Test Subject by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Title : Test Subject
Written by : Hector Himeros
Words : 9,652 words
Scene : M/M, reluctant, bondage, masturbation, oral, sex toy
Setting : Medical examination room
Location : USA
Time : Present day
Character #1 : Joe Baxter - 22 yo - cut - Caucasian man - straight - bottom
Character #2 : Doctor Bill - 51 yo - cut - Caucasian man - gay - ?

Joe Baxter is a typical college jock who is looking for income so that he can buy his girlfriend a nice expensive gift. An ad catches his eyes one day. All he has to do is becoming a test subject for a new aphrodisiac product. Being horny, Joe thinks that it may be the easiest job, not to mention fun, he'll ever do. After all, aphrodisiac is closely assosiacted with sex. 'How hard can it be?' he thought. Doctor Bill looks like a very friendly doctor. But as Joe gets naked and lies on the cold metallic bed, he realizes that he has done a big mistake by allowing himself to be tested like a lab rat.

"It's good to see you again, Joe," doctor Bill said as he welcome the youth in. A handsome guy came in and sat down on a chair and faced the doctor's desk. The doctor quickly pulled out a form from a stack of paper on his desk. The name Joe Baxter, along with a signature, was written on it. After showing the paper to Joe, the doctor said, "This is the form which you signed yesterday. It states that you've agreed to participate in the testing of the new aphrodisiac." Getting an affirmative nod from Joe, Bill smiled and then put the form away. "I'm glad you're determined to participate in this project, Joe. You're gonna be a hero to all impotent men who have erection problem." The doctor flashed his best smile at Joe. He looked quite handsome in white laboratory robe. Although Bill was in his late 40s, he had not lost his manly charm. Some of his short hair had turned gray. Yet, the aura of sexiness continued to ooze out from his body. Even straight men would admire Bill's masculinity and envy him. Standing up, the doctor ushered Joe inside. "Come in, Joe. Let's start the test."

Joe was a hunky college student, eager to get additional income. Being a test subject for an aphrodisiac drug sounded fun to him. It was a fast way to earn easy money. Before signing the form, the 22-year-old guy had indeed considered all the risks he might face. But Bill persuasively assured him that the side effects would not be dangerous. Standing up, he followed Bill into an isolated room. It was not large, but it had a lot of medical equipment. An air conditioner was placed on the far side of the room. Once he stepped in, he shivered because of the low temperature. The room looked like a laboratory in a science-fiction movie. A metal bed was located in the middle. It eerily reminded him of the beds used in morgues. Next to the bed was an electric equipment for measuring the patient's vital signs. Joe did not expect that the experiment would be so complicated like that.

"Take off your clothes, Joe. I want you to be naked," Bill said, walking over to the machine to prepare everything. Before Joe could protest, Bill quickly added, "Being naked is a must. After all, the drug that will be tested on you is an aphrodisiac, made to help cocks get erect. How can I test it if I can't observe your cock?" To the doctor's delight, the hunky college student finally took off his clothes. Without Joe's knowing it, Bill was eying his body secretly. 'Damn! This stud is hot. Oh, I love young muscles. He must be a famous jock in his college. Handsome and athletic. Shit! I start to get a hard-on,' the doctor thought, trying to hide his lewd erection. Fortunately, the laboratory coat he wore could hide the bulge from the view.

Joe's muscular pectorals and abdomen were exposed as he finished unbuttoning his shirt. Turning his back to Bill, Joe showed off his broad back when the shirt dropped to the floor. The college hunk did not realize that Bill's eyes were watching him very closely. Joe proceeded to take off his jeans. His bubble ass, wrapped in tight white briefs, was displayed. Bill's heart pounded fast as he enjoyed the erotic scene in front of him. Slowly, Joe's fingers slipped into the briefs and held the waistband. Hesitantly, the stud shucked them off. Joe's ass cheeks collided with each other as he lifted one of his feet to release the briefs. It was truly such an erotic display. From behind, Bill could see Joe's dick hanging between the thighs. When Joe turned his body, Bill had to fight the urge to rape him. Indeed, the sight of Joe's naked body was very overwhelming.

"Lie down please," Bill said, pretending to ignore Joe's nakedness. Bill's chest was heaving up and down, pumping fresh air into his lungs. Naturally, Bill always panted when he got too excited. At then, both of his hands itched, desperately wanting to grab Joe's beefy pecs. Standing by the bed, he prepared the electrodes which were to be placed on Joe's bare body. 'This young man is really arousing. Shit! I can't stop getting a hard-on. I wish I could fuck his ass and make him mine. Too bad, Joe is straight.' Hidden by the laboratory coat, Bill's dick did not stop throbbing. Rebelliously, it pushed forward and created a tenting bulge in the trousers. As it touched the edge of the metal bed, Bill's body shuddered. 'Damn! I must take care of this erection,' Bill thought, reaching his hand down. Secretly, he massaged his aching erection through the trousers. Another shuddering wave washed down the doctor's sturdy body.

Nervously, Joe laid his body on the cold metal bed. Involuntarily, Joe's body shivered as coldness jabbed his spine. But upon seeing how awkward Bill acted, Joe couldn't help asking, "Doctor, are you, ok?" The response that Joe received was a smile and the assurance that he would be fine. However, nervousness started to dawn on Joe. Never in his life had he found himself so vulnerable, lying naked on a gruesome cold bed in front of a stranger. Not knowing how the procedure would go, Joe shivered out of cold and anxiety. His heart was pounding fast, as if it could break the rib cage. His dick stayed limp, resting between his thighs. The circumcised cock's head was exposed. Joe's eyes widened, all of a sudden, when Bill suddenly produced a pair of cuffs and locked Joe's right arm to the bed. "Doc! Why am I being cuffed?"

"Relax, Joe. This experiment is very delicate. If you move too much, it will fail. Trust me, will you?" Bill responded, moving to the other edge of the bed. Again, he did the same thing to Joe's left arm. The doctor then fetched a tube of gel from a nearby metal cabinet before returning to the bed. Although Bill's hands slightly shivered from the over-excitement, Bill still managed to pull himself together. Carefully, he applied the clear gel on Joe's torso. As Bill's finger brushed one of Joe's hard nipples, Joe flinched. Indeed, those nipples were very sensitive to the touch. Normally, Joe's dick would rise up and harden immediately upon being rubbed. However, the coldness emanating from the metal bed rendered Joe's fuck tool helpless. Automatically, Joe's balls pulled themselves close to the base of the dick in order to keep the sperms inside warm. Doctor Bill continued to work, stealing a naughty glance once in a while. Afterward, he picked up the electrodes and placed them on Joe's chiseled stomach. Each electrode was connected to the machine by long cables. During the procedure, Joe could not stop squirming and gasping. Joe's gasp, although not erotic, was music to the doctor's ears.

