The Houseboys

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Chapter 4

It was lucky that the party had been on a Friday night giving everyone the weekend to recover.

No one stirred in Craig's flat until he began to wake up late in the morning Although he was lying curled up on the floor Paul had slept well and was enjoying the luxury of just laying there. Ethan was still asleep in his sleeping bag in the kitchen. Tom had got his pass and had gone home with the glamorous grandmother.

Craig lay, relaxed in his bed, going over the events of the last few days. The one thing he understood was that his life was going to change and he and Ethan were safe from the CSC. He heard a slight chink of the chain around Paul's neck as Paul shifted position.

“Paul,” he said, “Get Ethan up. Sort out breakfast for you two then get Ethan started on his school work. He's got homework and the work they sent him to cover the day he missed yesterday.”

“Don't you want me to do anything for you first, sir.” Paul asked.

“No thanks,” Craig smiled, “I just want to be alone this morning.”

Paul shrugged and went off to do his jobs.

Much to Craig's surprise and joy Lindsay had proved far more willing than he had expected and they had enjoyed time alone in Mr. Crosis' garden. As he relived the moment of passion he stroked his cock not needing Paul's help to bring it to a climax, shooting sperm over his stomach, chest and even onto the pillow beside his head.

He lay back and dozed for a while until rumblings from his stomach reminded him he was hungry. He got up and worked through his morning routine and headed for the living room. It had been an effort but Tom had remembered his duties but had only just managed to return in time to lay a place for Craig. Tom, appeared as soon as he heard him, with a glass of fresh orange juice. As he ate his breakfast he told Tom that he wanted to talk to him, Paul and Ethan.

When Craig was ready, Tom quickly cleared the breakfast things and fetched the other two sitting them all down around the table. The others looked at Craig expectantly, waiting for him to speak.

“Things are going to change,” he began nervously, “We need to make plans but... er ....”

He faltered to a stop unsure what to say. Tom came to his rescue.

“Excuse me, sir,” Tom said, “but you haven't been fully briefed yet. May I suggest an agenda?”

“No!” Craig replied, “You know more about this stuff than me so you handle this talk.”

“Yes sir,” Tom replied, “I think the first priority is to move. We could move into my old place but it would be very difficult for me. There'd be too many memories. Moving to a different town like that would be very disruptive for Ethan as well.”

“I'm going to take on the flat upstairs, “Craig replied.

“With respect, sir, that won't be big enough either. We'll need office space to run my..... I mean your business interests. You need to buy a house locally, sir.”

“Don't you want anything from your old place?” Ethan asked.

“Only my cellar. And the two houseboys. I'd got them well trained and they'd be useful running a bigger place.”

“Your cellar?” Ethan queried, “Why do you want to move a hole in the ground?”

“My wine collection.” Tom explained, “I hope there's something left.”

“Could we get something big enough so that you could have your own apartment?” Craig asked.

“Oh yes,” Tom beamed, “That would be marvellous.”

“What's wrong, Paul?” Craig asked.

“I'm pleased that things are going so well for you, sir.” Paul replied, “but you don't need me any more, do you?”

“Yes, we do,” Tom replied, “I said my boys could run a large place but they don't have much initiative. They need someone to keep an eye on them. I suggest Master Craig makes you his steward.”

“That's cool.” Craig said watching a big smile fill Paul's face. Steward was a mediaeval title that had been revived to describe a servant or grader in overall charge of the running of a household.

“We also need transport. Graders can get driving licenses. I don't know what happens about mine but Paul should get his and start lessons. Some schools do cater for graders. Maybe you should get another grader to act as your chauffeur. Once you're seventeen you can start your own lessons. I suggest a Mercedes or a BMW to start with and some sort of utility carrier. You can get your Porsche or Ferrari or whatever when you've passed your test.”

Craig just nodded. He was being overwhelmed by Tom's suggestions and the money involved. Two days ago he could hardly afford the bicycle that Ethan wanted.

“Where do we start with all this?” he asked helplessly.

“The first step is to upgrade your computers. We need one each. Ethan and you for your school work. In fact you need two. I'm not sure if it would be a good idea taking a computer with business information to school. Paul and I need them for work. Perhaps you'd like to go to the store while I begin lunch. Then this afternoon we could start getting details from local Estate Agents.”

