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***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

My eyes fluttered open and I took in my surroundings, wondering where the hell I was. I looked over at Darren, sound asleep a couple of feet away from me. His awesome body was stretched out on his back with one leg bent under the other and one arm draped over his forehead as if in pose for a camera in the bluish cast of morning sunlight through the nylon tent material. His semi hard cock lay deliciously on his pale thigh while those huge nuts crowded the base and made everything about his groin look larger than life. For a few seconds I loved his body and instinctively wanted to touch it, kiss it and lick and suck on him... but then last night slammed back into my consciousness and the impact was like being hit by a freight train. I suddenly remembered that I feared and hated him, and Adam, now. They had gone too far. Things had gotten crazy in the heat of the night with all the booze and pot and it would have seemed like one long and intense dream if it weren't for how sore my entire body felt.

I was angry, indignant. Slapping me around, talking like that to me, forcing me to suck them, fucking me in the ass... pissing on me. Too bizarre. Just too unreal! Had it all really happened? Yes, it had definitely happened. Every muscle in my body was stiff and sore enough to convince me that this incredible chain of events had actually happened to me. They had gone too far, too much, too fast, too intense and scary. I was scared of my feelings and my reactions during it all. But when Adam pissed on me... that was the act that broke the spell. I vowed to get up and just walk away from the campsite and try and find my way home. Then I would never speak to either of them again and never be anywhere near them except in school, where I shared three classes with Adam and two with Darren, one of those with both. And of course, I lived right next door to Adam. If I just made sure I was never alone with them... Anyway...

Right now, I had only to sneak out of the tent and take my clothes and backpack with me. I knew if I headed east I would be headed in the direction of town.

In deciding to get up and leave, I had to turn my attention to Adam lying spooned up against my backside, with his arm lying heavily over my chest. I was surprised I hadn't noticed his hard cock snuggled up in my asscrack `til now. Shivers ran through me as I focused on the heat and feel of it against me. As though it knew I was thinking of it now, it pulsed twice, making my breath catch. When I clenched my cheeks around it, my cock twitched and started getting hard. I became acutely aware of every part of his body that was touching mine, all the corded muscles, steely hard even at rest, the size and bulk of him wrapping me, his hairy forearm only inches from my face, his big hand lightly gripping my elbow, which was jutting out from under my left side.

I gulped and my cock strained and jerked around. I had to reject my urge to stay and push back into him even more. I had never slept all snuggled up with anyone before, let alone a big strong guy like Adam, and this felt waaaay better than I would have thought it could. Maybe because it was Adam, I dunno, but damn, it felt good!

But I wanted out. I wanted out from under their domination. No one should have to put up with being treated like they treated me last night. They could have gotten me to have sex with them easily, very easily! They didn't have to do ANY of it the way they did. I would have gladly, eagerly sucked them off, and I'm sure that even with my fear of their size they could have worked me into taking them in my ass too-- at a slow pace, letting me get used to them and... It could have all been SO GOOD!

I wouldn't let my reactions during last nights' events come to the front of my mind at this point. I was determined to reject them and reject being their bitchboy. I spent several minutes of slow, careful movements lifting Adam's arm off of me and placing it gently on his hip. I moved one part of my body at a time out of contact with him and slowly rolled up onto my knees. I moved stealthily, unzipping the screen slowly and squeezing out the smallest possible opening. Outside in the morning sun of another beautiful day, I skittishly but quietly got dressed, got my backpack and snuck off into the woods. I stopped at the latrine to relieve myself with my backpack slung over my shoulder.

My ass was very sore and it took a bit to get a piss stream started. Every part of my body was sore. As I stood there, I recalled the events of last night, from start to finish. It was all so surreal! I wouldn't have believed anyone who told me this had happened to them. And just as unbelievable as them doing all of it to me, was the fact that I had so easily-- even eagerly at points-- accepted what was happening and accepted their abuse and my role as bitch for them. I reached up and felt the bite Adam had inflicted on the base of my neck, feeling anger at the memory of his aggressive domination. I also felt like it was a mark of `property', more even than his pissing on me was, and as I traced the sore and tender indentations, I couldn't help but feel some twisted sense of pride that he wanted me, wanted to `own' me in this way. It kinda made me feel important, or like I was somebody... or something like that. But I tried to blame it on the booze and pot, and vowed never to do either of those again.

As I stood there watching my piss flow out of my cock, I shuddered and remembered being right here on my knees with Adam `marking' me. That had been my wakeup call. That had made me stop and think about what they were trying to make me. And their plan had been working! I had been going with it! And my goddamn cock was trying to fill out as I thought about it while I peed!

And goddammit, how can I figure all this about them out and deal with the fact that they had `turned me out' as gay at the same time? I mean, that's a fucking momentous event in my life by itself! How the hell was I supposed to deal with that AND their head-trip with me at the same fucking time?!