"Doc, I feel weird," Joe commented, breaking the ice. "It feels like a sci-fi movie. But it's cool." Squirming, he flinched again as Bill placed an electrode on each of his gel-coated nipple. Giggling, he said, "Careful, doc! My nipples are very ticklish. They're very sensitive." As he flinched, his chiseled abdomen contracted. Getting goose bumps, the soft hair that grew on his skin stood erect. At then, Joe finally realized that the doctor was stealing a glance at his athletic naked body. Smiling proudly, Joe commented, "Doesn't my body look good, doc? I've trained a lot, you know. This sexy body did not come by magic." The absurd urge to show off his muscles suddenly filled Joe's mind. Proudly, he contracted his biceps. "Yeah, I'm quite proud of my muscles, doc."

Bill could only gulped down his drool as he felt helpless to fight the arousal. His erection was still throbbing hard. At that point, a drop of precum oozed out of Bill's cock slit and wetted his briefs. It was only a matter of time until the dampness of the precum reached Bill's trousers. 'Fuck! If Joe keeps teasing me like this, I'll probably rape him. I'm too horny. And Joe looks very sexy. I really want to fuck his straight ass,' Bill thought, grinding his erection against the edge of the bed. The cock pulsated inside the trousers as it eagerly waited for the chance to fuck Joe's tight ass. After fetching a cock ring, Bill then wrapped it around the base of Joe's limp dick. As Bill touched the fuck pole, both his hands shuddered with pure lust. Pretending to be nonchalant, Bill grabbed the limp dick and gave it a few strokes. "I need to get it semi-hard so that I can attach this cock ring around your cock," the doctor stated his reason before Joe could protest.

Surprisingly, Joe did not protest at all. On the contrary, Joe seemed to enjoy the hand treatment. "Oh doc," he gasped, his naked body squirming. "Your hand feels so good on my dick. You're the only man who ever touches my dick." Involuntarily, Joe flinched when Bill's callused palm brushed the reddish cock head. "Ah! Use some lube, won't you, doc!" he protested. 'Fuck! What will the doctor do to me? But I must admit, I enjoy his stroking. I should have been very hard by now. The fucking cold steel bed keeps my cock limp.' To Joe's delight, Joe saw the doctor squeeze out some lube and smear it on Joe's dick head. "Yeah, doc. It feels so good," Joe moaned as Bill rubbed the gel evenly around the dick head. As soon as Bill finished lubing up the entire head, he continued stroking Joe's dick. But no matter how long he stroked the man meat, it stayed soft. "Fuck! I can't get hard, doc," Joe whimpered, his eyes staring at Bill desperately. The pressure had built itself inside Joe's balls. Yet, he could hardly derive any pleasure from it. "Doc, I can't get hard," he whimpered again, pleading for help.

Calmly, Bill answered, "That's the whole point, Joe. The metal bed and the air conditioner keep your body cold, thus you can't get hard. It's important that your dick stays limp so that we can test the drug." Despite Joe's protest, Bill secured the cock ring around Joe's dick shaft. It was not an ordinary cock ring, because it had cables attached to it. The cables were connected to the same machine to which the electrodes were attached. "With this cock ring, I can measure how hard your erection is after you take the drug." Stepping back, Bill marveled at his own work. "I think we're ready now." Bill fished out a small plastic bottle of pink pills from his coat pocket. Popping the lid open, he took one pill out. "This pill is going to make your cock as hard as steel," Bill said, showing the pink pill to Joe. Leaning over, he brought it to Joe's mouth. "Now, be a good boy and gulp it down."

Obediently, Joe opened his mouth and let the doctor drop the pill in. Without any water, Joe gulped the pink pill down his throat. It took some effort for it was not easy to drink a pill without water. As soon as the pill was swallowed, it slid its way down Joe's throat. "Does this pill really work, doc?" Joe asked, not being able to restrain his curiosity. "I mean, I'm freezing here. My cock shrivels like a dried leaf. Can the pill really overcome it?" Joe sounded as if he did not believe in the effect of that sex pill. Lying on the cold bed nervously, Joe waited impatiently for the drug to affect his dick. No words were spoken during the waiting. The doctor kept his eyes on the clock. Then suddenly, Joe started to complain, "Doc, I feel so hot, literally. I'm not cold anymore." True to his words, sweat beaded up his broad torso. As the sweat drops grew larger, they flowed down the side of Joe's body. "Shit! What's happening? I'm burning up." For a moment, Joe was afraid that the drug might endanger his life. But to his surprise, he started to feel the warmth course down his dick. Slowly, Joe's manhood hardened as blood started to fill the interior of the dick. "Wow, it really works. I'm having a hard-on!" Joe spoke excitedly.

Bill was smiling with great satisfaction. Turning to the machine, the doctor checked for any abnormal vital signs. Turning back to Joe's engorged dick, Bill noticed that Joe's erection was as hard as steel. As the dick got thicker, the cock ring grew tighter. "Great! The drug works well on your dick. It proves that even cold weather is not an obstacle to get a hard on," Bill said, looking quite impressed. Eagerly, he wrote down all the details of the experiment, while Joe was left on the bed with an aching hard-on. After finishing the note, he put it down and walked up to Joe. Without any hesitation, Bill rubbed Joe's throbbing dick to feel how hard it was. "I see that your cock is throbbing hard. The drug is indeed created to help sexually impotent men achieve full erection. But it can also help men get multiple orgasm, meaning that he can cum more than once without resting. And today we're gonna test how many times you can squirt out your cum."

The idea of multiple ejaculation without resting sounded very exciting to Joe. Eagerly, he nodded his head. "Yeah, doc. Let's test it. I have to admit that the drug has indeed made me very horny. If my hands hadn't been cuffed, I would have jerked my cock to orgasm. Just look at my cock. It never stops throbbing." Lifting his head up, Joe looked down at his own erect dick. The dick glared back at him as it throbbed without being touched. The piss slit, slightly open, was like an eye that stared right into Joe's. A minute had passed but the doctor had not started the cum test. Joe got impatient because of the aphrodisiac effect of the drug. "I'm so fucking horny, doc. Please do something. My hard-on is killing me," Joe groaned, laying his head back on the cold metal bed. "I really need to cum. I must release my loads. It seems that the drug also stirs my cum inside. I can't take it anymore." Squirming helplessly, Joe tried in vain to free his hands from the cuffs. "Ah! Stroke my cock, doc. Make me cum, please." But to Joe's disappointment, Bill decided not to do anything.

