The Houseboys

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Chapter 1

Craig felt distinctly nervous as he entered the CSC Placement centre even though he was entering as a customer and not a participant in the scheme but at sixteen he was still nine years away from the official Age of Adulthood and so was still under the auspices of the CSC.

As fears over crime, vandalism and general anti-social had increased, the authorities had been allowed to pass increasingly draconian measures that had, in all but name, reintroduced slavery. As had happened throughout the whole of history, the people who had made it and were comfortably off needed people to blame for the troubles of the world and their favourite targets were the young. It was also true that the young did get into more trouble than older folk but again it had always been that way because youngsters are more adventurous and less experienced than their elders.

So apart from the obvious, murder, armed robbery and so on, the authorities could always drum up a few votes by getting tough on vandalism, graffiti and other small time crime. Juveniles and the homeless could be rounded up easily. As 'power was returned to the people', so it became harder for these groups to protect and defend themselves.

Compulsory Social Care was supposed to be an umbrella organisation that dealt with cases according to need and a radical alternative to prison. The theory was that everyone who needed help could be placed in the care of suitable organisations and individuals. Many aspects of CSC worked well. Churches and charities ran genuine programs that helped many people turn their lives around and leave the scheme. Medical care had improved beyond recognition and generally everyone's health had improved.

Since there were obvious benefits to the scheme, no one noticed or worried about the complete loss of civil and citizen rights of participants, as they were officially called until the abuses started becoming obvious.

An 'Age of Adulthood' was established and was deemed to start at 25. Everyone below that age were automatically participants in the scheme. It was popular with parents and official bodies as it gave them a lot more control. In effect youngsters were guilty until they could prove their innocence and had to show that they were supported by their family, in full time education or had a job and that they were responsible enough to support themselves.

Over 25s could only enter CSC through the courts.

Not everyone one approved of the scheme and there was now powerful opposition to it. This opposition did more for the well being of participants than anything else. At least those seen in public. If a slave was seen to be malnourished or injured or harmed in any way, someone was bound to report it and there would be a public outcry, and so, guardians applied a certain amount of pressure on each other to see that complaints were far and few between. What happened to slaves not seen in public was another story. Unofficially the authorities liked occasional incidents of abuse to be exposed to boost the deterrent value of the scheme.

On the other hand CSC had a high profile where it was seen to be doing it's job. Beggars and the homeless had disappeared. Crime had dropped dramatically. The compulsory labour force meant the streets were always clean, parks and gardens well tended and even the moderately well off could afford domestic staff.

Craig was only too aware of the CSC scheme because he was desperately trying to keep his younger brother and himself out of it. Their parents had died in a car crash five months earlier. They had no close relatives and no one to take responsibility for them. CSC was legally obliged to find them appropriate care. Since it was not their fault that they were in need of help, they should be fostered with a suitable family at least while they were in education. In practice there were few suitable places and so they would be expected to 'rough it' for a while in a home for 'less deserving' children. That was often the start of a downward spiral that was difficult to get out of.

Their father who had been driving was held partly to blame for accident and so there had been no compensation, just some modest life insurance payouts. They had no living relatives and no one willing to take responsibility for them. Craig was nearly 16 when his parents had died. Their estate had been simple. Insurance policies, a couple of bank accounts and that was all. They had lived in rented accommodation, had no investments, debts or anything else.

Luckily for Craig, their landlord was a kindly man who helped him through all the paperwork. On his suggestion they had moved from their house into a cosy flat, cheaper and much easier for two boys to maintain.

He had given Craig a part time job cleaning and tidying his properties and the two boys had managed to keep going on Craig's earnings and the insurance money.

Things were not going well though. Craig's brother was not much help. At thirteen Ethan meant well but had little sense of urgency and still thought that the adults would sort everything out. Craig had tried his best but he could not keep up with looking after the flat, his school work and his job. A CSC worker would be visiting in a few of weeks to see that the boys were meeting all the necessary criteria. The state of the flat and Craig's exhaustion would be enough to show that they needed Social Care.

Craig had talked things over with Mr Crosis, his landlord and they had come up with a plan. Craig would quit school and work for Mr Crosis full time. Mr Crosis needed help in the office and he would train Craig to become his manager and Craig could continue with his studies at night school. It would take him longer to gain his certificates but he would get them.

The final part of the plan saw them entering the local CSC placement centre. For placement centre read slave market.

“No!” Mr Crosis was saying as they entered, “We don't want the Youth section. You couldn't afford the fees.”

“But aren't they all criminals in there?” asked Craig pointing at the Senior section. “I don't want a murderer or a kiddy fiddler hanging around Ethan.”

“It's a bit like hunting for a cheap car.” replied Mr Crosis. “Most are wrecks and complete dogs but occasionally you find a real bargain. This is a bit of a long shot, but you never know.”

He was disappointed at Craig's 'kiddy fiddling' jibe as he was was attracted to Craig. He would have to be content with just looking for a while but he still hoped Craig might be willing.

“I'm still not sure,” muttered Craig.

“Look!” snapped Mr Crosis, “You don't have many options. You've got a job and you've got a place to live. In spite of your age you'll probably be OK.

“Ethan is a different matter. Can you prove that you can look after him properly? The CSC need feel good stories. They can say that they're looking after Ethan while you find your feet.”

Mr Crosis continued in a kinder manner, “My offer still stands. You can both come and live with me. I'll look after you.”

“I know and thanks.” replied Craig, “It's just....... you know........”

“You know I'd want to get my hand inside your pants. Ethan's as well. I'm going to see what's in the Youth section or will that make me a kiddy fiddler as well?”

“I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. You wouldn't kill or torture your boys, would you? I know they'd they'd have to do sex with you but you'd give them a chance like you've given me.

“If it came to it, I'd rather sign Ethan over to you rather than let him go through the system.”

Mr Crosis laughed.

“I think that was a compliment.” he said, “Off you go. We'll meet back here.”

As Craig entered the senior section he was greeted by a teenager only a couple of years older than himself. He wore shorts and sandals. He wore a stainless steel chain around his neck. It had been welded shut and had four fixing rings spaced evenly around it. Also fixed to the chain was a plate which read 'Registered G2 2054 HFR 4760' and on the next line 'Warner St. Placement Centre.'

Craig and Ethan were grade 5 and would have started out in care at that grade. G2 meant that this boy had been in trouble and had slipped down 3 grades. 2054 was the year he had been registered at this grade and the other letters and numbers made the rest of his registration number. The chain also carried a tracker so that satellites could pinpoint his position at any time.

