The Bingo Boy collects his Balls

When I was a little kid growing up I would be considered by most people as shy, I would hardly say boo to a goose let alone to anyone that I would consider might say something back to me or engage me in conversation. Yet, when my balls started producing cum something changed in me. I became the talker and sought out interesting and new people. I sought out more contact with boys.

I used to visit my sister in a high-rise block of flats because she once said that she had seen a naked man sunbathing and I wanted to see that man. I always thought that Tina was really lucky getting her own flat because she was out of the madness. My escape to her flat served a purpose for both of us. It was my sanctuary during the early evening hours after school when I would ride my bike up to her flat and in return I would feed the cats while she was at work and also pay the pools man that used to came around and her various charities that she was signed up to.

When I was 17 years of age this daily task started to pay results because Thursday's turned out to be Tina's late night and I was treated to the site of her star charity collector for Cancer, whom we called the ?Bingo Boy? the lovely Tony Wilson. He happened to be one of my neighbours near where I lived and I had no idea that he collected for such a good cause.

Tony was about 19 years old with lovely dark wavy hair, slight olive skin tone. I had heard a rumour that they had gypsy blood in the family line this made his looks stunning. He was dark compared to my pale white skin and my blonde hair. He had a confidence about him, which I could only hope for in my youth. I never considered myself good looking even though other people did. True I did have the blonde hair and skinny body but no muscle as such. My legs looked average and hairless, as was my body. My cock and balls just hung down in the void because my thighs were very slim as well. Some people used to say the only big thing on me was my big balls next to my long but skinny cock. I had been circumcised as a baby and as a result my cock head showed in all its glory as soon as I was naked. I did like being naked and I liked the freedom to walk around in the woods naked. Like the most teen boys back then I liked to wear briefs, sky blue were my favourite colour because they really showed off my package. I also liked to wear ball crushingly tight jeans which were also very light blue.

I knew I was gay from about the age of 11 years of age and as soon as I started to shoot cum I wanted to make sure that any boy who wasn't sure I was gay would soon know it by the way I dressed or didn't when I went walking in the woods. I had been lucky enough to meet some lovely boys in the woods whom I was very happy to suck off and eat there cum. By 15 years of age I was very good at sucking cock and if I could talk him into to it a great piss drinker as well.

At 14 years of age, I drank a glass of piss, which my friend gave to me. He told me that if I really liked him then I would drink his piss. I thought it would be gross but when I took my first drop I found that the taste was something that I really liked. I was not so much into drinking my own. I just felt that if it came out of another boy then I would be very happy to drink away. I was always able to suck his cock when I needed to because I had proven my friendship to him.

My memories run away with me back to Tony.

There was just something about him, which I just wanted to have. I would have done anything he had asked me to do to spend time with him. I considered him my Greek god to my skinny lower form. I think he could smell that I was weak in many respects.

For two months he knocked the door he gave me the ticket and I gave him the money. He would turn and walk away and I would stare at his skin-tight jeans flexing his bubble butt. After all it was 2014 and the era of tight jeans and bulging balls. I was hooked and he knew it.

It was coming up to the third month of him collecting the money. It was summer, and very hot. He turned up one Thursday wearing a tank top and very small but ever so tight shorts. I opened the door. Instantly, I was stunned into silence. I fumbled for the money. He gave me the ticket and change.

"Follow me," he said. I locked the flat and followed. We got into the lift and he pressed the number 15. He did not talk. I followed him out of the lift. We went upstairs to the roof floor.

"Get naked and kneel down", he commanded.

I did as I was ordered.

"I know you want this," he said rubbing his balls and growing cock through his shorts. He was right I did want it.

"You are going to be my bitch. You'll do want I want and when I want it. No excuses. In return you will get as much of this as you want when I want to give it to you. Do you understand? What is your name?"

"Yes", I said with a dry throat. "Andy is my name," I mumbled.

Before my eyes he slipped off his shorts and I saw that he was cut. He entire cock was shaved and smelled sweet. There was not a hair to be seen. That suited me. I was not a fan of body hair either and shaved my balls and cock area monthly.