Standing by the bed, doctor Bill looked down on Joe's helpless body. "You're a handsome young man, Joe. I like your athletic body very much," he suddenly said. Sensually, he ran his bare hand on Joe's sweating body. Carefully, Bill detached the electrodes one by one. As each electrode was being pulled out, Joe felt as if his skin was being sucked away. Bill said again, "Yes, I like you very much, sexually." Upon hearing the word 'sexually', Joe froze. And the doctor quickly continued, "I chose you to test my new aphrodisiac pill because I wanted to fuck you afterward. I know that you are straight. But my pill will change your mind, soon," Bill said, grinning slyly. Finally the last electrode had been detached. Massaging Joe's athletic pectorals, Bill ran his hands all over the chest. The remains of the gel was spread evenly across the skin like skin lotion. "Oh, your body is so muscular, yet you're only 22. I like a handsome hunk like you, Joe." Sensually, Bill reached down and groped Joe's dick head. As the knob was touched, Joe flinched and whimpered. To Bill's pleasure, the cock throbbed and finally oozed out its first precum drop. "I see that you're very horny. The drug will drive you insane with pent-up lust, unless I help you release your cum loads."

"Fuck you!" Joe spurted out angrily. Using all his physical strength, he vainly tried to break the cuffs. "You're a fucking faggot, you know! Go fuck yourself!" Joe cursed, kicking wildly. "I'm gonna sue you, homo! You're gonna rot in jail. Fuck you!" Joe yelled again. But all the hard struggle brought nothing but exhaustion. At then, he realized that there was nothing he could do to break free. "Let me go, fagot. I can break your neck with my strong beefy arms, you know it." To show Bill that he really meant it, Joe flexed his biceps. Instantly, the pecs also contracted. Joe's nipples looked more pointy as the pecs where they rested on suddenly bulged up. "Release me now! You fucking faggot!" Fuck you!"

But all the curses were ignored. Bill could not be provoked that easily. "If you want my help, stop your childish act. The more emotional you become, the faster the drug works. I must warn you, this drug is the ultimate aphrodisiac. It's designed to last for approximately 24 hours. So, any guy who takes it will have a raging hard-on and insatiable lust for about 24 hours." As he spoke, he busily unbuttoned his white shirt. Hurriedly, Bill tried to get out of his clothes. One by one, the clothes dropped down to the floor. A minute later, the gay doctor stood in front of Joe without any thread on his body. "Like to see my body, Joe?" The robe had indeed hid all the muscular contour from Joe's eyes. Bill asked again, "Are you amazed to see my body, Joe? I know you must have thought that I had a flabby fatty body like most men of my age."

Proudly, the doctor showed off his naked body. As he stretched his arms, he deliberately flexed his muscles. Soft chest hair adorned Bill's muscular pecs. The chest hair grew from the narrow valley between his bulging pecs down to the flat stomach. Bill looked very manly, subduing Joe's image as a college hunk. It turned out that Bill was a gym enthusiast. Joe ran his eyes down Bill's body and found a large erect dick. Bill's 7-inch circumcised dick did not stop throbbing as it knew that it would soon drill Joe's straight ass. Glistening, the dick head was coated by a layer of precum. A pair of heavy balls was hanging under the crotch.

At then, Joe suddenly lost the will to fight. He realized that what Bill said was quite true. The heat produced by his body continued to build up as more sweat escaped his body pores. The metal bed where he lay on had been literally flooded with his own sweat! 'Oh fuck! What to do? This drug is killing me. I'm so horny that I feel my cock is gonna burst. That damned cock ring only adds to my suffering coz it's choking my shaft. Fuck! I have no choice,' Joe thought, hating to admit his defeat. "Ah! Fuck!" Joe yelled as the lust growing in him was unbearable. "OK, you win, doc! You win!" Joe knew that he would be fucked against his will but he had no other choice. "Help me, doc! Release my cum! Quick! I'm so horny," he begged desperately. "It's getting torturous! Please, doc! I beg you!" Both of his eyes were staring helplessly at Bill.

Bill smiled to himself as he managed to subdue the cocky jock. "Good boy, that's what I want from you. Your total submission to me. Actually, the effect of the drug is just an illusion. The drug user is not as virile as he thinks he is, because the drug will only force him to keep spurting cum until the effect wears out." Shamelessly, Bill grabbed his own erect dick. Stroking it in front of Joe, the perverted doctor continued, "I've been hard for you, Joe. I don't need the drug because I can get pleasure from seeing you cum again, again, and again. Yeah, I'll make you cum till you beg for mercy." Fondling Joe's sweaty chest, the doctor gave him a sly yet horny grin. "You're so horny. And you do want to cum, right?" Bill said, teasing Joe's left nipple with his fingers. Using his thumb and index finger, the doctor played with Joe's hard nipple. "Yeah, I love your nipples, Joe. They're so pinkish, so sexy, and so hard. Does it feel good if I rub them with my fingers?" Releasing his own dick, Bill used the other hand to finger Joe's right nipple. "Yeah, groan for me. Let me hear that sensual moan."

"Fuck! Stop it, doc! You're only making me hornier. Oh, please, stop!" Joe whimpered, squirming helplessly on the wet steel bed. Repeatedly, he was bucking hard against the restraint. His muscles, especially the biceps and pectorals, flexed to their limit as he desperately tried to avoid Bill's fingers. "Don't play with my nipples! They're too sensitive. Doctor, please. Shit!" However, doctor Bill ignored Joe's pathetic pleas; he continued to finger those delightful nipples. Apparently, the side effect of the drug increased the body sensitivity. Joe's body was more sensitive to the touch. "Ah, fuck! Doc, leave my nipples alone!" Joe yelled, struggling to free himself from the handcuffs. Violently, the handsome jock was finning like a fish out of water. But the more he struggled, the hornier Bill became. After a few minutes of violent struggle, finally Joe lost all his energy. "Please, don't rub my nipples," Joe sobbed, flinching weakly.

