PT 7


Okay guys, here's the last chapter I already had written. I just noticed it's only about half the length of the previous chapters. Sorry, but that's all there is, from me.

Here is what I'm proposing: If another writer who is into this theme would like to take over writing this story, within the general outline Mikey and I had worked out, and have me edit each chapter, I would be willing to turn one of my babies over to another man ;-) Not just anyone will do. I have two or three writers who work in this genre in mind (with whom I've talked with before), but I don't want to name one and ask, because I don't want another to feel like second choice if that writer isn't interested. Any writers with whom I am not acquainted with your work who are interested, I welcome your offer, but if you don't have work online, specifically in the authoritarian section that I can read, don't bother offering.

I've never even considered doing anything like this, and I don't care if I sound conceited when I say: Only a well qualified writer will do. If you've read through the seventh chapter of this story, you know it's well above average quality. If one of the better writers on here doesn't respond, the offer is rescinded and the story just stops here.

Okay, on to the chapter...



pt 7

Welcome Home CSFB

Breakfast was cold, already cooked sausage links and already buttered pancakes Adam's mother had made. We just had to add syrup. Darren must have been just trying to think of stupid things to do to me that he thought would be humiliating! I sat--gingerly on my still burning ass-- sulking, facing away from them to eat in my piss soaked clothes, and about halfway through, he came and stood in front of me. His cock was hard and I looked up at him.

"What?" I was thinking he wanted me to suck his cock and figured he should be able to wait until I finished eating my fucking breakfast, goddammit!

He reached down and picked up one of my pancakes and laid it over his cock! "Here, eat it off my dick." He kept himself from cracking up, but Adam did laugh.

I looked at him like he was stupid. I almost said, `Fuck you!', but fortunately caught myself. I glanced back at Adam and sighed heavily to let both of them know I thought this was a lame and childish thing. I leaned forward and caught the pancake as it almost fell off when his cock jerked. I wrapped the pancake around his girth and nibbled and licked it away, working toward the root.

I thought, `If he thinks this is humiliating me, he's wrong. It's stupid is all... but kinda fun, actually. I mean, I love his cock, so...' I ate my pancake off his cock and licked the syrup off of it and his balls. They deserved their own zip code they were so big! I was fascinated by them, and licked and sucked on them a while. Unlike Adam's big low hangers, Darren's ballsac tautly held them close up to his fat cock most of the time, and the skin was pinkish with reddish blonde hair. Truly delicious and hard to get even one in my mouth. They actually were the size of lemons or better.

Apparently, my getting into it all wasn't the desired effect, because he abruptly stopped me after a bit and sat back down to finish his own breakfast. I almost laughed. Adam did.

After breakfast, Adam let me take off my mostly dry pissed on clothes and wash them and myself off in the creek while they lay back and talked low enough that I couldn't hear them. After washing my clothes, I soaped off and rinsed, then just swam around by myself for a while after the current washed the soapy water downstream. I came up from a dive to see them, legs spread, standing side by side on the bank with their breathtaking erections pointing expectantly at me and evil grins on their faces.

I looked up at these two male gods and couldn't make myself frown like I meant to. I didn't smile real big or anything, but I did return the grin-- and my cock got hard instantly. I just couldn't stay mad with a contrasting light and dark visual side by side tantalizing me like that. I mean, here were two gorgeous, horny studs with horse cocks, who any girl or gay guy would cream in their jeans over, offering themselves to be worshipped and serviced. It just wasn't in me to even pretend I didn't want them for even a moment.

"Got candy for ya, little faggot," Darren teased.

They didn't have to say a word. I waded over to them and stretched my arms up. I took their huge cocks in my hands and started stroking them. I still marveled at how I came to be doing this, and still couldn't quite reconcile it all in my mind... but I knew what I had to do, so I did it, and was enjoying the hell out of it.

I tried to suck them from there, but the muddy bank was too slippery, so we all backed up onto the grass, well away from the pissed on area. Darren had a glob of Vaseline on his finger and lubed up my hole, stretching it with two, then three fat fingers-- and I was thankful, because when he went to fuck me, while Adam fucked my face, he shoved it in pretty damn fast.