It was now 2059 and Craig realised with a start that he had been about Ethan's age when he had been graded.

“May I help you, sir,” the youth asked, “Or do you wish to wait for your parents, sir?”

“My parents died six months ago.” replied Craig harshly, “I need help to look after my younger brother and keep him out of CSC. Someone who can do the housework for me.” Have you got anything?”

“Yes, I understand completely. I'm sorry! I meant no offence, sir.”

The servant had been terrified by the tone of Craig's voice, expecting to be punished for his rudeness.

“You didn't offend me,” replied Craig quietly. “I need someone to keep house so I can work and study. A CSC worker is visiting soon and it must look as if I can cope.”

“Again may I ask sir. Do you realise this is the male placement centre? Wouldn't a female housekeeper be more appropriate?”

“It doesn't matter too much in this day and age. If I can't find anything here I'll try the female centre.” Craig had been brought up to be polite and courteous especially towards women. The idea that he might have to discipline a female slave terrified him.

“I don't suppose you want me, do you?”

“Can you cook and do the housework?”

“We're taught the basics, sir,” the boy replied, “ and I'm a quick learner.”

“I need someone who knows what to do. Sorry!” said Craig.

“I understand, sir” said the slave, “Your brother is very lucky to have you looking out for him.”

“So what happened to you?”

“I was twelve and my Uncle tried to fuck me. He bent me over the kitchen table. There was a knife on it. I panicked and grabbed it. As I swung round, the knife slashed his cheek. You know how it is. I'd wounded an adult and no one helped me.”

He paused for a moment with a look of sadness on his face. “My parents had always said I'd been an accident and looking back, they wanted rid of me. They didn't help me. My Uncle denied trying to rape me and I was found guilty of assault. I was graded 2 and because it was such a serious conviction I was sent to the Main adult section.”

He paused again trying to hold back tears. “I wish you'd been my brother. I wish someone had cared about me.”

“What's your name?”

The boy looked sad again. “It was Paul. Now it's 4760 or just 'Boy'.”

“I'm sorry, Paul,” said Craig, “but I do need someone who knows what to do.”

The boy nodded, “I understand, sir. I'll do my best to help. If you'd like to take a seat at this console, I'll call up some files.”

While they had been talking Paul had led Craig to one of interview rooms. The room was divided in two. The end that Craig was shown into was carpeted, had a small table equipped to serve drinks. There was a large desk with a computer console, notepad and a large luxurious chair facing the far end of the room. The other half of the room was bare except for a punishment horse; two A-frames connected by beams. Craig remembered pictures of wooden saw horses but this was metal with various securing rings attached. There were various whips and canes on the wall behind it. There were various securing rings fixed to the walls, ceiling and the bare concrete floor.

As the the boys looked through the files, Craig asked Paul questions and for the first time that Paul could remember someone was listening to his opinion. They quickly identified a likely candidate. He was a Grade 4 member who had been convicted of embezzlement. According to his profile he'd lived in a nice house with a couple of slaves to look after him.

“That doesn't mean he knows how to do the jobs himself,” said Craig.

“No sir, that's right.” replied Paul, “but he knows what's needed and you should interview him to see what he does know.”

Paul suddenly became rigid with fear staring at the punishment horse, “I'm sorry sir, I shouldn't have been so disrespectful. I'm sorry, I forgot my place.”

“No, you didn't,” replied Craig, “I asked you for help, you're giving it and I will interview him like you suggested.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Paul relaxing slightly.

Following the instructions on the screen Craig filled out the application form. He typed in his own ID number and reason for wanting a slave and that was it.

A resume of his circumstances was called up from Central Records together with an announcement that he could take on five members.

Going to the next screen he typed in the Registration number of the one he wanted to see and as an afterthought typed in Paul's number as well. Paul had discretely taken up a position at the far end of the room out of the line of sight of the monitor so he could not look at Craig's details while they were displayed and so did not see Craig ask to formally inspect him.

An idea was going through Craig's mind and he needed time to work on it but he did not want to get Paul's hopes up.

The CSC still wanted to give the illusion that participants were properly treated and so prospective owners were expected to behave with the utmost decorum while in the centre. Craig had signed an agreement to that effect before they even been allowed inside the building. The room was monitored by CCTV and had Craig tried to molest or abuse Paul in any way he would have been in deep trouble.

A prospective owner rights to physically handling a Centre inmate depended solely on it's purpose. For example an owner wanting a manual labourer would be allowed to feel a slave's muscles. The Centre's goal was not to protect the inmate. It was to prevent an undercover reporter proving that abuse happened on Government property. A security officer was always present during the interviews and the recordings from the CCTV were kept.

Slaves were displayed naked and could be shackled in any position the buyer wanted. The result was a quaint 'look but don't damage the goods' policy that protected the CSC's image but humiliated the slave in order to demonstrate his new relationship with his owner.

Ethan had a close friend, Jake Sanders. They were both getting into more trouble and Mrs Sanders was as worried about Jake as Craig was about Ethan. While waiting for the slave to be brought up for inspection Craig slipped out into reception and called Mrs Sanders on his mobile.

He outlined the scheme he had in mind and she readily agreed to allow Craig extend it to Jake. He also rang Mr Crosis about the second part of his plan who also seemed willing to give it a try. As he finished his calls an attendant approached him.

“Excuse me sir,” he said, “but I understand you wish to inspect HFR 4760. Could you explain why you want to make a more thorough examination of him, please? You've already spent time with him. You could just put in an order for him.”

“I didn't know that,” replied Craig. I just filled in the form on the console. I do maintenance work and I'm thinking that he may be able to help me. I would like to inspect him though if someone could help me. I need to know my brother is safe if I take him.”

“Yes of course. If you'd wait her for a couple of seconds I'll see what I can do. I'll take the boy and see that he's prepared.”

“No!” said Craig, “I know he's not cleaned up ready for display. That's OK. Like you say I've already spent time with him.”

The attendant walked away satisfied that Craig had a genuine interest in Paul and returned a few minutes later with a small earpiece.

“You will be monitored automatically on the CCTV,” he said, “This will allow us to make suggestions without the participants knowing. It will make you seem more authoritative.”

“Thank you!” replied Craig, “I'll wait inside.”

He had been seated at the desk for just a few minutes before a naked man in his fifties was led into the far end of the room. The man had no body hair and the hair on his head had been cropped short like Paul's hair. Where Paul was blond this man was grey. He had a slight paunch but he looked fairly fit for his age. It was the first time he had seen a man of this age naked and so Craig studied the man's cock and balls carefully. Like the rest of him they seemed pretty average.

