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Subject: The Adventures of Dom: Chapter 6, Jay

The Adventures of Dom

Chapter 6, Jay

The following story is true. All the events described really happened to me, but the names have obviously been changed. If you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it, shoot me an email at and let me know what you think.

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One fall, and I was spending the weekend at a local gay campground. If you’ve never been to a gay campground, I highly recommend it! Especially the ones that are clothing optional. Which, if you know me, you’ll know that this was one of those places. In addition to all your standard camping accommodations, they also had a pool and a few bars on the grounds. There’s also the forest trails and an afterhours “club” which are basically just covers for people to hook up.

I had just gotten out of the pool to refresh my drink and use the bathroom. As I got back in to rejoin my friends, someone callS out to me. Well, I kinda assume they mean me, since it was just a “hey.” Turning to look I see a cute, caramel-skinned cub smiling at me. I smile back and decide my friends could wait for me just a little longer. I sidle over to his side of the pool where he and one of his friends were hanging out.

We make introductions and I can tell that the cub, Jay, is a little tipsy. Not drunk by any means, but his smile has a hint of that goofiness you see in someone who’s feeling a little buzzed. He tells me he thinks I’m very cute, and I tell him he’s cute right back. He’s a little bigger than me, with tan skin all over. Short brown hair and a nice scruffy face, and that face is just adorable. His friend isn’t half bad either.

I can feel the alcohol doing its job as we flirt back and forth. There’s a little touching and some minor groping, but we keep it PG for now. As PG as you can while being naked and half erect in a pool, I guess. Eventually though, I needed to get back to my friends. Before I left, Jay, his friend, and I made plans to get together in just a little while. They tell me the location of their campsite, and we decide that I’ll meet them there later. Then, we will walk down to the trails together and...see what happens. I swim back over to my friends, cute bears in their own right, but with my mind still mostly occupied with Jay and the things I wanted to do to him.

A few hours later and I’m on the other end of the campground, no where near Jay. Long story short, there were some issues with the boy I was staying with, and after some words were exchanged, I decide it would be better to stay with another friend, B, for the last night I’m here. No real problem, but it did sadly mean that I was unable to go find Jay and his friend to meet up for our “adventure.” Instead, I am standing with B, telling him about both the situation with my previous tent-mates, and the cute boy I saw in the pool just before it happened.

It was my lucky day though, because as I’m saying these things, Jay and his friend come walking down the path towards us and the trails. I call out and get their attention, waving them over. They tell me they had given up waiting for me and were headed to the trails without me. After explaining what had happened, they invite B and I to tag along.

It’s a short walk from B’s cabin. We just wander around at first, bumping into a few other people doing the same. It’s not uncommon to find people wandering around out here just looking to watch the action going on. There doesn’t seem to be much today, though. As we walk I take note of various pieces of…I guess you might say ‘equipment’. Mostly things like picnic benches, but there is the occasional “structure” that has clearly has been built to facilitate getting your dick wet. It’s hot during the day but it just seems hella haunted once it gets dark.

We pass by another bench, and Jay jokingly comments about how it’s the perfect height for getting you ass eaten. Everyone lets out a laugh, and continues forward, B in the lead and me right behind. A few seconds later and we notice that Jay and his friend aren’t behind us. We look back, and Jay is bent over that bench with his friend’s face buried in his ass.

Fuck yeah.

We walk back over and start watching the action. Jay is a moaner, very clearly enjoying what his friend is doing to him. I move my hand to rub at my cock as it starts to wake up. Pulling the waistband of my jock down, I move to pull out my cock. Without missing a beat, Jay turns his head and reaches out, pulling me towards his mouth. My hand immediately goes to the back of his head and gently grabs his hair. I let him work on swallowing my cock while I watch his friend eat him out. I call next.

His friend stands up, having had his fill of Jay’s ass for now. My turn. I drop to my knees behind him and grab his ass in both hands. Spreading him wide, I look at the spit-slicked hole in the center. God, I love eating ass. I move forward and immediately seek out his hole with my tongue. I hear muffled moans as his friend has now moved to the side of the bench to feed Jay his cock, and B goes to stand beside him, cock in hand.