"Yeah, you're nothing but a male whore. You desperately need to cum. I'm gonna give it to you right now," the naked doctor said. "But wait till I finish kissing you." Without any hesitation, the lewd doctor suddenly bent his body over and brought his lips to Joe's. Bill was aware that, as a straight guy, Joe certainly hated being lustfully kissed by a man. Forcefully, the doctor pressed his lips against Joe's and gave him his first man-to-man kiss. Bill's tongue forced its way into Joe's mouth. No matter how hard Joe tried to keep his mouth shut, the doctor's tongue managed to pry it open. As soon as it happened, drool poured out of Bill's mouth and entered Joe's. While Bill was kissing the college stud, he did not forget to grope Joe's body and squeeze the muscles in order to sexually stimulate the college hunk. Joe could not help flinching as Bill's callused hands touched him. Bill's tongue continued to sweep the inside of Joe's oral orifice.

"Oh! Fuck!" Joe yelled, between the slobbering kisses he received. "Make me cum, please, doc. I want to cum," he whimpered, almost crying. The lust that he felt had started to disorient him. Joe only had one thought in his head, which was to cum. And the only one who could make him cum was the doctor. Thus, Joe tried not to resist the kiss as Bill's lips invaded his. "Doc, I'm still horny. Have mercy. My cock almost bursts out. Please, make me cum. Jerk my dick off or suck it. Do anything you want to me, but make me cum now, please." Throbbing, Joe's dick head looked shiny as it was covered in a thick layer of precum.

After breaking the kiss, the doctor turned to Joe's dick. The slimy dick looked very inviting, throbbing before Bill's eyes. "You want to cum? I'm gonna make you cum, slut boy," Bill gasped, reaching out for the impatient dick. As Bill's hand wrapped around the shaft, Joe shuddered and let out a desperate groan. "Yeah, my hand feels so good on your cock, huh?" Bill asked, tightening his grip around the throbbing man meat. Mercilessly, he kept squeezing the shaft until Joe groaned out in pain. "Yeah, I'm making you cum. Spurt your cum for me. Let me see how much you can cum, boy. Oh, I love seeing men cum." The gripping hand started to slide up and down Joe's slick shaft. As Joe's dick throbbed harder, it produced more precum. "I'm jacking your dick off. Cum for me, Joe. Let me see you shoot that cock juice. Ah yeah, you can do it. Shoot it. Shoot now!"

"Oh! Yeah, doc. I can feel it. I'm so close. Ah, doc!" Joe whimpered, squirming violently. Contracting and flexing, his body immediately responded to the furious stroking. In the doctor's hand, Joe's dick could not stop drooling. Repeatedly, drops of precum were pushed out of the cock slit. "Fuck! Ah yes! Doc, I'm cumming! Oh! I'm really cumming!" Suddenly, Joe's muscles bulged up, flexing beyond their limit. The skin, covered by a layer of sweat, was stretched to accommodate the contracting muscles. Orgasm finally dawned on Joe as that jock lifted up his hips to fuck Bill's gripping hand. "Ah! Make me cum, doc! Oh yes! Fuck! I'm spurting out my cum for you, doc!" Uncontrollably, Joe spewing out his gooey cock juice. The thick milky liquid flew up several inches in the air before landing on Joe's contracting stomach. For several times, Joe's erect dick pulsated. The perverted doctor kept milking it while whispering some dirty words. "Fuck! Oh! Yes, doctor! I'm cumming!" Orgasm was wracking the jock's body for seconds. However, to Joe, the orgasm felt like an eternity. With a long sigh, he finally ended his ejaculation. No more cum flowed out of the dick. Looking quite exhausted, Joe lay quietly. His sweaty torso was heaving up and down.

"It was very nice, Joe. I didn't expect you would cum so much," the doctor commented, planting another lustful kiss on Joe's mouth. "How are you feeling? Is it better now? Don't get too happy first, the aphrodisiac will force you to cum again." Letting go of Joe's slimy dick, Bill brought his cum-coated palm to his own mouth. Right in front of Joe, Bill showed no hesitation as he licked up the remains of Joe's cum from the hand. "Oh, this is the best cum I've ever tasted. It's a bit salty, yet bitter." Turning to Joe, he continued, "I guess, you haven't tasted your own cum, right?" Bill did not need any answer from Joe, for he knew exactly that, as a straight hunk, Joe would never want to taste his own cum. Reaching out a hand, the lewd doctor scooped up the cum pooling on Joe's rippled abdomen. Bill dipped his fingers into the cum pool then lifted them up for Joe to see. "See how thick and creamy your cum is? Here, try some." Bill's cum-coated fingers were brought to Joe's lips. "Open up and eat your own cum. You just shot this liquid out of your dick. Now, taste it."

His head spinning with disgust, Joe had no choice but to surrender himself. As Bill's fingers entered Joe's slightly parted mouth, the jock unwillingly tasted his own cum. "Damn! It's fucking bitter," he whimpered, surprised at the horrible taste of his own juice. Joe's reaction was quite normal for a straight guy who just tasted his first cum. However, the doctor kept forcing him to lap more cum from those fingers. Joe could only whimpered, not being able to protest. Having no choice, Joe sucked the fingers clean. But after they were clean, Bill, again, scooped up more cum from Joe's stomach. Joe felt like crying as the fingers were back with more cum. Parting his lips, Joe let the cum dripped into his mouth. At then, the aphrodisiac began to influence his body, again. Against Joe's wish, his dick hardened and elongated as blood immediately filled the veins in his dick. Still slurping on his own cum, Joe whimpered, "Oh fuck! I'm hard again. Do something, Doc. Help me! I can't help getting hard."

"Don't worry, boy. Help is on the way. But first, you must do something for me," doctor Bill said, grinning slyly. Presenting his dick, he shoved his own erection against Joe's cheek. "Suck my cock first. Then I'm gonna let you cum. I've dripped so much precum without being able to cum. I want you to milk my cock with your mouth, then drink all of it down your throat. After you finish sucking me, I'm gonna allow you to cum." Immediately, Bill got a negative response from Joe. But Bill reminded him, "If you refuse to comply, I'll let your growing lust torture you. So, the choice is yours." In his mind, Bill was laughing victoriously because there was no way that Joe would reject him. "So, do you want to suck my dick, huh?" The slimy dick was throbbing in front of Joe's lips. "Open up and take my cock," he said, shoving the meat. Its knob was covered in a layer of slimy precum.