Tom excused himself to fetch something from the kitchen. “Mr. Davis told me to think overnight about staying with you. If I was still sure this morning then I should give you this. It's the card for the current account. Mr Davis arranged for you to be able to draw on it.”

You're doing all this and I treated you so badly at the Centre.” Craig said, “I'm so sorry.”

“You shouldn't be, Master.” Paul broke in, emphasising the word, Master, “Some would have whipped the skin off his back for the way he behaved. I like the way you're looking after us. You're in charge and if we misbehave then we have to take the consequences.”

Much to his surprise Ethan found himself agreeing with Paul and when he looked he saw Tom nodding as well.

“That's right!” said Tom, “You're the boss and we do as you say or else. Now get down to the store and get those computers. Spend some money like a rich young man should.”

Craig shrugged and grinned. He decided to take Paul and Ethan to carry the goods home. They were all cheerful and excited until they were stopped by a security guard in the shopping precinct. He did not like the idea of two graders and another youngster playing around and possibly causing trouble.

He studied the passes Craig had written out for Ethan and Paul and verified that Paul's pass had been logged properly but he still insisted that they leave telling Craig that he did not need a couple of graders to help him choose some games.

Craig was getting angry but dare not challenge the guard directly. Luckily he could see the computer store and their phone number on the sign so he phoned them.

“Good Morning.” he said, “How much is your top of the line laptop?”

“I may want five of them plus a printer and some other stuff. Do you expect me to carry them myself or do you think my servants should carry them?”

“Would you explain that to this guard please?”

Craig handed the phone to the guard who spoke briefly into it and then led the boys over to the store.

“Good Morning, sir,” the salesman said, “I'm sorry about this misunderstanding. If I could just check your credit rating it will all be sorted.”

Craig handed the salesman his new card who ran it through the machine. When he saw the available balance he somehow became even more respectful and dismissed the guard.

From then on it was an exciting time for the boys. Even the salesman caught the infectious mood and seemed to be enjoying himself. Craig had never been particularly interested in games but Ethan got so excited at being able to choose what he liked he nearly started hyperventilating. Paul was nearly as bad scarcely able to believe he could make his own selection.

When all the purchases had been made and paid for the salesman divided it up into two piles for Ethan and Paul to carry.

“As they were about to leave Craig whispered, “Best behaviour. Let's annoy that guard.”

The salesman overhead him and said, “Allow me, sir. He's rude to all our young customers.”

he beckoned the guard over saying, “Would you arrange transport for this gentleman and his party, please. His purchase is very valuable and we all have to take security seriously, don't we?”

An electric cart was arranged driven by the guard, with very ill grace, to take Craig and his purchases to the taxi rank. Ethan and Paul had to jog along behind. On their way out they passed a cycle shop. Watching the guard become more and more irritated they stopped so Craig could go in. He knew which one Ethan wanted but on impulse called the boys in. While Ethan drooled over his dream machine, Craig and Paul looked over the motor bikes. The shop assistant explained the legal requirements and Craig reluctantly decided that it would be easier to wait until they could apply for a full license. While all this was being explained the guard came storming into the shop complaining about some brat wasting his time.

Again it was the assistant who came to Craig's and the guard had to make a humiliating retreat.

Cycling had become fashionable again and it was easy to get around Defborough, the small market town where they lived. Craig bought himself a bike and had Paul choose one for himself. He not only paid for them but left a hefty deposit on another so that Tom could come in and choose one.

As he left the shop Craig was confronted by the guard.

“I have reason to believe you have taken something from that shop without paying, son,” he said, “I have to search you. May I see your I.D. please?”

Craig laughed thinking it was a joke but seeing the look on the guards face shrugged and handed over his card.

“Thank you. Now would you remove your jacket, please.”

The guard made a show of going through the pockets before handing it to Paul who had followed Craig out. As the guard slowly made Craig strip while pretending to search the clothes a crowd gathered. Craig was blushing bright red with embarrassment as he stood with his arms outstretched and his legs apart while the guard looked for anything on his body.

“That's enough,” the salesman snapped as the policeman snapped on gloves ready to do a body search, “What makes you think he stole anything?”

