do this. I saw the gleam of satisfaction, enjoyment of his degrading control over me and I knew better than even to bother asking him not to. I focused on the head of his big dangling cock and opened my mouth dutifully, making a repulsed facial expression, cringing, but holding there, knowing he was about to stick his dripping hose into my mouth.

He did, and I tasted the salty, whiskeyed brew on my tongue again and felt like I was subhuman or something.

"Well?! Suck it clean, queerboy!" Adam demanded. "Suck those last few drops out and then tell me how much you love sucking the piss right outta my dick!"

I sucked and tongued the head, swallowing the dribbles that flowed from his cock, deciding it didn't taste that bad. After all, it was Adam's wonderful cock-- the cock that I'd sucked cum out of and even licked my own goddamn buttslime off of, so...

He was a `leaker', and it just kept dribbling out. I kept licking and sucking while my cock jerked around. I sucked like I was trying to get him hard again, but it didn't get anymore than very plump, hanging long and lazy. I wondered for a moment if he'd get fully hard again if I gnawed on it like I had earlier. I almost scared myself with that thought as I realized he'd probably shove it right up my ass again and fuck me even longer this time. The last thing my ass needed right now was to get split open again-- but for some insane reason I couldn't help feeling a thrill at the idea. God! Was he right about me just loving dick, no matter what? I'm so fucked up!

I let his cock plop out of my mouth after I was sure it was both clean and empty. I tried to decide what to say in answer to his demand. He just stood there, waiting for me to speak. I knew better than to make him wait very long, so I stammered, "Ummmm, uhhhh... I..." I was trying to think of something positive to say about it, when I still thought it was disgusting and cruel and humiliating--- my hard as rock prick notwithstanding. "Thank you for letting me clean you up, Adam, Sir." The last words were barely audible, "It was... good."

That seemed to satisfy him. He took a step back and I looked up at his face, swiping his piss off my eyebrows and forehead with the back of my hand as I wondered what he was going to do next. The piss was cooling on my body and making me chilled a little in the early morning air. I guessed it was two or three in the morning. I wondered if I should get up off my knees now, or wait until he told me that I could rise. I decided it would be best to wait until he gave me permission. I looked up expectantly at him as I shifted my knees off a couple of sharp little pebbles in the piss soaked bed of leaves and gravelly dirt.

He smiled down at me as he spoke, "You took that like a good little faggot. See how much you've learned in just one day?" He chuckled a bit and shook his head slightly, "And check out that little pecker of yours; it just keeps telling us how much all this shit just turns you on. Yeah, maybe it is kinda twisted to do to somebody," Adam admitted, "But... fuck! No man would let this happen to him. And to get turned on by it?" He just gave a little snort of disgust in answer to his own question, he didn't need to say any more.

I hung my head again, still on my knees, soaked from head to toe in his urine. I was humiliated far beyond anything I could ever have imagined, looking down at my traitorous twitching hardon that I wanted to saw off with a fucking dull kitchen knife so it wouldn't keep betraying me.

"Oh look, you missed a drop," he taunted me, waving his cock in my face. He was having way too much fun with this. I glanced up into his eyes and scowled, but then I darted my tongue out and licked the tip of his cock, which jerked slightly, not moving much because it was hanging so heavy.

He patted my head once, then realized it was soaked with his piss and held his hand away. "Goooood little faggot. Too bad Darren already pissed. He needs to mark you too. Maybe tomorrow. For now, go ahead and take a leak yourself..."

I just started to move when he butted my forehead with the heel of his hand, which stopped me from getting up. He admonished me sharply, "But squat to do it, though. I want you to squat like a bitch to piss from now on. You're just a faggot bitch, so I don't want you even tryin' to act like a man anymore."

I silently cried as I obediently struggled to get up on the balls of my feet, balance with a hand on his knee and get a stream started from my still hard cock. I finally got it going because I had to so bad, aiming out well to the left of Adam, who didn't move as he watched me intently and waited til I was done. I felt their cum dribbling out of my ass as I peed, my feelings a mix of not wanting to let anymore of Adam's cum out of my body and embarrassment at the thought of two guy's loads of cum dripping out of my ass as I squatted like a bitch to pee. How pathetic could I get?

