The Houseboys

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Chapter 2

When Paul woke the next morning he was confused by his surroundings. The room was completely silent yet his body clock was saying bells should be ringing and guards shouting and threatening punishments if he did not stir. Realising the body beside him was not a wonderful dream alarmed him until the memories of the previous day came flooding back. The beauty of the dream was completely shattered when he felt the wet, sticky patch around his groin and on Craig's back.

“That felt good,” Craig said softly, “But shouldn't graders wait for permission?”

Paul burst into tears.

“I'm sorry sir,” he sobbed, “I've let you down again.”

“I don't know about that,” Craig replied, deliberately talking at crossed purposes, “I'm still well up.”

Sitting up to give Paul some space he snapped, “Over on your stomach.”

Craig sat and admired Paul's muscular body for a few moments before landing a heavy slap on Paul's arse cheeks. Paul grunted, more with surprise than pain. Craig straddled Paul, nestling his cock in Paul's crack and began a rocking motion rubbing his cock between Paul's cheeks and his own stomach. Paul's cock, sandwiched between his stomach and the bed became hard again as his body moved under Craig's motion. Craig speeded up his stroke until the action became convulsive and and his mind could only feel the pressure squirting from his cock. As the warm sticky fluid spread around his stomach he collapsed onto Paul in contented exhaustion. Dimly he became aware that Paul was sobbing again.

“What's wrong?” he asked.

“Please sir, I've cum again.” Paul replied, “I couldn't stop myself and it's all over the bed clothes.”

Craig slid his hand under Paul feeling the familiar wetness and then rubbing Paul's cock.

“Until I say differently, you are responsible for this room.” Craig said softly. “You will see that it is always ready for me. OK?”

“Yes sir,” replied Paul nervously.

“Do a good job because if you give me an excuse, I'll put you over my knee and spank you. It could be fun – for me anyway.”

“You don't need an excuse, sir.” Paul answered, “You could do it anyway even if I wasn't behaving so badly.”

Craig sat up and gently stroked Paul's arse cheeks.

“Maybe you should punish me for being a bad master.” Craig said thoughtfully, “I haven't made it clear what I want from you have I?”

Paul had no idea how to reply. When he was at the Centre, if he had made the slightest hint of a criticism of a guardian, he would have been severely punished. He remembered something Craig had said the day before about wanting Ethan to see how a grader can be punished. Maybe he wants an excuse to punish me for being rude, he thought.

Aloud he replied, “Maybe you're trying to do too much at once, sir. New graders always take time to get used to the new discipline.”

He tensed, waiting for Craig's anger. Instead he felt Craig kiss his neck.

“You could be right.” Craig answered. Hearing a buzzer from the kitchen he continued, “Tom'll be bringing me a cup of coffee soon.” I think I'll get washed and dressed before the rush.”

“You don't rush, Craig. You're the master.” Paul said without thinking.

He panicked as Craig tensed and climbed from his back. He had definitely gone too far that time.

“Careful about calling me Craig when the others are around.” Craig said, “I need a piss so I'll wash while I'm there. You get this bed sorted then I can lie back down.

When Tom politely knocked he found Craig laying on his back with Paul kneeling on the floor sucking on Craig's cock.

“I'll be getting up in half an hour,” Craig said, “See that you three are washed and ready and have had your breakfast. Come back then Paul.”

“Yes sir,” Paul replied.

“Craig looked at Tom until he also replied, “Yes sir. I'll see to it.”

Craig relaxed and listened to the noise outside. He wondered how Ethan was coping with a communal bathroom. He thought he had heard some squeals of protest then a sharp tone in Paul's response and everything went quiet. Right on time Paul returned.

“How did it go.” Craig asked.

“Paul smiled, “We only had time for cereal, sir. I'd forgotten how good they tasted but Ethan said he didn't like them. Tom says your scrambled eggs will be ready in twenty minutes. He hopes you'll make do with them followed by cereal. He's a bit worried that he can't cook properly for you still.”

Craig grinned.

“Am I more like a Master now?”

“Yes sir.” Paul said, also grinning before he became serious. “I've sorted out the cleanest clothes I can find for you. We do need to get some washing done for you, sir.”

Craig nodded. He dressed and headed for the living room. The table was old and badly scratched but it looked cleaner than it had ever done and there was a meal setting ready for Craig. Beside the setting were a couple of envelopes and passes already made out for Craig to sign. The mail was uninteresting, an advert and a letter from the CSC confirming the time and date of their inspection.

There were three passes for Tom. The first allowed him to take Ethan and Jake to school, the second allowed him to shop at the nearest supermarket and the third allowed him to go to the laundrette. The fourth pass allowed Ethan to walk between home and school if he was accompanied by Tom, Craig or Mrs Sanders.

Craig added Mr Crosis to the list and added an amount of money to Tom's pass that he was allowed to carry while shopping.

Tom was nervous as he brought Craig his breakfast and was relieved when Craig did not complain. He'd been uncertain about presenting the paperwork as he had but when he had been free he had trained his own servants in this way.

Craig felt shy and self conscious as he ate. Tom joined Paul and Ethan who were lined up along the wall waiting their Master's pleasure Paul and Ethan were still naked but Tom wore shorts and an apron because of his cooking. Craig was enjoying his role as head of the household. He and Paul had talked that morning and both had a clearer idea how they should behave.

