The Fear Within


This all started when I was in my early twenties, I had the worse time finding a job after I left High School, I went to one interview after another and had no luck, finally one day I went to an interview with a Private Business, it was an Auto Electrician, I loved working on my car and had a nature skill at working out problems with cars, so I was hoping to get the job.

I walked up to the Business rather worried, I hate interviews or anything where I am being judged by someone else. I introduced my self to the owner of the business and explained why I was there. He asked me one question, are you able to pull cars apart? Yes I am very good at it actually, fine I will see you here tomorrow morning at 8AM. I just looked at this little Greek man, his name was Con, I was not sure if I had the job at that stage so I asked in a rather shy manner, umm does this mean I have the job? Yes you do, see you tomorrow. I turned in shock and did not know what to think, great, I have a job.

The next day I showed up with what little tools I had, I was so uncomfortable about walking into this place, a rather old building that must have been built in the 1930's, was all wood and rather run down. Oil soaked through the wooden floor and the whole building seemed to be leaning to the right a little, it was a rather large building, it had eight working bays for cars plus storage area's and cleaning rooms for parts, and it even had a female and male Shower and toilet block on the right side of the front driveway that was separate from the rest of the building. It was all dirty, grease everywhere mixed with years of dust and dirt. It was not pretty. It was for want of a better word a workers shed.

I guess I should describe myself briefly, I am about six foot tall and I am rather thin, I have broad shoulders and a rather good figure. I never look at myself though, I was at the time rather insecure, normal for a person of my age who had identity issue's.

To get on with the story, on my first day I met all the other people who worked for the little Greek man, one chap was a man in his early forties and his name was Michael, strong looking man, very straight and lacking any type of humour. He was honest as the day is long and did not have a mean bone in his body. He was lovely and in a few months he would leave the Australia for the Antarctica where he would work on Snow Mobiles.

Then I met Martiza, the Bosses sister who doubled as our part time Secretary, she was lovely, extremely femine and softly spoken, very much the lady, I enjoyed our conversations over the years.

Then last but not least I met the only person I disliked, his name was Jerry, he was Dutch and extremely arrogant, he was exceptionally confident and had not issue letting everyone know how brilliant he was. He would stand up after completing a job and yell out comments like `I'd like to thank my Mother and Father for having me' and I'm so good it hurts' and everybody wants to have me.' and so on and so on. Unfortunately he was exceptionally Masculine and very good looking, so he usually got away with such comments.

Jerry was 6 foot 4 inches tall, had short dirty blonde hair and had the most demonic green eyes, he was a solid person, with very broad shoulder, his arms were like tree trunks and his chest was hard to miss. He was in every sense of the word, the perfect man's man. All the women wanted him, he would just ignore them most of the time, unless it suited him and he seemed to have an endless line of friends that were always calling to go out drinking with him. He was someone who looked down on most people because he genuinely felt his was better and more appealing than the rest of them. He spent most of his time at home in his Garage restoring an old 1967 Camero convertible, and then the rest of his time was spent working out in the other part of his garage that had been converted into a Private Gym. It was his private sanctuary and no one was allowed to intrude, not even his fiancee of ten years Christine. She knew her place.

Jerry was very good at keeping people under his thumb, his character was very strong and because of his size and personality very few people would question him or even consider taking him on. I felt the same way from the moment I met him, he was not someone you would mess with. If I could compare him to someone, I would say he was like a nasty version of Huge Jackman. Incredibly self-centered.

About six Months after I had started working at the Auto Electrical shop, I found that staying out of Jerry's way was the easiest thing to do, he was so in love with his own self that no one else needed to be in the same room with him, his head was already big enough.

I pretty much ignored him most of the time, occasionally I would be having lunch and we would talk, he always sat down with his legs spread apart, I sometimes wondered if he was doing it deliberately, however he sure had plenty of reason to be so damn confident, I could see that he had a massive cock, the outline protruding through his extremely tight work shorts left nothing to the imagination, I would find myself staring at him, and saying nothing, just looking, I would have to snap myself out of it, then realize he would be grinning at me.