Joe could not conceal his shock as he heard the perverted request. "Oh fuck!" he whimpered desperately, knowing for sure that he had no other choice than to suck the doctor's dick. Unwillingly opening his mouth, Joe closed his eyes. He just wanted to finish the whole ordeal fast. Thinking of the disgusting object entering his mouth, Joe felt like throwing up. However, at the same time, his mind was getting messed up by the torturous lust. 'Fuck! What's happening to me? I'm too horny to think straight. I'm not queer but I start to feel as if I long to suck the doctor's dick. Am really I gay?' he thought. As Bill's cock was inserted into Joe's mouth, Joe quickly closed his mouth and sealed the throbbing meat inside it. Immediately, the salty taste of precum filled his taste buds. To Joe, it tasted horrible. Yet, he kept licking the cock head because his mind was clouded by the aphrodisiac.

"Yeah, suck my cock, boy. Keep sucking it till I spill my cum in your mouth. Feel the velvety texture of my cock head. Worship it." the gay doctor laughed, satisfied to see how submissive Joe was. "Yeah, use your mouth. Form a tight ring with your lips and stroke my cock. Yeah, like that. Milk my fuck rod with your mouth. Yeah, that's it, you're natural, boy. Oh!" Bill's naked body shuddered as Joe frantically sucked the man meat. "Fuck yes! Keep sucking my dick. Yeah, satisfy my lust." Looking down, Bill was very excited to see the hunky guy go down on him. "Oh fuck! Take my dick in your mouth, slut! Suck it well!" Although Joe's sucking technique was bad, Bill really enjoyed it.

Since Bill was standing next to the metal bed, in order to suck Bill's dick, Joe had to turn his head towards Bill. The side of his cheek which was pressed hard against the steel bed felt cold. Slurping on the man meat, Joe tried his best to suck the fuck tool. Meanwhile, Joe's lust kept growing uncontrollably. Joe's mighty dick throbbed achingly, coated by the juice of its previous ejaculation. Hoping to be able to ease the aching erection, Joe's naked body squirmed from time to time. Unfortunately, it was useless. 'Fuck! I'm getting hornier. My dick is still aching. I have to cum!' Joe's glistening cock head turned purplish, looking as if it was about to burst. As the male member throbbed again, a pearly drop of precum oozed out and flowed down the shaft.

"Yeah, keep sucking my cock, boy. Suck it till I cum if you want me to milk your dick again. Oh, you're such a good cock sucker," Bill said, sniggering. Watching Joe's facial expression, Bill could tell that Joe desperately wanted to cum. "You're so horny, aren't you? It seems that the drug works much better than I expected." Laughing with great satisfaction, Bill reached over for Joe's sweaty pecs. "I'm gonna make you hornier by fingering your nipples. Yeah, it drives you crazy with lust, right?" With no mercy, the doctor was fingering each nipple. Rudely, he rubbed those sensitive nipples with his callused fingers. Each rub forced a muffled groan out of Joe's stuffed mouth. Those helpless groans then vibrated through Bill's erection. "Fuck! It feels so damn good! Keep groaning for me. Suck my dick. Oh yeah! You're so sexy. I do love muscular handsome young men. Your naked athletic body makes me horny and I want to fuck you. Ah! Lick my cock slit, too. Fuck!"

Slurping the leaking meat, Joe slowly adapted to the salty taste of precum. Clumsily, he was sucking Bill's dick. The ring-shaped mouth of his kept massaging the dick head. Back and forth, Joe's head moved as he milked Bill's throbbing manhood. 'Damn! Bill's dick starts to taste good. Is it because of the drug? Or am I really gay? The more I suck this cock, the more I like it. I love the slippery texture of his precum on my tongue. I'm so horny. I don't care about anything else. Right now, my goal is to make Bill cum. Afterward, he'll allow me to release my pent-up cum. Ah, fuck! Shoot your cum out, doc! Shoot it!' Drops of sweat crawled down Joe's handsome face as he breathed against Bill's crotch.

"Ah! Shit! You're getting better at sucking my dick, straight boy! I really like it! Yeah!" Bill groaned, thrusting his hips forward. As he slammed his manhood into Joe's mouth, he added, "My cock is leaking out so much precum for you, boy. Ah yes! I do think I'm close to cumming. My whole naked body is tingling with indescribable sensation. I'm gonna flood your mouth and fill it with my thick creamy manly cock juice. Ah, fucking yes! You're such a cock slut. Keep sucking my dick. Don't stop." Enjoying the suction, Bill continued to play with Joe's nipples. "Yeah, groan as much as you like. Your groans vibrate through my hard dick. And it feels so fucking great! Oh yeah, make me horny."

Helplessly squirming, Joe could not bear the stimulation that his nipples received. Like a mad bronco, he bucked his body. Both of his legs shuddered violently. Perspiration never stopped wetting Joe's naked body. It even flooded the surface of metal bed where Joe's body lay. In addition, Joe's sweat emanated strong manly scent. 'Fuck! The drug is killing me. My cock is aching so much. It feels like my shiny cock head would burst if it's touched. Damn! I really need to cum. I have to cum!' Another strong shudder coursed down his body. It was soon followed by muffled groans. Meanwhile, Bill still faithfully thrust his dick in and out of Joe's sucking mouth. The entire length of that dick was slick with Joe's drool. From the corners of Joe's lips, droplets of drool occasionally spurted out.

"Oh!" That doctor suddenly let out a long groan. His torso expanded as air filled in his lungs. "I'm so close, fuck! I'm gonna cum, Joe!" Leaving Joe's swollen nipples, he headed for Joe's aching hard dick. Lustfully, he grabbed it and started to stroke it. "I'm stroking your dick, Joe. I want you to cum with me. Oh yeah, we're gonna shoot our cum loads together. Yeah, doesn't it sound horny? Oh, I want to see you shoot again." However, Joe's dick had been covered by a thick layer of cum. It was not easy to get a firm grip around that creamy meat. Sliding up and down the shaft loosely, Bill's fist continued to massage Joe's hard-on. He did get pleasure from seeing Joe beg for sexual release. Yet, he got more pleasure to see Joe spurt out his cum for the second time. "Oh yeah! Let's cum together, sexy boy! Cum for me, slut. I know you must want it desperately. Shoot out your sperms. Let me see you spew out ribbons after ribbons of thick gooey man cream."