“I thought I saw him pick something from the display and put it in his pocket.” the guard replied, “I have to check.”

“I was standing next to him all the time. I didn't see anything.”

“I have a duty to check these things.” the guard muttered sulkily.

“Do you know how much this young gentleman has spent in this precinct today?”

“Yes and he'll need to go to the office to verify that his card is in order. I'm not at all happy that it's genuine.”

“Since you've finished searching him, I suggest you let him get dressed.”

“He'll get dressed when I say he can.” the guard snapped back, “He'd better get used to it because the way he behaves it's not going to be long before he's graded.”

“The shop assistant smiled, “A CSC inspector thought that. She's under arrest for contempt of court. I saw the news this morning and I recognised this young gentleman's name. I really think you should let him get dressed.”

Craig was not ashamed of his body. It was slim, muscular and well proportioned but standing there naked, feeling like a criminal, with everyone staring at him was a terrible experience for him. It was a relief when the guard seemed a lot less confident and nodded to the assistants request.

During the commotion the precinct manager arrived. At his request, Craig, Ethan and Paul returned to the shop with the sales assistant. After speaking to the guard the manager came in to speak to the assistant. He phoned the computer store before turning to Craig.

“The guard behaved absolutely correctly,” he said, “He says he thought he saw something and he was concerned at your behaviour when you first came into the precinct. It's not the first time that shops have complained about his heavy handed attitude and I do tend to agree with them.”

“I want to make a complaint as well.” snapped Craig.

“You can't. Like I said he acted within the regulations.” the Precinct Manager replied, ”However the two shops you visited have complained about him so I will have to take some action.”

“Maybe I should cancel my orders here and shop somewhere else.” Craig retorted still very angry.

“That is your privilege, young man but graders, even 5s are treated much the same everywhere.” the manager replied, “What I can do is put you and your servants on the white list. That's the list of known and trusted shoppers. I understand you have a transport problem can we help with that?”

“I've got all that computer stuff which I've got to take in a taxi and a bike which I need to get home. One of my servants hasn't ridden a bike for a long time so he needs to practice before going on the road. That's why I went to speak to the guard. To see if he could help.”

“As a white list preferred customer I think we can solve your problems. Would you prefer to cycle home or ride?”

“Cycle I think.”

“Then I'm sure we can rustle up a couple of graders to take your purchases on ahead. We have a car park that's been closed ready for tarmacing on Monday. We'll take the bikes through to that. Would that be satisfactory?”

Craig nodded. He was was still angry and embarrassed at his treatment. He realised that the precinct staff were interested in his bank card, not in him and if it had happened a couple of days ago, he would have just been quietly thrown off the precinct.

Paul and Ethan's excitement riding their new machines was infectious and Craig calmed down to join in the fun. They need not have worried. Paul rode as if he had been riding every day and they could have set off for home almost immediately but it was too much fun riding around the deserted car park.

The manager watched them for a while before heading back to his office. He'd had a lucky escape. The guard would probably have brought Craig to his office for 'further questioning'. Normally the boy and his family were only too happy that the allegation had been proven unfounded. They did not want it re-investigated by claiming sexual abuse.

The guard should have left Craig alone. Moving in on him in full view of a shop where he had made such a large purchase was stupidity. The manager pulled up the guard's file and fired him.

Tom was beside himself with worry when the boys got home. The computers had been delivered and the graders had mentioned something about a security problem but did not know much else.

“Never do that again.” Tom had said sternly completely forgetting himself, “Don't leave me here worrying about where you are. Do you understand?”

Craig could see the concern in Tom's face.

“I'm sorry Tom,” he replied, “I had enough hassle from that security guard. I don't want any more from a grader. Understand?”

They looked angrily at each other for a moment until Tom relaxed.

“I'm sorry sir. I was rude,” Tom said, “but I was so worried about you. Lunch is ready. May I serve it up now?”

Craig nodded, glad that he would eat his lunch alone in the living room. The incident with the guard had upset him more than he cared to admit. He was more determined than ever to keep Ethan and himself out of the CSC and away from any other official body.

As he sat digesting his meal, he called Tom in.

“I'm sorry you were worried,” he said, “We were having fun playing around on the bikes and I forgot the time.”