I found that unnerving, like he was able to look right through me, I was even more annoyed with myself as I had not even admitted to myself that I was Gay at this stage, I had this fear inside me that if I admitted it, I would lose everyone in my life that mattered to me, so I just kept to myself. Yet I could sense Jerry could look deep into me and see me for what I was. I hated the feeling.

I would find myself over the next few weeks just staring at Jerry from a distance, I hated myself for this, I found it increasingly harder to not look at him and admire his body, the way he leaned against something, they way he stood while talking to a customer, the way he smiled when chatting up a pretty young woman and most of all the way he would grin when he caught me staring at him. I found myself feeling spouts of jealousy when he would talk to his Fiancee over the phone or chat up a woman, I wanted to be them, he had a different personality for someone he was charming.

I hated Jerry for exuding such a confident masculine manner that I found utterly sexual in nature and so desperately needed his approval. I always figured he would never go that way because if any man was Straight, it was Jerry, the amount of times he would tell me at lunch about the Pussy he fucked raw the night before, the way the bitches would scream out of control while being thrown back and fourth as his Cock fucked them within an inch of their lives.

Jerry told me that most women once fucked by him would orgasm long before he was finish and that usually he would make a bitch orgasm several times in one night and then he would have to dump them because they could get enough of his cock.

Jerry continued to tell me about a woman called Carmine who did not want to suck his cock because he was so big that she was terrified that he would rip her in half, so he filled her full of alcohol and then when she was just about unconscious he fingered her cunt until she was so desperate that she wanted more, so he ripped her panties of and spat on his cock and just shoved it in her without stopping for a second, she screamed in agony at first but after five minutes she was screaming for more and when he finally finished plowing her cunt she passed out from exhausting, after that fucking he said she phoned him every day and was so desperate for his cock that he had to dump her, which he did over the phone while fucking her best friend Julia, Julia was screaming without any control in the background, every woman who gets near his cock just loses all control of themselves. Jerry loves watching women fuck themselves on his cock, sometimes he just lays there and will say to a woman, Fuck your Cunt on my Cock bitch, to which they always did, he would grin as he watched them as they would lose control of there dignity.

Jerry loved fucking Cunts raw, he figured that if a Pussy wants him, they need to feel every inch of his cock and they need to know they were Fucked by a real man, now a man with a dick, but a Man with a COCK.

Anyway When Jerry would talk to me like this, he would keep his legs spread just enough for me to be able to look at the impression his Cock made against his shorts, it was Huge, not that I was any expert, I remember thinking it must be at least 10 Inches long soft and think as a baseball bat. What it must feel like to have that Cannon fucking you stupid, owe I would kill to experience Jerry fucking me. Hummmmmm!

Jerry would always tell me of his displeasure of women who would suck him off, they could never get more than the first couple of inches into their mouths and he would have to fuck their pussy to get any real satisfaction.

One day I was working on a Mazda 323, the Starter Motor had died and I was leaning over the front fender with my arms and hands in the engine bay trying to remove the Starter Motor. I heard Jerry in the background and realized he was walking up behind me, he was always saying crude remarks about me in some vial attempt to make me uncomfortable so I just ignored him usually, however on this day I was feeling unusually brave.

As he walked up he grabbed my hips with both hands and rubbed his cock into the Crack of my ass, I was a little taken back and he slapped my ass and he went to walk off, I quickly snapped at him saying don't promise something your not willing to deliver on!

Jerry stopped and looked at me, then without saying a thing he walked off, I thought I was rather brilliant, I kind of confronted him and he said nothing, perhaps I surprised him? So I felt rather smart for the rest of the day.