I screamed with pain on Adam's cock in my mouth and they laughed as I writhed in agony, pinioned between them like I was on a roasting spit, with their cocks in both ends just like last night, except Adam was on his feet while Darren was on his knees this time. I couldn't do anything to stop it or slow him down; I could only endure and wait for the pain to subside, and it did fairly soon. No one was saying anything at first. Everyone was just intent on getting into the physical sensations.

This time, they started in a playful mood, tag-teaming fucking my ass, over and over. As soon as one would pull out, the other would jump in behind me, slam his cock in and plow away until he got tired or too close to cumming, to be replaced by his now rested buddy. Neither one fucked my mouth after the first switch. They apparently decided the rest of this would be all assfucking time.

"Time!" Darren would call out. "Cover for me, buddy!" and Adam would take his place while he lay in the grass and caught his breath.

Adam would stand there and say something like, "Cover me, I'm goin' in!" and they would laugh.

I got used to it fairly quickly and just kept my ass in the air for them, knowing this was my function. And I was fine with that. I accepted that it felt good to be fucked in my-- I was even thinking in their terms now-- pussy by these two huge cocks. No, it didn't feel good-- it felt wonderful! Fucking wonderful! I was sore as hell, but somehow that just made it better.

I even thought at some point: `I guess I WAS meant to be a bitch! It must be so, because just the THOUGHT of bending over and putting my pussy in the air for these two big macho guys to fuck mercilessly with their huge fucking dicks is turning me on almost as much as the actual pain and pleasure of feeling them in there! They were right! I AM a bitch! Like Adam said, I got TWO big cocks on two gorgeous guys and I am their property. It's all good! Knowing I HAVE to take it just adds to the satisfying feeling of surrender to their domination, being their fuckhole.'

After the first couple of rounds, as they built up sweat, one would lie down on his side watching and resting up while the other fucked me senseless. I came the second time Darren fucked me. It just felt too good. His cock is so goddamn thick and it just totally takes my ass over. It hurts, yes, but it also massages my prostate relentlessly.

"Ungh! Oh fuck!" I moaned as I spewed my load into my hand. Them calling me a pussy and a girl all the time was one thing, but I knew I was damn sure glad to be a guy and be able to catch my cum straight from my cock, and rub it into the super-sensitive glans as I writhed around on my knees and one hand in my orgasm; then I was so caught up in the sexual frenzy I rubbed most of the load all over my stomach and chest while I moaned and groaned breathlessly. As soon as he felt the first contraction of my ass on his shaft, Darren slammed into the hilt, stayed there and just enjoyed my muscle spasms massaging his cock. As soon as I was finished he started up again with renewed breath. It wasn't long before he came too.

I didn't know why I got such a thrill every time either of them came in my ass, or my mouth for that matter. But feeling their cocks surge and throb as they came in my ass just made me want to shout!

When Darren collapsed off to the side I stayed on my hands and knees with my ass in the air, impatiently glancing at Adam to see why he was taking so long to get behind me. He finally got into place and shoved his cock in to my moans of delight, and I immediately started rocking back against his groin to get that feeling up in there that only his extra length could give me.

He leaned down over my back and grunted in my ear as he reached around and gathered a bunch of my cum off of my stomach and cock. He brought his hand up to my mouth and rubbed my own cum into my lips and all around them, saying, "Thaaaat's a good cumsucker. You know what you need. Yeeeeaahhh, lick my fingers clean, get every last drop of spooge. I know what you need."

I sucked fiercely on his fingers and he slammed my ass extra hard to show his approval. I tried to brace myself with fists full of grass and my toes dug in to the soil to hold myself in place and get the full impact of his thrusts.

This went on for what seemed like hours, but I had no real concept of time. My ass was kinda numb after a while-- but just to the intense pain. I mean, I still felt them in there, their size and texture, the ridges of their wide cockheads pushing and pulling-- especially Adam's, and they still hurt-- especially Adam, when he would pound hard and forcefully shove my face down into the grass and hold me down by the back of my neck while he drilled down from a crouching position over me. It was the position of maximum depth penetration and just sent me into another world.