As I stood there, watching the last dribbles of my piss falling on the still damp leaves and dirt where Adam had pissed on me just a few hours ago, I felt weak and needed to sit down. This was just too much to deal with all at once.

I sat my sore butt on a fallen log a few feet away from the latrine and thought, trying to be as detached and analytical as I could manage, `Okay. I must be gay... No, strike that. I AM gay. There's no denying that now. I've been trying not to face it for a long time, but just SEEING them naked let me know how strongly seeing a guy's naked body affects me, and I already knew girls didn't do anything for me. And of course, when I sucked their dicks... it was awesome. It was so good I couldn't believe how much I loved sucking on them. The fucking, that was a little different. I mean, it hurt like hell every time when they started, but when they got going... Okay, yes, it was fantastic too. I loved it. Okay. Don't bother trying to deny any of that. Yeah, it was traumatic, the way it all came about, but the fact is, you DID love it, Billy. Okay, I'm gay. Think about all the implications of that later. Right now, you've got to decide what you want to do about them, how to handle them.'

`I think you're supposed to be sick in the head, like, have some real mental problems if you don't rebel against, basically, enslavement, or, well, submitting to someone, being dominated big time. I don't think I'm sick in the head. I feel kinda normal, but the feelings I got when they forced me to do these things... did I get off to those feelings? Did I get off to what they were saying and doing to me? Don't try `n lie to yourself, Billy. Okay, okay, I got off to those feelings, of like, being a sexual bitch for them. Goddammit, I liked it. Fuuuuck. I fuckin' liked it! Oh man, what's wrong with me? What the fuck is WRONG with me? I fucking liked it. I loved getting fucked in the ass and sucking their big dicks and licking their nuts and... man, I got off to them MAKING me do all of it. Fuuuuck. I'm a faggot bitch. A faggot bitch. Faggot bitch. Bitch. Fuuuuck.'

`Okay, so... they get off on the power trip of dominating, humiliating and sexually abusing me. I can only imagine what that feels like for them to have that kind of power over someone. Now, okay, I... okay, I have to... okay, okay, fine. Admit it, Billy, you DID get off to most of it.

My heart sped up and my breath came shallow as I vividly remembered Adam's words, the way he said them, the things he said in my ear as he worked me up into begging him to fuck me in the ass again in the tent. I shivered all over as I remembered the way he made me feel before he even fucked me again, the way he caused me to want to submit to him. I had never imagined I could feel anything as powerful in my mind, my emotions, as what Adam, and Darren, made me feel. When he slapped my ass and told me to get down there and spread my legs for him like the bitch I am... Oh fuck, oh fuck, the thrill that went through me! `I'm getting totally hard right now just remembering it all!'

Oh fuck. What the hell does that tell you? Oh fuck. NO, I DON'T want to be abused. I DON'T want to be pissed on. I DON'T want to be fucked in the ass whenever they want, brutally like that. I DON'T want... I don't want...'

Tears started welling in my eyes as I came to the realization that I DID want more sex with them... and... that I did get off to the submission, at least to a degree. I realized, and had to admit to myself, that what I really got off to was their dominant male power. It turned me on so much when they acted out their masculine natures; it always had with them, and now that the sexual dimension was added in, it was more powerful to me than I could ever have conceived of. I knew in my heart that I was still extremely hot for both of them, but especially Adam. I knew also that if I wanted to continue having sex with them, I would have to put up with the humiliation and abuse. They had no respect for `faggots' and they both obviously got pleasure, satisfaction and a huge ego boost from the power trip of dominating and humiliating me. They had made that crystal clear.

`Can I deal with that? They will not let me forget it. They get off way too much to it to let up on it. In fact, I'm sure it will only get worse. Why is my dick getting so hard at that thought? And how will this affect our daily lives? Will they still treat me like a friend? Will they still include me in things, take me with them to parties and shit? Will they still let me hang out with them at school? I DON'T want to lose all that!!! Okay then, I'll do whatever it takes to keep all that! But if their attitude about me has changed completely with my admission of being gay... how will they treat me when we're around other people?'

`If they will treat me the same in public as they always have, then I'll do whatever they want in private. I'll be their bitch and let them treat me however they want in private. Just please, guys, please don't change everything else!'

I wanted my thought to radiate through the woods and into the tent to them and soak in, wanting them to subliminally agree to keep the outward appearances the same in public. They could do whatever they wanted in private, just don't shut me out of their daily lives. I couldn't take that.

`Okay. So, if they'll keep all the rest the same, I guess you'd better go back and finish out this camping trip and hope they don't get too carried away. Think of a way to get them to tell you how they're thinking about daily life after this weekend, how it will be. If they indicate they are going to keep everything else the same, then go with it. If they show that they're going to shut you out, then fuck `em! Walk away from them. They can't... Well, I don't know what they can or cannot do. I'll deal with it somehow if it comes down to that.'

