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Subject: The Adventures of Dom: Chapter 12, Daddy D, Part 2

The Adventures of Dom

Chapter 12, Daddy D, Part 2

The following story is true. All the events described really happened to me, but the names have obviously been changed. If you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it, shoot me an email at and let me know what you think.

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It was a couple of days after my evening with Daddy D. Since then we had been texting almost constantly, lots of pictures and dirty talk, the usual stuff. However, we were unable to meet up again as both of our places continued to be unavailable.

We weren’t going to let a silly thing like that stop us though.

We decided we would meet downtown. There are a few places there we could have some privacy, at least to walk around and talk. Nothing inappropriate of course, just innocently spending time together...

A nice, if not chilly, evening, I arrived downtown and parked before looking around for Daddy’s car. Once I spotted it I hopped in – we wanted some privacy after all, I just needed a place to keep my car for a few hours. We drove away from the skyscrapers and into a neighborhood. Daddy found a good secluded spot and parked, and we both got out to walk around a small lake nearby.

We strolled around the lake together. It was the early evening, the sun had just gone down and the streetlights were just turning on. As we walked, Daddy pulled a blunt from his pocket and lit it, and we passed it back and forth as we told each other stories from our pasts. He told me about what it was like in high school for him, while he was still in the closet. He was an athlete, which meant having to fuck a lot of girls. Hearing about that only made him hotter. Something about that “straight” guy mystique.

About halfway around the lake we found a bench and I sat down. Ever the gentlemen, Daddy stood up between me and the lake, shielding me from the cold. After lighting a cigarette Daddy D pulled up some old pictures on his phone; football uniform and everything. Holy shit was he a stud back then. And still is, obviously. He told me more stories about drunken nights with his friends, crazy things he got up to, what it was like finally coming out. I tried to match him with stories of my own – I came out almost immediately in high school, so we had very different experiences.

After gawking at his photos, Daddy smirked before leaning in and kissing me. We made out there on the bench for a while. Obviously wanting to do much more but this was still way too public for that. So we made our way back to his car.

Alone but not secluded, we pulled out of our parking spot to find someplace more private. We weaved through the neighborhoods slowly, looking for a spot with some cover and little to no lighting. After a few false starts we managed to find one, parked far enough from the streetlights and under a low hanging tree branch, so we had some decent cover.

We started kissing as soon as the car was off, hard and fast. God, he’s great at this, and the taste of the earlier blunt and cigarette on his breath is almost intoxicating. He bit at my lips and I sucked on his tongue, kissing back passionately but not trying to take the lead. After our first time I had no problem being the boy for this daddy.

My hand eventually found its way to his crotch and grabbed at his already hard cock. I’m rewarded with a nice grope of my own and I groaned into Daddy’s mouth.

It took some effort – I’m not sure either of us has had car sex in a while – but I eventually managed to unzip his jeans enough to reach in and grab a better handful. Eventually Daddy pulled away and undid the rest of his jeans, allowing him to pull his cock out of his underpants completely.

Fuck, that was still a really nice dick.

Without any urging, I leaned over to take him in my mouth. It was thick and I had to work to stretch my jaw over it. I started slow, only sucking on the head and circling my tongue around the ridge. I moaned a little at the taste of his precum and inhaled as much of his scent as I could with my nose. Just as good as I remembered.

I could feel Daddy’s hand on the back of my head, gripping but not pushing. I took more of him into my mouth, pressing downwards until I’d swallowed him to the base. I held for as long as I could until I gagged, coming up for air with a cough. I quickly caught my breath and moved back down, eventually settling into a rhythm.

I was still gagging, though I’d mostly gotten it under control. I moved up in my seat so that I was on my knees and Daddy moved his seat back a bit so I had easier access. I could feel one of his hands in my hair, guiding my head up and down his cock, occasionally holding me down at the base. My face - if anyone could see it - was a sloppy mess; covered in my own spit, my eyes watering. This was possibly the most involved and enthusiastic blowjob I’ve ever given.

I could tell Daddy was enjoying himself from his groans and words of encouragement. He also had a hand down the back of my pants, playing with my ass as I continued to service him. I was wearing a jock, of course, so there was easy access for him to get at (and start teasing) my hole. Fuck, I almost wished I was ready to get fucked right there.

Not yet though. But soon enough.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, we managed to gather a small audience – daddy later told me that as this was happening a few people had walked by and could see what was happening, though no one actually stuck around to watch. I think one guy was just walking his dog. I can only imagine what they thought, one man hungrily slurping down the cock of another, while getting his ass – which is very obviously in a jockstrap that was not made for athletic purposes – played with in the middle of the night in a car.

Hopefully positive things.

I kept up my efforts for another ten minutes or so. My lips were numb and my jaw was aching but goddamnit I was going to get that load. Daddy must have wanted to give it to me too, because not long after that he pulled my head up and reached down to finish himself off before shoving my head all the way back down to the base, spraying his load down my throat. I gagged but tried to take every drop. Once I felt him stop shooting, I swallowed everything still in my mouth, and slowly sucked my way to the head of his cock, cleaning it of any remnants. I rested my head against his stomach for a moment to catch my breath.

Fuck cubby, that was good,” Daddy told me after catching his own.

“Tasted good, Daddy,” I replied.

“Love that jock on you. And I think the couple of people who saw me playing with it earlier liked it too,” he smirked.

I blushed a little as he told me of how we had been caught a couple of times. That only made everything hotter, in retrospect.

I hadn’t gotten off, but was still feeling plenty satisfied. Once we both cleaned ourselves up a bit, Daddy drove us one last time, to drop me off at my car. Before I got out he leaned over, giving me a nice slow kiss, tasting himself on my breath.

“See you again soon, cubby,” he told me as I got out.

Hell fucking yeah he would. I was gonna make sure of that.

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