His hands were handcuffed behind his back

The attendant who had brought him came and stood behind Craig adopting a military 'At Ease' position. He obviously was not graded as he had no chain around his neck so he was standing on the carpet without permission and he had a relaxed air about him, adjusting his position every so often.

Remembering a trick that he had seen on television Craig snapped his fingers and pointed to just in front of the desk.

The man paused before saying, “Oh! Do you want me to come closer, lad?”

Craig did not need the whisper from the earpiece to know the man was being insolent but he would not have plucked up the courage to punish him if he had not received advice from his adviser.

“No!” replied Craig after a pause of his own, “I want you to bend over that horse while I find a suitable cane.”

Craig enjoyed seeing the shocked look that appeared on the man's face. He felt his cock stir slightly.

The man looked desperately at the attendant hoping that he would intervene.

“Would you like him shackled, sir?” the attendant asked.

“If he doesn't move soon, I'll want him tied up for a whipping.”

The man jumped to obey.

“Can we have his hands held further up his back? He's trying to cover his backside.”

“Yes, of course, sir.”

The attendant picked up a length of cord made a loop at one end which he slipped over the man's neck. Pulling the handcuffs up as far as possible he tied the other end of the rope to them.

“Thank you.” said Craig as the attendant stood back.

He swished the cane he had chosen through the air a couple of times watching as the man tightened his muscles trying to prepare for the blow. The third time Craig landed the blow with all his force. There was a brief pause before the man let rip with a deafening scream. Craig watched fascinated as the red weal developed. Spots of blood appeared along the injury.

“You're due another five of those.” said Craig, “I'll do them at the end of the inspection. I'll add more or knock some off according to how you behave. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir. I'm sorry if I was rude. I'll behave. I promise. Please don't hit me again.”

“I wanted a simple 'yes sir' or 'no sir' so you've just earned another one. Now go and stand where I told you.”

The man struggled to his feet and ran to the desk. Craig looked uncertainly at the attendant. He nodded approvingly and Craig felt more comfortable. Craig sat down behind the desk and glanced at the man's profile displayed on the console.

“So! Your name name used to be Timothy Edward James Everington. From now on it's Tom. Any questions?”

“No sir. Whatever........ No Sir.”

“You're learning. I need a housekeeper. What can you do?”

“Sir, when I was younger I lived alone a lot. I had a small house which I looked after and kept tidy. I learned how to cook. Nothing fancy but it was nourishing, sir.”

“Were you married?”

“Yes sir. For twenty years until the divorce.”

“So what happened?”

“My wife and my business partner accused me of fraud and here I am, sir.”

“You will be looking after my brother and me in our flat. You will obey me first and then you will obey my brother. You don't speak unless you are spoken to first. You obey without question.”

He remembered another line from a television show.

“Look at your cock and balls. Keep them hairless and remember that you are the little boy in this set up. Respect your betters. Understood?”

“Yes sir.”

Tom was completely demoralised. His wrists hurt from the angle of the cuffs and his arms ached from the effort of keeping their weight from the loop around his neck His delay approaching the desk had been his last attempt to keep some control of his life. He had also resented the way a mere boy had expected him to obey a snap of his fingers. All that had changed. He understood the power that Craig had over him and he had no answer to the suggestion that he was just a little boy.

His friends had called him Tim. He had not dared question Craig's decision to call him Tom and so another part of his identity had slipped away.

In fact, it had been a slip of the tongue on Craig's part. He had been distracted by the growing pressure in his underwear. He thought he was straight and even now thoughts of the girl he desperately wanted to date crowded his mind. But, there was no doubt that he had enjoyed his mastery of Tom and was looking forward to it even more with Paul. His next command sent Tom scuttling over to stand in a corner once again emphasising that Tom's status was that of a naughty child.

Craig now turned his attention to Paul who had been watching events carefully. The same snap of the fingers brought Paul hurrying to stand before the desk as Tom had done. Paul stood nervously as Craig looked him over.

“OK! Now strip.”

Paul was startled at the command but immediately obeyed. Uncertainly he dropped his shorts on the floor.”

Craig examined Paul's well muscled body. Like Tom he had no body hair but unlike Tom the fine crop on his head was a light blond. Also, unlike Tom, he sported a slight erection. Stiff enough to point away from his body but still pointing towards the floor. Craig was slightly jealous of Paul's physique, forgetting the difference in their ages.

“My brother is curious about sex,” began Craig curtly, “He may think he can use a slave to experiment with. How would you react to that?”

“Do you mean, would I lash out and hurt him,sir? I wouldn't do that, sir.”

“So you say. How can I believe you?Are you used to it now?”

“No sir! I've never had sex with anyone.”

Had Paul been sent to the Youth section, he probably would have ended up in the sex industry so the Judge had done him a favour by sending him to the adult section. He was sent to work in the kitchens and so was out of sight to prospective buyers. By the time he turned sixteen his youthful strength and his Grade 2 status made him seem threatening. Yet he was not developed enough to do heavy manual labour and since machines did most of the heavy work, there was not that much demand. Now that he was eighteen he was being inspected for labouring work now and again, but there were plenty of others who weren't classified violent.

The authorities did not care about how teenagers were used after being placed outside their Centre but were paranoid about abuse in their establishments and any sort of sexual behaviour was prohibited.

“So if I was to play with you, you'd panic and lash out at me.”

“No sir! My Uncle took me my surprise. I was a free boy then and I panicked. I wouldn't do it now. I know I have to obey my guardian.”

“Go and bend over the horse!”

Again Paul looked scared but did not hesitate to obey.

“Spread your cheeks.”

Paul grabbed his buttocks and pulled them apart exposing his hole. Craig raised a couple of fingers and looked at the camera. Listening to a response from the earpiece he approached Paul.

Craig was in scary territory. If he had wanted to, he could have fucked Paul. It would have been allowed because Craig had a legitimate reason to test Paul's reactions but Craig was not going to drop his trousers in front of the attendant nor was he going to perform on camera. At sixteen, he was still very shy. He was nervous and uncertain about using his hands to play with Paul sexually but he had to be sure Paul would behave.

Paul shuddered as Craig's hands touched and explored his skin gradually approaching his crack. He experienced wonderful new sensations as Craig's touch stimulated his body. He felt a gentle pressure at his hole and then a finger enter him. At the same Craig's other hand played with his balls. His cock lay trapped between his stomach and the cold metal of the horse. His every movement stroked and stimulated it. He could not help it. Suddenly he shuddered and shot streams of cum in short convulsive jerks.

