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Subject: The Adventures of Dom: Chapter 1, Daddy M & Bartender

The Adventures of Dom

Chapter 1, Daddy M & Bartender

The following story is true. All the events described really happened to me, but the names have obviously been changed. If you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it, shoot me an email at and let me know what you think.

It was the fall, and I was away from home for the first time in a very long time. I was on the west coast, visiting a good friend and former daddy of mine whom I hadn’t seen for a few years. I’ll call him Daddy M, or just Daddy, here. Now, I could probably fill an entire book with the stories I have of Daddy M , but this particular tale is actually about a third person the two of us picked up together – something that as tops, we enjoyed doing frequently.

Since arriving a few days ago, my visit primarily revolved around food, fucking, and drinking. Overall pretty great. Daddy M lived within walking distance of a number of gay bars, which is how most of our evenings were spent. Being a gay bar, naturally the bartenders were all very hot, and luckily, mostly not straight. It’s always a little annoying when you find out the hot guy making your drinks and flirting with you is in fact straight – what’s the point of being able to look if I can’t also hogtie him and throw him in my trunk? Well, one bartender in particular caught my eye. Just a few years older, strawberry blonde hair, and a sexy beard right under a very impressive mustache, and 100% gay. We’ll call him Bartender (Original, I know).

I probably spend the next fifteen or so minutes just trying not to gawk at this gorgeous man while he works. Then I see Daddy M just chatting with him like they’re old friends.

Because they are. Daddy calls me over and introduces us, and fuck if this guy’s not even sexier up close. Not only that, but he’s easy to talk to. As we order more drinks, we keep talking, smiling, flirting – whatever you want to call it, there was something there. The connection was so instant that I really had to consider if he was just doing this for the tip.

Between our flirting and him serving other patrons, I’m just enjoying the view. Bartenders get sweaty as fuck, y’all. And they like to take their clothing off. Every time he turns around, I get another nice look at the nice big muscular ass he’s got on him. It’s been a very, very good night. A few minutes later, Bartender motions for me to follow him. I watch him disappear into a backroom as Daddy, with a knowing smile leads me to another door that goes into the same backroom. Door opens, and hey, there’s Bartender. He smiles and steps a little closer, then pulls me in for a kiss. Fuck. He’s a good kisser, and he smells and tastes amazing. Hell at this point he’d earned a good tip even if this is where our night ended.

However since he’s still on the clock, we only make out for a little before he has to get back to manning the bar. I go back to admiring him so I’m not complaining. The rest of the night is the same - drinks, flirting stolen kisses. By the end of the night, we had made plans to get together the following morning at Daddy’s. As Daddy and I stumble home, I’ve got a big goofy smile on my face, and not just because of all the vodka. Looks like I’ve got a potential vacation fling.

The next morning, I am only slightly hungover – no drinking today. I get up, clean myself up, and try to start to feeling like a normal person again. After I‘m officially comfortable calling myself “awake,” Daddy informs me that Bartender is on his way over. And there’s no playing coy about it – he’s coming over and we’re going to fuck the hell out of him. Well shucks, twist my arm. So we get the bedroom looking somewhat respectable. You know, hiding the cum stains, getting out the lube, pushing the sling out of the away.

Bartender arrives and he looks just as sexy as he did last night. We chat a little, making that awkward small talk you do when you’re fooling around with someone for the first time. Then Daddy gets the ball rolling by kissing him, and then me. The three of us take turns swapping kisses with each other as we disrobe. I get a nice up close look at the body I was admiring last night. I get to touch it too. At first, we have him on his back between us, the two of us demanding his attention with our mouths and hands. I run my hand over his stomach as I bite at his neck. He’s got just the hint of a belly, covered with a patch of that same light strawberry blonde fur.

We flip positions a bit, moving Bartender to his stomach between Daddy’s legs. Daddy’s cock is already out, ready to demand the same attention that his mouth was earlier. I move behind Bartender, between his own legs, and admire the large swell of his ass. He’s not as furred down here as on his stomach, but I can still make out a slight sheen of peach fuzz. When I hear the telltale sputtering of a boy getting a cock pushed deep into his mouth, I waste no further time and dive in.

