The Houseboys

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Chapter 10

“Get out boy.” Mr. Redmond yelled, “Unless you want a dose of what's coming to these two.”

“This is my house,” Craig yelled back, “You do not tell my brother what to do.”

“Your brother? Ethan?” Mr. Redmond asked more quietly and calmly. “You're right! He should stay. Strip off and bend over that desk, boy.”

“No way!” Ethan retorted, “You've not said who you are but with that attitude, I guess you're CSC.”

“Officer. I want that grader arrested for gross insolence to a citizen and I want that one arrested for obstructing a CSC Inspector. Restrain them so I can examine that boy for signs of abuse and teach him some manners.”

“Paul wouldn't be insolent to a rat, let alone a citizen. Still, if he was talking to a CSC Inspector..........”

Ethan let the implied insult hang.

Not so long ago the policeman's sister had phoned him in tears after a visit from a CSC Inspector. Unlike Craig, she had been bullied into signing the papers thrust in front of her and as a result her son had been sent to an assessment centre for a month which recommended he be fostered for further observation. He had only been returned home because there was a shortage of foster homes. While he was home, stories about Craig standing up to the CSC began to circulate and they gave the officer's sister the encouragement she needed to see a lawyer.

It turned out the original papers had simply referred to ongoing monitoring and not residential assessment and his nephew stayed with his parents.

The policeman was therefore very grateful to Craig and intended repaying his debt.

“I'm not arresting anyone.” the officer said, “Mr. Redmond. Since you have arrived you have been aggressive and provocative. Mr Ryder has tried to arrange for you to see Brian Hollis and has done his best to treat you like a guest.”

He turned to Craig.

“Mr. Ryder. May I ask Ethan a few questions?”

Craig nodded.

“Ethan, did you know that Brian Hollis was in your room last night?”

“No. Paul woke me up as he tried to wake Brian.”

“Do you think he touched you or interfered with you in any way.”

“No. We'd been swimming then I sat on his lap watching the sunset. If anything I was touching him.” Ethan giggled, “Squashing him, more like.”

The policeman smiled, “ Why do think he slept on your floor last night?”

“I don't know. We were talking about me having a servant. Sorry Craig. It's just some weird thoughts I've been having. Anyway, I wake up this morning and Brian is lying on the floor as if he was one.”

“Rubbish.” Mr. Redmond shouted.

Before he could say anything more the officer snapped, “Be quiet. You are interfering with an official police investigation. Interrupt again and it'll be you I'm arresting.”

He turned back to Ethan.

“Did you feel threatened by it at all?”

Ethan shook his head.

The officer turned to Craig.

“That's settled then. Next. We've been here a while now. Would it be in order for Ethan to go and hurry Brian along?”

Craig nodded. He was upset by all the shouting and arguing and was glad that the policeman was organising things.

The policeman turned to Paul.

“Your rudeness to a citizen was unforgivable. Consider yourself severely reprimanded. I'm recommending to your guardian that you be severely punished. If you ever behave like that again.”

“Yes sir,” Paul said contritely, “I'm very sorry for being so rude in front of you and my guardian.”

“Then that's the end of it providing your guardian agrees.”

He turned as the door opened.

“I take it this is Brian Hollis.”

Craig nodded.

“Good. Mr. Redmond needs to ask some questions about your involvement with Neil Smith's arrest.

Seeing the puzzled look on Brian's face he added, “The mall manager.”

Mr. Redmond had been a CSC Inspector for twenty years. It had been very rare for a client to challenge his decisions until a few months ago. Ever since Craig's hearing things had changed. His clients had become more difficult and did not automatically accept his pronouncements as law. He had seen Brian being put at risk of sexual abuse as the best chance of bringing Craig down.

He had underestimated Craig and had finally understood that Craig would not be bullied and he had to change tactics. He had kept quiet over Paul's insult in his apology and was going to concentrate on Brian.

Brian stood in front of Mr. Redmond in the 'at ease' position politely waiting for Mr. Redmond to begin.

“I think Mr. Ryder may have misled you, Brian” he said trying to sound kind but not very convincingly, “You won't be let off because you helped the police.”

“I know.” Brian replied, “I could still end up grade one and sent a long way away.”