Paul had also spoken to Tom and Ethan about their attitudes reminding Ethan that he was long overdue for a spanking. Ethan was more worried about Paul's willingness to grab his cock and was not going to give him an excuse.

Where Craig was straight but able to enjoy Paul's subservience to him, Ethan was gay. At thirteen his sexuality was developing and he found contact with a good looking boy like Paul very arousing and he hoped to have sex with him soon but that did not mean that he liked the control Paul exerted over him. Paul and Tom's talk of how they were treated at the centre frightened him more than he would ever admit. He resented standing there waiting for his brother's pleasure just as he had hated being left to sleep on the cold hard kitchen floor but realised he had little choice if he was going to stay out of the CSC's clutches.

Tom was straight but had allowed Ethan lie beside him with Ethan resting his head on his arm.

Tom still saw Craig as a child and still had trouble accepting his change in status. It did not help that Paul seemed to be in charge or at least, number one in the pecking order. Paul warned him that if their present positions did not work out, Paul would end up on a work gang while Tom spent countless hours cooking the porridge based gruel that heavy workers ate.

Like Ethan, Paul was gay and falling in love with Craig. He admired Craig for the way he was trying to make a better life for them all, was flattered at how Craig listened to his opinions and ideas. He was still confused by the difference in attitudes between Craig and the Centre but it was a fantasy come true that he could now explore his new sexuality with such a handsome and gentle young man.

Ask most people and they would say that graders were only allowed shorts. In fact the law only required the grade chain to be clearly visible. Although Jake and Ethan could go to school in uniform apart from the chain around their necks, it would attract a lot of unwelcome attention. The school was more than happy to cater for the more humiliating custom since it was the greater deterrent but insisted that all students wear school uniform in school. Graders were faced with the prospect of changing in full view just inside school grounds.

Grade chains had little impact in class. Schools had always banned jewellery and the like on the grounds that in the boisterous world of youngsters, a ring in the face or a chain pulled tight could cause serious injury and so it was during breaks and sports that their effects were most felt. Graders spent most of their exercise time doing drills. Ethan was dreading his first day at school.

After clearing the table Tom set off first with Ethan reluctantly in tow. Once they were alone, Craig gently kissed Paul on the cheek and they hugged.

“You acted like a real master, sir,” Paul said, “Just like we said.”

“You can call me Craig now we're alone.”

“No sir,” Paul replied, “I'll be your friend with what I say but I am your slave with how I say it.”

“I think I get that.” Craig laughed, “and you're right as usual. Maybe I should punish you for being a smartass all the time.”

“Yes sir. Whatever you say,” Paul replied nervously. He thought that Craig was teasing but was not that certain of things yet. He yelped and bent forward as Craig squeezed his cock tight. It was more surprise than pain. Craig pushed his chest back with his free hand back then kissed him again letting the hand around Paul's cock begin a gentle stroking.

“I've got to go now, slave.” Craig said with the smile still on his face, “Make sure you're ready for me when I get back.”

“Yes, oh great and glorious Master,” Paul said finally accepting Craig's mood. “It is always an honour to serve.”

Paul looked wistfully as Craig left trying to remember what it felt like to be able to go outside without needing permission or restraints. Craig's first port of call was the school. He needed to inform them of the situation with Ethan and Jake.

He arrived before Tom, Ethan and Jake and headed for the office. He explained that he was more concerned that the men that the boy's had posed for might come looking for them which was why Tom had to chaperone them to and from school. The school was very sympathetic and thoroughly approved of Craig's efforts to look after Ethan. Craig and Ethan had been good students. With Craig seeming to drop out and Ethan's behaviour deteriorating, the schools position in the league tables was slipping. The school was more than willing to hear of Craig's new plans for his own education and give him the help he needed to catch up and then return for the run up to his exam year.

He left with a pile of work to get started and appointments to visit teachers who would be willing to tutor him.

As Craig left the school he saw Ethan blushing furiously, changing into his school uniform. Ethan tried to call out to Craig but all he got for his trouble was a teacher yelling at him inches from his face before dropping to the ground doing press ups. There were about a dozen or so other graders in the group. Since his activities with Paul he found himself looking at them with more interest than before. As Ethan's muscles strained with the exertion Craig realised that he was becoming an attractive young man and his bubble butts especially alluring.

Craig was uncomfortable at the idea others might look at his brother in the same way and decided that in future he could wear his school uniform shorts to save him the ordeal of getting naked in public each day. Craig knew that someone was bound to complain that Ethan was not wearing standard cotton shorts but he would face that when the time came.

Mr Crosis was surprised to see Craig arrive at the office so early. He was pleased for Craig that his plans seemed to be working out so well.

“So you don't want to work for me after all.” he said, “I'll have to start looking for someone.”

“How about Tom?” Craig asked, “He'll have the flat under control today and he's had experience.”

“You lend him to me, would you?”

“Hire him out to you.” Craig corrected, “I've got to earn some money so while he works in the office I'll go back to the maintenance work I used to do. Paul can start on the flat upstairs. He can't work in public but he could work in other empty properties even if I have to sit in there with him and do my school work there.”

“You've got it all worked out as usual, haven't you.” laughed Mr Crosis, “but it makes sense. I'll do it on one condition. You lend me Paul when I need him.”

Mr Crosis laughed as he saw the worried look on Craig's face.

“Don't worry,” he said, “I just thought that he's got inside info. I wondered whether he could find me a couple of cheap ones.”