I take back what I said about him lacking fur back here - everytime I swipe my tongue over his tight hole I can feel the light scratchings of his hair. Again, his pubic hair is the same strawberry blonde as the rest of him. I reach up with both hands, grabbing two nice handfuls of his gorgeous ass and squeezing as I prepare to set up camp. Rimming, especially a nice ass on a responsive boy, is one of my favorite things to do. Possibly the favorite. I’ll admit here - I don’t enjoy sucking cock. I can appreciate a nice dick, and in the rare instances that I wish to submit to another Dom, I would service them however they saw fit. But when given the option, I put my boys in a jockstrap to keep their cock out of the way, and make up it up to them by eating their ass like a starving man at Golden Corral.

I take my time, slowly swiping my tongue over the cleft of his ass over and over. Each time I can feel him relax a little more, letting out the occasional moan, muffled by the cock lodged in his mouth. I continue to knead his ass as I further refine my plan of attack by gradually focusing more and more on his hole. Gradually, I start pushing my tongue inside him, each time trying to get just a bit further in than the last. Every few seconds I’ll pull my tongue back to nibble at his pucker and blow cool air over it, teasing him. Then I dive right back in, roughly scraping my beard against him. The dueling sensations are taking their toll as he moans and whimpers around Daddy’s hard cock with more and more frequency.

I start rubbing at this hole with my thumb, first just teasing it alongside my tongue, before gently pressing it in and out. I pull back again, not to tease, but to watch as my thumb gradually disappears behind the pink ring of muscle. Fuck, that’s hot. I can’t help it, I growl and smack his ass with my free hand and he whimpers again. I can’t wait to hear the noises he makes once I’m inside him. I continue my feast for just a little longer – I could easily rim a nice ass for hours, just get me some water, prop a pillow under their hips, and we’re golden – but Daddy is ready to get inside there.

I’m happy to let him have the first crack at it – it’ll loosen it up more for me, and the idea of using Daddy’s cum for lube only makes my cock harder. We flip positions, me now sitting up by his head, presenting my cock to take it’s own turn plundering his mouth. I look over and watch Daddy pull Bartender by the hips, positioning his ass on the edge of the bed where he wants him. He slathers lube on his cock, swipes some onto Bartender’s ass, and starts pushing into the boy’s now wet and relaxed hole. It’s always fun to watch another guy fuck - which is the whole reason porn exists - but there’s something in particular about this man’s fucking that I enjoy. Part of it is his cock. While I’ve got him beat in length, he’s got a dick so thick I can barely get my hand around it. Then there’s just the way he fucks. He likes it rough, dirty, animalistic - and afterwards he turns into a cuddly teddy bear . Treat you like a prince, but fuck you like a whore. A man after my own heart.

Bartender has taken this cock before, but my tongue can attest that he’s far from loose, so it still takes a moment to get in. All the while I’m up in his face, guiding his mouth on my cock and watching as he goes through the wide range of emotions one goes through when they feel themselves stretched full. A hint of fear and worry, some shock, maybe even a little anger, all underscored by the lust and desperation locked behind their eyes - and always ending with bliss once their top bottoms out inside of them. Bartender is tight, but certainly no slouch, so it isn’t long before Daddy M can begin his fuck like I know he wants to.

Daddy starts gently pulling his hips back, leaving just the head of his cock to be hugged by Bartender’s asshole, before just as gently pushing back inside, to the hilt. Bartender starts letting out little moans around my cock, and I can’t decide if I want to keep going or pull out and start kissing him. I go with alternating between the two. His mouth is so warm and wet, and the sounds he making just sound hotter and hotter the more of my cock I feed to him. Each time I bend down to kiss him, I can’t help but bite at his lips and and growl at him.

Daddy and I continue to spit roast him there on the bed, watching each other in action as we use our guest. We lean over him together and begin to kiss, slowing the pace down and just enjoying the tightness of both of the boy’s holes. I give his chest and nipples a good grope and let out a moan of my own - kissing and body contact are also among some of my favorite activities. We’ve been at this a good twenty minutes, and I can tell Daddy is working himself towards an orgasm, ready to give our boy one of the loads he’s been working so hard at this morning.

