The Craft (Novel Version)
by Julien Gregg

Chapter Eight

He bought a meal from one of the sandwich stands and chose a table just across from the auto parts store so Aaron could still see him. He knew that Aaron would come talk to him. He just didn't know what he was going to say to him when he did. His plan kept running through his head, but he knew that he'd have to change it as all of this went one way or another. He looked up and saw that Aaron was coming out of the store and walking straight to him.

"Adam?" Aaron asked, smiling at him when he stepped up to the table.

"Well hey there, Aaron," Adam said, returning the smile with a fake one. "I didn't know you worked here."

"Have since Donny went to jail," Aaron said. "What are you doing here? I thought you were going to school in Storyville."

"I was," he said. "I transferred to another university in Illinois."

"Well, it's good to see you," Aaron said, smiling again. "How long have you been in town?"

"Just today," he said. "I might stop over and have dinner with Pete and Lisa, but I'm not sure what the day is going to be like."

"Well if you have any time, I'd love to hang out with you for a bit," Aaron said. "I'd like to talk to you about Donny."

"What time do you get off work?" he asked, thinking that this might actually be perfect.

"In two hours," he said.

"Well do you want me to meet you here?" Adam asked.

"Well I'll go straight home after work," Aaron said. "I live in Donny's trailer. My dad bought it after Donny went to jail."

"All right," Adam said, shocked that Aaron would even want to live in the trailer. He supposed it wouldn't matter soon. If he got him to drink the potion, he'd be moving to Crippin. "I'll swing by the trailer in a couple hours then."

"All right," he said, looking excited. "Listen, if I'm not there yet, there's a spare key under the stone flower pot on the deck. Just let yourself in. I trust you."

He didn't see any reason to give Aaron any more information until was absolutely necessary. He drove straight to the trailer and let himself in with the key that he found under the stone pot on the deck just like Aaron had told him where to find it. He stepped inside and was shocked by the state of the place. It had been clean when he lived there because he'd been the one to clean it. The furniture hadn't matched then and it had been old, second hand furniture. What was in the living room was still second hand, but it matched and looked more modern. The carpet was clean as well. It looked like someone had shampooed it.

There was a better looking kitchen table with two matching chairs in the kitchen. This table was light wood where the other had been a step up from a folding card table with two folding chairs. There were plastic containers lined up on the counter beside the sink. Each had a label. He read them and found that they were tea, coffee, sugar and flour. Four boxes of cereal stood next to the canisters. Everything was dust free and clean. Adam opened cabinet doors to see boxed and canned food stacked neatly inside.

He opened the fridge to find food in plastic containers, a gallon of milk, two loaves of bread, a package of cheese, two packages of hot dogs and various other foods. But it looked neat and organized. He suspected that the rest of the trailer would look the same. He was amazed that Aaron was so neat when his older brother had been so sloppy.

He walked through the trailer. The back bedroom, where he'd been victimized by Donny had a new bed, matching nightstands with second hand lamps on them. There were no clothes on the floor either. There was a laundry basket beside the dresser with dirty clothes in it. On the tall dresser, Aaron had two football trophies, an eight by ten photograph of his family and two watches.

Adam went to the spare bedroom where the weight bench had been. It was still there, but there was also a punching bag in the corner, a pair of athletic shoes sat beside the door just inside the room, and the scent that Adam remembered was gone. He was amazed by all of this and wondered if someone was cleaning for Aaron the way that he had cleaned for Donny. That didn't compute though. Adam had only been able to clean as far as the supplies Donny had available would let him. This was much more than what he had been able to do.

He went back to the kitchen and looked in the cabinets under the counter. They were filled with cleaning liquids, sprays, brushes, buckets and laundry and dish soaps. Adam quickly found a sauce pan and started making the potion. He left it to brew as he searched the now immaculate bathroom for hair. He finally found the brush that Aaron used on his hair and was happy to find several strands in its bristles.

He took the strands and went back to the kitchen where the potion was boiling now. He dropped the stands in and stirred the potion with a spoon from the drawer beside the sink. He watched as the potion quickly turned red and took the pan off the fire. He searched the cabinets for anything that he could put the potion in once it cooled. He found a bag in the bottom drawer by the stove. Inside were small plastic juice bottles. There were six of them. He placed them on the counter and waited for the potion to cool.