With a heavy heart and a stumble in my step, I shuffled resignedly back to camp. Adam was just crawling out of the tent. He looked up at me-- dressed, with my backpack over my shoulder-- with arched eyebrows.

"Wassup? Goin' somewhere?" He asked it calmly, but there was a combination of surprise, disappointment and a hint of anger coming through in his voice.

I dropped my pack beside me and stared at the ground guiltily and fearfully at being caught. My heart raced, my breath was labored and tears were starting to brim in my eyes. Even though I was returning, which I figured he didn't know, it was obvious that I had at least thought of leaving. Immediately, I started thinking of what they might do to me for even thinking of leaving-- it was defiance, and they had made it clear that defiance was not tolerated.

I stammered, my lower lip trembling, "I-I-I... I wwwas..." I felt like a little kid caught by his dad in a lie. I realized it was no use trying to deny the obvious, so the best tack to take would be to let him know that I had left but came back. I had come back to be their bitch and would no longer fight that role. I stammered, "I-I-I-I came back. I w-w-was gonna leave, but... I came back." That was all I could get out.

He stood up and walked over to stand in front of me, with his morning peehard jutting out magnificently as he stretched his entire muscular body long and luxuriantly. My breath caught and my cock jerked in my shorts while my sore asshole spasmed. My eyes ate up every inch of his body while he stretched out his stretching to a performance. And the visual was like an overdose of something that was good for you unless you got too much. Just the smell that wafted from his armpits as he stretched made my head spin and my cock surge over and over. I mean, looking at him all naked and perfect and smelling so male and like Adam and the way his muscles flexed and moved beneath his skin it all just made my whole self feel like jello. I felt my hand start to reach for his dick and had to stop it from moving toward it of its own accord. I argued in my mind whether `pathetic' or `loser' was the better word to describe myself.

When he finally finished his stretch he considered me for a moment, then reached out and lifted my chin with his finger, looking in my eyes intently.

He saw the tears building and the guilty look as he studied my face for a long moment, thinking. I studied his face too, thinking how much I wanted him to love me, how gorgeous he was, how his eyes made me weak in the knees, like they were doing right now, even though I was scared.

He finally said, softly, "I'm glad ya came back." And I glowed, beaming up at him through my tears with hope and love and need. Then he added, in a curt voice, "But you shouldna left in the first place." He abruptly dropped his finger from my chin and walked past me to head to the latrine, saying over his shoulder, "I'm not very happy with you about this."

I stood there on unsteady legs, trembling with fear at what he might do, and shame at disappointing him. `Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh shit! What have I done! Why couldn't I have made it back and gotten undressed before he got up? Oh shit! Now what do I do? Oh shit! What will he do? He won't beat me up, will he? I mean, there aren't that many things he can do to punish me besides beat me up... I guess. But his last comment sure sounded like a threat to me. Oh god, think! THINK! What to do... Go talk to him, tell him what you came to in your thinking about all of this, that you've decided to go with it. Maybe that will make him happy and he'll forgive you for this. RUN! Catch up with him!'

And I did, just as he got to the latrine. "Adam!" I said loudly, then couldn't think of what else I had meant to say.

"What, bitch?" he asked with some annoyance.

I stopped beside him and fumbled for words. I didn't know where to begin, or what I actually wanted to say. "I uh... I uh... ummm, I'm sorry I thought about-- was gonna... I mean..."

He looked sideways at me, with his lips twisted in an annoyed and contemptuous scowl. He gestured to me to get on with whatever I was trying to say, like he didn't have much patience left. He didn't try to pee yet, so I figured he was waiting for me to talk and then he would. His cock was still semi hard, arcing out from his pubic hair and making my mouth water. I stared at it as I tried to speak.

"I uhhh... I thought about all this, and... like, I woke up and thought I was just gonna leave, but... When I got to here, I stopped to pee and... I started... I started thinking about it all, and..." I kicked at loose stones and shuffled around, mostly watching his cock, not daring to look in his eyes for more than a second at a time. "Well... I decided that... as long as you guys don't change towards me in everything else, like, like, at school and shit-- if you don't change the way you treat me around other people, then... I'm okay with, you know, everything else..." I mumbled, "with bein'... you know... your, you know..." I knew I had to say the word. I knew he would not accept what I was saying and let my little act of defiance slide if I didn't say the word; so I did. "Bitch."

He `hmphed' and nodded his head. "Oh you are, huh? You're okay with all that, huh?"

I couldn't tell from his tone whether he was being sarcastic or what. I mumbled, "Yeah. I mean if... yeah." I was basically saying that I was okay with everything and asking only one thing of them: to treat me like always in front of others. That didn't seem like too much to ask. I still wouldn't look him in the eye.

He was silent for a minute and I got even more nervous. I glanced up at his face a couple of times, trying to read where his thoughts were going, but couldn't tell a thing from his expression, which was contemplative.

