A story of gay BDSM, my first attempt, feel free to let me know if you like it or if you would like it continued...write to itsforslim@yahoo.co.uk

The Club

The club was awaiting its new member Scott, who was standing at the front door of the imposing Gothic house. Scott a slim early 30's man had been having fantasies of being sexually dominated by older men for years & after discovering a BDSM gay community website, had agreed after much online discussion to meet up with `the club' a group of senior men who liked to recruit younger males to discipline & dominate.

Scott rang the bell & waited nervously to see what fate beheld him beyond the large oak door, after a few seconds the door slowly opened & a tall balding man with the look of a stern headmaster appeared, `Yes' he asked sharply, `my name is Scott, I am here about the club', Scott replied nervously, `Sir to you' the man snapped `get in here now!'. Scott was slightly taken aback by the sharpness of the mans words but instantly said `yes sir' and quickly entered the house.

The man closed the door behind him and Scott stood in the hallway of the house, with a large staircase ahead of him & an open doorway to his right which looked like the lounge, `my name is Sir to you & Sir only ok slave' the man said sternly and looked at Scott with a piercing stare, `y-yes sir' Scott replied, feeling more nervous as the situation started to sink in. `Now remove your clothes quickly before I show you to the others', Scott was taken aback at this request, he thought they may take their time to get to know him better first, "Now!" the man barked again, sounding angry at the delay, Scott quickly started to remove his clothes, revealing a fairly smooth & slim body, as he got down to his briefs the man walked forward and grabbed the elastic waistband at the back of his briefs & pulled it up causing the briefs to be pulled up into his ass crack and so high that Scott had to stand on tip-toe 'Ouch' Scott said as he then felt himself being pushed toward the lounge.

"Gentlemen, I have a little present for us to enjoy", The man said as he pushed Scott into the room, Two men sat on a large sofa, one was fairly of largish build, late 50's with a greying moustache & spectacles, the other looked early 50's with a slim frame & a pale complexion, they both eyed Scott as he entered.

`Hmm not bad plaything you have found Mr Moore' the larger man said `thank you Mr Collins, replied Moore `now let's get this slave started'

`Bend over slave' ordered Moore, Scott bent over displaying his soft ass cheeks to Moore & the others, `Keep those briefs tightly up his ass & warm his cheeks up for me' Collins said, `Me & Mr Yeats are looking forward to using his warm ass'

`Quite so, Mr Collins, particularly fucking his tight ass', Yeats said.

Scott felt slightly panicky at the prospect of being spanked & fucked so quickly but had no option now as his hands were now being tied behind his back by Collins as Moore held his ass up high with one hand tightly pulling his briefs and the other hand started to crash down on Scott's naked ass cheeks, `AAAH, OWWW' he started to cry out, `Right then slave', Yeats now said as he came round to Scott's front `I want you to start sucking my cock, & when it is nice & hard then Mr Moore will stop spanking you, OK?, `Y-Yes sir' Scott managed to say as Moore continued to rain blows down on Scott's rapidly reddening behind. Yeats removed his trousers & boxers revealing a large flabby uncircumcised cock and shaven balls that he roughly pushed towards Scott's mouth, Scott opened his mouth and sucked in Yeats cock, it was difficult to concentrate as his ass was burning with the pain of each smack, but Scott was desperate for the pain to stop, He could slowly feel the cock starting to get bigger in his mouth as he sucked & rolled his tongue over his cock, paying attention to the helmet area, soon the cock was feeling hard & was roughly thrusting into his throat, `That's better slave' Yeats said `next time you'll save your ass such a beating!'

Yeats pulled his cock out of Scott's mouth & Moore stopped spanking his very red ass, and then roughly pulled Scott's briefs down releasing his now growing cock, `lets get those ass cheeks apart' he said and moved to Scott's side putting each hand on his red ass cheeks causing Scott to yelp, and then pulling them as wide as possible, showing his brown wrinkly anus to Yeats who had positioned himself behind Scott with his 8" cock now glistening with Scott's saliva, his cock was then quickly pushed up against his virgin hole, Scott could feel the pressure of his cock and a wave of panic washed over him as he felt the sharp intense pain of Yeats cock suddenly pushing deep in his anus, `AAARRRGH, NOOOO' he yelled, but Yeats was now pumping deeply in & out of his ass, his anus tightly stretched around Yeats cock.