Joe could not say anything because his mouth was stuffed with Bill's cock. But he did respond by producing a series of muffled groans. 'Yeah! I'm about to cum, too. Ah, shit! This perverted doctor really knows how to turn me on. Cumming is the only way to release this sexual tension. I must cum! Fuck!' Under the effect of the aphrodisiac, it was quite easy for Joe to spurt out his loads only minutes after his previous ejaculation. He did not even have to work hard to earn his second orgasm. The drug increased his ejaculatory capability temporarily. 'Ah! Fuck! His hand feels so good on my hard dick! I would groan if I could. I want Bill to keep milking me. I do want to cum. Oh! I hate to admit it but I have never been so horny like this. Damn!' Joe's body convulsed as orgasm approached it. Inevitably, Joe's sweaty body was contracting. All the muscles in his body bulged up as Joe bucked wildly for his impending climax.

"Yes! Fuck, Joe! I'm gonna cum. Here it is. I'm cumming for you! Oh yes!" Bill yelled, throwing his head back. Instantly, the dick in Joe's mouth jerked violently. And as it did, it unleashed a torrent of hot juicy cum. "Suck my dick, boy! Drink my cum. Don't miss a drop. Yes! Take my cum. Fuck, Joe!" Shivering, Bill's knees were barely able to support his own body weight. "Fuck!" he groaned again, as he thrust his hips towards Joe's mouth. Furiously, he was slamming his dick in and out as that meat puked out its juice.

'Fuck! That perverted doctor shot his loads in my mouth. His cum is so thick, how can I swallow it?' Since it was Joe's first time to swallow cum, he found it quite difficult. But still, he tried his best. Joe frantically gulped down much of the cock juice. Instinctively, he wanted to spit it out. But there was no chance to do that because doctor Bill was pumping Joe's mouth like crazy. Thus, the jock could only gulp down the cum as fast as he could. Yet, it was not as easy as it might sound. The cock juice was quite thick and was hard to swallow. As the cum reached his throat, Joe was choked. Coughing, he was powerless to stop the pouring cum. As the result, Bill's gooey man cream spurted out from the corners of Joe's mouth.

Bill did not care for Joe's predicament. He only wanted to vent out his own lust. With strong determination, he fucked Joe's mouth as his dick continued to produce more cum. "Yeah! Fuck you, Joe! Take my dick like a real man. You're only a cocksucker who longs to service a real man's dick. Yeah, gulp down my cock juice." Bill's manhood slid in and out, churning the spilled cum inside Joe's mouth. The cock's girth kept Joe's mouth gaping open. "Yeah! Take my cum, Joe. You want my cock juice, right? It tastes good, doesn't it? Damn! You're a quick learner. You suck much better. Fuck, yeah! I'm cumming for you!" After undergoing violent spasms for several seconds, finally Bill stopped shaking as his orgasm drew to an end. Sighing, the doctor maintained his thrust for several more times inside Joe's cum-filled mouth. "Yeah, lick my dick clean. You like tasting my cum, don't you?" Gradually, the doctor's manhood shrank and grew limp. Sighing with much satisfaction, Bill pulled his dick out. Seeing that Joe's lips were stained with cum, Bill said, "You have cum on your lips, slut. Lick it up." And to Bill's satisfaction, Joe obliged.

"Ah! Fuck! I'm about to cum," Joe groaned, his sweat-soaked head thrashing about. Droplets of sweat splattered to all directions. Bill's hand was still eagerly jerking Joe's erection. "Doc, I'm very horny. The drug drives me crazy with lust! Fuck!" It was very obvious that Joe could no longer control himself. His purplish cock head glistened, covered by excessive flow of precum. Clear precum smeared Bill's stroking palm. "Doc, I'm cumming! I can't take it anymore. Ah! I can feel it. It's coming. Fuck, yes!" Right after saying those words, Joe produced a long guttural cry. A thick wad of cum was shot out of his cock slit at the same time. As the cum shot landed on Joe's cum-stained abdomen, another load flew out of his throbbing dick. "I'm cumming! Shit! It feels so great! Oh, I'm cumming!" Repeatedly, Joe's thick loads were squirted until Joe lost count. His whole body convulsed as his muscles flexed, but the cuffs managed to steady it. His face contorting, Joe looked as if he was in great pain, but what he really felt was pure ecstasy. The cock ring, attached to Joe's dick, contributed to enhance the orgasmic experience because it choked the base of the cock and made the ejaculation more powerful. The orgasmic ecstasy soon came to a halt, leaving Joe panting on the wet metal bed. His mind was reeling, still affected by the shattering orgasm. Joe's naked body was bathed in gooey man cream as his broad pecs were heaving for breath.

"I'm gonna introduce you to a new kind of pleasure. Straight guys usually never want to explore this kind of sexual pleasure. However, once they experience it, they are forever hooked." The naked doctor fetched something from the desk. Joe's eyes widened as he saw the object that Bill carried in his hand. It was a dildo made of metal! It was, however, not an ordinary dildo because there were electronic buttons on one end. Seized by straight guys' worst fear, Bill was speechless as he imagined himself being fucked by horrendous object. Holding the electric dildo in his hand, Bill came over to Joe's helpless body. Receiving no resistance, doctor Bill lifted one of Joe's legs and pulled it away to expose a puckered ass hole. Never having been penetrated, the anal orifice looked very tight. Bill could not help licking his lips because he'd love to dump his loads there. "This dildo is gonna make you happy," that doctor finally said. Deliberately, he brought the dildo to Joe's ass lips in order to tease the jock. As soon as the cold metal dildo came in touch with Joe's ass hole, Joe flinched with much surprise. "Ah, you like it, don't you?" Bill sniggered, teasing Joe's hole for some minutes. "Yeah, you want to have this dildo up your ass, huh? Oh yes, you do. Look at your dick. It's hard again."

Whimpering desperately, Joe started to question his sexual orientation again. Despite the aphrodisiac that kept getting his dick hard, Joe did realize that he enjoyed being used by a man. It was truly confusing but he had no time to ponder about that. "I'm horny again. Shit! I feel another strong urge to cum again. It's horribly unbelievable. I just came, twice! But now I feel like cumming again. Fuck! But my dick starts to hurt. Doc, help me. Make me cum again. Release me from this sexual torture. Please, Doc!" Against his will, lust built up inside him. Joe's cum-coated dick stood hard, throbbing constantly. "Doc, I don't care what you're gonna do to me. Just milk my cock please. I want to cum so bad. Make me cum, doc. Please." The sexual frustration managed to drown Joe's fear about the dildo. At that point, he no longer cared about being fucked. He simply wanted to cum!