He wasn't sure how to get Aaron to drink the potion. He thought for a moment and then crossed the kitchen to the fridge and opened it. Inside he found a gallon jug of tea behind the milk. He took that out and then searched the kitchen for more empty jugs. He made his own tea in an empty milk jug and had two or three under the sink as spares. He hoped that Aaron did that too. He found them under the sink on the left side. There were three of them. He rinsed them and then grabbed the canisters of tea and sugar.

He made himself a glass of iced tea from the jug of tea already made. Then he put six tea bags in the coffee pot, filled the pot with water and then transferred it to the basin at the back of the machine. He turned it on and waited. He tested the potion to see how hot it was. It was still plenty hot but he wondered if it had to be cold to add to the tea. He found a funnel in the drawer by the sink. He used it to put sugar in the first of the empty jugs. When the pot was done brewing he used the funnel to add the hot tea and then a bit of the potion. He put the cap on the jug and shook it to mix the hot liquid and sugar. Then he filled it with water, gave it one more shake and then put it on the table and repeated the process with the other two jugs. Then he put potion in the tea that Aaron had made and put it back in the fridge.

He sat at the table to wait for Aaron to come home. He had the bag of potion bottles and empties on the table in front of him. When he heard Aaron pulling up to the trailer he got up and made him a glass of the potion infected iced tea. He sat it on the table in front of the other chair as Aaron came through the door. He smiled when he saw Adam.

"I got here as fast as I could," he said. "You been waiting long?"

"Not long at all," he said. "I made you a glass of tea."

"Thanks," he said as he sat down. He picked up the glass and took a drink. Adam watched him closely.

"Aaron what are your plans for college?" Adam asked.

"I've been going to the community college here while Dad tried to put money together to send me to college. When he told me he had my tuition money, I applied to a few universities. I haven't heard back from any of them yet though."

"Well why don't you move to Crippin and stay with me?" Adam said. "You could apply at Stattler - Mead. I'm sure you'd be accepted. I could even get you a scholarship so your dad wouldn't have to pay anything."

"Thanks," Aaron said with a smile. "I'd love to live with you, Adam."

"And what about Donny?" Adam asked.

"He's in the half-way house in Greenfield," Aaron said. "He'll be getting out in three weeks. They say he's getting out early for good behavior."

"That's great," Adam said, smiling at the look of confusion on Aaron's face. "I want to go to Greenfield and visit Donny."

"Really?" Aaron said, looking shocked.

"Absolutely," he said. "Can you set that up for me? Is there a list or something that I have to be on?"

"No," he said. "No list. I've not seen Donny since he was in court for sentencing, Adam. Do you know what he did to me?"

"Yes, I do," he said. "I also remember what you both did to me."

"Adam, I've apologized for all of that," Aaron said.

"I know you have, Aaron," he said. "Don't worry about it. I want to get some closure with Donny over all of that, so I can move on with my life. I'm moving you in with me, so I just want to talk to Donny."

"All right," Aaron said, looking uncomfortable. "Do you know how to get to Greenfield?"

"I'm sure I can find it," Adam said. "You'll be coming with me, of course."

"Why?" Aaron asked, looking panicked.

"Because we're going to talk to Donny about moving to Crippin when he gets out of the half-way house," Adam said, watching Aaron's face.

He got what he was waiting for. Aaron doubled over, putting his head on the table and moaning as the pain hit him for wanting to say no to Adam. Adam thought about Melvin and all of the times he'd tried to say no to Adam or had a bad thought about him. It was painful to think of Melvin though. He looked back at Aaron, who's face had turned green. The boy twisted in his chair and vomited on the floor.

"God," he said, looking up at Adam. "What's going on?"

"You're going to clean that up real quick," Adam said. "Then you're going to rinse your mouth in the bathroom."

"Okay," he said, getting up and heading to the closet to get rags, the mop and a bucket.

He was silent as Aaron cleaned up his mess and then went to empty the bucket in the bathtub and rinse his mouth. He came back to the kitchen and sat down. He gulped the glass of tea quicker than Adam could blink. He got right up and made himself another glass of tea and sat back down.

"I don't understand what's happening to me," Aaron said, looking at Adam.

"You forced me to suck your dick twice a day for almost a year," Adam explained. "Then you basically gave me to your sick, sadistic brother. I've come to take my revenge for that. You are going to pack your clothes and keepsakes, give notice at work and tell your family that you're moving to Crippin to take a job and attend the university there."

"All right," he said, looking afraid, but there was no way he could say no.

"You will tell no one what is really going on, Aaron," Adam said. "You will do whatever I say from now on. Is that clear?"