“I've been looking at your record. It seems your case has been badly handled. I could speak to the supervisor you struck and persuade him that you did not mean to attack him.”

“I'd be very grateful if you'd that for me, sir.” Brian said. “I didn't mean to hit him.”

“Of course not. There's two things though. Firstly you should never have been taken out of the home. You'll have to agree to go back there and you'll have to make a statement about how Mr. Thompson forced you to come here.”

Brian went to speak but Mr. Redmond put up his hand.

“The second thing is you'll have to tell how Mr. Ryder has used you like a grader making you serve his brother in all sorts of humiliating ways and how he makes you work for other people forcing you to have sex. The Inspectorate would recommend that the charge be dropped because you have been punished enough.”

Brian was in turmoil. He did not trust Mr. Redmond. The sudden friendly attitude was more suspicious than reassuring but it did offer the chance of not being graded. He might have taken the offer but the policeman spoke up.

“Excuse me but you can't do that.” he said, “If the supervisor has given a statement and signed it he can't change it now without being charged with perjury.”

It was a law that had been introduced to stop witnesses being intimidated. If a witness was murdered, his statement would still be valid and it simply meant that the accused could not cross examine. It also made it harder for a witness to admit to making a mistake, providing they could be persuaded to sign the document in the first place.

The policeman's comment was enough for Brian. He realised what Mr. Redmond was trying to do.

“You fucking bastard.” he yelled. “You wanted me to lie about people who care about me and you lied to me about helping me.”

He lunged towards Mr. Redmond but was grabbed by Paul

“See that?” Mr. Redmond shouted gleefully at the policeman, “He attacked me. Arrest him.”

“The boy just tripped. I can't arrest Mr. Ryder for having uneven floors.” the officer replied, “I'd have more chance of arresting you for promising to interfere with a witness and attempting to bribe another.”

There was something quietly menacing in the policeman's voice which alarmed Mr. Redmond.

“I cannot conduct an interview in such a disruptive atmosphere.” he said, “I'm making a full report to my superiors and they will decide what is to be done.”

He turned to Craig.

“Don't worry. You'll be getting what you deserve before long. We're just waiting for the right time and place so you don't wriggle out of it.”

With that, he stalked out of the office.

“I'm sorry about all that.” the policeman said, “My orders were to see that you did not prevent him from interviewing Brian about the mall.”

“That's OK.” Craig replied, “I was grateful for the support.”

“I'd like to give him a few minutes to get clear if you don't mind then I'll leave you in peace.”

“That's OK. I'm going to see if there's any breakfast left. Would you like some?”

As they entered the kitchen Craig was surprised to see everyone sitting waiting for them.

“I've phoned the school and explained what was happening.” Adam explained, “In the circumstances they said it was OK to arrive late. I've phoned Mrs Sanders and Mr Crosis so we're covered.

“I'm sorry Craig. We couldn't go until we knew what was happening.”

Craig nodded.

“You're winding down to the summer break anyway. I don't mind. We're all OK for now but I can't help feeling the CSC's out to get me.

“I'm having breakfast in the dining room with the officer. I'm sorry I don't know your name.”

“Ollie, short for Oliver.”

They shook hands and left Paul, Ethan and Brian to tell the others what they knew.

“You're right about the CSC Inspectorate.” Ollie said as they ate, “They hate your guts. You don't hear much about the enquiry you started but we get bits and pieces over the grapevine. Things are coming out that have shocked the top boys in the CSC and the final report's going to be dynamite.”

He paused for another mouthful.

“They've flagged the names of everyone living here so any record about you goes to them as well. I don't know what but they've got something on you. They're pretty confident about it and it's bad. Sorry. That's all I know so just be careful.”

“Thanks!” replied Craig, “I appreciate your help today and if I can do anything for you, let me know. I wish I didn't feel so vulnerable though.

“We've talked about you at the station. Even if we are policemen we all have relatives or friends who've had trouble with the Inspectorate. We're all on your side if that helps. There is something you could do but it's a massive favour so feel free to refuse. No hard feelings.”

“Tell me about it.”

Ollie described the problem his sister and nephew were having.

“He was only going through a cheeky phase or something and it got blown up out of all proportion after he said something at school.