One by one everyone left, then it was just Jerry and me, we were waiting on one final customer to pick their car up, I think it was the Mazda 323 I had been working on earlier that day. I remember Jerry was wearing those extremely tight Work Shorts again, I think they were King Gee's. I loved looking at him in those shorts, I was in the office behind the counter with Jerry when he dropped something, he told me to pick it up so I had to crawl under the counter, Jerry was sitting on a stool with his legs spread apart again, I finally found the pen he dropped and as I turned to climb out from underneath the counter I looked between Jerry's legs to see that Jerry's Cock was protruding out through the right leg of his shorts, OMG it was huge, I was frozen, I did not move, I wanted to really admire his cock, hoping he wasn't aware of what I was doing, I heard another voice in the background and realized that the Customer was here to pick up his car, Jerry's hand reached down for the pen, I gave it to him, the customer was completely unaware that I was there was Jerry explained to him what was wrong with the car and what had to be replaced, then Jerry's reached under the counter with his right hand and pulled his shorts back exposing more of his extremely perfect cock. I began to realize that he was doing this deliberately. I wasn't sure what to do and then he snapped his fingers together to get my attention, I watched as he grabbed his cock, his fingers could not wrap around it, that is how fat it was, then he started teasing me by waving it back and forth.

I found myself hypnotized by his thick cock, it was so thick, so long, it was at least 10 inches and that was with Shorts on, I watched and really took it all in, his cock continued to be the same thickness for the full length and the veins were like tow ropes running up and down the length of his Cannon like Cock, it was too much, I leaned forward and when his cock was only an inch from my face, I stuck my tongue out and started to role it around the tip of his cock, I could hear the conversation was still going on above me, I slowly wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock and I could feel his cock was slowly starting to grow, hummmm how I have wanted this cock, wanted Jerry all this time, is this really happening I was wondering? It must be a dream and Jerry is at home fucking his Fiancee stupid at the moment, but this dream wasn't quitting, so I slowly forced my mouth further onto his cock, bit by bit I took more and more of Jerry into me, then I started to suck his cock, my lips where stretched to the max and I wasn't sure I could keep this up, after all I had not done this before, he was so fucking hot, my own dick was so hard by now that I thought I would explode just from him touching me. I finally heard the sound of keys as Jerry handed the customer his keys and bill, the customer thanked Jerry and Jerry asked him to shut the door as he left, I heard the door click shut and by now I was sucking up a storm on the most impressive cock I had ever seen, there was not a single porn star that could match Jerry, he was in a class all his own.

Jerry pulled away from the counter and looked down at me and grinned, I looked up at him as I continued to suck his cock, working on it and I started to caress my tongue over his cock, I could feel the veins that protruded and I could feel the piss slit at the end of his cock, it was huge, he must piss a river out of this thing when he does piss. I kept looking up at him and he finally spoke to me, so look who wants to be my next Bitch? I knew you have wanted, sorry craved my Cock for the last few months, infact if I am correct, you have wanted it from the moment you laid eyes on me? Isn't that true you filthy little whore? Tell me you cunt, tell me how much you have wanted to suck my cock you cocksucking slut? I was so embarrassed that I just continued to suck his cock, Jerry finally pulled his cock from my mouth and looked me in the eyes, tell me how much you need this cock or you will not get it any more?

I was frozen, to embarrassed to say it, Jerry started to put his cock back into his pants, he then leaned into me, with his cock rubbing against my face and said last chance bitch?

I looked down at the floor and I couldn't face him, Jerry started to turn away when I panicked and I quickly reacted, OK you win, he stopped and kept his back to me, say it bitch, fine, Jerry I want your cock. Listen whore, you will have to beg a little better than that, if you don't you will never get another chance, I was looking at Jerry's back, it was so strong and he was so fucking hot, I knew with the amount of sex he gets that I was not important to him, so I gave in and started to talk.

Jerry I have craved your cock from the day I met you, your stories over the months have been driving me nuts and I have wanted to suck your cock every minute of every day, I never thought this would happen and I am scared because I want you so desperately, Please Jerry, let me suck on your cock, I'll do anything you want, please give me another chance to make you happy. I want your cock, I need your cock.

OK Whore from this moment on, I will no longer call you Chris, I will call you Whore, Bitch, Slut or what ever I damn well want, you will do exactly as I say or you will be punished, do you understand me? Ummmm Yes I do Jerry, yes I do, owe and from now on you address me as Sir, nothing else. OK. Yes sir.