Boy, when he did that, I felt SO submissive, SO subservient, I whimpered, moaned and pleaded for more, and that's when I came the second time-- again, without touching my cock-- and he just kept on fucking me, though he slowed down to enjoy my contractions on his shaft just like Darren had. He was breathlessly telling me what a good little faggot bitch I was being for him, and I was telling him I loved him making me his bitch and please keep fucking the hell out of me! It just felt so good at that point, after cumming again, the way he was holding me down and ramming me, and I was so zoned out on the neverending cock of one or the other pummeling my hole I only existed to take dick in my ass. I couldn't imagine doing anything else, or wanting to do anything else.

I was in the zone, alright. The real bitch animal in me took over and I began demanding, "Fuck me! Fuck me like a bitch! Fuck me HARD!" And I wasn't shocked or embarrassed at saying all that without being prompted to. It was where my head was at that moment.

"Yeah! That's it, faggot!" Adam shouted. "Tell me how much ya love it! I want you to remember this!"

"I love it! I do! I swear I love it! Just keep doin' it, just keep doin' it, don't stop, just keep fuckin' my pussy... just keep onnnn..." I trailed off, concentrating on pushing my ass back at him and squeezing my worn out muscles on his thrashing cock.

He was too worn out to talk much, though. He'd already cum once, so this was for round two, just cuz it felt so fucking good.

Darren mounted me and got in that crouched position over me and started drilling my ass. Then he grabbed my hair, jerked my head back and slapped my face from behind as he slammed my ass. "You my bitch?"


He slapped me again. "You my bitch?"

"Yes, Darren, Sir! I'm your bitch! I'm your cumsucking faggot bitch, Sir!" I moaned and squeezed his cock with my ass muscles.

He slapped my face again and growled, "You love bein' on your knees, getting a big dick shoved in your ass?"

"Yes, Darren, Sir! Please fuck me hard!"

"Reach back and feel my dick goin' in `n outta your pussy." I reached back and up between my legs, coating my forearm with my own cum residue from my now limp cock. It had remained hard for the first hour or so of this, but no longer. I felt at my hole as his cock pistoned in and out. It was hard to believe that such an amazingly thick shaft could fit inside my little hole. Before yesterday, I would have thought it would kill me.

He wore out and Adam re-mounted me, crouched the same way, but pulled me upright on my knees. He bit the base of my neck painfully while he growled and fucked me hard. It was so animalistic and I felt so pinned and truly like a bitch under the alpha wolf, getting bred, and loving it.

I liked them saying all the shit they said, and the way they made me answer them. My ass cheeks were fairly numb, fortunately, and my hole was raw as hell, but that was part of the thrill of being gangbanged and just having to take it. I wanted more!

I went crazy, mindlessly yelling at them to fuck me hard like a bitch. "You've both marked me, so go ahead and fuck your bitch! Oh YEAH! Oh god yeah! FUCK ME!" I screamed as I rocked my ass back at him hard, digging into the grass with my toes for leverage and slamming back into his groin.

He stood us up and walked us over to a fallen tree, fucking me all the way there. He shoved me over the log and fucked me relentlessly while I begged for more, zoned out in my crazed animal lust for cock, my ass so raw I was sure it must be bleeding. But I just needed more cock in me and begged Darren to shove his cock in my mouth while Adam kept fucking me.

"Please, Darren, please put it in my mouth? Pleeease, Sir?" The tender skin of my stomach was getting scratched all to hell by the rough tree bark from Adam thrusting into me and jerking me forward over and over. I didn't care. It was just part of it all.

Darren sighed heavily, but obliged me. He crawled over the log and grabbed my hair. He slapped my face and yelled, "Open up and eat my cock!" I did and he began shoving it down my throat and taking it out to club my face with it. "You love dick, don't ya! You fuckin' faggot! Eat my dick like the faggot cumwhore you are!"

"I LOVE IT! FEED IT TO ME!" I yelled as he clubbed my face and I tried to angle my mouth at his wildly swinging cock. When I got it back in, I sucked it so hard and fiercely that he came his second load within minutes in my mouth, letting it all fire onto my tongue and even giving me chances to swallow and take more so I didn't waste a drop. I was so grateful.