“They're still pretty shaken up by things and my sister and her husband are terrified of letting Lewis out of their sight. They're coming to stay with my wife and me over the summer and I was wondering if I could bring Lewis out here. He'd have a chance to mix with guys nearer his age without his parents worrying.”

“It wouldn't affect me as Paul or Adam would be supervising but I don't see that it will be a problem. Some of the homework gang have said they want to come over as well during the holiday. How old is he?”

“Ten.” Ollie replied, “Nearly eleven. I know he's younger than your lot but otherwise he'll be lucky if he gets out the house this summer.”

“Like I say one extra won't make much difference unless you've got kids that would want to come too.”

“My oldest is five.” Ollie replied proudly, “It's just Lewis.”

“When your sister gets here why don't you all come over for the day. We're pretty informal so don't bother with clothes going to and from the pool. Would there be problem with your wife or sister?”

“You have a pool? My wife and I love to swim. So does my sister. My wife's a bit shy and wears a swimming costume but the rest of us don't see the point in getting clothes wet.”

The house was quiet as they finished chatting as the boys had headed off for school and work leaving just Brian with nothing to do.

David had taken up position just outside the dining room door while Ryan began on the bedrooms. Tom had gone back to his apartment to begin checking their business interests.

As Brian stood with David he began to shake uncontrollably. As he stumbled David caught him. Brian wrapped his arms round David and burst into tears.

“Sir,” David called out, “Sir, Craig come here please.”

Craig came rushing out followed by Oliver. Oliver put his hand on Brian's forehead to check his temperature.

“He's in shock. It must be a delayed reaction to the last twenty four hours.”

“Take him up to my bedroom and put him to bed.” Craig ordered, “Get in with him if you like but hold him. Make sure he knows he's safe. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” David replied. “I'll stay with him until he's better.”

“Good.” Craig acknowledged, “Well done, David. That was good work.”

Oliver looked at Craig quizzically.

“David was very badly treated when he was first graded.” he said, “It took a lot of courage for him to call me like that.”

“I see.” Oliver replied, “I should be going now. I've taken up enough of your time.

“I suppose you're still on duty.” Craig replied, “I can't help feeling that guy will be back and I'd like a bit of adult support.”

“What about Tom?” Oliver asked, “From what I've seen of him he's capable.”

“He is but he's a grader. I'd just feel happier if there was an adult around for a while.”

Oliver walked away and spoke into his radio then came back to Craig.

“They know where I am and if anything happens I'll have to leave but the sergeant thinks it might be an idea if I stayed here for a while.”

Craig looked at him with dread wondering what new disaster is on it's way.

“The Inspectorate have released a story to the press about Brian's involvement in yesterday's arrest. It's not very flattering to you but it was meant to coincide with Mr. Redmond 'rescuing' Brian.”

As he spoke he raised his hands to indicate the quote marks around rescuing so that Craig understood it was the CSC's word and not his.

“The station's taking calls already so you might be getting some here. Brian's a witness so there's an intimidation issue here.”

The idea of the press and television crews camping out on his doorstep was an exciting one for a sixteen year old boy. It was also a relief to know he wasn't going to have another confrontation with the Inspectorate.

Craig had no idea how to handle things so he headed for the kitchen and told Tom what was happening and telling him to phone Paul to get him back as soon as possible and to warn the school and Mr. Crosis because of Rob working for him. He also told Tom to phone his lawyer, Graham Baxter. Then Craig did what he always did when he had a problem, he headed for the barn to swim lengths until he was exhausted then sat quietly on the patio knowing he could leave Tom to call him if he was needed.

When he felt ready to face the world again he headed back to the kitchen. He was relieved to find Brian and David sitting around the table. David's ideas on looking after Brian had turned into a gentle sixtyniner which proved more therapeutic than any medicine as it progressed to it's wonderful climax.

Craig guessed that something had happened between them by David's guilty look but Brian looked contented so he was happy.

Tom had been busy. Not only had he made the calls Craig had wanted but he had also hired a van to transport everyone. His driving license had been returned to him a couple of days before so it was only a matter of getting into town to pick it up.

Paul had arrived a few minutes before and confirmed that a couple of strangers were already hanging around in the lane. They had called out to him but he had pretended not to hear as he cycled past.

Tom had already fielded some calls from reporters in between making his own and so it seemed as if they were right to take precautions.

