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Subject: The Adventures of Dom: Chapter 9, New Pup

The Adventures of Dom

Chapter 9, New Pup

The following story is true. All the events described really happened to me, but the names have obviously been changed. If you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it, shoot me an email at and let me know what you think.

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It was late one night when I first met a new pup, Leo. I was at a family event and chatting on Growlr, waiting for an acceptable moment to leave. You know, normal gay culture. A cute Latino cub, he and his husband lived nearby. Neither of them had much experience with kink, but were very interested in trying. Now, normally I’m a little hesitant to get involved with someone “new” to kink. Obviously, it’s important that the two of you can trust each other, and I’ve also had a few bad experiences with people who overestimated their interest. They don’t understand that when I say I’m going to tie them to my bed and fuck them stupid… they’re actually going to be tied down and fucked stupid.

But something about this pup was calling to me. So, once I can leave, I grab a Lyft and head to his place instead of going back to mine. I reach their apartment in the early evening, and Leo and I make our introductions after he let me in. His husband was working that night, so it was just be the two of us this time. Still, two new pups to play with.

Leo had rolled a few blunts for us, so I spark one up while as chatted. I don’t partake in a lot of substances, and you should always make sure you are in the right mindset and able to give proper consent when you are about to engage in some kinky play, but we wouldn’t be getting into anything too heavy, and weed just makes me really cuddly and handsy. Leo didn’t seem like he’d complain about that. As we smoked, we asked about each other’s personal lives, work, and kink. We had spoken earlier about some of what we were into, but I was still trying to read what it was Leo was looking for. I don’t think he even knew himself.

About 20 minutes in, and the tension in the room is getting steadily thicker. I keep catching Leo looking at me hungrily from his seat, but he’s clearly too nervous to make the first move. Which means I get to tease him a bit longer. Without saying a word I pull off my shirt and hand it to him.

“Fold that for me, pup,” I say, giving him his first order.

Leo does a triple take. “Yes, sir,” he responds and folds my shirt neatly, placing it near my shoes.

I lounge back in my chair as if this was something I do all the time, knowing Leo was unable to take his eyes off me now. You could cut the sexual tension in the air with a knife. I am extremely turned on right now. A few minutes later and I also remove my shorts, leaving me in only a jockstrap. Handing them to Leo to fold as well, I spread my legs and adopt a sitting posture I can only describe as “cocky.” I am all in on dominating this boy.

I let the tension continue to build a little longer before finally removing my jock. After handing it to him, the first thing the pup does is hold it to his face and sniff. Fuck yes.

“You like the way my cock smells, boy?” I asked, the tone of my voice betraying that I already know the answer.

“Yes, sir. I love it,” he responds with complete honesty.

Then, wordlessly, Leo slides from his seat onto the floor and leans his head against my knee. I don’t think he knew he was going to do that. I don’t think he’s ever even done that before. It was instinct.

I don’t think I’ve ever been turned on like this before. There’s been no excessive dirty talk, not a bunch of pictures or video, we had no plans for anything specific when I came over. But right now I want to take this boy and destroy him with my cock. My cock which, while still soft, is leaking precum like a faucet. I didn’t think that was possible: just a steady, sticky stream from a flaccid penis.

I take note of this and, using my index finger to grab the precum, show him.

“No!” he cries out, as though I’m about to waste some precious resource.

I’m almost taken back by his reaction, reading his expression. With a smirk, I place a pillow on the floor between my leg, and point to it.

“Strip and get on your knees, pup,” I order.

Very quickly, Leo removes all his clothing and is on the pillow between my legs. As he kneels, I grip my cock in my left hand and slowly stroke it, further hypnotizing the dick-drunk pup. I lean forward and grab the back of his neck before kissing him. Then with my right hand, I grip him gently by the hair and move his mouth onto my cock.

With a moan, my balls are on his chin. He’s a hungry pup. He pulls back for a breath and swallows me right back down. I keep my hand in his hair, but let him control the speed of his oral attentions for now. He gags here and there but never lets it bother him. I release his hair and lean back, spreading my legs further. Closing my eyes and just enjoying myself.

Eventually though, I’m ready to put him through his paces. I sit back up and grip his head with both my hands. I take control of the blowjob, keeping the pace close to what he was doing, but making sure he feels the push and pull of my hands on his head. The gagging becomes more frequent, but he does nothing to stop me.

I start snapping my hips, turning this blowjob into a face fuck. Leo takes everything I’m giving him. There is drool escaping from his mouth, Leo unable to stop it with a rock-hard dick pistoning in and out of his mouth and throat. Every few strokes, I hold his head down at the base. He gags and coughs but never fights or tries to stop me. His face and my crotch are a wet slobbery mess...I am fucking love it.

I debate shooting my first load across his face, but I don’t want to risk a refractory period issue - I am definitely fucking and breeding him tonight. I let the blowjob continue a few more minutes, looking around the room for a suitable location to continue the fun.

I spot an old futon in the corner of the room. I pull Leo (reluctantly) off my dick and point.

“Pull the mattress off the frame and onto the floor,” I direct, making sure I, and not my dick, had his attention.

“Yes, sir!” Leo answers eagerly, jumping to his feet to move the mattress.

I move to the mattress with Leo and push him down on it. I grab at his ass, giving it a few playful smacks. Spreading his cheeks, I admire his hole for a moment before diving in for a taste. Loudly moaning, Leo pushes his ass back into my face for more.

Once I’ve had my fill, I kneel behind the pup, my cock still mostly wet from our earlier oral adventure, and I push the head of my cock against his hole. He’s tight, but I am fucking horny. I push until my cock finally slips past the first ring of muscle and then make sure I bury the rest of my length inside of him.

He lets out what I am labeling a “scroan.” That’s a combination scream/moan. I am gripping him roughly by the hips, pulling him back into me and not letting any of my cock out of him. Once he’s calmed down and gotten used to the feeling of my stretching him out so much, I pull my cock about halfway out and push back in.

Another softer scroan, along with him pushing back into me, is my boon. I pick up the speed on the next stroke, and the next one, and so on until I am slam fucking him. The mattress has moved a little across the tile floor with the force of my strokes. Leo is only moaning now, begging me for more: harder, faster, just more.

I do my best to give him what he wants, and for the next twenty minutes we fuck like animals on the mattress. His hole grips my cock tightly every time I pull back, not wanting to let me go. I can feel my orgasm approaching and I speed up just a little more to push myself over the edge.

With a load growl I cum, bending over and biting him on the neck roughly. Gripping him tightly to me, I ride out the orgasm, still sucking on his neck.

Still coupled, I roll off him and onto my side, pulling him with me. Drenched in sweat, it’s all we can do to try and catch our breaths. As our heart rates slow, we begin talking again. Largely consisting of telling each other how much we enjoyed a certain thing or what we might wanna do next time. I’ve still got my arms over him, slowly stroking his body. It’s been at least 2 hours since I got here.

Once we are both calm, I start to feel a familiar stirring in my loins… I push my hips forward to grind my cock against Leo’s ass. He pushes back, and once my cock is hard I slip back into his hole. My thrusts are less frantic this time, taking my time with round 2. I spend another 30 minutes just lazily fucking him there on the floor, breeding a second load into his hole. Once we finish, he cleans me off with his mouth like a good boy.

I stroke his hair. “Good boy.”

Wonder what his husband’s like?

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