I followed him back to camp, walking a good ten feet behind like a beat down dog, soaked and dripping with his urine, feeling abject humiliation and shame, clammy and scummy with both of their cum still oozing slimily from my ass down my thighs. I watched the silhouette of Adam's cock and balls from between his legs swinging back and forth pendulously as he trained the flashlight on the ground in front of him. What low had I sunk to? I had lost all dignity and felt worthless and hopeless. I was depressed and wanted to just disappear.

When we got to camp, he told me to go wash off in the creek, which I did. He just squatted at the edge, swished his hands and then went back to the tent. After I dried off, I slunk back in and curled up by myself in the middle-- in my own and Darren's cold cum pools and sweat-- but not touching either of them, at least. Darren was already snoring softly and the tent reeked of cum and sweat, of male sex. It was like sniffing glue or something, like it got me high. I dunno, it was arousing in a locker room smelling way. I had always avoided locker rooms as much as I could for that very reason. The smells of guys' sweat and the testosterone in the air was just too un-nerving to me before, making me feel urges I didn't want to acknowledge. But now that I had faced those urges and acted upon them, the smells just added to my misery.

As soon as I got settled, Adam scooted into me and pulled me back into him like he had earlier, draping his arm over me. It wasn't comforting to me this time. Last time it had felt protective, even reassuring, but now it just felt possessive and confining. Instead of holding me appreciatively, like it had felt earlier, it felt like he was just holding onto me the way a selfish boy hoards his toys.

He fell asleep almost immediately. I lay there in shock for a while, numb, trying to think all this through, but unable to keep a single line of thought going. I could feel his breath lightly on the back of my head and was very aware of his warm body pressed against mine, his spongy dick snuggled up into my crack. Thinking about his dick made my own twitch a little as I realized that his would likely be hard again by sunrise and it would no doubt be rearranging my insides again as soon as the bastard woke up.

Thinking about getting fucked again made me recall the feeling of Darren's club working me too. How the hell could that hurt so much but have me halfway wanting it again? I so wished that I could have time to get used to things slowly-- I knew I'd really enjoy it if I could just take it all at my own pace, because I knew I wanted it... At least that was one thing I was sure of. I'd never even dreamed sex with guys would be so awesome-- but I also realized that things were going to happen at their pace, their way, no matter what I wished. They were both horny as wild dogs and now that they had me under their control to use however they wanted, there was nothing to stop them from doing anything they desired to me or even to slow them down a bit. That was scary.

I knew they had fertile and devious minds. Hell, they could be some sick fuckers, period-- and I had always kinda enjoyed that about them, at least when it wasn't directed at me. I was thinking I could probably handle the sex part. I had wanted that for a long time, but hadn't counted on them being so overly endowed. Still, I had loved it, even with the pain. It was all the other shit that came with it from them that had my emotions sinking in the darkness around me. The demeaning taunts, the slapping, spitting on me, forcing me to service them... and now, Adam had pissed on me. I couldn't think of anything that that could make me feel any more worthless. Shit! Why the hell is my dick hard as a fucking rock again? Getting sex with them didn't seem worth all that, no matter how much I'd loved it. But what could I do? I didn't see any options at all. I was far too weak to fight back against either one of them on their own, let alone the two of them as a team. And I knew there was absolutely no other source of help I could turn to that could stop their domination and humiliation of me. What was I gonna do, go to the cops and say I had sucked their dicks and begged them to fuck my ass, but I drew the line at being taunted and pissed on? Sure.

I cried in my shame and at the feeling of hopelessness that weighed down on me.. My whole world had been shattered in just a few hours. Everything I thought I knew about myself, about my life, everything I had thought about... about the two guys who were my only friends... it had all gone to shit. I had no answers to anything, only questions. Confusion, sexual longing, fear, dark desires, self disgust and depression, all clamored for the attention of my shattered psyche. The ONLY thing I knew for certain was that NOTHING would ever be the same again. I was sore all over, inside and out, exhausted, physically and emotionally, and fell asleep with silent tears running down my face.

>>>>>>>>>TO BE CONTINUED...<<<<<<<<<

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