It starts with a low groan, that quickly becomes a loud growl. Daddy grabs Bartender roughly, slamming their hips together as he starts to unload deep within Bartender’s ass. He gives a few more powerful thrusts, each accompanied by a growl and another shot of cum for the boy. Then Daddy is finished, still holding Bartender’s hips in a gentle grip, and everyone is covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

After catching his breath, Daddy extracts himself, giving Bartender a playful smack on the butt. I pull my cock is out of his mouth, and watch the warm smile grow on his face, his eyes lidded with a little hint of sleepiness. The room is warm and smells of musk. It’s damn near perfect. I run my hand along his back, and move to lay beside him. I flip him onto his side to face me, smiling at his goofy contented look. I lean over to kiss him some more and trace my hand down his back to his ass, reaching in to tease at his hole. I can feel how open it is, how wet it is with Daddy’s load. Another kink of mine, if you couldn’t tell. He rolls onto his stomach, and I move behind, climbing on top of him. I want body contact. I lay across him, reaching down to guide and grind my cock into his ass, seeking his entrance.

As I said, my cock is just a little thinner than Daddy’s, but it’s also a little longer. The first thing I feel as I slip in is heat , and then the wet warmth of Daddy’s cum coating his walls. I groan a little, thinking of how I’m just pushing Daddy’s load even deeper inside of him, and of adding my own as well. I stretch my arms up and over his, gently holding him by his wrists until he can feel the scratch of my pubic hair against his ass. I hold him just tight enough for him to know I’m there. Kissing and biting at the back of his neck, I enjoy the feeling of his warm and wet hole wrapped around my dick.

When he’s relaxed enough, I nuzzle at his neck and start moving my cock in and out of him. I set a gentle, but steady pace, and I am rewarded with a nice moan from beneath me. I take it nice and easy at first, I’m in no rush and this boy is just so fucking sexy. I’m not even sure if I could call what I was doing thrusting - it was really more like I was grinding my cock in and out of his ass. I wanted to be touching as much of him as possible, moving my entire body up and down his back as I fucked him, all the while continuing to kiss at his neck and hold his arms.

The feeling of the bed moving draws me out of my sex-drunk stupor for a moment, looking over to see Daddy settling on the bed, enjoying the show. I grin at him, and I start to pick up the pace, always up for putting on a show. I settle into a nice rhythm, my hips snapping back and forth, up and down, the sounds of his ass slapping against my thighs keeping the tempo. I start pulling back more and more of my cock with each thrust, until I’m fucking him with very long and deep strokes.

I can feel it building, my own orgasm. I can certainly hear the one Bartender has coming, if he hasn’t already. Without having his mouth occupied, the moans, whimpers, and whispered “oh gods” coming from him are driving me closer and closer to his inevitable breeding. I can hear him try to hold in his screams as I fuck him through another dry orgasm, his hole tightening and spasming on my pistoning cock. My thrusts are becoming a little more erratic, and I am no longer gently holding his wrists, but gripping onto him as though my life depended on it. I bite into his shoulder, doing my best to be gentle so I don’t leave a mark, and slam my dick into him as deep as I possibly can.

I slam my cock as far and as hard into him as I can with my first shot. I growl around the mouthful of his neck as I try to push even further inside of him, each time letting loose another volley of cum. Finally, I collapse onto his back, both of us struggling to catch our breaths.

As we come to, I give Bartender a few more kisses to his neck, and rub at his wrists and arms. I’m just as demanding when it comes to cuddling after sex as Daddy. Eventually, and somewhat reluctantly, I gently attempt to extract my cock from his hole, as he attempts not to make any funny noises while I do so. We lay there just a bit longer, and I spoon him, rubbing gently at his stomach and nuzzling his back. I know he has to leave soon, this was just a stop before a list of errands he has to run, but I just want to enjoy it. Daddy joins us on his other side, and we just lay there, making dumb jokes and enjoying the afterglow.

Eventually, reality calls, and so we untangle our limbs and get dressed. As he goes to leave, I hug him tight, and plant a nice deep kiss on him. I also make sure to grab a nice big handful of that ass again before we send him on his way. I experience a moment of melancholy. I’m not sure I’ll have the chance to meet up with him again before my visit is over, and I maybe developed a little bit of a crush on him. Daddy and I close the door, and then survey the bed, starting the clean up, before giving up and crawling back in bed to cuddle for a bit longer. If I don’t get to see him again, this was still an amazing morning, and a memory I’ll cherish for a long, long time.

Always remember to tip your bartenders, kids.

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