They were really getting off to my enthusiasm, and it seemed to drive them on and on. But when we all had cum twice, Adam fell off of me and Darren couldn't get back up to take over again. Once I determined neither was going for more, I collapsed in a heap and panted and still felt like one of their cocks was inside me. I guess my ass was attempting to close up, I don't know. All I know is, I had been FUCKED! Royally.

We all lay comatose for what seemed like hours. Nobody said a word. Eventually, Adam struggled to sit up. I watched him look around like he was just coming out of a daze.

"Am I alive? Didn't I just fuck myself to death?"

Darren chuckled and said, "I think Gabriel is telling us it's time to bathe in the holy river. We gotta get our shit together and get back home."

"Oh. Yeah. Drag." Adam didn't move, but after a moment, he chuckled and said, "Here we thought he would be begging us to stop. Hah!"

Darren laughed and said, "Bud, I do believe we just got out-fucked. Not that I'm complainin'..."

They stood up on shaky legs and Adam came over to me, offering a hand up. "Thanks," I said as I tried to make my legs work. My hole still felt like it was gaping open. Adam patted my ass appreciatively, winked and surged past me to dive into the creek. I reached back and cum was running down my thighs. I mean, three loads was a lot, and my hole was still very loose, still not closed up completely. I could probably have stuck my hand in right then.

We bathed leisurely, if not lethargically. Then we packed up camp and hiked out at a slow and easy pace. We had dumped all food, ice and drink, so the load was a lot lighter-- but it felt twice as heavy and we stopped to rest often.

Just before we got to the edge of the woods, Adam stopped us and we all sat our gear down. He and Darren stood side by side again and he snapped his fingers and pointed at the ground in front of them. I dutifully fell to my knees in front of them, glancing around to make sure no one was around, since little neighborhood kids played out here sometimes.

"That was a great camping trip, a fun weekend, and we'll do it again soon. Now, like I told you this mornin', everything will look the same to everyone else, but the three of us know what the deal is. Right now, I just want you to show your obedience and loyalty one more time before we all go home. I want you to do something that shows how much you love being our bitch; just some little something, whatever you come up with. Then you can go home and keep that picture in your mind tonight. Tomorrow morning, you meet me outside for the ride to school just like we always do. So... show your love, bitch."

I was on my knees already, so the logical thing to do was to take their cocks out and suck them or something. So I unzipped them one at a time and fished their expanding cocks out. Then I thought, `He's not really needing a blowjob after our amazing session a while ago. He said to do something to show my love and loyalty. Ok, show them.'

I pulled their balls out the openings too and nuzzled my face into Adam's sweaty crotch and kissed his nuts, inhaling his sweaty, musky, slightly acrid scent. Then I pulled Darren by the cock in close so both their cocks and balls were right in my face. I did the same to him, getting high on his unique and wonderful scent as well. I nuzzled and rubbed my face back and forth between them, kissing and licking as I did. They got fully hard again.

I said reverently into their balls, moving back and forth as I spoke, "I'm your bitch. I'm your cumsucking faggot bitch. I'm your property and I love being your property. I'm your bitch to fuck and I can't wait til you fuck my pussy again. I'll be thinking about you both and remembering this weekend all night until I see you tomorrow."

I sucked each of their cocks into my mouth, just once and sucked the saliva off as I let them slip out. I kissed the heads lovingly and stuffed them back in their shorts for them. Then I stood up and gathered my gear. They both just stood there a moment, looking back and forth between each other and me with pleased looks on their faces.

Adam stepped in and towered over me, leaning down with his mouth at my ear. I smelled his strong sweat from the hot hike back and my pulse raced. He reached around and grabbed my ass, jamming his finger against my sore hole through the cloth. He growled in my ear, "That's what I'm talkin' about! Gooood bitch. I'm gonna give you some kinda reward tomorrow. Oh, and do not-- I repeat-- do not cum again until I say you can, and remember what I told you to do."

I looked up surprised at him, but nodded my head compliantly, "Okay. Thank you." I didn't understand why he wanted this, but I wanted to obey him. Sitting down to piss was no big deal to do, and actually kept me thinking about being their bitch when I did, so I kinda looked forward to that.