"Yes," Aaron said, his eyes watering with tears. "How long is this going to go on?"

"Forever," Adam replied. "What's your next day off from work?"

"I'm off for the weekend," he said. "I can probably get Monday off, too."

"Do it," Adam ordered. "I'll pick you up Sunday afternoon. We'll drive to Greenfield to see your brother and you will go along with whatever I say."

"Okay," he said.

"Get to packing," Adam said. "And don't forget to drink at least one glass of tea every morning. Don't get rid of it either. I'll call you every day with instructions and to see how you're doing."

He programmed Aaron's number into his phone. Then he put his glass in the sink, grabbed the bag of potion bottles and left. He thought of Melvin as he drove back to his old house to have dinner with Pete and Lisa. It hurt to think of Melvin, but the experience he'd just had brought all of the early memories to the front of his mind. He pushed them aside and thought about how easy it had been to get Aaron. He just hoped that it would be as easy to get Donny.

He pulled up in front of his old house and tried not to remember what his life had been like when he'd lived in it. He got out with a sigh and walked up the walk. The door opened as soon as he stepped onto the front porch and Lisa came out. She grinned and hugged him.

"I'm glad you're here," she said. "We thought you might have just headed back to Crippin."

"I told you I was going for a drive," Adam replied. "I wouldn't have left town without calling you guys to let you know."

"Well good," she said. "Pete's been cooking for a while now. The food is starting to smell good. Come on in."

"Adam!" cried Pete with a smile as he came out of the kitchen. "What do you think of the changes?"

Adam couldn't believe how different the house looked. Outside it had a fresh coat of paint, and they'd changed it from white to blue. Adam wouldn't have chosen that color, but it was Pete and Lisa's house now. The living room looked bright and warm. The brown leather furniture went well with the glass and brass coffee table and end tables. Brass lamps stood on the end tables. The walls were lined with pictures of Pete and Lisa. Some were of Lisa's cheer squad and some were of Pete's family. A large oval braided rug sat under the coffee table, and there were two huge potted ferns. One was beside the recliner and the other was next to the entertainment center.

"It looks great, Pete," Adam said.

He followed them into the kitchen and got another shock. The cabinets were clear of all of the junk that Larry had piled on them. They were clean and looked almost like new. There was a new kitchen table and chairs. He could see Lisa's touch in the potted plants on the shelf above the sink in front of the window. She also had blue and white teddy bear canisters lined up beside the sink.

They sat at the table and ate the pork chops that Pete had made. They talked more about Crippin and the house that Adam had bought. Pete remarked on how small Adam made it sound. He told them that he didn't need a big house to live in. It was just him and he didn't plan to take on a roommate. After the meal he left them and checked into the Holiday Inn.

He used his computer to search out things for what he had planned. He found many sexual torture devices on an S&M site. It also had videos. He watched a few that showed the items in use. Then he found a site for dungeons. The site was all about building them and he found a link to a contractor who could build it all in four days to any specifications. On his site there were even pictures. He was happy to find that the man was in Chicago. He quickly called the number provided on the site and book a time for him to come to the house and look at the basement. He told the man that he wanted a fully functional dungeon and told him that he wanted what was pictured in the third example.

He went to bed that night with visions of his dungeon in his head. He just hoped that he could get Donny in that dungeon and begin to make him pay for what he'd done to him. He already had Aaron, and soon the boy would be living under his roof. He had plans for Aaron, but they were nothing like his plans for Donny.

He spent the week alternating between the hotel and Pete and Lisa's. He had dinner with them every night, and they continued to try and talk him into both staying with them until Sunday and returning to Storyville University. He told them no to both as politely as he could and tried to make them understand both why he didn't want to stay in that house for any longer than necessary and why he wanted nothing to do with Storyville University. He was even looking online for stores that specialized in S&M merchandise and tattoo shops near or in Crippin so he wouldn't have to return to Storyville for any reason.

He found both relatively quickly. There was a tattoo parlor in Crippin that was run by a gay man. Adam thought that was perfect. There was an S&M store in Chicago that he could get the collar from and any replacements for his dungeon that he needed. It was perfect. He had that all figured out, but he didn't tell Pete and Lisa that he never planned to return to Storyville.

He also called Aaron every morning to ensure that he drank his tea and to see how far along in the moving process the boy was. He told him to sell his furniture back to the second hand store it had come from, but to save his bedroom furniture and the weight set and punching bag. Those could be brought to Crippin and used by Aaron and Donny. Adam would join a gym. This time he wouldn't be taking his slaves along for the gawking factor. They would stay at home.