Craig withdrew his hands and stood back.

“Stand up.” he ordered.

Paul obeyed and stood, embarrassed at the sticky mess on his stomach and the horse. He was also scared at how he would be punished for causing the mess.

“I think he passed that test OK.” said Craig smiling.

The attendant laughed and nodded.

“I'll take him as well.” said Craig, “The prices are right aren't they?”

“Yes sir.” replied the attendant. “That one is too old to be valuable and at G2 the boy is officially too dangerous for him to be worth much. I probably shouldn't say this but we all like Paul and think he had a rough deal from his family. I'm glad you're' giving him a chance.”

“I can apply to have his grade changed, can't I?”

“Yes, but not yet. You'd have to show your training has improved him.”

“Five years in CSC has done that, hasn't it?”

“You still have to own him for three months but put in an application today and you can include it in his processing. Otherwise you'll have to pay for a second processing later.”

The CSC would be only too please to assist Craig in upgrading Paul. It would be a real success story for them and excellent PR. Paul was in turmoil. He had liked Craig from the the first moment that he had met him. He had not really expected to be taken on by Craig and he had offered himself without thinking. While Paul genuinely admired the way that Craig was trying to look out for his brother, Craig's treatment of Tom had shown him another side of Craig and made Paul more wary of the younger boy but at the same time, Tom should have behaved better and Craig had to establish his authority.

It had been a shock to realise that Craig was thinking of taking him on as well and a part of him had been delighted. He also found it strange and uncomfortable to be naked in front of Craig. He had spent most of the last six years naked and was used to it but it had been in front of adults and it was a new experience for Paul to show deference to a boy two years his junior.

When Craig had fingered him it had felt wonderful and he had shot one of the biggest loads of his life although he also resented the fact that he had no choice in the matter. Craig's conversation about raising his grade stunned him. He'd understood that he had to show he was not a threat to Craig's brother but now he realised that his situation could improve dramatically with Craig and so a desire to please Craig was mixed in with the resentment.

Tom had heard most of what had been said. He was still in shock because of the way his life had changed in a few months. He knew he had underestimated Craig and the consequences of that mistake were costing him dear. He was at the mercy of some punk kid and could do nothing about it and Craig's' treatment of Paul had emphasised his despair. When Craig ordered him back to the horse he felt nothing. He did not even care when he realised that he was going to lie in Paul's drying cum.

He reacted to the three agonising blows by screaming then bursting into tears for the first time in forty years. He waited in dread anticipation for the fourth blow not understanding Craig's instruction to release his handcuffs.

He finally realised that his ordeal was over when Craig ordered him to stand up. He tried to wipe his face but responded instantly when Craig ordered him to stand still with his hands behind his back. It dawned on him that he had been let off some strokes and actually felt grateful to Craig for his kindness.

Craig was feeling proud of himself. He was now an Owner and he had bought two slaves for less than he had expected to pay for one.

“Shall I take them out to Collections while you sort some clothes for them and settle your account?” asked the Attendant.

“You can take Tom but Paul was my attendant when I arrived. Could he carry on until I'm done?”

“No problem. He knows where to go. Send him through when you're done.”

Paul followed Craig out of the Interview room.

“I need some stuff from the shop. First I need to talk to you.”

Paul waited quietly while Craig continued, “When your upgrade comes through you'll be working for my boss. You'll be helping me maintain his properties. You can't do it yet because a Grade 2 slave would scare his tenants half to death. When Ethan is safe I'll do what I can about you.

“Yes sir. Thank you sir,” replied Paul. It was not a standard slave response because Craig heard the real feeling Paul had put into it.

“Don't thank me until you hear about the next three months.” Craig retorted, “I'm going to give you shit.”

Paul stared at Craig as he continued, “I've got to give Ethan a fucking great jolt. He thinks any problem can be sorted later. If he skips school he'll catch up later. We've got a CSC worker coming to check up on us but we can sort it nearer the time. Do you get the idea?”

“Yes sir.”

“I'm going to be the worst sort of master to you that I can be. I want him to understand what could happen to him. Give me any excuse and I'll beat you half to death. OK?”

Paul had gone pale as Craig talked but replied, “Excuse me sir but it almost seems as if you want me to give you that excuse.”

“I can't ask you to misbehave but it would be useful.”

Paul was silent for a moment. “May I speak openly, please sir?”

Craig nodded.

“I feel good being with you. I've never felt like this with anyone else. Even if you are just a kid I'll serve you as best I can because I want to, not because you'll make me. Do what you need to do to help your brother even if you have to have me crucified in the town centre.”

“Wow!” gasped Craig, “it sound as though you love me.”

Paul giggled, “I don't know about that, Master.

Thanks for what you said but if you ever call me a kid again I'll whip the skin off your back.”

For a few moments they stood and giggled like typical teenage friends then Craig became serious again.

Ethan is going to get a bit of a shock tonight and I need to get to the shop here to buy his surprises. I've still got to pay for you.”

Just then Mr Crosis appeared looking a bit disappointed. “It's all so expensive in there. How did you get on?”

I got myself a housekeeper. He's fifty eight and I can get that other project under way.”

You're not going to get much work out of a fifty year old labourer.” interrupted Mr Crosis, “but I said you can give it a go and I meant it.”

Craig gave Paul a sly wink as they headed for shop. After gathering the things he needed he settled his account and gave the bag to Paul.

See that my slaves put on the shorts and they can look after the rest of this stuff while they're waiting for me.”

Yes sir. I'll see everything's ready for you.” replied Paul and headed off.

Slaves? How many did you get?” asked Mr Crosis.

I got two. The other one's for the labouring work. He's a Grade 2 but he seems harmless enough. The CSC are backing a regrade.”

It seems a bit risky to me.” Mr Crosis noticed a glint in Craig's eye. “OK! What's the story?”

You'll see.” Craig replied.

When they reached the collection point they found Tom and Paul standing side by side waiting for them. Tom was still in shock and Paul was visibly frightened. Over the years he had become thoroughly institutionalised and up to a couple of minutes ago, if he had been caught in this outer area of the Centre, he would have been severely punished. In his turn Craig was startled to see that Paul's ankles were manacled the connecting chain being just long enough to allow him to walk but not run and his wrists handcuffed behind his back.