We carried the gear to Adam's house and told his folks what a great time we had after stowing everything where it went. Then Darren went home. I was exhausted so I went next door to my house, grabbed a munchie and went to bed around seven. After my shower, I started to comb my hair out and my scalp hurt from them pulling and yanking on my hair so much. I tingled at the memories and wondered how in the hell my twisted mind could turn that kind of thing into a fond memory.

I looked in the mirror and saw a Cum Sucking Faggot Bitch, body battered and bruised, bite marks at the base of my neck, stomach all scratched up from tree bark. I should have been shocked at what I saw in the mirror, but I wasn't. I stared at him for a while, turning his head from one side to the other and studying what a cumsucking faggot bitch looked like. I looked carefully at the bite marks and bruises that were solid evidence of my weekend of, what, transformation? Indoctrination? Or was it simply a reality check? Welcome home to my new life? I practiced sneering at him, mocking him. I watched him wag his wrists to see if they were limp and feminine. They didn't seem to be. I watched him make faggoty expressions, but they really didn't fit his face.

But he was a faggot, nonetheless. I said aloud, but barely audible, "You love to suck dick and get fucked in the ass. You are Adam and Darren's cocksucker and buttboy bitch." Wow. What a concept. I squinted my eyes at myself and shook my head. Fucking amazing. UNfucking beLIEVable. "So what are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna just accept it and BE that?" I sneered at him and said, "Yeah, you know you're gonna accept it, cuz you know you are a CSFB."

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

I woke up from a dream of Adam fucking me, forty-five minutes before my alarm was set to go off. The whole weekend came back to me and made me shiver. `WOW! Your life has just done a one-eighty! What do you do now? How can you deal with all this? YOU'RE GAY! Oh my god, you're gay! True, that's not as big a shock as you keep letting it be in your mind. I mean, you knew it before. You were just trying not to face it. Ok, so now you have to face it."

I lay there thinking of some of the implications of being gay. I decided that I was definitely NOT ready to tell anyone else, especially my parents-- no-- especially not anyone at school! My life would be over, pure and simple, if anyone at school found out! So that was that. What else about being gay was there to think about? Maybe something would come up later, I decided.

But the main thing I had to think about was Adam and Darren and this whole bitch thing. I was seeing a pattern already: When I was having sex with them and enjoying myself, I was totally into being their bitch, and really did love it. But when I was mad, like when they spanked me and pissed on me, or like right now, thinking about it all, I started rejecting them and the whole bitch trip.

Kind of... I mean, this morning, I wasn't totally rejecting that trip, but I was resenting the total subjugation and loss of dignity. I loved the sex, I didn't even have to ponder that aspect of it all. I reached back and softly fondled my ass as I thought about all of this, fantasizing it was one of them caressing me there.

I loved them dominating me in sex. Apparently that was where my sexuality and personality went to naturally. I pretty much accepted that, as alien as it was to me-- or as alien as it was to think of anyone being into that. My understanding of human sexuality was pretty much limited to what I saw on TV and what I heard from my peers-- principally, Adam and Darren. It made me hard as a rock when I just thought about being dominated by them sexually, so apparently the bitch thing totally worked for me, and would just take getting used to. But the way they made it like I had no self worth other than to serve them... that's what I was having a problem with. But then I realized: That's what the whole `bitch' thing is all about, so get it through your thick skull!

I was so horny, I wanted to jack off, and started to-- then remembered Adam's command. My hand darted away from my cock and I thought, `That's what I mean! Why do they have to do all this other shit? Why can't they just fuck me and let me suck their dicks and forget all the other shit, like pissing on me and shit?'

Then, I remembered the pissing and them forcing me to drink it. So disgusting-- but I noticed my cock was jerking up and down on my belly. `Fuck... maybe I DO get off to it and just can't let myself believe it. Just like the gay thing. Maybe I do get off on all of it. Adam had said how they knew well before this weekend-- before I did-- that I was gay. He said I would love all the other shit too, so... maybe he's right. I'll have to just accept it all and see how it goes. Right now, go ahead and get ready for school. And remember: Don't stand up to piss! He can't see you, but... he'll know. I don't know how, but he'll know.'

***** ***** *****