Craig was flustered, uncertain what to say. Mr. Crosis had never made it a secret that he liked boys but he would never force himself on Craig or Ethan. Craig knew that he liked the look of Paul but Craig was not ready to share him yet.

“It the least I can do,” Craig finally managed to say, “I'm sorry. I thought you meant something else.”

“You thought I wanted to ravish your property and leave you with the left overs.”

Craig blushed, realizing that Paul had become special and he wanted to divert the conversation.

“If the CSC visitor isn't happy, you'll probably have me, Ethan and Paul to choose from.” he said.

“I'm sure everything will be OK.” Mr Crosis replied. “You've done a fantastic job over the last six months. You can be really proud of yourself.”

With that they settled down to work, catching up on the files and checking the books. With two of them it did not take long even with Mr Crosis explaining the different procedures to Craig. Mr. Crosis took Craig to lunch and then they discussed how best to use Paul and Tom.

Mr Crosis had bought a couple of buildings that he wanted to convert into apartments. Somehow he had been caught out and they had needed a lot more work than he intended and so he was having his own financial problems. It was not desperate yet but he needed to concentrate on the project. He was satisfied with the contractors he had hired and would normally leave them to get on with it but he had to monitor their work closely to ensure they stayed in budget.

It was something of a relief that he would be able to hand over some of the day to day routine.

Craig was home by early afternoon. Under Tom's instruction, Paul had transformed the bedroom. It was now neat and tidy without the piles of clothes waiting to be sorted and the two beds were clean and fresh. There was a change of clothing laid out for Craig on Ethan's bed. There was a box on Ethan's bed as well. It rested neatly at the foot of the bed against the wall. When Craig examined the contents he found the manacles, canes and other equipment a 'slave owner' needed.

The kitchen was spotless and the cupboards were fully stocked. The receipts for the shopping and the change from the money that Craig had given Tom were on the table waiting for Craig to check them. Mrs Sanders worked during the day and so Tom was going to collect Jake from school with Ethan. Tom was slightly flustered because he was about to set off.

Craig was quite happy to spend some time alone with Paul and sent Tom on his way. While Tom had been allowed shorts and t-shirt, Paul had stayed naked. Having Craig's undivided attention was a turn on for him and Craig watched as Paul's cock swelled and pointed outwards.

“That's what I feel,” Craig said huskily, “Bedroom.”

Whatever Paul needed, he dutifully undressed his Master and as Craig lay down on the bed he took Craig's cock into his mouth and began to suck. Craig was getting more confident with the situation and allowed his servant to lay beside him in a 69 position. It did not occur to Craig to suck on Paul but he explored his slave's body with his hands working his way down Paul's crack to his anus. Paul lifted his leg in submissive cooperation enjoying the touch of another boy.

Craig was on the border of new territory. They both accepted Craig's ownership of Paul but Craig could take that ownership to a new level by claiming rights to this new virgin entrance.

Sixteen year olds are not always as confident or as worldly wise as they seem and he hesitated. Paul took the initiative and pushed slightly onto Craig's finger. Craig took the hint and pressed against the lips.

They resisted until Paul relaxed and Craig penetrated that final sanctum. As Craig realized, that soon now, he would fuck Paul, his own muscles began to tighten and convulse as he shot stream after stream of cum into the back of Paul's throat. Paul gagged as his mouth and throat filled so completely and pulled off. He immediately grabbed Craig's cock and pumped the last of Craig's cream onto his chest.

Craig's finger had done it's own pumping, almost without Craig realizing and had penetrated deep inside Paul. There was a little soreness and discomfort from the unaccustomed stretching but spreading out from that source of discomfort were sensations he could not believe possible. His cock felt as if it was bursting in its desire to shoot its own cream trying to swamp Paul's training to wait for permission. Craig's finger won and he looked on in amazement as wad after wad shot past Paul's head. It landed on his legs and on the bed but he would sworn that some disappeared over the edge of the bed onto the floor.

For a time, Paul was lost in the ecstasy of the moment but as he descended from the heights he waited for Craig's reaction to his behaviour.

“I wonder if Tom will want you spanked for messing up the bed clothes.”

Paul caught the mischievous tone in Craig's voice and replied, “It was your finger that did it. Maybe, he'd want you spanked as well.”

“Maybe.” Craig agree laughing, “The least you can do is lick my legs and feet clean.”

Craig lay back lost in the sensual pleasure of Paul's gentle ministrations. Paul started with his feet, sucking each toe before working his way up his body to clean his own spunk off his stomach.

“That felt real good,” Craig said as he allowed Paul to relax beside him resting his head on Craig's chest.

“Aren't you angry with me?” Paul asked, “I couldn't finish sucking you, came without permission and made the bed dirty. I'm not a good servant, sir.”

“That's for me to say.” Craig retorted, “I've loved this afternoon so you've pleased your Master. How does that make you a bad servant?”

“I don't know, sir.”

“The others'll be back soon.” Craig said, “I'd better get dressed. Sort the bed out.”

Their lives settled quickly into a routine.

Tom was kept the busiest. He was up first to get the others ready for the day. After taking the boys to school he would head for Mr Crosis' office and work there until it was time to collect Jake and Ethan from school. After the first day they would head for Jake's home. He would prepare a meal for Mrs Sanders and Jake while the boys did housework. When he and Ethan got home he would check to see that everything was in order before giving Paul his instructions the next day.