"Before you suck me there is just one rule. You will not play with your cock while you are sucking me. Now suck bitch."

In a sense Tony was only just interested in his own pleasure and I could tell that the second he slammed his cock to the back of my throat. I don't think I could honestly say I was sucking - truthfully he was fucking my throat. I felt his butt flex as he power fucked my throat. The gagging noise I made I felt sure could be heard all over the block. Tony was grunting and calling me a cock-sucking faggot, which I guess was true.

Tony clamped my head against the base of his cock. Shot after shot of his cum hit me at the back of my throat. It tasted great. Perhaps the best cum I had ever swallowed, I loved the taste of his cum. Tony still held my head. I could feel him soften in my mouth. I wondered why Tony hadn't taken his cock out of my mouth then I felt it. The warm taste of his golden piss being pumped at great speed down my throat sent my brain into over drive. If his cum was a delight then his piss was in another status of its own. My teen cock got harder and harder and I felt I was about to cum because my balls were on fire.

Tony pulled out and stared at me.

"You sissy faggot. You are nothing but a piss drinking, cum loving sissy."

I could see anger in his eyes like he was disgusted with me. Then I felt it. He kicked me really hard in the balls. Yes, it hurt like fuck but at the same time I started to cum. He kicked me again and again. I could feel my balls ache but wanted more. My cock was still shooting cum and he kicked my cock head.

"Harder", I begged and he kicked me harder.

At that very second in my life I knew that I'd forever want my balls kicked by a powerful young man like Tony. To be dominated by such forceful kicks sent messages from my balls to my brain, from my brain to my cock. I had to have more punishment to my worthless faggot balls.

I was still semi hard when Tony produced from his bag a tube of Deep Heat. I looked at him in the eyes. He picked up my briefs and squeezed a large amount of the cream into the penis and ball area of my briefs. He then threw me the tube.

"Rub it into your cock head, penis and balls."

I did, as I was command. As the cream was beginning to heat my balls he started kicking me again. I think he just wanted to inflict pain into my balls. The cream was burning my skin but my cock was harder than it had ever been in its life. I started to form tears and he kicked me even harder. He made sure that his kicks were directed at my cock head. Instead of pain I felt a surge of pleasure. Pre-cum was dripping from my cock head like a small river. He smiled at the site.

"Get dressed."

I put my briefs on and he gave me the hardest kick he had ever given me that evening so far. I loved it though and wanted more. I slipped my jeans on and this time the kick he gave me felt as though he might have ruptured something but he didn't. He kicked me solidly for another ten minutes until my cock exploded with cum soaking my briefs and beginning to show through my jeans. I didn?t care. I still wanted more.

I handed him the tube back.

"Keep it", he said. "You need to use that on your package each day. I want your balls on fire each day. You are my bitch now and that's want I want you to do. Tomorrow, you go buy yourself several tubes."

"Anything you say Tony," I said with a smile on my face.

He reached into his pocket and gave me a folded sheet of paper. I look at it and it had an address on it.

"Listen fag that is my address. My parents are away this weekend so you are going to come and keep me and buddies entertained with your mouth and balls. You better keep those balls nice and toasty for me. My little brother goes to your school and he is going to check your sack each day to make sure you are keeping the Deep Heat on and if you are lucky he'll squeeze some down your piss slit. You are going to tell your parents that you are staying at friends for the weekend. So you better to be there next Friday night otherwise I will track you down and cut that worthless fag cock off. Do you understand?"

Even though I knew he must have been bluffing about cutting my cock off it shot another load of cum in my briefs. Tony spotted it and gave me one more massive kick in the balls, which knocked me off my feet. I panted and agreed to be at his house on Friday.

As I rode home my balls ached with fire as the Deep Heat worked its way into my skin. Every pot hole in the road I felt my balls were going to explode into mush in their sack and I would have been happy if this boy had ended my own faggot balls. I was just as happy that they were alive because it meant he could use them again and again for whatever pleasure that he would enjoy.