Finally, he said, "So, I take it you want to be our bitch from now on, without us makin' ya do it."

My heart missed a beat and I felt pressure in my head. "Uh... yeah." What did I just do? It kinda sounded like he was giving me a choice! But no, they hadn't given me a choice. They had been downright brutal about it all, and everything they said had indicated they definitely planned on continuing, regardless of what I thought or said.

And I knew also that a large part of why I came back was because I feared that trying to evade them and stop them from abusing me would likely just make them mad and make it worse on me when they did catch me-- which I assumed they would. I mean, Adam lived right next door, for god's sake! And the other part of why I came back was because I knew I wanted most of what they did to me to happen.

After a moment, he said, "It's for your own good, Billy." My eyebrows shot up and I stared at him incredulously. He smiled like a grownup who's trying to explain something to an uncomprehending child as he said, "All we did was make you face your true nature, Billy. Some guys are born to be leaders among men, and some are born to serve them. When you're a fag, a homosexual, it's only natural to serve straight men, and it's only natural for straight men to use your services if they want to. It's real simple, Billy. You're just extra lucky, cuz you get two good looking dudes with exceptionally big dicks to satisfy. You couldn't ask for a better deal."

I wanted to say, `Yes I could! I could ask for you to both love me and treat me like an equal, with love and respect!', but of course, I didn't dare say that. That was faggot thinking.

He faced me and put his hands on my shoulders with a very dominant stance, towering over me and making me look up into his piercing bright blue eyes, making me reflexively submit to him. He didn't even need to actually say anything else. The look in his eyes was enough to make me fall to my knees for him, but I remained standing because he wanted me standing.

He continued, "We both saw how much you totally got into everything last night. And well, the fact is, we got into it too, big time. We've been talkin' about this for a while now... what to do about you. I mean, we consider you our friend, but, now we know for sure you're a fag, and, well, we still like you, even as a friend, but... it's just gonna be different now. I mean, c'mon, Billy, you can't expect everything to be like it was, after all this, can ya?"

"Wwwwhattaya mean? Can't I still be your friend?" I was fighting back tears and shaking. I kept looking up and down, between his eyes and his cock, mentally slapping myself for doing it. I was begging him with my eyes to please let me still be their friend, please. I tried to project my thoughts to him, `Let me be your bitch and be your friend too! I'll be better than any girl could ever be. I mean, you can't get away with slapping or pissing on any girls I know of, right? I can do that, be that for you! I'll keep your nuts drained and your pipes flushed just like you said in your toast! I'll be better than any bitch for you, please...'

"Well sure! But... like, you'll be our bitch, so... I mean that changes the whole picture, Billy. We like you, but now we have a..." He searched for words, "An obligation to, I dunno... help you be the best bitch you can be, I guess. To answer your other question, yes, everything at school will stay pretty much the same, and you can hang with us just like you always have. We won't be tellin' anyone about any of this. I mean, this ain't somethin' that's easy to explain to average people," he snickered. "No, as far as everyone else can see, there's nothin' different. But, we'll all three know what the deal is, and we expect you to never, ever, forget-- even for a moment-- what you are, who owns you now."

My heart sank and I almost cried again. He wrapped his right arm around my shoulders like a big brother and started us walking back to camp, apparently forgetting that he had to piss. "I have a few things I'll be wantin' you to do... things that'll keep you focused on being all the bitch you can be-- just like the Army! Be all the bitch you can be!" He laughed. "Like that little thing I told you to do last night before we went to bed. You remember what it was, Billy?" He looked at me expectantly.

I searched my mind for what he was referring to and couldn't come up with anything. I looked at him and shook my head, blushing a little, ashamed that I had forgotten something he told me to do. He stopped walking, which stopped me too, since his heavy arm was around my shoulders. He stared into my eyes with a sadly disappointed look that made me want to beg his forgiveness and almost bust out crying. I still couldn't remember what he was talking about.

"You mean you already forgot what I very clearly told you I wanted you to do?" He shook his head in pity and smacked his lips like `oh well' and sighed. "What was the first thing you did when you got up this morning?"

"I-I uh, got my stuff together and went to... leave." I hung my head.

"Yeah, that's right. Then you said you stopped back there to piss. How did you piss?"


"How did you piss?"

Then it dawned on me what he was talking about. He had told me to `squat and piss like a bitch' from now on! He saw the dawning in my eyes and nodded, like a school teacher who has caught you again or something.

I bowed my head again and my body slumped. I mumbled, "Oh yeah. I'm sorry. I forgot."