Craig had allowed him to buy sleeping bags for Ethan and himself. He had loved his wife up to the moment he was arrested and had been blind to the difficulties and stresses in the marriage. His arrest and time at the Centre had been traumatic and had nearly destroyed him.

From the moment that he had arrived at the flat he had began to relax. He understood the role he was to play and felt the care and concern that Craig offered to all his charges, especially the love he felt for his brother, Ethan.

It had been frightening to go out unsupervised at first. The police and Neighbourhood Patrol had been suspicious and he had been constantly stopped to show his passes. On one occasion Jake, Ethan and Tom had all been strip searched with the boys having to empty their bags out onto the ground. Tom had rapidly become part of the scenery and now they would even stop and chat especially on weekends when he and Ethan did the shopping.

Ethan was more confused than anything by his change in status. He hated the highly regimented life he now endured and had been thoroughly humiliated by Paul's treatment of him the first night. In the evenings he was allowed to spend time with Craig. They would watch television, play games and sometimes Craig would take him to the park where they would kick a ball around or something until curfew. It was wonderful to bond with his brother again and be part of a family.

He accepted now that he had made a bad mistake posing for the photographs and took the risks of getting into the CSC's clutches far more seriously.

At first he had been scared that he would be raped or forced into some sort of sexual activity and then disappointed when nothing had happened. Paul had handled his genitals and even examined his hole. As his new life settled down he remembered the pleasant effects of the contact started to want more. He knew that Paul belonged to Craig and would not look twice at him unless Craig approved. Tom was straight and had a thing about breasts. Tom had comforted him and tried to make him more comfortable on the hard floor but it had been paternal instincts for Tom not sexual.

Paul was happier than he could ever remember. It was as if he had a new family. He worked on the new flat upstairs, kept the present flat clean and tidy under Tom's directions and even learned how to prepare some of the meals. Craig had caught him looking sadly at the people in the street below wishing he could go outside.

When CSC had first started there had been a craze for rickshaws. It had not lasted long. In terms of speed, stamina or maintenance an electric car was superior and pollution free but they had not disappeared completely. Mr Crosis had one stowed away in an old shed. On his first walk in the open air in five years Craig took him to the shed and had him clean it up. The rickshaw was wide enough for two people and Craig had one of the seats removed.

When Craig visited Mr Crosis' properties he could carry far more tools than before and did not need to keep returning to the office.

Although he could only stand, handcuffed to the push bar and only wearing shorts, no matter what the weather, Paul was spending time outdoors with Craig which was heaven.

Not everyone was happy with a Grade 2 being so lightly restrained until an elderly tenant asked if Paul could take her to the shops. She had been most indignant when Craig had agreed but had wanted to walk beside the rickshaw. She may not be able to walk far but she still had her faculties. Craig was going to be a while cleaning the hallways and clearing rubbish so he relented.

She got ready and climbed into the rickshaw carrying a light whip. As they set off she landed a lash on Paul's bare back and yelled, faster. When they returned, Paul was exhausted, breathing in painful gasps, and his back was covered in welts. They were accompanied by a policeman and an irate lady who was evidently a passionate anti-slaver and was determined to bring cruelty charges.

When Craig appeared, the anti-slaver demanded that Paul's handcuffs be removed, the old lady was yelling that Graders got what they deserved, the policeman was struggling to keep the two women apart and it was not until a couple of the Neighbourhood Patrol arrived that he was able extricate himself and speak to Craig.

“The boy insisted on bringing her home,” the policeman said, “He was done in by then and I would have got a taxi for her but he didn't want to let you down.”

“She's a vicious old cow,” a neighbour who had popped out to watch the fun said, “She'll just use you. You won't get a word of thanks and she'll slag you off behind your back to anyone who'll listen. Bring the boy into my place. He can sit in the kitchen and have something to drink. I haven't got anything for his back though.”

At a nod from the policeman Craig released Paul from the rickshaw. He was about to cuff Paul's hands behind him when the neighbour said, “Forget those things. He's in no state to cause trouble.”

No one seemed inclined to argue with the man except for the old lady who saw a new target for her venom.

“You ought to be graded yourself,” she screamed, “God damned liberals pandering to that scum.”

When they reached the neighbours kitchen he guided Paul to a chair and made him sit. He went to the fridge and fetched a can of beer which he handed to Paul.

“Drink that,” he ordered, “It'll put hairs on your chest.”

He paused, “I'm sorry, I forgot. You'll only to have shave them off again. By the way, I'm Harry Smith.”

Craig shook the hand that Harry offered and introduced himself.

One of the Neighbourhood Patrol joined them. Seeing the uniform, Paul tried to stand but Harry put a hand on his shoulder. The Patrol member introduced himself as James.

“Giving a grader alcohol are we, Harry? You'd better bribe me into silence with one as well. You'd better give him one as well.”

“They all sat down round the table. Paul waited for Craig's say so then opened his can.

“Don't worry about Mrs Tibbs.” James said, “She's a bloody nuisance. I know your story Craig. You won't get any problems from me over all this. You're Ethan Ryder's brother, aren't you?” And you've got another servant, Tom?”

“Yes sir,” replied Craig nervously.

“It's OK.” James said, “This is a small town and we tend to know people. I've spoken to Ethan and Tom on their way to school and I know about this one's Grade 2 status.”

“His name is Paul,” Craig said, “I didn't realize we're being watched.”

“Well, your situation is unusual but we like what we see. So don't worry about it. Actually, Harry here was going to ask you for some help but I don't think you'd be interested now.”