A few minutes later I decide I’m done, giving Jay a smack on the ass. I nod to B and we swap places to take his own turn to do some rimming. I hold my cock in front of Jay’s already stuffed mouth, and he begins to take turns swallowing both of us down. His friend and I rub at each other as our cocks are swallowed, enjoying the light body contact. Eventually, B has had his fill as well and stands up. Jay does not move at all, desperately wanting some cock in his ass.

I notice for the first time that around Jay’s wrist is a small black bag. I also notice that we seem to have started to draw a bit of a crowd; two or three guys are standing just a few feet away from us, hungrily watching our free show. I’m an exhibitionist, and no one has their phone out to record anything, so I’m into it. Jay’s friend has moved behind him again, standing this time, as Jay reaches into the small pouch on his wrist and pulls out…lube. A real boy scout. After slicking his cock and rubbing some lube on Jay’s hole, he begins to insert himself.

Jay is definitely a bottom, if the noises he makes are any indication. He’s also completely preoccupied with getting fucked to continue sucking our dicks. I look over at B and gesture down to my cock – he’s got a pretty talented mouth and I’m not done getting my dick sucked. He gives me a “sure why not” look and I hop onto the bench, right next to Jay as he is fucked. With my cock at a good height, he kneels down and swallows em whole without pause.

I lean back and allow B to work on my cock. You gotta let an artist work. Our crowd has gotten a little larger, 4 or 5 people watching now. I’m loving the attention, and I doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone else either. Jay continues to moan loudly as his ass is reamed by his friend, and I’m looking forward to getting my own turn. He is not holding back, obviously having done this enough times to know what Jay likes, so I start taking notes. He’s very aggressive, but still affectionate when he gets more hands on. I imagine B’s mouth is Jay’s ass, pretending I’m the one doing the fucking.

I don’t need to fantasize for long. Jay’s friend is soon breeding him, pulling him back tightly and shooting his load deep. We all swap positions again, me now behind Jay, and Jay and B fooling around. I don’t pay them much attention as I have better things to be focused on. With another smack on the ass, I walk up behind Jay. He reaches into his pouch again, this time pulling out a condom in addition to lube. See? Boy Scout. I take the condom from him and rip it open with my teeth. After rolling it on and lubing up, I enter his ass.

I can feel myself glide in easily, Jay’s friend already having opened him up. I look over my shoulder to see our crowd has up to 6! Smirking, I turn back around and start my fuck, gripping Jay by the hips. I can hear our skin slapping together with each thrust, my hips meeting his thick ass. I grip him a little harder and pump a little faster.

I’m not really close, but I also don’t plan on finishing in his ass. I like my load to go inside my boys one way or another, and if I can’t cum in his ass, then I’m cumming in his mouth. I fuck him nice and rough for a few more minutes before pulling out as the crowd watches. I let B know that he’s up, and move over to Jay’s head. Jay’s friend and I trade some more gropes while Jay works my cock and awaits his third fuck of...the last few hours, I’m guessing.

B is handed his own condom and rolls it on. He applies lube, though less than either of us, and gets right to fucking Jay quickly. I start pumping my cock in and out of Jay’s mouth, not quite deep enough to gag him. My hand is back in his hair, and all he can do is focus on the two cocks using his holes. B starts snapping his hips more erratically and I know he’s close, and so I pull my cock out and shove Jay’s face onto my nuts, quickly jerking off. I can feel the first shot building, and I shove my cock head back into Jay’s mouth, letting my cumshot loose. I keep on working my cock until I feel Jay sucking out the last few drops of my load.

My hand is still loosely gripping his hair. B has pulled out, removing the condom from his cock. Jay moves to get up and I help him steady himself. He sits on the bench for a moment. The crowd gives us a sort of half-applause break before dispersing, which makes me laugh out loud. Looking over at Jay, he is now sitting on the bench, his own cock out, hard. He asks me if I’d suck it for him.

I don’t like sucking cock. Doesn’t do anything for me. But I do like this guy…so maybe just this once…

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