Aaron told him that he was having trouble convincing his father that he needed to do this. Adam had an idea about that, but he wasn't sure about it yet. He'd give Aaron time to convince the man before he stepped in. If he stepped in Aaron would never be able to return to Crete for any reason. His reputation would be destroyed, and his family would shun him. Adam was sure of it.

On Sunday morning he downloaded all of the directions to Greenfield and the half-way house. He wrote them in his notebook and then checked out of the hotel. He put all of his bags in the back of the truck but kept the laptop and all of his electronics in the truck with him. He drove to Aaron's trailer and walked inside without knocking. Aaron was his property now after all. There was no being courteous.

He was pleased by what he saw. There were packed boxes all over the front room, but the furniture was gone. The folding card table was back along with its two folding chairs. That was the only furniture in the living room and kitchen. The canisters were gone from the counter along with the boxes of cereal. It looked like someone was either moving in or moving out.

"Did you get the cooler I told you to buy?" Adam asked when Aaron came out of the hallway and saw him.

"Yes," he said. "I got two bags of ice to fill it, too. I just don't understand why I have to take my tea with me."

"Because I said you had to take it," Adam replied. "Don't question my orders again, Aaron. You'll do what I say when I say it and you won't bitch or moan about it or I'll hurt you."

"All right," he sighed.

"Let's get going," Adam said. "I don't want to be on the road all day long. We'll stay in a motel and visit Donny tomorrow morning. Then I'll drive you back here so you can finish packing and work until your last day. Then I expect you to be in Crippin as soon as possible."

"I will be," Aaron said. "I just have to make my dad understand."

"Make him understand, Aaron," Adam said. "This isn't something you can get out of. If I have to make him understand he'll hate you."

"I'll make him understand," Aaron replied.

They left and headed for a gas station. He had Aaron fill the truck while he went in and bought soda to put in the cooler. He didn't intend to make Aaron drink only tea. He could have soda as well. He got pre made cold cut sandwiches and put all of it in the cooler. After he paid for the gas they were on their way. He handed Aaron the page from the notebook with the directions printed on it and told him to navigate.

They were mostly silent on the journey from Crete to Greenfield. Adam asked a few questions about what was going on with Aaron's job and got the answers he wanted. Aaron's last day was a week away. He just hoped that closing would finish by the time Aaron got there. He didn't like the idea of keeping him in a hotel. That wouldn't work out very well if he decided to do anything that would cause Aaron to yell or cry out.

By the time they'd arrived in Greenfield, Adam had decided he'd rent a house if he had to. It wasn't like he couldn't afford it. He supposed he could also use magick to make the closing of the sale happen faster as well. That was something to think about. He wasn't sure he should use too much magick.

They found a motel that was just that, a motel. It was an "L" shaped building with fourteen rooms in a straight line. The smaller section was taken up by the office, vending machines and the ice machine. Adam paid for a room and parked the truck in front of it. The building itself was grey and white. The siding was grey clapboard or vinyl. The trim around the windows and the door was white. The roof was grey shingles.

The inside of the room was all right. The floor was covered in soft blue carpet. There was a queen sized bed in the center of the room against the right wall. There were nightstands that weren't too scarred. They were covered in some kind of laminate that was dark and had a faux wood grain. There was a wood based lamp with off white shades on either nightstand. The bed was covered with a light blue blanket.

There was an archway on the other side of the bed and Adam could see the long counter and sink in there. There was also a small fridge under the counter. He had Aaron put the cooler on the counter and transfer the soda, sandwiches and his tea to the fridge. He went into the bathroom to have a look at it and use the facilities.

The floor was white tile. The walls, like all of the walls in the room were plaster and off white. There was a tub and shower combo along one wall with a toilet across from it. It was a very bright room. Adam used the toilet and then went back to the sink and washed his hands. They sat on the bed and had sandwiches with sodas. Then Adam took a shower. When he came back from the bathroom he didn't bother to dress. There was no point. He did notice that Aaron looked him over really well. That was fine too, but he didn't want to be the only one naked. He sent Aaron to take his shower but had him strip in the room. When he padded off to the bathroom Adam picked up his clothes and stuffed them in the laundry bag he'd taken out of his duffle.

