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Subject: The Adventures of Dom: Chapter 7, Texas Son

The Adventures of Dom

Chapter 7, Texas Son

The following story is true. All the events described really happened to me, but the names have obviously been changed. If you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it, shoot me an email at and let me know what you think.

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I’d love to tell you I’ve got a boy in every town, just eager and waiting for me, but for the most part I keep my list of personal submissives relatively short. I like to ensure that the boys on I’m spending my time with are worth it. I have one particular boy from Texas, the son to my daddy, who frequently flies in to my location to visit his family. Unfortunately, that means we don’t get a lot of time together, as his family demands most of his time. We try to see each other when we can, but it’s difficult.

Tex is a few years older than myself, with tan Latin skin and thick, coarse hair covering his body. Most of our sexual interactions have been quickies in one of our cars or my apartment, often on a lunch break. And don’t get me wrong, I love public sex (as you have hopefully been able to surmise from some of my previous stories), but it’s hard to show a boy how you own his ass when you can’t get IN his ass.

So we came up with a plan: He would fly in for a few days, just to spend with me. I would meet him at our hotel room after work on Friday, and we’d spend the weekend together. Then, he would then tell his family he was flying in a few days AFTER that. By the time out mini-vacation is over, his family will think that he just landed – so he still gets to see his family while he’s in town, and we get some alone time without any interruptions. I was horned up most of the day just imagining the things we would get up to this weekend. All the things I would have him do...all the ways I would use him. It made getting up from my desk very difficult. I was already packed and ready to go.

I arrived at the hotel in the early evening. Tex had already landed and was checked in, so I headed straight for the elevator to take to our floor. I was excited, finally getting to spend some extended time with my boy. Tex is by far one of the most eager and devoted boys I’ve ever met. He worships the ground I walk on, and it is very important to me that I not take advantage of that (at least not more than he would want me to). I want to know he is being taken care of.

When I get to the room, the door is cracked open. It’s dark inside, all the lights are out and the blinds have been drawn. I’m sure some of you have been in similar situations. It certainly wasn’t my first time at the hotel room-rodeo. Walking in and closing the door behind me, I can see Tex’s form on the bed, lying on his stomach. There’s no way he hasn’t heard me entering the room, as I’ve made no attempt to remain silent.

I strip myself quickly and climb into bed, lying my body on top of his. I wrap my arms around him and start to kiss and bite at his neck and ears. He responds immediately, pressing back into me and turning his head to kiss me. I maneuver off of him and turn him to face me so that we can kiss more easily. Snaking one hand down his back, I seek out his hole to tease with my fingers. He moans and whimpers into my mouth in response as I play with him.

I bite at his neck some more, and then move further down his furry chest. I gently bite into his tit, my mouthful holding his nipple at the center. I suck and lick at him, biting and chewing lightly as I continue to play with his ass. Tex gasps loudly and grips at my head, pulling me into his chest. I get progressively rougher with my mouth, moving to his other nipple and switching between the two periodically. I only remove my mouth to spit into the hand I’m using to tease his ass, slicking my fingers so I can start easing into him.

My own cock is hard, and leaking a steady stream of precum onto his belly. With a growl, I tear myself away from his chest and quickly push his head down, wetting my cock with his mouth. I put him to work immediately, shoving my cock as far down his throat as possible. I thrust myself in and out of his mouth quickly, eager to get inside his tight hole.

Pulling him back up, I position him on his side. I’ve found this position to be one of the best if it’s “been a while” for the bottom in question. I settle behind him and pull him back, placing the head of my cock against his hole.

“You ready for your daddy to fuck that hole, baby boy?” I whispered into his ear.

“Yes, daddy. Please breed me, I need your cum inside me,” he whines in response.

Not wanting to prolong his suffering, I push forward into his ass. He is tight. Very tight. I don’t slam home, but gently and steadily continue to press forward, slowly feeling his hole open up around me the deeper I get. One of my arms is under his neck and the other wrapped around his belly, holding his body tightly against mine.

“Fuck, baby, that hole is so tight! You haven’t had this hole stuffed in so long, have you?” I coo into his ear.

“No, daddy, please, I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Please fuck me!” he gasps, writhing on my cock.

I pull back slowly, about halfway, before pushing back in. I keep my thrusts steady until I feel that his hole has relaxed enough for me to pick up the pace. Tex is moaning with every thrust, and the faster I go the louder his pitch gets. As we fuck I’ve got his shoulder and neck in my mouth, my hands seeking out his tits to paw at and pinch again.

I can feel myself getting close, ready to dump my first load of the night deep inside his ass. I growl around his shoulder and push myself as far into him as I can, my cock exploding and coating his walls with my load.

“Yesssssssssssssss,” Tex groans as he feels the heat from my load inside of him.

I slowly catch my breath, arms still holding him tightly to my body, cock still buried inside of him to the hilt.

This was going to be a great weekend.

The rest of the weekend was much of the same. I fucked and bred him once more that night, and then again when I woke early the next morning. I didn’t bother to make sure he was awake first, just spit on my hand to slick my cock and pushed myself back into his furry and wet hole. Wasting no time, thrusting fast and getting in the first breeding of the day. I fucked and bred his hole so much that by the end of the weekend, he was begging me to knock him up and get him pregnant. And I damn sure fucking tried.

When I wasn’t fucking his ass, I would have him worship my body by licking me from head to toe. I doused him with piss in the hotel room shower, and even had him kneel down and drink some. I stretched his hole on my fingers to watch him squirm, and chewed and sucked on his chest until he was convinced he had tits.

I was nearly insatiable, right up until our last day together. That morning, I fucked him one last time. It was gentle, but firm. I fucked him hard and fast, whispering in his ear all of the depraved things we did that weekend, making sure he knew just how owned he was now. How I was going to send him off to his family with my load dripping out of his cunt. How he might even be pregnant after taking so much of my cum inside him. He could only moan and cry out as my thrusts scraped against his prostate, before I sprayed my final load of the weekend inside of him.

We lay together a little longer, soaking in our final moment of afterglow, a little melancholy that the weekend was over, but already excited for the next time.

With a final kiss to his shoulder, I extracted myself from his ass, and squeezed him tight.

I hope I can mess with Texas again real soon.

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