Jerry turned around and told me to strip, I did as I was instructed and finally I was naked in front of Jerry, a god like creature who could have anyone he wanted. Jerry walked up to me and stood in front of me with that menacing grin that I have gotten used to seeing over the past few months, Jerry spoke very abruptly, strip me whore. So I jumped to it and I lifted his skin tight shirt over his head, this was the closest I have ever been to his face, his lips, they were lovely, the intense look he was giving me made me feel extremely hot, I noticed what perfect Pecs he had and his arms were like carved out of steel, I worked my way down hit body taking in every inch, I could barely breath and I never thought I would ever be this close to such a perfect looking man.

I slid my fingers into the top of his Shirts, I gently pulled in a down ward motion and his shorts slowly slid like a glove across his extremely firm ass and his cock was so enormous that I had to pull on the shorts a little harder to get them to slip past this enormous Tree Trunk, finally the shorts were free and I pushed them down to the ground, I looked up and all I could see was this massive cock that even the gods would be jealous of, it just have been at least 12 maybe 13 inches long, OMG, I just wanted to jump on it, suck it back into my mouth and then I noticed his nuts, they hung down low, and they were like tennis balls, I was so impressed, there was NOTHING that on this man that wasn't intimidating. I shivered in his presents.

I suddenly realized that Jerry had not been wearing any underwear, then I realized that any real man probably doesn't. What material could contain such a monster of a cock? It was never going to be tied down, the hottest cock in the Southern hemisphere.

I suddenly felt a smack as something hit my face, I snapped out of the day dream I was having, Jerry had slapped his cock against my face, I looked at him, still grinning, he looked down and said in the only tone Jerry knows, dreaming about sucking this cock Whore? Start sucking on it you little bitch and no teeth, most women can't do it without scrapping their teeth, so prove to me you are worthy of this honour I have given you, now start sucking slut. With that Jerry forced his massive tool into my mouth, I nearly fainted at the thought of being on my knees in front of him.

Suck that Cock you whore, suck if fast you useless slut, I tried my best to keep up with Jerry's demands, however he was so big I just could not get it all the way down my throat, Jerry grabbed my head with both hands and told me, your going to have to improve you cock sucking whore, when I shove my cock in your mouth I want it all the way in, work on it harder slut.

I tried and finally Jerry just forced his Cock down my throat, I was choking and gagging, I was beginning to panic. Yet I could finally feel the knob of his Cock pressing at the rear of my throat and with a bit more force Jerry managed to get his balls slapping against my chin. I was so hard I thought I would explode right there and then. I grabbed his ass cheeks with both of my hands to steady myself while Jerry was face fucking me with the might of an Olympic god. His cheeks were so firm, I could feel the muscles in his ass flexing while he was driving his cock into me.

Finally I was learning to breath through my nose while his massive tool was blocking my throat, Jerry was finally able to get the whole of his cock down my throat, yes he was deep throating me, he was so excited he let out all sorts of verbal abuse, yes finally my fucking cock is deep throating you, you fucking cum bucket, owe god this feels so good, none of my Bitches have ever taken so much of my cock down their throat, fuck yes you little whore, your mouth was made to suck my cock, for me to shove it down that sweet fucking throat.

By this time Jerry had developed a rather brutal rhythm and was fucking me on his cock without any mercy, he would shove his cock in and pull my head back and then long dick my fucking throat again, he did it over and over again, my mouth was getting tired, this was the biggest cock I have ever seen and I have never done anything like this before, I was loving every moment of it, I was now worried because I was not sure my mouth would last before he was finished.

Jerry kept this up for at least 20 minutes, swearing at me the whole time, telling me what a useless whore I was and that I should be worshiping his cock all the time, which I am more than willing to do and that this was the deepest his cock has ever been down a throat and that I was born to service his cock and his cock only. I could feel my own dick starting to twitch more and more, I was trying to stop the enevitable reaction to this incredible moment and before I could really do anything I started to shake as my own dick released it's own juices, I shook in disbelief and Jerry looked down and could hear me moaning with extreme pleasure, he grinned and said, look at that you fucking whore, you blew your own load from me fucking your face, I knew you wanted this cock bad, but I did not know you were that fucking pathetic, you filthy fucking slut, I might have to fuck the shit out of this face every day, what do you think of that you nasty cock loving whore?