He sat on the bed and thought about all he was going to do to Aaron and all that he had to teach the boy before Donny joined them. He was sure Donny would at least agree to visit them in Crippin. If he did that he'd have him as well. He was surprised that his dick was hard as he thought about it all, but it was a good thing. Aaron came out of the bathroom all clean and naked. Adam smiled.

"It's time to get started in your new role, Aaron," Adam said, nodding at his dick. "You'll suck my dick every morning and every night. Your ass is safe, at least for now. You never fucked me so I don't plan to fuck you any time soon. That isn't to say I won't decide I want to. Get over here and suck my dick."

He moved down so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He spread his legs as Aaron knelt on the floor. Adam was excited about what was going to happen. He wasn't going to fuck his face like Aaron had done to him in the past, but that would come later. Right now he just wanted to get off.

Aaron took his dick into his mouth and began to move his mouth up and down the shaft, getting it wet. Then he swallowed it, showing Adam that Donny had taught him well. He let him do what he wanted. After all he was only interested in getting off. He didn't care how fast it happened. There was plenty of time to teach Aaron to go slowly and make it last.

It didn't last long. It had been a while since Adam had last gotten off, and Aaron was very good at what he was doing. He told him to swallow his cum when he got close and then gripped the sides of Aaron's head, burying his dick in the boy's throat while he came. Then he got up and crawled under the covers. He told Aaron not to touch his dick and to get in the bed. Once he was in the bed Adam turned off the lamps. He went to sleep without another thought about Aaron.

The next morning his cell phone woke him. He turned off the alarm and got out of bed. Aaron got out of the bed as well. Adam told him to make the bed and then get dressed. He went to the sink and shaved his face. Then he brushed his teeth while Aaron put all of the sodas and the sandwiches that were left back into the cooler. The ice was still in it, but it was swimming in a cold well of water. Adam supposed it would be all right. They were returning to Crete after they visited with Donny anyway.

The half way house was a three story brick building that looked like it had been a warehouse. It had the warehouse windows in the front. They were all black metal. The door looked newer. It was a wooden door painted black to match the windows. They walked through the door into a hallway with grey tile on the floor and white plaster walls. There was another door at the end of the hall. Adam pushed the button in the small panel beside the door that only had a dead bolt and no doorknob.

The door opened and a black man stepped out. He was a good looking guy who Adam though was in his late thirties or early forties. He had a shaved head, long face and very dark eyes. Adam could tell through his black polo shirt and khaki pants that the man was muscular.

"What can I do for you?" the man asked in a deep voice.

"We're here to see Donny Coleson," Aaron replied. "I'm his brother, Aaron. This is Adam Wells."

"Tony Williams," the man said, shaking Aaron's hand and then Adam's. "Come on through. I'll get Coleson and tell him he has visitors. He hasn't left for the work site yet, so you've got a little more than an hour."

He led them through a large room that had two grey metal desks side by side about three feet apart. There were black chairs in front of them in groups of two. Along the wall behind the desk was a row of grey metal filing cabinets. There were books and other things on top of them. They followed Tony through a door at the end of the wall and into what looked like a mini cafeteria. There were appliances along the wall as they came in, the fridge, stove and sinks were all stainless steel. A countertop island took up most of the space about three feet from the appliances. Beyond that were four long metal tables. Each table had six chairs on either side. They sat down at the first table. Tony left them to get Donny. He wasn't gone long and then Donny sauntered into the room with his familiar swagger. He sat across from them and smirked his patent smirk.

"What are you doing here?" Donny asked, looking from Aaron to Adam. "I thought you couldn't wait to get away from me."

"I've come to tell you that your brother is moving in with me in Crippin, Illinois," Adam said, trying not to notice just how good looking Donny still was. His hair was cut really short now, but he looked like he'd just stepped out of a movie screen instead of out of a half-way house.

"What difference does that make to me?" he asked, smirking at Aaron. "Figures all the fags would stick together."

"Now Donny," Adam said, smirking back. "Is that any way to talk to your brother? After all he's the reason you won't have to be paroled to your parents."

"What are you talking about?" he asked, eyeing Adam hard.

"I want you to be paroled to Crippin," Adam said. "To our house."

"Decide you couldn't live without me?" he chuckled, looking at Adam with a mean expression.

"Something like that, Donny," Adam said, seriously. "Look, we have the room, and you wouldn't have to be under your parents' thumbs twenty-four seven. We even know where you can get a job. I assume that's one of the requirements of your parole."