As Craig was being brought up to date the phone rang again. Paul answered it while Paul replied to the person at the other end with non-committal yes and no answers before finally asking them to hold the line.

“It's the WWC news. They want to know if they could do an exclusive interview and film some background material of us all.”

Craig looked helplessly at Tom and Oliver.

“It's worth a thought.” Tom said, “If you cut an exclusive deal then the others will leave you alone. It depends on what their angle is going to be.”

Paul still had the phone to his ear.

“They heard that Tom. They're interested in Craig's crusade against the CSC. They're also interested in Brian's part in Smith's arrest.”

“Get a number and I'll phone them back.” Craig ordered, “I'll have to talk to Graham first.

“Oliver. What's your opinion? I've never thought of myself as having a crusade.”

“Brian may be called as a witness so he would have to be very careful what he says but the CSC have already compromised him. I know one or two officers who have been interviewed by WWC. They reckon they were treated pretty fairly.”

Ryan shrugged and said he did not know when asked. David smiled and said that he always knew that his master was an important man. Brian was excited at the prospect of being on TV. Paul was concerned at how it would affect the others.

“The homework gang will probably be kept away by their parents and we'll have to be careful going to and fro until it all blows over. The big question is what happens if we let the TV crew in?”

There was silence until Graham arrived shortly after. He had read the CSC's press release and it was on the lines of Craig colluding with a representative of placement to put would be citizens, grade fives, into moral danger and at risk of sexual abuse. There was concern that Craig could be corrupting his brother and other grade fives by forcing them into sexually sensitive situations and allowing them to be bullied by violent graders in his care.

The release finished up by saying it was their duty to investigate any such allegations and protect those at risk. There was also concern Craig had committed serious sexual crimes for which he could soon be arrested. They would carry on with their prime duty in spite of the efforts of slanderous and criminally motivated efforts to undermine them.

“What's it all about,” Craig asked, “Why are they after me like this?”

“There has not been much in the press about the enquiry you forced. The CSC have kept quiet hoping it'll all blow over and the investigators didn't want the thing turned into a circus. A couple of opposition politicians have given the enquiry some support but they're more scared of not being seen on the side of law and order.”

Graham paused for a drink of water.

“It turns out that the Inspectorate is a complete shambles. They've had it their own way for so many years and it's made them easily the most sloppy and incompetent organisation there has ever been. Even the politicians are beginning to see some gain in going after the injustices in the system.

“Craig's case when he was nearly put into care is quoted so often now as an example of unfairness of the system and how it must be revised.”

Graham paused again to gather his thoughts.

“If they can prove that Craig is incapable of managing his affairs or controlling all these graders and kids then they could say they were right and Mrs Jones original assessment was not only right but shows the perceptiveness of their inspectors in seeing his faults when no one else could.

“It wouldn't stop the inquiry but it would discourage people from jumping on the bandwagon.”

Craig nodded.

“OK, I understand that.” Craig said, “But what's all this about me being arrested sex for crimes?”

Graham shrugged.

“I don't know. They've got something up their sleeve and it's worrying. Do you know why you have insurance?”

“In case something happens and we don't lose everything.”

Most people go through their lives without ever claiming but they still keep the payments up.”

Craig nodded again still unsure where Graham was leading.

“I think you should make a will. Sort out what would happen if you couldn't run this place any more. The trust can do so much and would have to try and guess what your wishes are but it would give the CSC an area of concern to investigate.”

“Are you saying they'll try to kill me?” Craig asked looking scared.

“No. Even they can see that it would make you a martyr but it would suit them if you were graded for some sleazy crime. Like I say, I'm talking insurance. Unless you've done something I know nothing about and was completely out of character then I'd say that you're in the clear.”

“It's normal to make a will, I suppose.” Craig said thoughtfully, “I'd leave everything to Ethan. Maybe get Rob to help him until he's older. Would that be possible?”

It's a good plan.” Graham said, “The trust might want to put in someone older than sixteen but you've set a good precedent. I'll draw up the papers.

While they had been talking the front door bell had rung and Ollie had answered it.

“There's quite a crowd gathering.” he said, “There's at least two film crews and a crowd of reporters.”

“I'll check and see who owns the lane.” Graham said, “It might be private property and they'll have to move down to the main road. I think that an exclusive interview might be a good idea. I'll speak to an expert in media law and get him to set it up.”