He started us walking again, "I know you did. I knew you did before you told me, Billy. I knew you left and only got this far and thought about it and realized that you wanted to be our bitch, cuz that's what you are and you already know that we're the hottest guys around to be a bitch for." He tightened his grip on my shoulder a little and tilted his head down so I could see his eyes as he stopped us again and solemnly said, "There are three facts that I want you to always keep in mind, Billy." He held up his free hand and counted with fingers as he announced each thing, "I will always know what you're doing. I will always know what you're thinking, and I will always know if you disobey me. Now, don't say anything; just think about that. Repeat those words in your head. And the other thing to keep in your head is that there are consequences for forgetting any of those three facts." He looked into my eyes and sternly asked, "Do you understand, Billy?"

I nodded vigorously and squeaked, "Yes."

He removed his arm from my shoulder and gave my head a couple of pats, then walked on, leaving me standing there nodding still. After a moment, I sprinted after him and caught up just as he was entering the tent and I followed him in.

Darren was still crashed out, so Adam woke him up by slapping him on the ass hard and shouting, "RUN! HURRY! THEY'RE COMING! OH MY GOD!"

He sat back and laughed his ass off at Darren, who jumped a couple of feet in the air and scrambled around incoherently for a few seconds, trying to figure out what the emergency was. When he realized what Adam had done, he attacked him and they wrestled around roughly like they often did-- except they were both naked! Darren had morning wood, which didn't go down at all during this. I laughed as I watched them. It seemed like old times-- before yesterday-- like nothing had changed, and I wished it hadn't.

But then... As I watched their exquisite naked bodies wrestle around, their big ol' floppy cocks slapping around on their thighs and stomachs-- Darren's less so, since it remained hard-- their muscles bulging and flexing from head to toe, I remembered last night. I remembered how amazing it was the first time I had Adam's cock in my mouth-- hell, I remembered how amazing it was when just the head was rubbing around on my lips and I knew I was about to suck it! I remembered resisting it only because I was so afraid of what they would think of me. Hah!

And then, sitting on Adam's lap and sliding up and down on it, anticipating it being in me... Oh God, when it did go in... the pain was very real, but, even then, I knew I wanted it inside me all the way. And when I sat down all the way on it... It was like... it was like, coming home-- to myself. I mean, it clicked in my head. It really did. This was what I wanted, what I needed. His cock in my ass felt like the most natural and wondrous thing in the world to me. And so did Darren's, later in the tent. I didn't want it to start the way he did, but nevertheless, he felt wonderful to me in there too.

So, the old times are gone. Everything's changed. I have to try and figure all of this out, figure out how I fit into things, how I need to look at things now. I'll have to change a lot, DUH! But really, I don't know yet how to `relate' to them now. Adam had just told me they would relate to me differently. He said that because I was a fag, I didn't deserve any respect. I didn't agree with that, and it bothered the hell out of me, but what could I do? I wanted to be liked and respected! There was surely a way that I could get some respect from them. I'd have to find it.

Anyway, I watched them as they settled down and Darren got up to go piss. Everything seemed so lighthearted and carefree, like before. In that moment, I was lulled into an admittedly blind sense that everything was back to normal.

Then Adam said, "Hold up, dog."

"What? I gotta piss."

"I know, so do I, but we need to take care of something first," he said as he followed Darren out of the tent. I followed them out as well.

"Can't it fuckin' wait? I gotta piss like a racehorse!"

Adam nodded, "Yeah, yeah, I know, I do too. But I got a reason. Just come over here."

I have no idea why I had never noticed it before, but I realized that Adam usually was the one who gave `orders', or `direction' to what they did. It wasn't like Darren was less than equal... more like Darren deferred to Adam much of the time. As I thought about it, I recalled times when Adam let Darren take control, like he knew just when Darren was needing to assert himself, and let him have it long enough to satisfy himself, so he wouldn't question or resent it when Adam took that control back-- and he always did take it back. I had never really thought about power dynamics in their relationship and was absorbed in that thinking as I followed them to the creek.

Adam looked around at me and said, "C'mere, bitch."

My attention instantly focused back on the here and now. Adrenaline raced through my veins and a feeling of dread came over me. I obeyed, head hung low, shuffling behind them toward the creek.

Adam turned around when we got a few feet from the bank and said to Darren as he stared at me, "What you don't know, is that our little fag bitch here, was about to sneak off this morning and leave us here all alone without a hole to fuck. Now, I thought that was pretty selfish and inconsiderate, myself. What do you think, bud?"

Darren showed a little surprise, then he glared at me. "What, you were just gonna run off without even sayin' goodbye? You ungrateful little fuckwad." He stepped toward me and raised his fist. I yelped and cowered, crossing my arms up in front of my face.

Adam put his arm out in front of Darren and said, "Wait, bro, hold on. He told me he had a change of heart and decided he needed to come back and be our bitch, cuz he finally realized that's really and truly what he is. So, he came back on his own. He told me he wants to be our faggot bitch, willingly from now on. So," He addressed me, "You know you gotta be punished, right? I mean, we can't have our bitch gettin' stupid on us and goin' off like that, right? So, the question I have for you is: Do you think you deserve to be punished?"