There were five grades. A grade 5 simply meant that the participant could be stopped, searched or have his ID checked at any time by a policeman, security guard or owner of the premises the participant was on. Grade 4 meant that the participant needed a pass from his Guardian to be away from home. Grade 2 meant that the participant had to be restrained and supervised in public while Grade 1 meant 24 hour restraint and supervision. Grade 3 was used for temporary and voluntary grading. For example, parents could volunteer to have their children graded 3 as a punishment for up to a year.

Craig completed the paperwork and signalled Tom and Paul to follow him.

How on earth can you afford the young one?” asked Mr. Crosis.

I listened to his story.” Craig replied, “And checked the records. Even the Judge at his trial seemed to believe him but he had no family support. He's nearly developed enough for the labour gangs but he still wouldn't fetch much at auction. I was surprised. The staff seemed to like him and thought he'd have a better chance with me.”

That flat of yours is going to be crowded. How will you manage?”

Putting Paul to work straight away and using the income he generates to get somewhere bigger.”

Decorating the flat above yours?” asked Mr Crosis, “I wondered why you phoned about it just now.”

Craig nodded, “The repairs have been done but it needs clearing up and decorating. It's dry and the water's on. The workers can sleep up there.”

They had reached Mr Crosis' car by then and were heading home. Tom and Paul were sitting in the back, listening to the conversation. Tom was still in shock but Paul was content with what he was hearing until Mr Crosis asked Craig whether he could use Paul sometimes.

Craig smiled, “I might give him a go a few times first, but I don't see why not.”

You?” asked Mr Crosis, surprised, “ I thought you could only think of the Lindsay girl.”

I've never had a slave before.” Craig replied, “It could be fun.”

As his owner, Craig had absolute power over Paul. The CSC might call Craig a Guardian whose job was to train and guide him but Master and Slave fitted their relationship far more accurately. The puritanical regime of the Placement Centre had left Paul with little experience with sex and he found Craig's and Mr Crosis' conversation something of a shock. Paul was beginning to realize just how much his life was changing.

His Uncle had startled and frightened him with the fierceness of his his attack which had made him lash out with a knife. The irony was that if his Uncle had been gentler in his approach then Paul would have been a very willing partner.

Mr Crosis dropped Craig off at the flat and headed off. Craig led his two new servants into the flat that he and Ethan shared.

Paul was used to the disciplined order of the Centre while Tom was used to a house kept tidy by his own servants. They looked in horror at the mess that only boisterous teenagers can make as Craig released Paul's handcuffs.

Tom! Start tidying up.” Craig snapped feeling embarrassed as he looked around at his failure to keep order. “Paul, you will follow Tom's orders and help him. Ethan is in from school by 4.20 and I'm having visitors at five. I expect this room to be ready for them and the kitchen ready for you to start the evening meal.

I'll be in my bedroom. Paul, bring me a can of coke from the fridge.”

People tended to forget that Craig was only sixteen. He was mature and capable but the trip to the CSC had pushed that maturity to the limits. More than anything now he wanted time to himself. He threw himself on the bed and would have fallen asleep if Paul had not knocked on the door carrying a large plate on which stood a can of Cola and a glass.

Tom says that he's sorry that he couldn't find a tray, sir.” said Paul, “Shall I pour it for you?”

Craig reached out and placed his hand on Paul's crotch. He felt Paul's cock begin to stir. He smiled to himself as he lay back with his hands behind his head.

No! You can give me a blow job though.”

Paul was too used to obeying orders to argue so he knelt down beside the bed and undid Craig's trousers. He stopped when he saw Craig's boxers. He had not worn underwear since he was arrested and had to think what to do. Craig helped by lifting his hips off the bed so that Paul could pull them down.

You're not very good at this, are you?” Craig said, “I thought you Graders knew all about sex.”

No sir,” Paul replied, “It's not allowed in the Centre. I've only done this a couple of times before.”

You mean you broke the rules?” Craig trying not to laugh, “And I thought you were such a well trained boy.”

Paul felt a sudden surge of panic at admitting to his bad behaviour and was humiliated by his inexperience in front of the younger boy. Craig could see the devastating effect his comment was having.

Didn't you get teased in the Centre either?” he asked.

Sometimes, sir!” Paul answered relieved that he was not in trouble.

Just relax and try not to bite it off.” laughed Craig.

Paul bent down to his task. It was not the best blow job ever but as Paul's tongue and lips worked their magic Craig's cock stiffened, becoming rock hard. It was not only Paul's clumsy ministrations that was stimulating Craig. He was enjoying the power he exerted and the freedom his new circumstances gave him. If he had brought a girl friend into his bedroom, or even another boy he could get into a lot of trouble if their parents complained.

Encouraged by his success Paul plucked up the courage to gently play with Craig's balls. As Craig tensed and bucked violently Paul felt the salty streams fill his mouth. He swallowed making room for more, impressed with the strength and force of the younger boys climax and Craig descended from the highest peak he had ever ascended to a state of complete relaxation and sense of peace.

Sending Paul to work for Tom, Craig fell asleep listening to the chink of the chain still clamped to Paul's ankles.

Paul could feel his own hard on straining to escape his shorts. He surreptitiously adjusted himself when he had the chance while doing the tasks Tom set him. He needed the toilet and was waiting to be told to go. Tom noticed his increasing discomfort and with it he felt his own need to relieve himself. Tom was not sure what to do. A few months ago, taking a piss had been no big deal and he still had not got used to the idea that he could only go when ordered.

Craig's instructions had been vague and for the first time since his arrest he was having to organise his time and make decisions. He was feeling panicky as he made his mind start working again.

We've done the living room, and I can get more of the kitchen done. If we go together, you can start on the bathroom so that it's clean and ready for Master Craig and his brother. Just piss but wait for Master Craig to tell you what to do about your hard on.”

Paul nodded relieved he had been told what to do, hoping that Tom would not be in trouble. Paul had to flick his cock so that the sting deflated it enough so that he empty his bladder.

They worked steadily until just after four when Tom realised he had another decision to make. Craig had not stirred since he had laid down. Should he wake his young master ready for Ethan's arrival or let him sleep on? In the end he sent Paul to wake Craig.

Paul was unaware of a problem and simply followed his orders. Craig was already stirring and opened his eyes to the sound of Paul's ankle chain. The first thing he saw was Paul's shorts tented outwards almost pointing at him.

Is that thing likely to go off,” Craig asked lightly.

No sir,” Paul replied, “It's waiting for your command to fire.”

Craig laughed.

So! How's the cleaning going? Any problems?”

Craig frowned as Paul hesitated.

Tell me!”