Finally after what seemed like an hour Jerry started to pick up his pace, my lips were swollen and I couldn't feel them anymore, Jerry was grinning more and more, finally he said the words I have been waiting for, I'm going to cum you fucking filthy whore, I'm going to cum down that fucking sweet throat of yours and your going to take all of it, all of my baby makers. I knew he was close because he was now slamming his cock in and out of my mouth with such force I was beginning to worry about ending up with black eyes, finally he yelled out, YOU FUCKING SLUT, TAKE MY FUCKING LOAD WHORE! And with that he grabbed my head and shoved his cock all the way into my throat and began to blow what seemed to be about 10 blasts of cum down my throat, the taste was brilliant, I am not sure how to describe it, salty and yet so very sweet. There was so much of it that I could not contain it all, and it leaked past my lips and onto his fucking hot cock and balls, Jerry was breathing heavy and he finally let go of my head, he looked down at me and smiled, excellent job slut, now finish the job and clean my cock and balls you bitch. I did as instructed, I couldn't help but notice his cock was still real hard, so I went on to clean and start sucking it gently, I wanted to get all of his cum and ensure that he was happy, I wanted to worship this man, this cock, this dream.

A few minutes later Jerry pulled his hard cock from my wanting mouth, he told me to stand up and go and have a shower, I did not question him, I just went and climbed into the shower and figured this day was over, I knew Jerry would leave while I was having the shower and then he would ignore me at work forever after this day, almost like a dream that wasn't real.

I was using the soap on my lips, trying to get them to stop swelling, it was like I was allergic to a bee and they stung me on the lips, they felt five times the size they normally did, his cock was so big that my lips never stood a chance of surviving.

I closed my eyes as the water was running down my back, I was slowly easing the soap over my body, I was so relaxed and I never wanted this moment to end, a dream, the arrogant prick I hate just face fucked me stupid, I hated him and yet I have never wanted anyone more. The steam was building and I thought I heard his Camero start, I figured he was leaving so I began to relax.

I had been in the shower for about 20 minutes when I heard the plastic shower screen pull back, I went to turn around when I felt a pair of hands on my hips force me to turn straight into the wall infront of me. I turned my head just a little to see that Jerry was behind me, don't you fucking move slut, I'll let you know when you can leave, with that I felt his cock rubbing against the crack of my ass, Jerry slid his cock up and down my ass crack for about five minutes, I started to hear someone moaning and then realized that it was me, I could feel his hands caressing my body and I started to push myself back into Jerry to feel more of his cock, yes you want this cock bad, I bet you would beg me for it if I wanted? Tell me would you beg for my cock? TELL ME SLUT? Yes Jerry I would beg for your cock, I would do anything you wanted, just to be near you, to feel you and to have your cock inside me, anything you want I would do. I need your cock, it is the only thing I can think about, I need you.

Jerry leaned me over a bit more and with that I could feel the pressure as his cock started to force it's way into my ass, I was so worried, after what he did to my mouth, could my ass handle such a powerful weapon like his forcing it's way into me, I started to feel intense pain, I was in agony, I gritted my teeth together and started to cry out in pain, Jerry did not seem to care that I was in pain, I finally yelled out, Jerry Sir, stop, please stop, I can not handle this, your cock is too big, please stop before you kill me.

Jerry leaned over my back and whispered in my ear, you started this slut boy and I am going to breed this fucking ass, if that fucking mouth can do so well, then I expect the ass to do as well, I always dump at least three loads in my whores and you are now one of my whores, so you will take this and when I cum, you will thank me for it, do you understand me you fucking slut?

Yes Jerry I will do as you want, but please take it easy, I'm not that strong that I can handle such an enormous dick like yours, listen slut, let's get one thing straight right now, I am a man, I have a cock, you're the fucking whore, you have a dick, never refer to my cock as a dick again or I will fucking rip you in to two pieces. Do you understand me slut?