“Paul told me what happened.” Tom replied, “Some of those security firms are real cowboy outfits. While I was preparing lunch, I checked some property websites. Are you up to visiting the estate agent this afternoon or have you had enough for today?”

“It's a bit of a rush, isn't it?” Craig asked a touch petulantly, “I thought I'd go for a bike ride. I haven't had one for years. It was OK getting those bikes, wasn't it?”

“It's your money,” Tom smiled, “It was a good idea. It'll make a good stop gap while we sort out the cars.”

“That's good,” Craig said, “because there's a bike on order for you. Go down to the shop and pick it up and meet us at the estate agents.”

As Craig wrote out his pass, Tom had the feeling that he been out-manoeuvred. He had not ridden a bike for thirty years and did not really want to start again. While Ethan and Paul cleared up after the meal Craig looked at the details Tom had obtained via the old computer. The one Tom particularly liked was a large ancient farmhouse complete with stables and a barn around a courtyard just outside of town with a price that made Craig gasp.

Craig was still brooding about the events of the morning. It was more about how people's attitudes changed when they discovered the size of his bank account. Calling on Paul to follow him and leaving Ethan to finish clearing up, he entered the bathroom and stripped, telling Paul to shave him.

Paul was surprised but obeyed enjoying the chance to explore his masters body. Paul worked quickly knowing there was not much time but he was still able to savour the moment enough to get a raging hard on. Craig had a light dusting on his arms but was smooth apart from his legs and the job was soon done. To Paul's regret Craig decided to keep his pubes denying Paul the chance to play with them and since Craig's chest was hairless anyway he could not play with his nipples except in the images which crowded his mind.

Craig put on a pair of shorts and trainers and was ready. Neither Paul or Ethan were happy about the way Craig looked but there was something in his attitude which stopped them questioning them.

Tom was equally startled when they met up but like the others caught Craig's mood.

They entered the estate agents where they were met by a severe looking man about Tom's age.

“I think you've come into the wrong place,” he said haughtily, “I don't think there's any way we'll be able to help you.”

“If you're selling this property then you can help us.” Craig retorted a little of his anger showing in his voice.

“Mr Jameson, see what these graders want then get them off the premises.”

Mr Jameson approached them smiling and said, “How can I help you? Is it for some sort of school project?”

“No not school. We're looking for somewhere to buy.” Craig answered.

“Ah!” Mr Jameson said, “The problem is you don't look like our usual clients and I have to be sure that you're serious. I take it you have a reason for dressing like that. You must remember that other clients will see you as a grader and they may be worried if we seem lax in how we treat you. Is there a problem if I behave accordingly?”

“No! I understand completely.” Craig replied.

“Then if you'd all line up in front of that desk over there, I'll see how I can help you.”

When they were all settled Mr Jameson asked Craig to introduce himself and the others.

“My name is Craig Ryder and I'm guardian to these three.” Craig said, “This is Ethan. He's my brother and he's got temporary status because he's had a lot of problems to sort out including the death of our parents. This is Paul. He might be a grader but I also find him a good friend and someone I can trust. And this is Tom. He used to be Timothy Everington before he was wrongly convicted and graded. His wife and business partner have been arrested for framing him and I am inheriting his estate. This is a letter from the Wilberforce Foundation confirming my status and that the money is available.”

“And you've dressed down because you want me to give equal consideration to your graders as well as yourself.”

“Something like that.”

Mr Jameson excused himself and went to speak with older man who had spoken to them first showing him the letter.

They both came hurrying back.

“I'm so sorry for the misunderstanding when you first arrived. Please take a seat, your er colleagues too if you wish. I'm the senior salesman here so I handle deals of this size.”

“No thank you, sir” replied Craig, “I would like Mr. Jameson to serve me.”

“It's my place to serve such an important client and I certainly wouldn't have left you standing like a grader once you'd offered your credentials.”

“You wanted nothing to do with me until you discovered I had money. Mr Jameson has been polite and helpful from the start. He explained the problem with me being dressed like this and I'm happy to cooperate. All you're doing is being polite to my money. I want to deal with Mr. Jameson.”

Reluctantly the senior salesman stalked off leaving Mr Jameson to take his seat.