“My help?” Craig asked, “What could I do?”

“Your rickshaw.” Harry answered, “There are a number of people in our Patrol area who are housebound. You can't help with the shopping because you couldn't go into the shops but some would really like to visit the park and see the flower displays.”

Paul looked worried and as if he wanted to speak but James spoke first.

“Mrs Tibbs won't be one of them,” he said firmly, “and we'd see that it was properly supervised. We've got another rickshaw and if we can find another boy to pull it, then we could make an afternoon of it.”

“Maybe I could I could do that,” Craig said, “What do you think, Paul?”

Paul's chest still hurt and he was still shocked by events but if Craig thought it was a good idea, he would not argue.

“I don't think they should be allowed to use whips on Master Craig,” he said.

“They won't be allowed to use whips on you, either,” James said firmly, “Mrs Tibbs had no right damaging Craig's property.”

They discussed plans for the old peoples outing and set a date which happened to be the Sunday before the CSC visit.

“Are you fit to haul that rickshaw again?“James asked as he spoke he was checking on his hand held computer.

“Yes sir,” Paul replied.

“Harry! Have you got those cuffs with the long chain and waist chain?”

“Yes, Somewhere. Why do you want them?”

“His upgrade has been approved but it can't be fully implemented until the three month ownership qualification has been met.” James said, “In the circumstances I'm approving Craig's application for minimal restraint.”

Craig looked puzzled.

“What application?” he asked.

There was twinkle in James' eyes as he replied, “The one you'll make when you sign here. Normally these orders are to force slack owners to control their boys more. If you agree we'll get it sorted.”

Craig happily nodded and at a command from James, Paul stood up. First Harry gave Paul a red arm band to put on. This meant that the Neighbourhood Patrol had issued special instructions. Paul held out his hands as he was manacled. The chains were fixed to a third chain which was padlocked around his waist. His arm movements were restricted but he would be able to carry out a variety of tasks.

“If you file a travel plan he can travel unsupervised.” James continued.

Craig looked puzzled again and James continued, “We've taken up too much of your time already and you'll want to get home to meet Ethan from school. The travel plan is like a pass and it must be registered first and it has to be for a useful purpose. You can't send him to play football in the park or anything.”

While he had been talking, he had gone to the relevant web site address and shown Craig how to fill in the form.

“There you are,” James said, “Travel plan approved. Do you want to cancel it?”

“No.” Craig replied, “Does that mean Paul can do the property maintenance with me.”

“It does,” James confirmed handing Paul a printout. “Tuck that in your armband and listen to your Master's instructions.”

“Take the rickshaw back to Mr. Crosis' office then go home.”

The colour drained out of Paul's faced and he started trembling.

“Please sir,” He asked in a panic stricken voice, “Do you mean alone?”

“Yes! What's wrong?”

“What happens if I mess up again or there's a problem. What would I do? I'm not allowed outside.”

Craig looked at James. He was unnerved at Paul's panic. James seemed surprised as well.

“Take a look at the pass. Can you see Craig's phone number?”

Paul nodded.

“If there's a problem hand someone that pass and ask them to call your Master. Say that you can't do or say anything without his permission.”

“Yes sir.” Paul replied uncertainly, “But do I have to go out alone?”

Harry used to work at the Placement Centre before taking early retirement and working part time for the Patrol. He had an idea of the problem.

“I'll walk you out and see you to the end of the road. Will that help?”

“Can I come back in if I want to, please?” Paul asked.

“Only if you want to disobey your Master,” Harry replied a little impatiently. “You'll be all right once you're away.”

When he led Paul away it was almost as if he was taking the boy to be executed.

“Five years in the Centre will do that,” he said when he returned, “Stepping through the wrong door is one of the biggest crimes there. It's OK if he's cuffed or with someone but I bet he has trouble with some doors at home.

“I haven't noticed anything,” Craig replied, “I hope he's all right.”

Craig hurried home. It was Mrs Sanders' day off and she had collected Jake herself. As James had guessed, he was always glad to see that Ethan was OK but today he was worried about Paul. Ethan wondered why he was so distracted and became concerned himself when he discovered the reason. They did not have long to wait before he appeared and stood staring at the outer door to the flats. They watched as he took a deep breath and gingerly pressed the bell.

When he got into the flat he was trembling with excitement as Craig removed the chains and had him strip. Normally, no self respecting teenager would admit to be thrilled by a little adventure. It just would not be cool but Paul was not allowed secrets and had to account for his time out. He had been a little uncomfortable with everyone staring at his chains and red armband but he accepted that as part of his life.

The sense of being on his own and responsible for himself had been wonderful, if overwhelming. The first real test had been at the end of the road. He had almost stopped to await instructions. He had to choose which to go and as he turned the corner he tensed and his skin prickled as he waited for an angry shout or even a taser shock.

Mr. Crosis had been surprised to see him and had checked his pass. It had been difficult for Paul to leave the office. His chest had tightened and he had nearly been sick. His back had tingled as it desperately strained to detect the blow or bullet that an escaper could expect. The feelings had passed and he felt a sense of achievement

His real fun had started as he walked past the row of shops that he had taken Mrs Tibbs to. One of the shop keepers recognised him. She had experience of Mrs Tibbs and all her sympathies had been with Paul. She insisted on him coming into the shop and putting an ointment on the marks on his back and then gave him an ice cream.