Yes Jerry Sir I understand and with that Jerry shoved the rest of his massive cock straight into me, I screamed in horror and then Jerry slapped my right ass cheek, owe yes you whore, take all of my fucking beast up that Cunt of yours, I love fucking cunts like you raw, do you like having my cock up that ass? I asked you a fucking question cum bucket?

All I could say was that it hurt and was too big, your way to big, I can't take it, I can't handle this, I'm going to split in half, Please stop.

At this point Jerry started to pull his 13 inch monster almost all the way out of my ass and then he would slam it all the way back in, I would feel his balls as they slapped against my balls, I would scream in agony as he kept this up for what seemed hours, after about 10 minutes I could feel the pain starting to subside as I realized my own cock was rock hard.

Jerry was loving it, the language was so vial, he was calling me all sorts of things, your such a cock loving whore, you have wanted my COCK for so long, I have loved making you suffer all these months, how does it feel having my monster cock up that ass? I was going to put a condom on but decided you need to be breeded as you are such a worthless whore that needs to have something to validate your pathetic life, having my cock up your ass has finally made you useful, you're here to service my cock whenever I want it, do you understand that slut? I was grunting and beginning to moan, I was finally beginning to feel pleasure, when Jerry slapped my ass real hard and I was suddenly aware of what he asked me, I asked you a question whore, do you know that you are mine and here to service my cock when ever I want? Yes Jerry sir, like I said, anything you want, anything. I was moaning out of control by now, and I started to feel extreme pleasure and before long I was moaning and saying all sorts of things, it was as if Jerry had turned on a switch inside me and I was no longer in control of my body, I was saying things that I never would have imagined I could have said, Owe god, yes Jerry fuck me, make me your whore, owe god yes fuck me, fuck me stupid, fucking me unconscious, owe god yes, your cock is so big I can't get enough of it, owe fuck me, fuck me hard, ooooowwwwwwe my god yes just keep fuckiiiiiiiing me like the worthless whore I am, and with that my cock erupted and I was cuming all over the place, I had lost complete control of my body, I was so surprised that I had cum without even touching my dick twice now. Jerry just laughed at me in a rather evil manner, you common whore, look at you, twice now you have blown your load over me fucking you, you just can't get enough of this cock can you? You will be sucking this cock everyday from now on and I am going to plow your ass every day, this is great, my very own cum bucket at work, I can fuck my bitch at home and fuck your stupid every day. I had noticed that Jerry had slowed his fucking down as he was thrusting in and out of me, he would twist his body from side to side as he pulled out of my ass and then force it up or down, side to side and I was screaming in pleasure as he continued to do this for at least another 30 minutes, by this time I was rock hard again, finally Jerry pulled out of my ass and turned me around to face him, he grabbed my ass with both hands and lifted me up and pushed me against the wall, then he slid me down onto his cock, impaling me on his monster cock.

This time I was more than happy to be forced on his cock, he then began to fuck up into me while holding me against the wall, I was yelling out all sorts of obscenities, owe yes fuck me like a whore, like the whore I want to be for you, owe god yes just keep fucking me and Jerry just kept fucking me harder and harder, I think his cock had finally grown to about 14 inches, it felt like that as he started to slow down, he looked me in the face and we were chest to chest and face to face with my legs wrapped around his waist, my own dick pressed between his six pack and my stomach, he spoke and said, beg for this cock whore? I want to hear you beg me to fuck you? I had not limits anymore, and I did as he demanded, Jerry sir, I want you to fuck me within an inch of my life, I want you to shove your fucking enormous cannon up my ass and fuck me like there is no tomorrow, I want you to keep your cock inside me forever because until you fucked me I have never imagined that anyone could make me feel so complete, you're a god and I will worship you always, please fuuuuuuck me and don't ever stop! I can not breath unless your fucking me, until today I wasn't alive, you have pumped new life into me, fuck me, fuck me as hard as you have ever dreamed of doing to your whores, FUUUUUCK ME!