Collins, now naked moved to Scott's mouth roughly pushing his own circumcised & shaved cock into it, `shut up & suck me till I'm hard now slave' he demanded.

Scott now had a cock in his mouth & ass but found that the pain was now subsiding & his cock was starting to tingle as Yeats cock pushed against his prostate.

Meanwhile Moore was now undressed & waiting for Scott to suck Collins to hardness, `the longer it takes to get him hard, the harder I will fuck you slave' he said

Scott was working well on Collins cock though & it was rapidly getting hard & pushing into the back of his throat, Scott's cock was now hard & swinging with each thrust of Collins, `So the slave is enjoying his punishment' Moore said as he noticed Scott's erection, and he quickly got a leather strip that tied around Scott's cock & balls as he was still being fucked, this he then tied a heavy weight too, so making Scott's Cock face down & swing with each thrust, Collins Cock was now Hard & thrusting deep into Scott's throat as Yeats Cock was slapping in & out of Scott's anus, his thrusts were now getting faster making Scott's cock swing wildly with the weight he pulled it out revealing a now gaping hole & then thrust deep into his anus pushing Scott onto Collins cock harder he kept doing this until exploding his come deep into Scott's bowels,

`oh fuck yessss' he exclaimed and then pulled out his cock & slumped onto the sofa,

There was no rest for Scott though as Collins now moved to Scott's ass & inserted his thick 8" cock roughly in, `that's it slave ,take my cock in you fuck-toy!', and started to pound in & out of Scott's ass.

Moore now placed his huge flaccid cock into Scott's mouth, it was 6" when soft & Scott wondered how big it would be when erect!, his own cock was aching to be stroked & the tied weight was uncomfortable but strangely enjoyable too, especially with Collins thick cock pummelling deep inside his ass.

Soon Moore's cock was rock hard and almost making Scott gag with its size 'take it all the way slave' Moore said and held Scott's head as he pushed in & out, Collins was soon Coming deep into Scott's ass thrusting ass deep as he could go, grabbing Scott's ass & pulling it hard onto his cock as his come spurted deep into his bowels.

Now it was Moore's turn as Collins slumped on the sofa with Yeats but this time he made Scott move over to the table & tied his hands above his head, removed the weight from Scott's hard throbbing cock but keeping the leash on so to keep controlling his pleasure, and made him lie back with his legs pushed back against his chest exposing his red & abused ass, Moore quickly thrust his thick 11" cock into Scott's now stretched but still tight anus, `I'm going to fuck you real hard now slave but I'm going to let you come too, as you have done well for your first lesson' Moore's cock pushed all the way into Scott's anus then back out, roughly banging in then out, his big balls slapping against Scott's ass with each thrust, Moore pulled up on the leash pulling Scott's balls & cock tightly upwards and with his other hand he now roughly wanked his cock, `aahh oh god yes', Scott exclaimed, the feeling was wonderful, the big cock stretching his ass and pounding his prostate, and at last his cock being stroked he could feel his orgasm wasn't far off, Moore was pounding in Scott's ass as hard as he could, `that's it slave, let your master fuck you, let the club own you', ` oh god yes,' Scott said not realising what he was saying in the haze of his approaching orgasm!.

Then a wave of orgasm exploded and Scott's cock began erupting with pulses of come, dribbling over Moore's hand as he continued to milk his cock.

As this happened Moore also pumped his own load deep into Scott's bowels.

With this Moore then pulled out his cock & spun Scott around so Scott's face was now facing Moore's come & shit covered cock, "suck it clean slave, & then we can start again...isn't that right men?".

To be continued!!....