People had really stared then at the sight of a Grade 2 strolling along in his chains licking a large cornet.

The town of Defborough where they lived was a small provincial town. Since fuel prices had risen so high the trend had been for people to work nearer and nearer to where they lived and so in places like Defborough a real community spirit was developing. Everyone knew about Craig, his brother and his new servants.

The armband meant that his status was officially sanctioned and Mrs Tibbs was universally disliked which overrode their disapproval of Paul's lax treatment. He even found people smiling at him, bidding him 'Good Afternoon' or asking after his back.

The final challenge of his adventure had been the door bell. Training dictated that he stand and wait until someone dealt with him but he knew he should complete his journey and not loiter outside. Greatly daring, he pressed the bell.

Once in the flat, Paul excitedly described his adventures. Craig seemed pleased for him until he mentioned the ice cream.

“I did not give you permission to eat ice cream,” Craig said in a stern voice, “I'll punish you later.”

“You can't do that.” Ethan cried out, ”He didn't do anything wrong.”

“Did you have permission to accept gifts?” Craig asked.

“No sir.” Paul replied. “I'm sorry sir. It won't happen again.”

“No. It won't.” replied Craig, “And six strokes of the cane will remind you.”

“Craig! That's not right.” Ethan yelled, “He's not done anything wrong.”

“Drop it or I will have to punish you.”

“No! It's not fair.”

“Two strokes of the cane. Do you want to try for four?”

Ethan looked defeated, “No.”

“Then go and start your homework. Paul. Come with me.”

Craig took Paul up to the flat that they were decorating and set him to work.

“I don't mind you accepting treats.” Craig said, “I was thinking of Ethan and strangers. I shouldn't punish you because I'm worried about him. I'm a bad Guardian to you, aren't I?”

“Yes Craig. You are.”

Before Craig could recover from the shock of Paul's reply, Paul continued, “You took me in so that you could show Ethan what being graded could really mean but you're too kind and gentle. A good guardian has to be strict and in charge. He doesn't explain things and if he wants to fuck his servant then he does it. He doesn't worry about hurting him.”

“I don't like this Master/Servant business. I just want to be friends with you.”

“Friends look out for each other and help each other, don't they?”

Craig nodded.

“I'd like to see you get your certificates and get a good job and I want to help you protect Ethan. Does that make us friends?”

Still unable to speak Craig nodded again.

“You've saved me from the labour gangs and I can go outdoors alone so you've done the same for me. That makes us friends as well.”

Paul left the painting he had started and stood before Craig, legs apart and with his hands behind his head.

“I'm not your servant. I'm your slave. It's what I want, sir.”

“Get back to work, boy.” Craig said. He nearly added 'thank you' but realized that it would be against what Paul had said.

Craig checked the front door then went over to Paul.

“The front door is locked and I have the only key,” Craig said, “Which means no one can catch us. When that happens I wouldn't mind if you were the Master and I was the slave.”

Paul smiled.

“In that case, strip.”

Craig hesitated for a moment then obeyed. He stood uncertainly and as Paul stared at him, Craig adopted the stance that Paul had taken before a few moments ago. Paul's cock swelled as he admired the boy in front of him. He leaned forward and grabbed Craig's pubic hairs.

“Ouch!” Craig yelped, “Be careful, Paul.”

“A Guardian at the centre used to tell us to be careful what we asked for because we might get it.” Paul said softly, “So if you want me to be careful there......”

It was Craig's pits that Paul yanked and twisted next. It hurt and Craig brought his arms down to trap Paul's hands. Paul pulled his hands free and waited until Craig resumed the position. Craig sweated nervously and a bright sheen appeared on his body as Paul walked behind him. He jumped as Paul's finger slid into his crack and found his cherry. Paul's finger jerked upwards. Craig stumbled forward trying to avoid the invasion.

Paul moved round in front of Craig.

“Are you sure you want to be my slave, Craig.”

“Craig shook his head. “I'm sorry Paul. I just wanted someone to take care of me for a while but that's the wrong way, isn't it?”

“Like I said, Be careful what you ask for.” Paul said, then knelt in front of Craig taking his cock into his mouth, gently massaging it with his tongue. Craig groaned losing himself in the glorious feeling.

Paul pulled back.

“Wait here.” he commanded.

He disappeared into the hall returning with an old mattress that had left with a pile of rubbish waiting to be thrown out.

“It's not really suitable for my Master but it's better than getting splinters from the floorboards. Lay down on your back, put your hands behind your head and let your slave do the work.”

Paul knelt down between Craig's legs and took his cock into his mouth again sucking more insistently as Craig's member became engorged and erect. Paul shifted his position so that he straddled Craig's waist. He guided Craig's cock and carefully adjusted his position until the head grazed the opening to his love chute.

He pushed down against the rigid member allowing it to open him up. He winced as a burning pain seared through him but almost instantly it was gone and he pushed down further.

Craig was staring wide-eyed at him, not daring to move and spoil the magic of the moment.

Paul could feel Craig's pubes brushing his cheeks and paused for a moment to adjust to the intrusion and then savour the incredible feelings spreading through his body. He lifted up slightly then settled down again, repeating the action so that it developed into a steady pumping action.

Craig could not restrain himself and grabbed Paul's thighs to control the movement and began his own pumping action with his hips.

Suddenly Craig tensed and dug his fingers deep into Paul's flesh. His hips convulsed violently as wad after wad of his cream spurted into Paul. The moment was just as intense for Paul and he shot his own load over Craig's chest and face.