“Thank you for that, sir.” he said, “When would you like to look over the place?”

“Now?” suggested Craig, “We've got bikes so we can cycle there.”

“Unfortunately I don't have one and it's a bit far to walk. We've got a rickshaw but the graders are out putting up signs. We'd have to wait until they get back.”

“Paul and I will pull you if you like.” Craig said then in a quieter voice added, “Just make sure he's watching when we leave.”

Mr Jameson laughed, “It'll be an interesting project in customer relations. I'm not sure I know how to whip you politely.”

Another salesman had been dealing with another client at the next desk.

The customer leaned across and said, “I think you say 'Excuse me sir' before each stroke.”

He continued in a more serious tone, “I read about you in the paper today and I couldn't help overhearing everything in here. I just wanted to say 'Good Luck'.”

Thanking the stranger Craig followed Mr Jameson outside to organise themselves for the trip to see the property. It turned out that the Estate Agents had a tricycle version of the rickshaw which meant a much easier time for Paul.

As they set off Tom rode beside Craig. Tom was concerned about Craig's attitude. He agreed that Mr Jameson was the better salesman to deal with and also agreed with Craig's opinion of the senior salesman. Craig saw the concerned look on Tom's face.

“There was something wrong at the mall this morning,” Craig said, “and it was something about that guard and manager.”

“How do you mean?” Tom prompted.

“I don't know.” Craig replied, “The guys in the shops were like that senior salesman. They had cash signs in their eyes but there was something else with the other two.”

“Is that why you're dressing like a grader?”

“Maybe. I suppose you think I'm stupid doing it but I thought it would help me understand.”

“It's probably not the best idea you've had but it does have a sort of logic to it. Be careful though.”

“I've been strip searched before. This was different. I don't even know what I was supposed to have taken and he didn't seem to look at my clothes, just at me.”

Tom was quiet for a moment.

“You're just about the most sensible person I've ever met. If you think something was wrong I believe you. I also appreciate the point you made to Mr Jameson about having to listen to Ethan, Paul and myself. There's nothing wrong with being incognito sometimes. Don't forget though, if there is something wrong, people are more likely to listen to a rich kid.

“Thanks!” Craig smiled, “We'll go out tomorrow and you can help me buy some new clothes.”

Ethan had listened carefully to their conversation. He was thinking of a couple of his classmates. It had happened at different times but they had both gone from being cheerful pals to being sullen and withdrawn. One was facing trial and would probably end up Grade 4 because he become so aggressive. Ethan had tried to cheer the him up by suggesting they go to the Mall to buy a new game and had been startled by the way the boy almost freaked out.

When the second boy changed, Ethan made a point of mentioning the Mall and again saw a hunted look in the boy's eyes. He understood now why Craig worried about him so much and was proud of his brother for standing up for him as he did. On Monday he was going to see what he could find out.

They all fell in love with the farmhouse as soon as they saw it. It was situated a short way down an unmade lane. They had all struggled uphill on the last part of the journey and the opposite side of the lane fell away downhill giving a view over the town.

The house itself was like a gatehouse. An arch linked the courtyard with the lane splitting the ground floor. The previous owners had used one side as offices and the other side as living quarters. The first floor was unbroken.

A garage stood on one side of the courtyard with a drive leading to the lane. There were stables on the opposite side. More recently they had been used as store rooms and workshops and in good repair.

Craig and Paul were nearly excited as Ethan when they discovered that the barn on the far side of the courtyard now housed a swimming pool.

The property had been built on the top of a ridge rather than the side of a hill and the on the other side of a barn was a patio and garden overlooking farmlands and woods.

“You should look at other properties.” Tom said, “We may find something better.”

“Can we spend money altering it?” Craig asked.

“It's your money, you can spend it how you like.” Tom replied, “Instead of that, let's see if there's a place better suited.”

“I was thinking of the stables for a start. Maybe we could convert them for the graders accommodation and your apartment. You'd be more like a neighbour than a servant. What do you think?”

“They're big enough and it's a nice thought.” Tom replied, There's a wine cellar under the kitchen. If I could use that I'd be grateful.”

Craig nodded.

“We'll take it. Let's start moving.”