"Good boy," the doctor replied, smiling wickedly. "I'm gonna insert this metal dildo into your asshole. There's nothing to be afraid of. It will make you cum. In the end, you'll beg me to let it stay inside you," Bill said as he scooped up some cock juice from Joe's chiseled stomach. The gooey liquid was then used to lubricate the the tip of the dildo. The strong smell of cum permeated the room immediately. "Yeah, get ready," he said, placing the dildo in front of Joe's clenching asshole. The doctor then pushed the metal object in, forcing Joe's asshole to open up. "Don't fight it, Joe. Let it enter you. Embrace the pleasure I'm gonna give you. Let me help you cum!"

Under the influence of the aphrodisiac, Joe could not control his asshole completely. As the dildo inched deeper, Joe lost the battle. Suddenly, the muscles around his anus relaxed and let the invading object to penetrate deeper. The naked jock could only moan helplessly when he realized that he just lost his anal virginity to a dildo. Forcibly, Joe's ass lips were forced to open wider. Not getting used to it, the ass began to ache. The jock winced painfully, feeling as if his ass was being torn apart. Instinctively, Joe tried to break the cuffs even though he knew it was useless. He continued to groan until the dildo finally stopped pushing in. Breathing hard, Joe noticed that his ass had been filled up.

"You should be proud of yourself, Joe. This dildo is quite thick but you've managed to take it up your ass," doctor Bill commented as he pressed a button on the dildo. Suddenly, the metal dick started to buzz. As it did, it sent strong vibration through Joe's fuck hole. Immediately, Joe responded with a loud groan of surprise. "Does it feel good? This dildo is actually a vibrator. However, it can also do this." The doctor then pressed another button. All of a sudden, a wave of electricity zapped Joe's asshole. The sudden electro-shock treatment jolted Joe's cum-soaked body. Noticing that Joe's cock was still hard, Bill looked very pleased. Teasing Joe's asshole, the doctor then withdrew the dildo slowly. The asshole tried to cling onto it but finally lost it. Silently, the dildo popped out of Joe's ass. "Let me put more lube on it," Bill said, smearing more cum onto the dildo head. Afterward, Bill brought it to Joe's twitching ass hole. Mercilessly, Bill pushed the dildo in for the second time. The mere coldness of the steel was strong enough to make Joe's body shudder.

"Oh! Fuck!" Joe yelped as the steel dildo invaded his ass hole again. After being stretched previously, the asshole became somewhat more flexible. The additional cum, smeared on the tip, made the dildo slicker. Thus, it was easier to pry open Joe's ass. "Fuck! Doc, it still hurts! Ah!" Before the dildo head managed to lodge itself inside, Bill pressed the button. The metal dildo vibrated, making Joe's body shudder. "Ah! It's too much for me, doc! I'm still horny!" Clawing at the metal bed, Joe groaned out painfully. All muscles within his naked body flexed hard as the jock tried to bear the anal pain. Joe's powerless ass muscles let the dildo slip its head in. "Oh, fuck!" Joe cried. But, to his surprise, suddenly, the dildo head was in! Before Joe could breathe out his relief, the rest of the dildo was pushed in so hard that it was immediately lodged deep inside the rectum. Joe could only squirmed and groaned helplessly. His abused asshole was forced to stretch once again.

Not giving Joe time to readjust, Bill also pressed the button for electric shock. With that button pressed, the dildo would deliver electric shock every 5 seconds which was strong enough to stimulate his dick but weak enough to cause any harm. "This dildo is going to make you cum repeatedly. The strong vibration and electric shock will boost the force of your orgasm. Happy cumming, slut boy." Laughing like a maniac, Bill slapped Joe's face with his already-limp dick. "I won't have to fuck you coz this dildo will do its job well. After all, I'm too tired to fuck you. One orgasm has already tired me out. I'm gonna leave you here. Cum as much as you want, Joe." Bill laughed again, sauntering away. He did not even bother to put on his clothes. They remained on the floor. After doctor Bill left the room, Joe started to get panicky.

"Doc! Don't leave me here, please. Doc! Let me go! Doc!" But before Joe could finish yelling, another wave of electricity zapped his naked body. "Fuck!" Joe cursed as his body jolted. Large sweat drops seeped out from his body pores. The pooling sweat on the metal bed became a good conductor, spreading the electricity across Joe's drenched body. "Ah shit! I'm being electrocuted. That doctor is really insane! Fuck!" Even though the shock was mild, Joe was worried something would go wrong. However, he could not deny that the electricity did churn the cum inside his ball sacks. 'I'm getting hornier. What to do? I'm strapped to the steel bed with a raging hard-on and a vibrating electric dildo in my ass. I can't stand getting horny constantly. My cock aches but I still have the urge to cum. This is very torturous," Joe whimpered, almost sobbing. "Ah! Fuck!" he cursed again as the dildo sent off vibration through his body. 'This dildo keeps stimulating my ass. It feels so damn good.'

The electric dildo in Joe's ass did its job well. The endless vibration crawled through Joe's fuck canal and shook his leaking cock. As the result, more precum pushed its way out of Joe's cock slit. At times, the dildo felt so real that it was as if a man had jammed his throbbing cock into Joe's ass. Every five seconds, the dildo flared up with electrical jolt. Whenever it happened, Joe's head reeled. The bound hunk bucked and groaned. His desperate growls resounded through the room.

'I'm so fucking horny! This dildo is forcing me to shoot out my cum! But I'm so fucking tired. I have come twice, consecutively. I need a fucking rest. Shit!' Joe yelped as another electric jolt coursed down his body. Repeatedly, Joe's body slammed the steel bed whenever the electric jolt seized his limbs. Sweat splattered every where. His eyes widening, Joe yelped at the top of his lungs, "Fuck! I'm about to cum again!". Even though Joe felt very tired, he needed to cum. It was the only way toi relieve the sexual tension inside him. Desperately, Joe was clawing at the bed as orgasm was about to dawn on him. A long low growl was produced at the same time when Joe's dick finally spurted out its loads. "Oh fucking yes! I'm cumming again! Ah fuck! Yes!"