We needed to piss, sir”


We had not been told to go. We used your bathroom, sir but I cleaned it afterwards, sir”

Craig was puzzled by Paul's behaviour and could see Paul was genuinely upset.

That's OK.” Craig replied, “You're not at the Centre now and the rules are different. I'm surprised you didn't take care of that at the same time.”

Tom said that I should wait for your orders, sir.”

Craig nodded. “I like that. Fetch me the keys to the cuffs.”

Craig unlocked the manacles and bade Paul to remove his shorts before replacing the leg cuffs. Being naked all the time was one of the humiliations that Ethan had to expect.

Now you can show me what you and Tom have been up to.”

Craig was delighted with the transformation of the apartment. His two houseboys had worked hard and the place was almost ready for the CSC inspection.

Tom looked nervous when Craig queried piles of bags stacked against the kitchen wall.

I'm sorry, sir,” he replied, “Some are rubbish that needs to be taken down. I need permission to leave the flat. The rest is dirty clothing. If you could give me a pass I'll take them to the laundrette.”

No! Not today.” Craig replied, “There's no time. Ethan's already late and I'm going to need your help with him. Tom, forget about obeying Ethan like I said earlier. You only obey me. When Ethan does finally get home I want you to stand by the front door so that he can't leave. Do you understand.

I think so!” replied Tom mystified.

But Ethan did not show up. Tom and Paul became more and more frightened of Craig's growing anger. Finally the doorbell rang.

Craig was still angry as he snapped, “Tom answer that. Paul find a towel and rap it round your waist.”

Craig greeted Mrs Sanders who looked puzzled.

Where's Jake?” she asked, “I thought he was here doing a project with Ethan.”

No! I told Ethan to come straight home after school.”Craig replied. “Tom. Make a drink for my guest.”

Craig and Mrs Sanders sat and chatted while they waited for Ethan and possibly, Jake to show up. Finally they heard the boys at the door and Mrs Sanders slipped into the kitchen.

Where have you been?” Craig asked angrily, “I needed you home early today?”

Jake and I had this project for school. We went to his place and Mrs Sanders made us tea. I tried phoning but this crap phone doesn't work.”

The two boys had been staring curiously at Tom and Paul but before they could change the subject and distract Craig, Mrs Sanders stepped into the room.

You are going to tell me the truth about where you've been,” Craig said, “but first, you are going to strip.”

No way,” exclaimed Ethan.

Paul over there has spent the last five years in a CSC centre. He knows about discipline. Strip or I tell Paul to do it for you.”

Craig looked questioningly at Mrs Sanders who nodded.

Jake. You strip as well.”

Jake looked despairingly at his mother and then at Paul and began removing his clothes. Ethan was almost in tears as he followed suit.

At thirteen both boys were almost hairless. Jake had the makings of a bush around his cock and was a little chubby. Ethan was far more muscular but he only a few hairs on his body.

Turn and face Paul.” Craig commanded.

As the boys obeyed Craig slipped an ID chain around Ethan's neck. The joining link consisted of a male and female halves. The surfaces had millions of tiny burrs all lying in the same direction. They slid together easily but jammed solid if they were pulled apart.

Stand still,” snapped Paul who immediately looked terrified as he turned to Craig for approval. Ethan had raised his arms to feel the collar but had dropped them at Paul's command.

Craig nodded approvingly and fitted the second collar around Jake. Craig then used his mobile to activate the trackers and make the grading official. The plates read 'Registered G3. Temporary.'

Face me.” Craig ordered. The grading did not need all the theatricals but Craig was not sure how to do things so again he was relying on scenes he had watched on television.

You're both regraded to Grade 3 for three months,” Craig said, “If your school work and your behaviour improves it won't make much difference to you. If I have to I'll extend it to the full twelve months and keep you under Grade 2 or even Grade 1 supervision.”

Fuck you!” Ethan yelled, “You can't do this. I'm out of here.”

Ethan started for the front door and saw Tom standing there and then remembered he was naked. Helplessly he turned back to Craig.

Please Craig.” he cried, “Don't do this to me.”

Craig felt tears in his eyes and he nearly gave in. He wanted to be playing football with his brother or something, not punishing him like this.

You've done it to yourselves,” Mrs Sanders said firmly, “I want to know what you've been up to today and you are going to tell us. Do you have a cane or anything, Craig?”

Yes. I bought one today.”

Mrs Sanders pointed at Paul. “Could he take Jake out into the kitchen and question him?”

No! Craig please!” Ethan sobbed, “We were at the library.”

Excuse me sir,” Paul said, “Should I separate them before they say anything else as Mrs Sanders requested?”

Craig noticed the emphasis that Paul put on 'separate”.

Good idea.” Craig handed Paul the bag of goods he bought at the placement centre. “Don't stand any nonsense from him.

Mrs Sanders and the boys had noticed that Paul's ankles were shackled but it only really impacted on their consciousness as he stepped forward and the chain rattled. As he reached forward, the towel came loose and fell to the floor leaving Paul standing naked before them. He froze, not out of embarrassment but out of fear that he would be punished for allowing it to happen.

Sorry about that.” Craig said to Mrs Sanders, “I'm still getting things organised.”

Don't worry about it.” Mrs Sanders replied, “I've seen naked graders before though maybe not so young. The place I work for has got a couple of 4s for heavy lifting. They've got tunics but no one really cares whether they wear them or not.

Are you sure it's safe for you to have a G2 here?”

His upgrade's being processed.” Craig replied, “I checked him out before I got him.”

Fair enough.” Mrs Sanders said, “OK Jake. Move it. Get to the kitchen.”

As Paul and Jake disappeared, Craig tipped Ethan's school bag onto the table then picked his clothes up, one by one checking the pockets and emptying them onto the pile of school stuff. Mrs Sanders did the same with Jake's things.

Where's the work you were doing at the library?” she asked.

Er.... It was just reading.” Ethan muttered nervously.

I don't know how Craig intends punishing you for lying but you're only making it worse. Were you at the library?”

Perfectly on cue they heard a groan and a yelp from the kitchen. The noise ended all resistance in Ethan and he shook his head.

Good! Where did this come from?” Craig asked picking up a pile of money from Ethan's things.”

All the colour drained from Ethan's face.

Since the first caveman left images on a cave wall porn has flourished. With the advent of the CSC, the most basic of tastes could be catered for. The one exception was 'fresh meat'. Pictures of Graded youngsters were so commonplace that they were worthless. It was virtually impossible to remove the grade chain for a photo shoot and those that tried often ended up Grade 1. It was also rare for a teenager graded 4 or lower not to bear any punishment marks. Paul carried faint marks on his backside that would be there for the rest of his life.