“Easy.” laughed Tom, “We're not buying a chocolate bar. It takes a bit longer than that.”

As Tom explained what needed to be done Craig said in a petulant voice, “It doesn't sound as if we'll ever be able to move in.”

“We'll give Graham's number to Mr Jameson and let our lawyer sort it. If you're willing to pay for it, it can be done quick.”

Craig nodded and left Tom to talk to Mr Jameson who wasn't sure whether to call Tom sir or not. Tom was back on familiar ground and Mr Jameson found the negotiations heavy going. When Tom was finally satisfied Mr Jameson found Craig.

“You've got quite a set up here, Craig.” Mr Jameson said, “Your graders obviously respect you and and you're right, I would have found it harder to negotiate with Tom instead of you if you didn't look a grader yourself. When you come into the office properly dressed it'll be strange calling you sir or Mr Ryder but it's a privilege to serve you.”

“Thanks,” Craig replied, “I had a bad experience at the Mall this morning. I think I came out this afternoon defying everyone to treat me right. You're the only sales guy whose been honest with me today.”

“You've been swindled, do you mean?”

“No. I was a useless kid until they saw my bank card then I was a rich, important customer. You treated me the same before and after you knew.”

“You didn't mind when I made you stand at the my desk instead of asking you to sit. I was treating you like a kid then. It was certainly no way to treat a client.”

“You took the trouble to explain. That other guy would have dumped all the other clients just to keep me happy when he found out how rich I am.”

Mr Jameson was quiet and thoughtful as they made their way back. Craig had made a impression on him. As they parted at the office Mr Jameson handed his card to Tom and said, “If your organisation ever needs more staff I'd be grateful if you'd consider me.”

Graham Baxter would have to complete the rest of the sale and he knew that Tom would expect fast service. His office had already been informed of the purchase and they would get onto it, first thing on Monday. Strictly speaking, it was Craig who expected the speedy completion but both Mr Jameson and Graham understood their relationship enough to know that Tom would be the driving force.

Once they were home while Paul and Ethan loaded the new games onto their computers and relaxed. Tom insisted that Craig understood the processes involved in buying property and settled in front of their machines for a far less interesting session. When Tom was satisfied that Craig knew what was happening, he made his way to the kitchen to begin dinner.

Craig finally felt able to relax with some of the games he had bought. His phone rang.

“Hi! This Allen. I'm sorry to bother you but Adam has been asking if he can visit Paul. I've tried telling him that Graders don't have social visits like that but he wouldn't leave it until I asked.”

Putting the phone on mute, Craig asked Paul who nodded eagerly saying, 'Yes Please'.

“That's fine. I'll tell Tom there's one extra for dinner.”

“Thanks! I've told him he'll be treated like a grader or it wouldn't be fair on Paul.” Allan paused, “I know this is an imposition but could he sleep over? Miriam and I are planning a night out. It would be nice if we didn't feel as if we should hurry back.”

“I'm not sure where he could sleep. It's pretty cramped here.”

“I've had a long talk with Adam today. I hope his hormones settle down enough to give us grandchildren at some stage but at least I'm not going to have to deal with a teenage pregnancy and a shotgun wedding.”

Allan paused but before Craig could say anything he continued, “Sorry, I'm a bit uncomfortable about all this. Paul and Ethan didn't say anything deliberately but I did get an idea of some of Paul's duties.”

Allan hesitated again, “As I've said, I've made it clear to Adam that if he visits Paul then he'll be treated like a grader. He won't be able to pick and choose what he does.

“I hope I've made myself clear. Paul's a fine young man and he seems to be doing well with you. Just treat Adam the same way if you let him stay.”

Allan and Adam arrived about twenty minutes later. Allan had loaded Adam's bike into the car and it took some time before Adam had finished admiring Craig household's new models and had found a place for his so that no one tripped over it.

Once in the flat Adam tried to greet Craig who shook his head and pointed to Ethan and Paul who were standing naked against the wall. Craig had put on a shirt and a pair of jeans.

Adam blushed and dropped the shorts he had been wearing and stood beside Paul. Allen and Craig spoke briefly but Allen was anxious to get back to his wife.