Thick creamy cock juice shot out again for the third time. Simultaneously, a strong electric jolt seized Joe's body. The naked stud howled out his orgasm with a mixed sensation of pleasure and pain. Uncontrollably, his dick was spewing cum. The milky liquid flowed down Joe's erect shaft after it spurted several times. "Ah! Fuck, yes! I'm cumming! Oh! It feels so damn good! Oh yes, I'm cumming! Ah, make me cum. Release my cum. Ah!" His body involuntarily jerking, Joe felt so much relieved as the tension in his balls gradually weakened. The cuffs managed to restrain Joe's convulsing limbs and kept him steady. The jock produced a long moan as the last drop of cum left his piss slit. Panting, Joe was glad that his third orgasm was finally over. As the orgasm subsided, Joe thought that his sexual ordeal had ended.

Unfortunately, he was wrong. "Fuck! No! Enough, please!" Joe whimpered, realizing that the dildo continued to vibrated. Against Joe's will, his whole body shuddered with pleasure as the vibration stimulated the prostate. Although Joe was dead tired from three consecutive ejaculations, his dick was still erect. In fact, the manhood was hard as ever, throbbing defiantly. "Shit! I don't want to get hard anymore. Let me go! Doctor Bill, please release me. Doc!" Like a crazy man, Joe bucked his body off the bed because he refused to cum for the fourth time. The cuffs made loud clinging noises as Joe tried to break free. However, he could go no where. Desperately, the jock watched his dick pushed out another drop of precum from the slit. The effect of the aphrodisiac had not worn off. Groaning with much frustration, Joe wished that everything was just a dream. "I don't want to get hard. My dick is aching. Oh! Somebody, please help me!" he cried, hoping that the doctor would come back for him. To Joe's dismay, doctor Bill never showed up. Another loud yelp filled the room as the dildo zapped Joe's tender ass canal. "Oh shit! I'm close to orgasm again!" The aphrodisiac seemed to work much better if it was combined with prostate stimulation. Joe's fourth orgasm approached him fast like an unstoppable freight train.

For the umpteenth time, Joe's dick started to throb harder as it was shaken by the vibration from the dildo. The creamy piss slit slightly gaped open before streams of cum suddenly gushed out. Since it was the fourth ejaculation in a row, the intensity decreased significantly. The cum did not shoot out. Instead, it flowed down Joe's throbbing dick. However, the orgasm that Joe felt was still as shattering as the previous ones. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming again, no! Ah!" Crying for mercy, Joe was convulsing violently. His dick was spewing out its loads. Although the amount had greatly decreased, the cock still felt the urge to get rid of its loads. "Ah! I'm cumming! Oh! Fuck yeah! Oh! No!" Repeatedly, the flaring reddish cock head throbbed. A rivulet of cum flowed down the glistening cock head. Jerking, Joe's body was convulsing. Orgasmic groans escaped his mouth. Sweat soaked his body thoroughly, oozing out from the body pores. Fortunately, the orgasm only lasted for a few brief seconds. "Oh fuck! That was quick," Joe breathed, panting heavily. "My balls must be dried up by now. That means I can't cum anymore."

But Joe was dead wrong. His ball sack might be dry. But the stimulating effect of the aphrodisiac was still strong. Although Joe's dick had been aching from the incessant ejaculation, the drug managed to keep his manhood hard. Cum coated the entire length, making the shaft look deliciously slimy. Joe's sweaty body had been stained with traces of splattered cum. As the time passed, the gooey cum liquefied. "Ah fuck!" Joe yelled again as his body was zapped. The metal dildo in his ass did not stop stimulating him. The combination of vibration and electrical wave stirred his dick and forced it to spew out more cum. Yet, Joe's balls were almost dry. No more cum could squirt out. "Oh! Fuck!" Joe yelled after five minutes passed. The more he came, the harder for him to reach the next ejaculation. Sobbing, Joe wished the whole ordeal would end. But again, orgasm was wracking his body. "Oh no! Fuck! I'm cumming again! Oh! Shit!"

Convulsing, Joe lost control over his body. The steel bed was clanking as that naked hunk was bucking on it. His cock was throbbing exhaustively. Only little cum flowed out the cock slit. But the orgasm was still as shattering as ever. 'Oh! I'm cumming! Fuck! But I hardly have any more cum! My piss slit feels like burning. Joe was panting heavily, his face contorting. The pleasure had turned into pain. After cumming for several times, Joe's dick was aching. Its slit was sore. As the orgasm subsided, Joe's body underwent weak spasms. "Ah shit, I can't take it anymore. I can't cum. My dick is sore all over. No, please no more," Joe sobbed like a child. But again, the metal dildo sent a strong electric jolt. "Ah!" Joe groaned as his body shuddered involuntarily. "No, stop it! Please!"

Again, to Joe's horror, his dick throbbed against his will. The aphrodisiac managed to keep the cock shaft hard although Joe lost his desire to ejaculate. His athletic body had weakened. Joe found himself riding in another trip to orgasm. Whimpering, Joe had no choice but to surrender his body to the power of the aphrodisiac. For hours to come, the helpless jock kept groaning while orgasm tortured his body. All muscles in his body were sore from over-flexing. The dildo stabbed deep inside his ass had forced him to keep cumming although no more cum leaked from the slit. Joe was having dry ejaculation. After cumming repeatedly, that handsome stud lost count as to how many times he had come. His eyes were staring blankly at the ceiling. Gradually, his mind turned numb. While he experienced another wave of dry orgasm, he blacked out.


Whimpering, Joe was finally able to open his eyelids. Surprisingly, he found himself lying in his own bed. Joe was still naked, cum crusts clinging on his body. Obviously, someone had taken Joe home when he was unconscious. As Joe tried to move his limbs, he immediately groaned out in pain. Almost every muscle within his body ached. It took him several minutes to recall what had happened to himself. Sitting on the bed, he found a cheque on his bed. Curiously, he took it and read the number. His eyes widened, his exclaimed, "Am I dreaming? $5,000 check on my bed?" He checked the signature and found Dr Bill's name. "Damn! I'm willing to be a queer for more of this." Uncontrollably, Joe's body shuddered with pleasure as he remembered the moment when he was forced to cum. 'I hate to admit it, but I kinda enjoyed what he did to me back then. Damn! Am I a real queer now? Fuck! Who cares? I need money.'

A note was left by the bedside desk. With shaky hands, Joe picked it up and read, "Enjoy your hard-earned money, my sexy test subject. Don't forget to come back next week for your second session." Upon reading it, Joe grinned. Dollar bills were fluttering in his mind. He knew that his fate had been sealed. However, he didn't care much. He thought that, as long as he got money, Dr. Bill could do anything to him.


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