Craig relaxed and collapsed into the mattress. Paul just knelt back leaving himself impaled on his master. He waited, as respectfully as he could, with his hands behind his back. Emotionally he was soaring. The glorious physical feelings accompanied the ecstasy of them being created by someone he loved. As he looked down on the Craig's smiling face he knew that he had pleased his Master and the full feeling from Craig's penetration seemed to confirm his willing submission to Craig.

True, he had taken the lead briefly but Craig had been shy and nervous. Craig had entered him with his fingers but they had been brief tentative excursions, not the confident thrusts Paul had expected from his master. They had exercised him and stretched him which had helped him today.

All the stresses and tensions of the last few months had been squeezed out of Craig with his jism. He had never experienced such an intensely powerful moment before. As he gripped Paul's thighs Craig knew he was hurting Paul. There were traces of blood where his nails had dug in. He could not stop himself. For that brief moment he had no control over his convulsing muscles and the only thing in the universe was his pulsating cock.

As the moment passed he felt a contentment that he could not have believed possible.

“Wow.” he whispered when he found enough energy to speak, “That was fantastic. I'm sorry that I hurt you.”

“You shouldn't be, Master,” Paul replied, “I'm just a slave.”

Legally Grade 1 to 4 and under 25s are participants in the CSC scheme. Those in the care of an individual were known as wards. The person in charge was their guardian. At grade 5 Craig had some rights. Craig was a ward of the state and was under constant scrutiny, hence the forthcoming inspection but he had a place to live, a job and education opportunities and had never been in trouble so he had a right to try and make a go things and that included looking after his brother. Unofficially grades 1 to 4 were known as graders, servants or even slaves. Since they had no rights slave was probably the most accurate description.

Officially graders were made wards because they had shown that they could not manage their affairs properly and needed the guidance of a guardian. Unofficially they were troublemakers who got what they deserved. Although extreme, Mrs Tibbs attitude was common.

The difference between the legal and unofficial lines provided endless debate and argument which neither side could win and left Craig less and less certain about how to deal with Paul.

Paul's reply reminded Craig of some of the uncertainties he had to face.

“You're more of a friend than a slave.” he said softly.

Paul thought for a moment before asking, “Would you do something for your friend?”

“Yes of course. Anything I can do.”

“When I can go out without chains, Ethan is out of trouble and your inspection is over can I go to that shop again and have another ice cream?”

“Definitely.” Craig answered, “Every day for a month, if you like. Is that all you want?”

“If it's going to happen then you need to be a tough master. People will want to see you in control, not being friendly.”

“Spare the rod and spoil the child.” Craig added, “Is that what you mean?”

“One of the guards used to say, if a grader got raped, who fucking cares?”

“OK! You've made your point.” Craig said. “Now come here.”

Craig had stretched his arms out and as Paul leant forward, Craig pulled him down in a hug. They both felt a little lost as Craig's, now soft, cock slid out but enjoyed the feel of Paul's pole sandwiched between them.

“You know,” Craig said half teasing but wanting reassurance, “You've convinced me that when I cane you later I mustn't hold back.”

Paul shuddered.

“Your friend agrees. Your slave begs for mercy.”

“How do you do that?” Craig asked, “You almost seem to be two different people.”

Paul shrugged.

“I hadn't thought about it. You need a friend and a slave so I tried to imagine what a friend could do for you. You don't need him now that's he shown you how to use your slave.”

“Thank you friend. I'll see you again soon. Slave, get on with your work or I'll add more strokes of the cane.

“Yes sir,” Paul replied politely and got up to obey.

Craig lay quietly on the mattress thinking about their conversation watching Paul get on with the painting.

He was finally disturbed by a tap on the door. Paul immediately put down his brush and answered it, showing Ethan into the room. Ethan was startled to see his brother naked sprawled out on a mattress. He had already seen the marks on Paul's thighs and was mature enough to have guessed what had been happening causing his own cock to swell.

Paul had taken it for granted that he would be naked most of the time and Craig had fallen in with it and so Ethan also found himself naked. When Craig had first mentioned getting a servant both Ethan and Jake had seen the chance for some sexual adventures but in reality their temporary grading had cut their opportunities to play around and not expanded them.

“Tom says that dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes.” Ethan said, “I've done my homework and it's on the table ready for you to look at.”

“I'll be there shortly,” Craig replied, “Get the cane and put it on the table as well.”

Craig saw Paul and Ethan stiffen and Ethan's friendly smile was replaced by a much more hostile look as he turned away. Craig got dressed and headed back to the flat followed by Paul. He examined Ethan's homework and was pleased to see that even in just a few days there was a marked improvement.

“Ethan. I am very proud of you.” Craig said, “You really are knuckling down and making an effort.

Ethan smiled happily. He knew he had caused Craig a lot of worry and was pleased to get some praise.

“I'm also glad you stuck up for Paul,” Craig continued, “but you went too far. Do you want him to be Grade 2 for the rest of his life?”

“No! Of course not.”

“Paul had been told to say that he shouldn't say or do anything without permission and should have got that shopkeeper to phone me first. He has to be extremely careful how he deals with members of the public.”

“That shopkeeper was wrong to offer him anything, wasn't she?” Ethan asked, “She interfered with his training.”

“That's right.” Craig replied, “And so did Mrs Tibbs. I made a mistake with her and we can't afford any more.”