Graham headed off, only pausing to tell the reporters that a statement was being prepared and would be available from his office. He took Tom with him to pick up the hire van.

Ollie ended up staying for most of the day. He fielded phone calls and rings of the door bell politely and calmly always repeating that a statement would be available from the lawyers office.

Paul could see that Craig was badly upset by the mornings events. He suggested that Craig go to the barn with Brian who looked equally shaken. Paul smiled as David determinedly followed them ready to serve them and look after them.

David was was so much more confident than when he first arrived. He never talked about his experiences when he was first graded but they had affected him badly. There were ancient scars all over his body though they did not seriously detract from from his natural good looks. Whatever had happened to him had left him muscled and strong. He turned everyone's eye. Male or female.

He accepted Paul's authority without question in spite of being eight years older and it was obvious he loved Craig. Paul had never figured out whether David was gay or straight. He just gave his body to his master and whoever his master directed him to.

Ryan was simply lazy. Paul had spanked him on occasion because the work he did was not up to scratch. He was content to sit now, contributing nothing. Paul would have understood if a thirty two year old man resented taking orders from an eighteen year old like him but he simply did not care and refused to show any emotion or initiative.

Paul was worried about events and unusually irritable.

“You've got work to do.” he snapped at Ryan. “There's no one to help you today so why are you still sitting there?”

Ryan shrugged.

“Get busy now. Forget about lunch work through it. When you've finished the bedrooms fetch the tawse from the office and report to me. If you don't want to feel it on your back then work quickly and thoroughly. Now Move!”

Ryan had not heard Paul speak in that tone of voice before and knew he meant business. He did not understand what all the fuss was about. Craig might be kinder than some but he was still a master and if he went, there would be a new master. So what?

Paul kept everyone supplied with refreshments and kept an eye on Ryan. As usual Ryan had done the barest minimum to the bedrooms. Normally it would have earned him a severe telling off and made to do them again. Today Paul was in no mood for Ryan's games so he bent him over the nearest table and laid into him with the tawse. The pain was bad enough for him to yell and cry like a child but it finally dawned on him that something had to be badly wrong if Paul was so badly upset.

When Ryan was sent to prepare the living rooms for visitors he worked far harder and made sure that Paul would not have anything else to complain about.

The rest of the day dragged slowly for everyone. Tom stayed in town. He spent some time with Graham. Because Tom had been wrongfully graded the trust had some responsibility to look after him and he was the nearest thing to an adult at Craig's place. The situation was much as Graham had already described it but they discussed Craig's will in some detail.

Tom then picked up the van and did some shopping. By the time he was done there was little point in going back home then returning to pick up the boys. As he approached the school Liam flagged him down.

“I was sent to wait for you.” he said, “There's a load of reporters at the school trying to get something from the gang. You're to drive straight in through the gates and pick them up from the office.”

Liam jumped aboard and they drove off. The school gates were crowded and there was a policeman present to keep order. Tom collected the boys as ordered and was surprised to see that all of the regulars were there. These included Liam, Rick and Jake plus a couple of others that had joined. There were a couple more who came with them some nights and one of them was coming with them even though he he did not usually go with them on a Friday.

Graham had discovered that the lane was owned by a farmer who lived at the end of it. Craig had certain rights of access as did a couple of other houses along it but the farmer was only too pleased to keep the reporters off his land.

Tom had to navigate a crowd at the entrance to the lane but it was all peaceful at the house.

Craig and Brian had spent most of the day quietly lazing around and talking. David had stood discretely in the background ready to serve. The other two had tried to get him to relax but it was impossible.

As the homework gang arrived Danny made a bee-line straight to Craig to check on him. He knew that Craig was fond of him rather than loved him as he loved Craig but they were close enough for Danny to see the pain Craig was feeling.

“OK Craig.” Danny snapped, “Dungeon! Now!”

Their relationship was an open secret. Everyone knew that they were building a dungeon where they played master/slave type games. Danny's order was the first time they had done or said anything in public.

“For the rest of this evening all Craig is going to worry about is how much of a punishment he's going to get from me. Paul can deal with any problem and if he can't then it can wait until tomorrow.”