Once his guest had gone, he allowed the others to relax again but almost immediately Tom announced dinner was ready. Although Tom always tried to ensure that Craig be given space in the morning and had his breakfast in the living room while the others ate in the kitchen, they often had other meals together. It was Tom's way of ensuring that Craig had time to himself when he needed it.

Craig sat at the head of the table and had just a little extra space while the others fetched and carried to the kitchen as needed. They chatted excitedly telling Adam about the day's events.

Towards the end of the meal Craig turned to Adam.

“I know you're willing to behave like a grader and be punished if necessary but could you behave like a guardian and punish Paul and Ethan if you had to?” he asked.

Everyone was silent while Adam thought about it.

“I don't know.” he replied, “I don't want to hurt Paul. I don't want to be his guardian and order him around.”

“Not even if it meant that you take them to the park for an hour or two on your bikes?”

Adam desperately turned to Paul for advice.

“Supposing we were playing football there and I kicked the ball so that it hit someone by mistake.” Paul said, “That person would complain to you. If you beat me enough then that person might be satisfied and drop it. If you didn't take his side and he complained, I could lose my regrade.”

“Yes but you're talking about an accident. It wouldn't be fair.”

“It's not fair,” Ethan said, “but you could take us out when Craig is busy. We could even show you our new house but our passes would say that you're in charge and you might have to behave like it.”

“I'm only fifteen.” Adam said, “I can't order someone around as old as Paul.”

“Paul, get me a glass of water,” Craig snapped.

As Paul jumped up to obey Craig said, “I'm only a bit older than you and I do it.”

Turning to Paul he said, “Take that glass back and wash it up.”

“Yes Master,” Paul replied with just a touch of sarcasm. “As you can see Adam I'm used to taking orders from kids... er...... I mean youngsters.”

Paul remembered a threat Craig had made in the Placement Centre. He did not believe that Craig would whip him for calling Craig a kid but he was not going to push it.

There was an amused glint in Craig's eyes as he remembered the threat as well.

“Do you understand now, Adam?” Craig asked.

“I think so.” Adam replied, “It's what dad calls give and take. If I'm willing to act the boss then I can do more things with Paul. Can we cycle out to your new house? Would you like to do that, Paul.”

“Yes sir,” Paul replied, “I'd love to serve you while you visit.”

Adam stared at Paul as understanding slowly dawned. He thought about how Craig gave orders as he plucked up courage to take on his new role.

“Go and get the bikes out and wait for me.”

He spoke nervously waiting for someone to complain. Instead Paul and Ethan simply replied 'yes sir' and headed off.

“Take this tawse with you,” Craig said as he prepared the passes and handed them to Adam “You can give them up to ten strokes each if you have to but more than that phone me for permission.

“Ethan might try and push you a bit. The first time you have to repeat an order land one on his thighs so it's visible.”

Adam nodded uncertainly.

“It'll be OK. You'll probably just have a fun ride without any problems.”

Adam smiled and nodded. As he headed for the door, he carefully adjusted his shorts. Like Craig he found having a little bit of authority something of a turn on.

Craig banished Tom to the kitchen and for the first time in ages found himself alone. He enjoyed a quiet couple of hours playing computer games and watching television until a commotion at the front door heralded the arrival of three tired and happy teenagers. the first thing Craig noticed was a vivid red stripe on Ethan's leg.

“Tell me about it, Ethan,” Craig said.

Ethan blushed, “Adam was worried about the curfew but I thought we had plenty of time. Besides it would only mean a Patrol escorting us home.”

“And Adam could be barred from taking charge again.” Craig replied showing his annoyance.

“That's what Adam and Paul said. I'm sorry.”

“As long as you understand now. You are home before curfew, so that's OK. Do you want me to punish him, Adam?”

“No sir,” he replied, “I should have explained why I was in a hurry but I was getting worried.”

“It's a good idea to explain if you can but he must obey you first. If you want to leave Ethan behind the next time you go out, I'll understand.”

Craig pulled Ethan down onto his lap and looked at him.

“You're an idiot,” he said before hugging him. Ethan was embarrassed by the incident. It was almost second nature to him to challenge authority and he had spoken without thinking. He just hoped that Paul and Adam would forgive him as easily as Craig.