Jake and Ethan were doing very nicely posing for photographers wanting the fresh unsullied look. Ethan mumbled disjointedly so it took a while but in the end they had the full story. Craig headed for the kitchen to discover what Paul had learned. The sight that was revealed when he opened the door stopped him dead. Jake was bent over the table while Paul knelt behind him. Paul was holding Jake's buns apart exposing Jake's hole.

Paul stood up turning respectfully towards his master.

Having fun?” Craig asked quietly.

Yes sir,” Paul answered smiling but the smile faded as he saw the anger in Craig's eyes.


He squeezed my balls.” Jake yelled out in an outraged voice.

“Craig. Can I have a word in private, please.” Mrs Sanders asked.

Sending Tom through to the kitchen Craig and Mrs Sanders stood in the living room.

“I'm sorry.” Craig said, miserably, “I shouldn't have brought Paul home. I've messed up, haven't I?”

“Not really.” Mrs Sanders replied gently, “I didn't think about the sex implications of a regrade either but I should have done. I'd been thinking about some sort of short sharp shock for Jake for a while. The pamphlets I got did mention it but somehow I never thought it would affect my little boy.”

“Paul still shouldn't have touched him there without permission. I am sorry about that.”

“Don't be.” Mrs Sanders said, “Let's get Paul in here and see what he has to say for himself.

Paul was desperately unhappy and wished he was back at the Centre. He knew the rules there but here he just kept messing up. He wanted to please Craig but did not know how to go about it.

“Did you play with Jake's balls?” Craig asked.

Paul nodded, “Yes sir. And with his cock, sir.”

“You were supposed to be finding out what he had been up to not having fun.”

“Please sir, they do it like that in the Centre's inductance zone. It teaches new members that they've got no control any more and you reward them with nice feelings if they're answering properly and you hurt them if they're not.”

“l see,” said Mrs Sanders, “So what about his backside?”

When Jake told me what they had been doing I wondered if it had gone any further. I've seen boys come into the adult section after being sold on by a brothel. He seems tight enough, sir. I don't think he's been fucked, sir.”

Thank God,” Mrs Sanders sobbed in relief.

You shouldn't have touched Jake like that without his Mother's say so.” Craig said.

Don't worry about it,” Mrs Sanders said, “Maybe he'd better check Ethan though. Is something bothering you?”

Yes ma'am,” Paul replied, “I'm doing things wrong and I don't know what.”

Paul was getting hysterical, “I'm sorry sir. I'm trying to be good, I really am.”

Craig stepped forward to put his arm round Paul but Paul flinched as if he was going to be beaten.

Easy.” Mrs Sanders said quietly and each boy wondered if she was talking to him.”Temporary grading is to warn youngsters what might happen to them if they're graded by the courts.”

Attitudes had changed over the years. As the authorities got increasing rights to stop and search youngsters so they in turn became more adept in concealing things resulting in increased powers of search. Any CSC participant could be strip searched in the street including internal examinations. It only became possible because of a carefully orchestrated change in attitudes.

It was now commonplace for boys to do physical training in the nude in schools. That had been fairly easy to introduce. Gymnasium was Ancient Greek for a 'place to be naked' and nude swimming was commonplace in Europe well into the 1980s. Nudity in young people had been easy to promote as being traditional and healthy.

Sexual contact had proved harder to justify and most people still had an ambivalent attitude towards it. The attitude was that Grades 1 to 4 deserved anything they got but people became uneasy when it became too blatant, hence the CSC's approach. Grade 5 were treated more carefully but it was still difficult for them to make any complaint about an adult. Mrs Sanders accepted these ideas as normal. She was at alarmed at how Jake and Ethan had put themselves in danger by going with strange men. She also needed to get used to Jake's temporary status. Like countless mothers throughout history she was having to accept that she could no longer protect her son.

I don't like what you've done to Jake but I know it's necessary.” she said, “Just don't do any permanent damage. Do you understand?”

Yes ma'am,” Paul replied, “Thank you.”

Go and check Ethan,” Craig ordered, “Like Mrs Sanders said, show him what could happen to him but don't do anything permanent. You and Tom are shaved. Maybe they should be as well.

It's getting on a bit so could they do their homework first.” Mrs Sanders asked.

Craig was so relieved that Mrs Sanders was there to help him. Mrs Sanders was impressed with what Craig was trying to do but his youth and inexperience was obvious. Tom was summoned from the kitchen. He explained that he could knock a meal up for the boys but the old and stale food, supplemented with tinned food would not be suitable for Craig and his guest. He needed to stock the kitchen.

Tom had been a successful business man all his life. His biggest mistake had been to miss the developing affair between his wife and his business partner. Rather than murder him, they had framed him and his life had been in a steady downward spiral ever since. The worst point was receiving a caning from a sixteen year old boy and realising he was completely in Craig's control.

He felt a little more confident about the future as he began to understand Craig's problems and his desire to keep Ethan safe.

Tom liked Paul and they had worked hard and well together that afternoon clearing the flat but he had mainly been a spectator while the boys were regraded. He had been frightened of admitting that there would be difficulties in preparing a meal. He was delighted that not only was his explanation accepted and that his master and Mrs Sanders would order in a pizza but he would be given a pass and some money to go shopping the next day. After three months detention, the prospect was a daunting and exciting one. He fussed around preparing the boys food and even laid the table in the living room for Craig and Mrs Sanders warming plates for their food.

Jake and Ethan worked at the kitchen table. Ethan was sulky, seeing Tom as an adult and therefore an enemy. Jake was upset and thoroughly humiliated at his treatment in front of his mother but was bright enough to realise that Tom was not much better off than them. Tom talked about his life and his experiences in the centre while Jake listened with increasing alarm. When the conversation switched round to the posing the boys were surprised that Tom was horrified.

You're lucky to be alive.” he said, “Did they want pictures of you bent over showing your tight little holes?”

Jake nodded.

And were they going to pay more if you did something a bit more exciting?”

Again Jake nodded. “Something like that.”

That something would be opening up your hole. If it was their cock or their fingers it would hurt like mad but you'd get over it. The nastiest thing I heard about was a red hot poker.

This time Ethan stared at him with as much horror as Jake.

Don't talk shit,” he snapped.