No one argued as Danny led Craig away. They had seen the immediate reaction in Craig's cock. Danny returned a short time later with a broad grin on his face as he got on with his homework. When they were done and filed to kitchen for dinner they stared in amazement at Craig.

He had a heavy metal collar round his neck from which hung two chains attached to cuffs on his wrists. His ankles were also shackled, held by a chain long enough to allow him to walk but not to run. His cock was held in a cage that prevented any sort of a hard on and something protruded from his anus which made it impossible to sit down.

He looked uncomfortable as he finished laying the table and began serving the food under Tom's instructions. Paul was directed to Craig's usual place at the head of the table leaving Craig to wait on them.

Danny had been right in deciding what Craig needed. His attention was firmly on the pressure in his cock and balls. It was difficult to focus on the problems the CSC was causing when he was dealing with the humiliation of being discussed as if he was not there. The arguments with Mr Redmond seemed less important than what Danny was going to do to him in the dungeon.

Ethan took things further when he tried feeling Craig's balls and checking to see just how firmly his cock was confined. When Danny snapped a warning to Craig to behave, Craig stood meekly as Ethan humiliated him further.

Some of the other boys were asking why Craig was being treated like this but it was Paul, Tom or Danny that answered. Following Ethan's lead they wanted to examine the cock cage as well. Had it been free, Craig's manhood would have swelled to it's full size with all the attention. Instead it just added to Craig's increasingly desperate need for release. Ethan had also discovered the dildo and the the extension made a useful handle. Craig knew that Danny would use any resistance on his part as an excuse to punish him.

Paul used the meal to announce that the film crew would be there tomorrow afternoon to interview Craig and Brian. They also wanted to film some background footage so the rest should carry on as usual and ignore the cameras. Again there were questions about how it would work but Paul made it clear that he did not know but that hopefully Graham would be briefing Craig and Brian in the morning. Not even Tom had been involved in anything like it before so it would be an experience for everyone.

Paul followed Craig's habit of making sure everyone around the table was involved in the conversation. Craig was the only one excluded. It was a further frustration to realise that Paul was taking calls and making decisions on his behalf.

The only time he was allowed any sort of involvement was while the conversation was about Craig's 'enslavement'. David obviously wanted to contribute something but would not do so without Craig's consent. Danny allowed Craig to reassure David.

David began drawing circles on Craig's chest with his finger working towards his nipples. Realising the entire table was silently watching him in fascinated silence, with no one reprimanding him, he took one of Craig's nipples between his finger and thumb and played with it leaving Craig to cope with the new sensations.

Of course Ethan wanted a go followed by everyone else leaving Craig with a sore chest, pronounced nipples and worried because David had mentioned clamps and Danny, Rob and Liam were discussing how to improvise some.

Craig was left to clear up with instructions that everything was to be finished by the time Danny returned. Danny graciously allowed him to eat the leftovers but a horde of hungry teenagers don't leave much so it looked as if hunger was going to be an added discomfort. Tom took pity on him and added some food that was due to be cleared from the fridge then left him to it.

The only real pleasure left to Craig was planning what he would to Danny the next time they reversed roles.

When Danny returned to take him to the cellar, he was accompanied by Rob and Liam. Craig was tied to the table. The chains he was wearing were not removed. His limbs were pulled out as far as the chains would allow and the ropes attached to rings on the shackles.

Paul had come to his rescue by warning them not to leave any marks that would be visible the next day because of the filming. His three would be tormentors spent a time discussing alternatives.

Liam noticed how Craig jerked when he rubbed his finger across the bottom of his foot. It was enough to get them started exploring his body to find other sensitive spots and tickling or lightly whipping him until Craig was close to tears or writhing so much they feared he might hurt himself.

Sometimes they thought he might be putting it on and experimented on each other. They were all enjoying themselves, except Craig, and their cocks were pointing stiffly outwards or upwards. Danny was going to fuck Craig that night and it would be the first time. Somehow Craig knew that and accepted it but Liam and Rob had simply enjoyed tormenting Craig. They settled for straddling Craig and rubbing themselves up and down Craig's body until they came. Liam went second and as he collapsed onto Craig's body exhausted by the violence of his climax Craig thought he was going to be crushed by the bigger boy.