My mind was reeling! `Oh god, what do I do? What do I say? This is so wrong! They have no right to treat me this way! But I knew this was coming. GODDAMMIT! But he is clearly demanding I answer that I should be punished, so... What the hell can I do? I was the one who came back. When I decided to come back, I accepted that I would submit to them. If I say `no', they'll punish me anyway, and I'm sure they'll make it worse. I can't very well back out now. Fuck! Go ahead and say it. You know you have to. Just say it and get whatever they want to do for punishment over with.'

Of course, my mind raced with a variety of things they could do to me, each one scarier than the last. I closed my eyes and mumbled, "Yeah."


I repeated it, louder, "Yeah...es, Sir."

"Good," Adam said with some satisfaction. "Now, you have two things going in your favor. One, you admitted you need to be punished. Two, you came to your senses and came back to fulfill your `bitch-hood' on your own, without us havin' to track you down." Darren snickered at `bitch-hood' and I shuddered at `track you down', with images from the old movie, "The Most Dangerous Game" from cable TV filling my head. He continued, "That would not have been a pretty picture. So, since you have those things in your favor, your punishment will be very mild."

He snapped his fingers and pointed at the ground in front of them. I obediently shuffled over to them and stared at their feet, trying to keep from crying, trembling with fear and humiliation again.

Adam spoke in an authoritarian voice, "Drop your pants."

I glanced up at him defiantly for a nanosecond, and undid my cargo shorts. I let them fall to my feet and take my loose and ragged boxers with them. And wouldn't you know it, my exposed cock started getting hard! Goddammit!

Darren snickered, "I guess he's ready to be punished."

Adam said, "Bend over and grab your ankles."

I dutifully bent over and grabbed my ankles and braced myself for a brutal fucking in the ass. My cock got rigid hard in mere seconds. Adam stepped around to the side behind me and Darren joined him.

Adam spit on my ass cheek, but not in my crack, which confused me. Darren followed suit on my right. Adam rubbed the spit around slowly, patting my cheek lightly, rubbing again. Darren copied him. I was wondering what the hell they were doing, when Adam said, "This is for your own good, Billy. This will teach you that you must take the responsibility of being our bitch very seriously. It's a great honor for you to be our property. You know that don't you?"

I began to realize the classic setup and figured out they were going to spank me! The indignity of this rushed over me in waves, and being bent at the waist made my head fill with blood and rush with humiliation at the reality that they were going to do something that hadn't been done to me since I was seven years old! I was freaking out and about to stand up and protest when his steely tone made me freeze.

"I asked you if you know what an honor it is to be our property, Billy. I expect an answer."

I shuddered and trembled, giving a weak, "Yes, Sir."

"Then... does that mean you welcome your punishment and will learn a valuable lesson from it?"

"No!" came out of my mouth before I could think. I instantly realized that was definitely the wrong answer and scrambled to correct myself, "I mean-- I mean... Yes."

He let his impatience show, "Well which is it, no or yes?"

I knew by now that he expected me to give him a complete answer, "Yes, I welcome it and will learn from it, Sir." The combination of fear, indignity and blood filling my head was making me very unsteady.

"Goooood bitch. For all we know, you might even enjoy this."

They both spit on my ass cheeks again and suddenly, I was knocked forward with a tremendous slap to my cheek that hurt like hell. My hands went out to stop me from falling.

"KEEP YOURSELF IN PLACE, BITCH!" Adam barked at me. "Get your hands back around your ankles and hold yourself in place!"

I did, and Darren slapped my other cheek, just as hard. WHACK! Adam got me again. WHACK! Darren took his turn. I was having a very hard time staying in position while crying from the pain, but mostly from the humiliation.

They slapped my ass again and again and it hurt more and more each time as they hit the same spots. They were having fun doing it, I could tell. Darren said, "Man, look at how deep red that is!" with excitement in his voice. Then he said, "Hey! Ain't he s'posed to count them out?"

"Oh yeah! I guess we hafta start all over. Okay, bitch boy, count them out to ten each!"

They had already spanked me six times each. WHACK! "One." WHACK! "One." I counted out each one, sobbing and sniffling and trembling. The pain was something else. My ass was on fire! By about number six I was about to fall down and my cock had softened some. I really didn't think I could hold myself up any longer. By the first number nine, I did fall to my hands and knees, crying loudly, begging them to stop-- but still keeping my ass in the air for them and still counting out the slaps aloud. I could only imagine what they would do if I tried to get away or even lower my ass too much.

"Oh god, pleeeease! Ten! AAAAGH! Ten! Please no more!"

They added one more each for me going to my knees. I collapsed and curled up in a ball, covering my crying eyes, my shorts around my ankles.