"I'm not going to be on parole," Donny informed them. "I'm getting time off my sentence for good behavior and time served. When I get out in three weeks, I'll be free and clear."

"Oh," Adam said at a momentary loss. "Well at least come and stay with us for a little while, Donny. You need to reconnect with your brother. He'll be moving to Crippin in a week."

"All right," Donny said. "I'll play along. Why do you want me there, Adam?"

"Because I miss you," Adam lied. "I want to spend a little time with you."

"You want to spend a little time with my dick, you mean, right?" he smirked again.

"If that's what it takes to get you to Crippin, then yes, I'll spend a little time with your dick, Donny," Adam said heatedly.

"Calm down," he laughed. "I'll come to Crippin and spend a week with you when I get out of here. You'll have to pick me up though."

"Aaron will pick you up," Adam replied, making Aaron turn to look at him.

"Yeah, he looks happy about that," Donny laughed.

"Whatever," Adam said. "It's settled then?"

"Sure," Donny said. "I actually can't wait."

"Well then we'll see you in three weeks," Adam said, getting up from the table.

"Adam, you really do look good," Donny said, grinning at him.

"So do you, Donny," he said, grinning back. He wondered if he had been as successful at putting as much malice in his grin as Donny had put in his.

They left after that and drove back to Crete. Adam's mind was awash with plans for Donny. If the guy would at least show up at the house then he'd have him too. He'd make a potion and get hair from Donny one way or another. He supposed it could be a pubic hair. He just didn't relish the idea of sucking Donny's dick. He'd do it if he had to though.

He dropped Aaron off at the trailer and told him he'd see him in a week. He was getting back in the truck when the cell phone rang. He was sure it was Pete or Lisa but surprised to find that it was the realtor. He answered and was pleasantly surprised to hear that closing had finished early. The house was his and he could move in any time. She said to just stop by her office and pick up the keys and sign some paperwork.

Adam spent his first few days in Crippin looking for furniture. He'd met with the contractor from Chicago and waited while the man measured the basement. Then he was told that they could close off the water heater and furnace behind a sliding section of wall. He talked about soundproofing and looked at the printed page of dungeon materials that Adam wanted. In the end he was told that it could all be done rather easily. He quoted Adam a price and Adam agreed to pay exactly what he asked.

So now there was a construction crew putting soundproofing in his basement and getting it all ready for the items that Adam had paid for. It turned out that everything that Adam wanted could be found in Chicago at retailers and wholesalers. David Glass, the contractor promised to purchase all of these items and bill him for it. Adam was sure he'd bill him all right.

David Glass was a very good looking man with close cropped dark hair, dark eyes and a chiseled set of facial features. The man had broad shoulders that strained the fabric of his t-shirt. His arms were massive as was his chest. It strained the fabric of his t-shirt, too. The broad shoulders and muscular chest tapered to his waist where his legs bulged in his khaki pants. The man was gorgeous.

He thought of David Glass as he went to the first of the four furniture stores in Crippin. He found a living room set that he loved right away. It was overstuffed plush material in cream with fluffy pillows that were such a dark brown that they almost matched his hardwood floors perfectly. The set came with a coffee table and three end tables. For a little more money he could have the brass lamps that were on those tables. He paid for the whole thing and set up a time for delivery.

Then he went to another furniture store and found a dining room set that was nothing like the one he'd had in Storyville. The less reminders of those days he had the better off he'd be he decided. He found a octagon table with eight matching chairs. These were all oak and so darkly stained that they'd almost match the hardwood as well. He was happy with that. He purchased the set along with a hutch and side table that matched. He had that all set for delivery when he decided not to find a bed for the second bedroom. Aaron would be moving in after all, and he could bring his own bed set that Adam saw in the trailer. He wouldn't need any of the other furniture, but he'd need a bed to sleep in.

He drove to Storyville the morning of the fourth day of construction, which was supposed to be the last day. He had furniture deliveries the next morning and afternoon. In Storyville he found a moving company and paid them to move his bedroom set from storage along with all of the boxes he had from the other house. He purchased dishes, pots and pans and other necessities while he was in Storyville.

When he returned to Crippin David informed him that the basement dungeon was finished. Adam followed him down the stairs to the entrance of the dungeon. He was quite pleased with the vault style door. It didn't have the spinning dial, but it did have many locks. Off to the left was the access to the furnace and water heater. The electrical panel was disguised by a black cover that had the chinese symbol for Master etched into it. It matched the tattoo on the back of Adam's neck. He unlocked all of the locks and then handed Adam the ring of keys.