Ethan nodded.

Craig picked up the cane and told Ethan to hold his hand out. Aiming carefully Craig brought the cane down across the palm. Ethan yelped and jerked his hand back. He was trembling as he followed Craig's order to hold out his other hand. Ethan cried out again as the cane struck.

Ethan stood hunched with his hands pressed to his body by the opposite arm trying to ease the pain. He watched as Paul bent over a chair. If it had not been for his own pain he would have got hard watching Paul's buttocks clenching as he waited for the first blow. He gasped as it landed and the red stripe appeared. Specks of blood appeared with the second blow which landed beside the first and Paul cried out. The next three were just as fierce and his eyes were watering on the verge of tears. The final stroke landed on his thighs just above his knees and would be visible even if he was wearing his shorts.

At Craig's command he stood up and walked stiffly to stand beside Ethan. His face was drawn, his wet eyes were obvious as he desperately walked and stood to keep the pain to the minimum.

Craig was deeply upset at having to hurt Paul so much. He sat down at the table as Tom brought his meal out to him but just stared at it. Tom shepherded the other two into the kitchen to have their food. He returned with a glass of water.

“Did I over react to this ice cream thing?” Craig asked.

“I suggest you forget about the ice cream, sir,” Tom replied, “Ask yourself whether Paul trusts people a little too much and whether you had to teach him to be more careful.”

“I'd have thought that five years with CSC would have made him cautious enough.”

“Yes but he's a naturally friendly person and has had to be very reliant on others. Don't worry. We all know you're doing your best for us. We may not like it but if you say jump, the only question we should ask, is, 'can I jump high enough'. May I offer some advice about something else, sir.”

Craig nodded.

“Don't feel bad if you get a hard on while punishing us, sir. It's even OK to enjoy the feel of it. I did when I had to deal with my boys. Just make sure it's your head that controls discipline and not your cock.”

Craig was not only startled by Tom's comments but by Tom understanding one of his major problems. He knew that Paul would disapprove of this conversation but he felt better for the older man's opinion and tucked hungrily into his food.

After the meal he settled down in front of the television and called Ethan in to join him. They sat with Ethan cuddled into him and his arm round Ethan's shoulder. For the first time they talked about their parents and their sense of loss. Craig talked about his fears and uncertainties and Ethan finally realised how much Craig really loved him and needed him.

“I'm sorry I've been an arsehole,” Ethan said, “You should see some of the boys at school. Their dads really lay into them so you're not so bad.”


“Craig. There's something I've got to tell you. I'm gay.”

“I thought so,” replied Craig, “You and Jake an item?”

“He's too shy. He doesn't want to do much stuff. Could we play around some?”

“I'm not gay.” Craig replied hastily trying to close the conversation.

“Go on!” Ethan laughed, “Tom and I have both heard you and Paul. Why were you naked in the new flat?”

“Paul's available and I use him instead of giving myself hand jobs all the time.” Craig said, “I still want to date Lindsay.”

Ethan was thoughtful for a while.

“What would you say if I did stuff with Paul or Tom?”

“While you're a grader, I wouldn't say anything but I'd cane your backside raw.”


“You could get hurt.” Craig replied carefully, “When that chain comes off your neck you'll have a completely different relationship with Tom and Paul. And you can't even think about doing anything wrong until that fucking inspection is over.”

“You swore. That's not like you. Is the inspection really worrying you?”

Craig nodded, “I'm terrified. I don't want us ending up like Paul or Tom.”

“I'll behave.” Ethan said, “I promise. I just hope I haven't fouled things up already.”

“You haven't done that.” Craig replied, “We'll probably be OK and I'm worrying about nothing. Let's just play safe.”

When Craig decided it was time for bed he sent Paul through to the bedroom as usual. No matter how hard he tried, Paul could not hide his exhaustion. It had been a long day of emotional peaks and troughs as well as full of physical demands.

Craig was full of the advice he had received, not to be soft. With a cheeky grin on his face he made Paul undress him and insisted that everything be tidied up and put away. He then made Paul kneel in front of him to give him a long sensuous blow job. When he felt himself getting close he would make Paul lick his balls, the sensitive insides of his thighs or anywhere else until he directed his boy's mouth back onto to his sensitive pole. He held out for as long as he could but finally, his hips convulsed and he sent strings of cum down Paul's throat.

Contentedly he got into bed telling Paul to sleep on the floor.

As he settled down for the night he whispered, “Good night, Friend,” but Paul was already asleep.

The rest of their days in the run up to the inspection were comparitively quiet. Craig and Ethan found themselves getting closer as brothers. Paul enjoyed his new freedoms and Tom was content with his role of housekeeper.

Even taking the old folks round the park was an anti-climax. Craig dressed in shorts like Paul and they met groups at an outdoor café in the middle of the park. Their passengers were delighted to be out and about. Much to Paul's amusement, both boys were given little treats by the pensioners and warned not to tell their master.

Paul was nervous that a number of James and Harry's colleagues were there ferrying the old folks to and from their homes. There was one particularly fierce looking man who seemed to glare angrily at Paul. Discovering from Craig that ice cream was a real treat the man bought Paul, Craig and himself the largest scoops available and amused the two boys with some of the corniest jokes they had ever heard.

After that day, if a member of the public complained about a Grade 2 wandering about with scarcely any restraint, Paul could always rely on a Neighbourhood Patrol coming to his defence.