Darren said, "Whew! My hand's kinda sore! Man, look at his ass! I don't think he's gonna be able to sit down for a week." They both chuckled.

After a minute, Adam looked down at me and said, "Look at me." I uncovered my wet red eyes and glared at him like I did at my dad after a spanking when I was little. He noted that look and I'll be damned if he didn't have the same fucking look on his face that my dad would get back then. He said, "Did you learn anything from this?" I blinked and stared at him blankly. He took a step closer, towering over me. "Did you learn anything from this?" he repeated.

I slowly nodded my head yes. Darren kicked my foot and said, "Answer him, faggot!"

I stammered, "Yyyes, Sir."

Adam nodded his head yes as he asked, "And just what did you learn?"

What the hell did he want me to say?! Anger and resentment welled up in me as I tried to think of something to say that would satisfy him. "Ummm... I... I learned that..." This was so belittling, treating me like a recalcitrant child. I fought my anger, knowing I had no choice but to go along with it. "That I shouldn't..." I mumbled, "Disobey you."

Adam reached down and I cowed, but instead of hitting me, he patted my head patronizingly. "Gooood faggot bitch boy."

Darren chuckled with delight

"That concludes the punishment phase of this morning's business," he announced. "Pull your shorts up." I shakily made myself get up and raise my shorts, trying not to let the material brush my burning ass, hating them both, yelling curses in my head at them.

"Now for the more important business of your bitch-hood. I figure it this way:" he said to Darren, "He made the decision to come back cuz he recognized he really IS a faggot bitch-- our faggot bitch... but, as we know, bitches sometimes get all stupid and start thinking they're like actual men and can do whatever they wanna do. So, what we hafta do, is have a little ritual that marks him as our property, so he keeps a clear understanding of his status. I started it last night, but I realize he needs it from both of us for it to really soak in." He chuckled at the unintended pun.

He pointed to the ground in front of him and snapped his fingers again, obviously getting off to commanding me even without words. I fought back the inclination to yell `Fuck you!' at him and just wiped away my tears instead. But then I crawled on my knees into place with my head bowed in resignation and stared at their feet, knowing that any shred of dignity I may have still harbored was about to be washed away.

"Look up at me," he commanded. I looked up into his stern eyes. "Last night was a practice run. When I told you this morning that I wasn't happy with you, I wasn't talking about you leaving as much as the fact that you almost left after me marking you last night. When I mark something as mine, I expect it to be grateful to be mine! I was so disappointed in you for even thinking of leaving after I opened my heart to you and made you-- really-- my most intimate possession. It really hurt my feelings when you did that, after I trusted you." He shook his head with such disappointment I let my eyes fall to his feet again.

He didn't tell me to look up again as he continued, "Now that both of us are going to mark you as our property, I expect it to take. I expect you will never intentionally defy either of us again. You're our little bitch, and you know a bitch is a female dog, and dogs are loyal. Don't disappoint us."

I resignedly started to take my clothes off to get pissed on.

I could see Darren's expression showing excitement as he figured out what Adam was talking about doing, even though Adam had never actually said the word piss. He took a hold of his cock and started playing with it as Adam laughed and said, "No, no, no, bitch, you keep them on until I tell you you can take them off. And you won't wash anything off until then either."

I looked up in shock and back down at my clothes. Oh fuck it. What could I do?

Darren said, "You need to soak up your masters' markings. Feel it on you and think about what it means to be an A&D bitch."

Adam chuckled. "That's right. You'll love it. It's better than a collar on a dog." His eyes widened and he held up his index finger, "Hey! That's an idea!" He turned to Darren, "Let's get him a collar!"

"No shit! Yeah, with a tag with his name on it and A&D as his owners! Radical, bud!" They high-fived each other.

"But today, since what you did was so... what's the word I'm looking for...?"

Darren offered, "Insubordinate?"

Adam nodded, "Yeah, that's good. Oh, get your dick kinda hard," he said as an aside to Darren. He took his own in his hand and started stroking as he turned his attention back to me, "You've been punished for your insubordination; that's it for punishment, but the whole incident tells me you really need to be marked properly to fully appreciate your special status. Marking you is something you want, as a bitch. Our marking you is a special rite, a gift! You see what I'm saying? Do you understand me, Billy?"

He wanted an answer, so I nodded yes and said, "Yes, I understand, Adam, Sir."

"Good. This is something you should look forward to. I know you will in the future. First, let's recite your vows:"

I recited each sentence after him in my shaky voice when he would pause. He brought his foot up under my chin to make me look at him when my head bowed after the first part, so I stared in his eyes for the rest of it and just quivered and cowered and told him over and over with my eyes how sorry I was for disappointing him.