The door opened onto a dark playroom with black leather walls and a black floor. Adam looked up at the ceiling and found that it was now covered in black leather. There were no windows in the playroom now. They'd been sealed off in the soundproofing. There were thermostats for both heat and cold in the playroom behind a slide panel in the wall beside the door. David explained that the heat and cooling systems were separate from the rest of the house.

There was a sling in the center of the room. A bondage horse was just inside the door with many hooks and bolts. It was black like everything else in the room. On the wall adjacent to the door was a row of paddles, floggers, cat of nine tails, canes, crops and other devices from ball stretchers to restraints. A black cabinet was under these and inside there were zip ties, screws, bolts and a set of screwdrivers and socket wrenches to put everything together.

At the back of the room was the huge black St. Andrews Cross. There were hooks and bolts at the four arms of the cross as well. Off to the left was what looked like a bed. David explained that it was a raised platform with drawers in the pedestal. What was on it was not a mattress exactly but rather a thick black leather pad. It was covered in a black rubber sheet. Above the bed were hooks and connections for suspension cables and another sling which David showed him was in a drawer under the pedestal.

There were so many pieces of furniture that Adam didn't really know how to use, but they had each come with color pamphlets and instructions. These were in the cabinet under the utensils. A sound system panel was in the wall behind the huge bed. David explained that there were speakers all over the basement. The sound system could be loaded with music from any MP3 player.

Then he saw the black metal cages lined up in the opposite corner. They were stacked two high. They had leather pads in the bottoms and there were four of them. Adam didn't need four, but they looked amazingly frightening together. He loved it. He could see Donny and even Aaron in this room being put through their paces and smiled.

"It looks great, David," he said, smiling. "You did an awesome job."

"Thank you," David said, smiling back. "I'm glad you like it. Tell all your friends, please."

"Will do," Adam replied even though he had no friends in the scene.

When David left Adam filled the dishwasher with all of the new dishes and ran them through the washing cycle. Then he tore down the boxes and put them in the bins off the deck. He spent some time putting book cases together and then putting them in the front bedroom where he was going to store all of his magical supplies. He got them set up and then unpacked all of the boxes. He set up his altar and put the black drapes on the windows. David had installed a deadbolt lock on the door without question when Adam had asked. He locked the door and got the air bed blown up in his room.

Then he took the dishes out of the dishwasher and dried them. He put them away and put the pots and pans in for a cycle. Then he left the house and headed to the grocery store. He got all of the groceries he would need along with all of the ingredients to make that supplement shake he had the recipe for. He'd bought a blender, mixer and food processor so he knew he could get it all liquefied without much trouble. He'd teach Aaron to make it soon enough.

He didn't plan to have Aaron drink the supplement shakes, though. These were for Donny and only Donny. Donny's life in Adam's house was going to be very hard and very painful. Adam planned to pay him back in years what he'd done to him in months. If he grew tired of it he'd find someone to keep it going even if he had to give them potion to make them do it.

When he got home the pots and pans were done, so he made himself a meal of pork chops, boiled potatoes and corn. He heated up rolls to eat with it, cracked the top on a can of soda and sat in the built in nook to eat. After he ate he called Aaron. His notice at work was up and he'd be moving to Crippin the following day. Adam had already told him to only bring his clothes, personal effects and bedroom furniture. He was calling to find out how much he'd made from the sale of the other furniture, dishes and the like. He was told that everything had been sold and Aaron had the money for it all in an envelope.

He assumed that Adam was going to take it, but that wasn't what Adam had in mind. He didn't need or want Aaron's money. He planned to open an account and put any and all money that Aaron made into it. He told him he'd see him the next day and got off the phone just as the satellite people knocked on the door. They installed all of the equipment even though Adam's televisions sat on the floor in the living room and his bedroom. He had a third television and had them install the third receiver in Aaron's room. After all he wasn't interested in making Aaron's life a living hell. That was reserved for Donny.

When the satellite people left he sat on the floor in the living room and watched a movie on television. He paid very little attention to the movie. He spent the entire time on the net on his laptop. He read stories about sado masochistic sex, slaves and how it was all done. Some of them were out of the realm of reality, but a lot were real enough. He watched videos on sites of Masters who were showcasing some of their scenes with their slaves.