Danny pulled the dildo out and with the others help turned Craig over and pulled him back so he was bent over the edge of the table.

It was the first time that Craig had been fucked. Danny had used dildos on him but he had seen his anus as the last bastion of his straightness. He still thought more about girls than boys in his fantasies but they often did the things that Danny actually did. Once he had been fucked he would have to admit that he was bi.

As Danny entered him and began the long slow strokes he felt as if his body was no longer belonged to him. The torments and humiliations of the evening had drained him emotionally and now as his prostrate was massaged his desperation for relief became even more intense and the cock cage increasingly became the worst torture in the world. Danny massaging became more and more intense until after the last few violent thrusts he collapsed in his turned onto Craig.

While he recovered, Liam and Rob tied Craig back into his original position and removed the cock cage. They took it in turns to stroke Craig's cock until it was about to climax then squeeze it, slap it or flick it until he lost the edge. Craig was groaning, almost weeping with the frustration.

Finally Danny straddled him and impaled himself onto Craig's desperate pole. Craig bucked as far as his bonds would allow and Danny picked up the rhythm clamping himself around his friends rigid cock.

It did not take long before Craig thrusts turned into convulsive jerks which went on and on as he shot string after string of his cream deep into Danny. Liam and Rob looked on in amazement and awe at the sheer power and strength they were witnessing. Gradually the spasms subsided and Danny clambered off his friend.

They untied Craig but when he tried to get up he could hardly stand. He was exhausted. Wrapping his arms around Craig, Danny helped to the bedroom and into bed, clambering in beside him. Craig was immediately asleep and slept deeply and contentedly until morning. Danny was not awake for long before dropping off into an equally peaceful sleep.

The following morning Craig woke feeling better than he had in a long time. The tensions and stress from worries of his responsibilities were gone and he felt ready to face the world. His body ached and he was sore in places but even that was satisfying, almost like the afterglow of a good hard workout.

He had breakfast alone in the dining room content to take things in his own time and consider his plans for the day. When he had finished eating, he sent for Paul and discussed the interview and how to handle the film crew.

He was a little put out to discover that Paul, with Tom and Adam's help, had everything in hand.

He said as much to Tom.

“There's an old saying,” Tom replied, “The graveyard is full of people who thought they were indispensable. If you knocked yourself unconscious in the swimming pool and drowned we would try to carry on what you started. I hope things follow their proper course and you outlive me. You will guide things along and all our lives will be better for it. You're not producing a bunch of Ryans who have no initiative. You're producing fine young men who can think for themselves and accept responsibility.”

Craig was quiet after that. He valued Tom's opinions and was pleased that Tom approved of the way he was handling things.

“What about the things Danny and I do?” he asked, “Are you OK with them.”

“I've got no problem. Don't kid yourself it teaches you what it's like to be a grader though. You're playing games. Grading is for life.”

“David's happy to stand around all day waiting on me. I try not to keep the others waiting though and that business where I pissed in the sleeping bag.” Craig shuddered, “It was so easy to bring me right down like that. I felt like a grader then.”

“I was wrong. You are learning something,” Tom replied, “but you can't feel the despair when you realise that is as good as it's going to get for the rest of your life.”

They were silent for a moment.

“Thanks to you I've never been happier. I've met Hannah. I can mess around in my kitchen and cellar. I've still got the business but it's not a millstone round my neck any more. It's a pleasure to work with you and I don't have the feeling that things are going on behind my back all the time.”

During the course of the day various parents showed up so there was quite a crowd when the film crew arrived. Adam showed them around while they spoke to various people. Rob showed them his computers. He had turned part of one of the work rooms into a workshop and was delighted when they began the filming with him working on one of his latest projects.

When it was announced that the TV channel would be showing an interview with Craig they had been flooded with calls. Three quarters of them had been support for his stand against the CSC and the receptionists who had fielded the calls had been overwhelmed by the hatred and anger against the Inspectorate. Nearly everyone knew of an incident where lives had been ruined. The remaining quarter were complaining about the company encouraging Craig's attempt to break down law and order and destroy the peace and security they all enjoyed.

The TV company rescheduled it's broadcasts for that evening leaving a gap for a full documentary.