Tom sat contentedly in the kitchen reading a book his lady friend from the previous night had lent him. Ethan stayed on Craig's lap as they explored their new computers together while Paul and Adam sat on the floor in a corner playing on Paul's machine.

A routine had developed whereby Ethan and Paul were sent to get ready for bed first.

When they were done Craig would get himself ready and when he had settled down for the night it would be Tom's turn.

When Craig entered his bedroom he found Adam waiting nervously for him as well as Paul. He sent Paul to wait in the living room.

“I'm into girls, not boys,” Craig said, “but Paul is better than my left hand all the time. Do you understand?”

Adam stared wide-eyed and nodded. His cock swelled and pointed stiffly outwards.

“I've got one of those as well.” Craig said as he peeled off his jeans freeing his own fully hard member, “If you were really a grader you would be sucking me off by now.”

Adam's eyes grew even wider.

“I've never done that before.” he whispered.

“Paul had to learn on me and one is enough. You can practice on him before you blow me. Now, are you going to sleep in here with Paul and me or are you going to sleep on the couch?”

Craig watched as Adam relaxed when he realised Craig was not going to touch him and then tense up again as he realised the implications in Craig's options. He had played around with a class mate and had briefly sucked him in spite of what he had just said to Craig but this could go a whole lot further.

Craig had got into bed and pushed the duvet back so his rampant cock was still visible. He lay back quietly waiting for Adam to make up his mind.

“I'll sleep in here, if that's all right.” Adam said. The nervousness in his voice was obvious.

“OK! You're not a grader so you can sleep in Ethan's bed. Get Paul to clear it off for you.“

Adam fetched Paul back in then as soon as he could, he dived under the bedclothes. He had not been embarrassed at being naked but he had being displaying his excitement and his nervousness and if he could not control his emotions then he wanted a degree of modesty to hide them.

Paul did not have that privilege. He had no choice but to kneel down and relieve the pressure in Craig's balls. Normally he enjoyed this intimacy with Craig but tonight he was also embarrassed at being so submissive in front of Adam. Adam did not care though. He watched fascinated as Craig tensed, bucked his hips and forced Paul's head further down onto his cock.

“He's all yours now,” Craig said turning to the wall and almost immediately falling asleep. Gingerly Adam stretched his arm out and touched Paul's cock. Paul groaned in pleasure and took the chance to step closer.

“Where do you sleep?”

“Wherever I'm told to, sir.” Paul replied.

Paul did not often call Adam, sir. While they had been out, he had done so when other people had been around. While Ethan was arguing with Adam about when to head for home he had stood and spoken like a grader should. Adam realised that Paul had agreed to being treated like a slave by Adam when he agreed that Adam could visit but Adam was still dealing with the notion that Paul expected him to behave like a guardian at times.

“Supposing I told you to get into bed with me?”

“Then I would obey, sir.”

Adam pushed the covers back and beckoned Paul. Paul ended up laying on his back with Adam nestled in the crook of his arm and his cock pressed against Paul's hip. Paul briefly patted Adam's backside then pulled his hand away only for Adam to reach out and firmly replace his hand.

For a time they lay there with Adam's free hand resting on Paul's chest. After a time Adam became more confident or more inquisitive and gently explored Paul's body. He paused at Paul's nipples before rubbing them between between his fingers, feeling them become firm.

“Is this all right?” Adam asked.

“Don't talk, Adam.” Paul whispered, “Just enjoy.”

Paul was already hard and sensitive by the time Adam reached his cock. His muscles tensed and his hips moved rubbing Adam's cock in their turn. Without realising it Adam flexed his own body so that his cock was stimulated until Adam could no longer control it. The flexing became harsher and faster and Adam shot his load between Paul and himself.

He squeezed Paul's member tightly as the climax took over making Paul gasp with pain but Adam did not notice. Briefly he wondered if he had done something wrong but was reassured by the pressure on his butt from Paul's hand.

Adam was completely relaxed and ready to go to sleep but curiosity got the better of him and he started stroking Paul's cock and watched as Paul's stomach tensed and cum spurted across Paul's chest. He idly spread the strings across Paul's chest trying to decide whether to taste it or not. He knew he would soon but tonight he was content.

Soon he and Paul were asleep and the apartment was silent.