One of the Masters was a good looking younger man named Brian. He had a very specific tattoo on the back of his neck. Adam smiled when he noticed what it was. It was the same as the one on the back of his own neck. He read all of the material on this man's website and thought about emailing him but didn't. He closed his laptop and turned off the television. Then he went into the bedroom and stripped naked before crawling into the airbed.

The next morning his cell woke him up. He turned off the alarm and sat up. This was a big day. Aaron would be arriving, the furniture stores would be delivering and so would the moving company. Everything was all set. He showered, shaved and then had a light breakfast. He was just finished brushing his teeth when the doorbell rang. He looked at his watch and smiled. The first furniture company was prompt.

He let the men into the house and showed them where he wanted the living room furniture. Then he got out of their way and let them bring it all in. He'd paid for the end tables, the coffee table, the couch, the two seater sofa, the lamps and a television stand for his television. They had it all moved in, put the way he wanted and turned on before he signed the form and gave them a tip to split.

He'd no sooner closed the door and entered the living room when the doorbell rang again. This was the moving company. Two young men carried all of his bedroom furniture into the house and put it in his bedroom. They even put the bed together for him. He tipped them as well and then had a light lunch. He looked at his watch and saw that he still had at least two hours before the second furniture delivery would be made.

His phone rang and when he looked at it he saw that it was Aaron. He answered and told him how to get to the house. Aaron had never been to Crippin, so the boy had no way to find it. He stood outside to wait for him. It didn't take long for him to get there. Adam helped him carry his bedroom furniture into the house from the trailer hitched to his car. There were boxes and bags as well, but he let Aaron carry his own boxes and bags. While he was doing that Adam went into the kitchen to make tea to put in the empty gallon jugs that Aaron had brought with him. He added the potion to each.

"So did you have trouble?" he asked when Aaron came into the kitchen.

"No, Sir," Aaron replied.

"You can speak freely, Aaron," Adam said.

"Thank you," the boy sighed. "I have to take the trailer to the address I have written down in the car."

"Well it'll have to wait until the delivery men get here with the dining room furniture," Adam said. "We'll go after they leave."

"All right," Aaron replied.

"Did you drink your tea this morning?" Adam asked.

"Yes," Aaron said. "I drink it every morning just like you told me to."

"Okay," Adam said. "I suggest you go into your room and unpack your stuff. I want the boxes broken down and in the bin."

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said. He turned to leave the room and then stopped and looked back at Adam. "I thought I'd be sleeping with you."

"Why did you think that?" Adam asked. "We slept in the same bed in the motel in Greenfield out of necessity. Here I have my own bed to sleep in and so do you. We're not going to be lovers, Aaron. Get that firmly into your mind. You're my slave. Remember that."

Adam went back to making the tea as Aaron turned and walked out of the kitchen. He put two gallon jugs of tea in the fridge and placed the other two empty jugs under the sink. He didn't want four gallons of tea in the fridge. He was sure they'd sour after a while. Aaron only drank a glass of tea in the morning as far as Adam knew. He could drink it all day if he wanted to, but that first glass was the order. He was just rinsing out the coffee pot when the doorbell rang. That would be the dining room furniture delivery.

He let them in and told them where he wanted everything. Then he let them work. He went back to the kitchen and sat at the nook with his laptop. He was looking for t-shirts that were special. He wanted Aaron and Donny to wear their labels when they were out of the house. Of course Aaron couldn't wear the shirt to school, and Adam wanted him in school. He'd wear his regular clothes when he went to school, but when he was out anywhere with Adam he'd wear the uniform of his station. He found a place in Crippin that printed t-shirts to the customer's order. They even sold the t-shirts. He wrote down the prices and then closed his laptop.

When the moving men had the table, chairs, hutch and sideboard in the house Adam tipped them. He thanked them for bringing the furniture, promised to fill out the customer comment cards they left with him and then saw them to the door. Then he collected Aaron and rode along with him to take the trailer to the moving company. He thought about what to do with Donny the whole time he was out with Aaron.

He knew he would treat Donny close to the way that Donny had treated him. He'd be naked in the house at all times, he wouldn't sit on the furniture, refused to use the toilet seat, refused to close any door behind him and he'd eat on the floor like a dog and only the food that Adam decided to let him have. Donny had tried to break him and came dangerously close. Soon it would be time for Adam to return the favor. He would break Donny though. That would be the big difference. He'd read on the net about a way to do it. It was filled with pain, sex, debasement and strict rules. Adam didn't know if he was up to all of it, but he was damned sure going to try.



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