With that Jerry fucked his cock into me, I could not hold off any longer and my dick started shooting it juices again, between Jerry and I, I was moaning out of control as Jerry fucked me with the relentless power of a tank, I had a tree stump being pushed into me and out as I was continuing to cum, Jerry laughed again, you pathetic whore, you Cuming again? You just cannot handle the cock of a god can you, you fucking get so excited from having my cock in you that you don't need anything else do you slut? And with that Jerry picked up the pace and was slamming me against the wall and my legs where bouncing all over the place as Jerry started to yell at me, you fucking WHORE! Your useless fucking bitch, you need this and your going to get it, your going to take my fucking load up your ass, tell me how much you want it, tell me how much you crave my load you worthless slut? Jerry I need your load, I need your Cum, fuck it into me, breed me, you're the only man that can do it, fuck me stupid, Owe yeh you whore, FUCKING TAKE THIS LOAD AND DON'T FORGET TO THANK ME, at that moment Jerry shoved his whole cock all the way into my ass and I felt the pleasure of his hot CUM filling my ass, Yessssss I'm BREEDING THAT FUCKING ASSSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES FUCKING TAKE IT WHORE AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

And with that we both slid down the wall of the shower, I laid there with my back against the wall and I had Jerry's cock still imbedded in my ass, goodness me it still feels hard, please no I thought, he has fucked the utter shit out of me and I can not possibly take it again. After a few minutes of Jerry breathing heavily he pulled his cock out of me, this time I felt Jerry's cum pushing it's way out of my extremely tortured hole, I just laid there unable to move, Jerry reached over to where his clothes were and grabbed something I could not see, he leaned over to me and forced what I quickly learned was a Butt Plug into me, I yelped a little and then looked at Jerry, you are not to pull this plug out of your ass till I see you tomorrow, you keep my Baby Makers in there for at least 12 hours, I worked pretty fucking hard to put them in there, so they are going to stay in there, do you understand you FUCKING USELESS WHORE? Yes Jerry Sir, whatever you want is my wish.

At that time I was barely able to focus on where I was, I noticed Jerry sliding his skin tight shorts back on and that spectacular cock slowly was covered in material, but I could still see it, then he pulled his shirt on, he looked down at me, I was still a wreck lying on the shower floor and he grinned again. Hey Slut, how bad have you wanted that? I bet you won't sleep tonight? I took it easy on you tonight, next time I fuck you, your going to beg for my cock, look at that pathetic little fucking dick of yours, no wonder you worship my cock, never seen a real cock before I bet. Tomorrow is Saturday, I will see you on Monday, you will need the next two days to recover, most of the bitches I fuck can't walk for the next 24 hours, I doubt you will be any different you cock whore. See you Monday, be at least one hour early whore, I need my morning blow job and you're the perfect cock worshipping slut to release my tension. I'll see you then.

Jerry turned and walked away, I couldn't even lift my head to acknowledge his words, I was exhausted, completely drained of any energy I had. I closed my eyes hoping a few minutes of relaxing will recharge me.

I opened my eyes and it was dark, I must have fallen asleep, shit, it must have been a couple of hours since Jerry left, I better get home, my Parents will be wondering where I am, I went to stand up and realized I had no strength in my legs, they would not lift me, I had to finally pull myself up with my hands and when I did eventually get on my feet, I realized that I still had the Butt Plug up my ass, I smiled, I could barely move, my legs shook as I tried to walk, I managed after some serious fumbling around to get my clothes back on and I made my way down the stairs towards my little Gold Ford Escort.

I got into the car and sat there for a few minutes, I was so surprised that I was almost disabled due to having a massive 13 inch cock fuck me into another universe. How spectacular, I realized that no one ever in my life would be able to satisfy my lust for Cock like Jerry, he was the man for me, the one that I was in love with, and now I realized I had fallen in love with his arrogant mannerism, his self loving nature and his ability to degrade me to the point where I feel worthless. I no longer care what he said or did as long as he fucked me and did it all to me, I need him, he is the only man in my life, no one else would ever compare to Jerry and his 13 inch Monster.


Stay tuned for part 2.