"I Billy Garner do hereby declare that I am Adam Andrino and Darren Strausse's bitch, their cumsucking faggot bitch. I am your property. I belong to both of you. I will do anything you want me to do, happily and gratefully. I will kiss your feet and beg you to fuck my two holes, and thank you sincerely when you do. I swear I will never question or defy you in any way at any time. I love my masters and my only pleasure comes from serving them. I do hereby swear on a stack of Bibles and swear to God and hope to die and all that shit." He chuckled. I repeated even the last part verbatim.

"Now, to consecrate your vows, kiss our feet." I made a face, but went ahead and did it, kissing each one of their bare feet. Darren raised his left foot and made me kiss the sole. I swiped the dirt and leaf particles off my lips and hung my head, awaiting the ultimate degradation.

I hated them both in that moment. I tried to hold onto at least a shred of human dignity, and would not give in on that point.

He motioned Darren to move in close beside him in front of me. They were both semi hard. "Let's get it goin' at the same time if we can, and just do like I do." They both stood there for a moment, then Adam's piss started, followed shortly by Darren's. They both aimed at my scrunched up face, so I got hot, strong smelling morning piss directly on my lips. They sprayed my chest and stomach and both battered my hard cock in my shorts, causing it to jump wildly. Then Adam moved around behind me and got me from the back. Oh my god! His piss on my spanked raw asscheeks burned like hell and I screamed and jerked away!

"Stay where you are!" he barked. "This'll soothe it after a minute. Just let the burn for now be a reminder of what the consequences of defying us are. Think about it and make a promise to yourself that you will honor and obey us from now on. Use that pain, Billy! Make it pay off!"

After a moment, he moved back in front of me. These were two morning bladders full, so it went on and on as I held my face up with my eyes and mouth closed. It even got in my ears when they both rained on my head.

Suddenly, I felt one of the streams closer and a thumb on my chin. Adam yelled, "Open up!" I freaked out and started to say something in protest. When I did, he pushed down on my chin and shouted, "OPEN UP, GODDAMMIT!" I opened up and he stuck his cock into my mouth, still pissing a steady stream. I cried and it just ran back out and down my chin. "SWALLOW IT, YOU LITTLE FUCKING BITCH! Swallow it ALL!"

This just about made me lose it. I guess I just phased my mind out and began swallowing as fast as I could. I tried not to think about it, tried not to think about the taste-- which was so much stronger than last night. I tried to keep my retching down, as I was about to vomit from the thought of what I was drinking. His thick cock in my mouth was not turning me on, I told myself. `No, it's not turning me on. This is disgusting.' Darren stopped his stream so he would have some to feed me. As soon as Adam finished and made me suck the last drops out of his cock, Darren stepped in and stuffed his full, spongy cock into my mouth and it took a bit for him to get his stream started again.

He finally got it going and yelled down at me, "SUCK IT, BITCH! DRINK IT ALL!" And I did. At least it was just the last bit of their piss, not the whole load from each of them. As he finished his last few spurts, he snarled, "Yeah, that's it, suck out those last few drops and clean me off, pisswhore."

Adam stood and watched Darren finishing up and when he pulled his cock out of my mouth, Adam said, "Now, we're going to do this on some kinda regular schedule, to keep the mark fresh. I dunno, maybe every two weeks... We'll decide that later, but, what I'm sayin' is this: If you ain't done anything stupid, or pissed either of us off for any reason, then ya won't hafta drink it. You'll just hafta suck the last few drops out like last night. But if ya piss us off during the period between markings, then next time, ya get to drink most of our loads. Now, go make us some breakfast, faggot."

He turned and jumped into the creek and Darren followed him. They whooped it up and frolicked in the cold morning water. I wiped the piss out of my eyes and walked back over to the campsite, shaking with shame and humiliation. I felt queasy from the piss in my stomach and went for the Coke immediately to wash the bitter, salty taste out of my mouth and throat.

Adam was apparently watching me and shouted, "NO!" I jumped out of my skin and looked back at him guiltily. "Don't drink anything until it's time to eat! I want you to think about how good your owner's piss tastes until then!" Darren laughed and high-fived him again.

Darren yelled, "Does it taste good?"

I wanted to yell `Fuck you!' but knew better. I didn't answer him, acting like I didn't hear him.

"Hey faggot! I asked you if it tastes good!"

I glared at him-- but not long enough to get him mad-- then replied, "It tastes like piss."

They both laughed and fell on each other. They laughed so hard they had to hold each other up.

I fumed and yelled at them in my head, `FUCK YOU BOTH! JUST FUCK YOU BOTH! I should just walk away. I don't need this! I don't care what all I've been thinking. I don't care how much I enjoyed the sex. This isn't worth it! Motherfuckers! Piss on me... make me drink it. Spank my ass raw. Motherfuckers. Every two weeks? Fuck that! I mean... fuck that! Every two weeks? Well, fuck it, if that's all... I guess I can handle that. Motherfuckers. They better not make me drink it again... I better not piss them off. Motherfuckers. Big dicked motherfuckers.'

***** ***** ***** *****