It started with general shots of the grounds while a voice over summarised events. It then switched to interviews with some of the boys. Rob who explained how he came to be living there, his computer projects and studies. Paul was next describing his duties as steward. Paul was a little disappointed that part of his interview was edited to leave out how he was graded but he was content that it suggested that Craig had seen the potential of a grade two and had turned his life around. Adam was next. He described his living arrangements with Paul. It was the most controversial topic so far until Adam described the morning they had overslept.

“Didn't you think it was a little unfair being punished because Paul was late?”

“Oh no!” Adam exclaimed. “Paul is a grader so I'm in charge in our apartment and it was my responsibility.”

“So when he's off duty as steward and in your apartment he's your servant.”

“That's right!” Adam replied. “We love each other but we both know that there has to be a firm chain of command.”

“What's the worst thing about discipline here?”

“Craig never punishes us when he's angry.” Adam said carefully, considering his answer, “And he has this knack of getting us to explain to everyone why we should be punished. I almost feel as if I'm talking myself into a worse punishment than I would normally have got.”

The camera picked up others nodding agreement. The producer nearly cut Adam's interview. There was no doubt about the sexual activity between Adam and Paul and there could be questions about Adam's consent because of his age. In the end it was included. Adam had spoken so confidently and had emphasised the strict discipline so clearly that he was considered an asset to the programme. A little bit of sexual innuendo would not do any harm and it was a good response to the discipline question.

Brian took them through the sting, describing his feelings and reactions to various moments. Following the CSC divulging so much of the case, the police had released an edited version of the videos. This version hid the faces of the accused and some of the officers involved and excluded one or two operational details. The CSC's press release had included a photo of Brian and so it had seemed pointless trying to conceal his face in the video.

The interview with Brian also included cuts to interviews with the shop assistant and his reactions to what was happening. When asked about accepting the beating he admitted he had nearly backed out until he remembered Danny and the others were relying on him. He looked embarrassed watching his screams and sobbing during the punishment then again when his attacker pushed his cock towards him.

The video was shown without any editing. The audience had been warned that the scene might be disturbing but public beatings and humiliation were not unusual and so the scene did not push the limits too far.

The interviewer reassured Brian that he had nothing to be ashamed about. People should remember that he could have used the code word at any moment.

“There is one last question that you might find difficult.” the interviewer said, “There's some who would say that you only did this to avoid being downgraded to one.”

“I haven't avoided it.” Brian replied, “I have stopped other boys being hurt and I'm glad I've done it. That's definite. I hope the judge at my hearing takes it into account but it's not definite.”

Finally it was Craig's turn. He recounted how he had come to be head of such a large household at such a young age. Then the questions turned to his opinion of the grading system, the CSC and discipline in general.

“Smith is innocent until proven guilty but if he has attacked that many boys then I hope he is graded one as soon as possible and his first master castrates him.”

The reference to castration was also a bit contentious but the producer let it stay. Permanently maiming graders was a sensitive subject but it did seem a reasonable comment here.

“My worry is people who get wrongly graded. Like Tom. People have been graded for framing him. Why should he still be wearing a chain?”

The interviewer moved on. Tom was a good clear cut example. Other examples might prove to be less certain.

“So you don't object to the grading system in principle?”

“No!” Craig replied, “Providing it remembers to give people a fresh start.”

“And the CSC?”

“Placement tries but it's under funded.” Craig said, “The sooner the Inspectorate is graded one and disappears for good the better. Other parts seem to work well. I get on OK with the Neighbourhood Patrol.”

Craig became an overnight star. Most of the audience were amazed that a sixteen year old could be so mature and relaxed in front of the camera. Many were relieved that he was not seeking to disrupt the whole structure of society. Opinion swung from seventy five per cent to ninety per cent in his favour.

The homework gang had dispersed to their various homes by the time the programme was shown. As in so many homes across the country their parents asked how Craig could be so calm and confident while their sons stifled a quiet giggle while they remembered how he 'relaxed' the previous night.

Craig was satisfied by how he had got his ideas across in the programme. The following day he was surprised that parts of it were being shown on other channels and that senior politicians, some of them known for their very conservative views, were saying how worried they were about abuses in the system. Tom, or Tim Everington as he was referred to, had become a cause célèbre.

Mr and Mrs Hollis watched in amazement as their son became a hero. They decided it was time for him to come home and contacted the CSC.