I'm not.” replied Tom, “Sex is cheap nowadays. If someone wants something a bit unusual then they need to grab a virgin or someone innocent. There's a craze for finding new ways to take their cherry. In this case the two guys responsible had a thing about the murder of the English king, Edward ll. He had a lot of favourites that the nobles didn't like but they needed a way of killing him that wouldn't be too obvious once he was in his coffin. They reckoned he was gay and the poker up his arse was their form of gay bashing.”

You mean that could have happened to us?” asked Jake in a terrified voice.

Probably not that extreme but it could have been very unpleasant. Do you understand why your families are so worried about you?”

Even Ethan nodded thoughtfully before they all returned to their work.

Tom had not mentioned that incidents like this were extremely common because the official police position was that if the child was not safely home with his guardian then he was running wild and could not be trusted and so complaints were rarely believed.

Meanwhile Craig and Mrs Sanders had also discussed the topic as well as working out various other details of the next few months. It was the sort of day to day trivia that Craig had not considered.

Paul's ankle shackles had also been mentioned. Mrs Sanders now agreed with Craig that Paul was not violent. She was more uncomfortable with Paul's nudity than she was ready to admit to. She found him very sexy.

Craig was unaware of this but had been uncertain what to do about the chain. As Grade 2 Paul was supposed to be restrained but as Mrs Sanders pointed out, Paul had everything to lose and nothing to gain by running away. Craig had been unhappy at shackling Paul and sent him to the bedroom to free his ankles and don his shorts.

Inevitably the conversation turned to the sexual use of the boys. Outside the CSC attitudes to sex were hopelessly confused. There was the same mix of prejudice and tolerance against gays, sex outside of marriage that we see, plus the debate whether graders deserved everything they got or whether they should have some protection. Usually anything that increased the deterrent value or had a sense of punishment was acceptable.

Mrs Sanders had been brought up with these attitudes and so apart from another request not to do any permanent damage, Craig had a free hand.

Before Mrs Sanders took Jake home, his and Ethan's body hair was removed. Paul placed a chair beside the sink and in turn Jake and Ethan were made to stand on it while Paul shaved them. Craig, Mrs Sanders and Tom looked on while Paul freely handled them with his head at times, inches from their cocks. Both boys were in tears at the humiliation unable to look at the adults.

What happens to you stays in this flat. No one else need know.” Craig said, “Just remember, if you don't sort yourselves out this is how it will be for the rest of your lives. Your entire class, their parents or just about anyone else could be watching.”

Ethan and Jake nodded, neither one daring to speak until a thought struck Jake. “At least you're not taking photographs and putting them on the Internet.”

Jake faced another humiliation. It was a cool night and Mrs Sanders first reaction was to have him wrapped up warm. Fussing like that was not appropriate and Jake headed out into the night wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and trainers with his hands cuffed behind him. He been made to wear his school bag on his back and as he trotted home behind his mother he looked just like any other servant carrying his mistresses things.

He told Tom and Ethan to tidy up and then they could sleep on the kitchen floor. With final instructions for the following morning Craig headed for the bathroom and then to his bedroom where Paul had been sent to wait for him.

Craig was tired in spite of his sleep that afternoon. He hated being the 'responsible adult' and having to discipline Ethan and the evening's events had completely drained him. The one bright spot was Paul. His acceptance of Craig's authority and eagerness to help Craig did more to encourage Craig than Paul could ever realise.

Paul admired Craig and was concerned about the strain Craig was under. As he stood in the bedroom respectfully awaiting his master he was, in his turn, worried about the mistakes he had made. At the Centre, a stressed guard and a servant's mistakes meant severe punishment so he wondered what was in store for him when Craig returned. Strangely, as well as being nervous, he looked forward to the chance to please Craig. He had slipped out of his shorts and stood at the 'at ease' position as he had been taught at the CSC.

When Craig returned to the bedroom he immediately became hard again. Although his fantasies centred around his possible girlfriend, seeing Paul waiting meekly for his his master was a definite turn on.

OK slave. Undress me.” Craig ordered. He half expected Paul to protest but his servant knelt down and began removing his shoes and socks. Craig's shirt followed and then his trousers and shorts. The erotic experience aroused Craig so that Paul had trouble working the shorts over Craig's manhood. Finally Craig was naked and Paul waited for his next orders.

Paul's cock also pointed stiffly upwards and he hoped Craig would allow him a chance to get relief.

It was a tense moment for both boys as they pondered the next move.

You can't have Ethan's bed. That wouldn't be right.” Craig said, “You'll sleep on the floor unless I have you in mine.”

Yes sir.” Paul replied, “Whatever you say, Master.”

Craig was still uncertain and just stood.

Shall I make the bed for you, sir” Paul asked showing a rare initiative.

Craig and Ethan had single beds on either side of the room. It was the only room that had not been tidied and so Paul's question could have been considered criticism leading to a severe punishment.

Yes,” Then lay down on top of it.”

Craig cautiously sat down on the edge of the bed then laid down against Paul. As Craig's back spooned into Paul's chest, Paul hesitated before wrapping his arm around his owner but as Craig nestled in even closer to him Paul relaxed. He felt his own cock hardening and tunnelling it's way between their two bodies and felt Craig push more tightly into him then Craig slid round so that he was on his back. Craig gripped Paul's wrist and pulled it down onto his cock.

“Do something with that,” Craig whispered “Or I won't get any sleep.”

Paul began gently stroking and Craig's cock immediately hardened until it was almost solid. Craig's muscles contracted and his cream shot over his chest. Like the blow job Paul had given him that afternoon it was not the best of jerk offs but Craig was content to have pressure released from his balls.

Craig looked at the mess on his chest. He was lying on one of Paul's arms, pressed up against Paul and did not feel like moving. He glanced down at Paul's rigid member.

Still curious about how far he could push Paul he said, “I don't want you stabbing me with that all night. Do something about it. Then you can clean us up. I'm not moving so you'll have to scoop it it up and swallow it.”

Paul had managed to sneak the odd jerk off with guys at the Centre but they had been hurried sessions with the fear of being caught and severely punished. Now he was acting under orders. He almost trembled with excitement as his fingers drifted over Craig's torso and groin. Craig stirred as Paul rubbed his nipples and Paul hastily scooped some of the cum and swallowed it.

He need not have worried for Craig was asleep. The stresses and worries of the last few months had exhausted him. With Paul laying beside him, he felt safe and protected and he had fallen into deep and contented slumber.

Paul slowly stroked himself to his own wonderful climax. Somewhere deep in his sub-conscious Craig felt Paul's own pleasure and happiness when his balls released their load. As Paul gently explored his body again he absorbed the sensations turning them into dreams of happy times and fun with his friends.